Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1927
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U -Vf et'$fCRl'cAt SOCIETY. TOPlpKA.KANS The REGlfTERSfircnla- Hon record > op^n fo fivhhc innpectioi at an^ time. VOLUME KXXI. No. 57. K HERE Universal^ eek of Prayer Opens Wth Meeting MondiyNigKt ALL THROUGH WEEK Meetings Aire Scheduled i For Esch Night Of lola next wee: .Aiilire " Christia \. will join with tho world ill the observanci- of t|ie fuiversal \\>ek oi rrqyer. Topi«-^ will b Diit Ihf world a Till- oliurihes 111 <.l>r<'rvibjr thfj ter-'ipROSECDTORIS of lola will unite • iji .ikiiiR the topics-lead Lliemselves • ! .. preparation . li.ily Sunday ev ^ Al-I c'hnrch piMoi tbe sc^on of K .CSMI.^ iip<jil 1 association for tliv coming } •Jinge.islic meetings, j le are requested tx) \ "^nii iht^se nn}>'tIiiE« iit'ii jo'') vi ' Iprayer • for God's itii. ille .WinL-ivi'- has ariaiii?ed the . fijjii'e it in tl)i • t. ml every meet AlOnday even lueclinK. " Cnitefl 'I 'yii-, ("liuri'li VvanKtli-iii; s-jf 'Wilsoii. TlicKjav evi'i HI' <liliK Triilit - Hineexwir l.i The I-ilii Daily Heifliitcr. The -IVillv r .ecird ami I<'Ui lOLA, KAN.. FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER SO, CmCULATION is the only GommoSity a Neiospaper Has-to Sell Its Advertisers. 1927. Clean Politics Fo7' Convention At K. C. Week Washington.. Dec. ?.0. {AP)— A \i cCiudiuatts lor the Kepub- licdn pre'sidentlal noniioaUon and tbeir campralgn maiui|;ers were warned today liy George! U'. Beau, national committee-! man for KIcriL-a. thai their! pre-ronveniion campaisns must! be wagrd "in the samo dlgni-i fied way" in the South as they! will be in the .North or senti-1 nient will react against ihem.!, Any attv-mpt, he declared, to! .•send contesting delegations to! the Kansas City coavention in! the hope of blocking a naniina-r' tion;.ror any particular candidate will "iUir up strifD" with bad rpsitlis to the persons responsible. COUNTY LEVY FOR SCHOOLS IS ANNOUNCED Tax Valuation of Districts And Levy Is Given To Public The 'WeeKly Regliiter, Established 1M7. The tola Daily ReKister. EsteUlsbed lg»7. SIX PAGES: REPORT IS FINISHED Miss Dollie Adams Has Completed Work | I For Taxes j • I The valuation for varIou!« sfcbool i lOLA STUDENTS WILL START WORK MONDAY ' i FOR REST OF SEASON Mnniiay iportilni; the .school docii-H semeRter will end January 20 and ot all the sjhool.* in lola «ii: a?a"Ti enrol Tnent for the second semes- .<twing open after a ten ilays vac8-;»er wilt start January 23, with tlon and close lo :i.00u lola »t;i- class vork beginning the ne.xt day. dents will asain peitle dfiwit ^t-'.The two' high school.s w^ill proib- work with no Tacitionj in prospe.'.t nbly have clanses until the close for some time. i , , />f the i .semester and will not lose{ About 91K1 stt)d»nfs ationliig the a day ;on enrollment. . three npper .tctaools—high school,, The grade <ichuo y will not have senior and junior, and the junior any such dl.isioR of the school co^lege-NylU start v „r'i at U> year .illhouih their third six oVook while alm 'isi 2.nin IttleweekK period will end at the same tots in the five grade «rhool«'.wlll ilme. niarrli in at 9 oVlofk. I; p-oh;- nnriug ;he. hnliilays the schools abiv not take Ions for things: to -avo heen fixed for another long again get settled down and the' periorr of nctJoii by the janitOf«| re/iilar routine a«-iin to be dropped j with everything being exception- into. .Must of the teachers whj>ially well cleaned up^maller re- wer** out or lola during ;h«; liol week, thi.s year by \ loilowing sc'heiiuie. t.'lip il out. Hiosi coni-puiKju.s jiiiice in your h<>nu- and plan 10 :it- SCORED BY OIL GRAND JURORS Balked by Attome>i The Grand Jury Speaks Of Principals ^ pairs (being made, nndmanv such iobp heiijg done to have things in readiness, for the reopening of] .\ccordins to A. ^I. Thoroman superint<:ndent of s('hools, .therd wlH quite likely be one more va-1 'iistrlcts of Allen County and the^^^ are exiH -ct'ed back toraorrof tax leiT for the -school year of; to be rendy for the opening <'f 1927-2R w.ere ' annonncod today by} scbool .Miss Hollle Adams, conntv sliper- ' Monday will .start the last three intendent of public instruct.o^. j -ks .work ^of ^ the ^J ^s. se^^er The levy in the county | j^r l,rpl,s and junior coriege. There cation thi.s venr. and that the is that of-distriet .No. .58 where the : will a-liialiv he only two more Kaster vacation. This will prob- levy is ($180 The rural high ^veeks work'for the lunior colle.g.^ : ably extend over two days absence school ievy is only .OS. the repbrt "t'l^rteni.^ 4 '1>«' "--al *-ek. .lanu- from, school and in all probabilityi shows. • The levy and valuations in the various districts follow: ,nry 16 to 20. will ""obably be given will •'over entjnrly to final "vaniinailrns clu :ind fini>«hi!ii; bark woiM. The be the onlv vacation from Milj work for the remainder ,of the year.- Xo. 1.- J liig in tih.' si-liedulo. Tlie MeethiirM. Hg "::sn. p:ace of Ureihreii cburcli. Ui 'spdnsibillty in euker. f ^v. .(. C. AVashington. Dec. .W. (AP>— 4 IliiiUed by thiv tiisii iil attorney'V ^ , rffice ill ils (iesire to retuiiii in- 1 ]j ilii'.meiils in i!ie .Siuclair-Fall oi! '. I > Jury t:imperiiiK' <iise. the federal pi;,,.,, „f''. grand jury here today made "lire- 1(». church.'.sentmcnts" i;Oundly .scoring, the.H \VilsoiiI jury i:imperiiiK <iise. ine leiierai Tli'-KaaV eve, iivg 7::t.l; phice of;P''""'' J"iy here today made "pre-; lo. ui'.liiiK Trinit: .\1.. KJ chnrch. fysentmcnts" i;Oundly .scoring. the.H.- Tople'. .My Kesi onsllHlilyj in Kvaii-;'princip:ils in the proceedings, and ; }-- "'m .Tv "'^'"•'•tiMK that the evidence gath-j|-, " " \Ve <Vue ..:day e.wiil.g 7 : riO; i/a. e :'•<'>'«I'""<'<I sufficient proof of'15" r i inec !iiiE -.kir.!Cliri-lhiii conspiracy. ;lfi.. mec!ingV Kir; .'-l>T--ik^T KeV: M -. ^'r-'y -T :<nd h'v TliiiVsil:! - iJH-e' iig First .M - . ;•. Rev. .f. L4 1' •i>oii;il Woi k l-"'rid;iy evejiii met ting I!:ipti.-j: :.|rs. Cirrie .M. r<e 6f The Uib! • Thi." plan wi ;wi) weeks ia .111' .lings. Thih Jiie cotlage p.: rliur'.-h; Tiip{c, •L ("liri^lijiii I,. Vezie. igel.'sm. • ii.v evt^niny •" piace of . K ehunili: >peak- Keleford. Topic, .and Kvangelisni. g 7::;e: plaie of ti mjiie; speaker J-'Iower!', Topic, The In KvTangelism. conspi)-:i<y. l»i«niit -\noriiev Cordoh had del li'ieil to draw • inilli tmenis against Harry K. .•Sinclair. Williaiu J. Burns, and their asEociale.« who fimired in the shadowing "f the Fall-Sinclair oil jury, while tlie.. ,^ cont-mpt <-ase..< against ihein werejjjs"" pending. .Vnable to obtain the in-|2S.. "l7._- 'IS. ,1ft- 2" 21-23. . 1 he continued for .''''thients the grand jury ilccided [tile regular prayer will lead up ito PTJi.vsr meetings tl^at tiff rreliminar* torthe evafige]is|.i(; iiii'etings. Wednesday e "ening, January il: J'ace of , meet ng, the .Vazarejne . Iiur'ch. Kev. H = . \Vednesday ^ I'lace. the I'j Kev. J.- H. Sow to make il.s- report anyway for such action as might be decided upon; 30 Dorsey Hyde, foreman ot the'31.1 „ grand jury Insisted that the pre- .12_.. Eentraent, j which also named W. Sherman Burns, of the Burns detective; agency: Sheldon Clark and <: Mnhi <i sneaker leeocy, oueiuun ^..larK ana •eniiiir January- IS- "^",'->- -^a-""" Sinclair oil of- ,rsby[f;iar"churih.;Ocidl>'. Charles G. Ruddy and rby, speatker. i 0 TRUANT OFHCERS SELECTED TODAY f \ai • I nL X • i • prepared a week ago. Officials F^r Districts in; The foreman rr Allen ('ounty Are > amed .LI-,, 34... 35... 36... 37... Frank J.. OReilly, must be acted |.IS... upon by tho district attorney's 39 ^office. 40... '• Ui.vde said the jury bren|''_^r-- convinted for some time that the!'','^- ' ! action of the oil men and the de-'^? - Jtectives con.stitnted "conspiracy to,'*'— defeat the ends of justice,"^'^- charged in the presentment, which jj^--" ill ucLluiiru null Itv- I cause of the be- thu !4 !t... rni.niii y ofikers for the four ••'i.^iriiis in -MJeji county have been ;i!iIKiinted I JV |.\Iiss Dollie Adams, declared that many angles in i,...-, rj, oil case now before the. courts, hcjc," was not surprised that no indict-' menis were <lrawn up. "I would not oxi)cct the jirose-j 52... ri3... .';4... ruling dfficlal.s to take any other ;;r,'' lleiirv I';il will ill. I lilt .Vo :; • 'I'viiig di--'v T'. 21. 2 • M 11. 41. 4 Iiistriel . ('•-ir^cts! II tiiini li; h 1- • iquisltors were duty bound lo ie-;Hi. turn the presentment to the court. 62-. : District Atlorney Gordon said he r,^. woulii not draw up indictments on HV.. thf; basis of the presentment, ndd-lfis.. mg thai In \lew of the «(?iitenipt 1 BB._ pro(!e(Hlings which have not yet B7 been i-oncluded, he thought'it best;fiS- not to return intilctme.nts at th*! fin., , ,711 . The ilistrlct attorney ilisagrcej ;7i_. , ,, , ', . with Hydip that action was neces-'72 • T.;."'^'"!'" ''mte „^,. prc^sentment itselt. Jle 01 icei lor III.'*- j,^^,. necessary and that ";; • ti<.ne wouldlbe taken. I'led the |i«silji)(i liul I'.-l- !|ii; epli'il. lie V i' lu'Ve Clliiiue "f 1 le riillinviiii; dHtri-t>--, 2.'. 2".. :'«, .!!. 'T! 'in. tii'. d.'; «::, v<\. •r,. t\:>: -r. .-iiid 77.' , , TvUilliex' 111 liT inr llt'tlill No. 1 will lie I. W. I|li;a'n''it;i;iiil of X -.lvble His :(! Hlf.U -vill I. .2. ••• ' • 'IJ- "i-.^'bfl.resent time. 71..7- M" iili i toinl dis! rii t • No. 1' T-I.„ ,II„..I, if .Allen. I'oiiiit.v • 7!. 71. 7 .S y iil have.:i.-i| .^•:ivonl«irg. 2S 2;', and -.i 4, » liii'li 4..- ila-lildes I Hoih Hyde and Gordon indicated 7 ~ij. jthat there had been no lack of har- '77,_. niony beiween the district attor-,7S.. •:! -•;7 •;s 4' t! 49 'aud the grand jury. |7n-. I tii) fie' ti" CS "0 "">'^ disagreement siniplvisft. _ d iJint/divVrii 'r .N-o'.^ir^" '° ""^ »° Ptir.s.ue. ,.11. 1 ifficer. 1.. .1. Ilaworth,; WEATHER and ROADS jt. 2.. ijt.' 7 FOR KAli'.SAS: I'nxettled and Vnldrr Ionic it; fold-iiine in south- ejiNt nnrf extreme f,\si |ioi1iuns wtih leni|>erntur* near /ero; tnnstly fnJr aiiiL contlni ed cold Satttrrtajv,,^ For liila ; md Vicinity: I'nseftled tonight.; <"«ild-^Tave >vlth 1em|»ern- tiire. near z TO : fair »nd oonllnned »iild Snlunlay. . Teniperat ire—Highest yesterday, at: .1 p. in.; lowes* last night. V'l. at 6 a. nt.: normal for today. "1: excess yesterday. 9: excess .-inc" J^nojirv 1st, 272 degrees: Rigid Inquiry Into S-4 Disaster Asked ij.'fB . Jt. 9S . > Washington, Dec. 30. (AP)—Sec- ihis dat li'west. -Je. Pieieiplta •ending at for thisi y ii-'ss sinc^j.) - Sun rtsei r. 12 .p. mi Itttad SaHna, • ArkanKJ good. : j Wichit^i ion for the 24 hours a. ni. today, .00; total t>ar to date. .'>2.96: ex- anuary 1st. 15.60 inches. ::!S a. in.; sun sets. PIttsbur, Coffeyvl and Trozer Ottan-fl, good. Topeka, Hutrtiln lOmtiorlri, ast year, highest, 'tni Condition!!. fijarily <-ioudy. roads good. Cii.v. douily. roads are retary Wilbur today ordered a rigid inquiry into rescue operations on the submarine S-4 to supplement the order directing a- naval court of inquiry into the accident which sent the vessel to the '•bottom oft Provincetown, .Mass. Ax. the same time the secretary iinnounced that a board of experts to study rescue operations? and .safety devices for submarines would be appointed soop.' He said Jie was. unable to R.H.S . I'P»y $i.!;>; - .19 .tiO .3."; . -19 i24 .19 1 .00 . .34 . .tr, . .SI .43 l.flo - .s:! - .41 - .29 .30 .50 .53 .50 - .45 .62 .:;c .4it .41 . .tiO ..ic, .4!< - .66 . .39 . .43 . .28 - .06 - .56 . .56 - .66 . .46 . ..=S2 . .70 . .49 -• ..37. .52 . .23 - 1.36 . ..".4 . .31 . HI .2.") . 1.72 - .56 - .19 2'* .M - .32 . l.SO . .39 _ . ;3n - .40 .44 .33 .44 .40 .42 . ..M - l.OS ; .91 . .411 . .25 . .56 .38 .44 - .42 . .36 .40 .65 .96 .30 .43-.211 .52 ..20 .65 i .OS CALIFORNIA HAS (IDAHO CAPTIVE SOLVED LATEST ADMITS SLAYING MURDER MYSTERY OF KANSAS MAN Chlcap'o. Dec. .•!(^. lAPi -Wil- liapi Zacharow. agent of an ;ip-iriment building here, owned by Mrs. -Xnielia ,\piil<:'i> re- veii'ed (I letter fodaV signed by Dr. Chaili's M. McM'Han, in- strncting him to forward rentals on the building to -him in care of a I.os Angeles hotel. This clue, linking the physi- sian charged with the murder of Mrs. Applebv. was uncovered ••V .1 iiewspnper reporter investigating Mrs. .\ppleby's Chicago lO'ineeiions. Twin (•'alls. Valuation' I 390,560 290.290 166 MH, 205.855 ' 409,950 j .324,625' ."•68,175; 329.170 ' 41,'?.3.55; 'awiik;Former Texas Physician! Alfred K. ^^lill' Is Held in Death of ' 254,070' Wealthy Woman 228.995 6.590,925 420,690 291.275 273,216 3.52.915 177;»45 14S.570 317.665 24.3,620 177,660 274,795 . 248.525 2.S7,31'> 19.S.77n , 195.031)' --181,380 269,165 1,0s Angeles, De;. 3n. lAPi — '7.3 ies ''''''*' '"'""'•1 Iliey had 2 ()s ]476 j solved xoiitliern California's new- 160,245 1 e.-' I 'lmder c.-ise in the arrest of , 140,705 pr. Clir.r es .\!. M-.-Mflbiu. :orm^r ISisM ''"'"^ P:'.vsri:.u w... WH- formally FulflHs 171 290 's'i'.vinK of Mrs. 605,660 Amelia .•V:>ple!iy. siii:pose:!l\ iveal- 141,825 thy apartnieiil biiitse OAIIIM- 01 Chicago, whose b'idy was fo.iiul sewn in a sack just out^iije ihe city Jella May Brought Back to* iLearenworth Idaho, Dec- 30. a po.sse ^y wh ed after Jie iai LInwOod, H i ago. : Jella's conJTession Bd tAP) • Pets old. arrested here 21 for criminal as- isling an officer; evening that he i» i wanted at I.^venworth, Kans., to answer tor niijrdeir of a member of ch he was surround-! .Vlfred K. Jell4. alls AJbcrt I, abone. 28 yea 1 u-it Ili -cembeH .sauU and re.> confessed LINDY LANDS FOR BEIEZE VISIT TODAY Adverse Weather Brings Mother to Halt in St. Louis BUT EAGLE~GOES ON Lindbergh Lands Whenl He Is Expected Only To Pass Washington, Dec. 30. (AP); The . mental notes being filed away-by Col. Lindbergh as he wings his way through Central America may be spread on the records of congressional com-' mittees to guide them In planning air mail routes to the disr tant republics. KipRhiiieiander Is Sued Wife For Separatton New York, I>ec.'30. (AP;-^ The marital affairsCof L«oqurd Kip Rbinelander. tieir to $190.000.000 and Ms wife, dauglvter of a Negro chauffe&r, are ta be, before the courts >a^in i\i si. sepsiutfon suit brought by-his wife. Mrs. Rbinelander. who Iwcj years ago, defeat^^d the vatj tempts of her lius,band tojse-, cure an aniinlment iof taeir marriage on the ^oiinda .thai she bad deceived b(m -as tojher race and color, npw asks." for a separation on 'the basis of cruelty, inhuman"^ treatment and abahdoniiaent.j; She asks no specific allmonf. '• Papers In the s^lt were delivered yesterday; St. I^iiis, Dec. 30. fAP)— Because of ariversc weather conditions, the flight of .Mrs. Kvangeline Lindbergh from St. l>ouis to Detroit, the last leg of her reinrn journe.v from . -Mexico City, where she spent , Christmas with her son. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, was ])Ostponed .until tomorrow. Belize, British- Honduras. Dec.' 30. .(.AP) Just missing telephone j Wires on the northern end of the sports field here, Colon<>; Charles! A. : Lindbergh today skilfully I ! brought his famous Spirit of St. I r»ill.s safely to a landing .here. i completing the seciinil leg of his good will flight to Central America I and, making the first landing in a I land pJane ;ever made here. • j There were tense moments of! I anxiety in the crowd. * for the American air liero was forced to swerve his 'plane sharply from a stand erected-for the New Year's horse races and to pilot it down the narrow field skilfully to a safe GEORGE REMUS II^ANEJUDCI SAYS INSANITY TO _ BE PLEA OF^ ED HICKMAN Kansas City Attorney, In Statement, Indicates Defense Plan CONFERS~MTH '¥0±* Lawyer Also Meets W^tjh Officials Mixed In Case Appeal to Comindn Pl^as Court Will fie Maf e " By Attoi^eys • Cincinniiti, Dec...^l30. Petition for a Writ of Habeas iwpus seeking the release of , George Kemus wi?.s filed ^tMs afternoon by Gabrjel- Kyeiwoa. his .brother-in-law, in : tKe court of common j)leas; Cincinnati, O.. IJt'c. 30. fA^-> George Remus was granted forthwith writ ofyhabeas Voj- piis and ordered f into Jt^dge , Charles S. BeM's court -4 o'clock this afteenooa f«r ;a iiearing on' the sranting^ of. Tiond. - i ; Cincinnati, Ohio, J^. -30. (iA.P)— Ceorg<>','Remiis today; was lougdMn-. sane in a decision^handed '=d<iwn by Judge M'illiam H. Luediyrs; of Los Angeles, Dec. 30..(>!P Jerome K. Walsh, Kars^ City attorney, here' to def ;nd William E. Hickman, conf^s?- ed kidnaper and slayer Marian Parker, today defti- itely indicated'that inf?ai|ii^y would be.the pleai of the cused youth. 1 Walsh, who arrived; here yester- d.ty morning and spent the day in conferences with l..osi .Angelesl ficiuls and with Hickman in hte cfU in the hall of justice, devoted nioHt of last night to study of aec- tiohs of the Califiirniu penal co^le c valing with in.sanity in crime; . The Kansas City attorney came liere at the ijiehest of llick:ii.-.h's mother in Kansas City In n aiate- nient issued on his arrival V'alsh rtterred to the mouier's hooe ol: "e.vlenuating circii.'iistances mitigating her hoy's culidbility iu this a>,o;iizing situation." pli.shcd this, a little .sigh of relief iiad robbM a banklifose from the crowd which swarm- ansas three year.^ i ^''°«! t.f":-.American flier cheer- 1 ing :n their joy ^nd exuberance. ' i-ame aftei^I Landed at 10:4.-|, ItalpU t:. Lei?^;qn. Twin Falls po j The .\mericau aviator landed at lice ihitif. rec Iveii reports on Jel |9:4.'ii a. m. local t.iine (10:46 d. m. la'K r liger p °ints tltat had beei i Easiern standard time;) justj tliree landiu .g. When he had. accom-. the Hamilton countyCprobate fojirt. fiirwj -.irded fr« al bureau WashiD«rt..n. m here to the feder tf identification a Dcath-Beq Promise 230,480 398.100 230,545 344,035 limits last Monday. 1,040.040 .McMillan, who 28S,500 222.290 eral years ago came from herl! sev- Coiorado. 1.1 avenwort I. VP I— The c Idaho, of A|f wanted' In robbery of li. : Kans.r Dec. 3C piure in Twin Falls ed K. f Dutch) Jelli onnectlon .with ihfe he inow defunct Linh wood State bank Glenn Curtis iftt'ooS i Texas, was cauEhl here last night'fills a death-bed promise made to 5's?'?oo 'When officers raided his ..part- Curt:s by SI eiiff R K. Gallivan ^? : «5/n-"t and nd hiu. examining Ap- J[- -£^^1^^'..^i^^^f i 210.66.^ 410.085 410,085 169,625 : pleby's private pajiers wliiili he had spread on thi- floor. The police said .Me.Mllhm luil . Th< 0( toli '. 29 b rv.' .Mia have I'li-t .,44'305! lived with Mrs. Appleby, h.d ol- "ave i.i-t h K97 465 «»'"••'' '«"'' power M pUorney and . ff"»t i ^ ^""i', •''>7'610'had made a trip east with her last; -^^ G. Kjmball jqo •{3'> summer. The officers declared the 340,695 imot've for the .slaying was the de-I «'Unu 197,230' of physician to acquire 225,295 326.610 226.9.'!5 222.270 title to the woman's projieit.v right Knlering said to Includv morsiPOlnt- Ute pd.'»^ came unon which was than the Chicago npartnient who fired then covered and the slaying ot deputy sheriff, ful and others' ttjok up the chase, anil wife ulttemptihg tq the^ir oyerjturned motor ca 10 I i woods at I hours and 23 minutes after he had taken off from Guatemala City 250 The report of 'the alienists nj ^n which Judge iLuede ^s acted? r ^ad as follows: . ^ " / I i "We. the undersigited. appointed tb examine GeorgeiRemus as; to his sanity, beg leave! to submit ;the following: , ' "After a carieful iiphysical^nd mental «camikiatlon.^the hejirjhg of the testimony and ae reined ;the .history of the «a^^ we find, said mllds away over rough and dan-1 George-Remus saiie) , gerdns territory. He was five Diinrj , -wo also find that said George iites early, for he had estimated; Remus is a p«ychop«.th and thore- that It would take him 3>^ hours fore i^ a dangerous indirldt^l to to ihake the trip. i be"; af large. We believe that Ae is Rathusiastic because of Colonel i ^ dangerous paychopati betSttie he Lindbergh's decision to land here. | unmoral, lacking a eense ot eth- wh^h it was feared that the field ics, emotionally unstable. i »clng woiild Trove inadequate, and-dou- subject to unrestitifned outbreaks blvicxclted by the colonel's mar- of temper, an<J rag^ and egocen- velpus feat in bringing his iJlane trie to a pathplogtdal degree: safeiy to land on the: small sports jj H OPPE MlH Tield here, the ciowd swarined | "THO.MAS A. RAliLIFF, .M. D.. abottt the plane, wild with joy. ^pnd ..HQWARD D. .McL>rrYRE. (M' D." It was necessary for the reception i„j„„ T I™.K.' ^cT ™/!i 'nIbeV "e:tit ?.^n ^th"elr I'l'l^ he'";?f^ ^^hf "Se ^sir Col.: Lindbergh within their pro.|„,^„^^ j^^^^ . "From tho evidence, testi^ny and exhibits, submitted enworth county. Linwojid'bank was robbe 1 , tecting ranks to the golf clwh. 92-i. After the rob-fj where he was formally greeted by said by officer.** 11 , Sir 'Joh'n Burdon. governor of the s bride I wo mllei Colony, and prominent citizens in- ne and fled. Curtif; eluding the mayor of Belizi>. catthler of the bank In a dense hlqket. Curtis his revolver ind advanced on .\ei- at[ the depiiiy. Jell iolher members of th I A wiir written in pencil, presuin-, . 210.5401 ably that of .Mrs. Appleby, was''" 2115.905 ' fojind among the papers In McMIl- , 912,645 ilah's apai-tmeni. It had been drawn 11"?*"" bi|s revolver and escar/ 491,445 in his favor. Although the police i believed i 'Amelia .\ppleby was the •""•2 °L' true name, they declared JfM-^lbeeu known as Mrs. Molli Inn,I in — . Curtip died 'that mifht after ki. -'^^^ plidgeij String-fellow, Uiej h h * sheriff,- ihd Gallivan. then deputk- "'l, "f" .sheriff,; to uonduct a nationwide "i2'?^° anohter family had moved into her'^"'^'^ ^ •••H'J'2 ?!hoiisi 2,135 83.695 7,535 117,275 8.i.=;o 1.445,915 Thd doctor told the offlj-ers that bloodstains'Which they hid found' Senator Edge Favors Hoover for President Washington. Dec. 30. JAP).— Charging that the; original recommendations' of army engineers for flood control work on the Mississippi river were altered at the re- guest of the administration. Sen- aijcr Caraway. Democrat. Arkan- say at this time whether, this boarij ; Ea's, announced today he would would be composed of civilians or naval officers. seek an investigation when stnate reconvenes next week. tho Women *s Farm Bureau Achieves Much During Year, Says Report snowing, roads good. .Afanhatt^n, partly cloudy, roads good. tJoudy, roa^s muddy le. cloudy, roails rough plgbt snow railing, roads cloudy, roads gx>od. ion, cloudy, roaOs good. , ,, cloudy, iMadn good. ' Dodge C ity, cloudy, roads good. \ The 1927 program of the Women's F.irm Bureau has byen the most successful ever presented in m.any ways according to ihe annual report of Mrs. Florence Syverud. county home demonstration agent. . .Mm. SyveruiFs report shows 39 training schools during the year, attended by 555. The 228 method and, re««It d«mo8tratlon meetings attra^lRd 2256 women, while 3231 |M ?r»ons att4>nded 25 other extension meetings. Forty 4-H club meetinga were attended by 721 persons. Fourteen communities were involved in the program, the report sbows. Farm women in Allen county have canned.'4.010 quarts of vegetables and 12,116 quarts of fruit during the year under I^rm Bureau supervision. Interest ill natriUon is amazing. The report shows 82 farm children drinking a'quart of milk each day with 172 adult* drinking at least a pint«. day. Ftfty-two woni- eil report the general health ot their family ^proved. on his bleed. coat were from a nose- 'Surgeon's knots" were used, ac-. (API—Diverij hoped to penetra cording to the deputy sheriffs. In i the hull of the sunken S -4 off th tying up the woman's body i harbor today f^r the first ' 'Nfilgbbors of Mrs. App[eby told j since ^he sujjmtirlne went deputy sheriffs that they jhad seen .McMillan at the woman's home mapy times, the last time being Friday, when.he assisted lier in repairing her automobile, after which they drove away together^ .McMillan denied that helhnd anything to do with the,killing. Divers Hipie to Bring Out S-4' Victims Sooh ProvlncetoVn,, Dec. 30.-|e time down with its fortly officers and men nearly it wo veeks ago. I Whether theyjwill be able to do so will depend entirely upon wea-; ther conditions; Southwest stor|n warnings have been hoisted on' Monument Fill and the'seas are high and lon^. i Escape With $5,000 in Currency and Some Collateral Ablenc. Kan.. Dec. 30. (AP)- TUree robbers held up and robbed the Abilene National Bank of {5.000 in curency and some collateral, mostly stock, fchortly after noon today. The robbers, who Were maskxd, ei»caped in a motor car, which, titer was seen going through Cbap- xoao. The men ehtered the bank abont «:30 p. m. fh^n only C. W. Taylor, isslstant csjshier, and ETddn Scripter, a :Ierk. were on dnfy They were forded to lie on the floor. Durfng ithe robbery, J. B. Case, vice-president, and a woman customer entered and were forced to lie on tbi floor. The men ailed In an effort to open the cash box in the vault. They placed the bank employes and the won an in the vanit before departing. bi|t were unable to lock Lindy Hops Off Frbm Guatemala City Guatemala City, Guatemala. Dec. 30. (AP)—Cotoriel Charles A. Lindbergh hopped off at 6:20 a, m. (Central time) today for Belize, in 'jthis case, the court Is jof tl»o optiiion and finds George Remus no«^ I Insane ^nd a daiigerons person tio be at ilarge," read Jiis iflndlng. • "It Is thereYore : ordered *that George Remus b» committed t5>.tho Lima estate hospitalijfor the i'l^ne and there ber confiaed nntll 'such time when he Jias; been resijored to reason or untlK^otberwIse; dis- ch^arged by due prqcess of The decisloii followed by i jtwo th'otisand persons who had gathered at daybreak at the Aurora flying field to watch the Amerlcari air hero take off on* the second leg of his Central American toiir. .Tiiat; before Colonel Lindbergh's departure. President Chacon shook hands with him warmly and wished him a good trip and happitiess. ""Thank you. Mr.. President." responded the aviator.' visibly! moved by the demonstrations of enthusiasm, "and thanks to aH the i»eo- ple of Guatemala." British Honduras, 250 miles away., ^ - . . - . The departure of Colonel Lind- h^^yf > on«-day tea* of Repjis's bergh was witnessed by fully a saiUty made mandatory by the Verdict of the Jury *hich ten:days iigo fonnd biih not guilty <^;the murder of his estranged w-ife,.rjno- gene. on the sole i ground of; insanity. 7 : . Remus .was not ^n- court IwTien Judge Lneders handed down his decision, but wasjrepresent&i^ by Charles H. El8ton];:who was associated counsel-witji; Remus iji the. murder trial •' j S.-l Elston turned aa ashen jgray when Judge Leuderi finally reached the final paragi^pbs of ixte' decision after [reading througiC two long typewritten paires. 5? Newspape^ men Tvshed to R^us jn Kis jail cell oii the samei'tloor as the probata coui^t. i\ He accepted the finding w*i^h a harsh laugh but calftily. i; "Is that .so?" hevasked. "iWell, well." • : i- : He thought: a moment and'then adfled: ; "Tho decision is JJO farciaL^such a joke that it maizes a sane person laugh. It is sp Jinmorot's." Elston immediatflly plannnil an appeal to the court of cofimon pleas. it Judge Lueders agreed to pi^rmit Remus to remain ip. the Hanjllton county jail iiintll njfxt Tuesdiiy to permit Elston to perfect his appeal from the decision. - Liiidy Has Long Trip Ahead Guatemala City,-Guatemala, Dec. 30. jf.VP)—Running zig-zag across Central America and linking all its capitals an: airway of more than l;3flh miles stretched before-Colonel : Charles A. Lindbergh today. Sonittime after January S his silver winged monoplane. The -Spirit of St. I»uis, will come to rest in Panama and the highest honors in these people's power will have been paid the American flyer. Guatemala found, that the two- day stay, ending with Lindbergh's departiire this morning, afforded insufficient time to pay him thi- (Coiitlnned on Vnfie 6, Xo. 2) County Officials Will Attend Big Session A t Burlington Janfmry 12 / .; • . - —^— — • • ••. ^ County officials froth Allen ' pnpblem in Kansas; will be sakeh Not One j :Man Murder? • i Los .A.iigeles, Dec. 20. f.A.P)—Re- 'versiiig their prerious. opinioii tliat the kidnaping, murder and.niuti'la- I lion of Marian Parker was a -'^one man job," I M'H Angeies police to- j day went to work on. the theory that Wiliiam Edward -Hickman had I an accomplice. This move was made dcspiite the fact that his COUT fession .us announced by the investigators detJared he was alone in carrying <iui the crime. . Expre-ssing doubts that the 12- year-olit girl would have, remained quietly in her abducroi -s auto- mboile while he left It u> seiaa telegrams or to mail special deliv-r ery ^ransom letters to her father, th© 'police have launched . an. In-: vestlgation seeking to connects a I second person Kith the kiduapiii«r. The investigators said one phase of the tnquirj- was centered In the l>ossibility that 16-year-old Welby Hunt, confessed confederate' of. Hickman in a series or Kansas Ciiy. Texas, and . Partflc (Toast holdups, one of which resulted in the fatal shooting of Ivy Thoms. Rosehill. Cal., druggist, may liave assLsted In-thg kidnaping of the Los Angeles school' girl. ' >'n .Sapport Fonnd. These.police suspicions found no support in the holdiip ronress 'lon which young Hunt gave To .sheriffs officers. •"Wrfy. I 'd have turned my own brother.fiver to the police for a crime like that." ftunt declared. Police, however, pointed out thai (Contlnned on Page «. No. 1) . COlfWAVE IS TO ARRIVE TONIGHT Snow Storm Strikes Tola And Wichita During Day . Sleet, which started falling in lola this morning, turned into snow, which continued to fall through the day. The fall is light, but steady. A light snowfall was reported .it Wich- • ita with it becoming heavier in the afternoon and zero > weather predicted for tonight. Sleet begaij falling in Parsons shortly before hoon. Topeka. Dec. 30. l.\Ptr-.V cold wave . which 'arrived in we.stern Kansas last night will e .xtend over the entire state by tomorrow mqr'n- j ing. nrerlicfed S. I>. Flora, meteor- jologist. Temperatures tonight, he 'said, are e -tpected to drop tp :5 be• low zero in northern and we.stern i counties and to zero in the soilth- ;ern :;nd eastern sections. i .[ • Cloudy skies prevailed over jthe ' i S;tatp'; the weather bureau reported, 'but "aid there was little'chance of jsnow. City, with a light i j«now flurr.v,: reported the ' only ' moisture in the last 24 hours. | Last night's low mark of 2 aibove zero was reported by Goodland. Concordia had a low of S; Topleka. and Wichita, IS, and pity. up. James Allen it Chanu^, a member of the highway conimis- •rion, also will be there. A big dinner will b* served at the mcirflng. W. A. Hessi Ed Barnhart aad J. county will go to Burlington January 12 to attend the quarterly meeting of the Southeastern Ivan- sis. County Officers iassociatlon. The organization includes commis-, sloners, clerks and engineers from ;' Q. Roberts, county commlsslrtjers. seventeen counties lit this section., W. D. Clark,-county clerk. an« Lee John W. Gardner, chairman of .Vofizgeir couhty «njrineer, protiablv uejwriifjB. uu« wcic ^ .the sUte highway commis.slon. will | will attend the meeting from Mleii it. Tbp robpert were youns there anil discussion of the road I county. it Navy to Give Up Hunt: For Mrs. Grayson Plane New York, Dec. 30. (AP)—Con-' Vinced that further search of,the waters off. the Newfoundland and Xova Scotia coasts for Mrs. Fran-; ces Wilson'Grayson, and her three male companions in the amphibian plane Dawn would, be fiitrie. the U. S. navy has ordered withdrawn the five dekroj-ers whichp for two (^ys searched the waters about CaOe Sable.

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