The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1931
Page 5
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21, J931_ JiLYTIIKVlLLB, (AUK.)-COUUIBR NKWS ••-: : 5-t| PACE ftvR CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents * word f« flut Insertion tad one «nt * ward 'or eicli itibsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less tlian We. Count the words and send the tasli. ['hone 300 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Fay this fall. See us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. 9C-TF FOE SALE—Good, dry cook wood Buchanan Coal Co., PUone 107. 1U>-CN FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yella» feed corn, 75 cents l«r bushe al crib. R. N. Trimble, Lilbourn Mo., Pliouc l(i. 13C-K2 FOE SALE OR TRADE—Modern i bedroom bungalow on Heavn s II. L. Chambers. 21pk2 OUtt BOARDING HOUSE neiiE TODAT GVl'SV McBUlDE, 11-rcar-oM Kt» f»k IT(bt. wrrlr* Jl» -It RENT FOR RENT— 3 room furnished flat, garage and coal house. Call 67S-W. __ TC-TF- FOK RENT— Three, five and sis room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. FOR RENT— Apartment In Ingrain building. See* Parkhurst Company. ,- 9C-TF FOR RENT— 3 room stuco apartment with bath and garage. Corner Chickasawba and 6th St. J. W. Bader. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth Sr,. 9C-TF WANT to By At Once—Two mules to work on farm. J. W. Bader, Blytheville, Ark. ' 18C-K23 WANTED — Family washhjga or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizell, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED -Clean rags, free of but. tons. Courier News. 'POULTRY WANTED — Market A prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co retd CO. 210 N. Railroad St.. west o'i\ courthouse, J, E. Fisher, PUone 8i\ 24C-TF \\LQST AKD FOUND LOSI—Oiie blue kid glove. Please return to Courier or call 272 - , 20C-K2-J PERSONAL GENUINE DUCO Authorized re finishing -station. C. T. Shamli with Dcnton Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K2 WARNING ORDER I-'. L. t'lttman and Linnlc A. Pitt man are warned to appear in th Chancery Court, for the Chlcka sawba District of Mississippi Com ty, Arkansas, within thirty cla.\ and answer the complaint file against thorn by Mary St. Aube King and \V. E. Tucker, as Trustee. Witness - my hand and the seal of said court on this Hth day of April, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid, Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiffs. mrcn kin »t llw torn* •( fc«r wrallk7 nura. ANN TROW- BKIDCE. U7H7 ku ktea JIKed kr AL1K CHOSBT, luil rtt>rne« trow a year and a half IB I'arli aludrlaj: art. Wallace'* flaawe kaa bruke*. Ihrlr eacaceaacat to atair7 a rlcker man, Jim anil Gjry«7 co to Foreit CII7 wkere Jliu km a tkrlrluc law rrru'Mce. > 1[ a relallvea «nub G7B*7- Aian Cro»h7 wrltea to ker bat ake return* Ike teller •BDnrDed. MARCIA I.OH1KG, Jiai'a former flABCrep innrrlea BROCK FlllLLlFS, mtl- llunnlr«*a aoa. . ftloalka pat* and flrork Fkllllya 1* klllci In a fall tjom a horse. Marela relaraa lo L'uTect Ci<7. ake eoaaalla, JIBI nboal flnnnelal affalri Bad later tell* kirn Irer mnrrlac* (• Fkllllpa \Taa a Ml*' lake. Jiai trlea to reninln litral to Grr«7 bwt aeem Mnrrla frc- ««allr. Hart Bteao»» «!><• bcllevea Jim ka> Iake« Marcla l-h!ll[|,. t* leach,*j aeee»t> FHA J'K GIB- SOVa lavltallan lo drive her hone tram a <koB|lajc trip. Tkero U a eollUlon aad «r»»7'» f»»t l> Injured. Aaotker noturlkt lnke» ker dome and nhe* the7 arrUa there Crp»7 faint*. KOW CO ON WITH THU STOllY CHAPTEil XI.II rpIIERR WES a liglit burning bo- Bide tbo bed. Gyusy became aware of it and waa slightly annoyed. Tho llgbt vaa a nuisance. All 6h« wanted was to go asleep again. The covers felt soft and warm. She could drift back into slumber If ! f . wero not for tbo light. Sleep! Wbat a blesalDg It would bo to sleep forever—1" Slio Elirred and a twincc of Lain shot through her body. The light remained there. Sho could reach out and lurn It of! hut Ihe oiertlou was uulhlnliablo. Uypsy lay quiet for several moments. Vaguo lbou?bts began lo Irouble her. There was something she could nol remember quite clearly. SomethliiK Ibal nui happened. Tlie sirl opened lie' eyes. Why had she Imagined anything vra? wro:i^? She waa here in her own room. Everything was the same. Then she raw Matilda sitting in the shadow across the room. "Matilda," Bba asked, "what time is it?" The woman camo to the bedside. "Dou't you worry about the time." she said. "Do you feel bcller, ma'am? 1 ' ".My shoulder hurls." the girl cald. "and my ankle. What's the matter. Matilda? What happened? "It was an accideu. Tba doctor came and he said you were to still and try to rest. You'll feel bat ' ter in tho morning." "Oh—I'm beginning to rcmcm her." Gypsy lay silent for a lime. An accident. Sbo remembered Iba very clearly now. The crash 1 Frank Gibson's car. Yes, she menibercd everything. Mfclllda ca:t a troubled look nt her mistress, then went quietly rom the rooiu. Gypsy looked about her. Escept for the oriiugc-sliadcil amp at tho clde of tho bed the room waa in darkness. Sue glanced down and saw that she was wearing didnt havo lunch with Marcla. 1 haven't even Been her all week! I'll let Abblo Manley kuow what 1 think of spreading Elorlca Ilko this!" "Don't. Jim! Abulo didn't mean any harm, i loll you sho thought one it her fragile, lacc-trlnnncil j wu , vcr( , (o^etlier. She still tlilnks night gowns. 11 was n yellow one. [ sn . Only you must have been there Sho moved and felt Iho nnlu iu her ankle onco in ore. . • • • rpHEHB were footsleps Iu the Hall Jim Wallace's tall ilguio ai> peared in the doorway. "Feeling better?" "I think so." "Tho ankle's sprained. Doc says if you'ro careful It will be all right la a week or 10 rlaya. Have to stay on your feet for a while. The other bruises will ranks you feol Blltf for a few days but they're nothing lo "Stt down. Jim." Gypsy cald. "Bring the clralr over here where I can se* you." Ho drew a low rocking chair Slie snltl you wcro facing her and Ihe girl Imd on a blue dress," yy/AI.I.ACK paiised. "Monday," he repented musliiKly. "'s sec vrhere did 1 have lunch on Mon^ day?" Ue frowned slightly. Sud dcnly a light seemed to dawn. "1 know!" he oxcliitmcil. "Of course 1 was with Dill lireckenrlilso and wo went to tho i'lno Grove inn DreckcnrlclEO always eats there Alter we h;id ordered his wife camo In and joined us. Slio must have had on a litno dress. 1 don't remember Hint, llul It's odd Abblc couldn't have noticed there was another man at the table." "Maybe, she did. She didn't say nearer to the bed and eat down Gypsy eyed him seriously. "Do you know how it happened?" she asked. "You were with Gibson," Jim answered promptly. Ho waa not look- ins at her. "The man who brought you home—Mason—told me." • Tto girl nodded. "I was down town," she said, "when It began to rain. "I didn't even remember-.who he was when be spoke to "me. then I knew. Ho offered to bring me homo in hl3 car and It seemed allly to say'no.' A'fter we started be said It would bo cool to drive out on tbe Somerset road. 1 wouldn't have gono except for a special reason—' Her words broke off. Wallace waa looking at her curlouBly. "What was the special reason?" he asked. Gypsy did not speak for several moments. "It's—a little hard to tell you," she went on finally, mails 110 niy mind tils afternoon lo go away." 'To go away where?" '1 don't know. Anywhere. 1 i!c Ided lo so away so that you an larcla Phillips—1 mean so that wouldn't be an obstacle to you 1 waa going to tell yo nliout It tonlgiit. Tba soralnc ankle doesn't need to make any di erence. I can leave in a few day list the same." "But where are yon going? uvcn't the faintest idea wha you're driving at. Gypsy. You'i not an obstacle to my happlnesi You'ro—you must bo--dellrlou Maybe it's the stuff Doc gave yo to make you sleep." FAMED CAFE 100 YEARS OLD PARIS. (UP)—The Restaurant Marguery, the old established eating house on the Boulevards, renowned for its Sole Margusry. is shortly to celebrate its hundredth birthday. Extensive renovations arc being made. ,] H(\f.i "You didn't tell me what time i Tvas," she reminded the woman. "It's nearly eight o'clock. Te nmiules unlil eigiil. Uon't yo think you might sleep seme more?" fiypsy closed her eyes but she did not sleep. Sho waa fully awake now. Presently she asked: "Where's Mr. Wallace? on time?" Did be have dinner "It was ready bat he waited until alter the doctor came. He's been awful worried about you, Mrs. Wallace." "Is ho here now?" "Down slairs in the library." "Will you ask liii» lo como up. please?" The girl shook her head. "I know what I'm saying," sho assured him. "You see. something happened Ibis afternoon. 1 mean before 1 met Mr. Gibson. 1 was talking to Abble .Manley and she told mo. about sec- Ins you at the Pine Grove Inn last ilomlay with Marcla Phillips." "At the Pine Grove Inn? Uypsy, I tell you you're out of your head! 1 haven't been any placo with Marcia Phillips. Did Abbie Mauley tell you a yarn ItUe that—E" Gypsy sighed. "I told you 11 waa going to be hard to explain," sho paid. "Abbio didn't menn to make trouble. Sho saw you and thought I was with you. I didn't even lei her know it wasn't 1. She said something about- me hnrlng on a blue dress and that's how 1 knew It must be Marcia." "Uut. good God!— 1 t«l! Tcu l anything about that though. Oh, m, then it wasn't Marcia!" The girl's voico died almost to a hispor. Sho was very pale and her ark eyes seemed to grow larger. They looked at each other >nd i that steady garo many things semed to be said. "It wasn't Marcio," Jim repeated itcr her. "So that's why you de- Ided lo go away?" A bit shame-faccdly Gypsy oddcd. "I thought you wanted mo o," slie admitted. "Is that why you went for a rlvc with Gibson?" Auolher nod. And Ilko sunshine tier a quick slorm her face lighted vilh a mischievous bmile. "I did hat bccauEo I thought you didn't vant mo to." Both of them laughed. "You won't ry to run away again, will you?' Mni asked. "Not with a sprained ankle," the ;lrl told him. She was smiling but .here wero tears in her eyes. Jim sprang to his feet "I've no right to keep you talking Ilka this!' he declared. "Doc said you wcro to get all the rest possible. Gave you somcthlug to make you sleep nn here I am babbling like a monkey! "I don't think you're a monkey. He reached down aud took one o her hands, squeezing it. "I'll sen Matilda back," ho promised. "She going lo bring you something hot to drink and then you must try to sleep. I'll seo you In tho morning If you're awake. Good night." /A Good night, Jim." lie gave her a quick smile from tho doorway bcfora he disappeared. "1 believe I can sleep now," «ht unouiiccd as Matilda took away he U;iy. A delicious soiisa ot languor crept over tho ilrl. Sb» mllcd aa tb« older woman rearranged tho pillows. Matilda touched \ swllcli which turned Iho llsbt lower. Gypsy's eyes wero closed &• ihe Bcrvaut tlp-tocd from tho room. Within 10 minutes Gypsy was Bound asleep. It was Into next morning when sho awoko.- Sho started to sit up and aching shoulder muscles quickly reminded her of ycslerday'a adventures, it was 20 minutes ol 10. Jim must IIILVO gono lone a;;o. Sho lay still until proscnlly Ha- lllila knocked on tho door. "Good morning, ma'am. I hope you slcnlVell?" "Indeed 1 did." "Mr. Wallace said you weren't lo IJL- disturbed. 1 looked In a whllo njo but you wero sound uslecp. Will you have your breakfast now?" Gypsy considered. "I don't know how we're to manage it," Gho salrt, "Imt I'd lovo lo get Into tha lub for a good scrubbing Urst." "It you'll put your inn around me I can help you walk," Matilda suggested. "Yi'o'll go easy like." With Matllda'd assistance moved nboiil tho room "casy-llko." he bathed, brushed her hair and It was several minutes before Matilda returned, carrying a tray. She propped up pillows behind Gypsy nnd Ihcu set the tray before her. "Urn! Smells gooJ!'"the girl said smiling. "Not much ot a meal." Matilda commented, "but the doctor sulcl If was all you were to have. There's another cup of hot lea In Iho pot If you want it. If you say BO." ihe . woiuaa hinted rlarkly, "I'll bring up a liltlo mite of the roast. 1 could lic.U It." This will be all I want. Mallhla," janged tho fioivn for n soft Tben aho lay back on tho tnlse loiiguo, backed by pillows nil cusblon\ nnd breakf:\slcd. Dr. Ilolllngavoi th camo early in bo aftoruooii and reiwrted thai his t phosved Improvement. Thoro vere ugly puqillah brulfioa on Gypgy's slioulders and on bcr hip. i'ho rut on her forearm was ban- ngcil with tape. It would bo 10 days, Iho doctor faid, ot tlio ear- iest, before Gypsy could pul nny on her foot, Slie must stay In her room, ent nourishing food and let nature do Ibo healing. Jim telephoned a llllic liUer and Malilda jjavo him Ihls report. li« ,efl word tliat bo would bo homo early. Every afternoon for Iho rest ot that wee'ri Jim \Yallnec arrived homo at four-lhlrly. Gypsy loohml forward lo llia.l hour all throuj;b the driya that passed KO slowly. Shu had never been ill. She liad never spent EO much time helplessly. Nothing about Gibson's car twins wrecked appeared in 'the Foitist City newspapers. The tblrd afternoon Gibson telephoned nnd Malilda informed him that Mrs. Wallace was not receiving guests. 1-atcr n noto arrived. Gypsy cavo It lo Jim lo answer. She had cautioned Jim not to tell anyone she waa 111. There would be sure lo be unpleasant complications. For seven days slio remained practically a prisoner. She read. sewed— and walclicd Use clod! for fonr-tlilrly lo arrive. Gypsy was ElttiiiK before tho window Thursday evening wlien she saw Iho crecn roadster turn tnlo tho drive. Five mliuilcs later when Jim entered the room she looked up smiling. "I've been walchlnc for you." sh« announced. "You're five mlnuleu WELL EF WAUMA SIT AT30LM PREAM - BtrT Vo" 1 r)£AR Mo PIPES 'GB LIKELY 1-f T LL. Btt MRS. OUT rlEAl4 A*i' B/UIG TH 7 HA ID WIF A TRVIU IF IT WERE -THAT I MAM SELL MV I WOLJLP -ft?AKiSFO!?M -TfllS VARP A WSPl-AV oF BLQOM AfiO COLGT? f OMB CQRMeR, .4MIP SrtRtJBS ,, BLOSSOMS-,! WOUUP se-f UP A fRASMEfiT G'F GREEK MARBLE SUcSGESTiM& Tr OF A COULD srr AMP w^lcV rlGARS tffe PIPES CSF PAf AH ME ~|(aul THAT WOLJLP 35REAMER AMP -Trie -TOILER- BOOTS AND 11ER BUDDIES By Martiu DKSJ'AIK! Gypsy assured her. "It looks delicious." • • » /TMIKP.E v;as cream toast. There was a pot ot tea and a disll of jellied fruit. Gypsy ale most of the [oast a^d drauk two cups of tc.t. early!" Jim's face v.-as serious. WHhoiit replying he crossed to where sho was siulus- "Here." bo said, "la something 1 think you iliould read." Ho handed Gypsy n letter. (To He Cn^UsUK^ 8 PLANTING SEED FOR SALE OR TRADE Pure 1). !'. L. No. -i and Sloncville No. 1 & No 2 $50 Cash or 2 for 1 I. M. STEVENS I)«H, Ark New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 21. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open lligli Lo\v Close May .... 1027 1024 1017 1017 July .... 1050 1051 1043 1043 Ocl 108C 1080 10"G 1019 Dec 1110 1110 1102 1102 Jan 1118 1119 1113 'lllSb Mar 113C IHO 1133 1133 Spots closed steady al 992, oil 10. New York Cotton The to-,vn of Earlinston, Ky., has [other for night duly, ;wo fire clitsfs, one for day anil an- i $50 a year. ANIMUS FRIENDS Ls paid 1 Standard time was adopted, I the United States in 1883. %S£V TOST ,WS.Vi BOOTS WA"=> TORCtO TO RtW OPON "WE. UTTXt ME^e. Or "WE S\TU WA?> VOSV UPOri V\ •SHE W^ QOOVED BV HOPt — f\MD VtEL\KS(b OV BIST ^OW •••• "YAW VttUWG Wf> GW VJA.V ^O.OUt 0V TiO WVOME Mt-HOW COULD TWE.V ONV-V CHNWCE TiVV. DN?.\4 OP TOUGH LUCK! By Blosseii kEEp s-V EVES PEELED FOR DETECT W 6££'. I. CA&T AFFORD TO /A1SS NE\V YORK, April 21. <U1'> — Cotton clo.sed barely steady. Open High Low Clo;e 1021 1023 1018 101S 1051 1051 1045 1045 1064 108< 1070 1080 1103 1109 1103 1104 1117 1118 1113 111! 1140 IHO 1135 1135 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. , Spots closed quiet nt 1020, oil 10. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in Blytheville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. JI. Burns, Sec, WA N TED. IN I'OU M A TI ON Will man wlio reported finning injured man at Gravois Station on Frisco, few miles out of St. Louis, night of April 16th please get in louch with E. F. Blo- meycr, Frisco Agent, Blytheville, Arkansas. SO FAR I Do».T see oe tJoa HAIP OF HIIA.... See-VSO'O THlKfli HE'D BS Wfe OF THe { FIRST CUES TO SET OFF- VtiEV-U, TW ATS TM» Sooe THE TICKET . AT Howe SAID TVS Ticker To ELUHAET ? •? S6TTlHe7 OFF THE TOAlM, FAILS TO BUD HIS WASH TUHBS B " ASVS ENB OO.V1E.D QUICKUY ONCE BUtL HAS 1HROWH BUCKtTSCH ' WKteR <»i TV\E CiROUNO. • Ht SUPS. 50 POES ^BDULLf^, A.nD THE CRW!!> feRCMS ftS EftSV IS CrxUWlT 1M HIS MKrHTV CIR^SP. LOOKS BAD FOR WASH 1 . FAY 0, DAVI< Atwatcr Kent Dealer Thone 121 YA, I BRtAK HIS NECK. <fQNJ&& TO SAV, THO, G'iH- > sn^^;es uis H&AP. /

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