Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 1, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD. MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Wednesday, June 2 "The WKSI-. man controls his tcsttny Astrology points the ray." ARIES 'Mar. 21-Apr. 101: Best to consolicljiti rosourcps. c o n- scrvo stroncth. Don'' eo too far afield. What you nerd comes to you. . .IK you av? available. But have plans organizrcl and k?-i\v t.lio answers. TAURUS 'Apr -2Q-U » y 20 >: Good lunar aspect accents tourneys of the mind. Your ideas begin to click. By setting up a solid base, you can build. Superior is lirpressed t inc. day tor enhancing ambitions. GEMINI 'May 21-June 20>: Money question needs to br settled. Vacation travel plans in spotlight. Express yourself in understanding manner. Pull out of emotional nil. Have ideas ready! CANCER 'June 21-J u 1 y 22>: Cycle continues high. Especially good for gaining prest i g e. Look your best! Member oi opposite sex may express affection. Be gracious . . and use judgment. LEO i July 23-Aug. 221: Emphasis on self-analysis. Find the reasons for recent act ions. Probe deep Be perceptive. Use best efforts. Obtain needed privacy, get proper rest. Big things ahead. VJRGO i Aug. 23 - Sept. 221: Don't press. Instead, relax. . . be natural. Friends prove helpful. But. you must provide your own incentive. Challenge and responsibility mingle. You make headway now. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 221: Cycle is completed New phase begins; old bows out. Don't hang on to dead past. Welcome new persons, situations. But str ess great leadership. Walk straight ahead with firm step. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Many offer opinions. But in the end your own decision prevai 1 s. Plan accordingly. Travel could be involved. Have confidence. . . and faith. Goal is in sight! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-D e C. 21): Don't give up! What you require is "coming your way." Key is patience . . . ability to produce. Money will be available if your plan is right. Use initiative. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J a n . 19): Deal with public indicated. Offer alternative methods. Key is versatility Stress partnership activities, but best to postpone legal decisions. All facts may i not yet be revealed. : AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 181: Check tendency to go to extremes. Keer. promise made to associates. Get sufficient rest. Diet may need attention. Get i BRIDGE BY JACOBY WEST NORTH (D) 4k K J S 7 V A 65 • •» + A Q .1 9 6 EAST 4k 6 5 2 *3 * 104 V J 87 3 2 * K J 8 4Q10972 + K 1084 3 *7 5 SOUTH 4k AQ 1084 VKQ9 * A653 + 2 Both vulnerable North East South West 1* 4* 7* Pass Pass Pass Pass 1 * Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 2. club, pull trumps and make the last two tricks with the ace and king of hearts. Q—The Bidding has been: South West North Cast 1A Pass 1 V Pass t A Pass 3 V Pass 4 V Pass 5 * Pass t You, South, hold: 4KQJ2 VAI04 *32 *A 6 5 4 What do you do? A—Bid six hearts. Tour four-heart bid did not show that you had real heart sap- port and you have 14 good high card points besides. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three hearts over your one spade, your partner bids three diamonds. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz liAS\-SEW SET! — Gay gingham is used to make this shoulder-button topper and sunsuit set for the sandbox set! The finishing touch is a cute bunny in cross-stitch! Pattern No. 2670-H has tissue for sizes 3. 4 and 5 inclusive; graph for cross-stitch on gingham! To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Iromvood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! routine tasks finished. Relax tonight. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): Good for dealing with members of opposite sex. Emphasise glamour, personal magnetism. Fine for theatrica' activity. Discipline emotions. Seek constructive, creative outlet for feelings. * ft ii If today is your birthday . . . you are artistically incl i n e d , warm and affectionate . . . would excel in serving, ent e r- taining or teaching people. •fr « a General tendencies: Cyc 1 e high for Cancer. Leo, Virgo. Special word to Aquarius: Don't be discouraged by one who is impatient. Greenland, which is simp 1 y an unsubmerged part of the continental shelf, is the world's largest island with an area of 840,000 square miles. By JACOBY & SON In the early days of contract | all jumps to game were stopj j bids and partner was expected! | to pass. It soon became apparent that when partner had not limited his hand you could not use the jump to game as a stop! ibid, but rather as a bid that] | said you wanted to play game i or higher if your partner had a j reasonable amount more than '; the minimum shown by his pre-' I vious bids. ! Thus. North's jump to four spades cannot possibly be a stop bid. His partner has shown that| he may have between six o r seven and 16 or 17 points so the four spade bid merely says. "Ij | want to gamble on game if you j have six to eight points. I am ! sure of game if you have nine or ten, and if you have 15 or so I want to be in a slam." I South was interested in a grand slam and used Blackwood j to ask for aces and then for kings. North's seven bid was sheer optimism and apparently ; based on an idea that South ; would hold the king of clubs and ! not know it. South did not hold the king of clubs, but his singleton club turned out to be just as valuable. He won the trump opening in dummy and noted that if he could ruff out his three losing diamonds with dummy's three remaining trumps he could make 13 tricks. He adopted the safest line of I play which was to lead to his i ace of diamonds, ruff a d i a - j mond, cash the ace of clubs, j ] lead a heart to his queen, ruff! another diamond, ruff a club, ruff his last diamond, get back i to his hand by ruffing another! Q—Which are the oldest mountains of the United States? A—The Appalachian Mountain system. Q—How many stars make up the Pleiades? A—There are seven stars in the group visible to the naked eye. A small telescope reveals scores more. Q—What American college did Madame Chiang Kai-shek attend? A—She was graduated from Wellesley in 1917. Q—When was the first American flag flown in Japan? A—On Sept. 4, 1856, by Consul General Townsend Harris. Administration on Aging Is Approved WASHINGTON (API - The Senate has passed a bill to create an administration on aging. The office would operate within the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. It would authorize grants to states and universities for a variety of programs designed to help the elderly. The measures authorizes $6.5 million in grants the first year The bill, called the Older Americans Act, now goes back to the House for consideration of Senate amendments. Sewage Treatment Facility Planned LANSING (AP) — The village of Pentwater, Oceana County, has signed an agreement with the State Health Department to construct a lagoon-type sewage treatment facility to replace a present community septic tank. The new facility is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 1, 1967. BUGS BUNNY DBOP TH'X BUT/ GUN/VA THAT'S ONE 1 ' OF OUR WISE GUY,HUH? HAND OVER THE MONEY AND NO MORETPICKS/OI? I'LL BLAST YA! CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner ff " •'1 toad to fix tvvp flat tires tonight!. . . One with jiujitsu!" SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox "They all seem to have a tiger in their conversation tank!" Hodgepodge Answer to Previous Puzzlt ACROSS 1 (,'ard-playing Icrm r> I'ronoun 8 U-g part 121rcx|iioian Indi.-ui Ki Kloclnl'icd M Operatic solo- 15 Mountain pool IK Color 17 Flesh food 18 Shelf 1!0 Shakespearean king 21 (ioddessof dawn 22 Babylonian deily 23 Separated U6 Motives; 30 Number :il Was observed 32 Kntangle 3.') Grain 34 1'romonlory 35Roor linial 3<i<;ift 38 Ocean vessel 4 Automobile part T> Forefathers (Uiiirden tool 7 Finale K Desert beasts ?l Scope JO Prevaricator 11 obese I!) Obtained UO Invhmt ii'J Apiary residents :>,'I Un top of •>4 Fruit •Jf> I'oker slake 2K I'ausi; 27 Foretoken 28 Hack of the neek 2!i Inflame 4:1 Presently .'II Dispatched 45 Bacchanal's cry .11 Fiber knots 4(5 (let up :!7 Wisest 47 Reckoning 3H Ignited itoll.) .'!!( Hospital worker 48 Narrow inlet 41 Solemn 49 Harem room 42 Identical 51 Striplin« 4 1 Trangrcssion 42 Droops 4'1 Musteline mammal 47 Polynesian deily •18 Defraud 50 Wicked 52 Masculine appellation 53 Fish 54 Feminine appellation C5 Twisted Sl< Swiss river SVKequire I»()\V\ J Hoi by exposure 'i Soviet stream 3 Fervor BEN CASE* I tf«5 br NEA, Inc. T.M. ««j US. fot. OH NEXT ORDER OF WJSINESS...1VE SEVERAL CAYS LATER.. I V/ftNt A LOCK ALWAYS WAMTEP TO SHAVE OFF J \ —//Jk 7 ' OF MY CURLY BEARPANP SEE WHAT <4 |, " ( £ I BLACK BEARD? TO YOU'RE HIDING. M K A V KEEP AND TO CHERISH? SO yOU WONTT MAKE THE OLyMPICS./.BUT I DON'T THINK THAT OPERATION WILL INTERFERE TOO MUCH WITH YOUR TWO-FINGER TVPING. NATL1RALLY...1'LL FOIDTHIS PRECIOUS . SIFT IN MY FAVORITE BOOK OF POETRY. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill THERE MUST BE ARENT CATCHING- FISH TODAY, POP TME WAVE EVERT SOMETHING KIND OP LURE THERE TMEYLL. IN YOUR. MAT |? n THAT WAS EVER.AAADE/ !• HB tf Mt*. lit. TM. I*. W&'IM. OR IN EACH DROP MILLIONS 015 THEM ARE HOPPING TME STUDY \ OF WATER WATER IS MADE UP OF COUNTLESS MOLECULES NOW SUE TELJLS 11 ME/// y \ \<5 TRULY " - ' FASCINATING-, PRISCILLA PRISCILLA'S POP MORTY MEEKLE By Did IT— I WASN'T EV6N CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie IF ONE Of TH& GANG TOOK THE- CAR TO PKtV&WT COP5 FINDING IT TH' HIDEOUTi WHV DIP H& LftTBR R6TURN irro TIM? SUPPOSE HE WASMT A REAL THieF,.,ANP HIS coMsciENce HURT! HIM,..WIGHTW'T H6 DO THAT? A CHAP WHO 7*VE5«.A KINP OLD MAN HELPED ROB (WHOSE TIME WAS RUNNING A WAIL. TRAIN \ OUT, TEMPTED INTO ONE OF & 7,000|000, V > NOT A THIEF? . STEP-OH. UMTHIMKAgLEi NOT POOH MR. SMOLLETT J lf'5 JUST A SERIES OF COIWCIDEfOCES 1 ..,.. THERE MUST BE OTHER WEN WHO LOOK LIKE /ViRTWJKBE,,.CARRV. PUBLISHER THE BORN LOSER By Art ALLEY OOP By WE'VE PONE IT,OSCAR.'/SEEMS TO ME WE'VE FINALLY SET UP/ THE CREPIT /...HE'S TH'ONE RECIPROCAL TIME- 1 BELONGS / WHO TOOK TH' CHSURE...BUT \ WELL. WITHOUT IT'S MY TIME- ) THE MACHINE, MACHINE / THERE'P BE NO THAT'S DOING J NEED FOR TIME- THE WORK/ /SPACE COMMUNICATION, WOULD THERE? HEY// 3UMPIN SPACE VISUAL COMMUNICATION/ TEEVEE BACK. TO MOO! WY Hf/k, l.t. T.M. \n. V)». T fii. OH. OUT OUR WAV—By J. R. Williams WHY, I > OKJLY STOOD RIOHT HERE,, BUT I DID AAOVE MY HAWDS A TIME OR TWO.' MY GRAY MOSS HAIRS IS DISAPPEAGIM' MIGHTY FAST.' 1 THOUGHT L HAD EK1OUGH TO BRAID TWO HOSSHAIK BRIDLES-TH BLACKS, TOO.' HERE'S TWO GRAYS AW A BLACK-SAY, CALL RAMGER FEARS BACK! HE STOOD IN TH' DOORWAY A MINUTE. EC TWO' YER HERE'S ONE/ 1 GOT TH'SAWE FEELIM' IM OWE O'MY BOOTS/ SHEDDING TIME OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople DM ,S f A6,BA«mJM,GtJCIC/STONE 16 MYSRE.AT- EST -DISCOVERY/ HE MOVES WITH THE 6RAC6 OF A BALLET PAMCEK 6UT HE HA^ EX.PL06IM6 POVJER IM EACH FI-&T-**- (?EMWD6 ME A 6ITOF WILLAKD.ONLY glSSEI?.' /HflMY CITIES WAMT HIM, SUT TME DECIDED LOCAL FAN6 SHOULD BE THE F!I?5T / -ro SEE-HMA//-TT • -^ MA3OR,t)0£6 THIS YAK>) YAK MEAM YER SUM NEVER HAD'A 60UT? IT6 HARD EMOUSM 6ETTlKi v A CROWD •, NAME- FIGHTER^—AM'T 61S6TRADIMS

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