Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 8
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TOO STRONG : FOR ALUM1«I High School and College < Quintets Win Gamies r Last Night HIGH SCHOOL OFF Smith's Crew Didn't Hit During Encounter With Grads IJotli alunini tcains 'found the, ; ticliool teams too good tor tUcm ' lust iifght. Tlic high school game mras won 23 to 19 whilejhe junior tollege.won its game 35 to 21. The aliunni toara proved itself to " be strong when playing tho.high eohoolj tying ihe score the j first quarter, a large_part of the time leaditfif ]^at period. Again in the last quarter tht-y tied the seortr only to have ihe,hi«h school in the last few Dlinutes of play gain a four point lead. The.high school ' waa ahead at the Iialt. After H hiird foushl third quarter the score sinod la lo H In favor of the high .sciiooi but the alumni began a drive of ;offenslv§._^»lay al>out the time the alst period was - bver. thai did nut stop until ttie si'ore had been tied. wi4h Stanley I^' s/Loriiig the tying points. Acting captain Donaldson then scored two field goal.s for the Wgh .<ichooJ • team, which cave the neces-sary margin to win. Tliese were the only poinr.s he contributed during the last half. The alumni jihowcd^real scoring power but pa.ssinpwas rather wild. <";pecial!v wlinn it came to penetrating the defense. Fotils proved costly to the high ncnool for the. alumni scored every jrial in tlie last .half making fivo points by this route The high school team, though playing an erratic game .last night, should have given Coach . Smith/a fairly good idea of what the team Could do. Donaldson ofj the high .school and FrOnk of the NEWEST WANER FOOTBALL TO HAVENONEW RULECHANGE Chairman of Co'mmittee Says Fresei^t Ones Are Better I WILL CLARIFY ALL Goal Posts Will Remain^ Ten Feet Back, Hall i declares Betty Nuthall Gets ffisrhRatinsr Mei.'V Trav-n Waiicr. cousin • of Lloyd anil I'awl Waiier. wlio 'v»iJi iiy o'li with "rtie I'itts'- biirgh I'irates ne.vt ."prinji. Tin; new Waner is .said f<i. be a nood major icanui- pni=pi'(t. , j New York. Dec. 9. lAlM—The national football rules' c<inimittee; . stands pat on the changes made in • the gridiron code thiir year, its; 'chairman. Kdward K. Hall, of Xou-; 'York and Dartmouth, disclosed, lo- I day in making his annual report I. !to the convention of the National jfol.i^giaie AUiletIc a.ssociutioji. • TI hsi- rules change.-i, in- .Mr.! 'Halls opinion, have accomplished' nio.^t of thfir iinriiosc ami as a rc- j.-iiit ilio t i>Mij:iii;i'C contemplates no I .'i]ti-ralion.s-;it its 'unnuiit meftini: ] I.!,..- if tl|,. >vi !lt— oxct .llt jio«;«i'lv lo clarify or adjilst some ot tho ^ i.. M,aj,)*ai,/ in. lui- con*'. Tlif. c<>n-<-rvalivc stand by the !rules ARMY WOULD CLING TO ITS AT |\ DTTI IWr'C f^i'""'*'!' '•'»'• "'^'i'" i""iiual <ic- |II .U |\|J|j|llll |j1''a''''- -I'ld post-mortems on the BKTTK NUTHALI- wUiU- voachjs am! tooi'>al conimittee chairman (tame| si,ooiliig Gp from eleventh place in a s[ngle year, "Bounding Hetty,] ;..ffi.i;ils from all parts of the conn-' Knglish rival o( Helen Wills, is rated^second only tothe Vetera:, .Mrs. Godfree In Hamiitim Prices ranking of English woman tenuis players, just alinounced. Followers Would Drop • Navy Before Making i Changes^ Now C(!)MPROMISE NO UP Little Possibility Now of ' Service Game for Next Year , 1!Y AllA.V .1. COlI.n (.\ss<u-iatcd rii^-i S;iorls Kditon Ntfw York. Dec. 2:t. i AI'l - AVcst j:r;ili:rin season. It is in contrast iho somiuliat critical attitude aii(ipi''d '.ly nunierdiis <oachcs, pai- ticuliiriy toward this year'.s_riljes (chani;es. • 'I'lie change.-v witli which Xr. Hall i.-ays t!:e rules committee '•js much giatifiod" inclijdcd setting back ilu' j:(ial posts len yards, removal of ilie tnajor risks in use of the', ..'it<'i-;il i>as.- and in caichin;.; piints. : icgniations of the shift with'lu» cr-asi-d penally for illep i! shilt.-^. • Jl. Vost, athletic director .if th- '.•ind contnd of "unreasonable de-' University of .Micliigan. at'cr a visii lays" in the j!amo. to Hoston left behind reminis (t >n<.s ! Cnlicism hasj.ecn levelled par- „ np,„„ „f MiHiigan who « tunlarly at the goal POSts,; ^ Mr. Halls report note.-. : , T,,,*;. ^j,.^, ^^.^^ ,g,.,„j Slanfor.i on Xcw Year's day, lfln2: ^Yo•. FIELDING YOST HAS STORIES OF TEAMS WHICH QUIT FIELq Doslon. Dec. 2a. (AIM Klcldini: The score was 1 which stopped 1 roach . . In dofi-nsc of llie noitl p<i-:I re- uiumnl tied for high scoring hon-i Poiiit isn't au.xious lo cut adrili moval, Mr. Hall stresses the fact ors with each counting eight from the .Naval acailemy gridiron that it has eliminated the danger,... ,. points. f)"t Army supporters licr.- are mak- ,„ injuries in .scrimmages near the '"' In. the junior college ganiH ing jt clear.they preli-r to ^t -e tlic uprights. It also) he says, has re- Stanford beftire aiie against its alumni, it.was the jun-'.l annual service tootball l»attlc I niovcd ior college's .all the way from the'] scrapped rather iliii:i (Ms^ard first minute-of play when Burger j whole athMic of which tossed' a long shot which opened 'be <ligibiliiy cod<' is a the scoring for the college. Out of ! fundamental p.'iri. . (he first ten points which the jun-, In a nutshell that is consiilcn d ior college gained before the alum- Uie Army point of \icw in conncc- iii scored once. Burger made eight'tion. with the present break in rc- The alumni .then took to scoring lations and tin- prospt-ct that tlii-re making six points in succession .'•o' will be no Anuy-Nuvy -a.nie next that the score stood 12 to C at the seasoir or for soni> time to ;oiuc. end of tfie quarter. lunless lliere is an. al)oui-face at The second quarter was rather jeither ^'cst I'oiiit or .\ini:i;:(ili-. uneventful wiJh the alumni for aj Just now no co omise s .m ms while keeping even on scoring hon-. likeiv. despito the fad that Ihcrr ors but finally losing out. The' is an nnder-( urrcnt or iVciing score stood 17 to S with the clos- niat the door has not jilloueilur ing of the half. Leo Burger pfay- been barred to; a Kctu.i;.ilu'r This iDg at center had scored 13 of his nnder-ctirrent has g.ilMc.i i-npoins team's 17 jyoims and could not be .Michi;a:i team numbei -iMl U.e" unfair ha tidU-ap'^ich'«"•>• 1^ <'n>y '^."^;;'" •[ .hen a team kicks out from'.'"^•'" "'".J*",''- ^'T- >">< ""K"'/;;'" jf one ol the early editions oi the iron men." .Yost said. "The captain of Stanford was Kisher. a boy who had played a tra ,.oint lifU-r tou.hdown. ^reat game in .the backfiebl In his >;v:vie.v .,f rnles-maWng. l^l'"- ' saw him beforr tlie tlTe period <,r r.- I rec-«ll ; that 1 asked bm. how- .'ons the halves would lie. Like a shot he answered, "thiity- five minutes.' "I tliouglit they ml>;lil be able to livi.ed .,n a we.'l-balanced plane, ion -shorter halves but it was Pointing out the aim of this i''^''^nt Stanford had made up its year's ch.rtifies to strike a fair bal-1 "''„",'.'.• iincf lietwei'ii offense and <lefcnse, he says; e.xsits -w hf'hirid iis t>un poai pos!s makes i:' more diftiiiill for a team to capilall/e a ttar kii-ker's il).ility :.nd adds'til tlie 'gamble for the c-x- fOvcriiiK tlTc period of radical re- Miictinn of tile f:ame from 190G to Iftlio ;!i!d the era of stabilizan'on i.nil st.indardization since then. -Mr. Ha!l sees the j;aiue as nnwestab- from the .presence here ihi . .1. C. star and captain; with grbli^on men from all parts i'"^'' ^^•»-' ^<'!'" '";";•'' t;*"'""'"- \« j' T^,^,4rtt'C 'Vnh/J : in. Kronk who played ,of the .-ouniry for aiiinial pow-wow lonu as we .can ihold the game es- tj U'tllUf O 1 ClKd college Hst year and will ovpr the Ki-ni- and nil.s. senlially as it is today, we will i ^. j 7 l^ bloppcd by the alumni. At the opening of the half. Crick, I coaches former 1. wis sent with the be Veady to go again this basket-; u^um-<\uiU- ball sea.son had also lieen subsli- „„ „,^. :„.;„,,.,„i,,, .tt^feri and In this last half proved t.,^.e.her agiiin ii- hasn . dangerous. Though the alumni j i,,,,^,^.,, ,„ „,^. ,.„,^ were ontscore.! the third quarteri„p.,, fj,,,, j„ ,„ ,„ 'Tlie committee is week I ''^'''l' t'"^ result iiich •:rati- of Armv as weM as .N'avv fo.,ili;.II ' t'hnwn in the g; and officials ^alherinu f«'-''son just clo.sed. Well, with only nine minutes left to iilay, •stanf<iid 'nuit the game and the Held with th'e wholly .sin- I of the ch nccs''-'•^'"*' statement thai every om> of ame duriii! the i ii^'u'lable had been Never BUFFALO IS TRIMMED BY MILDRED'S 5 Sekan*. League Game Helid At Buffalo Isj Rough COURT VERY SMALL Can't Run: Here Frequent Fouls Slow Up Game Played Wednesday .Mildred. Dec. 23.-The Mildr.xl ••Red Devils" defeated the Buffalo team in a Sekan league game at Buffalo night, 62 to 41. The court being small and li^iits j none too good, made the; game,, rough even though the referee, !\lr.^ Bronsoii of Fredonia. is one of the' best in the league. .Mlldretl led the scoring from the beginning and w;us never in dan-; ger. Buffalo tried in vain to rally.' but the igreat defenst? of the "Nlil-! low: .: is Seen By C. A. CLIFT ki3 dred guards kept their scoiv io».-, 't>„i.-„. » Hiitton. the well known Mildred! '^nnlr -I^lf^^ center led the scorinir with i German runner..Who fs here;'ln .oinf- . *: /••'.j •America but unable to-participate ) Mildred tneets Fort ScoU at ^^i^Jl^i any r^ces becHnse of opposWou dre(i next Saturday nighti ruffjiio—II Chickadorz, rf . Donner If Pool, If -.J_. Barrett, c Herringt'on. rg- . Willonghbve. rg tnoiigh. 1-4 . _ Hodge. Ig - FC ,s 1 1 Tqtals in the {;amc. to 0. ".Vnotljer team playing foiir minutes before th legal termination of time was West Virginia.' Michigan wns leading, 131 to 0, when AVest Virginia de^i tided it ,'laii reached'the end of ita resources. | "Yet another time saw us playi ing at Ann 'Arbor. Our opponend was Buf£alo and the score wa.s 12s| to 0 wltfiseveral binulGs to pla.v when they stopped. Between the halves we had gtveii them the| privilegeiof pntting back pla.vers. "Shortly before that game terminated 1 noticed a big fellow in Buffalo xigalia coiiiing off the! field towprd our bench. "'You're in the ^wrong pew, brother.' .1 said to him. i '••No i'ni not." was his answer. 'I know what I'm doing. I've been in there'three times already and I'm not going back to that other side of tiie ^ield.*" Yost was a guest at a gathering of the 'Uiiiversify "of Michigan cliib of Bostoif. Later he went to New York for ihe annual meetin.g of the National ^Collegiate Athletic association. .Mlldreii Taylor, rf _ H. ;Mann. if Hniton. c Norton, fg Dijiion, rg I V. ^laiin Ig . — — 19 1 Ft! 1 _ o _ 1 Nevitt, lg~ 1- 1. It FT II o II II II 1 o FT 1 1 I 1 d 1 II PF by the A, A. U. orTficIal?. He hopes !,to make 'em change fhelr mfnd, boweVer. 11 Well Knpwn.jFai|ner .1? 2 Found Dedd in Kansas The Mildred^lted Devils seemi to be the class .of the Sekan leagfie.. Another viitory piloiV wp:l>v the fiiiintct Wednesday night when it npsi't the lJuffalo team 62 to -11. t The Mildred boys arc long on scpr- ' in.;;. . , SeTfrnl lola cili/ens hjne sadlj neiilecled sporling eients for the la*! t.wo days. They are Iryliiir to litrure nut whj thej nin«it pay a half year's jicense for their car li> operate It onjy dnrhiir the month of Dereinber. TliAe citizens Inne pnrclnksed cars this ninnth and hiire been warned to tret a Itt'JT license. - B!l^ k>'tliall lilav in tin- HIK Sejen hi.uli school l"agui'-and the Kansas iuni>r coiiU'rcncc will be lift at top speed iii-.\t week B lys will be ictiiriiini: frnni va.ati ns the loams will nut l)e ;'f ".I eir iiesl Uii- two or tluic v\eck-. lola hiuh school apparently- hiis one of the lies) teams in the IBiir Se»en. The locaK fac^ a j-eal tesf in the first Jeairne 'iraiiie of;the season next ^^eek ii'^ain»« .Parsons hiirli school. Parsons is ahvars ifofid. Ke- porls hjne it llial Koii Sfott will have one ni the best teams in Hie coiii'erence. 1 : Garden City. Kah., D^c. 29. (| AP) Mj—AV, H. \Yoodardj, .".0. "well kitown j farmer near here,;}was,:found dead 1,-, jin a lielii a mile ffom-.^ hi.s home last night. ,Vlis.skull ^as cniHhed and it wa.s'believed 1^',bail b '-t -n kicked by one of his l^prses while drilling wheat. ; His -iteaui A .a;I; Standing iiearby. Tlie'widow ;u:id 2ii"onr children survive(I PF lli:ari(.> .Martinez. ^lie y<ring Sir.iliisli pugilLst who ;^ now 'ii.s- iriayiiig his wares in A'^i'-rica. Was bull lighter in hii- na-iivi- laiul. ' mHTS i<sm , ilsy the Associated Press* Kansas fily— .I ih^ Hirers. Kansa.s' f^ity. def'-atcd .loliiiiiv Harris, I>es Moines, la.. (Im. San Francisco Tommy Hughes, Clevvhind. .uiil Trip IJmbaio. Manila, drew (lni. Cleorge Brazel-y ton. Honolulu, defeateil (lliver .Moore, ("hi.-ago ih. P.attlins Manning. Ni 'W Orleans. (lpteati>d Frisco I.enii;.. Mani:a ill. -•Lilwin Chain Stares lola. Kinsasii Kasl Side Stjuarc.-^ before " .sJand d on lir (',.fi III re jnstirfed and has 'common-sense; .N'avy th.ii it is \init ,the.\iniy adopted I he same bility code as colk'U"s by the troilcKe. the college suffer-; ^y^", ',.„j„, ,,,.„ j,. ed a severe loss in Butter who left the court on four personals and' Kemp \\ho was also put out i^oon after foe the same reason. AVIIh the dosing of.lhn t.hird q-uarter the college was ibading 23 lo IS. In the final quarler Coachjra Stocke-;.gj,^,, s,:,,,,,^.;,, .e.rords of Army's ^, brand snb.?titikted his; remaining, j.^,„,^,^„^,,„„.,l i '• players, all the _ m-n who started j T|, mi:itarv n..n. ii do corning out. with t,he, exreption o(^L„t ,|,^ mathunati. Hubbard. At one time the junior;' «'oHege scored five iwitita in less- ."pp.irently have .the finest kind of g.'im open, cb-an, fast, inieresl-j ing. s;ife nnd with such a wcalrli | of siralegic possibilities tliat the •iiidi'idoi; a".ways has lii.s cllniice to] c-oliic liack .-ind the defeated team.) .';ii oji |iorluiiit.v to win the following week. "SI changes in the rules are con- 'itemp!al»'d by th'- nimmittee other Mildred Cage ToumeyPlay The junior class of .Mildred high school won tihe final game from the sMiiors, l.l-lo. The junior class ilisplayed the Hiest brand of team work seen in the tournament, isniith Army men. however, learn fnn^ center was the high p.iint man I official .\nnaiiolis soiincs. of <Ie- " I purpose of clarifying, adjusting .or ' perfecting provLsions already in the The is than a minute. Leo Burger easily lead in scoring honors with 15 jpoints while ^ Fronk who followed had tfen. Bur-! ger was pla>1ng the best game he "; has played^ thip-ear Kemp :<J«., j„,.iudin^^ th ^ SSS ^«r°"*^; - - iv.rsity career a. ' XVcst Point , .... Iniyersity of AVIscoiisin ,.. , , , ,. ., • ' I planning an annual carnival. ; ; V'i I •" "^'^^''-''r- • winter siKirt.^ which will be to the Instead of subscriliir.g lo the .\avv s for the juniors with si.v l>oints. Bnrris on: the senior teim also made six poiuLs but he. took a larce number of long siiots ai:il did not College Squad To Play Yam , Center Quhitet The junior college basketball team will invade Yaten Center tomorrow night to meet the Yates Center town team in wnat will be the last game for lola before the .season starts on the local courL The junior colleRn leamts victory last night should pep tho team up a'nd add a fight to it that should bring a victory out of the Y'ates Greatest Values Always At t|i<e $tai* Yo^ can always depend on Star vhluefi. Get the most for your moh^y every time by buying at Star low^r prices. uionrth. The .seniors had pre-1 (.^nL^r „.|,pre the town team vionsly beaten the fresliineu Z\,-<i' ' and 'he sophomores had lost to the da m^ I . He ,e sh- r^ : i T "*'"'^'' "l" ^^"^^ "''V" ^i"-!-• The sopho-nores won in< mi.ii sn.ii. oi tm ,i„, iia,!,nouth carniva is-to the ;,,(,.,, i,,..,,in„ ,iie liv^b- 192. Army gnd.n.n s.,oad ^'v. r,,^,, The first carnival will be ' • '"'"'"^ aged ...s years m .or.n.c:.,.v,. ..... .^^ ,.,,iv .lanuar.- and will J.V^;;^KTha:'Vin. ^Z::. ../r«!-'l:..!".:.^'!-!^ Johnnv wanner and full In Donaldson, f. -: Trombold. f.. '• Elliott, f. . ; O. McGuire. c. U..- .2 Hnbbard. g. - - ' \Severns, g. i-O Round, g. 1"" Breckenridge. g. i- 0 MeCarly: g. " Touil II. S. .VlumnI (1») FG. Ue. f. ..J • l\ Fronk. t Is r>. McGuire. c ..| io Bollinger, i FT. 1 p. "•••""'^'<»'<'"-^ . «p^«d Johnny Wagner and •katiiiK. ski-jumping, fancy skating and ice boating. other words, the aveiac." previous ' experience per man was only si\- Clyde Drury in Draw Ft. Scott. Kan.. Di'c. 2!t. (AP) — tenths of a year instcail of 2.S .'years.' if the .\riny lahiilati'iii is - jiccepfeil. * The .Vavv ipioleil rigures on 17 ^ men with an augre^atc ol iH ' experience, but. by soiin' pron-s strange to.the .Vriny ^ vided this'by U lo .Singapore i.s'said lo have a mar- velou.s tennis star of International j Johnny Wagner, Ft. .'^cptt, and larslialltown. Iowa, fought ten rounds . , ca'Iibre in the person ot Hooie Hal, flyd 'Drury. .M;i a Chinese player. . i middleweight's. f .v,.,..n^,. «»• ::s «ri,« A—.- |fo here night, in the i..iw.,.,i .1,- V Keese, Ft. Scott, scored a technical ^rORGAN TO HEAD U.S. STEEL l> Perham. g. Fihley. g. ' Total ar. I'uUwe (.ro i-x;. '•Wsaac; rf. ..; -.-jH li. Burger, rf 41 Woolery. rf-c. -id B- Kemp. If. '2 Schlick. If d Burger, c " Phillips, c.-f. . . I Hnbbard. g. - 1 Cloplne. s " . Bell. g. . - . » l-T. P 0 0 0 (' 0 1 1 II p. TP •11 Totals .Uuinni CJI) Hoiiderson. rf. Crick.,rf. A. Ki'inp. If. -... Fronk, If. Mann. c. Norton, g. Menzie. g. -_ F<;. II . I. - ' . .'t u FT. II II I 2 . i> ;: 0 P TP 1 I Totals Referees: High school Stockebrand. K. V.: Jr. game—Smith, K. S. T. C. burg. • 1 10 « ?, P 7 21 game- college Pitts- .la.-k S''-ti <»rv. who is Jo-nilol the Boston Bravea next sealson, is a gSrduate dentist, but owing to his early success in baseball ;pi-;ict;ced h-s profession. he never has had bad luck in the Sekan league this .season^ The .lola team looks as though it might^>e hitting itsstriile at last. '> Several'of the junior coHcge men; who did not play n^ght may'i be in the game Friday night. I^ee. • center did not get back from .Veo- ; sho Falls in time for lasit night's game while »onk pjayediwith the alumni. There may be several'oth- ; er strengthening factors. • ' Tho team will start It^ season on the home court when it. raeet.s tho Kmporia. reserves, January G. • | ' IndlAiia I'niversity is planirng "o .send a team to the Texas rela>-s next .March. I I Mens Overcoats at Boys Suits Your Choice of (he house nou- jit these three prices:; ' £ $19.5^ • star Overcoat prices have always been buwer.,^ Hut now—they have been reduced a^ain! Buy ijow • yvhile selertion of nice patterns an dsizes is comi^etc. Verv- prettv Overcoats at S14.50—and your choice of thc^very; finest in the house at ?19.50. f'relty Hoy.s' Suits with long pants, coat and vest —^.some with lonjr and short pants both. Star prices are lower— $5.95 to $9.85 SAVE AT THE STAR I FLEECED Underwear Heavy \t-eight. fleecc- lincd—first quality, a ri-al $1.25 value, at the Star— 98c J. p. Morgan, famous iiiternalional banker, will be the new chairman of the-r. S Steel Coriv>rati(m. It is said Morgan will servn <hief|y in an aiUisory >' BY DODBfe BRbtHERS i. i To be introduced in one of the greatest radio chain | hook-ups in history • . . wiiSi one of the greatest radio programs . . • Wednesday, January :4TII. 9-10 to IC* P. M. Central Tune r U B L I C SHOWING JANUARY Wool Mixed Fleece Lined Unionsuits .Men's best fleece lined Unionsuits—small part wool—silver cplpr. Fine clo^ set fleecint;—worth $2.00—Star price is— $1.49 . Boys' Fleece Lined Unionsuits Choice of any size 6 to 16 79c Bigger si?es are usually ; 98c. Nowhere but at the Star—such lvalues! .Men's-; Duck Cdats Heavy Duck Coats with blanket lininp aiid corduroy collar. Stai* real low price is— ' *, $2.98::- - Boys' , ? Duck Coats ' .Jiist like dad's.; Warm and proteciinj; for the bovs—- .• ^ $2.49, $2;98 111' i iigssaaaKaawa— ^tg .^len's Blue Corduroys Sheep Lined-Coats Best Quality. Blue Corduroy. .'J6 inches 'lonjr, 4' pockets, fine, sheep liniivi; and sheep coll&r—full belt. 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