Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
Page 4
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iFAGE FOUR CHAB. t0LA DAiiiT ffieism Bntcred at thoTloU Portotllc* u i : BccondL (^aw Matter. . ^^^i^UUt* Bninch:'Esrjia nVo -'Oannacilnr 1 , All IJepartm'nts). SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier 4n lola. Gas aiy. LaUarpe and BaniPtt. 1 _ V Ow* -Week ..... .15 CMitB O O I B Month ..70 <>ntii Fiuii- I7.M • BY MAIL. ' {Outaide Allen County ^. „ One Tc»r ...... J....'. 15.00 Bin Monthn : W.60 Thra* Mouths »1.W ,; .'I In Allen County One Year l«.on .81* Monlhs 12.00 Three'Months W.Z6 On* M^nth I 50c Member L National Editorial AssoelaUoii. Kansas Press Aasoelatlon. T|ie Kansas Dally Leagua. Audit I Bureau of Circulation. T|ie Kansas DaTi •" ~ ireau of Inland Dafly^ress Auoojatlon. Official Paper City of. lola. Official Paper C|ty of Bassett. OffloMI Paper Allen County. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. . : The Heglster/carries the Associated Pr *«8i repoi-t' by npeuial Icaacd wire. The As.iociatcd Prt'ss I K exclusively en. titled!.to th« use for republication • of aU news dispatche-s credited to It or nof otherwise credited in this paper, and also the locjil ncw.s pujjiished herein. All rislits or repuhlicalion of special -dispatches herein are also ^rre- .- aervj-J.: j . . , ; ^ible Thought for Today} , God givcth to a man that is KOOC I in KiK sight. wiKdoiii. aud khowl- edpfj and joy.—Kcc. HJKT BISV F(U { lOL.l. llown at Wellington tliey have orpani/.t-d wlial tlu>y fall the Wel. Jinston Devclopuii 'nt Company. The plan is tl) have a hundred men put up a hundred dullarx . apiece and uai' tlie $lu.O(Mi ; thuH ' raised (o develop WellinRton in •every way po.sbihle. here in loti we already liave >v1)at is in effei-t an loin and Alien County Dc'vPlopmt 'nt company. It Js'; known as the lola Chamber of - -CainniiToe. Into tliis organization nearly three hundred men have put $2 .^1 apiece and tlie I'und ;tlius laJKed has been and is l)eing used tumalce lola a bigger and l)etter town and to make Alleii county a more productive, and; progressive and prosperous comihunity." Xoth- iuK spectacular has been done during" the past year, and yet things have been accomplished that would have lieen sadlyj missed if they had not been done. -This i.s not the end of the i:iiam- ItL'.rof Commerce year and this Is not- llie time, therefore, to review MM Jts achievements. Hut within Ihc ne.vl tlirce weeks something is • Koing .lo be seen /here in lola that will give an ideit of one of the tl ittg-s; the Chamber of Commerce It IS dtinc. .\nd that is the Corn aiid Poultry Show that I K to be .•itagcd in Mcniorial Hall from the ' lilili to Ihc 2oili of January. One of the high points In lliat show will I K < Ihc annoimcemcnt of tile winners of. the prikes offered by the fliaiiiber Of Coramercc ; away last-;jpring for the best five' acres of corn on uplatid and bottom fariiis. Wo shair find put Ihcn what Allen County land is really • cj^pable of producing. T {ien there will he sc -ores of other prizes for . different kinds of corn anil differ••nl: vjirieties of poultry". .\nil aloiig • ivilh Ihi-otiier features of the show Fifteen Kaniias t^ivMn'of'tmlT Htandine abtlfty wen< awarded''the title of Master PArmor at Ir ^peKs recently. . These fiXtcen farQior& wore Hcallereil illl over Ihe'iitate. They were awarded ifae ' ttti« be- cauBC tlicy have made: a real sue- ccHfi' of tht >ir chosen profesflioD— farmini;. How did they do it? By using modern mcthcii^. divcr- siiyiog. paying cloiio attcntioi to hclpir given by/ the stated agricultural eoIlOKc' and' w on.' What did tbcy do? | They produced inorp tiianl twice as niucb corn, per acre. - aa : the' average Kansas farmct-. tficlr; a^-ci*- ageilieing approximately that of WiHconsin, the state ranltingj lUgh- cst in point of produc (ibn. i Tlicy produced -nlniost twice - as :n<ucb oats and considerably more Wbcal thati the ^avenge Kansas farmer. In actual fgurcs bore is thc| storj-:] ; The Master Farmers raised 41.15 bushels of corn per acre, while the Kansas average wa.>« 17.71 tiushcls. The .Master Farmers raised 2!i.0!» bushels of wheat per acre., while the Kansas average was, l^iM bushels. The .Master Farmers raised bushels of oats per acre ligaiiist the Kansas average.of 22.98 bushels. .' 1 In other words : fifteen iiiori have demonstrated ° that with pioiK'l- methods, proper nianage- iiient and proper work Kansiis can he made to ' produce ' twice her present yield of ordinary fariii crojjs. : Isn't It worth the effort? THE toLA D. ILY REGISTTR. FRIDAY BimJINC ^DEGEMBSittSOi ^27. Not long ago the Christian t'en- tury. a i ^rhurch magazine printed in (.New York,, published what purported to be ;an interview^ with' Senator Hiram Bingham in which he was quoteid as saying that while In .China last summer he was one day in a Chinese bank when a well dressed, dignified Chinese came to the teller's win' dow to have a check, cashed. The yonng American clerk standing at the window, according to the reputed interview, said to him angrily: "Go down to the other end of the counter, you damped Chinaman! *I>on't you know you don't belong here?" To an lola roan who had lived .in China more than [twenty years the reported episode was HO improbable that he wrote to the liauk- and also lo Senator Bingham, and from both he received prompt and 'emphatic denials.' The Senator declared he never, said what was attributed to him, and the officials of the bank reported that such an incident did nut occur and could not have occurred. The truth is that a well-to-do, well cdu- Icated Chinese has so much dignity aud is so much of a gentleman in his deportment that the nio.<<t confirmed' roughneck could not but treat him respectfully. : It is strange how such Stories get started. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A RKPORrrKK tVHO FELL IMMVN, "CJ-UE BAtJi* AND GREW (JKEAT. One of H^itory 'N Oreat^st Bookn Wrilteu' By a JIaa AVbo Shirked Hl!*^ Work in the Face of Adven. tare and Banger—The Colon'ui Persoiislilr of Joiin Xnrk. about his t ther. Certainly tlie j of the Christ have relied ui»on the n Mark was a meet-1 work ofj the, young man. Jolin Alt As.sociatcd Press dispatch f^om China brings the . terrible neve's that in the province of Chan- lung the people, 40,000.000 of them, are facing famine which already is extreme and is expected lo grow Tlie International Sunday SclHwl Lessen for Jannary f l!<. tlie fjrst of a six montfas* coarse In the (iox- tie! of Xark. *^i»\m The Ba]i- tist and Jesus"—Mark 1:113. ing place ojf the companions of Christ. Thither I»eter naturally fled when a i angel released him from prison. Tradition says that the upper n om of the Last Supper was in the house ot Mary, mother of John Mark. So the youug man knew Master. This fact lends plausibility to i Mai-k 'sUtWarr labort'.'as i 'oriiis the ancient story that John Mark humbler ministries to Paul and was giving d reminiscence of his Pctcr. His book was written some- ce when he wrote, in! where between the years 63 and own expcriei ronnection w in the Garden: I '•.\nd a followed «! linen cloth his nake<I bcrtaiu young nian ith him, haviiig a aiit about him, invcr body; and they lay hold on hihi; but he left;.the linen cloth and fled nakcA" •Jlark in tliose days had iiot thq courage that a runaway (By William T. Kllis.) Hero begins a great scries of studies. For Uie next six montlij;, millions of persons will be siftinK at tlie feet of John .Mark. I'who wrote the and shorteiit bfo-, graphy of Jesu.s. From this graphic ! »l>rougIi the i writer, the most journalistic of tho »arnabas, he four tellers of the greatest sior •., . . we shall learn anew the fiosi^: of! »a'»as on the ilrst missionary Jour- tho Son ot Cod. The occasion is his ncnp failed him when tt like the openiiig of a %-ast people's jproposed university. This wclcomo series of timely lcsson.>» win clarify and fiink, he Icfd will be! lectures by experts- in dif-' ..renin lllnes of farming, rfll togcth-i """"•^ desperate as the winter pro- cr makrni; two or ^ loHsons in pracliciil larhiing poiiltiy raising which should attract every farmeiiin Allcji county three days i,f • K'"*'*'''^''- Urought and locust* have , taken their toll, but the chlet^caus- und, 4 es are extortionate taxation, ban- iind., brin^ thousands of visitors to lola. . Of. couisc in carrying out tlits prnglam 'the Chamber of Cdip- UKMcc lias bad till- Invaluable t'o- oi)eratlon of the .'Farm Iturenu under the li-adershlii' of Field Agent Hoy Owin. ; Hut .Mr. Cwinn would be the first I to .say; that it was the lola Chamber of (rommerc* which ' initlatetj the idea and put up the nioney io carry it jinto effect, and 'that without ilie Chamber 'the Farm Bureau coulil not possibly have done anything of the kind. So the lola and .Mien County I)evj'lopment I'ompany is In full 'for<;e ;yui effect and it should ;have the coi-dial support of , every citi- sen who want.s the town made bigger and better and the couuty made more prosperous ancf happy, ditry and civil war. Already thousands: of iieaple are subsisting on the; bark of trees, chaff and grass, and withput doubt thousands will miserably perish: before ' spring comes. The situution is not unexpected by tliOHC: who have kept in touch . with affairs in China, .but it is no less Mbocking on that j account. Sometimes some of us think we are pour in this country. But has anyliody anywhere any time in this country ever iiad nothing between them" and starvation but the hark of trees, chaff arid grass?, We don't know how rich I>;THK-BAY 'S NEWS. ; Edwjnj Rogers Kmbree. newly ' I'hoseii! president of the Julius lio- scnwald' Fund !for the improvement }of conditions and institutions over ; the world, rs a joiii-nallst by train. .inc. formerly identified with Yale ; University and its alumni weekly. . and at one lime a member of the • Vstaff of a prominent New York iie\vip;^per. He was graduated from Vale iu lilOG. .\s secretary 1 and later vice-president of 'the Kpckc£<"llcr Kouudalion. .Mr. Em- j'brec lias shown organizing and ad- -.ininistrative ability *dcr. fn his new .. _ . ~ be will assume soi)n after January 1, |be will dlr*ct One of the ^largest | philanthrppjc, enterprises outside iof New Yprk. ^The Ilosen- • 1 we are! of a high or- liosition. which wald Fund, founded •JcnwalU. eminent. bliicago merchant, has recently a vtiriety of c-iuses "inore than f.S,000.00(i by Julius Ro- made gifts to The attempt of Mrs. Grayson and her three men companions to cross the Atlantic in their seaplane "Dawn" was so foolhardy, remembering how perpetually the North Atlantic is swept by stormy winds throughout the entire winter season, that one finds it hard to summon up much sympathy for tliem now that they are lost. They have put the Government to great expense hunting for them and have cau.sed their personal IMends and relatives anxiety add grief. .\na all/for a little notoriety. «icady t'ho thinking upon iife of \ ^^cumX jotinnjy he wanU d to ^o a great host ot persons. And it i along again, i.will! introduce Jesus to a aiulli- 1 ""''o . tudel . j ing liy his Ij So. of all we want to meet!'""" became .Mark. The man behind the narra-ji'"^'"'" betwee^ the tlvo is of interest to every reader, missionaries. In this case, the author's story is j Years latcri worth the telling, as a human j"iame back" stauilani autliqrity to the end of time. A l{e |M »rter '.H Mast'erpieee. .\s future historians, are dppend- I ent upon good reporting ;oday in tho newspapers for their material, so countless retellers of the tale Mark, w'ho set down in sparkling-' Greek the facts .which he heard''' fxxak in (be iricturesque figure of */ohii the .Baptist, who Is today's •asitlgnet) leiiBbn. He doeis not go jVaelF ii)to tlie ifacts of the pap- |.t^k hetinning. ^s a cliild of IMIoaiiecy. •born to the co.uitin of the lyi'r ^n Mary.'and so hinwetr a tfec- ^ond -'couAiu ofuieeus. fOn Mark's •[^ages 'wo find jQjtn^ clad ' in 'icaniers hair and jirt T «ria» a lealh- :crh '"girtilc. an'^ ttbahorn' Nazaritc, iivit^ on locu8t»— real locusts, pSiicti asr' tho Ar^os eat todiiy—ami ir.wifdr honey, 'and already' a voice "•cryiiMf in the; wilderness. Jbhu <Mark, John (he Baptii ^t and .^iJoha the Belbvod are tqo three f Jbhus. of the New TeMament. Least 'cdiiv 'eutibnal bf the tlirte was this c6u !|in of Jesus, sixi.monlibs older than the Saviour, whose pcrspnal- jity and message gotlthe ear of his iday'and'world to. beraTd the Com- .ing pne. If John's 'ifnusutil cbar- iactei aroused the attention of his ^Itlmet it was only that he might tthcrbby point to a Greater than himselT. "Repent: Repent: Repent:" rang the clear, condemnatory call of the j Baptist, as he arraigiied the sins of high and low, from the corrupt! monarch on the throne to the Igamblii^ soldier in barracks; from the proud patrician Pharisee lo the low ^e .st donkey Iwy in Jerusalem. Johii the Baptist and Elijah are history's highest types of fearless prophets of their own times. • .No , e <;cle.siastical coiincil or prelate j ordained the liaptist; and no organization siippoijted him:* hut Ifis Imrning words brought; the mul- jiitude rinto the ^lldernSss and to f hejbanks of th^i-Jordan to hear lis bold me.fsage... One JJay. By the Jordan, i With a few swift stroke.-;. .Murk ^laiuts tlie picture ot tne scene by ^he Jordan river where John was laptizing. Jesus had come ilown |rrom Xazareth: and in order "to ulfill all righteousness." and to kive his ai)proval to John's mi.s- Mon. and to identity Himself with ' [he ibest exprefision of-religion ill' His era. He had. last of all the : lay'rt throng, and, despite the ; jresichcr'.s^ protests. • gone down nto the river to he baptized. Self- •ompiacent and critical peri'on.-'. irho to join the cliuych be- i^aiise it is not perfect, would do ell to con.slder the example of tjhe sinless .Master in 'being hap- |.t{ized by John. To 'the wonder of the miiliitiii|e f beholders—how Jerusalem must Peter narrate. Another reporter F"?:"!'-— a marvel befell as Jesus might have ni^de prosy work of Peter 's ^memorie.H, Indeed.- this book by; Mark has been called— notably \>y Justin Martyr—"The he intimates of the j Memoirs of Peter." Probaibiy Rome was the scene of th the arrest of Jesus could stick; he was houl. When, later, iiflucnio of his uncle, was i;:veit the oppor- Impany Paul and Bar- to go into the uplands of Asia '.Minor. Iu a liidc the party. On Ifie pul I'aul would have and, Barnabas stick- insman. tlic youitg the cause of a scpa- twii greatest .Murk, Uie slacker, magnificently. He 70, and so' it Is the first of the Gos|>cls. ; Obviously, it was written for (Gentiles, and for Latins in particular, who needed to have Jewish words and usages explained to tliciu. What modern literary critics would call "verve" aud vivacity and vividness characterize Mark's style. ••Straightway" is his favorite word! He is the master of the immediate action, the concrete incident, tlie living phrasi:, the "human interest" clement. ' " Tradition has it that Mark journeyed to tSgypt. after the death of Paul an* Peter, and labored long in Alexaudria, dying there. A leg- cnit 'beloved of Italiau.^ say.s' that hla Ijody^was carried) in S27 to Venice, and Uiiit the saint hks since been the patron of tho city. The "Lion of St.' Mark." as '' tourists kHow, is thc^ emblem of Venice. Another John .Ippears. Cit.v editors say to new reporters. "Tell 3^ur story In the first paragrapli."' Like a good Journal ist. .Mark plumps' straight into the bcgiiMiing of the ministry of Jesus j-ry Asia Minor from once run away: aud ie beloved helper of tile great apostle was whom ho had Aiiled in a tiiiie of need. Ikifk of the Careet. -AJark wa.s fortunate in his family, in his contacts nnn In his opportunities. Apparently his home Hvery writer's prcbalily with wa« ana of affluence and iuflu-t "f woik ence; and his mother. .Mary, was a friend of Jesus: and a sister of Barnabas. Wo know nothing centuries. .\lbrk nev.-r dreamed that he was w -TvA \E.'^E.'E> A LiAR. VNHor ikerr IS 1 Yhich' VC WAS A C^OWi ^AK IM' T " vAJiNidr and the pictorial jrecord of the forerunner. As a speclmea of com pact writing. 'Mark's book is marvel. .tI(hougbt it fells the document;-even to those Who have I journeyed aldne on Gospel busi-j the fulfilimeht-of prophecy in Him never read a line of his; great book. I iiess in the v — ' ' - • ' • It is the tale of a young man who j which he had missed at leasj one rare oppor- j he 'Ixcame t4 funlty: :and >-ct ultimately won'Paul, while tl _ ^ back- Uie honor of the very man I a prisoner in ftome. Aiso he serv-' greatest story lir the world, the " <'d Peter, and It was from the fisli- entire GosTpel may be road in less '1 got the facts of hin thuti half;ah hour: I ha-ve read it f lit of reporting (hat al| before breakfast. Students of mple for the ages. I the international I'nlform lesson opportunity is :o do. | do well to keep in their pockets a }»ut |ireni< dilation, a i cop.v of tlie'Gospel, which book- that may outlas^ the ritlni^ the basic, biography of Jesjis <hat would be the s.ll for five cents, that 1 read and reread \a odil mo- stores may li metlt'.-. Sucli a writer as ..Mark would WO \S BOFE. - VNROMGT 'Boor DAT. • H\-rs Jts A ! P O R£ E.RWAW yvHEM HE 'SEE. A CobpLE: E.R POLECA -r^ GrlTrN -Too CLOSE.» AVhy Editors Get Gray Item from tlie Ft. Scott Tribune: /'When a wedding story came from the com- iwsing room In this' office yesterday, it had th? bride wearing a rhinocerons bracelet, i The proof reader caught; it and 'made it a rhinestone bracelet: the printer made the co^ection. and still ijt went in the paper as a rhinocerous bracelet. Da^sn't the devil beat it, trying to make au elder cuss!" •Vearly 20t> motor boat manufacturers, 'dcsljners, equipment deal- , ^.r* marine architect* will have amouniiiig lo .'''"P'"*'?. at the noming N,niiomtl ^ Motor B^at Show in UVew York ort th ThUgentlemau. it seems, nas taken wnai you might call a spl^. but that Isn't the chiet rejason for this picture. The unusual factor i* that the picture was^taken in California, where <«»ly P»ct«res ,bt .beaches are - supposed io be taken. ^The man, G. W- Anderson ?»*t disaster in.Los Angells County, park, in the mountains »bouv UiVw bouv's' ride from Los Angeles.' ELSMORE (Dora Beamau..4 • This part of the sfasejwas yisit- (•d with a fine rain Tueiiitav night and at. the timu of wijSting the weather if more like -spring with the sun sliining bright ~j»ut it may be when these item.e gt/ on the pre.<s the ground m.Ty be covered I l-Cenneth Kirtpatrick. Mr. and Mrs. .-Arthur Hoeken .and son. Mr. Geo. Hea^maii. .Mr. Kirtpatrick and- Vu- reai and -Mrs. Ciirley Beamaojand children.' i A physician was calle.d to' »ee .Mr.-;, (ray Tuesda.v afteruoon. Mrs. tlay has been in poor health ihe la.-^L nion-th. Mi-^s firace Wiay. from! the Ft. ew avc rung with the tale the next dame up out of the river. For the [;1 eaveus opened, and as a dove t^ie Spirit tle.scended upon Jesus: nd, the Voice, thrice heard durr il»g our Lord's ministry, came out heaven, "Thou art my beloved ^on. in thee I am well pleased." s Jesus had certified John, so Jjohn. and God Himself, certified Jps'us. at this dramatic and for- rtial opening and consecration of ];His ministry. If Jesui? needed a ^sbecial. .spiritual enduement before Ifc could begin His work, what di- iple can serve Him without the ;npowcnneut ai the Spirit? After this ineffable .experience, infrontcd by all the problems of Himseie and of Plis AIis«Ion. the ta-ster went straightway into the ilderness. where for forty days lived, with the wild beasts.— with ice for we live in Kunsas. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ross :Ma^Ihew.-; and j -^eott liospital is spending a ilau^ter Rlanche are sj)enilin;: a ;'i-i.v--' with.home folks, lew days with relatives >n Kiireka, ' Lawrence ^Marrs expect to. re-" Kansas. ,'• ! turn home from the Ft. Scott-hw- -Mr. and -Mr.":. • Ceo. sjiuiros en-rPital Friday, news hi.* many tertained several of thei-c relatives j friends are ijlad to learn. Sunday with a Christma«; dinner. I ..Miss Myrtle Wray. Florence -Mr. and Mrs-. K. C. "^foon and; I-ongneckcr. RaH Ludlum and son .\!Jen. were Christmi-<s visitors ! Martin Trasl are home from var- at Pareons.; * : ious sxihools to spend the 'Clurist- Tlvose that speiiri Suu.iay at the ' mas vacation. /R. M. Beanian home werfi: .Mr. and ; .'Mr. Andy .Alarrs spau'- Christmas Mrs. Orval Holman .Mr^. and .Mrs., with his son Ben and family.-' 1= ;whtch are a tn >ical touch of this g jotf reporter—undergoing liis tcjsting and temptation. By this deal the soul of Jesus wa.s^ strengthened for the mini.'^tr.v and srfferings alwut which we are to study for the next six Months. I will .sell at Auctio^ at the Wakclicld farm, ouc-half milt .east: vf Humboldt on the Elsmorc road— " Commencing at 1 p. 'm.. sliarp. the following described property: S EVE.V SE.XTEXCE SEK.M«.>S. The jircscnt day ha.'^ no value for mje except as- the eve of tomorrow: is witli the morrow that my .«ipir- wrost le.f.—.Mettern ich. H»RSKS A.N l» .MPLKSr-One well .HISSCELLASEW S—O n jc n e w I broke team of y-.vear-bld mules. SoNHot uOO-chick brofldeji three I weight about i,600; 1 black maro. chicken feeders; three fojintains; smooth mouth, weight;' X.?,:in; I two pitch l"ork.«: shovels: garden black mare. 7 years old. weight/tool*; Kellogg telephone; iiianba»; L.^iOO; 1 yearling mare tolt.", " -good galvanized water tank; 4 8- MILK COWS—One Jefsey cow. S gallon milk can.s. aud luaUy pther years old. fresii in Marcli:> 1 Jer- articles. sey cow. 5 years old. fresh in Jan- „.Vv -One stack timothy| and uary; 1 ilolstein cow. if, years old 1,1. All men have fit-s and .starts ofjfre.-h .March l': 1 Hol-stiMn cow. - '"'"••''^ nqlileness: but the characteristic - . true heroism Is its persistency. — Emer.eon. * * • Tlie law doth punish man or woman Tllat steals the goose from off the cqmmou. Bllt lets the greater felon lixise, TIat steals tlie common fr*>m tlie goose.—Anon. t is the cause, iiotj tlie death, t hiake.4 the martyr.—.\"ap<)leoil. years old, fre .4h in Febniaiy. HOISKIIOLP li 0 U » {MT w c not;.**—Five- hogs, w-elght about Avooden bedsteads and two sell coil. 7.5 pcunds eacli. ' bed spring.s; mattress: two itpaa- K.VR.H .WACHINKRY-, UIIM K- er.s; btfby bed; two tibrc lUg's; ' MKNTS, K'TC.-—One Janesville disc 11-6x1.2: Axminster rug; two rbck harrow; 6-sbovel Kmerjion ciilti- ers; lOU-lb. capacity rcfrigclfttor; valor; 4-shoveI cultivator; Jaiies- dining room suite; oak kitcbea tn.- ville. 16-inch sulky plo^-; lO-inch | ble; breakfast set; wasbs and:walking plow; coi;n pliiiiter; ::-'->'- range: .'J-burncr hot plate* i.'Vh tl<m harrow; Sulky rak«; mowing Reznors; kitchen cabinet; twjp Ice machine: wide tire wagon and box. cream freezers; fruit juts: [some ilAKXESS —^^Twp sets], of good d4ghes and cooking uten.sils^ and breeching nari|i'.<s amr (^oluirs. other articles. iVe know that all things work together for good to them that lo e God. to them who are the ca led according to lii.-t purpose.— Rrniaii S:2S. « • • » • To tliine own seFC be true. -Vi d it muM follow, a.-* the night the day. , Tl<oii <uinst not then lie false t6 any • man. —Sliakespeare. • # • • Heredity is* nothing but stored environments—the sum of all.our piikt environments.—Burbank. mmmm mmm TJKKJfS «|F SALE—< ASIl , Rtissell O. Andniss ('m />E?ik ^fATKHANK, eicrl (Oi„ H. I». M.H<MK. AiK-fliineer. : led Pepper Rub takes the "ouch" fr€ n sore, stiff, aching joints. It lan- no hiirl you, a'nd it certninly stops' thi t old rbeuinatism torture at once. ' Vhbn you are.suffering »o you can; ba dly get around, just try R«d Pep- pei Hub and yuu will hare the quidcest relief known. Notbins has am h concentrated, 'penetrating heat as red peppers. ' Jiut;a!! soon as you anj ly Bed Pepper Sub you will feel tm tingling heat. In three minutes it varms the sore spot tlirough and Uu Mjgh. Pain and soreness arc gone. ' 'i jfc: any good druggist for a jar of Bo rfes ^d Pepper Bub. Be sure to get U M genuine, with tlie aaaie Bowles on each package. Having bought the Qxford Ciife in lola. 1 have decided to quit farming, and will sidl at Public Auction at the place known as the StsSrr: farm. 2»> miles of .Viornn or tV. miles east of LaHarpe. on the's'"* on - . ; •" Tuesday, Jan. iU-ginning at 10 o'clock a. m., the following described propertjrr. 4 ilEAB OF HORSES— One black [years old. eligible to registo; f mare, 8 years old. in foa"l by horse 'head of short yearling fieifcr weight l.SOO; Irgray ma^e, ;S years calves: 3 fall heifer calves. f old. in foal b.v horse^ijight I.-IOO; j « HEAD OF HOt^S— One blatk 1 pair of matched yearling colts. Poland China sow. will farrosv m *i HEAD OF fAI-TLK— One: two weeks: 1 black Poland China Jersey cow 4 years old. will fresh-how. will farrow in one m«»tli; 1 en in two weeks; 1 HolKtein cow 5 years "old. giving 3 galloits per; day; will freshen March Ist;^ 1 Jersey red sow, will farrow in one month; 3 gilts, weight 200 lbs. each.!: ' YKfiyi IMFIEMEXTS, %1X. Heir liocatlbB, |M cow, 6 years old, giving 2 gallons; One farm wagon; 1 nearly rAv per dav. will freshen jlnuary i .5 ;jcorn binTler; 1 nearly new tawfing 2 Holstein heifers, will freshen in'machine; 1 nearly new sulkyi.^>!v; spring; 3 fat heifers, ueight 700 lbs. each: 1 Red Poll ci^w 4 years old, giving. 2% gallons - per day win freshen February Ij 1 Guernsey, co.w 5 years old. wjll freshen February 1; 1 Guernsey cow 5 years old, giving- 2 galloi^ per day will freshen January 25x X Roan- Durham cow 5 years old, <will freshen Febra.ury 1; I Guernsey bull 2 j 1 hay rake: 1 disc harrow; 2!sate farm ha'rness: 1 cream scpan)i^r. nearly -new. Other implements too numerous to mention. " . CHICKE.NS-One hundred and fifty RIw>de Tsland Red hens... • FEED^One sUck of haj;; 15. tons of bay in barn; 130- bnsfaiei^ of kafflr co/ni; 175 buslicls of com'^~ crib TEILHS CASir—If er^M Is desired sep jour lopal ba^lker. >p erty to be removed uq /llVttled for. •J COI- H D. S.HOt K, AucHoneer. . ' PEOPLE'S STATE BAMC, Ct^au Lunch Served by th^Chrlstlini iJidles' Aid of Moran, Kansis..

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