The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 9, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 17
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ANNII ITS FAIRLY fiftSY TO TAW I CAN'T, RUT \ IF HE BUNS OUT OF RI6L, OR. PELIBEBAT6I.Y BUT HOW CAN YOU 00 ANYrHINS *TBVfi,|P PYUJRIM I* aYIN0 IN A fMNB MNT6D IN VWIR NAME HERE CYMAE5 THE V WHO&; *!JS^i WHr Jl C *A*H E *>"E'S LIKELY AlftPLANG- >f4R. TO KILL PEOPLE ON 6ROUNP.' FIR4T PERSON 60IN6 TO HELP.' ./ MARY WORTH GOOD, MUCHACHA! KEEP YOU* EYE5 ON THE FLOOR.AS YOU GO OUT) IF ANYBODY ASM ...YOU CAN -YOU'D... FLY OUT ALONE! BUT—iHAVEKfT THE MONEY! I KNOW, BUT You'Re DOLLS A LIFT/ YOU SO/MS OUR. ABNIR YOU CAN ^ THIS LCVeUV LITTLE LACW A LIFETIME OF <5IV6HSRUP> j CAIN'T LET A DOHIMTU' PASHUN THET KNOWS NO BOUNDS.'.' SHEyjORSMlPSTH'GROUNDAH J WALKSON*AN;FRANKL.V, AH DON'T BLAME L HERf.' , DESIRABLE, RICHYOJN3 MAM// THE TOODtES SURE/UNCUE JOE WOULD LET US USE HIS FARM/ ww~-'/ HOW'S ^ ABOUT IT UARgV? COULD YOU HELP ,US PLAN A SUB/6H-RIDE PART/2" THE ONE THINS We DON'f •HAVE !•• ^^ ' IT " f^Mt If Jt L*l« C VC Wt ' g m-Sfe 6BT VOU.'A PATE-5 ^^^* e - Tin 1 1* \^f\ i i /i>% • t • ^ ^» .^fll 60 IN A SCEI6W AND tWROW AM OLD-FASHIONED ARCHIE , ARCHIE.' YOU ASKED FOR THIS JOB AS POOL MONITOR/ BUT sdwe OF THE BI& GUIS Oeey ME.» WHEN IT'S TIME TO CLEAR THE FOOL.... YOU GET THEM OUT OF THE WATEP?.... Of? IT'S BACK TO THE STUPY HALL FOR THANKS FOR THE VISIT, MR. MARSHALL KEEP THINGS MOVIN& ON THAT SPACE-FOOP PROJECT. WE'VE INVESTED WE'RE PUSHING, MR. HUTCH INS' JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield IF THESE PEOPLE CAN 6WINS IT, JUPP, OUR ENTIRE RESEARCH UNIT WILL BE MAPE/ CANT Pf?OD SCIENCE, THOUSH, MR. HUTCHINS/WRKSHT JUST WOULDN'T MAKE A PREPICTION... ANP IN PR. STEVEN WRISHT'S ROOM THAT IMPOSSIBLE I JUST CAN'T SO ON LIKE THIS.../ MORTY MEEKLE PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer Providence, R. I., received its name from Roger,,Williams who said the city was founded "in commemoration of providence." God's merciful tall bell tower. It marks t h e hours with Shubert marches, Mo- Nearly one-half of the timothy: Walla Walla, Wash., is named zart arias and Flemish folk seed raised in the United States I for the Indian term, "many wa- AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRAlO Tuesday, Dec. 9, 1958 SHORT RIBS OORMl STIULTHE SLOWEST JACOBY'S BRIDGE WELL,IT'5 ABOUT TIME . YOU SHOWED UP/ I'M SORRY. HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING LONG? OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoop! >t)LJ FOLKS ALWAVS SET VOUR GARBAGE OUT TH 1 NIGHT BEFORE •a I H&AC? THAT BUD VASE YOUR FIN6&R / ^oO'\f e GOT ABOUT »& «PJi5^F?> /Ss/SS'5w«« /OFV.'ALTZIN6VOUR '-\ WAD THROUGH Thie ' PARLOR AS A STILT WALKER HAS OF MAKING ^,SHT6ROTH£KS- ITACR0556ROAD ORBITED AT y.^ KITTVHAVJK/ SETTLE MY SAVJBUCK'.l 5CORES VMITKl 63UE5ZEA VOL) IN6RAT£5, OUT A BUT X'LL M& THAT VOW £ VMED/ME-A FNER SlMCS FOE //* TO KE5P ME.'/ICNlLTOMSUeS IM __ .HEADS/ WEU.NOT EXACTLY.. VMEAN Y1EFT S.IF MV HUSBAND OUT \ THER&NVE/ -LOOKEP AN' THERE WAS NO TRACKS, S1GN5 OF VIOLENCE OR STUFF LIKE THAT? NEITHER HIDE NOR HAIR." I TELL YUH,UMPA, HE JUST AIN'T THERE WHAT'S RISKY ABOUT IT?' S'POSE SOMEBODY \StEALS IT/ OF RISKY THERE ALL ALONE EAST AN WE \DISAPPEARED UOOKEt) VVE5I. .&ELIEVEME, UMPA, PONE OUR BEST/ IN THAT JUNGLE? CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner WASH TUBBS I NEVER PELT 50 UJW.ICIP 1 . NOW ELLEW WILL KNOW I'M A FLOP I I'W NOT ONLV rXLMO&T BKOlCE.L- BOTHER! 1V& NEVER BEEN 50 EXCITED! ELLEW.PEM?.,.Y0U'VE 50 MUCH 1 . 1 HARDLY KNEW YOU! 1 HOPE MV COMIUS AT THIS TIME HASN'T UPSET YOUR PLANS ELLEN. W AFRA.IP I HAVE- NO PLANS YET. NOW TBLL ME WHAT HAPPENED BACK HOME! OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* WHOOH--THET* TM' SNAPPIEST WKASSLIKI* AAATCH I EVER PIP SEE/ AN' AT fcO VEARS OF AGE,TOOTH' FASTEST I EVER SEEN).' THAT'S CAUSE THEY AIN'T PAVIW' NO ATTENTION TO EACH OTHER,' THAT MUST 6F. EPIE HARMON $URE IT'LL WOK< OUT SOME WAV! NO PO6S ALLOWED ON TH' SYLVESTER^/-; BUT, SIRE, MUST GET TO PESTINATION ! I'VE A TJfAIN TO CATCH! THSIsl YA SETTER START HMM...IVE A BETTER SOLUTION, GUVNOR! "You just don't know Allan, Daddy. In a modified way he's everything a girl could ask for!" F-M CITY BUS CO. NOETB 0» § 483 ¥85 4AQJ98 489S3 WC9T EAST *07 452 VAK10 VJ8743 • K 10 874 432 *AJ10 . *K»7J SOUTH 4AKQJ1064 1TQ92 *Q4 Both vulnerable • North East Sototh Wert Pass Pass 4 4 Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V X By OSWALD JACOB?' ^ Written for NBA Service ¥•' Here la a rubber bridge hand tf ed by Henry Auslahder. Henry's J spade opening bid was somewlut* « gamble, but he held 150 hoao partial compensation if doubled* »et, , West did double and opener king of hearts. Be should have tlnued with the ace of hear 1 ' ace of clubs. East would have ed with the nine and a second lead would have -set Henry, but chose to shift to a trump at two. This gave Henry a chance to the hand and he took lull adva; of it. He started by runnln; trumps. West had to make four cards and-he began to run ou cards almost Immediately. His two discards were diamonds; his t the ten of clubs; and fourth th« of hearts. , At this point. Henry could have > en the diamond finesse; discarded „ club on the diamond ace; and dxJi. ed a heart to West's ace, but he wai ed a more elegant finish. •» Henry played his last trump a£ West dropped the jack of clubs. No Henry too* the diamond finesse an played a heart from dummy. West top hla two aoes and then had to leat a diamond to give Henry the last two tricks. Use Yarn Scraps song s. comes from Iowa. iters. People who advertise in Austin Daiiy Classified Pages are Satisfied. Why Not Try one 793 By LAURA WHEEtEB Make good use of leisure Urn* — create u ooloriul uf^han. fxu> to fcsltui (rum yuru scraps. ARE CHRISTMAS CLUBS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS? Yes, indeed, and for grown ups too . . . but the/ are especially suited for young people. You know you can start a club for as little as 25 cents . . . and once you get the regular savings habit you're on the right trackl Start a club this week and then make sure to come in every week. You will enjoy your weekly banking. Then at the start of Christmas season next year, you too will receive your Austin State Bank Christmas Club check . . . It's a nice feeling to have the extra money to help with your gift buying , . . And it's better still to prove to yourself you can tave if you really want to. Young people are especially welcome in this bank! AUSTIN STATE BANK Jf£«*c* J489J "Ibt Member F.O.I.C. We're here to help you get what you want Crochet trlttntjles, Jolo later, ficrap- b&i>ii.e> beauty! Marveloug for vtc»- tiou trips, football Barnes, cold WlnWr ulghu. Putttru 7SJ: crocii«t (UmC* tloiis. Seud TbUty-flve Cent* (ooltt*) (or this patteru — *dct 6 cost* fox MCh pattern (or 1st - claw mailing. Sead to the Au»Ua Dally Herald. Neeal«- craft Oept.. P O. Sox 1«9. OW Cbel- tea Station Mew York 11, N. T. Print plainly PATTERN NUH8KR, NAMJt, AUDKES3 «nd ZOM£. fiend for a copy of IMS L»vu» Wbeel«r Ntx'dlecrau Book. It bM lovely d«4lgQa to ord«r: euibrolclury. crochet, kuittiug, weaving, quliUag, wy«. lu the book, a epecl&l »orpn*e to make a little girl tiappy—a oul>out doll, clothes to color. 8«od M OMI« tor this booi.

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