Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 2, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1965
Page 6
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SIX IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOQD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1 »65. Airport Boosts Ski, Recreation Areas' Business Having a nearby airport uives a big boost lo ski areas' and other recreational facilitie.s according to a survey made by Uie Michigan Department of Aeronautics. A survey conducted at the Gogebic Count;; Airport here during the weekend of last January 29-931. points out the- impor t ant affect avaiation has on the economy of this area Without the convenience of airport facilities, many perso n s from out-of-stnte would not have L-ome Into this area, it is reported. This winter traffic sur v e y was concerned only with general aviation, primarily to measure the economic Impact of general aviation in the state's winter recreation areas Airl i n e traffic was not surveyed. During the weekend concerned a traffic and passenger cou n t at Gogebic County Air port showed 29 operations; 11 itinerant and 18 local, with 50 itinerant occupants (persons from out of the area or state) coming into this area by privately own e d aircraft. The survey also included the amount of money spent by the occupants of the itinerant a i r- craft during their stay in the area. This was done by the visitors filling out a "pilot and passenger expenditure card." asking for information on the expenditures on items such as supplies and services, food and bev- - erages, lodging, personal expenditures, fuel and oil. aircraft services, and repairs and parts. Only seven of the 50 occupants of the planes that landed at the , Gogebic County Airport returned the expenditure cards and they reported that they spent a total of $1,292 in this area. Included in the tot a 1 were S671 for equipment, services or contracts, S164 for transportation, $180 for food and beverages, $72 for lodging, $50 for personal expenditures and $155 for aircraft expenses. An additional amount of $130 • 000 of extraordinary capital expenditures here was not included in the survey, although it illustrates the magnitude of business transactions made by executives who demand air transportation because their time is extremely valuable. Although this survey was not intended to be an origin and destination study, it Is reavling •to note that the out-of-state aircraft that came to the Gogebic Couny Airport during that weekend were frpm Ashland. Chicago, St. Louis, Mo., Rockford, 111., -and Minneapolis, VISITS WASHINGTON—The senior class of Trout Creek High School is shown on the steps of the nation's Capitol with Congressman Raymond P. Clevenger and Class Advisor Donald Olson. While on the trip, the class visited Clevenger's office where the congressman described the duties of his office. He then gave the graduates a conducted tour of the Capitol, at which time they had the rare opportunity to go onto the floor of the House of Representatives. Ann Landers . . . ..Answers Your Problems head- tion SHOULD be taught at home by parents. But too many parents are abysmally ignorant. Some parents are incapable of discussing sex with their c h i 1- dren because they are inhibited by age-old taboos instilled in them by THEIR parents. To those who are against sex First Lady Sets Out on Vacation Dear Ann Landers: My bus- mother says she has a band Is G'3" and he says he acne 01 ..! W ju wake up my ]it . ! education in schools I say this: weighs 265 pounds but I don't tie sister Or my Dad says he !t ls foolish and unrealistic to believe it, He refuses to get on can . t hear w i iat - s on TV and to lel1 teen-agers to stop thinking a scale in my presence. p i ay some other time. about sex. They ARE think i n g I had him on a special diet The band leader who is also i about sex and tne y are going to but gave up when I discovered my teacher said if I don't start i continue to think about it. What the diet meal was just a snack learning something pretty soon r tne y need is correct information, and he was eating everything !n .will have to get out of tlie band. so tnev . w111 know HOW to think sight when my back was turned.. I'm ashamed to tell him m yi abou ' ; "•• N ' ne out °f 10 teens The children hide their candy: problem. What shall I do?—' wll ° write to me about sex from him but he finds it. When I SAD KID problems say they cannot com- I bake for my club he sneaks municate with their parents, into the freezer and eats the Dear Kici: Every school ha si which is a sad commentary, in- desserts. I think he has high; muslc rooms where kids can! deed. , blood pressure but he won't go .'Practice. Tell your teacher it is; When the information is not to a doctor. very difficult to practice at I available at home, school is the You told the other wife that home ar "d you'd appreciate .it if; next best place to i earn some things are worth nagging he ' d Biye you permission to use ,> , ;? -, about and a husband's health is a Practice room. Ann Landers will be glad to oie of them. Does this go for ! " ,help you with your problems. me, too?—OPEN FOR SUGGES- Dear A "" Landers: We are j send them to her in care of this TIONS paving discussions in our Sun-1 newspaper enclosing a stamped, clay religious instruction class.: self-acldresspd envelooe Dear Open: Yes. but change The subject under debate Is • coivrum mf **l ^ Sn«. me your tone and your tune. Tom-, "Should Sex Education Be orrow tell him you are making;Taught In Schools?" JB r 1 «. U 'CL *.' and appointment for him with a ; Most of the kids I have talked! rower ^• uf Dy ihOrr doctor. Ask which day and what'to are for it. I am against it. I ! HOUGHTON LAKE (AP)—An time would be best. feel that a subject as intimate as! estimated 2,000 customers of A few days later ask if his af- sex should be taught at home, i Consumers Power Co. went fairs are In order because the; by parents. Do you agree? _• without electric power for a way he eats he's not going to AGAINST IT Itime Tuesday because of a short be around to see his chil d r e n circuit on a high voltage line through college. • Dear Against It: Sex educa-i transformer. The Doctor Says By H>. G. BRANDSTADT, VI.D The misuse of valuable clrugo is becoming a serious problem. This npplies particularly to the widespread current use of barbiturates ("goof balls") and amphetamines ("pep .pills">. Both types of drug can be obtained legaHy only with a doctor's prescription but bootleg suppliers are all too common. The amphetamines are abused by persons who can't bear to rest when they are tired. They burn the candle at both ends and stay awake long hours to the detriment of their health. Although these drugs will m ask feelings of exhaustion and drowsiness, the result of their improper use is a depletion of energy reserves. Amphetamines are taken legitimately by persons who suffer from narcolepsy ia sudden uncontrollable urge to sleep while engaged in a normal waking activity), palsy, alcoholism, certain forms of depression and barbiturate poisoning. Barbiturates are depressants Because they are habit-forming they should not be taken for prolonged periods but they are of great, value in breaking a vicious cycle of nervous tension causing insomnia and insomina aggravating the nervous tension. They are also used in combination in many preparations for lowering of blood pressure. When drugs of cither of these two types arc taken under medical supervision they arc harmless. Barbiturates are, however, especially dangerous when taken along with alcohol. The result may be a scmistuporous state in which a person takes a larger dose of the drug than he intended, Some cases of suicide or near suicide attributed to barbiturates have been due to just such accidental poisoning. Q—What is the cause of the carpal tunnel syndrome? Whnt are the symptoms and treatment? A—The carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by anything that presses on the median nerve as it passes through a tunnel formed by muscles and ligaments in the wrist. This may be due to poor alignment of a wrist fracture or an infection in this area. It is often associated with a rheumatic involvement of the muscle tendons but in many vlc- i of the ring finger. Later there is 1 weakness and partial or total 'loss of reeling in these fingers If the condition is mild and' has been present less than two i !months an injection of hydro-! cortisone once a week may be! all that Is required. If the dis-i ease is chronic and progressive; there will be some wasting of the muscles in the involved area un-1 less the pressure on the nerve is relieved by a surgical operation. State Firm Receives Opera House Contract GRAND RAPIDS (AP) — A contract to provide more than $250,000 worth of chairs for the new Metropolitan Opera House in New York City was announced Tuesday by American Seating Co. here. It is the fourth time that American Seating has provided furnishings "for the opera house since 1883. ! I The Mississippi River has its source in Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. Tax Revenues Set Record LANSING (AP>—State sales and use tax revenues in May jumped 17 per cent over last year and set a percentage Increase record. Revenue Commissioner Clarence Lock said Tuesday. "It now appears that the total sales tax for the current fiscal year will reach $535 million as estimated in the governor's budget message in January." said Lock, "a figure which looked unattainable two months ago." May receipts, representing April business, hit $53.3 million, an increase of $7.8 million over May 1964. Lock said this was the greatest percentage increase for any month since the tax was raised to four per cent. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS RECEIVES AWARD — At the annual Army ROTC review and commissioning ceremony held at the University of Houston, Houston, Tex., Cadet Capt, James L. Johnson, right, received the Burke Manufacturing Company Award Gift Certificate for having most consistently demonstrated qualities of discipline, courtesy, cooperation and dependability. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Johnson, 322 Douglas Boulevard. tim?. especially middle-aged | women, the cause is unknown.! This disease may be manifest-! ed by a burning pain, especially' at night, in the two thirds of the j palm toward the thumb and the i thumb, index, middle and half' WAKE UP RARIN'TOGO Without Nagging Backache Now! You can often get the're- lief you need front nnKirinff bnck&che, lieailuche anil muscular aches and pains that may cntme rentlemi nlffhtu and mla- ernhle tired-out fcolinRS. When these ilisromfurts conic on with over-exertion or stress and strain you wnnt relief — wiiut it fust! Bonn's Pills by their sjiouily piiln-relleviiiB action work promptly to ense torment of unifying liaekiiche, headache antl muscular aches and iminH. , Also, when mild bladder irritation follows unwise cut in it or drinklntr—often ! netting up a restless, uncomfortable ; fueling—Doan's 1'illn work In two wnys ' for comforting relief: II their soothing effect on bladder Irritation; 2) Doan's mild diuretic action through the kid- neys'tenrlintf to increase output of tile 15 milts of kidney tubes. Enjoy n pood night's sleep and the same happy relief millions have for over fiO years. For convenience ask for Drmn'.i large si™. Get Doan's Fills today! •^^weafea WINK ors ... soft, subtle fashionable decor PLATINUM CROCA-DOU TAN CALF TRIM BLACK CROCA-DOLL NAVY CROCA-DOll $15.99 FREEDSTROM'S finer shoes for finer shoes, it's Freedstrom's ... of course 129 E. Aurora IronwooH Phone 932*1902 WASHINGTON (AP) '— With bathing suits and sports clothes :. packed, Mrs. Lyndon B Johnson sets out today for a five-day visit to the tropical Virgin Islands. A college commencement speech Thursday is the onlyj business ahead for the First Lady. She will congratulate a pioneer group of 13 graduates at the newly founded College of the Virgin Islands. The rest of the time, though, the President's wife plans to get the first vacation she has had on i 'her own from White House du-j ties since the Johnsons came there in November 1963. White House spokesmen say : they hope the First Lady can get plenty of privacy at Caneel Bay, the Rockefeller-owned tourist resort on isolated St. John's Island in the Caribbean Mrs. Johnson; her brother, Tony Taylor of Sante Fe, N.M.; his wife, and the First Lady's social secretary, Bess Abell, held reservations, tourist class aboard a commercial plane for a four-hour flight to the islands, By evening they hoped to be lolling in a beachside cottage, previously used by vacationing Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. Dear Ann Landers: I have a terrible problem. I'll bet you've never heard anything like this before. When I vas six years old I saw a tuba in the Labor Day parade. I said to my mother "I want one of those when I. grow up." For years I begged for a tuba and my mother said if I was still interested she would get me one for my 12th birthday. Well, six months ago I reached my 12th birthday and my mother bought me a tuba- secondhand, but very nice. Now, nobody will let me practice. Ev- erytime I start to play my Everyone's raving about our ITALIAN FOODS! Expanded Menu! NOON LUNCHEONS! LIVE CHARCOAL GRILLING NIGHTLY by Chef Herman ST. JAMES HOTEL INC. Fritz Cerasoli, Mgr. Dial 932-2100 for information on banquets, parties, etc. Formfit|Rogers DRESS-SHAPERS SAVINGS SAIE! LEFT: fine -white cotton Cradle-cup. 32'"A"-42"C" rr ! » .' '. 1 .!» ^. 3 to Appear at Postal Union's Convention Cheboygan (AP)—Republican Gov. George Romney is expect-! ed here this weekend along with Sen. Philip A. Hart and Rep. Raymond CJevenger, both Democrats, for appearances before thfc Michigan Postal Union convention, DAILY UI.UBK WANT-ADS Talk about PROTECTION! inly S 20 per 6 mov buys you: • $25,00 liability & p.d, • $500 medical • $20,000 uninsured mot or I it HELLIE-KEETON A9 * ney 234 E. Aurora Di. 932-1912 SHAPE YOU TO THE SHAPE OF FASHION SHEER. SHEER. SHEER!!! Newsy, nude-sy bra! A wisp of a little nothing that does something / ! ^ for fashion. Does plenty for you. v;*$•?' (I ^^••.^•^•^.^•••—•ll —^— I :' •«'• THE COLOR OF YOU, |()0! fj Provocative skin-lone Powder Huff. ,, «».-«« Practically invisible under pal6 ..•<•#- M' .site : K . , o/i • i ••*•*'• * '»' "•*™%V'' : 'y shades, sheeny sensational ; under darks. Th« sheer-shaper Dress-Shaper 0591, $3.50 flb»r f»et»; ilfid mattrigl: nylon. Clastic; nylon, Lycra Spandex. Suos A32 to C36 jM«« FormfH/Ro|tr$ Trademark' , Avril - Cotton SHIFT DRESSES 147 I Circular' stitched. Potm-lamtn'ted. Stitched. Padded. Stretchstrap.Lacy. 32"A"-40."C"77^ 3.2,"A"-38"B"77f 32"A"-38."B"1.23 32"A"-38','B"1.2J 3 Days Onfy-Reg. 7.59 Sleeveless, boat-neck styles in a lively Avril® jayon; 5 blend. New prints. 8-18. i • P.M.C. Olmn'M /J\(. 2 5 3 Days Only-Sporty Coffon i TOPS'N MIDRIFFS 1.44. 3 Oo/s Only-Reg. 2.99 SUMMER HANDBAGS | Vinyl - coated 4 < 94 1 jeed. Natural, Jff 5 •white, black. §fi.,f^,a 1 Our Famous BAKED HAM Sliced, Ready to Serve 1C Ebs.ticized panty. White, black, nude. 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