Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
Page 2
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- PAGE Ttlnity Methodist Ei>lsfoiml tliurch KIrst WcthodlVt Kplscopal thnrcli. J , Next Sunday will bo New Year's . day. A fine time lio start in at- Ceoding Sunday scliopl and L-hurch. W« have calssea for all ag «:5 and you will be heartily 'welcomed by the •leather^ aud members of the classes. i ' - Sunday school ^egiiis at 0:4.5 a. m.; followed: by tieiniomink wor- ; ship, at'll a. m. The subiect will be In, lieeping witi? the day. T&e Epworth League devotional lheoting°at>6:30 p. ni. 7 - Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. NextL •week being; itlie ^week of •. i>rayer, all churchy are joining Rev. Perry O. Hanson will Sunday- morning , at the ' Tlie preach First : in Wie reicniify attended the meeting of the bo lid of Foreign Missions of H K < Me hodist thurch in .New York (.Mr.s. A. F. Holten) , CAS CITY. Ucc.'28.—Mrs. Sher- inian Uickerson entertained .Mon- Epi.scopal, chunh ' 'absence of the pastor Heher daughter, .Miss pa«or. jie, ^j^^ ^^j^^ Qj^j^ following were guests: Eva Uilkc- sun and Miss Helen Green of lola, .Mrs. Ray Nichols, of Chicago, and .Mr. and .Mrs, Cllcn Dickcrson . of north of Gas. .Mr- and ^Irs. Joe Qrundage and .Mr. and Mrs. I^cnhart motored to Missouri .Monday. ~ Jliss .MUdrcd lientoii who spent Christmas with her parents. .Mr, City aiid will have,much to say cpncenjing this branch of the churchj wort. His principal sub- jeit will he on the present conditions in China which will be intensely interesting as <ibming frorti one who 'has'livert many years aid recently has returned from -there. • j^^^ •J^,rJ," jl H Benton, l<5tt for The Rev. M. Hanson has had thejj,g„gy Yi^n^., Wednesday after- la uniott services. The unioii ser- ; privilege of working with the Drew i"-"""' .vices will be held in Trinity church Thcologifal .Seminary at .Madison I . . . .u on Tuesday cvenlnBl Roy. K. .N. .V. .1.. a.ul will touchVtliai work ! ''ccelved the sad Montgomery of the liiitod Mreili- TI,. .1 m • news Christmas day of the death i*n church will I K . r c laree . • 1 ' '";,"? '^''"•''^^ ^" "f oldest sister, Mrs. Rosa Please look for ann , IM r^e.m ni h^^ of Albuquerque, .\. M. tWs ^ner f&r [ho^^ '^"'^ Mr. and Mrs 4 O. Cornell and UHS paper K,r the full piogiam of .sp.phciny onhestra will give a little daughters of Humboldt spent concert .it the I'leshytcrlaii church Saturday night ahd Sunday with It .:..o 0 clock. ,l,e latler's imrcrjis. Mr. and Mrs, \<wvx\t> lUble .Shidents. • Aj,., and Mrs. idoy Hamilton and Ulilldren spi'Ui Chrisinias with the wdidt. We urge till our people 'to attend.. - ' J. C. WlbSOX. Tastor. i As] (l'yl.l iiiKloni Ida.' Ic: "I'll 4:.:l2-i; 11 a. llo Thy 7::io / I 'rcsbylerliiH Chiinlt. J,Thlnk what the c!ijiv>li nii'.nis I D you. yflur fani^y, ami your' loin- munity. Include iiij your ro-nlu- , -rions ono to altonU ihur< U ,.v<.ry J""i' Hufldtiy lu .tho New | Year. Iteglii f:'."',' •iiexit Sunday and iiilike ihr" right ' jWtart. ; 1 At tho morning ;\<)r.sliip ai 11 M6'C1OC1C . M I-N . (icnevicve tintMi .N'lcli- «ia ot. Chicago will play the offer- •iory on the piano. The choir will Jiftve an npproprlati> aiilhcni. Tlir pastol'-.wlir sjicak on tho thciin'j sinct. —boiyH Wish for Ills Own I'coplc." . •'"•l <es _ _ At the everting wtirshlp al. jo'clock the Chrlstmasi miisl<ale giv- «a at thcl Methodist i chur<h Sabbath will be ropoatrd in I his church. The choirs o( both thiirch- W and tho Lititle Symphony orchestra 'will unite in irciidering tlie program Music lovers will great; l^«njoy.,this concert. Come thou •with us and we will 'do .thee good. Sunday school at l(i ai ni. Y. F. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Young •p^ple will find it profitable to at- •t«jd these meetings.; H. G. MATHIS. Pastor. Ian Temple. (iirner Wasli- ind West .itreels.l n. ScrliHiire uluily for adult r Illliie .siiiilents couipany. )l>i<-: "The I<aw of the New 1," Roni. :.':1.'.. .lunlor lop- oparlng (he ICinplre." \WA. •Th. will pi 10. Stind; of .lanii a. now relatives at Rronson, Miss .Mary. DIckerson left .Monday evening for Tulsa. Okla.. nftcr spending Chrlslmas 'with her piir- euis. .Mr. and .Mrs. Sherman Uick­ erson. ServtiiH iU the M. K. Church Sunplny:r rr .'acliiuc at !»:ir» a. m. sthoul at] 11 a. m. Kp- 1). ni Miss Joaii Heniler.son, .Miss Ruth (!ray misty world of snow Where flutteriirg to and fro The clear frost-i>etals fly l.'ntier a leadeii sky—•. Into your mist I seem to pass Through the protecliug glass. And seem myself a .snowflakc, hurled Uy wild wlifds up and down the world- Asking of this short hour : •N'othing cxcepi. to fwl that power Which su.stalns snowflakes lUl in I tho end they niu-st Peterson, of Topeka; Miss Ruth Rolierts,' .Sliss .Miriam C<ark. Ml .ss Frances (;opening, Miss Florence White. -.Miss Chri-stine Henrlchs. Miss Eleajior Steele, Roberta ! Fronk. .Miss Pauline Zyskowskl and Miss .Marguerite Ridgcway. Held Fanerei Serriice for .Miss Jon. nie Ward 'Foday. Asa Tme- blood and . MI KS Hamiu Married. ('hrMniii >i Illnner Keanlon .Mr. and .Mrs. Sam Taggari, of fiOT .Vdrth Oak street, entertained Chrisinias at a npondaydinner the followliig relatives and friends: .Mr. and -^'''s. Bert Shaul and i daughter, Ethel: .Mr. and .Airs. Ena Fall down to dust. ' ; Godown. Dr. and .Mrs. Taggari an« Having swept half the heavens; daughter. Dora. an<I grandson;-Mr. I ask no more: | and .Mr.f. John Taggart and daugh- Others have asked a greater gift iter, .loaii, -Mr. "and Mrs. Art Mead. Ijoforc, i Mr. and' Mrs. Sam-Taggart and chll- And yet., for all their pleading, rest; dYen. Claude and .Oj)al, of lola and not now Ceui-likr (ti any winter-sacred bough. p —Arthur J>avii-on Ficke, In the S.iturday Review. Mr Clarence Kllgore, of .Mildred. j>. jif OXK CK.M ,SALK .\t Rdu Laundry on Ladles' Dresses l)er. to .Jiin. 7 Phone lu2 for particulars I worth LjyisJie at i lillle, leafier. W. 1)00- ni. Kipir: ".leliovali Alone i-jjjjjjiiy Fear." Isa. S:i:!, f . ni . "Di'liveiiince." .sduy. I-V: lOasI .M4inroei Sunday' school at the Church j j;;,i<cr. ironducIie.Ms; ::1U p. HI. Prayer, praise'(•,,„) preaching al 11 a. "'• | KU-tzman. assnriiiic Imony Ki-rvlce. nSUle text: .,nd 7:.tU |). ni, Kvcrybody Is wcl >^eal of thy l»rd of hosts i,.„nie (o Ihcstr services. form this,". Isa, 0:7. I ' —-—t — |W. lU.TLKMAN, Se.-y. j SILVER LEAF Onlipr «i' Ka>lrrn Sljtr IpstuIN * .\ :.|it;clal ni<-eljng was held lahi,* n'ght al the '.Masonic temple for (lie KT.stiillatimi of ill.- inri'ininp officers for the new year of the"* Ol-iler of ICasiern Star. ^ .Mrs. .\Ilc-c Sherman, jnnlfir past ' m.tlroii, acliMi as Installing "ff 'ccrl .• „ , n i and the following per -oiis were in-' learn Hiil stalled: .Mrs. Anna llerr, worthy j matron; .Mr. Stanley Kirk, 'worthy ! patron; .Miss Viola Dalgarno, asso- I elate niatrdn: Mrs. lilanelie llun- .\lis. Lucille Kiel/.ma II, as .Koriale coiicliietross; • • The annual ball glvwi by the Klks will be held next .Monday night In the lAoms land Youngbcrg's orchestra of, Ottawa will furnish the music. ' Tho ball" will Iw under he man! agcmen , of the exccut .Mrs. K.'-tellu Kirk, ireiisurcr. TIi , Ice, .Mr.lL. .V. Gl.siJi, chMrman; Mr. (Mrs. Fred Uiiffey.) . „ „ . , I .Mr. and '.Mrs. George Rcmsberg y next wiUI.e-thc first day ^.„,,ri<..s spent Chri.stma.s with si. Tini«tb}''K Chnrch. Frank '.McCarthy ah vc commit- Mr. Mel appointive offices will be filled l>y ^ Airs. Nettio.Mosher. .Mrs. Alihic ICI-j. .j. .j. ... lis, Mrsj Gertrude Thoni|..;<.„. Mr.s. 1 ^.s,,p ^.iJ ,i Xpu'*l>ai's ilHniier at Viola I^irk.Mrs Pejiri (-j'f'al.sey. xarkey, Ko«s« and Mrs. Lula parrott. Mi.s. Mt/a'-eth I ^h^. i •.• <•' • Kntrrluin it .Vooiidar lllonrr The .Miss'os Ida and Emma Barn- ir.v. 1' Is the begiiinlng of Stephens, Mir. Hess Marsh. Mr:s. year. I is a lime of re-| ^,}. ,„„, yy Hmlth and I Shirley llisliop and Mr. C. C. Ca- tro.spH-6on; luit n ought to lK'>,j,,^. yi.risunas with Mrs.'nalsey. .,; .f (e Yo «'rv7.' V n . ^ i ^i v" '"'"•'"•I.e. ' . . U'-n and the star ,m>iils w.-n pre- e„(ortained yestenlay with a ion of Xeu A ear s day and Simda.v., Miss Opal Heath gave u Christ- ..,?ute.I (lowers and the i't'""K ,„.eiTc 'o'clock dinner In their riiero.,|ould be no better New' „',.„,„ selioolhouse; worthy matrou. Mrs. Ann;. Koust. tion There. Year's tendanc house. SI. Ti meet at as usua praver .Make day. resnliMion than thai Tim Siind:i Preac •liiiiio ; Christian Ch'nrrli. - Qur aervjces Sunday morniiig •will center around tiie theme "Worship." An order of worship "will be placed in the haiiils of every one. The experience of \Vor- eiiip must extend all the way fioni <i vislon'of God, through the valley of humllitj'. up thesunlis slope of vitality to the beliig illuminaled In the presence of God. and then .dedicated to God and humanit.v. It Is this experience that satisfies the • human soul. If possible every, o'elwk. member of church «liould he pres- Senio ont, this •worshlt> period will give new strength and vitality lo the . Bpul. It will Insphe t'^ir service and enable ns to see our tasks from ).ho eho the spiritual angle. ^ai y-o The three young po'iples s(,p<ietirs o'clock, w-ill iheet at 6:3 M p. m. .\ place for «»very young nerson. K\ '"A |t m. evangelistic services in main iiudi- torlum. Our Bible school Vipens at ;i: l.'i -A. m. A welcome await>» you. Next week will ho "Week of Prayer." , We join . vTitli olhet progi I I Friday cveningv which f> upon the Ixml in His I .,^„^.^ ^„j„yp,l nolhy's Church .sdiool will 10 o'clock in the morning . and there will he evening iind sermon .-it 7:1,'> p. in. this a "real" .New Year's tian En .V wa wis veryiandj worthy patron. .Mr. Vi. lor I'-j''"Tifpir guests were.: Mr. and Mrs. Tljore was I Kirk, were given in.signia P"is-''(.^^ JJP Purcell, of Piqua: Miss Luwry home one day last week. j CninMihiKs -Spangler I Hold Watcli Piirtv ' .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Dulfey and; .Mrs. Kva Ruth Cuiiiniirgs and, The" members fof the .Christian Church «i' the Ijiilrd jHrethren In Christ. y school at !t:4.'i a. m. Iliing. al elitven o'clock. Kndeavor society of the I'nltec .N'ew Year's sermon. • Christian ICndea-.or at 11 children .spent Christmas with .Mr. .vr. .loseph t\. Spaiigler were unit- Ouffey's parents near Richmond; ,.,( ,„ marriage at eight o'clock ! ni -pthVen church'wi'lMiold a watch ijuite a number of the H. and N., xhur.sday night. Dceeiiiner Z'i. at', party Sjiturday night at the church dull members met at tho J. F. .,ti,p Presbyterian mnnse, the Rev. |'i,ej.iuning ot 9 o'clock. It will bc A Kasiwooil home one night to prac-j n. Mathls. 1). I)., officiaiing. 'evangelistic In nature. lice sinRing for .the Christmas pro- I Mrs. Spangler is prominent in ' -. gram which was given al the i ti,„ Presbyterian church, l.elng ac- .schoolhoiiire Frida^ilgbt. ; tjve in tho (ienerul Working socle-. .Mr. and'.Mrs. Everff^t .Mankle and I tv, the Woman's'.Missionary society. (.Mrs. OpaS 'Mitchell.) L.MfARPB, J<ans., Dec. 29.-^Funeral .services for .Miss Jennie Ward were held at the .Methodist church this afternoon'at 1 o'clock, conducted by Rev. G. T. .\udrew«'. Burial was' in Golden Valley cemetery. Asa Trueblood and .Miss Nellie Hamm of Humboldt, were married at the Methodist Episcopal ehurch at that place Tuesday, December 27 at 3:30 o'clock. The marriage service ,wa.s -read b.v Dr. O. L. Orton. Mr. Tnieblood taught in the school here' before going to Hum- bohlt where he is principal of the high school and his many friendt; ibera wSab he and his bride a happy land prosperous life together. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy and son. L. G. an* Mr.: and- Mrs. E. B. Hutchinson of Borden, Kansas, came last SatT urday to spend Chrisfmus wtth Air' * I Mid Mrs. George Malcdm. Sunday 'lafttrnoon Mr. anil|Mr». r>acy am; son drove to Neosho Falls to visit their cousins and friends. Both families returned lo their hpnie ;ln Borden Monday. Christmas day plr. and Mrs. J. ."\r.. Carpenter iof lola and' sous, Howard and Oiin, bf Oklahoma, were also dinner Quests, -—Milk cow for sale. O. E. Barker. JThonc No. \, Laliarpc, Kana. .Mrs, Al Wllmoth of Emporia and licphew. Jimmie Illerson. are visiting 'Mr. and Mrs. Ben Biggs durinc Iba hoHilays. .Mr.<i. Wllmoth'will nr. remembered here .as Miss Violet Bires. Harold Roberts is spending the Mondays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs: J. Q. Roberts and .his sister, MlsB Mary RoTJOTts. •Jlr. and ^Irs. George Malcom 'pent Morfday with 'Mr. anil Mrs. John Derby. A niieslonary recently returned from Africa will itpeak at Uie Holi- iciss church on January 3. All are srtTllBlly invited. •Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Mitchell mdsdiu:. spent ChristhiaH with the 'ormer's mother. Mrs. Allie Mitch- ;ll. and sister. M TS . Michael Hardy, md Mr. Hanly at Osawatomle. Thff Odd Fellows and Rebekah's Iwlll hdld joint installation Monday •venlng. jVfr. anrt Mrs. Morton Sherman nd Linton Sherman spent Christmas day with their father. Rev. A. Vj. Sherman and their fiislers at i piawatomie. j Caiarlie Folk :of the Marines Is ; Itome for a visit with relatives and richds over Chrtstmas. ' i children spent Chrlitmaa with Mr. Duffey's parents jj«ar Richmond. the Sunday ganlzatlons. school and other or- .Mr. Spaflgler joined ami iuterinediaU' Cliris- lieavor a I 6:'.'.0 p m. The i^ale qunitel will JHliig ill the . . „ - niorninj^ sicrvlce. In the eveiilng'i Quite a numWfr of th» H. and .V the fotce of the Shannon Hardware , r will render special music ' elub member/ met al the J. F. company twenty-seveu years ago! Tile si'^jnon will be at 8 . Kaatwood home one night to prac- spring and Is foreman of the j ' 1 tice singing for the Chrlstntas pro- I ,In s,hop; He is an'elilcr in the awalt.s you at gram which was piven at the j preshyterlan chu.-eh. . school house Friday night, i .Mr. and .Mrs. Everett Mankle land children spent Christmas with f 'he Itnpilst Temple. i .Mrs. .Mankle's mother of lola. Let u|i .'••.lart tho New Year right! .Mrs! George Lawr.v 's sister and pll \ weleoiii all of these services. K. N .M I O NTGOMKRY, Pa.stor. .Mr. and .Mrs. Spangler will re- I side at'210 .North First street. •:• • <• World Wide (inild .Meets , , L , . , . , - . . J , 11 \ ^ White Cross meeting of the liy belnji in our places at the ser- her gentleman friend of Bronson, j ^^jj^ p^j^ ,1,^. pjrgt j pOfc 'SJl .1." LliE KELKFOUl). Minister. ; •-'Church I .oy.Tlly " .md the rtoplc • called at the Duffey liome one ev«- • this \4erk Is •'WIi.v Go to Chiireli." I nllig las4 week. • First Church of Christ Sclenllsl. Sunday school at !i: J.'i a. m. " Subject: "God." . ;Wednesday evening meetings at S o'clock. • . Service.* will bo held al ehurch • .vn«i. r n . • - edifice, corner of Sycamore and ; ,V,f;/^,;„L .Ek'st streets. The reading room Tliere\was a fine attendance la.>^ i .Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Fisher and Siiffda.\!r eveninc. use It as an ex- 'children and .Mr. and .Mrs. Willie: ample for the future. j Lasater sjien •Miss Ruth Bishop anil .Mis^s Isabel Glore were bost :e!><ses at a picnic .supiM-r last night ^o tho fol- .^r. aim .virs. wi">e ,o^.|„ '',r,s- I Christmas at Tom; ^j,.^ Twailell Miss Iva We Hope oiir people will plan to I Us-aier's. Ov^rmcy'cr W J V^^^^^ St^aker nlteiitl- ilu. nnloir meetljws next I Mrs. Heath of Mildred, tnothcr of '^V .g. Irene CbrT MisI Helern/n week, which will l.o ob;.eryed as i Miss Opal Heath, came over Friday Week,of Prayer. The schedule of , evening to, attend tho Christmas 1 "*"'"^' -"'^^ Miriam inoroman. iiieetliigs will 1M ? fouml l.n another i program al the schoolhouse. Mrs. 'Martin from Hutch- spent Christmas with -Mr. Ernest 'Smith. .Mr. Ed ov ^r Tlamsav 's Dry.^ 3 store i ^'"^ '"'^""'^ n^"" ! ""rt ^Sp .i'l^t'Ma ^:^.haSue.C; :|""^r'"t^^ l^"^ evening ln«,n ^sp. eiich week ,lay from 2 to .5 p. m. ^l"" •^"^=^' '"^ lead-' and Mrs. >rw„ „..uii.. :.. :•„,.!.i.i .„ ir. Lucky als ^he public is cordially invited to attend tlie sei-viccs of the church -arid to visit the reatfing room. Free Meihodist Chnrelu Suiiday school at 10 a. m. "Preaching at 11 a. m. • - Young People's service at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. The subject for .Sunday morning bc-"Growl'li in: Grace" and for the. evening will he "Newijcss of Life." i . "We wish you all a Happy New Year." •. ' j A bright new ycari and a sunny - track • ! , , ; Along aii npwarc^ way:' And a song of praise on looking back, !• While the year has iiassed away: Ainid golden sheaves, nor small. , nor few; i \ "Tbls is niy New | Year's wish for ; yon. I .- : B. KIBR. P- C. t'hnrcb of (he Najtarene. ISycamoro and Monroe.) Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. New ky altd spent the day there. • .Mr. and 'Mrs. R. D. «m|tb and Roy calletl a>t the; Duffey: home .Monday evening. i Mr. ami Mrs. Charley Wray and Start the Ne\tf JAMES S. WILSON. James S. AVilson-. was born February 3. 1848 in Gentry Counly, Mo., and passed avilay at the hofne of his son, Mr. Alb€}rt Wilson, loja. Kansas.' Detember,; 27, 1927, agijd 79 years, 10 months and 24 davs. When just a small child his pi.r- ents removed to Harrison coui^y where he grew to.:yonng mauhodd and on October 6.'4870, was unjt^ ed in marriage to;:.Miss Agues E. Coughennower. To'this union wej-e bom 10 children, of whom sijr- vive. t % .Mr. and .Airs. Wilson lived for 17 years after their marriage .-in .Mi.ssonri and then with their fai^i- ily moved to (;ree.h- couitiy. Irwa; where they lived foj< 13-yeais. Th'ey then moved to AUoii county, re-sfd- ing on a farm jieilr Humboldt (i>r a period ofj 14 yea'rs. then mDvIiig to a farm hear lote. ' .Mr. Wilsbh was converted arid united witfr'the .Methodist church in early life, '- . f He is sui-vived-l»y his wife w>io has walkediby his tide for 57 yea^s. six children, .Mvs.^.^Iary K. Ciibs<;|Ji, Ft Dodge.: lowar' iMrs. Ruth A. Powell, Sterling, .Mil's. Cora B. Hammer. >Ii't:ferf.on. Iowa; .Mrs. Bertha .M.• Ixvoney. anil AJbe/t Wilson, loia. Kai«;is; and .Mt's. Ireta C.urwell. R.ttse^ Kansa.«. I^e also leave.f to nwiij-n his dcpa*-- :ure one brother. Mr; J. I). WiIgo*i. If St. Jo.sepli, .Mo.. ; three sWei^s, Mrs. Harriet El)Ci;sotl, LeCompto.ti. Kansi.s; .Mrs. •; Elizabeth Cloptoa. Jefferson. Iowa: and Mrs. Catherine .Meredith. Ne^hamplon, Mo;; 2,"> graiidcliilclroii ;unil eight grent grandchildren. ' i Funeral services,' were li.ld lit the Fir .1t .Methodist• church. Rey. C. I. Coldsiniih. officiating. .Aluslc was provided by-1 .A|ips .M-'trgartit Kelley and .AIIssMprgaret Hanson with .V11.S.S En<»Ia;<;reen at the organ. Burial wa.Jj inade'in Highland Cemetery. • V Jerome Walsh, young Kansas City, lawyer, will attempt to save the "life 'of William Kd- ward Hickman. . The lawyer, on his way from Kansas City ' lo Los .'\nj ;eleM. said \\c would , iiy 10 esli^ldish the insanity of '.he. kidnaper-slayer of little .Marian Parker. There are now moro than a : tiiousaud varieties' of wheat, aiid ' new and finer varieties are con- i staully being produced. C UTS-SORES Cleanse thoroughly—then .j wjthout rubb[ng, apply— VI VAPORUI OJMT17 MUlimn JarmUtrnd Ymty Year Right Reed ElsteiJ Stock Co. Preseits ; "WHERE'S YOPR SISTER Viiude*Iie. .SprrluHlrx and JfoOoa iPlctures. I>u»rs Oprn 'sundny j|||d'nfghi. Janunrj Ist; id Mtfn Aditlls 5<»e officers, and teachers fo take' family sjicirt Christmas with Mrs. rliargp. '• Mr. Hen Frlwlliinil. siiper- iuleudent. Regular services followed by coiumuniou. Morning theme. "The Lard's Supi>er." "N. Y. P. S. and juniors meet at •>:.'!0 p. m. At jilght, .the pastor will s|)eak . on" "A Neglected Theme.^' or 'rGod'S Call to Fasting." •fesus said on one occasion "This kind goeth not out Ijnt by prayer and fasting." ll*\»-e wisli a general revival In lola, there.must be self- denial and prayer I'o briiig It about. MRS, C. M FI/nVER, Pastor. New^ air liners^ to fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles will carry 14 passengers each and will be e<iuipped with-dining-car facilities. Wray's mother in 'LaHarpe.' Mr. and Mrs. Ci C. Eastwood and Billy spent Christmas with .Mr. and '.Mrs; J. Fi Eastwood. There was ttuKe an excitement In the nclghtwrhood TucsdSy evc^. ning. A tramp ct>ming fn from the w^ett stopped at Ernest Smith's and went on down to CJeorge. Remsberg's and to George Lawry's and asked Mrs. Lawry to let him in the house, and Mrs. Lawry refusing, he turned and went to the bam and later Sheriff Sndock was called and came out and took him lii charge; A bridge to be erected at Chicopee Falls. Mass.. will be the first arc-welded rivetleas stee? railroad bridge in the world. IJIJI. .HM ......ii ..Ujri........ LeiKmNo .S Qvxstion: Why should tehooF diildren receive emui- sHiedcod-Uveroa? Answer: Because the stridii of tiie stody-peribd and pfaygrptmiTuses up energy, and eniulsified cod-liver ail not only proofefes energy hut alsoprot^ctswith its vitamuis. MoA^know die vahie ol SCQTTS EMULSION ELI TE T E Big Doubte Proririte-;-I0c-40c TONi[€HT 3NPLAYERS • *THE FIGHttlS G PARSON" A preacher's fight4o save, his 'church. This is the fcalure^play of the Reed Elt< n Players. "THE GOitlU A HUNT" Ben l^urbridge's great hnntlng. ] icturq of the Afrlcaq jungles. .Mdet the great Gorilla face to face. This'picture is actual fact. Comedy—"ftnip-Fighter" iwiutdar- 1 to,A R. liu 10c; JackFf^n in "A .\ wanderer of the ranges,.'with a tijBart^of'gold that proves himself a hartl hitting, ilghtinis f6oI. St [j 'staHrght, the horse and Rex the dog. i'u action 'agaiBBt their ma iter's dnenty. SMottd BtilMNie «ei iinoii flnh** Knur nr VarUijan Konni); Ridin' Gent" KATDfKE lOe and 80c lOc and SOc TODAy ONLY An Isle of Romance in a Sea of Thrills ^HlNSHEf stranded^ on a desert i.sie, the man she thought was Added—Twc Reel Comedy and Fo.v News Reel .•>iTrju»AY— s ; ' IT'S liAUGHING NITROGLYCERINE: A couple of ci'ooks, a Jealoui^ suitor,' and a belligerent mother can make things hum for a beau'tiful girl and a siriall bachelor who has decided to stop bachcjing... jp. G. Wodehouse sure steps on the laughing gas. 16 his Liberty story was a wow. this is a wow-wow'. Also Comedy—Jicw.s-—test chapter oi "Blake «i' .Scotland TariT Monday For 3 Big Days Plan ti» W in.y^c M>at at'the ijieg^ninic! Hee Bean Ueste Itrpni • c- IheSBiart!

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