The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
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VOL. XVIII. NO. 9, CAJUtOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JME 22, 1894. WHOLE NO. 898. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feyert and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions ant) met with the approval of the medici profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them und it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sole by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OHUBOH DIBBCTOBY •JOHN ING services, 11 a. n,; mring unices fl| 7 p. m ; Y. P. 8. C. K. gerrloe, a p. m.; San day school, 12:15 p. m. ; Prayer Meeting, Thunday evening, 7:30 p.m. BBV. GKO. FOLSOM, Pastor. BAPTIST. M OBNING lerrlee, 11 •. m.; efenlng senloe 1 p. m.; X. P. 8. 0, K. swfloe 6 p. m. ; Bun- IV 8«hool. U :U p. m, ; Prv«r Heatlni. Tbundw TDDlog, 740 p. m. : ' BBT. J. C. HEHDBIOKBON, Pastor W. H. CVBBI, Superintendent. MBTBODUT. • OBMNeierTioe.lia. m,; eTenlnt •trrtoe 7 p, m.; Junior Xpwortb League, s p. m.. •pwonb League, 6 p. m., Sunday School 11:11 p. m,; Prayer Meeting, Thursday Irenlng, 7 JO p. m. BBV. W B. THOMFSOM, Pastor. DB. W«. HUMPEBBT. Superintendent Malls at the office close as folowt : Oolng east: 2:40 and 730 o'clock p. ra. Uolagweat: 1:30 p. m. and 7:30 o'clock p. n. Office open on Sunday from 9 to 10 a. m. and from 8 to 4 p. m. STAB ROUTES. Mt. Carmtl and Koutuor, dally except Sundai Departs 12 m., anlves at « ai p. m. Boselle, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Depart 8a.m. arrives ifm. Coon Baplda. Carrollton, Wllley.-Taesday, Tbunday, Saturday, arrUee 11 m. departs 1 p. n, U. * N. W.Ttme oara. rASSBMBB TBAMS wast. •e. 1 Overland limited. 1086a.m. •e. I Omaha Bipress .........480a.m. Me. 6 DenverLlmlUd j IK!! Jg £ S; M». 7 FaeUelsprsM 160p.m. Mo. U Carroll Express 9 10 p. n. No.8v talent » s. 1 Overland limited 9 60 p. m s. I oaieagoIxprew lisip. Me. 8 Denver Limited j .£_*_?§ Jg *j.. Mo. U. St«rllng Passenger B 40 ai mi •e. N freight, West Bias to Boons.. 818 a. m. UOVX CRT ABB sWtlU* BBABMaV. 4?rt r. 8i?r. Anwara fe*ommo«aUon l"°ps» IX?*- 1 Ae§QmsiQ<1stlott ..,.,,,,,,•„T80P • 718a*i J. B. OBBAaxH, Agent O. of. * •(. P. B>, ' 1 Freight: 7............. ......HO p, m. J might. 0:00 p.m. Ko. (MFreight VBAVBS eoiae * mi Me.| raaaeaser ».<Ha. BV feW^?f;;;::;::.:::::;;;:;;:::.f^ Ie.» Freight 104 — ISKrflght,.... ,,.....,..10*0 p.m. w. W. Professional Cards. GEO. W. KOBTE, LAWYER, Office on Ont Door German bank building, WUIprsoMce In state and fedora) oourU. (•HiPMlal attention given to foreclosures and QBQMM W. MOWBM ATTORNEY A i LAW. o»rioa. BUILDINQ, BKACH A HOYT LAWYERS, -MMM IB ttet* Mf teetotal esprit. OHM «* lUia ftraei, ovor NIHWOP««I'» dry gtodi stoit F. M, DAVENPORT, (Mac ot)«r Mark's dry uoods »tore,CamU PARTIES I WATCH in Gmin, Revisions and Stocks 11 0. Co,, Chicago THE NEW DEPOT. Several of the prumibent officials ot he Northwestern were in the city Wednesday in consultation with the mayor and a number ot tbe leading citizens regarding tbe contemplated improvements of the company at this place. Ae we understand tbe situation the company intends to build a depot this year and to make a number of otber improvements; in fact, to remodel their yards and build- in ga generally and pnt in bnildinga and other facilities commensurate with the importance of the city and snob ae will enable them to handle their constantly increasing business in an economical and satisfactory manner. They have two sites in contemplation for the passenger depot— one ie between Main and Clark strevte, about at the foot of Court street and the other is at the corner of Fifth and Weet streete, about where the stock yards now are. Aa to tbe first mentioned location the company would prefer to pnt tbe new building there, as it wonld probably entail Use expense in changing Ibe yards and other buildings, but if they build there they would want Clark atreet closed and would then open the next street east with a crossing under tbe tracks and one that would never be block ed up, wbiob would of coarse be quite a desirable crossing. Whether tbe property owners on Olark street wonld consent to have that crossing closed is very doubtful, though we cannot see but whal tbe proposed crossing one block eaat would answer all purposes just as well They also want; in connection with the eastern location, to buy aome ot tbe property adjoining tbe right of way between Main and Olark streete, for which they eaid they were willing to pay a "fair price" and tbe mayor waa re quested to look tbe matter up aaeaily ae possible and see what could be done and to submit to them a report. Upon tbe question of whether tbe railroad company's idea of a "fair price" coincides with that of the owners of tbe property wanted, hmgea, we presume, tbe choice ot location of tbe new depot " "The western location, while advantage- one in some respects, would necessitate a great deal of filling before work could commence on the depot proper and this is one of tbe reasons wby they wish to decide aa soon aa possible so work can begin at once. They have plenty ot ground to go on witb tbe work at once should they decide to locate there aa they recently purchased aeveral acres ot Maurice Bowler and now have an option for thirty daye upon all tbe property ly ing between Sixth street and tbe right of way, witb tbe exception of a couple of lota. Aa tbeir option expires in thirty daya we will know by that time at any rate where tbe depot will be put. Bo far aa tb* people of this city ia con oerned, as a rule it makes very little difference where it goes, just so it is built. A great majority undoubtedly favor tbe eaatera eite, as it is almost in tbe center of tbe city and would) practically make no change in existing business oondi tlons, but the main thing ia to have the improvements that we have beard so much about tor tbe past five or six years started, and it seems to be a certainty the* tbia time they are a go for rare. Withiu tbiity daye w« expect to eee dirt fljlag. L*t us all bo(m I Uuk w« will not be disappointed. DIVOKOKD FHOM W. A. Nioolsue wee granted • divorae from hie wifeZella last Wednesday at Uueoatine, Iowa. Tbe (diapason** aay that Mr, Nioolane registered from our city and as be is known to a Dumber of oar oitiMne we give the following account: "Among tbe applicants tor divorce in the diet riot court here Wednesday «es a tall, floe appeariBfgeolleeMo, •fuo eantf forward when the oaae of NiooUua n. Nioolaue waa called. Be was Uw busbaad of Ibe renowned Zella Nioolau, and as no one appeared «* bt> Mr of UM dtfeadutt, bis wife, tbe oaes WM very quietly diepoeed of. Be leeli- Bed fsiy briefly that abortly after hie murrlage be euspeoted hie wife of iafldell* v aud that upon toooaiog bar aba did mil deny tbe charge. B* Hated thai lie had lived witb a Chicago man during tie part two yean in w open state of adultery. One witoeee corroborated hie statement and the divorce wsj speedily granted. PIBB 99 PNIOMONIA, T. W. Goolidf e, of the firm of gimp. i«r & OooUdge died Sunday afierwow at 8 o'clock at the reeideuoe of A. U. Quint, 4 W*tk ftgo Balurday the WM MMB aiok titb vhit an. E. N. MOURILL. W. C. OATG8. D. H. HASTINGS. REUBEN KOLB. FOUR WOULD BE GOVERNORS. . Four gubernatorial candidates at present ate General Hastings, RepnUioan, in Pennsylvania; E. N. Morrill, Republican, in Kansas; and W. C. Gates, Democrat, and Reuben Kolb, Populist, in Alabama. peared to be typhoid pneumonia. Since then the deceased gradually grew wore*, and for several days there appeared but little hopes for recovery. Mr. Ooolidge and wife moved to this city from Sohaller about four months ago and be purohased an interest in the grocery store then owned by Eempker & Martin. The remains were shipped to QlenwooJ, Mills county,for interrment in the family cemetery. Two of Mr. Ooolidge's brothers are in the city and hie aged mother now 80 years old, from Denver, met tbe parry at Olenwood to attend the funeral. The deceased leaves a loving wife to mourn bis death. Although this worthy couple had been in our city but a short time during this period they made many warm friends who today deeply sympathize with the bereaved relatives in the loss they sustain in the death of BO good a man as Mr.Ooolidge. ' "* TUB DKOOTH is BROKEN. From all appearances it looks now as if the drouth, which has continued for the past two months, was broken. For several days the wind blew from the south but so dry was the atmosphere that the clouds were robbed of their moisture to such an extent that not a drop of rain could have been extracted from them with a lemon squeezer. But Saturday when the early dawn of day revealed the parched and famished condition of the earth, nature wept sad at odd intervals during the day refreshing showers gladdened ever? living thing. Tbe parched and dried up earth drank in* the rain while vegetation of all kinds revived and took on a bright green. It looks now as If the drouth was broken and that all fearsjof farther damage to crops wore at an end. Tho rain came in a very op portune time for had It been delayed a few days longer great,damage would have boon done to all kinds of crops. CKAOKED Auilubou Advocate. Late last Friday night burglars visited tbe oity of Audnbon and confined their operations to tbe Nortbwcaiero depot. The tool bouee waa first broken into and a crow-bar and otber tools esoored. By tbe aid of theee a window in the depot was forced open. Tbe gang then twieted the handle off the ssfe,ailed the cavity with powder and blew the door open. The eafe waa rifled of ite content*, but the exact amount wbiob wee secured, we bare been uuablt to learn. The eafe ie a total wreck but tbia ie the least of the lose. Railroad deteotivM are after tbe burglare, but to date no trace of then baa been discovered. Work will not otaee until they have been lauded behind tbe ban. It U lucky that no further depredations were committed In tbe oit/, Advertise** Letter*. Tbe following letters remain uncalled for at tbe iMwtoffloo, June 18, mi, Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to inu dead loiterottloe at Washington, 1>. 0.: Mr. 0. M. B»Uh Joesls Fouwoi II. 0, Nuneuiaker Mr, Bert Hurlow Mr. T. M.Osnt MU* Kalle Browu Mr. Waiur Ajursou. The law provides that one oout shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for saiuo please tuate date of ad- vertUement. JKO. L i OWMHM, P. M. lu the bicycle reftle Monday evening byle Orrli witb nine obeuaei out of on* luudred and fifty held both lucky num. here and diew both bloyola*. The board of supervisors cave to Olid- deoWeduwday end wen) to Kendall bridge to Inspect the work recently done on the •Ifuoturf. The; found every- thing satisfactory and accepted the job, 0. W. Brnner and wife were in Olid- den last Sunday. Miss Clara accom ponied them and will enjoy several days visit with Mrs. Brnner'e parents. Mr. and Mra.Ohae. Brooks, of Carroll, visited over Sunday with their son-in-law, Mr. .Berryman, ot Kiohland township. H. 8. Sebern and a sister, Mrs. Louther, came down from Carroll lost Saturday andjriaited with Wm. Sebern'a family over Sunday. Superintendent MoMahon was visiting schools in this part of the county part of this week. ( SUED THE COUNTY. Wednesday papers were served on tbe county auditor claiming tbe amount ol 8240 for services rendered by P. J. Ham ill, ex-sheriff ot Carroll county, for taking care of jail and prisoners during bis two-years in office. it January Ibis bill woe presented board of supervisors nnd was rejected, end to recover eai'l i-ltim action bos been brought. Q. W. liowen is attorney for plaintiff: READING CIRCLE SATUBDAI EVENING, JUNE 23,1894. Privileges granted pupils—Miss Ota Quint. Immunities granted pupils— W. A. Deming. Should artificial incentives be used—Mise Katie Zerwas, Natural incentives to study—Miss Nettie Fox. Each member is to come prepared to discuss intelligently each of these subjects. All members ere requested to attend regularly. Beading in Folk Lov«,"Bcadioea" and "Treetram of Lyonesse." KATIE MDRBAX, Leader. TOURIST EXCURSION TICKETS At. irduuedrates to tliu principal summer ri'siirtsof tbe United States are now on sulu via The North-Western Line. For particulars apply to agents Chicago & North-Western It'y. THE VALID OFMINNBKAHTA Is tbo title of a beautifully Illustrated booklet recently Issued, descriptive of tho Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the era caoy of their waters for the cure of rheumatism, neuralgia and kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphlet will be mailed fret by IK. A. Thrall, General Passenger Agout.Chlcago & North-Western railway, Chicago, 111,, upon receipt of request, en closing two-cent stamp. LOW RATES TO CLEVELAND. For tbe accommodation of delegates and others who desire to attend tho Christian Endeavor Convention at Cleveland, Ohio, July nth-loin, the lialtlinore and Ohio Uallroad company has arranged to sell rouud trip tickets from Chicago, July Uth to llth, Inclusive, valid for return trip until July Hist. An additional extension of time limit to September 15th can bo secur- rd If the return portion of ticket U deposited w ltd the joint agent of terminal lines prior lo July Hist. Tickets Chicago to Cleveland and return, f 10. The U. &. O. maintains a series of fast express trains butwoou Chicago and Cleveland, wild through sleeping oars, for further lu- fnrmallpnadure*«L. S. Allen, Assistant Gtmora) I'anseuger Agent, Chicago, 111, 0-4 Beaaaore. On account of the annual meeting of tho National itduoatloual Association, which will beheld at Asbury Park N. J. July 10 to 18, the Northwestoru line will ou July 7 and 8, sell excursion tickets at practically one faro for Dio round trip, Ihusotferfng au vxooptionally favorable opportunity to teachers and the nubile lu ueiieral for* visit to one of the mout do- llRlitful resorts on the Atleutiu coast. For tickets and detailed Information apply to agents Chicago A North waster u U' v> toa toOlevolaud • On aooouurof the oouvttuHou o( the United jtooleiie* of Christian Kudesvor, the Northwestern line will sell excursion level) " " ilokuts to he exoe« ho rouu 0, good for deta ..and, Onto, and return at Ijr low rate* of one fare for p. Tlokeuon sale July 9 and •eturu pas«age until July VI. Information apply to igeut orjhwwleru ii'yT PERKINS' SUDDEN CALL. Ex-Senator of Kansas Dies of Cholera Morbus. THE GOLD RESERVE LOW RECORD, It In H?,ia,33O termer Than Ever Before In It* History — Tren.tiiry Officlnls Apparently Not Atarmeil— Uouse Will Tote on Antlo|itlou Friday — 1'offer's Resolution PaMeil — Senate Turin* Progress. WASHINGTON, June St.— Hon. Bishop W. Perkins, ox-senator and (or years a representative from Kansas, died suddenly at hii home in this city Wednesday afternoon. Hii death was due to cholera morVms contracted in Indian Territory a few dayi ago. He leaves a wife, two daughter* and a son, all of whom were present at his death bed. A week ago he returned to Washington from Kansas and since then has been Buffering from bowel trouble, but until Tuesday night steadfastly refused to call a phyiician. During the night he became worse and Dr. Brumbaugh, the family physician, was called. He pronounced the attack cholera morbus. The ex-senator paused a quiet night No serious alarm was felt during the day until 8 o'clock, when the symptom grew much worse. Dr. Bellach and Somers wore hastily summoned. Their efforts to afford relief were futile. He sank rapidly and at 4 o'clock passed away. No arrangements have yet been mado for the funeral, though the remains probably will be taken for interment to the home of the family in Kansas. Mr. Perkins was a ready speaker and an able parliamentarian. While a member of the house he was often chosen to fill the chair in the absence of Speaker Reed. Since his retirement from the senate in March, 1893, ho had been engaged in the practice of law in this city, being associated with ex-Assistant Secretary of the Interior Chandler in the prosecution of Indian depredation claims before the interior department. THE GOLD RESERVE LOW RECORD. It I* 9733,330 Lower Than Ever Before In It* History. WASHINGTON, Juno 21.— The gold ro- sorve Wednesday, after deducting$!i,250,000 engaged for shipment, was f<J4,708,- 047, or f7!i5,!<30 lower than ever before in its history. On Feb. », 1804, just previous to the bond issue, the reserve •reached $6f»,43ti,877, the lowest point to that time, unc the cash balance was $83,545,103. The cash balance is now $115,7<to,715, or f»], 518,618 greater than on Feb. 8. The treasnry officiate are apparently not alarmed at the continued outflow of gold. The July interest payments, also the large amount now being required by the large army of American tourists moving towards Europe, and possibly the withdrawal of European capital which has not found satisfactory returns here, are thought to be the causes of the present demand for gold. Previous experiences indicate that within a short time the tide will turn. There is no lack of gold in the country k shown by the last National bank statement which shows that on May 4, 1X04, the National banks of the United Statas held specie to the amount of f35t»,- 041,963, of which over $304,000,000 was in gold coin and gold certificates. The treasury receipts so far this year aggregate |3S6,H77,ttS3 and the expenditures 11101,151,337, leaving a deftoit for the year up to this time of f74,i)7!J,705. DlwuiMt) Tubcrculocli. WASHINGTON, June ill.— The principal topic of discuMioa at the meeting of the representatives of live stock boards was' baaed on a paper prepared by Dr. J. H. Kellogg of Battle Creek, Mich., on the •ubject of tuberculosis. Mr. Traui- bower of Illinois read a paper entitled; "What Shall We do with Tuberculosis Cattle?" A permanent organisation woa formed to bo composed of a representative from the animal industry, members of the different livo stock sanitary boards and commissioners of the atato veteriu- iaus and other state officials having supervision of the diseases of livo stock. The organisation is to uiwt annually, ut»t year in Chicago. Senator Mitchell Not a Speculator. WASHINGTON, Juue31.— Senator Mitchell went before tho senate sugar trust investigating committee and replied to the questions concerning speculation in and ownership of sugar stock, fit answered all the questions of tho committee in Uia negative saying that bo bad not bought, •old or owned any of tho stock and none of his family to bin knowledge had ever done so. _ Will VoU tin Aull<>|»!lou WASHINGTON, Juno »l.— The antlou- tlou bill occupied tbo attention o( the boos* Wodwtday, and an agrwiutmt was niudo that doUate should ulos« at the adjournment Thursday and a vote be taken Friday wonting. Bpeecbes wor* Hindu SKiiiiut the bill by HoprwtouUtivt* Warner and QoUUier, while Rlouardsou (Mich.) spoke in favor of it. IVObr'* «««ululluu . WASIUNUTON, Junottl.— Suuator Peffor introduced a resolution, which wan |)ti»w«Hl, Uiruotiiitf the secretary of agri- oulturu to inform Ute senate a* to tho amount of wheat supply, visible uud in- vibiblo, the wtiuiated crop of tuU year, tho amount uuceusury for export, pend largely on Senator Hill, and he has expressed the opinion that two days' time wtll be sufficient to dispose of the matter. The disposition on the Republican side is to let the Democrats settle the matter among themselves. All Depend* Upon the President. WASHINGTON, June 21.—The record of the courtmartial held at Omaha in the cose of Lieutenant Marcus Maxwell boa been 'passed upon by the judge advocat» general, General Schofield, and the sec tary of war a&4 has been sent to th> White House for action, ot the president. Lieutenant Maxwell was sentenced to dismissal from the army for duplication of his pay accounts while in attendance on the Maney trial at Chicago. Ths president's approval is necessary to give effect to the sentence. SENATE MAKING RAPID PROGRESS. End of the Long Debate on the Tariff BUI Seems Close at Hand. WASHINGTON, June 21.—Very rapid progress was made on the tariff bill Wednesday. Ths income tax had been reached when the senate adjourned. Only 01 pages of the bill, the iuconw ta» and revenue features, remain undisposed of and the end of the long debate seems close at hand. The remaining features of the free list, which were completed without friction, both sugar and wool, the great controversial items, contrary to expectation, not giving rise to debate. Senator Peffer gave notice of his intention to offer an amendment to graduate the income so as to make incomes in excess of $1,000 and below $10,000 subject to a tax of 1 per cent; between |10,000 and f25,000, 9 per cent; between $25,000 and $50,000, 8 per cent; between (50,000 and $100,000, 4 per cent; above 1100,000, 5 per cent. Mini Pollard Still In Washington. WASHINGTON, June 21.—Dispatches from the west saying that Miss Madeline Pollard is travelling on the great lakes are incorrect. Miss Pollard has been living here in retirement since the close of her breach of promise suit and has not left the city. Gordon's Nomination Confirmed. WASHINGTON, June 21.—The senate confirmed tho nomination of John B. Gordon of Georgia to be consul at Matamoras, Mex. San Francisco'* New Postmaster. WASHINGTON, June 21 .—The president has appointed Frank McCoppin postmaster at Son Francisco. TO HONOR GOVERNOR M'KINLEY- Ohio Wcsleyan University Will Give Illra the Degree of IJU D. DELAWARE, O., June 21.—The attendance at the semicentennial celebration of the Ohio Wesleyan university is rapidly increasing, although only the preliminary exercises have yet occurred. The number of distinguished guests is greater than usual. Ex-Secretary Charles Foster is to be here and will speak, and Governor McKiulcy is expected. It is announced that tho governor will receive tho honorary degree of LL. D. at th» bauds of the university. National Prison Congresa. ST. PAUL, June 81.—in the session of the national prison congress a paper by Dr. Ransom on tuberculosis was read by Dr. Ronkin of Alleghnny City, fie asserted 70 per cent of deaths in New York prisons were due to consumption. No Operators Appeared. PUEIH.O, Juno 21.—No operators appeared at the session of the convention of tho coal miners of Colorado and the meeting was turned into a conference to discuss wages and means for carrying ou the strike. A new passenger station, to cost about $40,000, is to bo built at East St. Louis by the Louisville,Evansvillo uud St.Louis Consolidated company. • A Beautiful and Brilliant Girl Beauty, robust, health, social prominence and all that iiiakMllfe brlsht KM rapidly (Hdtnif from the po«so»iilun of me olmniilng Mls» K., of Beaoon street. Her ntarMt friends could not Imiglne wuat ocuaed tue tokun of angulib Ibat furrowed o'er tbe once smooth and roiMt coun- leiiauue. Wh«n ilnuMt In despair, she happened lo gee ono of those "horrid nesupapar advertisements" of Dr. Plerco'i 1'lerce'* Vavorlio Prescription, which salil It was a remedy suit- abla to her case. Without consulting her lihysloUn or anjbody eliu she got the medicine of a driwglel, took It, and In three months' time she was mil of all her trouble*. All i'»ln» bod ceased, she was herself again, and tbortly re- mimed her place ss leader of tier chosen circle. Her oiperlenoeU that of thousands. Why iu«j It not be yours? CAltKOLL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. UHS. U. atUULX, Vasntonabl* Mllllueiy. MISS KLLi TUDO, Milliner* and Vanor (iood. FINANCIAL. ITIUST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. sUlii nod Vtttn Street*. NOBTHWOTWH BlUNDINO ANI> LOAN ASSOCIATION, Vlflhllrtwl. FEED MILLS. I. J. <k J. H.JIAT1.WK, tflllh Slreel. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANUKIISON, lluruou and Uone ClotolUM, Trunk*, Vall*»s and Sowing MaohJnM, WINES AND UQUORB. VIOTUII U. STltmiUN, "Ta*« i Vourtb V UMBERS ANP STEAM FITTERS . ft*ual«f Will, WASHINGTON, June at. —The duration of the ilnbute gu the income t«x will de- 'A W N ills, Tanks ana Pump*. JOB PRINTING. BKNTINK!. ACUUU* ei U Priuiiug oai«« m w««t*ra low*.

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