Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
Page 5
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S]%T'Ui [By; TAII Anodated l Pre—i ProcraiDS ia^C«ntHd SUBdart C«tt*ra, kltcicycl«roti richt, ! Z78.ft -W^ AtlairtlO City—1100 SzOii—Hair Mouc Featur* ' «:30-^OQe«rti Music • :00—Stndlo Program 9:30—Dance Orcheatraa : m »rWBAI. •altimar*—raw . • :S0—^Ithner Orcheatra " 7;C0—New York Sympbony Orcbestra 8:00— Phlico Hour , »:00— Munlctpill Band 60U—WKSI SoiUn-SW 5 :00— Waldorf-AalnriB Orcheatra " T:Oi>—N. T. Syimihony Orchtatrs , »:00-CrulaJng the Air 4«T.3!-WNAC Boaton—MO | 1:00—Dok!» SInfonlana T:O(>^Bo*t0n Siogark 7:S0—Hotkey; Han-ard va. Toronto S:16-Orche»tnie SOa ^WOR 8ufUI«-9W 7 :0»—High JInkera t:OD—Sania aa WEAF • M9.1— yVMAK Buffalo—680 4.:0—Theater Program i T:)M)_Vlollrr Redul t:40—Cantata "Prince of P«i«ra'* >.00—Dance Orcheatra (2 Hra) 422,3—WOR New Vi9rk— 710 5:15—Ehaetnble " ! t:<iO -7 -Ea»«itfbIe: Chimed . i . «;:0—Madrl Gma (S h^a) i . 481.8—WfAP New yerk|.«1ft !i:flO—Waldorf Astoria oircbeatra'" tTim— South Slea Istandera ! 6:»i—Ulsb.JInUers i S ;iHl— Concert Orchestra j:«0—Dance Orchestra] (I hr») 444.3—WJZ New York -jww 7rti0—New York Symphony Orchestra « «:0<)—"The Quaker QlrlT" ' • y.w—Vua • 10:00—Slumber Music :«:13—New I'ear's Eva Service S48.ft—WOO Philadeilphia-p«eO •:<»—OrganJ Trumpets 1 :30—WOO Trio :. . 315.6—KOKA Pitttburgh~960 . S :0«— AVcstlnghouso, Band | . <i;W—<;oneeri I 7:«n—Xew York Symphony Orchestra ; S;UUVTbe Quaker Girt" | : . 483.6—WJAR Providence-|-620 \_ .7:00—N"ew Vbrk Symphony Orchestra *;U0—Variety Hour i 277 -6—WH^M ftoehfiter4-1080 6;^,o-^T^vo Piano Recital 7:M0—Iladiotrnna « )(:i '0-'Philoo Hour 9:UDT-Or||tn Rfcital i lu:OU—Nelws; Dance Music \ - 379.6^WOY Sobenectady^790 S;::0—Orchealrji 6:S0—HiBh JlrtkeTs 10:00—Dance Woale ! 333J1—VytffZ SpringDeld—900 I :no—singing Orchestra J :JU—Cdncort T.IO—tlostonlans. Quartet 1:70—Musical Froftram. |;0f—^faw year'aFeatpre 3S6.»-CKCt. Toronto—840 : 4:00—Puddlcome Program f 46a .6^WRC Washlnoton—640 1:00—Dinner Music i 7:00—New York Symphony Orcheitr* •- i:«0—"The Quaker Oirl" 616:9—WTAQ Worcester 880 1 :00—.South Sea Islandera 1 :00—Dance Orchestra : ' / 7:00—New York Symphon/ Orcbestr*' *:00—Studio Program ' : 9.'JO—Dance ^iiislc j •' ' .SOUTHERN I .298.9-^WWNC AshevUle-r10<0 >:00—Dinner Miisic | ( 475.9—WSB Atlanta—635 7:00—N", Y. Bymphonji Orchestra X:00—"The Quaker Olrl" 10:45—Concert 24S.S—WOOD Chatlanooaa-1220 k 8:45—Kiddle Story Period m 7:00—Simdar School'I/esson y 7:30—Ensemble • j ^ 384.4—KTHS Hot sbrihg's—780 9.00—Special New Year's Kve Pro• gram (3 hrs.) j 336.9—WJAX Jackionvllli—«93 3 :')0—Studio Progrnni | j . • K.OO—"The Quaker • »;00-^Danco Orchcsiia ] ^22,WWHAS Loiiiivillei-910 4:25—WHAS Kxleiislnii Siufji" TOO—N, Y. Symphony Orrhei-tra 8:00—Phlico Hour- j S1B.3—WMp Memphii—$80 T.l'O—New York .s.'. mj)iinii}' I Hour ' -8.00—"The Qujikoi Clif , 1 836.9—WSM Na8hville-|890 .6:15—Dinner Concrt i 7:00—New York Symphony Orch 'Stra—PhilQO Hour 9:00—Barn Dance 322.4—WSM B New Orleans—930 l:J0—Vocal; Orchestra: Orgin (2 hrs) CENTRAL j S26—KYW Chicaoo—570 pcogsarn f18 .4 -^WGN-WLIf| Chlea«e -7a9 7:30—litnqer Mull« • ^ 8:S0^rgah J ' 9:0 «-;8oDr Re<1ltal .in., it:00'^HaMlum» m. IZ.-lVa-Dance Muale . 'Qv m»-^.Wl -8 Chicaoo—»70 Pl 6:00—Supperbell rrografn 7:80—Bam Dance (3 brat ... 10:00—Show Braadcaat ^ 11:30—Barn Dance (i 1-3 hrs) . 44r.«—WI ^AQ.WaJ Chlcaoo-670 C :3|)^Oinner Concert g:U«—Radio Pbotologu* 1:16— Popular Song Cycle :. 9:16—Chicago Theater Review > 10:00—New Year's Eve Danre 16 hrs.) 48S.3r-WI.W Clneifinatl-700 7:00—New jYork Symphony Orcheatra 8:00—"The Quaker 01 rl" 9:(l)0—Dance Muaic : t :89 *.»-WTAM CleVdand-760 •iOO—Keapolltana 7:00— indlMis 8:00—Caviillers 9:00-Wandering Minstrels • 645.1— WrAA Dallas-550 7:00-Muslcal Unite 5:00—Vocirl Music 11:00—Dance Music 11:30—Theater Feature* 374.8-^WO(} Davenport—800 B:4S ^hlmQS C >ncert i 7:00—New York 's, mphony Orcbeifr* 8:00—Phiico Hour 535.4—WHO Da* Moine«-5«0 6:30—Four Kliiga of Harmony 7:00—New. York Symphony Orchestrr 8:00—Phlico Hour 9:00—Dance Orcbestraa ^MO-S-rWCX-WJR Detroit—600 7:00—N.iY. .''ymphony Orchestra 8:00—PhiJco Hour i »:00—Personality Girla ' 9:30—Cotton Pickers 10:30—Dance Mtisic ; • 35^7—yvWJ Detroit—850 16 :00— South'Sea Islaudera. 6::>l—High J Inkers 499.7-i.WaAP Port Worth—600 6 00—seyen Aces ! 6:30—Sunday Sl.-hool Lesson 8:00—Phlico Hour 9:00—Popular Songs ^ 370.2—:WDAF Kansas City—810 6:00—School of the Xfr V .Oil—.V. iY. Symphony Orchestra S:00—Plillco Hour 11:45—NIphthaxTk? 293.9-^WTMJ Milwauk*e—1020 fi:00—Orcheatrrs 7:00—A'arled Prbgi-am 7:.';o—PlafiO'Selectiona S:00—Same as W3Z 1 4flS.2— WCC0Mlnneappl }s.St.ipaul -7 !l 7:00—New York Symphony Ofiheitx 9:00—Fireside Philasophies i 9:Ifi—Musical Program 10:00-'-Dance Fro||ram - 60S.2—WOlV Omaha-^0 5:10—Literary" Period 6:80—Orcheatra 7:00—N: Y. Symphony Orchestra S:OD—Pblico Hour 9:15—Dance Orchestra 645.1—KSD St. Louis—550 • 7:00—N. T. Symphony Oreheatl* 8:00—"The Quaker Olrl" 3:00—Dance Orchestras' 348.6—KVOb TulMH-860 6:00—Sunday School ticsaon 6:45—Popular Muslo ' 7:30—Male Quartet 8:00—Phlico Hour, 9:00-Bridge Lessons 844.8—WCBD Zion-r870 8:00—Watch Night Services Ttm- roTA DATLK EEGfeTEE. FRn)AY EyENING..DFX:EMBER'3b Two AfipPOP , IMVEST I. A;. PH W X TE [TKESfOtK MARKET AJ4DTHE SEEMED! LIKE TWO VI££KS OOC^pWT! BlLLPJ?OM\SED TO *tfiKf DEAUTORfiED 00T-- HPMf TH' t^M SHCrr ftVl" HI • HftSNfT SHOWED Ot» HCT- JOST KAV UobRfO HAVE n^Tfle V^riOLE THING <50 8UX )EYf AH.HAt PACK FTV:T^ _ JO ^'SIMME ON ft SK >C »<!r*F» ArfHERE 1 KISSED AH0HOREO00LLftt?S| ABOUT- i jusreor <#»ND OF ftMOTilEt? -Hp THAT'LL KftKe ^r(;^iD^ol SAH IT WNSS Af ^evJORKIN'OOT w GREftt SHftpe -CMOU JM NVy OFRCe AUC/ TELU we ALU ACOOT IT fllU Tim Aanociatril I'rrxnl Prnsrams la Central Sland .Trit lime. Xt't time la P. M. unless otherwise ln> tiiiated. Wave lengths on left of call letters, ktlocycles'on rIghL 272.6—WPG Atlantic City—1100 Sm—ronrert Orchestra ti on—Sunday EvenlpR Mu^irale 285.5—WBAL Baltimore-1050 fi;nn—Twilight Trio 7:l.-i—<."antata "Bethlehem" S: 15—Victor Hour 508.2—WEEt Boston—690 6:.";fl—Concert Orchestra ' '' 8:15—.Mwater Kent-Hour 9:35—Hockey Droatlcast ' 461.3-WNAC Boaton-650 $:(in—Kffervescent Hour S:.-;o—Same as WOR •J:UO—Iniiinate Hour .302.8—WGR Buffalo—990 .';:.':o—.Stetson' Parade r>—Central Preabyterlan Church »:I5—Atwater Kent Hour £45.1—WMAK BulTalo—550 S:on—Effervescent Hour S:n(i—American Singers !t:00—Columbia Intimate Hoirr 539.4—WtiC : Hartford—560 4 SO—Symphonic Ensemble £:so—.Stetson (Parade C:'Jo—Capitol Theater Family 422.S—WOR Newark—710 3:0n—Don Vprhecs Band 6:45—Sunday MnslWie 7:45—Session Chimes : S:0ii—Elterveaccnt Hoi^^ CEN|rRAL 52^KYW Chicaoo—670 Concort I. . ^ • ',:30— Kemui 7:1)0— N ;i V. tt ->i ;('0 ^P,»il< <, 1'J:3'J —K<»ntu< kv Sei Piuitl »'r.« l .vriipliony Orchestra s ;i :;irniv ;il \ iv So :.-iiaders i WB8TERN i lenve 10 :00— New Year's Eve Celebration , (3 hrs.) ' 468.5— KFI Los Anoelaa—640 I»:OP—BCA Program 11 ioO—Phlico Hour 12:00—Contralto r , llOOa—MIdnlte Frolic ' : 416.4—KHJ Los Angeles—78) 9:00—Classic Concert Hour 10:00—Pi%ular Concert II OO—Music Review 336.9—KNX Loa Angelet— 890 9 00—Plagoers Club 10:00—Feature Program i ;:oo— Biltm?r<i Orchestra 2:00a-Midnight .Expr*sp 384.4—KGO Oakland— 780 10:00—RCA Hour 11:00—Phliro Hour 15:00—NBC Program l:00a—Dance Music 1 491.5-KOW Portlin (!-«1t i 10:00—R. C. A. Program ] 1:00—Phlico Hour 11:00-Dance Mu!«Ic (I hrf.) 454.3—KfRC San Franclfco-66f 8:30—Ceci'llan.s 10:00—Studto Program 11:00—Dance Orchestras (6 hra) 422.3—KPO San Francisco—Tlf S;.'!0—Dance Orchestra 10:00—NBC Program 11:00—Phlico Hour 447.5—KFOA Seattli—670 9:00—Boy Scouts ;< 30—c:aiiip Fire Glrla 11:00—Phiico Hour i;:00—Dance Music 370.2—KHQ Spokane—810 10:00-ItC.^ I»rogram 12 :iao— Dancp Music I STOCK mm IS Fading Turns Dull in tiie Face of Holiday On Stree .New Yot-Jt, Dec. 30. ti;cr irregularity develjpedj in to^^y 'li stock market WiUi trtidiog ^.fbing dull ; on thc; dpproach of thfc holiday. Tlie uijdfjrtone was fairly firju. with pool.s active a iijimber of issi^cs which arc likely to; attract rcinvestmontj fiindsaft- 'tr'ihc turn of--.,thc year. Ituying adlan lake head elevators had risen 10,000.000 •'busbehs since the close of lake i navigation and that vir- pKu'ally nB 's 'rain is moving all-rail as y«f toward. Atlantic ports. Favorable 'weather for harvesting of wheat!in. Argentina, was'noted. TVlieat closed unsettled. % to '.i cent net lower, corn at M cent decline to '<< cent gaiti. oats hi cent off to % cent up. and provisios unchanged to 10 cents advance. (AP)-Pur- /. yortmcnt of food, ' steel, office supply. fi -ntered larKcly ip a Ifelected as- independent topper, tobax;- to and public utilitj^ st tres. Chicago. Dec. I .10. values receded toda largely by slackness demand lor -wlieat. America. Besid'-'s, AVirinipc . messages said wheat storage iji Can- l»ro-. i (AP -Wheat , ; iu."ucnc8d lofjnov. export ip>m N'orti Doi^ett P«>dai:e Co. 1302 Kast «lreet, ioli i Phone 703 cash for Poultry tall Is, Any Wc will conic af4r aad hggs Time.' . GRENNAN'S . .^'omer East Monroe ^ lOLA, Kiy&>" MARKET mi and Hid !S (vio. connii,L, Kansas L'itT Prodvce.' Kansas City, rtjfo.. Dec. 30. fAI'^. I^oultry: Ducks 15® 17c; gecae at 20c( Other produce unchanged. Kansas Cify Hay. Kansas City.. Mo.. Dec. 30. (AD. Hay unchanged: receipts 48 cars. kausus City (.riiin. Kansas City. Mo.. Dec. 30. (AP). AVlieat: Receipts 92 cars; market uuoiiauged. No. '2 dark hard $1.39: No. 2 liard $1.25V:..(g)l,/t2: No. 3 $1.25% ©1.46; No. 2" red nominally $1.40i^@1.42: No. 3 $1.39. Close: Dec. $1.21%: May $1.24%: July $1.20%. . Corn: Ucceipts 207 cars; market unchanged. No. 2 white 76c; No. 3 73@76?:: No. 2 yellow 78c: No. 3 75M:^'lSc: No. 2 niixo<l 75'/= <fi76c: No. 3 72(fi'75c. Close: Dcii. 75%c:.Ma*- 82!4c; July S5'4G. Oats: Ilccoipis 2 cars; iiiarkct unchanged. ; Kaunas Clly Lhestock. Kansaa City. Mo.. Dec; iO. (AVL (U. S. Dep. Agriculture'— aq |[R;t 2fi00: fairly active, steady to 10c higher than Thursday averageJ: kni. Elni Sbs-i . imbklng SOWB iBc to 16c lower :aab l(8 .eb on choice ^0-240 lbs.; bulk 1190-280 lbs.. $8.30@^.45; 140-180 Wc Want Your Pdultry, Bggs -iba.. J7.75@.8.30: packing sows at - —-' ' •$6.75©7.o0. ; K'JO—.\mfrltan Slrfgari 9:00—Intimate Hour-' 491.5-:VyEAF New York—610 ' • r:00-;Young People's Cohference .t:00--Men '8 Conference^ 4 JO-i-Herbcrt Borodkln: Samuel Jospe r>:liO—Baritone: String Trio D:30—Stetson Parade 6:20—Capitol Theater Family 8:16—Atwflter' Kent Hour 9:15—Biblical Drama 4S4.3— WJZ New York—660 4:30—Church of tiic Air S:3a—Cook'a Traveloguea 6:00—Crranadaa 6:15—Aini>1ro Hour . 7:15—collier Hour ' 8:15—Victor Hour a:l.^—Don Amaizo 403.2—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 • 6:30—Church Service* Ji:li—Afuater Kent Hour i 9:13—Biblical Drama' 34|l .«^WOO Phlladelphla-S60 ' 6:M—Organ Recital 6:30—Bethany Presbyterian Church 31S.6 -KDKA Pittsburgh—950 7:13—Collier Hour S: 15—Vibrant Melodlea 8:30—Concert 9:15—Don Amaizo; 4iB3.6—WJAR Providence—620 S:30—Stetson Parade 6:;o—Capitol Theater Family 8:15—Orchestral 277.6— WI N AM Rocheater—1060 4:30—National Badio Veapera .'5:30-Flre.><ldc Fomm 7:00—Hour of Solos 8:45—Jubilee Singers 379.5—WOY Schenectady-790 5:30—Stetson Parade 6:20-^Capitol Theater Program S:IS—Atwater Kent Hour 9:15—Biblical Drama 333.1— waz Sprinoneld—900 7:15-Collier Hour • i 8:15—New Yoar's^'rogram 9:05—Musical Program 356.9—CKCL Toranto-S40 3:00-^Organ Recital 468.5—WRC Washingtoji-640 5:30—Stetson Parade , «:^>—Capitol Tlicater: Family ' 8:13—Atwater Kent Hour 516.9—WTAQ Worcester—5*0 .'!;00—Men'-i Conference ' 3:.'S0—itrlson Parade ' : 6:20—Capitol Theater Family 6:1.1—Piano 7:15—Hodge Podrfe 8:17—Twenty Sllnutea CAod Reading 9:13—Don Amaizo 365.6-WEBH.WJjp Chicaso—620 .- 6:00—Orgjin Recital 6:3U—Dinner Muslcale 8:00—Studio Program 416.4-rWGN-WI.IB Chlca|^—720 6:50—C«)ncer(: Music 7:.l&—Oorrell and aosden S:1S—Musical Hour »;15-i-"Our Music Room" 344.6—\yL(i ^Chicago— aTO r>:(ifl—l^ittle TBrown Church 7:55—Musical Program 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—670 7:00—Sunday Evening Cluli S:!.'!-S'am^ as WOR 10:30—DeLUxa Dreamers^ ; 42S.3—WLW Cincinnati-700 6:15—First PreabrtariaD Cfaurdi t:13:-CoIlier Hoftr ••. 8:15;-CrOBley iJandbbx 361,Z-WSAI Cincinnati—B30 5:30—Stetson Pariide 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour 9:I5—Biblical Drama 399,ft-WTAM Cleveland—7B0 4:30—Crosley Moscow Orcheatra 7:00—ChrlstfaD Science Sfrvtccs 8:l5-—Atw8ter Kent Hour ^ 282.S-WAIU Columbus—1060 8:U0—Bffervcacent Hour 9:00—^American Singers '9:30—Columbia Inttmste Hour 545,1—WFAA Dallat -esa : fi:00-Blble Class 8:15—Atwater Kent Hour 11:00—Dance Music 374J8—woe Davenport—600 7:0V—Bdwardh Congregational Church 8:lS—Atwater JCent Hour 9:15—Biblical Drama 536.4—WHO Des Moines—560 4:30—Crosley Moscow Orchestra; 6:Z0-]Capltol Theater Family 8:l5-iAtwater Kent Hour 9:16—Biblical Drama 4409—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 5:00—Twilight Hour 6:00—Dinner Music- I 6:30—Central M. B. Church 7:16—Collier Hour 9:00—Flrat Baptist Church 3517—WWJl, Detroit—850 SOUTHERN -1010 ' 295.9—WWNC Asheville 3:04—.Sacred Music 6:J0—Chui-h Service V 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 6.00—Vcsj^ra Services 6:20—Tlieater Family 8:16—Concert 245.8—WOOD Chattanooga-1220 •r.:no-.i-S.'»cred C«ni-ert T 7:0»-M:huroh Services . 384.4—KTHS Hot 8pring«-780 8:00—Popular Refrains- 8:.10—Song-Recital 9:00—Concert 336.9—WJAX Jaclcsonville-^; S:.'!')—Dinqer Musfc 7:00—Church Services 9:00—Organ Recital 322.4-«WHAS Louisville-9-- 4i30—Choral Evensong 6:i0—Theater Family 8:13—OrcBestra • S16.9:-WMC M«mphi»-rE30 , 4:30—Crosley Moscow OrciieMi.i ; 6:20-^apitoi Theater Family S:15—Atwater Kent Hour - 336.6—WStt Nashvlllp—890 6:20—Caoltol Tliealfr Family . 6::o-Capltoi Theater Family 8 :15— Atwater Ke^t Hour '499.7— W BAP Fort Worth— 600 5:00—Sacred Contert 6:00—Vesper Servlcea '9 :15—Dance Music 370.2— WOAF Kansas City— 810 4:30— Moscow Orchestra 7 :13—Hodge Podge S:lS^~Concert 293.9— WTMJ Milwaukee— 1020 6:1!;—Amp|i:o Ho'ur H:!!—Don Amaizn 405.2-WCCp: Minneapolis-Sl. Paul— 740 5;.W—Second Church Christ. .Scientist ":15-rColller Hour K:l5^Alwater Kent Hour S08.2— WOW Omaha— 590 6:.'!0—Theater Famlly- 8:16—Atwater Kent Hour 9:1S—Utah Hour 499.7 -^WOAI San Antonio— 600 7:30— Travis Park M. E. Church 545.1— KSD St. Louia— 559 6::0—Capitol-Theater Family 7:.10—Collier Hour 8:16—Atwater Kent Hour 34^.6— KVOO Tulsa— 660 ' 5 :00-Old J^ashioned Gospel < .1:.1«—Chorus Choir 7:1(0—Piano Recital S:15—Atwater Kent Hour 344.8— WCBD Zion— «70 S:00—Quartets: Celestial Bells WESTERN 325.9—KOA Denver—920 r,:r,0—Organ Reclul 8:45—First Baptist Church <I68.5—KFI Los Angeles—«40 io:nni_.Apollan Recital 11 :i'fli-.N'BC rrogram K':00|-BI11 Funk's I Orchestra 416.4 -rKHJ LP* Angeles-r720 onn-FJrst M. E 1 Church 11:00—Concert Orcheatra X36.9—KNX Los Angele*-«90 iMOoi -First Presbyterian Ctaurdi lo:OOT-Concert Orchestra 314.4—KCO Oakland— 7S0 s.nn—Standard Symphony Hoar y:35—First Preabyterlan Church 454.3— KFRC San Francisco—660 S:.'!o{-Conccrt Orcheatraa lo:30i-Dance Music 422.S— KPO San Francisco—7t0 S:30^S>inphony Orchestra ?:30—Organ Recital 10:30—Concert Orchestra . 370.i—KHQ Spokane—810 8:30—Standard Symphony Hour 10:30—CJiurch of th; Truti one load good cows $8.75; ,veal top $11.50. Sheep 2.000. Lambti generally 10c ta 16c lower; top $12.75 paid for 86-lb. averages; other 86 to.91 lb. kinds $12.50@12.C5; 89-lb» fall Bhorn Iambs $11.lit; practically no ahcep offered. BniniigTr C «ttlo ."^OO: calvfi.; 50, A . f -y loads of li^t wejgbt st^ort tid Bt«en^, Biteadjr at |ll2Sei8:>- j^Iaiti Ted dOBi^« $!l'.«n>; other ciasaea. in too Timited supply to test prices; PRAIRIE CHAPEL OJ. I>. Matlooksi • Dec. 28. — The Christmas tree cntcrtainnicnl at the Chapel was a success in every way. Mrs. T." B. Hall vas operated on last week'at the Ft. S^oU hospiUl and last report she was getting along fine. i ; ,Mr. and Mr.s. I. B. Hoke and fain- Ijr Air. ajid ^^Lrs.i L. D-. Mat- ocks' and Dale spent Christinas da:^ with Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Maxwell. Boy Ard threshed all of Uic kafir uocn in thia uoigbbophood last week. Guests at O^U. &aao»'» .Suadayt Docenihor Z.**, .at their- Christmas dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Low, abd sons Ray and Riley, C. S. Coxj Mrs. Olive Cor Uucker of ViniU ,|OkIa., Lloyd Cox and family, Franjk Bacon, B. g. Bacon snd tamiiy,i Mr. and -Mrs". Bcnj. Liid- liiUK Geo. ; Bacon and fainily. ra Bacon -and family. Leslie Baton and family, B. 11. Bacon aind family. Mr?. I<«illir Cilli .n of Kt. Sc|>tt vi.slJfd Cliri .-iiDia .s with hfr ni»l Mr:<. Jo'- Harclprodc and brotljcr Unlph LaRtie aiid thrir families, The annual Clirislnias gathcjr- ing of the Bacon family was h^Id at the home of B. H. Bacon w tiiirty-nfne present. An enjoyalble time.was spent with music, gan and social conversation and Change of gifts. Dinner was seared cafeteria style With all sorts good things to eat. Wiss Ruby Hall had h<;r tonsils remo\-td last week at the Fort Scott hospital. She is gcttlfig alniut tine. Mr. and Airs. J. A. Mattocks ahd famHy spptit f'hristmim in . MIW IM I" with .Mrs. M.itl4M-k.><'!4 sister, Mrs. .Maud I^ice. . es 4x- of ' • . • 1 r • The .Sftiry Thus Far The storv |s laid in the Indian territory ahd;aIoiig the Kansas border In the.'SO'a. when a figljit was being iwaged by the "Boom- ors" for the;opening of the territory to settlement. Chief cliaraVters are: TONY HARRISON, orphaued at 1:! wbdn his father was murdered ju a,poker game; PAWNEiC ; BILL, adventurer. Indian interpreter and showman: : • .lOE CRAICJ. who takes Tony to the Bar K ranch to live; TITUS MOORE, owner of the Bar K: i j RITA .MOORE, his little tomboy daughter. ! When T6njy is 15. Rita and her ; mother depart for Virginia-and ' the l)oy lebifns for the first time how imuchf lie carts for the little ieil -haired» arrogant iniss. . Word isi rOCeived that DAVID PAYNE, leader of the "Boomers," and icWef agitator for the openint; 6f I Qklahoma, is dea'd. Pawnee Bill" is one of Payne's .sympathizers^ and so is Tony, al- tbou^b hi!| : benefactor, Titus -Moore, oppqses the opening with al! hjs might; \Vhen Pawnee Bill goeF'out tbe.Tfollowing year with a wild weistj shpw he takes Tony along. M 1 i • » * CHAI^rEB XXVI 1. Enttirprisiiig siiowmen of the To ly laughed. •1 tiiought you didu^t mind that sort of thing.' don't, as a rule, but this \vas ] kind got and eyebtows at me. hast spea on lilve then and ing. t wasn't any cuspidor around o 1 let her go without think- .'•-Ihat's sure too badj" Tony <ob.-I_.,pjo„3 b^,. pja^-p „f His'.' mist rated. '•I'll just bet you iiaven t; ,q-Q BI? CON'TINUErf) —* the nerve to go bacii again ' ' got nowi the and aga lhali Vict i'dow ! Tlie waf jusl Bla Ebrizoit •SJ^EENEST LYNN -spcct she liasn't changed .much." "Does.she talk ihe .same'.y Craig regarded bim w^tli an amused stare. "Well, site's^ picked up a Virsrinia accent.' 1 guefs; you'd call it. Sort of soft and lyzy-likc. And she don't say "uin't' any more. FINANCIAL Miinry^o Loan—.nortpages 4t> FARM />OANS—Quick'service and ro;i.<onahlo rates. \. 1). llaw- tboruo. ir.'.;'. West .Mddi«ou. What else do^you want to *uow?" I i.\;VK.M AND CITY LOANS—Base Tony reddened furious:y.» "Noth- of different. Besides. 1 for- \ \ 't'^*'''"' ^^'^.^ .^"l^i^"*"" myself and'spit on the floor '"^ t''"' years mglurnake a the old nutn sort of raised his : P'>*:-'-f".l '» » atW I was 1)1" hc,""'"'"'^- ned to add before Tony could .•"'P^ pnundiug^against k.'l know it isn't right to spit ",'«'"s"";y V'""?^ .^^"f eople's floors in a nice house !V<""<', I 'e' Wf|ul .l'slu. be rate on arms, i>'. city 6':;. I.onB or short time. R. M. Cunninghain. i! the old. carefree, imiHideut iJila. the Rita that used to i .ssife coni- mands like an iniperiou.4 little aiicen'/ Or would slie be Snoiher I per30n ^reserve(I, dignifieit. con- PARM AND CITY LOA.VS—At current rates. Liberal terms. Prompit service.' Your business appreciated. Call oii The Allen County • Investment Co., Kelley Hotel BIdg.. lola. Kansas. • • .MONfiY TO LOAN—On farms or; .city properti'. Lowest rate. Stewart,; & Funk. f that so?'' the other retorted, defi^ntl.v. "WeH slie's coming to; sho'xv „ ! i'm walking home'with her! n.i What do you think of ANNOUNCEMENYS iitrayed. Lost, Found . \ again tomorrow night i LADY'S WRIST WATCH—Lpst.bX p fore Christmas. Finder .i please phone No. 1 or 1028. Rewtard. j" . j LOST—Axminster rug. 9xli floral'! IIO.NEV TO LOAN—On real est?ite.! rcpayii)Ic in small monthly par-i ments. Xliese loans never come duej —better because cheaper and moro'^ convenient. Security Building A;i Ijian .Ai<sn.. L'it N.-itl. Bank_gldg.! LIVE STOCK Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 48 m not saying a word. .My a?I- tb vou is to sit near a win- girl's name, it developed, tijary Emma .Manning. "She's 156. ibut prett.v as a picture.! hair and brown eyes and— iflie. I know, an hvitation to th? '»-edding.'' He [grilled, and. ducked quickly to avo 0 one of Pawnee Bill's boots. Froij the door he called back, "If she 8; got a good looking sister you mi^'t| take me along with ^ you. I'm design. Reward. .Notify j R. S. ,$16 WILL BUY—Any gpat in our herd; 17 head to select from. f;oats bought, sold,or exchanged. Chimney Sweep. Phones: store^ PO.'!; residence, 395. " . Elliott. Bronson. or Everett Rogers, LaHarpe. AUCTIONS Auctions MA iv.ii „,„|PtfBLIC AUCTION—I will •sell at A\ell. gi\e me, auction Monday, Jaip. 2, at Poultry and Supplies . J9 B.\BY CHICf<S^llc up: 12 leading breeds: hatches every Tuesda.v: custom lialchini; a specialty. Suntlowpr Farms Hatchery, Bron- Kans.' • • *"*'^, 701 South Walnut: furniture or five room house, consisting of, library table, 2 pockers. 4 chairs, table, rugs. 2 Iinf>leuins. •. 2 beds, heater, kitchen V"*''".^'-'BABY CHICKS—Place your orders v.,o..^ WW ...^ ,-- getting right. starved for Today wero awakening to tbi? iwssi-, mauJcl myself,"'and gathered from ^ _ „.„..„^ „ bililies (it thic Am.erican liidiau asj''a 't *l* Bill's retort that he would 1 -,, ,„ AnnTlOW -Public auction I a draivingicftrd; especially i„ the r -welcome in tt hotter climate, j PUBLIC A^^^ wardrobe, dishes, kitchen i^teusil bedding, and lots of other arlides. | C. S. Bisliop, Auctioneer. , . . , , i Bishop's Sales Pavilion. night; w^rc not so facetious. He! —^- • " • —r cast, where ilic red man; was. a I l^la own thoughts later ruriiy and a ciiriosity. Tltc Healy' and Bigelow com-f"" 'In't help thinking of Rita, won- j pany. of Nuw^ Haven and New York. I •Icrjng how she looked, witat sort ..f : decided to lek^. the box office value;™e'f was meeting. Of course, j Antamohlle Agencies^ A " " Indiaui and augment their .i:-'"!!? nothing more than a brief' rather^ elaboriitc medicine''»Hi«u of Pawnee Bill'.s. A Wild west act. Pawnee R"'- probably a^agc-st ruck- Sales and Service ' ;A few -weeks from now and, to buv good, dependable tistyl cars, j of Ihe ready .show witn ii Bill was CO logelh|cr a dian<> :a phia. I Whpi Pcnnsj-lvania rison was wlih him. TitUfi .Moojrc at first iiimissioncd to gather ijrge , companv of ; Indiana land fetch ihem to Fhiladel-! doublfiil abo from CraiK had converted him. "All of a; in line wiilil formed Piiwiiqe Pill. "I don't know what came; ( change liis The other plain it vej-jj ing. but hej <i .hi Tony 's tih of parliug ;ind Fancy! •»[ ed thing ;nid TitUs .Moi'rc ise to l (K )kj ii "Don't yotd ijrge companv of ; In- i '"'IJ.'.**""*'! ''^^'^ forgotten it. • .J.,At present we have atomplflc line j liita. though, .was more than (],p,lba .'• U was not easy to forget her he arrived -in .... Inetropolis Tony liar- j""^' " ' wet k, hrougli l ,pg„ • her father. He thought of some- thii ^ Titus Moore ihad iraid when lad .returned the previous win- 'from' his visit in Vii^g|nia. had U it. but'^a few words '• (jdden he swung right '•' the idea," Tony in- i'ler •Yt ; she ver him lo make bim . "'^f'i>' "ot. he told biuisclf.; i„j„j •• . Rit 'was 17 and he had not seen 1 .smiled. He could e.v- '«•'•: ycar^. His nili.d: easily, he was think-j'^"t'l^'''' ^'ac^rly at the thought of, hose not to. of regret at Uak leaving; 'onll'^a few hours from Phlladel-' the Bar K aijqse with the iiec-essitylPlV'"''i"^ ^u"'^ • ^ 'sbli>OI. IJut it Wiis summe(, he ^ rectiliectcd. and the school won'd with Cherokee, his' horse. The Upn of Black Diamonil: as a beauiiful.'spirit-I the boy was his slave.' himself hail lo prom- f/er him. . ' worry. Ton.x'. I'm as proud of hiin as you. jirc. The 1 first^-gun 'that looks at '""M^''"' "^'1 lef him crosi-i-yed I'll pen-ionally 1 ..'°'«' 'n" ''eeard j.' scalp.'; !-. jPhcfs sure pretty. Tony, and shep Pawnee 1 liilf'f s recommendation had obtaiiieijl for Tony a job as cowboy in he wild The i ""t*"'"^ restless. : boy was tHeTbest horseman in thelP"**"* whcir Rita got her firHt gill tpse of Cherokee; not tt) be outfit and bb. could handle a tope, , . .. n as Atell as itost of them. As for' to ask her to ride him an^ Tony's spomjor. the long-haired In-iJU ''^ dian Interprtter was quite the most'/he familiar trai?s picttiresquf j figure, red or white. with the sli rassing to lelll in: love with Cherokee." Tjhe information made him verN" .N'ot to be I her fin ow. He or and "Tony lie the object of so much ciiriosiJty. 1 don't mind It and it increases tiy v^iiue to the show." He had. ii [mind, he said, going Into the bus aess for himself some •lay; "I'm studying costs and try-] ing to profit by my exprt-ience. 1 won't be working for other people ver>' long. U they tan make money off me r ought to be able to make it fori, myself if 1 keep my eyes open." * That evening Pawnee Bill ^Vas not to be found when Tony looked for hini after the performance. He Bu falo Bill's got a show called thje waited, for it was their custom to ("e Dutchman, with .Jules go to a re .4auraut for something fKe.he playing the lead. He ihinks to eat and I then walk together 1 I want me ,to bring him soraje through downtown Philadelphia before goingj to ged. A ticket s 'cller saw him waiting and called to iiiro. "You're just too late." he laughed. "1. sav Pawnee Bill walkin* off with » pretty gal. thing to me about having a date." "I saw him with my own eyes." Tony-laughed and walked off and .promptly ' forgot about It. Later that night .Pawnee Bill explained. I met a nice little girl. Tony. •» Uttle beaut}i show with sbine friends and some- bow we got hoe. home. 1 of myu^lf." "Hoards tMit? ••Why,_hei mother tame ^n'the kept Innklngj curiosity.' She came to the to talking and I took guess I made a fool and father ;par?or and talked to me audi I dlt n't know what to talk about 'The're Quiker I people. I think. niHl w rt of seiliUeJ anil they at me a.s It I was a AUTOMOTIVE before .Ian. l.'> and get a discpunt. (Tiicks may lie delivered any time !Mer. Custom hatching. i2c per egg and ."{c per chick. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 22n West stre'et. CAPONS -3 .->c Ht: C. K. Geer, two i bloi;k« .scmlh, oiic cast Country Clii!) corner. A USED CAR— Is as dependable as , , , „ , the dealer who sells, it. J Dodge . «7'^' -^'^s ice. 'llhi best place. jJ^I'^l'^L-'MJ J-- IROOSTIOKS And n.ckircls. Rhode 1 L^land Hcils. Mrs. Homer Teats. Wanted—Live Stock 60 Of fcoth-'.open-and closed models. | pi-nv .M01 £E CATTLE-Wanted to witilcr: sweet clover liay for safe. IS not easy to forget her pri^eA to sell. Ellis Motor Co.. he Bar K when every] 214 North Wasliinsttjn. J_ ;hl one of her letters ' HUDSON-ESSEX-Sales anfl( Scrvl Ice. Bud .^Vhito Motor Cb.. 219 South Washliigton. : Phone 180. M*d hardly know her. s', not a little girl an.v morii.'.' 11 ng the' tr.:iiii lo Washington, i - I , AgtomoMleg For Sale i(tA.KI..AND — "^Dealcrj)- - r<VNTIAC ':;6 Oakland <oui)r:j '.'X, l^onti.ic ! coach: '2."» Kuick ligl I six louriiis. fii)>' shape; '^ft Foid coiiin-: '37 i ''<ird coupe: '^O Fori ludori Kron- tcnac licafl. counipr cl'iink shaft, all o.\t 'a::; road.sler;' '25 Clievrolct '21 Dodge toii.riiigv brand new Chevrolet coach. '-^Several' other cheaper used cirsi Cash,'' terms .1. .1. Kfi 'fe. North Kentucky road, half mile. <H»OI> i:.Si:ii 'lltACTOR—For sale or tra-lo fur unilcs. Sec Ollie SuHi>-rI:iiiil al Sli ;i!inoM ';i. MERCHANDISE 'Articles For Sale SI HEnCK PO.STS -For sale. George li^Ianced : .('rowi-ll. :! luiJis south of Oas. lifurni'K- ' '"^VTVVE "LII.MmOIl-.Mostly oak, ' any dinii'iisions. See Paul AtkinK :it. Owl Creek Stock Farm. .". miles west Huniliolill or call I !U (I While .Mr)lor Co., plioiii! ISO, lola. l^aus. PRAHIIE HAY—26c a half. $S a ton / delivered. J. A. Steimel. Phone 94:iF12. good shape. We trade. Ros? wi - j Arbnekle's Garage. Chrysler deal-! Bi 1 i ers. Phone 50. \ - hAI'PLICS I j . ' ^= r CountvCrea .Good Things to Eat llhey, left Philadelphia not Ion aft' ^ward and toured through the roomed together and wherever they ^f* .! Tony was .surprised to learii walked thrLgh the streets^ of ^^^1^^™,•» " .T"" Philadelphia people stopped to 'ot '^^S with.little Mary Alannin _g gaze after the broad-.sbouldered j f^?" figure with t|ie flowing mane and 1 .."'"^ """""J': ^ . thff h..r " nck longer could be embarrassed, j . . . , „„ - "ThaV siowmanship" he ln-| "t-expect I'll marry her if I ev»r Ag-'" Acceswies. Tires. Pifrt«_J3; formed the'd^iTirwheaauestl^^^^ Jhe nerve to ask her." he i .-luTED AUTO P.^RTSr-Tires; tubes. !^r«£3?^''i^ -rn ^rs^ifj^ 'idii s /^-^-^o^kLrco^g-s^:'^""^ STOVES-^O prcjriding. of coursel shell WE ARt-: UNLOADINC. - A car of •Kiri; ami a car of farm iuliple- . itietils. Spc.iiul pricps for t^arly IIIIVI'TS. Allen County Implement Colli pany. " 2 ."iO-KGG —C.vthcrs incubator, as new. Phone 971-11. good 1923 Stndebaker 4-pass-, -roupc 1922 Ford.coupe; 192:5 Fonljcoupe: 1927 Clievrolet Ion truck with cab; Peerless :"S" touring: 1921 r^rur;^!^ gi"n*b.!^^^'^l • Bn^mess and Office_E««lpment_^. Overland tourijig: nearly new In-| TYPEWRITERS -For sale, rent Ur ternational grain bddy for'triick: i .ti-;„|(.. Williams Typewriter Cb, 1925 Ford r.oadster. ShelUv* Motor; jj.-j -West Madi'-on ( Co.. "lis West .lacksbn. Ph;)ne_j|fl. —^rirr^r^rz^—rrr= , 1— 192t; STUDEBAKI::R SEDAN Fuel, Feed. Fertilizers fig Chrysler "60" coupe: (Jhrysler v "60". coach: 192^ Ford tii^or .sc- dan; 1926 Overland' six >coach; 1926 Dodge coupe. ' .All lire in per l>a.-ket, Allen ream Co. Phone 88. Household Goods "AiJ.l haye nwl ^ She's the only girl I ever met tba il'd want lo marry." 1 qny ivith great djfficulty overeat le a sudden temptation lo blurt out -ills owii hopelesi .storv lo his fri« ild. 1 lie- show closed before the sum- me -'p end and t'ii«y traveled to- get tir as far as Wellington. There Pa oiee • Bill left = him. promising hit) j the opportunity of another tour* in the fall. j •Probspbly along the west coast. Indians again, and lUll be a nide tritf-for vou. Take care of youi- sel BUSINESS SERVICE Laundering . ri - FURNITITRI-: — New and SEWING—And embroidery ivanted.; hand. 118 Kdnt Jackson. Neat and careful \yov\i. ajuaran-j 33. .Mel W. Fuller. toarl Mro Ronsick. 204 • used cook stoves, guaranteed lo give good service. Real bargains. Curtis Fnrnitur^ Store. LaHarpe. second Phone teed. Mrs. Chestnut. iran-i .North ' Morlngr. TmeklniTij Storaiiy OAS R.\.VOES—New ones, low prices, guaranteed stoves. Hen.- ningcr's Furniture Store, 118 West CALL DEAN TRANSFER —jPhone I Madison.. 885. will move you by hour or con- i jxvKXTf)RY tract, with experienced m6n. stock. WH£N YOU MOVE—Or <«tore your i .lurin'g goods call Corr's Transfer..Offl.-:ev T .-^p %f 14 (1. residence 140 EMPLOYMENT SALE—.Must reduce Evecything marked down this sale. I have a fuU new furniture lo select from. Bryson Furniture Store. North .Jefferson avenue. Help Wanted—Female SS\ Wanted-To Bar it Caldwell Tony was met b v j HfiUSEKEEPER—Wanted, ojic who! WANTED "TO BUY—All kli Jo«'Craig, who had brought it)- wants a home;in suburbs of lola.! caltle_andJhogs^ J. C.JButi othir horse with him. "Cheroltcbl "-f- D-" care Regi.slerl »_ lav At i :<c5mAatc< r.-r^n x hinl; along. Tony. He's not strong eno igh yet for heavy duty. You'll be list in time to sec liita before she 'goes "back. She's Just got a few days more to stay. Tell me abo it yourself. W'hat kind of a tim ! did you have'; \Reckon you'll go nto the show business?" don't know. It's all right. biA It's kind of uncertain. You cleaji up In one town and ,don't maki exp snses in another. What's«Rit^- llk« ? Does she still ride aroun and get In everybody's way?" H wa': masking his interest behind ton i of indifference.' Craig shoved back his hat an 1 scr itche<l his he.-ul. "AVell, yei. Sh^ still runs things; in that rc- t 'I kinds of Butcher. : Sitnations Wanted-^Female •Iff GIRL—Wants work of any kind. Inquire .110 .North KtjiUuckji References if preferred. AVOMAN—Wants work of an.^f kind. Inquire 109 South Tehnesse'e. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments &nd Flats 74 FURNISHED A PART.MENTS—Mod­ em liomc. Inquire 111 West Broadway. Help—Male and Female U MAN AND WIFE^Wanled"ta;work on dairy farm; home and everything furnished. Wm. Stafford.! Phone 946-21. ? Farms and Land For Rent 78 IMPROVED 80-AC RES—Located 6 miles west and 2 north ot lola: A. AV. Reynolds. FINANCIAL , REAL ESTATE FOR SALE . I Farms and Laiid For Sale . 83 BaalneM Opporti^nittea JSjWELL IMPROVED 80 ACRBS-^ HOTEI..—For sale, trade' ori rent, i And well established filling sta- Call in per.«on • on E. D. Itapp, • lion on main tf.til north and south: Moran. Kans. i - L Price |6,600 fdr both. M. A. SchWck.

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