Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILt-REGISTER. FpPAY EMENTNG. DECEMBER ' . Mrs. lydla DaviB, or 203 .South State street who lias been ill in bca lor several days, was reported better today. Special New Year's Dinner - at Lewman's Cafe,' 50c. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fees, of . the Country Club district, drove to Chanute yesterday to meet their daughter, who was on her way . home "from a visit :Wftti relatives In i Fredonia. Special for Saturday: Cocoanut Brittle, 20c Jb. Howard's Candy Shop; Claude Stewart and daughters, Louise and Roberta, who spent the , holidays • here ' with Mr. Stewart's parents. Mr. and- Mrs. J. R. Stewart, of 606 South ift^ashington avenue, started this morning for their home in Colorado. Springs. —Try our drive; in battery and a tire service during this cold w;cath- , er. BolHnger Service Station. Mrs. W. A.. ^Voad^uff. of 920 I South Washingfo" avenue, who has .been confined to her -bed' ' since Monday, is riii(iric '<l improving nicely. —If .von Avant to buy or build, city or suburban property. The lola l!u/Jding <t- Liian Assofijitipn will [ "*;il{e you a loan, low Interest rate. ii) comraisslriri. Sue O. K. Pees Mrs. A. N. Bacltes.'who has been here visiting her sister, ijlrs. A. M. ^erhart. of 28 South Ohio St.. returned to her home In Independence, Kan., today. •f-Good Coal makes warm friends. The lola Ice, Cold Storage and Fuel Co. Gall 116 for prices. Miss Mildred Oliver returned home today from Kansas ' City, where she has been visiting with friends. -^SpecInlXeTT Y«"ar's Dinner at Keliey HoteL Tnrkey, iroose and cblrken and all the trim niln's. Mrs,' Flo Edge, of Tulsa, Okla., who spent Christmas with her children. Mary Rae and Max Edge, and with her mother, Mrs. Cal Morrison and family, returned today to Tulsa. Okla., where she is employed by the Tulsa jWorld. —See our Xe.w Year's menu'lnto­ morrow's Register. Portland Hotel. Mrs. Imo Krause who has been 1)1 for sevpral weeks, became worse last night and was rcjjprt- cd quite low today. —We pay on Full Paid and Installment Stock. The best rnvest- ment. the best method to save. .Secnrlfy Illdir. & Loan Association, lolu, Knnsos. i 30, 1927. p PAGE THIffiB ilEWS NOTES OFMILIJIRED (ihides Give Christmns. Oiteretf^ to I.iinre.ot \ .ladlence Kver A»srnihled Heri>— Fersoiials. MII.DREIX Dec. 2S,—Carl BroViTi w lio is a sophomore in tlie Stkte Agricultural 'colI^Kc. is spending o holidays at home. ^ 1 .lohn ^IcCary and Uennis Orubb tit Friday tor Manhattan for! a iristnia .-j vi:?it with home folk.s.| Whit' West and family of Kan- ri City came Saturday night for visit with his parents. Mr. aind rs. Lincoln West. i ltos<.-of. I^ewi.s- who is attending Cliillicothe business ' college iliH folks Williai|i Edward Hickniun, alli-Rpd kidnaper and slayt-r of i:i-year-ol<l .M.irian I]Mrk<i-, is ^liown in the center above as he appeared in court jit I.os Angeles. Th't- pl <-liin- s!iows ni imln" l !:ir.:yV i; imiiiiil (Court where he was rushed inimciliattly upon his arrlvul from Oregon. T!;' artaiKiiuniit Wiis posip"ii ('il to await the arrival of Hickiiiair.s lawf? from Kansiis Ciiy. .Mo. Hickm.'iii loilgicl in j lij wliili- <i<'iisi' crowds in tin' strcois K;<VI^ ciiainou' h\'.\'.< of a i)i)ssil)iliiy r,l mob violcm-o. Ilii-kiii:itj's i -.ll :- on tlu- lloor, howi-viT. iiiiii iKiiuc anti <-lp ;iii- sjo troubb-; M Sfcreuiry, at olil Hegistcr building southwest corner "of square.. Mr. and Mrs. .lolin Rurns returned Iflft night from niackw<'ll. Ok., where they spent Christmas with lii-r brother. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank- Miss Paulino Trowbridge. book-,L. Slatidlcy and family. kf(?j)er at'the-Iloliari Motor com- -- j pany. |Who has l»<>en quite III of •—Dr. A. R. Twadell. Osteopath, pneumonia. • is ri'portcd improving. New Clobe Bldg. Phone 191. —0\ L. Cox, _M:- D. Specialist,^ Miss,.N-nnie Scolioe. who has Eye. l-^ar. Nose and Throat, , been visiting her brother. Frank to To on th ing held meeting returned MORAN NEWS OF THE DAY M'. I>. Fowler of .San Reriiardlad. Cnllf, Here for llollduvs-- t'lirlstnnw ii at licrlnL*N. 101. \ KAII.V AIlSTKAd Ls.-ii-il fioni olfiif 01 lola .\i .'jsiiai t Ciiliipaiiy • •:• •:. •> •:• •:• • i I ;<TiMihorr I'f*. l.'C". .\' WhwIiT ami liu.-liaiiil. II. (.Mrs. C. 11. MOKAN. Doc. -WhiU 1. fu! sprinjrliko wiather wo arc • .-.v ing-. It hardly sttnis i.os^ it s the Christmas season. \ .iiiiin D. l.uilwick and .Sinia i j C. LuU.vick. lot ."i. blo( k 2L i I HI. )aii.s Ailil. lo lola. $l .im. | Siliiii- lo s.iiii.'. loi Z. l)lo( k 41. 1 i !o :;i. $1 .1)0. _ ; f. W. Land ami wiff. Ida M.. to NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY Kirn Siwifl K<'!urii> tii Work in X. Iratuls (iospif.-il. niihita- . Mr. liuniiiM 'l. Oil Op. efiiior. nil's. iMr.-' roLo.vv. i>.(. I'.iyloi: \ 1 Ki. •coal- ai'iil il;iirjh'>'i> a;;'! '.-ion Ilviiry C. liiirtis--. !<i!s C. 7 and s.( f !• ml'' ilrnvo to 'rop .U;i TM(s.lav on ladies' Dresses. Two cleaned for the price of <Mie plus Ic. necember 2!I.Jnnnnry T lOLA LAUXDRY CO. I'iione 102. .Mrs. J. .M. Clayton; of 225 South Fourth street, received a telegram . this morning saying that' her sis- tor. .Mrs. M. E. Hicks, of Kansas _ • City, had passed away this morning. Owing to illness in her family. Mrs. Clayton'will be unable to attend the funeral. —For Real Estate Ixjans see the Serurlty Hide, k Loan Assoflatlon, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Carpenter went to Chanute oti the noon train today, called there by the. death of Jlrs. Carpetiter's mother. Mrs.-.Tohn Almack. They will take .the Ixidy l)ack to Coshocton. 0.,,for burial. rea'iy for him and' t :iat it would = came for it. It i.^ iio't Jci.ow'ii'wliat ' NpW^ FVFNT^ mod. I he will i>v how Ion? ! "li "» U U f fJil I U it will be until llio ai,'er.tN will • Hi'ir parents. Wv. .\lr.<. i. II. ISkouriip. ! .Mr. and-Mif. (ncri'.' .\Iytrs our lis is a condition that affects ! , , . . ns.iny iicn;)lc ihat would be healthy; iler.alnc! al sw odoi-k .linni-r-M.m- otJ]icr«!.sc. This trouble may be! have the different nuxlcU to: sale. ' However it will tic (|!i;tc :i satis-; faction to lie, piivileicil u> havi-j one look until they can i)e pur-; chased. j W. I.. Fowler of San Bernardino. Calif., is here spending the holi- ilav .season with his p.Trents. .Mr. i and Mrs. H. 1'. Fowler. a:ul ol<l = .friends. He has visited relatives j Studeni-s can rent typewriters, J fiends l.oih in Hartlesville.! OFHUMBOLDTi-----'---'^ lie:. Mr. an ! .M:~. .1. W.-Mcrartm-v loi Io!a.;iiir| .M.". aiiii Mr.- KaJ. tiear't'fi Harry Slewnrt Hies .Snddrnly Tiir<i. 1"^ J"'" . day Mtrht—H.S. Alumni As. Miss.s F.,v,. :.n! neth ate dinner Sftnday with Mr."$ Case. . i. ' 5 Mrs.. Lillian Coonfiield is imj proving slowly. , ;, j Mr. and Mrs.- James Irwin, chapel program at high school last Friday morniiig. a.s' follows: Song by class; scripture reading; sons by class; song. "America," arid "Adeste Fidelea." chorus stug in li. Fergus. Hugh .and Wayne at|l.Latih: reading. "Jes' Fore Chrisl Christmas dinner'at the Elm^-|'nias," Arthur Reynolds; reading, Bibens home. 4 1 "Christmas Gifts." Luna Mae Cut- We are glad tor say that .lerr^ jley: paper. Orlho Prather; dli- Hackett, who is in the Ibia hospit:$ ' lo.Kue, "The Pink Scarf." by boyi; recovering from^ opeiatipn. ^?• song by class. Wliile the boys sang getting along. nicely. i ["Little Jack Horner," the girls John Youngberfi went to Wiclv-ipasswl a pkini pie. the plums b*- ita to spend Christnias witli h^. in.^ large rwi apples wrapped ra brother and .sister. ^ white iis.sii«» paper. The auditor- Miss t;race We*t,'who .ti'ach<*s ium was prettily decorated., i at Turner, is home for the hol^-;-- school was dismissed Friday for days. n • ^ j., \veeks vacation. Mr. Oren and Mr Gaston lejt' „j. ,„^. largest crowds that Wednesday to sp.»jid the hohdass g^thpred in the high school m Oklahoma. - . y auditorium was present Friday ^^J: ^'••'^nt «.o I^ao- evening to the Christmas sas City Thursday to visit h^ program given by the schools.lThe daughter .Mrs. S Morrow aiid, chiWren gave an operetta. fnn,nv. .M. u.»r„,. ...w. n..„ — ..^Vhen Santa Listened In." ; and family. Mr. KeetbJi ^nd Dean alao went up for Chrt.stma.s dinner .j 'i me • liome Thursday, jet him in- Colony. Floyd Waltoii and family of Frenia visited at Krnie Harris's aiid (lyd Wflson'.s "Wednesday night. .Mrs. IJIanch Drury of Shawnee \ , here visiting her children. ! |ter from Kansas (uy was on t^e Mr. and Mrs. George Varner iof *'"l" go»ng^Jiome., also •«fi u .t. *. 1 <- itbe children did weli. carrying the Miss .Meribeth Ater left^Sa ,„ e.xcellent maimer day evenliig to .spend the holidays L^^^^ ,^ .^ere pretti with relatives in Oklahoma. ^ to Kansas City to a family, re- ion. iThe Uelckalis liad a partv Tiifs-! ey were prettily costuma ... ... , c . , j= iThe hieh school girls wore whit M,ss Li-ston left; Saturday eveg-| ^.^^ caps and i '•"^to.spend the hojj-. „,.,„,,^., j,,^ „,j Christ" days With her patients. Her s.i- ^.g,.,,, ^j,,^ ^..^j- Hunsaker pantomimed "Holy Xight" and the ho.vs in co.sfumes of olden times ^1 Vaughn Hunsakjir came Saluf- j -„.„..p,, u .e Three Wise Men and day evening to %-fisit his moth.T.. t,,,. Shepherds, carryijig the solo_ .Mrs. Lee Hun.saker.' his. sister. .Mi^s I)arts. Tfiis was very beautiful and iran visited at tiie parental - Hah- i t Hhosoli home Thursday. .Mrs. Iternice M<-('aln. of Xow.i-I'. ... . ., ..^ .....T ....^ .t... Okla.. and son Oren. who is I Ji"""*'' ""'l Rrandmotber. Mrfe. , „,^. .jngin^ „.as excellent for high: endins Oklahoma university ^re! ^ .. „„ • ,,\ school folks. ThA teachers are ndlng the week-end at the .I .Li I " V'r. .^''f °'! .'V'^ P';'/:'^„uite proud of the' f.ict that the .berhosch home. All expect to j,"'"" '".."'"^ ; .n .ire program was put on .,with- I 'de. ( larence Gates, and uork fnj„,„ ,j teacher on the stage., the :•. s<tore. ' < ^children sliiftint; the scenery and .Mrs. Mildred Davis, who is a1- ,.,„kin^' after evcrylliini:. At the • '"' Clans and he V night and had. an enjovaile "I'|'«".iess eolle«e m Iyn»- ^1,,.-;. of the program .Santa Clai Mc. It was the culmination Tof!-;^-'^ 'T, '"i ''"'."'^'V^ , came, ahd sent each teacher ar .• Ma ^iiie and .liu;:s contest c< n-^I" P -'^T"'^- i jiupils t,. the room where tf cled for iireinb'Tship some ti^ne Til"- Mf,Ks lo>i so til y I'nt i:e,I., Tbciir' w;,s a Ivvo couLe : Vrt^'i^m at -tl.e chur. Ii S;^- the lea.lsers many beautiful prls- .fii-s. c<,.,rs,. l.cinK coin- ".'•''••'>• "'^.l''="'5 ;.;iei-. II.. bet anid .<-aliba;.'e. Tli»- sei-( ;irs.- • w.-is peaches. . wiiipp am. :eakc ..Hid ci.ioa. They ha asant evening playing pan d eiijoyei! a .liiics pie. from iieli car li one present recived :all gift. .Mrs. .lohn Haborbostli i.s at K n- td lakinK care of her neplu w, i-'ene Fertrnson. j.Miss Florence Ruxlon ri -iuriilod her school Friday to have her ristmas program, but is njof II yet: " Mr. and -Mrs. Hibeiis anil Ken- •ii -Mrs. K<l Dite. Til'.' Sunday school had an eij- ? Iri'af.s were loi ated. f;ave -freais' anil tin .Xll teachers pupils • gajvo Tre.als crovy-cl ,,,„^ which they deejiiy appreciate. wa.s present. the children. k '• • • i School .Soles. .' 1 —Wanteil to Uny: Clean light Tlio. iresliman <-&i.s_s gave l^e I colored -rass at :th(; Register. GENBEAL «ELECTRIC CONSTIPATION and Stomach Troubles —"Van's Bread." good as everl soclathin Holds ChrM. itias I'arlj, Madue far- ColtimlHis 111.' I ••0.-,U!ie tlleii fFraucIs Culver) Iir .MnoLDT, Dec. :;ti.—Harvey nii.lic.-il refiirne.! t lir^t of th.' V.'. ek sc!:ool wot k tlicre. Mr. and .Mr-. Cliaii -Ix-nton i .nnd .Mi.-- I 'atti. .Ml".' and .Mis. ilarry l)i:it(;ii. J.o-k and .leati. :»;?-. and used b.v many different things.: tarrh is- a very, frequent I ring fhe last few yeiirs wo have ated many <;;ises of stomach ti-joiible. Some were so severe that il eir cases were diagnosed as can-' or. -Many of these lacked the di-| ai^noslic symptoms, of cancer but! showed uiiiuisiakable simis of ill- ; ceratioh causeil by Calarrii. Pro- jier tri^'atmi'Uts relieved Ihein. - The ]o >a Ice, Cold .Storage and Fuel Company sells Coal of best quality. Phone 116. , ' .Mrs. Cora Moses, of Tulsa, pass- \ tfd through here today enroute •)me from a visit wth her son, Karl Griffin, of Burlington. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin motored over with • her Ibis morning. —Special Chicken . Dinner Sun-. : day, >ew Year's, at Krause's I'afe. ..R I R . Drake and daughter. Mlas Hazjel Drake, went tq Chanute on , ,, . thelnoon train to spend the after- family have moved b.nck to lola to noon, with Mrs. Drake; who is tn. ... ,mi''l 'helr home a. tl. South^Wal- —Dr.: Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. Norlhrup Bldg. Phone 326^ —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rltchey and .goln? through the clinic . Johnson hospital. at the nut street. They have been living In Parsons for several • months. .Mrs; Kitchi'Vs mother. .Mrs. W. Z. fa.viily dinner party at the C.. H.,in .jangerous coniiition for (her hoi:e in r :iv We.lnes- C I-ord home Christmas day. months. Of late, however, he had ' dav nfi, r -I'cndinjr'a few .lavs ;,; e; .Many friends are especially plad , seemed to be recovering satisfac- - -die horn • <,f li.-r f:illier. T. .M IJick- fo know that Mrs. (. L. Ciimmini.-s. tortly. ami hope was held lor his'erson. Mi-s. />,-ifsv Hickerson was who has keen quite ill for so Ion;--, .jimplete re( overy. The ra.lical'.nbo down li'om the citv for Chrl-t-f IS nou-greatly improved. : change in his condition was bnMfl.t mas )itie; lilood and many other dis- st'S-Cnrable. r ... — —....... , I iiuui ^e III coii^iu Mill " as nrou.',;,t . jnas. 1-. Mr. and Mrs.' Taylor and about on Monday afternoon In- ii\ Mr.- aiil :tirs. f.vie .lacks.,n and -f daughter. Miss- Pauline, visite,; severe stroke, f.illowitig his parti-' little da::=hfer vi>ir<.,i at the home • with Iriends here ami at l.r<.nsu:i, .ipation in a hunting expedition ' of her si^Kr. Mrs. T. M, Stnith in i NEW CHLORINE GAS Till''won.ler Ireatmeiit for Carrh. .\stlinia. Deafness ami Lung '.lUbi.e. ., the first, of the ; tra —Overstuffed Parlor Suites: Walnut Dining, and Bedroom Suite--. Exchange your old for new. Easy payments. Curtis Furniture Co.. :. LaHarpeL .Mrs. Car.son Glore and daugh- te.r. Mary Isabel, went to Chanute to spen^ the afternoon with Mrs. I H. D. Rakestraw. \\ediie.silay. tliat morning. .After the stroke he ' Independ n.-c. Marvin Pan., who Is_ a tear-i-er 1:1 h.came coutinuallv weaker until; week, the .Junction City schools, is visit- his death oti Tuosdav night. .Mr. t Frien-ls hore have rr-eivf! word k .rteis. went to l^ir.sons Vith her l',V'-\''''' -''VL;'^^^^^^^^ .<t'.\\art i,-; survive.l by his wif.-! of the .ic: th of Mr. Hnmmol at h :s : vestenlav ami iiejpe.i with prep -i,!"'', . "'"-.r reliitivcs an.i :,iid five children. Funeral serv- home at ihcl^en. Okla. Mr. Hum- 1 • frMHiK .iunnz tue va-; i,<..s ^vill he held Friday afternoon | mel was the hol.irr o' the Geor.crb j at the Presbyterian church. : irobbins base am! lia.! pi.-ms nia.le' '".msjuitation. examination an.l a at treatment arations for •Ip. moving. We know HaKery Products are good. But Have You Tried Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. F. L. B. LEAVELL, M. ». Special attention given DIs- eai-es of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy • i , ; f Offict! lola State Bank Bldg; I friends iiero Tues.lay. .^.r. am! .Mr.s.JThoy are brothers of Mrs. Stewart, i Wichita. Veflnes.lav. aft.>r a ll-.arl Caldwell ot Kent. OhU). are i The Alumni; association of Hum-! mas visit -vith home folks here. ; visiting friends and relative here | !,oI<It hi:,* school held its annual : I •'"'';?• ,„ ••'•hristnins party ni,?ht at Fuss- 1 — .Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wrignt cole- man's Hall. jThe partv was at- I Christmas ,,,.n.le,i hy a jfairly Marge group brated .Mondav wii.i todav '•" l">"or.of t!. ir son. R.-.y. Dancing 'and i cards wore the di-! „. , , , .„ , , ter a '.'"'•'"P?' ''^"..versions of the evening. Before' —Won.le-fnl r.'sidts are reported «•. . Mr. and Mr.s. William Milne and ';!""'! .-""."•=^'> « ... isunas , ,,.„.,,,,i ifairly Marge group, j NEW'WAY TO STOP FITS • .children left in their car • for Ponca City. Okla.. after a . , ,. . , „. i Christmas visit with .Mr. .Milne's ^' "-PH S at liome tor a 'VOMti.Mi p.r- ...„-, .lance a bjisiness meeting was j by F.pileps.- C.d.n'.ies usinc a new : , i parent .s. iMr. and .Mrs. T. A. >'il«ie ' I", 'r^,''^''-',<^ 1.' -d"" held by fhe jmemher.s. .At this i -remeilv ih.t'strips the mont .^lub-; f "f.^Ji'^'-j born ca.s,- „f K[.iJeMi,- fiis or i 'nde.l to. and the of- < . -. , \ • , . ! onsuini; year were i f<>!-:"-'»-'-: Amelia Works .was I .\i:.v reaili-: v.lio s nils r.anie t..; sldeiu. , and family, of Wheeler Heights. ; < ""'P''">- "f < i'j'd I K.S „„ eting certa • f ;bpen twelve year.; i:!!.! wti. n ,„.«..; were atfj he cam.' home (or cliristnu:-;; with ficor-: iVr' thel • Phones -Iman^^^ • -"'«t " ""ve carrvlpg over ,m,f!' '7 /viMi n.-or. tVr the Phones-14. and .Oo .o„r inventory: .Seven-used Type.|f"- I-j^.^"..- in ,!„• ^.c.t part of i ,.,ecte.i. Mr.. . . . .; writers, all write perfectly. Some '1^^'' '"^ relatives and fn.nis gave ^.^ ( _ 'of the standard kevl>oard.s indud-i ---"n -isj by ^c.-.l-er^.i;: M,-. a,:U Mrs ;Phenoleptoi Co.. Dei.t. inr.-B. Box j .\|| spi^»ice nill be Free Ihis visit (iopcland Medical Institute i UU\*} tU ilst .Si., Kansas Cily, .'•To FREE )u.-- non-surgical methods jof tr ating Female Troubles. Appeih- di itistanil many other troubles |i.s onje of our greatest, achievements. > 11 r .expert d;.-i:rnijistiriiin SvUI be atlthe/. PO I RTLAND HOTEL - lOLA, KANSAS Saturday, December 31 uyt: !>AY O S LY i Coinfort iind economy foil the y^rs to come New, siufprisiag deljcades th^t everyone enjoys —new 'l pleasure in'entertaining your guests— new simplicity and Economy in the planning of meals^arefree conveniences that so many other homes sSready enjoj.'. A General Electric Refrig'^ | eiator brings them pJI to your home in an easier, I simpler/ surer way, • . ^ '- ' ' ' r •I ' ' ' • i The low;?)f oneraticfri and the .saving of food will soorij pay for thi.'^ wdiiderful cotivenience. Sold (in Easy Terms. A. ii. SEEEPER FlJRNtTURE CO. . tra.tions white bj| t'he big aginativ —r.ra Oak Str fiealeii • Jfin Loon has yet written, greater | Afcin "The Story of Mankind" bemuse its subject did not require^ the compression that the first book; did. ho jess incisive yet more mellow, ip [that the years have tem- peretl.Vdn Icon's tendencyjto Iconoclasm. bore thrilling in that there was a inore unified jstory to tell. With mbre than a hundred lUua- in color and black and the .iilihor ib.-it represent,. , , , ^ , . ... 1 wa.vr w..rl. of his im-' >?" ""^^ "^^ ^^„,„.| money. It was a faithful act to i " vour people which I never coul.l NOTlfK TO («»NTI{A«T«M!'J, :""?"t." -^nd tl'-" a very nice <iing and Gravelling .North , S'l.affner wa.s S:: >'pt loll K -nsas = yai.- old on the day following Propc'skls"wjH be received '1^'^}^'^;,^.'}^^'''^'^%^ h,-' rs,,. oiniL- «r ritv „r all-.his other friends n wishing lolai KiiS^.^lii 'lo ^l^;'-^"" >"-y '>='P»y -Vns. Januars n. 192S. fori grading ami surfbci^ with gravel, that portion Of ^^-l^gl'^Su 'in fom Kansas City. Mo., where b ?Ior^Kanras. : it'f'-y -^'"""ay. , M 'ss^ Craigie McDowell attended the, Butterick called at your office wfthMr Bo- ' J."'^' -^l"""'': H- senthal who offered you a big job I ',"7' ^J'" /''•'"'l-; Ir^m of advertising but waated you'to I ^-°^ "^-Hwatomb.; Mr. and Isend it out with your paper. But ,J ''^f- ' ^'a^<«<•"'l• Mr. ?nd Mi-. I you refused saying you did not f/'*' ^I""'' of ithink it would be fair to vour peo- ^'"''an: -Mr. ami Mr.s. Hay Bartlett. of .Miccville. Kan., ami Claud. Myers, of I.iive'arjil. Co!. Xineoln •the Ci't: . Quan i I=:arthj . jGrav^ with jiravei. that portion;, ^"''K"" McDowell and .Miss ^,1.. i.-t.,., I 'Ownda .McDowell returned '.last of lola, Kanjsas. ities are as follows: Excavation. £S3 Cubic Yds. I, 456 Cubic Yards. A most rettiirkable i;r!<iiron roc- or.l is tiint of Tuskecee'Uistitute of .Vlabanui—.foriy-nine .onsecutive vicior.Les .iuriirg tne p.n.«t four years. ' X baby.will cry when it wants .something, but. a woman iwill cry j when she .Jocsh't kuuw what' she | wants. , Publishing Co. convention which , ; was held at the Hotel President. A ! i luncheon was tendered the em-' n;?n'i^^fi^- ft .^f ,?In!h^ in'P '-°'V , pioyees of the company Wednes- J m^nt Is 62, fe^t. Depth of gravel. ,,ay „„„„ they visited the new ,»Jncne3. !- ILoew theatre. .Miss frn.>1e roreiv- ^All bids must bej accompanied , with 5 percent of the .total bid in } money, or a certified check on [ sotne responsi^ble bank. 1 Piaiis' and specification? may be .. seen at the office of | the City Engineer, lola, Kansas. B. L. McNIEL, [Seal]: : J City Clerk. ed her new routing for the Butterick firm and wi I le ve .Monday for St. Paul. Minn., whicli will be her headquarters. Her. territorj' will cover about ten towns in Minnesota. The Misses McDowell speirt Wednesday night in Liberty; Mo., where they visited with a cousin. Mob Mlinthe columns ivell within thr Prices that MEAT Apjproval This is the place whei-e >vlse housewives j buy flavtiry wholesome meats at price? that keep budget. Pnre Pork iSansa^e. lb. Vtc »esh Han^s. trlmined, half or wbole, lb. 15c Whole i^nonlders. small trlm^i^W, lb. Uc MARKET That You M.&M ; ^'Meat Can Ear jlK>W\ THE A<;KS tuon.uments h;*-.- kejit alive iif'-jn.iry of those gone be' We are e.iu'ippe.l to give u a! stone of tine textiire and hijjh Tiuality .an.l to help you, iciilr on tile Minbellishmi-nl of so ihat i' ihay be a • titling •UKM-ial to the ilepart'.1. ^^jiWASHIMCTOHAvt DRY C00DS-W0*1 EN'S WEAR-MILLINER\' lOLA - - - - KANSAS lOLA'S l^Ot-ULAR STORE For the Nkio Year s Party M . . . I A New Shipment of Beautiful Dance and I 1 Party Frocks i$l975to$2975 'Evening Gowns , FOR T^'^ NEW ^ YEARNS BALL The dainty acce.s.sorie.s are of ^ that unique .style conception ! that accentuate the indiyidual- ity of the gown. ?• • i See Them In Our Windows. SEPteKER'S • in

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