The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1894
Page 12
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.ighest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U, S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE ImtAl DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. TUB SKNTINDL Is the only newspaper in Carroll county that IB printed nil at home and It con- ulna mote local and count; news than anr other two papers In this county. POWERS ft COLOLO, Prop». FBIDA*, JUNE 16, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Frank McCoy was a city visitor Mon< day. E. Draheim and wife -were cily visiiors Monday. Winter wheat flour at Kempker & Coolidge'H. Call nl Martin & Clovis' {or Olidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. M. Miller is confined to his bed with rheumatism. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. For Sale—140 acre farm, $28 per acre. C. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Nolen & Bodge moved their laundry into their new building Saturday. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la, Late oabbag<> and sweet potato plants home grown at tbe green boose. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Whitman left Tuesday for their new borne in California. Frank Dodson left Tuesday for Omaha to attend, the wedding of bis Bister. Miss Ada Thompson left for Woodbine Wednesday for a visit with Miss Lulu Mies Kimhel, of Boone, is in the city fora visit with borsister, Mrs. W. A. Me- Lacan. • E. F. Clovis and Geo. 8. Nestle returned Tuesday morning from a trip to Chicago. Choice new maple sugar. Freeh made, guaranteed pure. MoliAOAN & SOHC- MAOHHB. . The patent envelope for mailing photographs is the best thing out. For sale at this office. Try our canned goods, tbe prices end quality will suit yon. MoLAOAN & BOHDHAOHBB. TheBreda band of thirteen instruments furnished delightful music at Germania park Sunday. For good bargains in groceries and fruits and decorated ware, RO to Kemp. ker & Coolidge'g. Tbeo. Paiue and family returned Tuesday from their visit with Mrs, Fame's sister in South Dakota. John Kniest disliked to swallow bis own false suit moots .but the poor boy bad to take his medicine. Johnnie smiled a cheese cat smile and than signed tbe document which proved bim a self convicted falsifier. The county clerk issued marriage licenses to Peter B. Dethlefs and Mies Augusta A. Woblers both of Manning . Oar prices on flour are rigbt, euite everybody, give it e trial and you will oome book to tba Yellow front for more. Mrs. b, 0. Goodwin returned borne last Saturday evening after a very pleassnt week's visit witb ber sister Mrs. J. L. Miner. Mrs. W. L. Culbertson and tbe two boys returned Tuesday from tbeir visit in tbe eastern part of tbe state and Cbicago, R. H, Woodring returned Friday from Cedar Rapids wbere be bad been attending tbe meeting of tbe Grand Lodge of Masons. J. P. Bess, N. Belter, U. Albtrtsen, and Peter Berger, witb some ether fishermen, went up oa North Coon Thursday on a flihing trip, Tbe Ladles' Aid society took in |M,80 at tbeir ice cream sociable Wednesday evening and feel quite flattered at tbe succeu ot tbe entertainment. Barry Bplllmsn, tbe popular salesman, ll now in tbe employ of the Letts.Flelcu- er company at (bis point and bas charge of tbe cigar department. Pr. KeMler and wife are rtjolclng over tbe arrival of a bouncing baby boy at tbeir borne Itit Saturday nlcbt. Botb mother and baby »r« doing nicely. Obosa & Bonbon) teas and coffees war* used exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, selected for tbeir superior quality. Sold only by Merobaul, Mn. IS. R. Flih, MUl Nellie and Cyrus Flab, of Colorado Springs, arrived iu tbe city Tuesday evening for an extended visit with tbe family of A- W. Patterson Tbe city coupoll acted wisely in glv- comp«oy foO to auist io defraying the expenses incurred in attending the fireman's association at Iowa city. Ed Griffith, of Audubon, spent Sun day in (he city. There seems to be i special attraction in this city wbich causes him to make quite frequent visits Boone has been placed on tbe list and will have mail carriers after July 1. This is another I evidence of Boone's prosperity and marks an important epoch n its history. Farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance for [owa. Tbe safest, surest and cheapest nenranoe known. For particulars address the county agent J. O. Sobweller, Halbur, Iowa. Merchant wants yon to call at hie store and see how few goods yon can ray for five dollars. Leave your sacks and )askets at home, bnt pat B double' box on your sled or wagon. J. J. Wieland returned Saturday even- ng from a three weeks' trip to Chicago, Milwaukee, Columbus, 8t. Louis and Des Moinee. He BE ys he finds business in bese cities much better than he expected. Pa Smith comes out strongly for Z. A. Church as a candidate for the judgeship. le places, a high estimate upon iis fitness for the position and the claims he has upon the party for the nomina- ion. It will soon be spring weather and yon will need good footwear, aa thie is a itneawhem money should not be wasted n worthless goods, yon will find it best o take a little time and look at Moore's ine before you buy. One of Mr. Oldham's dray horses while passing over the crossing on Main and Fifth street broke through and it was omB time before tbe animal was extri- ated. Fortunately however no damage was done to the crossing. The graduation class at Denison got ut a very neat souvenir in the form of a';pamphlet giving the history of tbe class, with incidental remniscences.the orations and tbe portraits of those who graduat- d. The class consisted of eight. Miss Carrie Nance was employed by he school board Tuesday for the fifth grade in the north school building. Miss lance comes to our schools OB highly rec itnmendedby school men and employ- irs as any teacher we have ever bad. Tbe board of supervisors accepted 'tbe eport of the special committee appoiat- d to investigate the charges of incom- ietency' preferred against it by FJoren- ourt and his shadow and said report lompletely exonerates the board. Pat Gormally and wife, of Jasper ownsbip, were in our city trading last Saturday. Pat says Jasper township hould have a supervisor and will pre- ent the name of Benry Winter jr, before he Democratic county convention. Claude Joy bas secured the position of lay operator at Grand Junction,.bis old ome, and has left Carroll to make bis home at tbnt place. D. B. MeClure, ormerlv day operator at Grand Junction, has taken Claude's place in the freight fflce. At a meeting of Germania society Wednesday evening Geo. Beeberger, Ubbo Alberteon and C. H. Boeft were appointed a committee to superintend the nterior decorations, stage furnishings nd Beating of the new German!* ball which is now under construction. Tbe board of supervisors ccmpleUd Us aborsWedniday for tbe June session and adjourned. As this is a busy season of tbe year on tbe farm tbe board was desirous of getting away as soon as possible and crowded the work as rapidly as possible and at tbe same time do justice to all parties. Cards are ont announcing tbe marriage of Miss FlorenCe Heitz and N. B. Cum mmgs of Sioux City, June 0, at tbe borne of tbe bride. Miss Heitz is tbe daughter of ex-County Recorder Heitz, and has many friends in this city wbo will unite witb us in wishing her a long and happy life. Tbe many friends of Miss Violet Quint will be pleased to learn that at tbe meet ing of tbe board Wednesday evening it was decided to engage ber services is teacher for tbe new room to be added neit term. Tbe board done a good tbin*, is securing Miis Quint aa she gave excel, lent satisfaction wben here before.- West Bide Journal. Florencourt is not so black as some pain blm.o Be tried to be fairwbile serving on the committe io investigate the chafg- s of robbery. He Would be all tight if he would "jar" loose from that ring of corrupt! onisls with which he is associated i: nd tbe Germanin might live long enough tu|set! ihc error of Ha way. Reform brother, be n man and think for yourself and you will be all right. Mrs. Burwell has been experimentini( with an incubator of her own ruakti wbich has proven very satisfactory. The arrangemeet:, is very simple and should she perfect it she no doubt would have n machine that would be so simple nnd cbcn|> that it would Boon become quili'. popular with those desiring to raise a few chickens each year. The first setting has just been turned off and over seventy-five per ceat of the eggs hatched and the chicks are all strong and as lively as sny hatched out in the regular old fashioned way. Sunday the Breda band furnished music at Germania park to a large crowd. The music was fine and the Breda band is considered one of the best in this locality. The day was oppressively hot and a large portion of our citizens spent the afternoon listening to the music and enjoying the cool breezes und the shade. Oar stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cute no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole you on tbe street and beg you to trade witb us, we don't want your trade. We dt.'out think von are wise enough to choose tbe best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. The school board d«cided at its meet- Ing Tuesday evening to do some needed repairing on the school buildings and Supt. Ament was placed in charge of the work. The high school room is to be enlarged, and the old boiler used prior to last year in the north building is to be taken to the south side, and that build- ng will be heated .with steam. We are informed that the ball game be tween Carroll and Denison for next Bun day has been postponed on account of Denison being without a catcher. One of their men who filled tbe position be- lind the bat bas been crippled and the other has left the city, so that club was compelled to cancel its date with our. boys. . The ladies of tbe Aid society are very rateful to Mr. Drees, who kindly donated the use of his building for the sociable Wednesday evening and desire to express heir thanks for his kindness through THE SKNTINEL.I They also wish to express their appreciation of the good will of tbe hand boys who gave tbeir services toward furnish! ne music for the occasion without charge. We call attention to the way Die Germania and the Family Journal sets the oolingsin the various columns reproduced of the crop report which it undertakes as evidence of the reliability?) of that report. You can satisfy yourself by a iltle mathematical calculation that as a report it is worthless. The glaring errors n the footings are only samples of the ntccuracy of tbe whole. Tbe editors of the disgruntled news- >apera of this city are sore, awfully sore ind are whining like whipped curs and are looking for a hole to creep into, and would if they could pull tbe bole in too. Well, boys, behave yourselves, be men and do not think everyone you meet is a rogue because you are. We fee) sorry o see von making such a pitiable show of yourselves. The picnic and excursion to Lake View June 22 is open to all. Everybody who wants a day of rest and recreation are cordially invited to attend. Excursion rates on a special train wbich leaves here about 7.80 A. M. and returns about 0.00 P. M. The Northwestern band will fur- h tbe music. Good speeches and other exercises appropiate for,the- occasion. You are cordially Invited to join in witb tbe excursionists and enjoy a day of rest, Tbe boys tell a pretty good one on A D. Quint. He got a bicycle last week and took it out back of tbe hill to practice riding tbe tbing. Tbe next morning someone asked him bow he got along with the wbeel. "Ob, I bad a pretty tough time ot it for a little while, but rode it borne." Tbe woman wbo lives over tbe way »ays be rode it home but a man was on eacb side holding it up. Rev, T. 0. Hartmao, at Elder Nelson's request, bas kindly consented to preach a sermon ID German to thoie wbo may desire to bear him at tbe morning service •t tbe court bouse June 17. Rev. Hart man is one of Pennsylvania's sons auc used to prescb in botb English and German for bis people in Philadelphia. Our services will begin at 10:80 a. m., and we request a full attendance of all, botb German and English. Let us near Dro Bartman as bis discourse will do til good as it doth tba upright in heart, i. K, Nelson, pastor. WAMTBP. To bov some potatoes at Molten A Bobumaeher'a. VBTOtiD. THE MAT OR STOOD FIRM BUT A IWO-THlBBS VOTB PASSES THB ORDINANCE oVBtt BIS VETO PtAOIKQ THE LICENSE FBB FOB THE! BAtB of tlQColl IN THE OUT OF OABBOIiti AT $780 PER ANNUM. The city council met Monday evetiin« to complete the Work ot tbe adjourned suasion and proceeded to perfect find pnes HO ordinance relating to tbe SB'S of liquor within the incorporate limits of Carrol). E. N. Merchant moved that an additional fee of 820 per mouth be added to tbe state penalty. Seconded by McNeil). Hoett amended by substituting 815 per month for tbe $20 additional penalty Torld seconded. The/vote on the amend ment was:Yeas, Hoeft, Bowler, Trowbridge, Todd, Rich and Liewer. Nays, Merchant and McNeil). The motion as amended was adopted and the $15 clause was added ordering that said license ehou.d be paid monthly in advance. After a tew corrections in tbe ordinance as originally dratted the ordinance was read tbe second and third time and placed upon its final passage. The vote was exactly as tbe first one placing the additional penalty at $15 per month. The mayor at once notified tbe conn- oil that he would veto the ordinance and wrote out bis veto message which was as follows: •I hereby return ordinance No. 41 re-' lating to the sale of liquors in the city ot Ourroll without tbe mayor's signature and veto tbe same for the reason that I do not consider tbe people of this county signed tbe petition to grant each sale for less than $1,000 per year. E. M. PARSONS, Mayor." Bo soon as tbe veto was read Hoeft moved and Liewer seconded that tbe ordinance be passed over the mayor's veto. Yens, Hoeft, Bowler, Todd ,Rion, Trowbridge,Liewer. Nays, MoNeill, Merchant. Tbe mayor declared the ordinance legally passed and would be placed in effect Fitly 1. Tbe mayor wben tbe ordinance was first adopted wrote ont bis veto without any attempt to make a grand tand play. He gave every expression of earnestness and was evidently doing what be considered right and took the result io the shma good humor that bas ubaraoterized all bis actions while filling be responsible pobilion of mayor. Wbile we would have been pleased to have eeen tbe council piece tbe fee still ower we think it did well and sbonld be congratulated on tbe work which we be- ieve will give general satisfaction. FOB COUNT* ATTOBNBY. Geo. W. Korte announces bimatlt today as a candidate for re-election to tbe jffloe of county attorney. Mr. Korte bas filled tbe office for one term and baa o faithfully discharged (be duties that here is no question regarding his re- lominstion and election. Two years go Mr. Korte waa a stranger to a large mmber of tbe voters of this county, bnt isoe then be bas met many ot them in a irofessional or social way and tbe universal verdict is that be ie a young man worthy of the support of tbe people ot he county whose interests be baa so carefully guarded. A« a prosecuting attorney be baa been decidedly successful end baa in all oases used evtry honorable means to enforce tbe law against those who have been an- 'ortnnate enough to nu»e been plooed under him for- prosecution. He has mude a record during "bis first term that will compare, favorably witb any of bis predecessors io that office, for be bae al- waya been alert to the interest* of tbe tax payers in •butting out a great amount ot neediest legislation. He has not allowed a criminal to escape* without paying tbe penalty ot bis crime. Dorog bis term in office there have been more oonviota and criminals eent to the penitentiary than in any aimilar period m tbe Lietory of tbe county. Mr. Korte is a man, a faithful worker tor tbe cause ot Democracy and right tally deserve* a second term ia the office be baa filled to creditably to himself and to bis party, and the Democrat* will sea that to deserving an official will ha bon orad witb a oeoond term. Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S owder Tbe only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Awutoula; No Alum. Used ia Millions of Homes—40 Yearn the Standard A GOOD AMP SA» IMVSWTMBMT. There bas been a number of way* by which a person oonld lay aside a little money e*ob year to provide for tboe* dependent apon bin or (to provide tor bimaelt or beraalf) in old age, bnt experience baa taught us tbat tbe beat way to provide tor emergency was to ti good life iMuronot, not in » "*UJ oat 1 or asseasmsnt inanraso* company, ba! get • policy in • reliable oompaoy tb» guarantees to pay a stipulated MMKW •t dettb or io a term of years (it living' and aleo |n*rant#waiUpolaledpr«iiln» eaob yew to be paid to carry this (near Toe Southwestern Mutual Association of Mareballtown, low*, waste all reqalmne»te and even more. TUey bav * policy tbal gives a oasb value iu any year the bolder wishes to take it and tb amount* given are placed iu tbe policy in plain flfure*. 'Jf be bolder alao bae tbe option of taking "extends* losorano»,"tor example aay tbe peraon'a age is 86, be take* a polioyfor bON'T ACCEPT IMITATIONS. -n X CAMDLE CO.. OIN'TI. (2,000 «n<1 curries it "twv five years," they havp to pay iu 828.83 s*r 'boos- and each year and it they vinb ut tbat time to cash tbeir policy they uould get (141.86 in cash, besides the interest aooumulatione for the time the policy has been in force, or if they were bard up and could not pay tbe premium when lue the onmpan) guarantees in the >olioy to extend in full force for four rears and two hundred anil forty-six days; or it they wish to discontinue their nsurano, and atill have n protection dur ng lite, in proportion to the amount hey have paid in, the policy guarantees to give paid up insurance for $501.56 laynble at rientb; so it would be in iroportion each year. ' At the end ot twenty years the policy older could make his final settlement and receive iu flash $780, besides tbe nterest aoonmnlationB tor -twenty yean, r be could take his interest aoonmula- tone in cash and still have n fall paid up lolioywith nothing more to pay for !2,78C payable at death; thus providing or old age and paying for it in bis ounger years, besides getting a fair ate of interest on tbe money invested ud Btill have a protection of $2,000 luring twenty years for thoee dependent upon him. Tbe association also issues B life policy which is a great deal, cheaper while it (fords tbe same protection, bnt UHB no nvestment features. At the age of 35 'ears a one thousand dollar policy would cost $15.60 per annum and at itber ngee to correspond. This policy also gives au option of eettlement, at tbe expiration ot ten years, if teen years and twenty years. Tbe policy lolder can withdraw all the cash HO- umnlations above the actual coat of arrying tbe risk or take ita equivalent paid np insurance, according to lie experiences of life insurance com- lanies in this country for tbe last thirty ears would give a paid up policy at tbe xpiration ot twenty yeare, for the full mount ot tbe original policy. The association baa a good record. t is organized under the provision of ae Iowa securities insurance law to guarantee and ba« iU their policy eposited with tbe state auditor. hej have always paid their claims romptly and in full, as in the, case of Obaa. Jentsobe at Arcadia, Hie wife eoeived ber money in two daye from ie lime proofs were mailrd to the association. Mr. E. Brown, tbe company's general gent will be here in Carroll for the ext ten days and can be found at tbe First National bank. He will be pleased to meet say one desiring to know more of bis association and is prepared to offer liberal terms to any one wishing nsnrsnoe. It any one should with to avail themselves ot this opportunity now, Mr. Jrown will give them a policy and wait until fall tor tba premium. There will be no expense tor medical ex-MMiuution to the applicant. Call or write to him at the above address. NOT THE POINT AT AM,. We trust that Frank Florenoonrt and Joe Drees are not growing gray in their efforts (o prove that the crop report could be printed in less space than was taken by tbe official papers. Why, bless their sonlo, we will agree with them and admit that it can; there is no question regarding this point. We presume ills possible for it to be still reduced in space from what it ia as reproduced in tbeir papers. It was published as it sbonld be, and when they say tbat it was not, they know they are telling something which is absolutely false. It ia possible to pot tbe Lnrd's prayer on'a three-cant piece, bnt it is not usually printed in BO small a apacH as that. So it may be witb the crop report. It c«n be* published ia in mnuh smaller epaoe than even they did in their pspere, bat it is not usually done. We claim we published it properly and that wes tbe way we were expected to do, and all of their lying will not alter tbe facts. Piles I Piles I Itching- Piles. Symptoms moisture; intense Itching and sting log, mast at night; nonm by Hcratohlng. If al lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, brooming very gore. Sway- no's ointment stops tbe Itching and bleeding, heals ulcenitlon and In mo*t eases removes tbe tumors. At drugglatB. or by mall, for BO cents Dr. Swayne & Son, Philadelphia. 5-1-96 WANTED ' An active agent in eacb county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. For Sale. I offer my farm situated in section 3, Washington township, for Bale. For further particulars addr 386m • EBNKST DBAHEIM, Arcadia, Carroll County, Iowa. Grade Work. I will let to tbe lowest ' %^ bidder tag ojntract for constructing a grade between, sections 31 and 32. in Pleasant Valley township, Tuesday, June 19, at 2 p. m. I reserve the rigbt to reject any and all bida. C. HATJBHANN. S CND twelve coots In postage stamps to 86 Corcoran Building, Washington, D. C.. and you,' will receive four copies of KATE FIKUI'S WASHINGTON, containing matter of ipeelal Intorett. lilvo name and addrek*, and say wbere yon saw tbli advertisement. LOW BATES TO CLEVELAND. Kortae accommodation of delegates and: others who desire to attend the Christian Endeavor Convention at Cleveland, Ohio, July lltb-16th, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company has arranged to sell round trip tickets from Chicago, July 9th to llth, Inclusive, valid for return trip un- tii July.ilst. An additional extension or time limit to September 15th can be secured if the return portion of ticket Is deposited with the ](' ' • ' pr|or to Jur, _ Cleveland and return, 810. maintains a series of fast express trains between Chicago and Cleveland, with through sleeping oars. For further Information address L. 8. Allen, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. iurn portion 01 iicnei is uupi»i*- ) Joint agent of terminal lines uly Hist. Tickets Chicago to rod return, 810. The B. &.O. D ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and moat complete stock ot furniture io Carroll county by calling on tbe new furniture dealers, BOOB & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS , ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC,, ETC., In twdleae variety, and new goods coming in every day, In fact, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret They also doall work in the cabinet line and repairing. JSFDon't forget the place, nVi] LAUGHLiN DEALERS, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa, ,.V> W, v

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