Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 5, 1970 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1970
Page 8
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All About Town More on Astrology by dot In our first article on this subject we attempted to give you -a little background on astrology. At one time astrology played a" large part in the affairs of nations. As we entered a purely technical age. man felt ma- chimes could solve all his problems. Only God and ourselves cftn do that, but we need all the help we can get. Astrology can provide a better understanding of the many problems of coping with the opposite sex. The average age of marriage partners has dropped in the past two decades, but the divorce rate has risen considerably. Knowing characteristics of the various signs of the zodiac, of which there are 12, will help us to understand that some things in our partner's nature will remain unchanged. Of course, the wisest course is to move in with his parents and observe the family under difficult situations for say. some 10 years or so. You will find out what he or she is really like. If you haven't time, then do as a young friend recently told us. "I can't stand a man with no hair. So each guy I date, I ask to meet his dad. If his hairline is intact, I know my date has a good chance of saving his." If all else fails, try astrology. ' Now no one is all-good, nor all-bad. There is good in the worst of us, and bad in the best of us. All signs have something to offer. All signs should not marry, however. Please don't send us letters, saying, "NOW, you tell me." This is a preventive measure, and we hope curative to a degree, but we Air Too Dry In Your Home? WEST BEND / "SOLID STATE" lotomatic NIMIIIFIER End uncomfortable dryenss with the "home beautifier" humidifier. Moisturizes average 4- bedroom home (2500 sq. ft. \ •automatically! Solid state control varies fan speed for peak efficiency. Walnut-grain vinyl > exterior, witfi simulated cane .panels, easy-rolling 2" casters -end a "summer cover". ". .Humidifiers -f As Low As $5695 HEIRES ELECTRIC CO. advertise no miracles. They happen on 34th St. and this is Benjamin. How does astrology work? Beats me. We only know it does. There are among the signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. Libra, Scorpio. Sag- attarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. We can only say that for us, it is fascinating. We can better understand our children. Our horoscope tells us we are very compatible with Libra people for friends, and some of our closest friends are just that, Libra. We are equally incompatible with signs best not mentioned, lest anyone take it personally, so while we are not able to chart personal horoscopes and have no desire to learn, we find astrology delightful. Charting horoscopes borders on fortune-telling, and trouble comes to us soon enough without searching for it. So let us just say the sun and moon and planets are said to effect our lives. It is argued "A king and a pauper could have been born within yards of one another at the same exact moment. How could their lives be similar in any way?" True. But a king could be advised to be | more careful of expenditures. In casting his horoscope, it could imply expenditures of a governmental nature, while in the case of the pauper, that he not sell his meager grain supply at this time. See? But let us bother ourselves, instead, with characteristics. While we had hoped to begin the series with Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac as it rules the head, we will start with Aquarius. Let us see our Aquarian as a child. Many Aquarian children tend to be advantaged over some of the other signs. They are often advanced tor their age, and by their teens often possess a surprising insight into human nature, and adult situations find them quite at home. They are individualists, and while they are extremely obedient, honesi children, they do not like being pushed in their school work. They are very kind, and if you should happen upon a boy or girl helping an old lady across a busy street* chances are he or she is a Scout, or an Aquarian. They possess a great love of people and animals. An Aquarian child should have pet whenever possible. They make good and loyal friends and often are very popular. They are active in school affairs and often excel in sports They are good company for they have inventive minds, but do not necessarily feel a need to lead. They are peace-loving anc run a mile from a fight. And what kind of people do our Aquarian children become? Destiny shapes us all, but for the most part, an Aquarian child becomes a like-adult. They love the out-of-doors and make patient fisherman. Not so much for the catch, do they take to the river or lake, but for the chance to get in tune with nature and the solace. Aquarians are often out-going and talkative. Because they are delightfully eccentric, one never knows 8 Tim«i HtraM, Carroll, la. ThuruJay, M«v. 5, 1970 what ideas will come bursting forth and on occasion they are very quiet, appearing withdrawn. Those who do not understand our Aquarian friends, do not realize it fe but a resting of a very active mind. The Aquarian is noted for his tove of humanity. He very often is so engrossed in curing the in- iustfces of this world, he lelgects his own loved ones. He is easily hurt, and while he does not nurse a grudge, he is slow to Wgive. and may hold himself ^forever in reserve against the offending one. He can be priggish, opinionated, and snobbish. He is, however, an intellectual snob, rather than a caste snob. He does not make small talk easily; instead, prefers to spend his time with the •thinking" set. They care very little for mon- ;y for money's sake, but see it. only as a means to acquire the cultural experiences and possessions that Aquarians enjoy. They neither are generous, nor mdft with money. These people axpeet far too much of others' behavior, and rarely see their own faults. But they are fascinating people to know for they are unpredictable, and eccentric in a charming fashion. They are not averse to setting off on an adventure in the middle of the night if so inclined. Once we met a man who said he had driven two states and 800 miles for a piece of chocolate fudge pie, on the spur of the moment. "You must be an Aquarian!" and he replied, how could we have known? An Aquarian sees the most illogical behavior as logical. They care not at all what other people might think. They feel adventure is around every corner, and are not afraid to turn that corner. Aquarians, as a rule, are not happy in merely commercial endeavors, but excel in fields beneficial to man and his advancement. Aquarians make excellent nurses, doctors, social workers and reformers. Many are gifted teachers. They often have a natural talent for literature, and many are successful in publishing and advertising. And what kind of marriage partners do they make? If you are lucky enough to have married one, you have, at your side, the most desirable mate of all the 12 signs of the zodiac. They are good-natured, kindhearted, modest and intelligent They possess a great sense ol empathy, and you are assured of an understanding shoulder. They aft compatible with several sign* but another Aquarian is their Test possible mate. II you should read of a husband- wife missionary team working in Africa, or some other undeveloped area, chances are they are a pair of heavenly- matched Aquarians. Aquarians must have freedom. While they have a fine appreciation of home and hearth, they save it for the day's end. They have a fine sense of justice, and are loyal. Rarely does an Aquarian ever become unfaithful, anc because of their own conduct being Above approach, they have ufflnite trust in their marriage partner. Woe be it to the one who tries to build a fence New Draft Ruling Has Advantages A recent Selective Service directive extends to a young man, with a high random sequence number which will not be reached during the year, the right to request the withdrawal of his deferment, there>y permitting him to leave his ottery year in an available status, and to enter a lower >riority selection group on January 1 of the succeeding year. The only deferments whteh may be relinquished are tor students, and occupational, agricultural, paternity and hardship. If • registrant retains hit deferment through hit tottery year he will be exposed to the lottery in tU year h« lotet hit deferment and return* to a clatt available for tervi«o. Ha will than ba eon* tidered for induction along with men with the tame lottery number of that year. A young man's lottery number — random selection sequence number — is the number drawn by national lottery. All registrants born between 1944-1950 are initially members of the 1970 lottery whose numbers were determined by a drawing held on December 1, 1969. Registrants born during 1951 have been assigned a similar sequence number for 1971, based,on the drawing of July 1, 1970, while those born in 1952 shall receive a number for 1972, drawn in 1971, and so forth. Once drawn, the registrant retains that random selection sequence number as long as he is registered with the Selective Service System. A random sequence number is considered as reached when a non-volunteer registrant is issued an order to report for induction by his local board, and all other registrants in his local board with that or a lower number are likewise considered as being reached. Due to variances in dates of brith, enlistment, deferment, etc., the availability of numbers will vary between Selective Service local boards, and all boards will not have the same highest reached number. The highest number to be reached by a local board in Iowa is estimated to be 190 in 1970. The registrant with a 197C lottery number who is deferred and has a reached number may wish to continue his defermenl and become exposed to the lottery at the expiration of his deferment. Should he hold a high random selection sequence number which may not be reachec for induction by his local board during the current lottery year he may request, in writing, that his local board cancel his deferment and classify him in '•^^^i^^K^f^W^^mm ' r '<? " A A . ? V i *£ ' *, Y' •*7n^B$? tit,,.! **v*fv» Now Woodmen Accident and Life offers you financial security of wider scope and new dimension. It's provided by a unique new series of life insurance plans that are designed to meet tomorrow's needs with today's resources. But they do mow fan that W>*ywvy^^ ' ' These new plans give you more protection. They have added depth and special provisions that make the plan match the man—exactly. Why not call me today for a no-obligation look at how "New Dimensions In Life Insurance" can mean more to •your future. I KANT Jerry Wilson 5!4</i N. Ae-ems 792-446S VNDODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE about an Aquarian. They are like the birds of the field. Hold out your hand, and they may sit lightly on your palm. Grasp at them, and they fly away So there you have an Aquarian You say, you married one, am he or she isn't as advertisec here. Then you just aren handling your little bird in the best manner. More on astrology soon. Next week we visit with more interesting people anc hope to bring you another in the Good Old Days series very soon. RIESBERG PROMOTED David J. Riesberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Riesberg Carroll, haa been promoted to airman first class in the U. S Air Force. He is an electronics systems repairman assigned to a unit of the Air Training Com mand at Keesler AFB, Miss. and a 1968 graduate ol Kuemper High School. Top Cop New York City's new police comrt^sioner is Patrick V. Murply who pounded a beat in Brooklyn 25 years ago. -A, as available for induction. When a registrant leaves a lottery year in Class I-A, and his number is not reached by his ocal board, he will be placed n a lower priority selection jroup on January 1 of the subsequent year. If he is deferred, or ether- wise not available for induction, and reaches age 26 without be- ng issued an order to report or induction before his 26th birthday, he will be placed in lower group for selection, and will not be called unless the demand for manpower is increased. A registrant who is classified in an available classification, and has a reached number but las not been issued an order jo report for induction, will be carried over into the following year for thflfce months. If he is not needed for induction on the March call of that year he will be removed from the extended priority selection group and placed in the second priority selection group with the exception that any member who would have been ordered to report for induction to fill the last call of the first quarter of the year, but could not be issued an order because of regulatory or statutory procedures shall remain in the extendec priority selection group and be ordered to report for induction as soonjis practicable. The ra *'" 1 Around The Rotunda Iowa Regents Are Opposed to a 'Super Board of Education 9 By Harrison Weber DES M01NES — The State Board of Regents \n a formal statement has indirectly expressed its opposition to the creation of a "super board of education." The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post High School Educ* lion had sought an opinion from the regents, among others, on establishing such a board which has been suggested by some politicians. Historically, the regents noted, the governance of post high school education in Iowa lias been successful in terms of both "adequacy and efficiency." The state universities under the Board of Regents, the area schools under local boards (with supervision by the State Board of Public Instruction), and the private two-year and four-year institutions under their individual boards have, according to the regents' statement "collectively presented a very adequate opportunity for post high school education to lowans." At the same time, the regents observed, "the system has avoided the cost and inflexibility inherent in the administrative 1 a y e r i n g of supervisory bodies. The span of control of the various governing boards is not so broad as to foster the'im- personal approach, but is sufficient to permit the emphasis and attention which each segment of post high school education requires. "The result has been the encouragement of innovation and diversity in the system. Consequently, this board sees no rea- son at this time to recommend any change in the governance of post high school education in Iowa." Coordination of higher education in Iowa is presently accomplished on a voluntary basis by such inter-institutional groups as the Coordinating Council for Post High School Education, the Association of Private Colleges and Universities, the re- year's random selected numbeTs are considered the first priority .selection group through that calendar year. When a call is filled for the first month of each new year, and for the remaining months of that lottery year, the following priorities will prevail: 1. Men postponed from a prior call. 2. Volunteers for induction. 3. Extended priority selection group — lowest available random selection number first. 4. First priority selection group — lowest available random jfJection number first. 5. "ond and successive reduced priority selection group — lowest random selection number first. 6. New 19 year olds of that year — oldest first. 7. 26-35 year olds — youngest first. 8. 18^-19 year olds — oldest first.,....-. Glenn R. Bowles, Iowa state director, has requested all high schools in Iowa to recommend a member of the school's staff to serve as an adviser to registrants. The Selective Service system will furnish new, updated 'information to these advisers, which includes information on registration, classification, deferments, and also voluntary service, conscientious objection and hardship. Any bona-fide draft counseling unit will also be placed on a mailing list, and should advise the state director of their desire, and furnish a complete mailing address. Winttr's Near Don't Wait ^ Hove Furnace checked and serviced by Drees Heating and Plumbing Co. Call 792-2863 today. Wt check Filters, Humidifiers, Blowers, Chimneys, Controls, Burners. Wo stock ell Controls. Jaycees to Have Honors Banquet (Time* Herald New. Service) MANNING — Manning Jaycees have set Nov. 18 as the daite for their first Honors Banquet. Duane Monson is general chairman of this event, which will honor six persons in the following categories: outstanding farmer, educator, religious leader, Jaycee. Boss of the year award and a distinguished service award will also be made Don Haines, State Jaycee president, will be the guest speaker Nominations for any of the honors may be made with Mr. Mofl son. Mr. and Mrs. Darle Rowedder and family moved during the weekend into the Otto Hagedort i home opposite the Sacrec Heart Parish Center. The Dick Vehrs family had been occupying the house but have moved to California, where Sgt. Vehrs will be stationed. The Dean Vollstedt family, who have been living in Scranton, will move into their home which the Row- edders vacated. «lgent committee on educational elations and the committee on 'xtension services cooperation. In addition, the regents pointed out, the governor and he Legislature through their wwer to appropriate funds, ex> r c i s e a major coordinating unction. They are assisted in this ef- ort, the regents' policy statement continues, by such agencies as the state comptroller and the Ofifice of Planning and Togramming. This effort will be further enhanced, the regents said; when the new pro- jram budget format is fully operational. This format will give increased visibility" to the Mirposes for which educational unds are being requested. Experience to date, Mid Hie regents, would indicate that these voluntary efforts show 'genuine promise" and should be continued and encouraged. "On the one hand, this ap- iroach has avoided the costly a y e r i n g of administrative units; on the other, this board relieves that true cooperation cannot be mandated or forced ay statute, particularly regarding private institutions. This approach also has the advantage of continuing the direct relationship between various segments and the governor and the Legislature. 'We do believe, however, that the effort would be enhanced by greater recognition on the par! of the governor and the Legislature of the efforts and the role of the voluntary Coordinating Council for Post High Schoo Education. At the present time such recognition is largely confined to academic circles." The regents also question the advisability of a "master plan' PHYSICIAN - GOVERNOR FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) The only physician ever to be* come governor of Kentucky was Dr. Luke P. Blackburn, who served from 1879-83. r or higher education hi lowi 'Experience elsewhere would indicate that master plans may serve some useful purpose el- her where state systems art arge and growing (New York, Illinois and California) or whert there are large, unresolved to- sues dividing the elements ol the state system." The regents said neither condition exists ill Iowa. "Our state system is relative- y small, is growing at a slow •ate, and enjoys among its constituent elements a spirit of cooperation which is unique and refreshing." The beard did suggest, ever, that planning by the various segments of post high school education should be brought together for general information and coordination using the professional educators at Iowa institutions on a continuing basis. NEW IN TOWN? LET US PUT OUT THE MAT FOR YOU! GET A GUS! Here's a really big idea from Gus Glaser Meats: they're dated! The first number Is the month, the second number is the day and just by looking, anyone can tell the last day the meat is guaranteed fresh. You and your butcher know that Gus Glaser Wieners, Smorgasbord Pak, Gourmet Pak, Ham Slices, all of the new vacuum packaged sliced luncheon meats are fresh because you can see the date stamped on every package. GUS GLASER MEATS, INC. FORT DODGE, IOWA Come Beautiful Selection WE'RE READY to help you get ready for Christmas with the biggest selection of beautiful toys in our history! Big beautiful dolls, lots of cars, lots of games for children and adults, puzzles galore and all the famous brand toys that will be showing up on TV any day now. Come early, choose early and buy RIGHT NOW ON LA YAW AY . .. We're open till nine Wednesdays and Fridays and 1 to 5 on Sundays CHRISTMAS CRAFTS TIME TO START MAKING BEAUTIFUL GIFTS And here we hove a fabulous selection of materials from feather flowers to burlaps and plaster molds and ceramics and everything you need. Comt now and start your Christmas Crafts. •QTSTl S TOYLAND AND GIFTS In litrl'i Parkway Furniture at the ieit ldg« ef Carroll en Highway 30

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