The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNE 1!), 19-18 OUT OUR WAY 6y JR. WiiJiomsiOurBoording House with MQJ, Hoc^le $*£*£ 7? *}•*?£>*} / YOU DOM^TA 1 EGAD/ \^o MUTII AT^H *$% ur-x ^.^-n^Al,.., ,o,,™;r (ARK.) COUUIKR NEWS OF ALL 7H' 5LED<SE H£ADS.' STRIKIKJ At A BALL TH PITCHER IS "THROWIN 1 "TO RCS7 BASE EGAD/ V^HO MLVT,LATeD JAW PAiMTi^G? i~Ti iAce Anu ABODE, B01 OMLV TWO WHO'D STOOP 10 SUCH A j DEED/- a \\JP,S • OP- LE*MDER.'--~ HE'S iMCUGAvWG >-iVMTK?V(MG TO SOM&THIMG OlsJDeCiLOOK IMOCEMT ' APADOUR \) -*—VsJHEM < ., .„ OLD 80V 6 /( HE'S i^ -TUie, SOGOiETVOO -\\A\OOO HE'S t CAr4 HE*ftTi-L0s& w Liw:euV TO L MEKJTAL StP\RO "II CO^t DOVOr^i STR(PP6p.y\ON YOU LIKfc "Blips" on Radar Scren Herald Spring's Arrival ST. LOUIS IUPI The Navy's xround control approach radar ciew at the naval air sinUoti here ivax alerted when a series of mv.s- i IPUOUS "blips" showed on ihe , i aofir screen. \ The oiijrtcs were moving too stow j for aircraft, so the station radioed U Cmdr. j. 3. Fahlgren. aloft in a fishier plane, to Investigate. A few- minutes ] : , te r, FJil.Jgrejj • replied by radio: . "Gentlemen, spring i.s here Oh-' i c £5 *!' e K. ccse ' n > :t *B due north -» XX VI I Jessica found lier voice. JESSICA went to the kitchen and ' here." She led him imo the living * ~ • slO p room and he put Mrs. B'.ako down NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas lor a permit lo sell beer at retail at 107 West Matthews. Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that" he is R citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude- that no license to sell beer bv the undersigned has been revoked "within five years last past; and that the Look Out Above Here's a hat tiial should come in riandy. It was designed by Paris milliner Jean Barlhel, a believer in the new French philosophy existentialism. This existential-! ist hat symbolizes the hovering bands of fate. In this case, fate is two rose satin hands wcanng a diamond-studded ring and bracelet. put on the coffee poi. A _._,, on the porch sent her rushing back to the front door. Doris, in pajamas, v:ith a man's coat bundled about her. her auburn ha i r wet a rid (Us he velcd. "Lord, what a wind." she cried. "Bill's gone. He went downtown to see what's happened. A man camo along and told him it was in one of those old hotels on Main Street." "I'm afraid Mrs. Blake is at the fire," said Jessica, measuring cot- fco. "1 thought she might come home wet through." "1 could drink a cup of coflee," aici Doris. "Where's Lucy?" "Gone ofT on a Y hike, I think." "You're nol sure?" Jessica looked at her. "Why do you say that?" Doris shrugged. "No reason, i just wondered. Thought she might help find her mother." She gulped down a cup of coffee and a little later went off, promising to return If she heard anything further about the fire. Jessica could not understand the panic which sent her back and forth from the kitchen to the living room windows after Doris left, the apprehension which grew as the minutes passed, the relief when she heard a car slop outside the house. Someone had brought Mrs, Blake home. She ran out lo the hall, flung room _ ... on the sofa. "You're m a fix. (or 1 don't know where you'll get a doctor." he said. '"Every one's a I Ihe fire. It's something awful down there, Regular inferno. 1 ' Thanks for bringing her home," Jessica murmured. 'Don't mention it. I think she'll come out of it after a while. Better call someone lo help you." • » * "1-1 E left her alone with Mrs. Blake, lying queer and still, her face ghastly pale where it wasn't streaked with smoke. Her hands were/ livid ivitri burns and her gray hair wet and wispy about .her shoulders. She's lost hor mind, thought Jessica wildly. What shall L do? Doris. She would call Doris. Dons came and brought her husband with her. Bill was a heavy-set man with thick black eyebrows and a shrewd red face. "Looks like she's had a stroke," he told Jessica- "I'll try lo find a doctor." He left U was a half-hour before he returned, but he brought a doctor with him. The doctor wore no hat. He had a cut on one rheek, and his clothes smelled of smoke. He hurriedly examined the woman on the sofa "Shock." he said. "Might be a stroke. She may be like this [or and %a open the front door man mount the steps. "People named Blake live here?" the man asked, Jessica nodded. Her anxious glance traveled past him lo the ear at the curb. He said bluntly, "Got a woman out there in the right into it." hours, maybe longer. I'll try to call again in an hour or two. 3ust watch her. How did she happen to be at the fire?" He lifted one scarred hand gently. "She's a firebug." said Doris bluntly. "She never misses a fire, Bui Ibis look? as though she rushed those dumps arc heels." snid Doris' !ui:;b;md. "They sneiiked out and saved themselves and left lhc Girls lo sol out alone, There nrc n couple ;>( had discs, One died while they were bringmp her nut and a couple more are unidentified." JosMca s;nd, "I can't imagine—" Doris exchanged a glance with her husb;uul. "Bill's leave ts up tomorrow," she snid. "We've got to a«." "1KSS1CA went lo the door with ** them, then returned to the living room to waloh beside her tnolher-in-'lnw. O»e , hour parson . . - Iwo . . soon the doctor would return. Once she thought she heard lhc siren again. A few cars parsed. It was very still in (Jic house, a horrifying stillness which wrapped the room where she sat, tense and rigid, listening for- the doctor. Then she heard n car far down he street. Sh. was on her ... imJ n! the door, gazing n! the np- iroachitig headlights as they came learer. She was wcnk with reliel when he cnr stopped. 'Doctor." she cried, and 1cf1 the tall and went out on the porch. 'Oh. I'm so glad . . .** Her voice died away. Hie car was a taxi. The docloi md come m his own cnr before She watched a swing out of the car and pause for a moment n the shadow'ol the trees which lined Ihe sidewalk. She waited, feeling an odd sense o[ panic a? he emerged from the shadow and came directly up the front walk toward her. She gave a little „..„,. as ,1 shaft of light from the open hall door (ell upon the toll, advancing figure. He wasn'l Die doctor She felt her knees weak as water beneath "That's one place where I draw the line—my vvifs ha» to do the housecleaning by herself!" PAGE SEVEtt FRBCKLBS * HIS FKIBNDS Ky MERRILL BLOMU Oh, Happy l)iiy Mo f^one SCHOOL TOR , MFMtiv THRCE Momr,, 1 /Wr i.ff F A/OMDffM'UL 5 i ft»MK i COUUO FLY/ WHAT A WHAT A GET UP! you WANTA SLEEP VOUFV WCUIOM A WAV y RlbE AMD SHiHE, _ I IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY -_, IN "jMAOVilDE / GUESS . COME BACK ON rue 4iH or car. We identified her by a Ictler in her purse. Why should an old woman visit a fire? She acts like she's had a hi or someUung." He wcni down the steps anci came back carrying a limp figure. "Whcrel! I put her. miss?" undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws o' this .state, or nny othm state, i- :uing to the sale of alcoholic liquors. "Hard to keep people back," said the doctor. After he left. Doris said. "Bill wa= there. He said it was awful. ; A lot of people were trapped and the elevator jammed." "The men who take girls to I her and the blood pounding dizzily in her reeling head ss =he retreated, one step at a time, loward the hall behind her It can't be, she thought wildly. It can't hcl The man spoke her name. "Jess!" She couSd not answer bul only stared blanJiJy HI Tom Blake as he strode Ihrough the door toward tier. (To Be Continued) f put Pr-iscilla (nine of them andsht didn't LAN1 HTREE ? HBSX rto eowe llbP SOME-QUESTIONS ABOUf THWSS YOVCttM'T RtMftUllll. THEN... WHL HAVEN'! oecioeo BEYOND HEOt HlfBE'S U MltES Of WED HIGH WAV TO MOUNTAIN CI1Y, WIIH A [CEEWAY ABOUND »l lHEY MIGHT SOI KNOW THAT. IHFVKWXY IHEIR CAR WAS 5COIIED B>' THE IWCI THEY MIGHT TRY fO HOI F UP 5OMUV1ICCE rms I'.vmocx. . LOOKING TOP BAUDONtD AMUSE •iOU 601116 10 DO V/IIH MliS--CP U'S HER HA THAT WOUIO PUI THEM ON A MEIWORk OF HfelWAYS WtST. WASH TUBHS Hi'^'A^- 8 -----"-" " ".. . ... ... " Kv LESUE TURNEM SIDNEY McCLAIN Subscribed and .sworn to before ' me this 18 day of June, 1948. | Irene Wallace, iSEAL> Notary Public. My Commission expires 5-26-51. j NOW! See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE MO'i W. MAIN ST PHONE 2172 Blytheville, Ark. Remember Uothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Political Announcements •at FOUNTAINS; ! Kvcrywhcre! J The Courier ' 0 an News has h ccn ™T C the to "o»- si.bjcc! lo tli- " COUNTY TREASURER Frank Wliitworth COl:.\TV COURT CI.ERH Elizabeth Blvthe FOR CORONER E M HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. shippcii STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Autiy H. E. "Bud- Fisher Leslie N ••Dukic" Speck For County Judge ".oland Green Fielder peery For Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris CO.VSTABI F. (Chiskasawaba Township) J- Robert Crasskno Arch Undscy ! You Are Cordially \ I fnvf'tcd to Visit ! ! < I The | I Accessory Shop! ' Feminine Apparel ! l Hogan Jessie Sr((« ! Hole) Noble HIdg. ,' lilylheville, Ark^ ' K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main & Lnki- St. I'hone 523 We Install Window Glass for Any Make Automobile While You Wail! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Paris Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main FORGOTTEN, 1EP IS PURSUIB6 POIICV WHEM PERHAPS LAtER.SKEETHEARri _- ,-^ t ., ,...,. .RIGHT NOW. HOW ASOUV—Gl ' WITH THE PRODUCER ]l AlMOSr rOKGOrl I MUST FH.MIkl»VOOR.UFSf>(sei R\00f OOIOKE5! . .., MMPROUETOMfc NUiSWHCe.,.REftlW BEIOHGSIWATOO WE REGOSWIIE VOU Silt's RATHER IA85E EUEM FOR. MS FOWL COtLECTION.. linsiiU'Ss A fool By FRED BARMAN HERE. ARE THE EHLL5 Oi SOFTLY s,-vt.irtG.pi$Ki' LOOKS OU1 OF trig VjlSJDOWIObWRC oAKE D'SftLE'S iaAL^r:^ NEM : •AfJD TROfN THE" WINDOW . THE MEVT LOAD OF FREloHT l*\\S-5 TE.5COTT.' Jlf I <3tT THE FREUj /7D0&%^ <*.-t,:'/ .rtt.vJSiA HOOTS .AND MKK BCDOIF/S A Clear Conscience KDGAR MARTTN Phone 973

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