The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 14, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1933
Page 10
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1933 vr f •»; •,;-•,«•«.» •'«/,.' y-pl,,'« ti i'" "I,- CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON THE. FEMALES or THIS SRSCIES, CHANGE,!?? ^ALES , VWW4'9BVR«AJu VBAR5OLO. 00 NOT SEAT THEIR. STIFT WINS CASES WHILE »N FlISHT, BUT HOLD THHM\ «t©1O WHILE IKE HfND WINGS Dp 7WS WORK.. ei*ao BV NIA scmncc, INC SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "Don't hang over me Ilka that—I'll order something I don't want. THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pleturt« by Kim T HE anowshoe trick was hard to do and Duncy Bald, "I guess I'm through. I've tried to walk nnd tried to run, but each time I go flop. "I fear that I will bo a wreck. Gee, lots of snow's gone down rny neck. You'll have to give me credit, lads, 'cause I know when to stop." "Sure! When you stop, I will bezln," .said little Coppy, with a grin. I think that I can koep my balance, if I try a bit. "Just hook thoso snowshoos on my feet.,und what I'll do will bo a treat/' Then Duncy Bald, "You'd better pick a nice, eoft place to sit." • • • But Coppy was a careful lad and, when some practice lie had had, he moved across the snow Just flno. "That's dandy," Scouly cried. "Instead of trying to lift your feet, you've sense enough to bo discreet. You keop them unruly on tho ground. Xo wonder you can glide." The other Tlnlea tried their luck and Windy said, "dee, this takes Wuc-k, but I am getting on to It." And then he walked real fast, At first It mado him feel real proud, but soon he shouted to the crowd, "I can't do this much longer, 'cause my tired legs will not last.' 1 • • * Just then a bunny Jumped and cried, "Hey, Tlnymltes, give in a ride. And, Buy. let's use a snowshoe. 'Twill bo better limn a sled. "You sou, we'll be close to tho ground and If, while wo are pulled around, wo topple, wo won't fall so far. That's one thing we all dread." "All right," yelled Scouty, "Hop aboard I" "Hurray, hurray!" the bunnies roared. And then they shouted, "Well, let's go. We're ready for some fun." • A rope was fastened to tho shoe. The next thing that tho bunnies knew, kind Hcouty grabbed the rope and ran an fast an he could run. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS II] I I . ... „! i. TH|S IS ABOUT -5-V OUV>/ TkM« SOMG O* TWEM VouMOr BtROS LOVE TA <5VT MEREA , AMD i eeuewe. 10 OF MAOB. A success- IM TUV& G^MI 1W vatATHEP'D BK&4 !?*»«. AL\_TvA' -T*Mt WAS VOOMCr— VweATH«q 1 THAT WAS BAD Te« BAWU DAMW& VU9ULO* BEEKI GOOD OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN A LOT OF WATER HAS FLOWED UNDER TtV AK V MAJNV ^ TRUCK LOAD SCOTCH MA'S 60NE OVER SINCE W£VE StEN VOU JAKE/ •TK' LA-ST WE HEARD OF VOU WAS A CARD SAYINKb VOU WERE IN JAIL. *\T WHOH(b-I WASN'T TX5JN6 A, t WA!S A SWFT -DEPUTY »N WERC UP TOR SIX MONTHS ONI A HVP A1LMEHT A WALlrFLOWeR. VUNOW, FGfR<bUYS WHO SAT OUT THBR.TI A CVNCH JOB— NOTHIN'TOTJOBUT EAT TINOCHLE / TOCKET FLASKS OF •DIZZY. DEW.y SWEET HOME TO JAVC& - | i THE GUMPS Bad News for a Weak Heart By SIDNEY SMITH wr A PWEDICAMENY- VlHEN V4IU. THE NEXT CHECK ARRIVE 7 THINK OP BEIHCx EJECTED FROM THE HOTEL- THINK. OF THE THE IT Wlt-U RUIN MILLIE'S CHANCES OP EVER. MARRYING UNCLE BIM- BUT THAT IS WHKT WLL HAPPEN IP MAMA DOESN'T FIND SOME WAY OUT OF THIS HOLE- SHE CAM STAND HIDE: THO%E , CRACKERS-QUICK. PUT THAT BOTTKE OF PICKLES IN TWE TOP CMILD- THERE 19 ONLY OME OUT OF IT — AND THAT »* TO MARRY BEN>»AMIM _ THAT IS THE OWLY WAY t'LU EVER BE ABLE TO PAY OUR BILL- MOTMER NOT «0 LOOD- AT THE DOOR NOW- OUK BILL FROM. THE HOTEL- IT OUST CAME- TIPS VAUKT DRUC* STORE C.O.D.'S LAUNDRY TELEPHONE TELE&RAMS TOTAL- I DON'T THINK MY HEART WILL. STAND IT- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's Telling Him, Boots! By MARTIN C »»31 IT MIA SmVKt. INC MrB. U FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Open Sea! By BLOSSER STORES ABOARD, FB6SM WATER TANKS FILLCP/ AND EVERVTWIMS AS SOOM AS VJE GET OUT OP TWE CUANNEL. WE'LL PASS THE FLEET, FBECkLES/ VJEO.,1 VJOU.DMT THIS VACHT BOY.'AM I ENJOYING TWI3!.' UMCLE HABRV DO >t>u OF THAT ROR A FLOATING ARSENAL ? VJOOLO BELIEVE TWAT IT FOUR YEARS TO BUILD re, AND COST NEARLY MILLION DOLLARS? PULLS AWAY FROM • HER, QERTH — QASSIHS THE OUTER BBEAKUA7ER, THE VACHT PLOWS OUT INT& TW6 PACIF|C / TWE UWITEO STATES COr/E OKI, LETS GO IW AMP SEE WHAT SHAfA POO MAS FOB TONkSHT.'. 1 THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Not So Hot! By COWAN -V. 1 . BABY. WHAT A MIGHT I BOY, I'M A LUCKY GUY TO HAWE A NICE LIL* AT HOMELAND A GOOD, HEAL RCAVY FOR I I'M »\ OH,CHICK 1 . I GOT TO FROZEN 1-4*0 THINKING ABOUT WHAT IT'S GOIN'fXxOU. SAID THIS MORNING DOWN MYJ ABOUT SWING ON HOUS VOU CCC . BY HAVIKQ CMC COLD MEAL. A DAY, WC CAN SAVE ONOTNIRD ON OOP GAS BILL. A:G«AND HUNCH? A COLD DtHNCR/ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS ",

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