The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 6, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1939
Page 8
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\ feE EfCHT THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, OCT. 6, 1939. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of e&ch network la listed In the programs. The Networks: WRAP—WTAM, WTMJ, WOY. 'wtiW. WSM, WMAQ, WOOD. WJZ — WLB, WTMJ. WMAQ, WXYZ, WLW. WOOD. WABC—WJR, WHAfi, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE , .... • tUBQUENCV CKtW 840, RDKA 980. KFAB 770, KFI 040, KMOX 1060, KOA 830, KYW 1020, •WBBM 770. WCFL 670, WBAL 1060, WCCQ.810, WABO 860, WKAB 850. WDAF 610, WBAF «60, WBNB 870. WON 720. WOY 780, WHAM 1150. WHAS 820 WHO 1000, WIBO 570. WJJD 1130, WSM.650, WJR 760, WJZ 760, WLS 870, WLW 700, WMBI1080, WKZO 860, WMAdj 670. WOOD 1270, WOW 590. WOWO 1160, WSB 740, WTAM 1070, WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW VORK, Oct. 6.—Again the networks concentrate on two games for their second Saturday of football. The lineup: Oklahoma vs. Northwestern on WEAF-NBC and WABC-CBS at 2:45. The WQR-MBS network, will .join In after it completes description' of .the World Series game, scheduled at 1:15. Minnesota vs. Nebraska on WJZ-NBC also at 2:45. Anthony Eden's address from London to the British dominions has toeen scheduled for MBS relay at 8:30 tonight. TONIGHT: . Neutrality—WJZ- NBC 10:15, Sen. Tom Cbnnally; MBS 10:45, Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler. Europe : _ WEAF-NBC 11:15; WABC-CBS 8:55, il; . WJZ- NBC 10. MBS 9, 10:15." , WEAF-NBC —,7:45 Stewart McDonald on home building; 8 Lucille M&nners,. concert; 9:30 George Jessel's new time; 10:30 Business frontiers, J. D. Biggers. WABC-CBS—7:30 Prof. Quiz; 8 Return of Kate Smith; 9 Johnny Presents; 10:30 Young man with a band. WJZ-NBC—8 New time for 'order of .adventurers; 8:45 Ernest T. Weir on "profits or Profiteering;" 9:30 Life donors, transfusion feature. MBS-chajin—8:15 Cincinnati preview of World Series; 9:30 Music and manners. pervlsors next week to discuss the question. Summary of work in these two classifications for the past year shows: 2,745 dental examinations, with 89 percent showing need of treatment; 996 tutoerculin tests, including 761 chest X-rays. Louisville Wins Little World Series ROCHESTER, N. Y., Oct. 6.— (IP) —It took a long time, but the Louisville Colonels of the American association are baseball's little world champions for 1939. After a series of postponements, the Colonels battled their International league rivals, the Rochester Red Wings, 11 innings Thursday night before winning, four games to three. Louiseville managed by Bill Burweli who pitched Indianapolis to a little World Series tniumph over Rochester ten fears .ago, scored four runs in ;he eleventh inning to gain their 7 to 3 verdict. Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up lie Heavy hens 14c Plymouth Rock springers, under 4 Ibs 17o Plymouth Rock springers, Colored springers 15c 4 Ibs. and up 17c Grain ShelleJ com, cwt $1.05 Rye, cwt 85c Oats, cwt $1.00 Wheat, cwt $1.00 Produce Eggs 19C Hides Beef .4o What to, expect Saturday: Europer—WEAF-WJZ-NBC 8 a. m.; WEAF-NBC 1:30. p. m.; WABCrCBS 8 a. m., 6:30 p. m.; WJZ-NBC 12 noon . . . WEAF- NBC—1:15, Stamp collectors; 6 Kaltemrieyer's kindergarten. WABC-CBS—11:05 a. m. Cincinnati muslcale resumes; 12 noon New time for Country Journal. WJZ-NBC.— 12:30 Farm and home hour; 6:30 (Renfrew of the mounted. Some week-end short waves for Saturday: GSF GSD GSB London 6:30 Sing song; T14NRH Heredia.,8 Voice of Costa Rico; TPA4 Paris 11 Press articles . . . For Sunday: 2RO Rome 7:30 Opera; PCJ Eindhoven 8:25 , Program for America; TPA4 Paris 10 News. Chicago Series MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS (1:30 P. M. E.D.T. Prices) Adams Express .................... 931, Am Can ........................... 112 \m Smelt & Ref .................. 5S* e Am Tel & Tel .................... 162 Am Wat .Whs ..................... 13Ts Anaconda ......................... 34 Armour of 111 ...................... 6% Aviation Corporation ............. 6 Borden ............................ 21 'fc Caltimet & Hecla ................. B% Ches & Ohio ..................... 433 4 Chrysler .......................... 9334 Colum G & El .................... 7 5 e Com'wlth South .................. 1'i Curtiss Wright .................... 7' ; 4 Elec P & Ii ........................ 9',i General Elec ..................... 41% Gen Poods ........................ 393s General Motor .................... 54Va Hudson Mot ...................... 6 3 ,4 Int Harvest ....................... 66 Int Nick Can ..................... 39'4 Int Tel & Tel .................... 5>i Kennecott Corp ................... 40'/2 Llgg & Myers B .................. 96 ',4 Marshall Field .................. '. . 16 Saginaw Beans (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Oct. 6.—(XT)— Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Friday prices: Handpicked pen beans, per cwt.. 2.45; handpicked red kidneys, light. 4: dark, 4; handpicked yelloweyes, 2.75; handpicked choice reclenned berries, light, 2.25; dark, 1.75. other prices unchanged. Chicago Dairy (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO. Oct. 6.—(/P)— Butter—Receipts 674,926; market steady; 90 score centralized carlots, 26\\-\'x\ other prices unchanged. Eggs—Receipts 3,780; market firm, prices unchanged. Boston Wool (Quotations in Cents) BOSTON. Oct. 6.—(/PI—The Commercial Bulletin will say tomorrow: "The wool market turned distinctly quieter this week, with the peace ol- fcnsive developing In Europe, although most members of the wool trade are convinced that it is too early to look for pence. "With the top futures turning down sharply, It is not strange that the market is'solter and some of the extreme prices cannot now be secured, in fact, Detroit Produce (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) DETROIT. Mich.. Oct. 6.— (/PI— (Unit- cran- ' the entire market is n bit cnslcr. The bulletin will publish the following quotations: Michigan fleeces: Dclnine 40-42; \' 2 blood combing. 40-41; 38 blood combing, 50; U blood combing, 59-50. . ed States Department of Agriculture.) — Apples — Mich. bu. baskets and bu. boxes, U. S. No. 1, 2>i in. min. Delicious. .751.25; Jonathans. ;65-.85; Kings, .50-.75: Greenings, .40-.60; Mclntosh. .65-.8S; I Spys. 1-1.35; Wealthys, .40-.60; Wolf Rivers. .35-.50. Celery — Mich, bunches dozens, large, .23-.25; Mammoth, .35-.40. Grapes — Mich. 12 qt. climax baskets Concords, .27. WELL, ALL OF US WERE BORN TO TROUBLE PORT ARTHUR. Tex. <#•)—Before he even is 'born, one Port Arthur child is being sued in district court. The unborn child's father Pears—BU. baskets Bartietts u. s. NO. was killed on a construction 11, M M.-« IT Q MO i-'iob and the compensation com- j-ui.t'.i.ut.-Ei—iuv ID. saCKS U. O. NO. 1. | •' . . , , ii_ i «4- n »i.. Ida. Russet Burbanks. 1.90-2; small, i mission decreed that not only should the mother receive compensation but payment also should be made for the in- 1.65-1.85; Mich. Russet Rurals. 1.35-1.40: Chlppewas, 1.35-1.50; Ind. Bliss Triumphs, few. 2; Maine Chippewas, 1.751.80; N. J. Cobblers, few. 1.75-1.80. Detroit Poultry (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 6.—(/Pi—Poultry— Market easy. Hens. 5 Ibs. over, 16; medium hens, 14; leghorn hens. 3 Ibs. xip. cocks, S and 10; Rock springeis. 16; colored springers, 14: leghorn springers. 14: hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up. 20; torn turkeys. 15 Ibs. up, 18; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up, 13; rabbits, 9. Detroit Dairy (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 6.—I/Pi—Butter—Best croamery in tubs. 26-27. Eggs—Current receipts, 17; dirties, 14>i; checks, 13',i. fant's benefit. The insurance company has appealed the decision to the district court and named the unborn babe as one defendant. Masonite Cor 35% _ _jrp ... Montgomery Ward Motor Wheel Nash-Kelvinator 7ifc National Biscuit 22?!, Natl Power & Light BSj New York Central 23>i North American 22'i Packard 4'/8 Penney (J C) 89 Fhelps Dodge 44 ',i Philips Pete 46 Pullman 39% Radio 5v 8 Reo Motor I 3 i Republic Steel 264k Searn/-Roebuck ^S\' ^ South Cal Edison 25 "i Standard Gas & El 3T' F Standard Oil Cal 29", Standard Oil Ind 27% Stand Oil N J 48V 2 Studebaker 8% Underwood' El 42 Union Carbide 91 Union Pacific 101 Va United Corp 2 7 / B U S Steel 76le Wabash 2 Yellow T & C 19'.' 4 Stock Averages, Oct. 6 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Util Stocks Net change ... A.7 A.4 Unch A.3 Today 74.9 22.9 38.9 Previous day 74.2 22.5 38.9 Chicago Potatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO. 111.. Oct. 6.—Wl—( United States Department of Agriculture.)— Potatoes—Receipts 106. on track 404, total U. S. shipments 542; market weak, | supplies rather heavy, demand slow; I sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks i U. S. No. 1, 1.35-.70. according to size; j Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 85 to 90 percent U. S. No. 1. few sales. 1.35-1.55: I > Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1, j ,• washed burlap sacks. 1.75; car showing ; ,• decay spotted sacks, 1.60; car unwashed, i £ 1.75;" Minnesota Red River Valley seec- If tion Cobblers U. S. No. 1. 1.10-.15: Mich- ' ," Igan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1. medium, i -' 1; North Dakota Red River Valley sec- j f tion Cobblers U. S. No. 1, 1.15; 90 per- , •* I cent U. S. No. 1. 1.071.;,: Wisconsin Hound ! a* Whites U. S. Commercials, few sales, ! • .90-1. i ", . i i Chicago Poultry j «. (Quotations in Cents) , °, CHICAGO. Oct. 6.— If i— Poultry—Re- i \ cUpts live, 38 trucks; market easier; | •, hens, 4'i Ibs. up. 14; under 4' 2 Ibs.. 12' 2 ; • '. leghorn springs. 11: springs. 4 Ibs. up j'• colored. 12: Plymouth Rock. 14: Whit,' , '. Rock, IS',-,: under 4 Ibs. Plymouth Rock. | > IS: roosters. 10>i: torn turkeys. 14' : .: ; f *~~"^~' i •" YOUTH WILL PREVAIL LOUISVILLE, Ky.(/P)—When the Louisville grand jury convened for its fail investigation, it was headed by the youngest foreman in county history. 27- year-old James J. Dean, Jr., an insurance clerk. Dean was appointed by Circuit Judge Loraine Mix. Month ago Year ago 1939 High 1939 Low 1938 High 73.4 75.6 77.0 58.8 79.5 1938 Low 49.2 20.6 21.2 23.8 15.7 23.5 12.1 37.1 34.2 40.6 33.7 37.8 24.9 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1928 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 52.7 52.2 50.9 51.4 53.5 41.6 54.7 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.8 THE MARKETS Is Squared, 2-2 CHICAGO, Oct. 6.—(XP)—It. was Lee vs. Lee today as Chicago's Cubs and the White Sox shifted the scene of their city series to Wrigley field all square after two games at Comiskey park. Bill Lee was on the firing line for the .National league cubs and Throhton Lee carried on for the American league Sox, who won Thursday, 9 to 2. The two Cub runs came on i homers by Glenn Russell, young first baseman. Only one other Cub advanced past first base and he wias aided by an error. Lyons refused to issue a walk and in the }ast four innings hurled hitless ball. The Sox routed Charley Root •with, three runs in the second inning after Joe Kuhel had homered in the opener. Vance Page carried on until the eighth despite five more tallies, including Jqrry Walker's second homer of tl}e series. Here ol' Diz Dean came in to fan three of the four batters who faced him. Plato to~Seek~ Additional Funds for Health Unit (Continued from Page 1) Jt now. "tThe (OhiWren'B fund is making no threats nor is it saying that, if a slightly increased appropriation is not forthcoming that the unit will be discontinued at any clven ! date. The local unit was i fitaf ted under our auspices and •WTfl* ¥lU continue to support it, as long as we can, of course. Plan Ipr Future «<«But we must face the problem, and look ahead now to tfif; day when the Couzens i <wUl cease to exist. If .make slow preparations \ <fcs we can, the, future of unit will be assured." Conely told of the program, stressing its (education program, its Sgram, its dental pro- Its anti-tuberculosis pro- sanitation prpgram, -'-"-• program, nurs- eto, and dental he remarked, .^...^ many, many the entire program M» r ' WUjM.u ,or would „; meeting « corn- LOCAL, m/lRKtCTS Light red kidney beans «2.75 Dark red kidney beans $3.00 Dark cranberry beans $2.50 Light cranberry beans $2.50 White pea beans • $2.00 Yelloweye beans $2.75 IT'S CANDY WEEK Fresh 'Buttered Pretzel Sticks pound MORRIS 5c, lOc to $1 STORE TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather 60 Lower Michigan: Fair tonicht: Saturday partly cloudy; light showers and cooler in northwest and extreme north portion. YOU CAN'T KEEP IT FROM RAINING— BUT you can keep the rain from coming' through the roof. We have a roof for every purse — check with us before you buy. THK LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 A Word To The Motorist Automobile I n s u r a nee constitutes one of the smallest items of motor car upkeep, but when it comes to benefits received — that's another story. We'll be glad to talk over this inexpensive insurance with you. Meriy-Washatka AGENCY Phone 58 110 E. Ludingrton Ave. ) $ These Bargains BU1TER :.. 2 lte .55c OVALTLNE, 50c size, 35c; SI size JELLO, CORNED BEEF, Armour's Star. 2 cans KELLOGG'S ALL BRAN, . . box KAFFEE HAG or SANKA Ib. MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR, 24'. SUGAR, 100 Ibs. LARD, home rendered, . . 2 Ibs. SALAD DRESSING Miracle Whip, jar KRAFT'S MALTED MILK, CANNED MILK, Libby's, ... 4 cans SPAM, can KRAFT CHEESE, 2 Ib. box DEL MONTE COFFEE, Ib. ONIONS, 4 A JLv ibs. SWEET PO-/» TATOES. V ibs. CRANBERRIES, Ib. APPLES, eating or cooking pk. OFFICERS OF PIS. PENTWATER.—'P r e s i d e n ;t James Stewart and his corps of officers of Pentwater high school student council were installed in theif offices at appropriate inauguration ceremonies held in the school assembly hall Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 4. Attorney G. M. Meehan of Hart was the speaker of the afternoon and pointed out to his audience, including the student body, members of the faculty and invited guests, the importance of such organizations as a student council in the school. He explained that it was through such training of the young people of the land that we in America learned the functioning of democratic forms of government and were thus educated to take our places in directing the government of the world of tomorrow. He pointed out that it was dictatorships and urged the young people now assuming school offices to take their duties seriously and thus derive real and lasting benefits for themselves. Superintendent W. R. Bush was introduced as installing officer and installed, besides President Stewart, the following officers: Vice president, Robert Graham; secretary, Eldon Chadwick; treasurer, JeanSchrumpf; Senior representatives, Rex Stevens and James McDonald; Jun-j ior representatives Howard Williams and Caroline Kammeraad; Sophomore representatives, Claude Stevens and Arlene Bouden and Freshman representatives, Robert Ducker and Joyce Jensen. President Stewart delivered his inaugural address, urging his schoolmates to co-operate with the student council in making Pentwater high school just the best school possible and pledged himself and hLs officers to the duty of making this particular noon's activities was Miss Lois Kent, chairman of the coittmit- tee on arrangements. THE* THINK PROHIBITION ISN'T THE ANSWER PAPEETE, Tahiti, — educational campaign to persuade natives to drink less liquor is being carried on by the gov- eminent of Chastenet de Gery, beer since 1933. largely througn its official gazette. The French administration finds that alcohol has impaired the health of the islanders, but does not consider prohibition to be the answer to the problem. Uncle Sam has collected about $1,500,000,000 in taxes on legal year an outstanding one for the the school. Mr. Bush concluded the program with a few well-chosen remarks and then the entire student body sang the Pentwater lack of training in government' high school song. by the people which gave rise to Presiding over the after- FOF STYIE For PRICF Cleaner alone,' *$ JL' Cleaning Tools, $76.50 Henry Drcyfuss designed it... gave it a smart black, gray and crimson color scheme. Hoover engineers pave it new conveniences, such as the no-udjustmciit feature for nips of all thickness. We set the very easy terms—Hoover "305", complete with patented Agitator for Color-Cleaning, Cleaning Tool* in Handy Kit and Mothimizer. Small carrying charge on easy payment plan. Only $1.00 a week, Payable monthly. GROTEMAT'S BONNIE BELMONT Saturday Night LUCKY STAR DANCE Music By The Lucky Stars Wife Saving Station Phone 371 -117 S. James Street IT BEATS . . . AS IT Slf'KEPS . . . AS IT CI.K f.VS 79c $5.65 19c 33c 49c 25c 27c r REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE LUDINGTON STATE BANK of Ludington in the State of Michigan at the close of business on October 2, 1939. Published in accordance with a call made by the Commissioner of the Banking Department pursuant to the provisions of Section 82 of the Michigan financial institutions act. ASSETS Dollars Cts. Loans and discounts (Including S50.21 overdrafts) S 310,708.89 United States Government obligations, direct and ,„-,,,„ guaranteed ..„"„„ i Obligations of States and political subdivisions . . Other bonds, notes, and debentures Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection Bank premises owned $35,000, furniture and fixtures S5.948.48 (Bank premises owned are subject to no liens not assumed by bank) Thyreateit value In tine Vacuum Cleaners that Royal has ever offered. A new and improved modal of the famous Royal De Luxe, with headlight. Made to tell tor The Royal Revolving Brush Hand Cleaner. The last word in efficiency and quality. Made to *»ll for TOTAL VALUE BOTH, DURING THIS SALE, FOR ONLY WALLACE KURAS APPLIANCES 210 West Ludington Avenue Phone G04 LYRIC TONIGHT AND SATURDAY 266,448.36 107,786.10 •; j 12. TOTAL ASSETS $1,344,214.90 .; | LIABILITIES I*': 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and •\' corporations 444,326.54 Ijl 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships and jl! corporations 693,835 «-:16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 90,011.79 19c LUND'S GROCERY 310 S. Washington Ave. Phone 111 I 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 10. '** TOTAL DEPOSITS ............. Sl.228,183.52 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) $1,228,183.52 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital* 26. Surplus 27. Undivided profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TODAY-ASK FOR DO YOU ALWAYS ORDER STEAKS "WELL DONE"? Maybe those fellows who order "medium" or "medium rare" have got something there. And those thousands who Jrink Schmidt's beer have got something there, too. Schmidt's is different! Schmidt's Is brewed without sugar . . . It's LOW In calofie count and It is delicious tasting. Just Tor a change , . . just to prove to yourself that you shouldn't "take things for granted" •— be a sport . . . TRY Schmidt's - you'll be glad you didl NO SUGAR * NO GLUCOSE • NO FATTENING SYRUPS ADDED • Ml KUM18I Mf MM Ct* HIMW 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $1,344,214.90 #This bank's capital consists of first preferred stock with total par value of $12,000, total retirable value $12,000; and common stock with total par value of $70,700. MEMORANDA 31. Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book value): (a) U. S. Government obligations, direct and guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities (b) Other assets pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities (including notes and bills rediscounted and securities sold under repurchase agreement) Cash (e) TOTAL 32. Secured and preferred liabilities: (a) Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirements of law reserve TOTAL 34. (a) On date of report the required legal against deposits of this bank was (b) Assets reported above which were eligible as legal reserve amounted to $555,094.01 I, O. C. Zook, Cashier, of the above-named bank, v do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. O. C.^OOK, Cashier, Correct,—Attest: JOHN PEHRSON, " O. A. STARKE, A. W. CHURCH, Directors. State of Michigan, County of Mason, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this Fifth day of October, 1939, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. R. H. WILDE;, Notary Public. My Commission Expires M>y 9, ...which rose to its greatest triumph... while suffering its greatest defeat! 82,700.00 17,000.00 16,331.38 GOIDM Nights 7:00-9:00. 30c and lOc. RAY ROBERT MILLAND PRESTON BRIAN SO SAN DONIEVY HAYWARD

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