Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
Page 6
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Y. C. lOLA'S CREW $tockebrand's Squad to f Play Y'ates Center Team Tonight GAIiffi TO BE GOOD Locals May Be Short of Players; Opponents Are Good Coach Ira StocltebiranU. former coach at Vates Center iu the high Kchool, and non- coachiug the lola Junior college teams, will take his team to Vates Center tonight where It will meet the YatcH Center town team. This will bo the fifth game - thlB season for lola, and probably the last game against a town team. "Coach Stockebraud did not know tfiis morning who would take thej trip or would start the game. If' sufficient cars can be obtained. elKht br ten men wilt get to make the trip with the starting >lineup much as ii was last Wednesday night. Coach Siockebrand bt'lleves that the. team which he started i.'tgalnst the alumni. Is his best look- "rinff tfom from the; standpoJni' of uccompilifhmonis. this year.:" . This team will include Isaac nnd •Kemp 01 forwiirds. Burger, ceuler. Kubbard and Clopine, guards; However. .Melvin l ..i 'e. who was to have ! started ,llii' game \Y«dpesday nlglit. and did not get hero may jstart ;o- night oh gel id tlK- lineup If he mukc.sithp trip. Isaac taay not be able; to play tonight as he miy have to go lo City. Trorik. who may eni«T college ihe secorid ficmester aiid_ who made a ve^y COAlESTOWEST BASEBALL IS TANGLING UP TEXRICKARD Next Heavyweight Champ Battle Depends on ' Yankees TO BE IN^EPTEMBER ARMiV-NAVY FOOTBALL IS STRAISGEST OP MANY ON RECORD But Whether Nine Is On' Road Will Be Big Factor in Date .lock Sutherland, football; coach at the University of Pittsburgh is on his way to Pasadena. Cal.. with a powerful •eastern football wiquad which .will • take nu Stanford in- the annual Tournament of Roses game on January 2. Lincahl Will Keep Baseball Glub—Breen New Yort. Dec. iSO. (AP)—Tho schedule makers oB the American league—and not flehe -Tunney, .1ac |t Dfmpsey. Jaclt .Sharkey or Toni Heeney—will havethe most to iay as to just where and when Tex Kickard: promotes the world heavyweight title match in 1928.i Tex stage the big bout at the Yankee stadium some time within the first two weeks of Sep- I iemijer bift he can't mak^ any def-j iuite arrapgemeut-s untit the sche-' dule-raaktrrs reveal whether the| world's bqseball chani|>olns will be \ at home <iV on the road .during that i period. If the Yankees are on their (AIM— home stamping ground all or most I Lincoln. .Vel)r.. Dec. .lO. nick Hreen presldend of the local club of the ^Vesn•rn iLcague. today ' present jplans In Jeopardy. Jle has i denied reports a movement was definitely decided lo use the big ^ under way lo .transfer the Lincoln American leagui! :park but it will'annual Anny-.\avy framhisc t<> I'uehlo. Colo., at a ; letiuire a few days for his w-ork-lmiraf .\ullon. .>;upe MAJ>. ©EN APMIRAL. NULTON j liieeling <)f club owner."* in'Okla­ homa City. January 12. ;The report from Oklahoma City was cri'dited to Dale Clear, presl- ("entral ligures In the dispute which threatenred to put an end toi tho football game were Major (ieneral Wlnans and Aii- , . rintendents nf the .Mlliiary ;a'ud. .N'uval academies', men to convert It Into a: lioxlng -r,,^. j ^,l „,jru| pictured watching ihe .Middies plaV, thinks three year's of speclatrs '^vEo^oulyllutirma?''"^ ^mii allpwe.l a.transfer student gather for the ball games. , dent of the league, who announcetl '> tetnjwrary seating plans call i -• •. .the meeting from his home at To-'for frameworks of steel,girders lo ' j in the service schools. The gen<Tal thinks there ou^ht to bo no limit. - i7iv makrtiiY. "t7i"ii"VoniEht Whet'h-' t":li-'iv.. expressed .lo.ibt Uii«i "l-''taud and lange downward j may make the U IP tonight, untth ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ give up the . from the stands to the very edges, franchise^ -I"' •I plan to attend the Oklahoma ! Tuiiney can . fight .before the I City .«e.ssion." Mr. Hreen said, "^nt tenth; of September. 192.S. only by I las for moving the iran«hise, there i-isreelng to a flat percentage basis] i.s nothing to it." er I'ba will make Ihe trip or not is uncertain .is it has not been found out yet whether he will be •\ back fi-ojn St. Jo.seph, .Mo., iu time. Some possibilities mentioned for /tlie s(|uad tonight lare I^eo'IJurger. j IJ. Kemp, Hubljard, Clopine, foolery and. Phillips' ! Coach SiockfJiraud is looking for -a hard garje for Yates Center has, "a fairly strong team. As. Cpaeh | •' Stockebrand was formerly a cjiach ' lit Vates Center before cominlj to, iola' junior col!«>ge. there will be Hunt i resembled some strong rivalry between: the my.srterious ^eams. ' • r i Number 1 (Contlniicd from Page One> for tA-o fights, Uickard said. • Xo ' amount of cajoMng will Induce the Iiromqter to give uji his exclusive , rightsi to the heavyweight chain- jiion'sSservices. he declared.- In outlining the^standing of Jack l>onip!!ey, Hs a challenger, Tex as-. sertedithat the former cham^iionl somewhat the'''"" "''^eet Tunney without a pre-j Andrew Cramer," i only in,case Tom Ueen-j whom >!ickmaii named in nis first I <•>• Sharkey both "look). A<« .Seen By. C..A. CLIFT Vhc College-of Eihporia reserve' ^^onfessiou as the actual slayer of ! Il -'rible- in their .diminatron'bat-! Ilifkman later admitted j"'" basketball squad will'be playeii on .the local couri r.ext Friday night. ; The first conference game will be'ji^s imagination. Hunt also here January 13. desjerve a:' Number2 (funtinned from V»gt One) tribute; which wu:* felt duo .ah - adopted sou. • - ! .' ' JPuJille H]ollday. Today a ptiblic holiday in Helize." British H(induras, which Hunt will bO; questioned do.sel.v. the police said, as to his activities during the days from the time of the kidnaping of Marian until the body was delivered to Iter father and Jl .r .00 collecte<I. .Seek .Other. Tonfessfons. In the meantime, sheriffs Officers who obtained from Hickman the confession to <he second.mur­ der, the shooting of Thorns in a ' city which has nev^r witnessed the i pjilr. landing of .-.n-airplane and lias j Witnesses to a number of un- ouly^seen a few-^j.aplanes aliplit! ..rm^.^ ,„ j^s ^ng^les and •Jti the harhor. T^nporat-y obsta-" ^^^J^ cles at Newton baiTJacks. the pro."-, „^,.,„„^rs In an attempt to .identify Jiey for the "long count" at Chicago last Se'ptember. Hickard said that, there was no ;;lace in the elimination raiiks, for George Godfrey, latest "black menace." who boasts; a formidable Ftring of knockout victories, j "He's one of the worst fi;1uer.s I ever saw," the promotei>>deci -red. 'Fought three times here in the; fJardcn and never showed a.-iy- thlng. Besides Tunney wouldn't meet » Negro, even if Godfrey knocked out a few more set-ups. Biir Ten alitieflcs have been praKed to the skies dnrinir the last few yeais, \^\ a Kansas lii?h scliool hoy, after plnylnx ii sea <ion of fonfJiall and bn^- kelball at Pittsliiirg Teachers rulleKe,' is headed toward threr letters at Illinois uni' versity ;j Kill Short oi Fronte- nar played baskethaM one year at I'ittshnnr and also played a year of football, it was Short's first year in a football uniform. Vet he Jias a football, letter at Illinois, Js headeil to. Mard u basketball letter and is said to l»c a sure bet on the baselmll team. Kansas athletes aren't so baiU 3] REES GROUP IN FOOTBALL IS CUT DOWN Eastern Domination of Group^Lost in Shifting I ONLY TEN" NAMED Committee Is Sliced i By Three Members At j Se^ion Wichita; and Tulsa ; tJniversities to Meet ^Vlchit!a, KaifJ: Dec. .'10. (.^Pi-^jl Wich'ta university and Ti^lsa uni-{ .\ew York. bee. .^0. (.\P)-i-Re- ducttoir of membership o/i the national foottiaM rules committee from 13 to 10 ends the 20-year ilomination of the eastern. fcection jf the country in legislation fe- rarding the game. , At the meeting of the rules com- nlttee of the National Cpllegiate Vthlctic association yesterday, a tew arrangement was adopted vhereby thp place held by-the late ^fed W. Moore of Harvard was left acant. and the Ippsts held by Pro- essor \Y. Savage of Oberlin j toUege, Ohio, and Dr. James A. ' pnbbitt, of' llaverfurd college, ennsylvania, were dropped. Under the reorganization, the I ommittec is made up of a member rom each of eight districts estab- ished by the collegiate as.sociatlpn vlth two members at large. VA- .ard K. Hall of Dartmouth, the hairman, and W. S. Laugford of' rinlty. the secretary. \ . Five coaches were given plaVe.^. he distrii-t delegates are: Coach T. A. 1). Jones, Yale: d".>ach \V. W. Uoper. Princeton: HI. C. Stegeman, athletic director. ' I Ifuiversity of Georgia; A.. A. Staug. sot ball coach and athletic direc- STANFORD CmEF DATES FIXED FOR OLYMPI TEAM TES Chicago Awarded track And Field Meet June 8-9 NEW ORLEANS WINS Next Convention Will Go To Southern City In 1928 Here is "Pop" Warner; czar of the wciltern coaches ajid pilot of Stanford university. Stanford will meet Pitt&urgh at Pasadena January 2 fn the annual Tournament of .Koses game. ' New Y'ork. Dec. ^Q. (AP)—^the -N'ational Collegiate .A.thlitic aisti- I elation is back in the Oljinpic f| By unanimous vote, it lassed following resolution yestprday'^j •Being assured that tl|^ trytnts 1928 till Jid. tho Northwestern Is Notre Dame I for the Olympic .games ofj I be conducted on the basis of 1924, j we recommend that In the interest :of fiiternational amity and international sport that the a-ssdciation {accept the invitation of the jdent of the Olympic committee,to resume membership in the lAmeri- Court Nemesis i'-Thl ^'-Si.^^"^'"^"" 5 - pcctive lauding field, were cleared "away In the. hope ! that Xiindbergli I'ould make:a stop before continuing on to San Salvador, 260 miles from Belize.- MONTEVALE I.Vorma Uaac) Dec. 29.-rClarenci; and Dennis Isaac helped their father. Charlie : Isaac, .head kafir corn Tuesday. Charlie. Isaac. Mii Harley Dean end ,L. Dickersin helped Mr. K. T. "Wilson's with; their butcher- ing Friday. • : | Norma Isaac returned home from -.Kansas City .AYeiiriesday . evening! where ^ she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. JOe Young and family last three weeks. / C. Young and^ John Young were .callers at Charlie Isaac's Salturday. " ; ivorma Isaac ate supper at Don• nit Isaac's of Bayard \Vcdne.sday _ <'vening. .. ; jloe Young of Kansas City took supper, at CharMe Isaac's Satur- dak- evening. - • . Mr."*. Wilson and children of Iida sptnt Christmas vacation with i:.' T. \yilijon at. their farm home. The teacher and pupils of .Mon- leyale school put on a fine Christ- jna.s ^program Friday afternoon. 1 They had a beautiful Christmas tr«^e and Santa Clans came: and l)resented all the children a treat of candy and nuts and many; present£. Most of the parents and people of'the district were r resent _ jind a very pleasant afternoon was Fpent. ; Mrs. Sliiinet and Dorothy called " on/Mrs. Isaac aivl Norma Saturday morning., - '.Mr. Uean haitled some grain to •the farm- where.he is expecting to" 'i^ioye soon, We sure hate to lose :Mi;. Dean and fanilly frort our Jieigliborhood. Their many friends •.;wish .them success in their nevJl home. . •'. Mi-, and Mrs. Isaac and Norma -;wre shopping in lola Thursday. . . Several from tjils neighborhood . wentLto Chi/pel church Moi)day.- They all took well filled busketsj 'J\ splendid dinner and,a nice pro• ^ram was enjoyed by all.- Mr. anil Mrs. Klbert Templeman .and family and Mr; aad Mrs. Karl x :heczom and fani1I|y spent Chrlst- >nai^ with Mr, John Uogers :ind _ family. ; s ; Frank Idaac and Son, Gerald, and Jene Drury called iat the Isaac homo Sunday cveiiing. - Mrs. Etna .Marpleand son Cln^ide • called at'Charlie Itsaac's Tuesday. IVa Mow'rer called at -Isaac's Sunday morning. I . We wish each anp a Hapt)y and ". Strccessful New Yealr. them. . A county grand Jury tndde j/re- parations to take up the luvestlga- flon to vote on a swond murder ii)dl<tment sigainst Hickman and:a similar action against. Hutit In connection with the death of the druggist. The grand Jury, arcordlng to prosecution officials.:also wifl iii- NORTH OF ELSMORE (.Mrs. Anna Price.) ': Dec, 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Larson announce the birth'of a'son December 17. Mr. and. -Mrs. Fred Muntzert and children spent Christmas day witli friendu jrear Humboldt. | .Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Iluckerofj Vi- nlta, Okla., are visiting Mrs.;Ri^ck- er's folks, the Chas. Cox family and other relatives and friends. ' ! .Mrs. Burdetta Sanden and daughter. Elizabeth AniM>, arc spending dude the questiouingof Hickman I tho holidays at homo with Mr. and regarding seVeral briital murders in the vicinity .of Chicago la^t fall at a time when the youth was in that viciijity. Questio'nlng oi' the youth and .Mrs. Driskell in tonneciion with the death of A. II. Driskell. Hunt's crandfather in Pasadena, also may be unilertaken by the jury. "Buddy" Tells About Ed Hickman .Mrs. J. H. Wood. E. Seastedt, Ivar and Anna Seas- teclt, an<l Mrs. Anna Prici? attended the ."i::!0 ser\-ices at the Swedish Lutheran ehurch Christmas morning. Battling Maley of Colony didn't go so well at Fort Scott Wednesday night according to reports rolling In from there. Maley tought Hither Ashford. a real tough hoy from Fort S<-oit. .Ashford dropped Maley twice in the first round and once in the sccoml before Ileferee George Cox called it a, technical knockout for the Fort Scott.pug. yersity last night agreed ito open football relations next fall, when tho Wichita team will journey to Oklahoma October 20 to meet the!''] Golden Hurricane on its home! . , , ... ., , „, , i' uanimously and witt field. The, toUowing year Tulsa i,y the N. C. A. A. will play in Wichita. The addl-[" Chicago. Dec. :w. (Ai>)- ile group bolded the I Olympic ranks a year ago at Wash- Two ' '.n^'"" along witii the National Hoosfer .<--(iphonK »n..^-, in thiy basket- .•\niateiir Athletic federation, the Y. M. C. A. and the Westerh ctin- ball livery of .N'orthwest'rji,'fiiVal- Xerence. The federation ag «eed to ly turned the tables on tliro Danit! nemesis, frnm th&lr :<)tre rejoin the Olympic- body onl, T^i Q ^.„lliesday and the other two orgaiul- , -. • :-«tion.s are expci:te<l to tak4 Hlmi- .-tute. N ..rfhWH ..t.-ra out m ; j„ f^j^^j.^ front 2.". lo 2.'{ iiiigiil^ in the l-„(Ii>r t!ie tryout prqgraiii now I'urple's first victory Over .Notre i iiistituted. the 1&2,S chainpionships Dame for manv years. It >vas No-|"f l''^ .V. ('. A. A. will be on tho . • f ::ame basis as the .\. .V. L. sec- an^es first deieat . In fve winners . " thrie of I ,,„.,iifyjf,g f„r tj,e final Olympic tro Da starts this winter, and ir, I'niversit.vof Chicago; M. F.! their victjms" wero Big Teij teams', i trials. hearn, athletic director.. Kansas tate college; D. X. Bible, foot- ill cojich, Texas A. & M. college: . W. Hughes, football coach, Colo- r}ido Aggies: and fleorge Varnell. jeWspaperman and official.! Seate. •• •• "It provides a much fairer ro'p- 'sentation," Mr. Hall s'aid after 10 appointments were ratifieil When Captain Walilo J Fisher, j Sectional trlalsi of the assbcia- mainst.ny of .\orthw;estern{basket-i tion will be held =as follows: Wres- ball teams-for thrt-o years, wasjtling. at. Ames. la.. .March 30 and forced out on four personal fouls , :;i: swimming, at the University of early in the second half. the. two l Pennsylvania. 'March 30 and 31;- purjiie .«ophomore stars dd-rided it track and field, at Chica ,90. June, was time to, establish tlicinseives , S aiid 9. ' and from a 17-^2 sfiore.ihfy shot} St. Louis. Dallas and iJos Ang- up to 2.'>-22 in five niinutcs/of, long i eles ibid for the .1928 cohventlon shots. And to add -I to tlic^r dem- I 'lthout discus-i onstration. they h^ld Notre Dame convention.! to a mere' free throw for the last iThe members now represent largo ' oigin minute.-: of play. NO such ticn of Tulsa to Wichita's schednio' iq.=tricts. rather than their par -iiot of cheering was ever ^een in gives the ^\7leatshbckers eight hard ticular college and : the coaclies j latibn gyhi liefore. as tho,'crowd games for 1928. j ' \ hxvo a bigger voice as well." | : I of 'J.coo broke loose. V but New Orleans wa.s chosen. The English turf, ftas \ a. new champion jockey in tiie persoa of Gordon Richards, who was victorious in 184 races in the seasojn just i ended. IJale (iejir, president of Ihe Wexfeni league, U rrrtalnly Itcttinir the publicity for his rirrnit thlx ninter. Viith the Olilnhoma Clty>TuIsa anmnient snotlied. comes talk of the Lincoln, >'ebH franchise poinf? to - Pueblo, ('olo„ wlifch looks like mpre talk for publication; "Beau Geste" To Be at The Kelley Next Week Commenting on "Beau Geste." w-hich opens .Monday ai the Kelley theater for a. three day run. JRii-hai-d Spamer says the follow- Mrs.'lilmer Wood and little son, •course of a f.ill column Elbert, w-ent to Topeka Friday to .'review-; Kansa.s City. .Mo.. Dec. .lO. (AP). Frank Viiicent Bernpudy, 20. in a signed confession made pi^bllc to-1 day by police declared that William j Edward Hickman. WeHiy Hiint and ; pils had" a Christmas treo and pro- hlmself "got their start In-crime" j j;rani at East L'nlon Friday after- celebrate I Christmas with relatives there. ; .Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bacon and children spent Sunday at the- parental Beaman home. We are glad to note that Mrs. Bacon was able to return from the ho.spltal at Excelsior Springs In time to be with her lovetl ones for the holidays. -Mrs. Lucile Colwell and her pu- after reading books in the publicj librar>- here. ; i Ihinl was arrested at I.K)S An-' geles after Hickman, the confessed! k'uinaper-slayer of .Marian Parker, implicated him In a series of hold- up.4 and the slaying of a druggist Bernoudy .said Iluiit. Hickman^ ami himself were employed at the' library after school hours.and that j Ihoy ofteii read crime stories together. Jle conft >ssed to taking part iri two roliberles here In w^hlch h|> Implicated Hickman and Hunt. 'He told of being paroled following his conviction nl)ont three years ago on i-liarge of stealing an automobile. He i<aid that when he .be<-ame^ acquainted with, Hunt and Hickman and told them of his experience with the courts, they suggested "V go put with them some time and i,»<ake some easy money." Bernoudy was arrested yesterday w-lien police were Informed that Hickman had named him along with Hunt In i\ series ,of hold-iips in varloutl parts of the conntry, Bi-rfloudv- lives with Ma parents here and Is employed- liy a grain company, A fa''tory lian been opeiieil In ChlcaKo for ilie maiiufactiire of ihree-passeiiger nirplsiiies. selling for $2..-.<Mi. Bt^izil is offering .'"a prize of $120,000 for a round trip flight between Mslwn and Rio de Janeiro. —Telephone your Claaamed Adi to 18. noon. The Old Elsmore Grange is getting up an order for_ flour and feed. Phone >-our orders to the .secretary. Fred .Muntzert and I^Ioyd Cox went to Elsmore Tuesday and butchered a hog for Mrs. Lawrence Marrs. I>awrence is expected home from the hospital. Friday. • Mrs. Warren and. sons went to Moran Sunday to spend the day with .Mr. and .Mrs. N. Siebert and family. The Sunday school at Old Els- mort! was reorganized last Sunday and .Mr. Veiiiion Colwell was elected for superintendent.; Mrs. O. Foril. assistant; .Miss iGrace Ford, secretary and trea.surer; and .Miss Cleda Sylvester, pianist. "In the competition for producing the most thrllHng photoplay in many moons, "Beau Geste," the Paramount chef-d'oeuvre now , at the American Theater for a limited engagement; nfust be awarded the croix de camera if there is such a distinction ^nd if there Is not It should be create<l and awarded anyhow-. "The story of the French Foreign Legion, that nondescript command of nc'er-do-welU gathered from all the earth and sent to the heart of hottest Africa to defend the, interests of France, has been told many times over, but never before with the directness of this wonderful cinema that advances the art of motioii-photography to hitherto unsealed heights/' '• HA1UIWARE& IMPLEMENTS 1 ^lOLA-k^NJ-AJ' Jwce/897- I Special for, Saturday— Men's Sheep Lined Coats $5.95 Lot.H of time to wear 'i;m. THE HUB You will l»s astohl^ed at the NE:W Featuires « NE^V Beauty« N|:iV Performance thai General Motors ha^ provi^ecl in this New Car Shellly |fot<»r Company 118 W. Jackson ^Phofiie 60

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