The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 14, 1933 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, January 14, 1933
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'V»,^ THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA*, SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1933 11 BLAMES RUSSIA ' FOR Los Angeles Visitor Makes Accusation, Seeks Aid for Oil Tariff LOS ANdBTjES, Jan, 14.—Development of Russia's oil fields during the past few years, by American Petroleum engineers, Is creating a greater menace to the oil Industry in the United States than any other cause, according to Paul Ache, vice-president of the Independent Petroleum Association, who arrived here today to Interest major oil firms In support of an effective tariff on Imported petroleum, 13 Fields Opened The opening of 13 new oil fields and development of Its own engineers to construct many new refining plants, saW Mr. Ache, are among the reasons why Russia Is preparing to produce nn estimated total of 680,000,000 barrels of oil In 1937, which would be on a par with production In this country. -South Russia, he said, exported 8,600,000 barrels of refined products In 1932, together with 1,646,306 barrels of gasoline. Russia Is making 260,000 to 300,000 feet of oil-well hole per year In search of new production, Is manufacturing Its own equipment and machinery to be used in the' oil Industry, said Mr. Ache. Five-Year Plan Succeed* Russia's five-year plan Is a success, ne believes, and coupled with Its ability to export cheap gasoline to Atlan' tic coast harbors, the' country should be able to compete for business with any other country.' .•He declared the present overproduction In East Texas is only a drop In the bucket and that It will be read- Justed, but that Russia Is thp chief threat to the American oil Industry .and must be taken Into consideration • by American oil operators at once. Dudley Dome Firm HaltsDrill Work After drilling to a depth of 9016 feet In its No. 1 well on section 9, 2S-2& In Kings county, the Dudley Dome Oil Company suspended operations temporarily. Gray shale was at bottom of the well. Showings were encountered on the way down. With suspension of the well there are no drilling sites In action in the Tulare lake district now. ^^^^ Julian Oil Suit Takes New Angle in Texas Court (Unltei Preit Leaied Wire) SAN ANTONIO, Texas. Jan, 14. Receivers for the C. C. Julian Oil •nd Royaltlee Company sought In court today to recover $1,300,000 from 14 concerns, claiming the sum wae appropriated from the company end Invested In the con- eerne. District Judge 8. *O. Tayloe granted a temporary restraining order and eet the oaee for hear* Ing en Ite nierlte January 30; The ault wae filed by attorneye for John W. Harrold, Oklahoma City, reeelver, and J. K, Luoty, Dallae, oeanolllary receiver. The Julian eoncern le new a trust eetate. The petition In the eult allegee that L. S. Belling, brother ef a former official In the company, brought the 91,300,000 to Texas from Oklahoma and now hai It Invested with the defendant con- cernt. Boiling came here' from Oklahoma City. Milham Near Finish of Gas Well No. 22 Milham Exploration Company's twenty-second well in the Buttonwillow gas area, the Southern Pacific Company No. 14-30 has been drilled to a depth of 2393 feet, and the 8%Inch casing has been eet at 2328 feet. The well will be deepend for about 100 feet, then swabbed Into production. The well Is on section 1, 28-22. Meanwhile, on section 8, 28-23, the firm's Whltaker No. 3 Is rigged and ready for spudding when No. 14-31 Is completed. TO.EXPRESS VIEW Senate Committee to Hear Voices of Financiers on Silver Question (Aieoclnted Pren Leaied Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.—Chairman Somers of the House coinage committee, has Invited leading bankers, economists and monetary experts to appear before his committee 'to give their views on his pending bill for the issuance of additional silver currency. His Invitation, a blanket one to "the presidents of large banks, economists and monetary experts," said hearings were to be held In the near future, but did not fix a date. An unusual number of measures for currency expansion, through •liver and other mean*, have been Introduced. On the Senate side, Senator Wheeler, Democrat, Montana, hat served notice he may eeek to block . proceedlnge until something le done toward currency expansion. Somers told those he had invited that If they wished to appear personally he would set a time to suit their convenience. His bill is designed to aid In securing a stable and normal price level through the establishment of an auxiliary monetary reserve of silver, and the issuance' of silver certificates "under circumstances assuring the maintenance of the gold standard." Shell Is Deepening Recent Completion Shell Oil Company has deepened its Vedder No. 6, on section 9, 27-28, at Mount Poso Creek, from the completion point at 1675 feet, to more than 1770 feet, where greater 'production Is expected. The well was good for about 250 barrels daily at the first completion point. The firm Is ready to spud its Security No. 6 on section 16, 27-28, when the present deepening job Is finished. « « » Tho world's highest suspension bridge, spanning the royal gorge of the Arkansas river at a height of 1063 feet, has been opened to traffic. Legal Notices Legal Noticcg SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE COUNTY OF HERN To the Honorable Clerk of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, SUt N ° c ^"uze^ttie Public Administrator of the County of Kern, State of California, respectfully makes his return to all estates of decedents which have come into his hands; the value of same; the money.which has come into his hands from such estates; what has been done with it; his fees and expenses incurred-in each estate, and the balance, if any, rema inlnit in hi a hands during the six months of his term of office, commencing with July 1st, 1932, and ending with December 31st, 1932, same being In accordance With the Provisions of Section 1736, of the Code of Civil Proceedure of the State of a . Appraised Money Adm'r Money Claims Balance Value Rec'd Fees Paid Allowed On Hand 350.00 816.23 160.00 306.23 22.14 159.00 75.84, 1.00 280.39 82.18 20.00 803.00 4,367.44 1,200.00 200.00 78.00 7.20 828.63 828.47 1,200.00 305.00 405.10 12.80 474.47 3,633.97 Ohio Cores Ahead at Belridge Well Ohio Oil Company has resumec drilling at Its Bloemor No. 1 well on section 36, 27-20, at Belridge and the bit Is coring through shale near 8201 feet. When a depth of 8146 feet had been reached,- fractured shale forcfi'J suspension of drilling work in or«7'/r that heavy mud pumps might bo readjusted, and It was hoped that tho heavier mud would close the fractures. LATE W. C. I U. MOTES PREDICTIONS that drunkenness would be more prevalent and traf- 'Io accidents Increase It the proteo- ;lon of the Wright act were withdrawn Irom the citizens of Ix>s Angeles have received quick confirmation through figures compiled by the chief statistician of the police department. The repeal of the Wright act Is not yet three weeks old, yet arrests for ntoxlcatlon, both on the streets and at the wheel of the automobile, already have started t<3 mount. In 13 days while the Wright act was still In 'oroe, the total arrests for those of- 'ensos were 889) In 13 days after the act was repealed the total rose to 1096. In the November period there were 363 traffic accidents, 492 Injuries and 9 deaths. In the same period In Decem- aer accidents numbered EOT, Injuries in traffic 695 and deaths reached the record-breaking total of 29. The grim reaper has taken swift and erriblo advantage of the opportunity afforded him to take additional toll of human life through the vote which permitted a more liberal flow of Intoxicating liquors among those who use the public streets. Three times the number of killed, since the restraining hand of the Wright act was removed, Is enough to give pause to the most ardent wet, It should make every mnn and woman In Los Angeles reconsider our street safety problem with the reasoning of sober second thought. Many of those who, caught In the general flood of protest last November, voted for the repeal of the Wright act, would do well to watch the record of Increased traffic perils caused by lack of enforcement of the laws against the sale of Intoxicants.—L. A. Times. Some time ago, Dr. S. Parks Cadman, the noted minister who ench week broadcasts over a national chain, was asked: "Why do you stand against the worker's having his beer? He gets It In England, nnd I am told that Englishmen are more sober than Americano," To this, Doctor Cadman replied as Follows:' "Your question comes to Hand at a moment when the British Parliamentarians report against the extension of the drink traffic, nnd the British medlcnl authorities are pleading that their countrymen give the ohlld'ron nourishing food, They point to the fact that, under test, the children who get an extra dal(y ration of milk show an Increase In height of 23 per cent nnd an average Increase In weight of 45 per cent ovor those children who, do not get the extra ration. "It would seem that thin baslo food lt»B a remnrkable Influence on physical development. Yet Orcat Britain consumes very much less milk than any other advanced nation. Beer takes Its place. Under present conditions the Industrial groups of that country nre too. poor to buy both milk and beer; so the parents get the beer, and the children don't get the milk. This much at least appears beyond argument. Open to Convletton "Further, If you can convince me that beer builds up the American home, fortifies Its children, strengthens the parents to do their Jobs more efficiently, or lessens the risk of physical Injury and the dangers of vehicular traffic, you will have Justified your claim, and I shall have- advocated an errorless doctrine. "But the facts based on experience flatly contradict the efficacy of beer or^of any other Intoxicating liquors when used as a beverage to confer the physical benefits we. have named. Milk produces a higher level of Intelligence In our children than any other food, while beer befuddles the brain of Its users," Doctor Irving Fisher, noted economist of Yale University says: "The Idea that the liquor business creates something economically Is on a par with the Idea of tai undertaker who complained that the \>uro milk committee In his town hud ruined his trade In babies' funerals." STOCKS AND MARKETS Coring Ahead Begun at Pyramid Project Deepening work has been under way for several days at the Pyramid Gauthler lease, section 24, 25-18, at Pyramid Hills, In K6rn county. A depth of more than 2400 feet has been reached. In the same district, but on section 11, 25-18, the Lincoln No. 1 well operated by A. S. Hallaway, has reached a depth of 1450 feet and is In brown shale formation. 787.86 640.91 121.39 126.00 65.12 46.36 8!60 622.36 637.88 40.46 40.25 482.00 419.21 ins'.oo 165.00 3.03 80.93 84.75 160.29 7.00 153.29 2,074.21 110.00 2,074.21 306.00 1,313.24 584.00 1,036.65 1,771.08 41.93 686.51 684.00 728.19 602.11' 847.50 265.00 646.00 384.00 626.73 308.30 1,268.87 963.48 67.44 464.12 291.11 499.36 202.12 792.72 160.00 340.00 228.62 35.00 406.37 9.02 731.77 8.50 37.80 17.00 23.00 37.07 868,60 275'.66 176.00 302.00 193.10 60.95 141.50 302.20 206.62 12.00 369.30 611.83 17.00 8.18 694.83 212.12 202.12 1,226.03 256.00 14.15 17.52 202.12 484.89 203,53 611.73 194.60 374.45 294.98 741.14 51.47 340.19 340.19 523.16 223.85 1,100.00 299.81 Ursula Garcia i Plug-one Wilson .Tuaquln Padllla A. Hernandez ... H. I/. Gentry.. .Unappralsed A'. M. Heyworth... 7,984.29 Alice Hlgglns 1,000.00 Orvll B. Phelps.Unappralsed Joe 1 Smith 787.36 Agase Atamtair .... 640.91 William R. Jones.. 121.39 William J. Wilson..- 125.00 Bucy Ocano ....Unappralsed John C. Cunningham 260.00 Ole Nelson Unappraised Lulu I. Van Winkle Unappralsed Harry Ronolds .... 1,600.00 V. J. Cowan.... Unappralsed Joe Nonella 2,074.21 A. R. Staffa....Unappralsed John Kellerman ... 1,517.24 William J. Hanat.. • 584.00 Frances Sheppard.. 1,036.55 Charles H. Allen... 1,771.08 Lillian Moore...Unappralsed Baclllo Katapan 963.48 C. Morales Unappralsed Charles E.- Davis Unappralsed O. N. Gosnell 1,116.22 Claude Moore 150.00 Laurence O'Connor 340.00 Thomas Gallagher . 323.62 M. E. Wylle 400.00 Florence Brewer Unappralsed Richard Tannls. Unappralsed Url D. Pryor....Unappralsed Mae Zimmer.. ..Unappralsed M. IV Kerr Unappralsed Louisa E. Bell.-.Unappralsed Hop Tuck Unappralsed Mallnda W. Davis Unappralsed Ernest O. Davis 202.12 Juan Echeverrla ... 1,247.23 Pasquale Plaiolla .. 2,481.80 Nells Christiansen Unappralsed William Baker. .Unappralsed Jessie Scott Darnell 360.19 Samuel T. Olat- felter Unappralsed Frank Nelson...Unappralsed Jacob Ward 250.00 G. D. Cardoza . .Unappralsed Elvira Williamson Unappraised Alfred Gllfred 1,025.92 Pierre Faure , 6,879.41 Joseph Coffe 1,600.00 John J. Cor• coran Unappralned H. H. Bell 2.387.50 Chris Nelson....Unappralsed David Engle....Unappralsed Edward Anderson Unappralsed John Lacy — 410.46 Flora C. Hugglns.. 697.22 John Reubensteln.. 865.00 Charles Alls 1,000.00 Mabel Webber. .Unappralsod Francisco E. R|o Unappralsed Casper Schock . .Unappralsed John Obradovlch... 760.00 Bessie Moore 1,604.19 Anna E. Hoefner... 1,750.00 R. W. Wynne 700.00 Flora V. Payne 1,126.00 Santos Perez ...Unappraised Ed. R. Barkley..Unappralsed Andres Jerger- son Unappralsed Gustav Heuschkel Unappralsod Lillian Hodgson .... 250.00 John* 1 !, Keller...Unappralsed Jim'Malatoro ..Unnppralsed Silas L. Jenkins.Unappralsed Ef. L. Pearce.,..Unappralsed Thos. Bryson ,. .Unappralsed , Solla Styles Unappralsed B. F.* Allen Unappralsed Otto Bliss Unappralsed .John Coco Unappralsed " ...... ...... Robert J. Little.Unappralsed State of California, County of Kern, BH. • N. C. Houze, being duly sworn, says: that the above and foregoing semiannual report of the Public Administrator of the County of Kern, is a true and correct account of the estates 'coming Into his hands as Public Administrator of Kern Coiinty, as some therein appears, from the 1st day of .July, 1982, to the 31st day of December, 1982, and-the whole thereof, and that he was not interested In any of tho expenditures of any estate, (SEAL) ' ' Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9tli day of January. 1933. W. B. GOLDING, Notary Public. Jun. 13 to 24, Inc. In and for the County of Kern, State of California. Report Test Proved Showings Valueless Showings examined between 5890 feet and 6945 feet in the -Avenal No, 1 well, on section 36, 23-17 in Kings county, proved valueless, according to a report by the Pacific Western OH Company, deepener of the well for the Knudsen and Schmidt combination. Legal Notices NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. B2DO. Dept. 2. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OP CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KERN. In the Matter of the Estate of DELLA B. SMITH, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY JOE SMITH, as Executor, and RUTH S. HENLEY, as Executrix of the estate of the above-named decedent, to the creditors of and to all persons having claims against the said estate, that they are required to file such claims with the Clerk of the above entitled Court with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this notice, or to present such claims with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this notice to the said Executor and Executrix at the law office of C. V. ANDERSON, Suite 312, Professional Building, Bak- ersfleld, California, which is the place for tho transaction of the business of the estate of said decedent. Dated December 16, 1932. JOE SMITH, as Executor, and RUTH S. HENLEY, as Executrix of the estate of DELLA B. SMITH, deceased. C. V. ANDERSON, Attorney for Executor and Executrix. Dec. 17, 24, 81; Jan. 7, 14. 5T SERVE 24 YEARS IN PRISON (United Pren Leaied Wire) OAKLAND, Jan. 14.—Reginald E. 'Rex" Barrera, Oakland broker, was on his way to San Quentln prison to begin serving the 2 to 24 year sentence Imposed after ho pleaded guilty to forgery and grand theft. Ban-era, who sailed the Pacific five months alone in a yacht to escape arrest, voluntarily surrendered recently and waived a preliminary hearing and trial. He smiled a greeting to his wife after hearing sentence and accompanied guards back to jail to await removal to prison. Charges against him were made by his former clients, who claimed shortages in his accounts approximated $200,000. Peace Is Looming in Illinois_Coal Fields (United Preti Leaied Wire) SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 14. — The Christian county coal fields, scene of bloody guerilla warfare, saw hope of lasting peace today in a truce effected at midnight last night by Illinois' new goveinor, Henry Horner. All factions In the dispute, which has cost eight lives nnd wounded scores of men, agreed at the request of the governor to a general disarmament pending complete settlement of tha conflict. The United Mine Workers of America and their bitter new foe, the Progressive Miners' Union, agreed to the request of the governor that all followers disarm and picketing cease. ATS.F. SUFFER SLUMPS Two Issues Advance; Nine Decline and Eight Remain Unchanged (Astoclated Preit Leated Wire) SAN. FRANCISCO, Jan. 14.—Trans- America put on a one-hour show on the stock exchange today, while other stocks drifted quietly lower. The Qlannlnl etock came eud- denly te life after a elugglih start, moved between S and 5|/ t and closed'unchanged at 8%. The turn* ever wae 10,MO aharee, with only 800 aharea ef It In the flret hour ef the three-hour eeeelon. The stock exchange netted two gains, g even and 0 down. Railway equipment preferred added and Pacific Lighting 1i. Besides Transamer- Ica, others finishing even were finance, industrial and preferred utility shares. California-Oregon Power preferred 7s lost 1 for the biggest move, Home Fire and Marine cased %, Magnln common and Pacific Telephone % each, and Alaska Juneau, United Aircraft. Pacific Oas common and 6s, and Standard Oil settled small fractions. The curb's star performer was Caterpillar Tractor 6 per cent bond, up 16 points to 97. Russ Building 6 per cent bonds gained V4 at 39Vi. Stoclts up fractions wore Radio, Oahu Sugar and Aviation Corporation, and losers were American Telephone, General Motors, Idaho Mines, Occidental Pete and Southern Pacific Golden Gate preferred, which was off 1%. BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS (United Preit Leaned Wlr«) NEW YORK.—Business throughout the country Is offering more resistance to adverse Influences than a year ago, weekly trade reviews said today. YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio. — Youngstown stool operationH wero estimated at 18 per cent of capacity, the highest since November 1, and a fractional gain from the start of the week. ' NEW YORK.—Dodge passenger car salei at retail during the week ended December 81 were 18.6 per cent higher than the preceding week, while truck sales showed a gain of 21.7 per cent, It wae reported. TORONTO, Ont.— Mclntyro Porcupine Mines, Ltd,, declared the usual extra dividend of 12V4 cents a share and the regular quarterly of 25 cents. !. M'PHERSON IS (United Frett Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14.—Almee emple McPherson Hutton, pastor of Lngelus temple, was reported slightly mproved today on' the heels of a court rder bidding her appear next Tues- ay for trial of a $240,000 breach of ontract suit. Through her attorneys, the evnngel- st sought to obtain a six-month post- Jonement of the trial which is being irosecuted by J. Roy Stewart, who latins she broke a contract with him or filming her "life's story." Afd- lavlts of a physician were offered, ttxtlng- she was In a comatose condl- lon as result of a nervous exhaustion, iut Superior Judge M. E. McComb rdered the case to proceed as scheduled. In opposing a continuance, Stewart ontended Mrs. Button's illness was not serious. I am tired of working," he quoted ver as telling him last April. "I'm going to close my business affairs, sell he temple, and my husband and I are going to Europe." "Mrs. Hutton's attorney Immediately denied she was contemplating sale of the temple. She Is considering, however, a trip around the world, but her lusband, Dave Hutton, will remain at lome. , Legal Notices NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS POSED ROAD No. 842. ON PRO, 1,026.92 870.41 60.00 71.04 1,026.92 325.58 18.50 376.00 601.35 53.83 31.50 2,108.00 1,434.65 MO.02 •105.00 •152.80 405.00 1,557.98 1,029.65 794.98 116.46 31)7.22 885.00 1,360.00 507.60 1,128.07 12.00 386.00 844.34 040.00 327.34 287.4S 116,4« 385.22 479.00 1,005.66 760.00 1,604.19 94.16 477.60 1,604.19 407.60 479.00 282.50 425.00 349.50 425.00 366.95 3,000.00 260.00 250.00 106.95 3,000.00 50.00 40,00 158.90 50.00 40.00 153.90 NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS FOR ROAD OIL TO BE USED ON CITY STREETS DURING THE CALENDAR YEAR 1933. PURSUANT to an order of the Council of the City of Bakorsfleld directing this notice, said Council hereby Invites Healed proposals or bids for the furnlBhfcig of road oil to the City of Bakersfleld during the calendar year ending December 31, 1933, for use on city streets, In accordance with specifications on file In the office of the City Engineer of said City. All proposals or bids shall be delivered to the City Clerk on or before 5 o'clock P. M., Monday, thn 16th day of January, 1933, the mime to bo opened at a regular meeting of the City Council at 8 o'clock P. M. of the wild day. The Council reserves tho rlcht to reject any or all proposals or bids, Dated: January 10, 193.1. v. VAN RIPER, City Clerk nnd Kx-Offlclo Clerk of the Council of the City of Bak- ersfleld. Jan. 11 to 16, 'Inc. ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCK HOLDBRS, BAKERSFIELD IN VESTMENT COMPANY. 2,124.81 2,124.81 The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Bakersfleld Investment Company will bo held In the office of Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Chester Avenue, City of Bakersfleld, County of Kern, State of California, on Tuesday, January 17, 1938, at 2 p. in., for the election of Directors, nnd such other business aa may properly come before said meeting. Dated January 1, 1933. E. L. SOLOMON, Secretary. Jan. 6 to 18, incl. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Notice Is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Parnffine Oil Company will oe held at the office of the company, 1420 Seventeenth street, Bakersfleld, California, on Tuesday, the 31st dny of January. 1033, at the hour' of 3 o'clock P, M., for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors and transacting such other business as may come bo fore tho 'meeting. CirAS. A. TTARE. Secretary, Purafflno Oil ','ompiiny. Dated .lunuiiry 12, 1938. Juu. 12 to 27, inc. « Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California: To- All Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice: That the report of viewers hereto- ore appointed by tho above-named Board to view and lay out proposed bounty Road No. 842, commencing at :he northeast corner of Villa Lot No. 26, according to tho map of "Drury's Addition of Kern City, Sec. 21, T. 29 S., R. 28 E., M. D. B. & M.," filed for record on March 18th, 1907, on page 101 of Book 1 of Maps, and running thence southerly and nlong east boundary of snld Villa Lot No. 26, to the southeast corner thereof, has been set down for hearing by the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Courthouse In the City of Bakersfleld, mild County and State, for January 30, 1933, at 11 o'clock A. M., where any and all Interested therein may "appear nnd 'make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said road will pass over, through and upon the lands Surah J. Tltmus, Villa Lot No. 26, Drury's Addition of Kern City. By order of the Board of Supervls ors of the County of Kern, State ol California, made January 9, 1983. F. E. Smith, County Clerk and ex-Offlcio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Jan. 12 to 26, (no. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS OF KERN COUNTY FINANCE COMPANY. Notice Is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Kern County Finance Company will be held at the office of sMd corporation at 1923 Chester Avenue In the City of Bakarsfield, State of California, on Thursday, January 20, 1933 ut the hour of 3 p. in., for tho pur pose of electing directors for tho ensuing year, and for tho transaction 01 such other business as may properly como before the ninetlng, M. A. AVEATHERWAX, Jan. 12 to 2G. Secretary, NOflCE OF ANNUAL MEETING KERN COUNTY MUTUAL BUILD ING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. The regular annual meeting of th Kern Co.unty Mutual Building am Loan AHsoclutlon will be held Tues day, January 24th, 1933, at 3 o'clocl p. m., at Its office at 803 Baker street Bakersfield, California, for the pur pose of electing a Board of Director to serve for the ensuing year, nnd th transaction of such other buslnens a may como regularly before the meet ing. ARTHUR S. CRITES. Jan. 10 to 21,Incl. Secretary. NOTICE OF STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING Notice is hereby given that th Stockholders' mentlng of the Hlffhlan Park Mutual Water Company will b held at Wells' Memorial Hall, on Ar vln Street, Highland Park, Monday the 16th day of January, 1933, at o'clock P. M., for the purpose of elect Ing a Board of Directors and for sue other business us may properly com before wild meeting. BERTIE LANK, President. WARREN STOCKTON, Secretary. Jan, 7 and 14. S.F. Stocks (Anoolated Preit Leaied Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14.— Stock— Bid Alaska Juneau...,, 11% Atlas Impl. "A" 2 Byron Jackson 1V4 Ask, Weekly Citrus (.immolated Pren Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan, 14.—California oranges advanced but lemons were lower In average prices at eastern and middle western auction centers this week. Sales totaled 182 cars of oranges and 166 of lemons, as compared to 196 and 83, respectively, for the week preceding, tral cleaned up and southern fruit predominates in the shipments. Oranges advanced 39 cents a box to an average of 13.03. Very little choice fruit was marketed, sales being confined chiefly to the best grades, A year ago this week oranges brought 12.46 a box and two years ago 13.23. Lemons, going on the market In volume, declined in price from $6.44 to an average of $5.10 a box. They brought $3.80 a box In the corresponding week 4t 1932 and $9.14 in the similar period of 1031. The bulk of northern and cen- Callfornlo. oranges have been Calif. Ink. "A" California Pack Caterpillar Tractor 8 Consd. Chem. "A". 13% Crown com. vtc l Crown prcf. "A" 8V Crown pref. "B" 8y Flreman'ii ,. 43V Golden State.. 4ty Honolulu Oil 9 Leslie-Calif. Salt 12 L. A. Q. & E. pfd. Magnavox 96? Mugnln com 87 Mngnln pfd 61} Marchnnt com North American P. G. & E. com P. G. & E. 6% 1st pfd. . P. G. & E. 5V4% 1st pfd. Pacific Light, com Pac. Light. $6 div. pfd. Pac. pub. Svc. now com. Pac. Pub. Svc. 1st pfd. Pacific Tel. & Tel. com. .. Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd. ..109 Parafflno com 8% Plg'n Wills, pfd V Richfield com 4 Richfield pfd V Roos com 2 .SJ L&P 7% pr. pfd «*- (United Pren Leaied Wire) MODESTO, Jan. 14.—Charges of ^regularities In affairs of the Oakdale :rrlgatlon District today were declared mselesH In a special report of the Stanislaus County Grand Jury. The investigating body, which two weeks ago began examination of charges of unauthorized entries In assessment rolls and charges of "Incom- petency and dishonesty" agalndt certain officers and directors, concluded their report with praise for tho accused officials. Anonymous death-threat letters sent to H. B. McGrath, president of the board of directors, and T. S. Pender- jrass, dbcretary, also wero Investigated. The jury found no evidence on which to. base charges against tho writers, they reported. The letters demanded "Instant resignation" of the two officials, •*Three Suspects in " Held Cotton Futures (Ateoolated Pren Leaied Wire) NEW YORK. Jan. 14.—Early declines were followed by rallies in the cotton market today. Trading became more active toward tho clone, when prices stiffened on MARKET A1N.Y. IN STEADY CLOSE Small Declines Retrieved; Close Finds Changes Few, Slight (Associated Pre»t Levied Wire) NEW YORK, Jan, 14.—The stock market easily absorbed week-end profit-taking in today's short session, and closed with a steady tone. Leaders yielded from fractions to a point for a time, but the list stiffened in the late dealings, Influenced In part by buying of the tobaccos, The close found most changes narrow, but a few Issues were up or down as much as a point. Turnover was only about 360,001 shares, Procter & Gamble reduced the quarterly dividend to »7V4 cents, from 60 cents, and that issue lost about a point. Continental Can lost about a point, as did Chrysler and Bordcn. Eastman was up about a point, along with th« tobaccos, notably American "B," Liggett & Myers "B," and Reynolds "B." American Telephone and U. S. Steel wero off substantial fractions for n time, but wore off only VI In the final dealings. Rails were about steady. Business news at the end of the week was In the main scarcely of a character to Influence the list appreciably. New York Close (United Pren Leaied Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 14.— Railroads Atchlaon ......................... 43 Baltimore, & Ohio ................. 10% Chesapeake & Ohio ............... 27H Illinois Central ................... 13% New York Central ................ 19U Northern Pacific ................. IS 1 }* Pennsylvania .................... 17*5 Southern Pacific ................. ISMi Union Pacific ..................... 75 Groat Northern pfd .............. 10 Industrials American Can .................... 60!i American Tel, & Tel ............. 106% Bordcn ............. , .............. 24W Cities Service ..................... 2% Columbia Gas ............... ..... 17 Vh Consolidated Gas ................. 61 to Corn Products .................... 66 Curtlss- Wright ...... ............. 2>,l Famous Players .................. 2 Fox Films "A" ................... 2»i General Electric .................. ISV General Foods .................... 27 ji covering and trade buying. March contracts, after selling off SJ L&P 6% pr. p (•inhloacrt* " A " r«r» pfd ifd. <gr pfd 14 Union com 4% Schlesgr "A" com. Schlesgr pfd Shell Union c_ Southern Pacific! ".'.".'.'.".".". ~.'. 18V S. P. Golden Gate "A".. 4'4 6% S. P. Golden Gate "B" .. 3<i 4")i Standard Oil of Calif .. 24% 26MS Tidewater com 3U 3V4 Tidewater pfd 42% 44 Trannamorlca 5% 5H Union Oil of Calif. 10% 11% Western Pipe com 7% 8Vi SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—Hogs—Receipts for week, 3500: 10-26O lower; 160-209-pound Call- fornlas $4.00; 191-ppund Nebraskas $3.66; sows $2.26®2.50; today: none. Cattle—Reclpts for five days, 2460; steers steady to mostly 25c lower; low good 929-pound fed $5.00, top; 962-901- pound medium to good $4.60<fl>4.76: bulk 790-1064-pound medium $4.25^)4.50; good cows 25o lower, $3.00, medium r 'dalry" type $2.40, bulls $2.00(3)2.60, today 85. Calves, receipts 225; choice light vealers $5.50; common low mo- dlum calves $2.50@3.50. Sheep—Receipts for five days 3100: lambs steady to 15c lower; 71-80-pound good and local fed shorn $5.60; 91- pound good $5.10: mixed lambs and matured classes $3.25, eweH 60c®$2.00. Today, 626. Good 92-pound Nevada lambs $5,35, around 16c higher. LOS ANOELES HAY LOS 'ANGELES. Jan. 14. (A. P.)— Hay, per ton, f. n. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley, $13igil4. Choice oat, $14<3>16. Alfalfa, delivered (Hynes Monte): U. S. No. 1, $13@14. U. 8. No. 2, leafy, $12. U. S. No. 2, $12012.60. to 6.13 early rallied to 6.20 and closed at G.18 with the general market closing very steady net unchanged to 2 points higher. Cotton futures closed very steady, unchanged to 2 higher. January, 6.12; March, 6.18(0)6.20; May, G.314P 6.82; July, 6.43@6.44; October, 8.62; December, 6.76. Spot quiet; middling, 6.25. Goodyear Tire and Rubber...... 17% International Harvester .......... 23»I International Tel. & Tol ........ TAt Montgomery Ward ............... 14V» North American .................. 30% Pacific Otis Rlectrlc .............. 30 Radio Corporation ................ 6% Safevvny Stores ................... 42 Sears-Roebuck , .................. 20% U. S. Rubber ..................... 4T» Union Carbide & Carbon ........ 27»i United Aircraft ................... 27*i Warner Brothers ................ 2 Western Union ................. 28»i Westlnghounc Electric 30 NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 14. (A. P.)— Spot cotton closed steady and unchanged. Sales 2812; middling 6.18, COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Jan. 14. (U. P.)—Crude, L. A. Stocks (United Presi Lcaicd Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jun. 14.— Industrials Stock— Uld Byron Jackson 1 Claude Neon Elcc. Douglas Aircraft ........... 12Vi Emsco Derrick com ...... 3 Globe Q. & M. com ........ U Goodyear T. & R. pfd.... 30 Taylor Milling... .......... 4ft Van do Kamp ............ 6 Western Pipe Ask. 2 39 or El (United Prem Leaied Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14. — Three persons were under arrest today while federal immigration officers Investigated operations of an asserted white slave ring Into which an Oregon girl claimed she had fallen prey. Impl Ylonen, pretty 20-year-old Finnish girl of Astoria, Ore., reported she had been Imprisoned in a room- Ing house for 10 days by a Japanese and his white wife. Agents arrested Croorge Wakamoto, 36; Helen Young AVakamoto, 26, and Ernest Moore, 35, The girl said she made her escape through the help of a friendly waiter to whose restaurant Mrs. Wakamoto had taken her. COFFEE MARKET NEW YORK, Jan. 14. (U. P.)—Coffee: Rio 7s on spot 8'/4c; Santos 4s, 9%c. Wants Facts About Tariff Bargaining (United Pren Leaied Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.—Senator Costlgan, Democrat, Colorado, a recent visitor to President-elect Roosevelt In New York, today Introduced In tho Seriate a request that the tariff commission submit for the Information of the president-elect and the public all available Information and advices 'on "tariff bargaining." Farm Foreclosures Held in Abeyance (Ansnflatea Frets Leaned Wire) MADISON, WIs., Jan. 14.—Governor A. G. Schmedeman today Issued a proclamation calling upon circuit judges of the state to hold In abeyance American Railway Association today all mortgage foreclosure proceedings announced that cur loadings of revenue Car Loadings Show Increase of 28,873 (United Preti Leaied Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. •The until the Wisconsin Legislature, now In session, has an opportunity to enact relief legislation. Lawgivers' Activity Will Be Broadcast (United PreiH Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.— Residents of the state of Washington are to bo given the proceedlnge of the state Legislature over the radio. The radio commission today authorized radio station KGY of Olympla to increase its time on the air for that purpose. JOHN D. MAKES GIFT NEW YORK, Jan. 14. (U. P.)— John D. Rockefeller, Jr., has given an antique statue worth $141,760 to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is known as tho Lansdowne Amazon, a pontellc marble figure regarded as nn exceptionally fine Roman copy of a Greek sculpture of about 440-430 B. C. freight for tho week ending January 7 were 435,652 cars, an Increase of 28,87.3 above the preceding Week, but a reduction of 136,026 below the corresponding week In 1932 and 277,478 under the same period In 1931. ALIMONY MORATORIUM CHICAGO, Jan. 14. (A. P.)— Illinois may declare a moratorium on alimony payments while a man Is In jail for nonpayments to his wife. A bill, designed to correct disputed evils of the divorce, separate maintenance and alimony statutes, Is to be Introduced In the present session of the Illinois general Assembly. MRS. WILSON ACCEPTS WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (A. P.)— Mrs, Woodrow Wilson, widow of the wnr president, has accepted appointment as a vice-chairman of the committee on distinguished guests to serve March 4 at the Inaugural of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Banke Citizens Nat. Bank 37 Seo. First Nat. Ban*...... 44 44Vi Mlicellnneoae L. A. Invest. Co 1 1% Pacific Finance Co 6 6% Pac. Mutual Life 2H 29 VS Transamerlca 6 Vi 6 % Western Air Express 13 16 Public Utllltlei L. A. G. & El. pfd 95V4 97 P. G. & 10. com 29% 30Vi P. G. & E. 1st pfd 25 25V4 Pac. Lighting com 42Vi 43>4 S. Joa. L. & P. 6% pfd.... 80 So. Calif. Kdlson com.... 27V So. Calif. Kdlson 7% pfd.. 26? So. Calif. Kdlson 8% pfd.. 24V So. Calif. Edison 5V4% Pfd. 22 So. Calif. Gas 6% pfd.... 23^ Southern Pacific 184f 18% Oils Barnsdall 3H 4 Bolsa Chlco 1V« 1% Pacific Western 8>£ 3% Republic Pete 1<£ 1« Rlchflold Oil... >4 % Richfield Oil pfd Vi V4 Standard OH of Calif 26Vi 26H Union Oil of Calif 11V& 11% CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—Accompanied by sudden selling ascribed to a large professional trader, wheat prices dropped late today, and stop loss orders were forced Into execution. Most of tho time previous, tho wheat market had an upward trend. Wheat cloned unsettled %®%c un'• T>V4o and provisions unchanged to a rise of 5 cents. CHICAGO, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—Wheat No. 2 red, 48V4o; new corn No. 4 mixed, 23V4c; No. 2 yellow, 25V4c; No. 3 white, 23%©24o; old corn No. 2 yellow, 28c; oats No. 2 white, 16%o; No. 3 white, 16V4®16%c; rye no sales; barley 22<3>86c. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—HORH— Receipts 15,000; steady; mnjorlty 230300-pound weights $2.75^3.00; $3.10 top; HOWS $2.30(ff>2.50. Cattle—Receipts compared week ago KtrlPtly good and choice IOIIR year- IIrigs, nnd light steeri 26c higher; common and medium light steers and yporllngs 2B-50C up; heifers 50c®$1.25 higher, other killing classes unevenly higher, vealers about steady; extreme top long yearlings $7.35; medium weight steers $7.00; practical top weighty $6.00; bulk heavies $4,25® $5.25. .Sheen—Receipts 5000; today nominal; for week, better grade Inmbs mostly 25-40c lower; others and sheop mostly steady; Hosing bulks: (food to choice native lambs $5.75^6.26: fed westerns $5.751J'6.16; fat ewen $2.00® 2.75. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANGELES. Jan. 14. (A. P.)— Hogs—Receipts for week 635; bulk $3.45(^3.75. Cattle—Receipts 3700: strong to 25c higher: few loads fed steers and yearlings $5.00@>5.75: others J4.00WI.85: Woolworth 35 J. C. Penney 26'i Transnmerlc-a 6% First National Stores 62% Johns-Manvlllo 22Vi Caterpillar 8Vi Metali American Smelting 13 Anaconda 7% Bethlehem Steel .-... \r>^» International Nickel 8 Kennecott Copper 9'i U. S. Steel 29% Vanadium Steel 12*4 Republic Steel 6VJ Tobacco nnd Sugar American Sugar 22 American Tobacco "A" 62*i American Tobacco "B" 63% Cuban American Sugar 1% R. J. Reynolds "B" 33 United Cigars Mi Oils Mexican Seaboard 19 Phillips Pete 8 Shell Union 6V4 Sinclair 5H Standard of Calif 25VJ Standard of N. J 31' Standard of N. T 7% Texas Company 13U Motor* Auburn 61V4 Chrysler 14? General vtors. 181,-i der yesterday's finish, corn V4< down, oats unchanged to Hudson 6 Packard Motors 2% Studebaker 4Vi Tlmken Roller Bearing 18V4 Equipments American Locomotive 7 General Tank 18Vi Stewart Warner 3% L. A. BUTTER, EQQS, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14. (U. P.)— Butter Prime, 19c. Prime firsts, 18o. Standards, 17c. Firsts, 16c. Eflgs Large—Clean extras, SOo; light dirty extras, 29c; clean standards, 29c; light dirty standardsr 29c; checks, 28c. Medium—Clean extras, 28c; light dirty extras, 28o; clean standards, 27o; light dirty standards, 27c; checks, 27c. Small—Clean, 28u; light dirty, 28c. Poultry and Rabbits Hens, Leghorns, 2 to 3U Ibs., 13c. Hens, Leghorns, 3Vi to -1 Ibs., l4c. Hens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, 14c. Hens, .colored, 3^4 to 4 Ihs., 16c. Hens, colored, 4 Ibs. and up, 17o. Broilers, 1 and up to IV His., 14c. Broilers, 1V4 to 2% Ibs., ITc. Fryers, Leghorns, 2Vi to .". Ibs., 14c. Fryers, colored, 2U to SU lb»., 170. Roasters, soft bone, 3Vj Ibs. up, 17o. Stags, ISc; old roosters, So. DuckllngN, Pekln, 4 HIK. :md up, 11,?. Other than Pekln, 4 Ibs. and up, 100. Old ducks, lOc. Geese, lUc. Young torn turkeys, 13 Ibs. up, ISo. Young toniw, dressed, 12 Ibs, up, 16c. Hen turkeys, 9 Ibs. up, 13c. Hen turkeys, dressed, 8 Ibs. up, I6c. Old torn turkeys, 12c; dressed, 15o. Squabs, under 11 Ibn. dozen, 15c. Squabs, 11 Ib9. dozen and up, 20fl. Capons, live, undor 7 Ibs., 18c. Capons, live, 7 Ibs. and up, 20c. Capons, dressed, under 6 Ibs., "Sc, Capons, dressed, 6 Ibu. up. 23c. Rabbits, No. 1 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., 9o. Rabbits, No. 2 whlto, 3 to 4 Ibs., 60. No. 1, mlxud colors, U to 4 IbB., 5u. ntibblls, No. 1, old, 5c. fed heifers 4.65; cows $6.00dfn.l5; $2.80@>.'l.75. bulk J4.-5 Cnlves—Receipts lOfiO: strong to 25c higher; bulk $4.COfr5.50. Sheep—Receipts '500; lambs 15-25c higher; good to.05; ewes $2.75. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YOUK, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—Liberty Uondu closed today: SH«, 32-47, 102.24. Klrst 4V4s, 32-47, 102.20. Fourth 4V1S, 33-38, 103.13. Fourth 414«, reg.. 33-38. 103.7. Treasury 4Vis, 47-53, 110.10. Treasury 48. 44-G4, 106.26. Treasury 3%s, 46-56, 104.26. Treasury 34s, 40-43. June, 102.4. Treasury 3%s, 43-47, 102.10. Treasury 3%s, reg., 43-47, 103.2. Treasury 3%s, 41-43, March, 102.T. Treasury 3\4s, 40-49. 99.19. Treasury 3s, 51-65, 98.9. FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YOUK, Jan. 14. (A. P.)—Foreign exi'liaiiKo steady; Great Britain in dollurK, others In cents; Great Britain demand 3.35%; cables 3.:i5ty; 60-day bills 3.34H; France demand 3.90U; cables S.90 6-16; Italy demand 5.1 Hi: cables 5.12. Demands: Belgium 18.86; Germany 23.75H; Holland 40.14Vi: Toklo 30.60; Shanghai 28.00: Montreal 88.13Vi; Mexico City (silver peso), 31.20. BAR SILVER NEW YORK, Jun. 14. (A. P.)—Bar Oliver to higher at 25 Vi.

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