Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 6, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1933
Page 2
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VAm TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MokPAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 6, lULA, KANSAS TRIAL OPENS IN WANDERWELL MYSTERY KILLING ON LIFE. Lei me live out my life from year t'o year Witlv-fonvard face and unreluctant MUl, " ( Not hastening to nor lurninfj from the goal, ' Not m'ourrilns for the things that (^isappear: 111 the dim past, nor holding back in fear, .From what the future hath. But with a.whole . And^appy heart that pays Its toll To youth and age and journeys on v.-ith cheerJ So let .the road wind up the hill or ^o.wn ' Throu .E ;h roueh dr • smooth journey sha|ll be jo.v. the Still .seekinK what but a boy.-'New fi'iend-ship. h a crown. My hf-art .shall k< the quest .'\iid hppe the ro; Ipp the best' —iHenry VanDyke.' Lyii- nale A .sju-prisi' p.iijLy Ivlo Dale Prid;i K)-oij;).or Iriciids I sought when igh adventure and ?cp the courage of d's last turn shall NEWS OF MORAN Death' of Homer Vamer Brings Grief to Many Friends of Pioneer Mdran Business Man. The fog of mystery .and adventure which has surro^nd^ddhis death ship Carma is expected to lift in the Long Beach. Calif., courtroom, whete William James "Curley" Guy is on'trial charged with murder. A former associate of the adventurous Captain Walter Wanderwell, Who was found shot to death in his cabin-on the Carma, Guy is believed to have been aboard the ship shortly befqre the murder. He is shown, at left, with his lavi-j-cr in court. The blond beauty of the widow, Mrs. Aloha Wanderwell, right, schoolerf'ini adventure, was unmoved as tho trial began arid she confronted the accused Guy. was given for y night when a went to his home to licln him colebratc his birthday. The )>;iily planned and carried out .bi? Mr.s. Lylei Dale. The guests )>l«yf;], games ar late hour when .si .'rveci. The v.u d danced until a refreshments wer>.-- .'Sls were: Misses Irene .Wilkin.s. VJiola Smith. Anna Buth Cai'-icroh. Alice Smith, Uishel City. Mo.. Golda Price "of Kansas .=itari:man of Chai[iute; Messrs. Lloyd Roberts. Prank SmiUi. Harold Riiiilli: John Zii| I.'nlc: S;ind Mr. r ,v/r (>U. •> ISirlliiJ.ay'Surprisj; Party f<ir Mri Cress F !-ich y ;'ar on Mr.-;. :J. A. Cri'.ss Political AnnouDcements For Finance Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy ; for nomination to the office of' Finance Commi.ssioner, subject to the will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated." J. D. BUCHANAN. m' sistEtt .^IARY .\"I -V\ Seiviie Wrilt-r UV.S ;e<-nnniniial nu'als must l)e served diiilv. luiuli thnuKbt . . For Commissioner. ; I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Pi- " L,m„,,_,„,, TTTrnld nance Commissioner, subject to the r and iilaiiiiiui!; ;av reiniired in prc- vrr^' H^m ri ^^-Jll of voters in the coming pr<- ' - •• - - >• -•-- • nd .Mr.s. Haioldij^^ Y^^^. ^.^^^^ ^..jj ^^p,,,., • ciated. O. W. HOLMES. Ground Ho.a Day plan.s to add onr !i;-rr";y'-ar to hor'ase. This year . Ii-icnds'and relatives did si 'inc secret '••!.•'ur-i;i:; r>nd arrived at '.he CriT-'; in;nic", ill DrWitt district Tliursday r-ven;r.!L' with ba.'jkel.s'. of .reii-esh- T!V'!\ii:' Gam-js. hiu.sic. and vi.siting furni''lied tii''. evenings cntertain- Sandv ichcs. cp.kc and coffee werr^ jor.^eti to the persons: Mr. and JiTr."-. Hciirv; Strack. Eva Mae and Tialc. Mr. and Mrs. Glen S:rack. Mr. .',nd Mrs Charles Stroh. Elhr! :inr! ,3unior, 7vlr. i and Mrs. Robert B'-nr.ftt'. Ghri.s'iena and "Gene. Mr. r:-v\ Mrs. Tom Brooke. Mr. and Mrs. nrrt'sl Jesse :ind| -Arlcne. Mi's. M. L. Kirbv. Jvli -s. Il.-irry Cpnklin. Marrnvft: Eryl and C^irl Gien. Mr. and ;Lco Frndrick. Bill and Jack, lir. rind Mrs. Harold Grizzie and Ceiakline. Mr. and Mi's. 1. O. Bai'n-. ard. .^ou ^•)hT and Marlon. Mr. and PRAIRIE UNION Jan. 31.— Mr. and Mrs. Joshua ; Jackson spent .Wednesday evening ; al O. W. Ram,ey"s. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Co.x of Win- i field called on their. cousin. Mrs. O. W. Barney Thursday morning. } Mr. and Mrs. A. |W. Paine were | calUng on Mrs. John-son in Colony i Wednesday evening. • Miss Nola Strickler spent Friday | night with Mrs. Ross Hendrix. | Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Martin and i girls spent Friday evening at the ! Ramey home. Mrs. Hord. Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. N. ; T. Strickler and Mrs. Herrick attended, the Busy Bee club Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Alva Brooks. J Mrs. O. W. Ramey. Frances and ! Marie Martin were, on the sick list ' the first of this week. Roy Howard was put on the school , board in place of.Mr, Ramey. Mr. Ramey will have a sale February 7 .\ris. ,.i^ro(! Tice. Virqrinia. Ghn.^tena., and move northwest of St. Joe. Mo.. . JD.-|n,; and iM -rddie. Mr. and Mrs. |iu a .short time. Mr. ,and Mrs. Ralph Lewis and' Kirls. were Sunday visitors of Mr. Mrs. j iu a .short time. Ko.'.s-Crws and Shirley. Fred Strack, r.iini !1 Hov.ell. Ml-. I'lid Mr:-. J >l'U;i-rfi. Alii'M. : Paul Stih.son. and A. Crc.s.s. Audrey, nci U;ii'iaii. and Mrs. R. S. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. O. W: Ramey and i Have you a house ft^r rent? Or lor sale? Want to buy^ anything' Itun the Clu.wlfifd rnlumn.if Dudley were Sunday d nner guests j of Mr. and Mrs. Charllt.. Martin.. I Mrs. Fi-ank Roney visited Friday : with Mrs. W. H. Nichols. Vint ihciii iroai Iwcoii-.iiKr iiionoi- oiioa.-;. It takc .-i hiliiiitPly more iiii'-llli-'iMK iitui skill iti tiiki' tlW' rliraiitr' jn'oihiils :iii(l roinbiiie tlicm ill Piii'h I'.-ishinii that a savory and (li'Iicinas disli is the result than it does tu i nok and si-rvp llie (.-Imic'tsi aud most rxju iisivo foods. Meals esp»"(ially present a ilil"- fionlr prolilern aiut niiif.'i inpeJiu- ily is nocdf-d to iiiiiir.taiii a well- balaiH-ed and •noiirifliiii:^ diet. Tn tlli^ riut llie :.;!:iiuliihu' or.saiis are Worth fonsidf rahlf study. They ;iii> iisiiiilly very chenp aiKl when I'roiierl.v cookrd make (l (>lirioiis meals. Tlif liiiirts m lioih <:i \i •.t'u\ hf(< PV'- re !;arili>(l as i-xeellent foods ;;inl air very ine\-p(n.';ive. l.anih and veal Kiihifys arc na'l- liially the most dilicate. lull beef :I 1 HI million also are used. Kid- iu'vs must 1)0 codk'd ciihr -r a short !• ir-tii (if timi' <ir IIM- several hiiiirs. Tli(-y aiT tfiidcr .••fter a l <-,v mihntes i -Dnkinj: hut soon Immheii aiurnicd <>( cuok- in^ III mak'- tluni ii';;.iiii ti'uder- II' -s. X 'rile heart of lii-ifDr mutton <liiiiifd hf soaked hoiir in cold ual.r .111 (1 piirlioilid licl'iire usin;; til insure delii aty ,111' flavor and ii -iiilcnii 'ss. Then ilu -y ma.v _lio slici'd and pau-Iirollcd, tiiiiled whiile in water will seasoned with Vi 'ueliihles and luaised with or wIlliDiil ve .L 'itatiles. When braised they olleii are stiuied with a well siasniioil bread stiiffmi; and make a savory dish. Beef kidney in tomato same i.s a savory dish that will be parti ^'i!-. larly relished <iii a eold winier evening. Beef Ki^Ine.v in Tomato Sauce p.Tir beef kidneys, 2 onions. 1 sweet .ereen peppey. 2 cups lauiied (omalors. :; tablespoons Tomorrow's Menu i|!tEAKFA.ST: Stewed figs with oran.L 'e sections, cereal, cream, sutt <ooked e^Ks, graham niuflins, milk, coffee. l.r.NTHKON: Scallop's in ramikins. toasted . mullins. carrot sticks, peach cornstarch pnddiiii;, "milk. tea. ni .NWEK: Keef kidney in! tomato saiiM'. buttered cauli-: flower, salad of Chinese! calihaue '-apple -stnft'ed idive. • lemon sii"n :.;e pie. milk, ooflee. flour. S tablespoons lal. 1 tea.spojon ."alt. '4 teaspoon pepper.^ j Wash kidney and let stand 1:11 cold salted water lor one hotir. Drain and trim off I'at. Ciil |in sllce .s about o.iu'-half iiii li thiiik. Heniove any hard gristly niateriiil. Uoll in fliiin- and add to fat mclljcd ill a deep satuepan. Add onirju ; finely niincrd and pepper seeded and finely shredded. Shake 'over the fire Hntll the meatus spared!^bp both sides and coated with, a rwh',* browji sauce. Add remaining, in- gredien.ts, cover closely and siin- n'ler one Iwur. Serve very hot. I MORAN. Kas.. Feb. 2. —The news that H. M. Varnier, one of Morah's oldest business men, had passed away at his home here at 3 o 'clock Ihte morning following a stroke of parftlysls about the noon hour Tuesday; was not unexpected as his condition' was veiy grave from the be- giiuilrig and gradually grew worse untitJ, the ehd came... The absent ;n reached home in a few after their father'.s last jll- "Ijegan and while he was .vet i» recognize tliem. , Mr. Varner [>-twice located in Moran, his i: Residence here was followed by aAestdence for a short time at PWtt) Kas.. but for 37 years the f^^y has made Mbran their home ajipa :'the greater part of'that time Ma-ii" Varner has been engaged in conducting the Vamer cafe, one of [the town's most popular eating bouses.; During all these years of business Mr. Vamer's acquaintance grew until he had a wide circle of fi ^ends who today are grieved at his passing and who extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives.. The deceased is survived by his v,'lfc, two daiighteirs Mrs. Eugene Plum, Plcher, Okla'., Mrs. Wm. Breh- nen, Chanute; three sons, George, Topcka; Theodore, Independence, i Kas.; and Ed, of Moran. One son. Merle, gave his life in Prance, while a soldier during the World War. and one daughter. Alcesta Varner. iiireccded him in death. Funeral 'sen'ices will be held tomorrov/ afternoon (Friday) at 2:30 at the Ral- .ston funeral home, conducted by Rev. J. R. Williams, pastor of the Me'hodist Episcopal church and iii- ttrmcnt will be made in the Moran cemetery. All business houses v.ill be closed during the funeral services. The concert program given Wed- 1 nesday evening by the high school [band and girls glee club at the Pres- ibyterian church was attended by a j large crowd who were highly pleas; cd at the fine entertainment. Supt. I Ralph McCrary who directs the i high: school band and Miss M. Lucilia Harris music supcmsor of the schools here, are to be cdmpliment- ; ed on the splendid, outcome of their ' training and the earnest coopera- I tl.on the two high school groups .gave in making this program such ; a splendid success. Mrs. Cora B. Simpson. "Tulsa, is i here for quite an extensive visit at ; the home of her daughter-in-law. • Mrs. Elizabeth SimiKon. • Mrs. W. J: Rumbel has been visiting this week with her daughter, j Mrs. George Weatherbic and fam-i i ilv. near LaHarpe. I, Mrs. L. C. Caldwell, Bayard, vis- | ited_ Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Mary Lacc.v. who has Ijeen quite ill for several days but who Is now improving. Mrs. Lillie McCrary, Lock Springs, Mo., who has been visiting the pa-st .several weeks at Ponca City. Okla., came Wednesday, for a visit hero w Ith her sons. Superintendent Ralph McCrnry and Neil McCrary. who has been liere for several weeks. ; WHAT AMEBCAN BATTLESHIP WAS D ^DTHISi-REEALL DEJTROYED IN A THE NEGRO SLAVE.<; •> ^"^'^SOR ? Lacey. returned Wctfnesday evening to her home at Haven, Kas. Mr. and Mrs. Earle Green visited Sunday in Kincaid, guests of Mr. Green's parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Green. Walter Wood was a business visitor :n Ft. Scott Thursdr.y. The working .sbcieties iof the three churches held their regular meet- 1 in<Ts today. iMrs. S.. E. Fowler entertained the Ladies' Aid of the ChriMiaii church in an all day I meoting in her home. Mrs. Sarah Umphrey was hostess In an all day meeting" of the Ladies' Aid of,the M'?thndist Episcopal ichurch and;the Willing.Workers of the Presbyuerlaa I cluirch met with Mrs. J. J. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Myres Pryor, Kansas Cisy. came Wednesday evening! for a few diiys' visit with their cous- iu.-=. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mahhiil? and their daughters. Misses Riiih and Betty and witli Mr. and Mr.s. Dee Doughty. • FRENCH BLAST KILLS EIGHT. Nearly 100 Injured in Explosion in Renault Motor Works. ; Paris, Feb. 6.: (APi—Eight' persons wb -8 'killed and about 100 injured. «&ie of them fatally,'Wbpiv a boiler exploded today in the' yinw -j' erhouse of the Renault automobileV. works at Billancourt. on the edge of Paris. It was feared there were -other victims trapped in ruins of the powerhouse, which was afire.. The bodies: of six dead and;-about 100 injured had been recovered this afternoon, • • i. (Answers will>'be found on Page 3) I San Franc|isco — Ted Foster. 35.' I who had promised to leave the iclty, 1 blamed his continued prescnce| on poor railroad service when he] appeared for t le second tinie in court on a vagrancy charge. He declared , tlie box car ho boarded for Chibago jwas .switched during the night and i sent back to San Fi-anci.sco while. ' he slept. While here Mrs. McCrary jls a house guest of Mrs. N. L. Hams: "Mrs. Lloyd Winslow w^s hostess to the members of the San Souc-i club at her home Wednesday afternoon and had as her guj;.sts. Mes- damcs Llnley Hill, Geo., Carl Shlvely. D. R. Goyettp, Harry Umphrey, Claude Taylqr, Frank McAdam, Arthur Mendep. W, A. Cline, Nenl Gilliam, Roy Huiley, lola, and Mrs. Paul Schtr an invited guest. The usual diversions were enjoyed during the afternoon and refreshmeiits seiTcd. Miss WlUabeth Harris. Lane. Kas.. Mr. and'Mrs.. J. V. Robert; and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Moses. lola, Supl. Black of the city schools of Uniontown and his wife, weie among those from out of town who attended the high school band and girls glee club conceit here Vvedncsday evening. ; Mrs. Forrest CuHis. who was called here the last of the week by the illness of her mother, Mrs. Mary You Will Be ; More Attractive New, wonderful MELLO-GLO ixiw- der makes your skin look fresh, tempting.- Mtide by a new French process, it spreads with surbrisinij smoothness, stays on - longer,- hides tiny lines and wrinkles, pi'cveni;; l.irge ixjrcs. Ugly shine banished. No drawn or "pa.siy" look. N^o Irritation with pui-esl face .bowrior known. Biiv delightfully fiinn-aui MELLO-GLO today. .SOc anci —Brown's Dru'v Store. • Full Pack... No Slack Fiilinq Economliial-Efficient SAME PRI(CE 4 W AS42YEAIiM<iO 25oun€es for 254 PoubfeAefionf MILLIONS OF POUNDS DSED 'i BY OU R C OVE RN M C NT 1 tlON'WIDE EElfS ia/ce a 3^Year; Washing ^ and Stilt They're Good! General Electric lauDdf> test proves their itren^tlii Yes, "Nafiors- Wide" Sheets met the test with ease. They proved thit even after three years' household duty, they're reaidy for more! X 99" SHEETS filcaiiiiii;,' wliitc — service • t,'iviii<; wi-ii ^ht! .Smixjth, lovely and so soft! 12-inch by 36-inch Cases 15c Tl^e Ideal Boot Shop had the efit. Priees have been w6 are ofteiing the highett to state that most of o«ii* V^e are forced undei* the ga rdless of cost. Everythltig Make room for Were i^uriied ihisfd^iie of having a fh'e of which yow ar^Wheh- itt «Ms event. But to on* old and new customers shoes f01* the «»ntire | family. Wc akiso # was saved. SMOKEOI BUT NOT HURT As To I'l^E to place oiir entlr^ stock at yotiri feet re- go t<s allow the building to be r<epairea and to piurchased. Come early and bring Ithe fanfily.! 9A.M.,TUES.,FElB.7 en M Fi-i All Fii RED HOT PRICES s Oxronis, Famous Brand of "iKlly Five in both Tan and Black. .<ize.s and widths. 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