The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on December 18, 1976 · Page 11
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 11

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1976
Page 11
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T»eelO Journal-News, Hamilton Kalrtield. Ohio Saturday. December IK, 1!7B Church Services. And ACTIVITIES TO LIST TOUR CHUICH IN OU« WMCIOiV M»ryH«nnint«r L I 4 AITH KU1V11IM US US THAT "CHRISTMAS IS A BIRTHDAY" For young and old, Christmas represents to teach us all how to live in peace, the climax of the year and the glittering brotherhood and love. Most of our good jewel of the winter season, yet amid all character traits and whatever spiritual the excitement of presents and parties we happiness we may have achieved we owe should never for one moment lose sight of jn some measure to Him, through the its origin and purpose. Let us remember Bible and the many Cnurcfh that wnat we are celebrating is the most denominations which expound His important birthday in all the history of teachings. Attend yours this Christmas, mankind: of Someone who, from an Ob- and learn how the true spirit of it came " scure corner of the world, was destined about. ·isssssssissisHlissssssssssi APOSTOLIC CHURCHES B^V^uYcH THE APOSTOLIC '050 r*W. Washington Bind. CHURCH (By Toft High School) * .A A .j ii _, . j e. j Paitor R.R. DeLoach 1590 Hamilton-Richmond Rd. « U nrfav School 9:30 ajt. sfiS"Ts= =£s -ss WSSLstudy SSS ^'^ *°°"* Thurs. Evangelistic 8:00pjn Ministry For Deal ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH HOLY TEMPLE . Re.. Kenneth R. Paulson. ASSEMBLY OF GOD sundaTschool 9:30 ..m 1570 Stahlheber Rd. Worship 10:30 ajn Rev. Vernon Wright B.Y.F. \ Training 6:00 pjn Sunday School 10:00 ajn Sun. Eve. Service 7:00 pjn Morning Worship 11:00 ajn Wed. Family Night 6:00 pjn Youth Fellowship 6:30 pjn Wed. Youth Choir Ivenlng Evangelistic 7:30 pjn Prayer Service 7:00 pjn. Wed. Inspiration Hr. 7:30 pjn TRI COUNTY D » _,,. f... iBfu ASSEMBLY OF GOD BAPTIST CHURCH '7350 Di»ie Hwy. 2MO H-mllton Mason Bd. Hugh Rosenberg pastor 'Rev. D.P. Canode 867-0626 Sunday School 9:30 ajn. Sunday School 10am Morning Worship l| am Worship KOO 10:30 ajn. s on Ev .. 7 .jJ Evangelistic Serv. aiOOpjn. W , f/ S f r "' L ' 7 ' 30 Wed. Family Nile Visitation Thurs. 7 pjn. Youth Service 7:30 pjn. FIRST MILLVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH BAPTIST CHURCHES Paul Edwards. Pastor · , Worship 1 1:00 ajn. 7 pjn. ALLISON AVE. Wed. Prayer Serv. 7:00 pjn. BAPTIST SBC 1915 Allison Ave. CRESSMONT , Darrell Stone Pastor BAPTISM CHURCH Sunday School 9:30 ajn. .__ .. Worhip Service . 11:00 ajn. 320 Heolon St. Church Training 6:30 pjn. Rev. Martin Gray, Pastor Evening Worship 7:30 pjn. 868-99S2 Sunday School 10:00 ajn. fEUTDAl Worship Service 11:00 ajn. ^"CHURCH Z2X£" """622 Dayton St. Prayer 7:00 pjn. Sunday School in,nn nn mammm Morning worship 11:00 ajn. CATHOLIC CHURCHES Eve. Evangelical 7:00 pjn. ^ATHOUTJCHURCHE^ Wed. Prayer Serv. 7:30 pjn. ST. VERONICA CHURCH CT n AID AUC Hensley Shuler Ave. ~.'ir.7, -S..;.^ Rev. Paul Conrad, Pastor BAPTIST CHURCH Saturday Mass S:30pjn. 693 St. Clalr Ave. Sunday Masses 8:00 a jn. Gerald W. Swetnam, Pastor 10:00 ajn. Sunday School 9:30 ajn 11:30 ajn. Youth Croup 6:00 pjn ruBHTIiW A WS °"v;E e D.EVEN,NC. 7!00 '" fl M.SSIONARYALUANCE Prayer Serv. 7:00 pjn CHURCHES A Warm Welcome Awaits You BETHEL ALLIANCE FIRST BAPTIST FA.RF.ELD J TM| t ,,,,,, $ , ,,,.,,.,, 1072 Hicks Blvd. Victor 1. Poser. Minister 0,Car.inC.Bryan,.Pa,,or ^X'wTs'hip ^O.jn i Sunday School 9:4S am Evening Worship 7:00 pjn Worship Serv. 11:00 am fouth Church Training 6:30 pm Fellowship Sun. 6:00 pjn Evening Worship 7:30 pm 'Ved. Bible Study 7:30 pjn Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:00 pm Women's Missionary Prayer Fellowship, 2nd Thurs. month 10:00 ajn. GORDON AVE. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE BAPTIST CHURCH ^m*mSEE3Lm^--m Rev. Charles Sullivan FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday School 10:00 ajn. criEUTICT u/~..ui.. c« u i». ii-nnnm »V,iersil»l mil - -- LAUREL AVE. CHURCH INDEPENDENT OF CHRIST CHURCHES Robert Davlson, Minister Bible Study 10:00 ajn. . TRI COUNTY ' ' Worship Service 10:4Sa.m. DELIVERANCE Evening Worship 6«Opjn. fiiiKJS? Wed. llble Study 7:00 pjn. TABeRNAdE 7719 LeSourdsville West WEST SIDE Chester Rd. CHURCH OF CHRIST '£%££"* °* Iyl '" ¥il " Rd 1190 Stahlheber Rd. Pastor: Emma Jean Perry Roger Chambers, Minister ^unddy School lOKWajn. Bible School 9130 ojn. Morning Worship 11:00 ajn. Morning Sunday Eve. Service 6:00 pjn. Worship Hour 10:30 ajn. Wed. Night Service 7:00 pjn. Evening Worship Z l0 " PJ "' Sat. Evening Service 6:00 pjn. Wed. Prayer Service 7:00 pjn. ' FAIRFIELD FELLOWSHIP CHAPEL CHURCH OF CHRIST 2SO Hancock Ave. 74SSymmesRd. Rev. Paul J. Larson. Pastor Dave Phillips. Minister Sunday School 9i30ojn. Bible School 9:00 ajn. Worship Hour 10i30ajn. Worship Service 10:00ojn. Evangelistic Serv. 7:30 pJ". Evening Worship 7:00 pjn. Wed. Mid-week Serv. 7!30pjn. Midweek Serv. Wed. 7:30 pjn. FREEDOM CHAPEL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES pa.tor. Jam., Dozl.r DISCIPLK^^^TM^^ 863-2117 89J-1463 CHDisTIANCHUDrU SOndoy School 10.00am CHRI ?o".^«o« U CM,", Morning W 0 r,h,p ,,,OO.m 648 FOREST AVE. Sun. Ivongellstlc 7K»pm Jim Mo«l«y, Minister Thurs.Prayer 7:30 pm 894-2000 (24 hrs.) Worship 9:30 am PRESBYTERIAN Sunday School 10:4S am CHURCHES CHURCHOFGOD ,,.,, ,,,,,,,« PR.NCETONPIKE '*TMTM IM *""* CHURCHOFGOD, RevTedrow William Ding 2470 Princeton Pike . Church School 9:1! Steve L. Brock, Pastor Worship Serv. 10:31 ' Dan Brockman. Assist. Pastor «·'· Toutl1 7:0t Sunday School 9:45 ajn. Sun. Worship 11:00ajn.6:00pjn. FRONT ST. Bus Service PRESBYTERIAN CHUR Call 892-9310 , 19 So. Front Radio: Man. thru Fri. Dr. William H. Phillips 9:45 A.M. WCNW Dr. Frank L. Kinsman, Asso THEFA.RFIELD %$£SSL 10* CHURCHOFGOD Service Broadcast on W 6001 Highway · '*·* "*· "'30 "* Sunday Rev. J. D. Simmons, Pastor Sunday School 10A.M. WEST WOOD UNITED Sun. Morning Worship 11A.M. MMiWTOBliVMrilllD Sun. Eve. Worship 6P.M. PRESBYTERIAN CHUR Wed. Family Night 7 ?M. 1068 Stahlheber Rd. Thurs. Prayer Service 10A.M. James W. Morris, Minister RIDGECREST Sunday Church School9:30 JHURCHOFGOD l^ 0 "' Wo " hip s ° r "" IU!45 a.m. Nursery 634J Hamilton Middletown 'ursery ^ Rd. (Rt. =4) Coffee Fellowship Hr. 1 1:4 !und.?S*«V" lu^'o 70 " Junior Fellowship 5:00 Wo,,hr pS Se h r,1ce }^'.^ Senior Fellowship 6:30 Eve. Service 6:00 pjn Training Hour . . Wed. 7:00 p.m COVENANT CHURCHE Sun. BeleMHoMollllllMsisjBiis D/ice AWE COVENANT COMMUN KU99 AVE. . ' CHOR 1 C 2«°..,??. D .nu. «"""»" r..rt...dYMCA PasJIrXeMHu" ^S7D d . J ,TM Q , r ' On ' P " IOr Minister of Music, Fred Camp-' · 1| "» D " C "»« - ^ ; sz,xs-*«*s£L Sr^Jn Morning Worship llHJOom DIKU " lo n. Evening Worship 7:00 pm Bible Study Groups -.^..-...-^ ^^^^^^ Wed. 7:00 pm ^·^^^····i'lsssjsssill CH er ajn. ajn. pjn. 1 CH C. Oam Oam QMS CH ajn. * 5 pjn. pjn. i ITY 859 ajn. dult ! · Evening Services 7:00 pjn. Wed. Sot. nlte Serv.7:00 pjn. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Milan H. Johnson 1301 Hamilton Clove. Rd. Sunday School 9:13 ajn Worship Service 10:30 ajn BYFWed.Eve. 7:00 pjn Sunday Eve. 7:00 pjn Wed. Family Night 6:00 pjn MADISON BAPTIST CHAPEL 201 No. Erie Hwy. · Pastor Ernest Muse 963-2373 Sunday School 10:00 ajn. Morning Worship 11:00ajn. Eve. Worship 7:00 pjn. Wed. Prayer Service 7:00 pjn. EAST HAMILTON BAPTIST CHURCH 14l9Parrlsh Ave. Lorry Dearth, Pastor A95-3044 Sunday School Morning Worship Church Training Evening Worship 10:00 a.m 11:00 a.m. ' 6:30p.m. 7:30 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH AUBURN 4141 Hamilton Sclpio Rd., MlllvHIoRt. U» Sunday School lOiOOojn. Morning Worship lliOOejn. Sun. Night Z'22 P ' m- Wed. Might 7:30 pjn. ··star: till Danny Iveryon* Welcome ' HILLTOP BAPTIST CHURCH 241} M«k M. "airfield ··T.John Turner lundeytrhaol IMMojn. M«fnln» Worship IliOOej*. API evening tervlcei TiMpun. 128 No. 2nd St. Sunday Service 11:00ajn. Sunday School 11:00ajn. Child Care Provided Wed. Cve. Meeting 8:00 pjn. Reading Room 5S5 Main St. Open10:00ajn.to4pjn. · Mon.thro ugh Frl. CHURCHES OF CHRIST WESTVIEW CHURCH OF CHRIST 1040 Aiel Avo. John H. Gerrard, Preacher 895-9231 Bible Study 10930 ajn. Morning Worship 10:45 ajn. Evening Worship 7:30 pjn. Wed. Bible Study 7:30 pjn. · NORTH 7TH ST. CHURCH OF CHRIST 32 No. 7th St. Melvin O. Herrell, Minister · Sunday Morning Worship 8 ajn. 110:43 a jni Bible School Sun, 9:15ajn, Sunday Night 7:00 pjn. THE GREATER HAMILTON CHURCH O* CHRIST TylersvllleRd.4St.Ht.747 lord's Oey Worship 10:30 a jn. lord's Day Eve. 6:00 pjn. Thurs. Eve. 7:30 p Jn. Information and Transportation coll *93-035e fl*4lt 9:30 e.m. Sun. on W.C.N.W. ISM on the dial. , ROSS CHURCH OF CHRIST 4141 leyhlgh Rd. Lowell I. Menn, Minister 738-1331 IIMe Classes 9iJOe.m. Wetshl. 10:30 ejn. l*Mlnf Worship 6lOO».m. Wed. Bible Study 7:10 pjn. METOOJJISmjURCHES LINDENWALD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3501 Pleasant Ave. 894-7191 Virgil C. Hair, Pastor William R.Patterson. Associate Pastor Sunday School 9:15 ajn. (Kindergarten thru Adult classes) Morning Warship 10:30 ajn. (Nursery available for chlMrt n · Infants to 2 years of age) ST. MARK'S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Symmes Road at Fdlrfleld Ave. Fairfleld, Ohio 893-9453 John W. Wedgwood, Minister Sunday Church School9:15 ajn. Morning Worship 10:30 ajn. (Eitended church s:hool · session til 11:30 for preschoolers) 4603 Fairfleld Avo. FIRST UNITED METHODIST 225ludlowSt. Joseph R. Graham Ministers Douglas A. Dawson Church School 9:00 a jn. Warship Service 10:30 ajn. GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1200 Main SI. Robert 0. lovell.. Minister, §94-4801 Sunday School 9il3ajn. Worship Service 10:30 o.m. Jr. High Youth Fellowship Sun. 5:00 pjn. fr. High Youth Fellowship Sun. 6:3Opjn. NAZARINE CHURCHES . MILLVILLE AVI. CHURCH QFNAZARENE 1M Millville Ave. 848-3785 ·sjsfor,Oerald Jenkins Church School 9:30 a jn Morning Warship lOiMojn Yeuth terv. Sun. 1:15 pjn fvil.lm. Service fcOOsun Wed. Proveri Bible 7tOOpjn OF CHRIST sssssssisenB BETHEL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 1877 Millville Ave. Pastor, Jim Cox 893-2411 863-8717 Sunday School 9:30 ajn. Worship Serv. 10:45 ajn. WE WELCOME YOU WESLEYAN CHURCHES Wesleyan Hour Sun. WLW Radio 700,7:00 ajn. FAIRFIELD WESLEYAN 4685 Anthony Wayne Ave. Rev. S.L. Booher Sunday School 9:30 ajn. Morning Worship 10:30 ajn. Evening Service 7:30 pjn. Victory Life (Wed.) 7:00 pjn. NEW Ml AMI WESLEYAN CHURCH Helvey A Elliot Aves. Rev. Kenneth Manning Ass't Rev. Nell Gabbard Sunday School 9:43 ajn Morning Worship 11:00 a jn Wesleyan Youth ' 600 pjn Evening Service 7:00 pjn Adult Prayer Mlg.t Jr. Dept.(Wed.) 7:00 pjn ~Ul Sonr! Free Bus vice UNITY SCHOOL OF CHRISTIANITY UNITY TEMPLE Affiliated with Association of Unity Churches. 117 Ross Ave. Rev, Ruth L. Seaton, Pastor. Sunday School 10l»0 A.M. Morning Worship 10:30 A.M. Tues. Ive. Class · Diagrams for Living 7:30 P.M. Wed. Class Patterns of Self Unleldmenl llOOP.M. Die) A Prayer I93-884* Church News SIIANDON UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST The choir of Shandon United Church of Christ will ^present a Christmas candlelight choral service, Wednesday, Dec. 22, 7:30 p.m., Shandon Church. Or. W. M. Davis is pastor. FELLOWSHIP CHAPEL Fellowship Chapel, 250 Hancock'Ave., will hold a Christmas program, Sunday, Dec. 19, 7:30 p.m. The annual Christmas eve candlelight service will be held Friday, Dec. 24, 7-8 p.m. New Year's eve service begins Friday, Dee. 31,9:30 p.m. The film "The Enemy" will be shown. Refreshments follow the film. Near midnight, the congregation will hold worship services and partake communion. OPEN DOOR WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP The Open- Door Interdenominational Women's Fellowship will host the Rev. and Mrs. Mike Gillespie, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 10 a.m.-noon, Morgan Township Hall, Okeana. The Rev. Mr. Gillespie is pastor of Okeana United Methodist Church. Mrs. Gillespie is a Middletown native. She currently is a senior at Miami University, majoring in education. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH Immanual Lutheran Church Sunday school students will present a Christmas worship service, Sunday, Dec. 19, 7:30 p.m., at the church, 1285 Main St. The program, "A Time for Singing," includes carols, filmed presentation and narration by the students. A large Christmas tree in the church will be covered with the traditional Chrismons, ornaments Illustrating many symbols of the Christian faith. This tree always is the work of the youth of the congregation. The Rev. Louis Tirmenstein is pastor. BETHEL BAPTIST Bethel Baptist Church, 114 S. llth St., will hold a gospel extravaganza, Sunday, Dec. 19, 3 p.m. The Evangelist Singers, of Dayton, will be guest performers. The Rev. Guy Arnold is pastor. OXFORD CHURCH OF CHRIST Albert V. Amos Jr. has been named minister of the Oxford Church of Christ (Christian). The Rev. Amos and his wife, Doris, live at 5135 Hawaiian Terrace/ Apt. 1, Cincinnati 45223. The Amos family has been in the ministry for 22 years. The Rev. and Mrs. Amos attended Cincinnati Bible Seminary. They have three children. The Rev. Mr. Amos will be calling three days a week in the Oxoford area plus Sunday. Worship times are Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday worship, 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Wednesday, 7 p.m. DISCIPLES CHRISTIAN CHURCH Disciples Christian.Church, 648 Forest Ave., will hold an important program practice, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2 p.m. All Sunday school students are involved. Anyone needing to be picked up should contact Pat Wilnoit, i associate pastor. I The senior Choir will present a Christmas Cantata, Night of Miracles, at the Sunday morning worship hour, Dec.' 19. The annual Christmas program for children will be Sunday, Dec. 19,7 p.m. The program will be presented by Sunday school students and teachers. After the program, Santa will make an appearance with treats for the children. The Miriam group of the CWF will meet at noon, Tuesday, Dec. 21, at the church. Those attending should bring a sandwich. Coffee and desert will be furnished. What does the Bible say:/. . about homosexua//fy? By ROBERT DAVISON Minister Laurel Ave. Church of Christ With all that is being written and said today about homosexuality, once considered too personal and objectionable to even be discussed publicly, it might be worth our time to consider frankly what the Bible says about it. The earliest mention of any homosexual acts in the Bible is in Gen. 19 where the men of Sodom were attempting to force themselves upon Lot's visitors. It was such acts which brought the wrath of God upon their city as corroborated in Jude verse 7. Homosexuality, whether between "consenting adults" or not (the Bible makes no such distinction), is described as an abomination in the Law of Moses (Lev. 18:22) and was punishable by death (Lev. 20:13). The New Testament also speaks of homosexuality only in terms of sin, ranking it along with fornication, murder and many other base things, in Rom. 1:24-32. Paul lists it in I Tim. l :9-10 along with lying, murder of parents, etc. as being "contrary to sound doctrine." He even specifically affirms in I Cor. 6:9-10 that anyone who practices such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. In view of the emphatic nature of the Bible teaching on homosexuality, this writer finds it difficult to understand how anyone who accepts the Bible as the word of God, could actually defend it as a moral practice. It is sin. What, then, should be our attitude toward the homosexual? We should feel compassion, as we would for any weakness Of the flesh such as drunkenness or fornication. V Anyone who is overcome in a weakness needs sympathetic understanding and help. But the nature of such help should be to restore that person to a righteous course of action (Gal. 6:1-2) not to condone his sin. We don't encourage alcoholics to remain alcoholics. Neither should we encourage anyone to follow a course of action which is plainly against God's revealed will. Homosexual acts are sins which can be repented of and forgiven just as any other sin can be erased by the Grace of God. Romanian pastor challenges Communism's atheistic theories By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- A surprising idea has sprouted in Communist Eastern Europe -- that the character of the selfless man serving others, Jesus, is the needed " ,- model for Marxism. "Jesus Christ is not the enemy of this society," writes a Baptist pastor in Ploesti, Romania, Josif Ton. "He is its only chance." That unusual thesis, raised as a challenge to the atheist policy of communism, had made the Oxford- educated Ton a target of investigations in his home j , land, but it also has gained him a wide following among students and intellectuals. The Marxist system was predicated on developing a "new man," free of egotistical corruption and greed, Ton says in his analysis, but its atheist assumptions reject the selftranscending motives necessary todoiL ', Consequently, "socialist society finds, itself in a paradoxical situation," he writes in his controversial paper, extensive excerpts of which were published in the evangelical fortnightly, Christianity Today. In teaching people that they are only chance combinations of matter, governed by Darwinian laws of adaptation and survival, their attitudes determined by environment, people "lack the motivation for goodness," Ton says. "They see that in a purely material world only he who hurries and grabs for himself possesses anything." Since Marxism, to work, needs to produce noble character of high aspiration, ready to sacrifice self for society's common good, Ton says the "only answer" to the problem is in history's supreme self-giving example. It is "the ideology of the lane who possessed the most noble character of all, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself for the good of his fellow men. "In Scripture and in history, we can see that wherever the spirit of Christ's teaching was accepted and assimilated in its totality, the result was a noble life put to the service of the common good, even at the cost of self-sacrifice." Ton has been a center, of ferment ever since his paper was issued in Romania about a year ago and initially was subjected to days of interrogation, his books confiscated. But public opinion so far has kept 'him out of jail. "GOD'S GRACE GIFT TO MAN" SUNDAY DEC. 19TH 7:00 P.M. Presented by the Z/on Baptist Youth Dept. 1300Parrish Ave. Everyone We/come CHRISTMAS CANTATA at TRI-COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF GOD Sunday Evening Dec. 19th 6:00 P.M. and Tuesday Evening Dec. 21st 7:30 P.M. Trl-County Assembly's Music Dept. Presents -"His Love... Reaching" by Ron Huff and Bill 5 Gloria Gaither plus "Many Moods of Christmas" (Suites I III) By Roberf Shaw and Robert Russell Bennett 85 VOICE CHOIR and 55 PIECE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Direct fd by R»v. lorry Swofm Mlnlsfor of Music PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY INVITED AM. SKATS A U K FRKK 7350 Dlxla Hwy.. Falrilold 874-8575 SMART CHART by Stansbury "Few »r» is tMIMd it «»· In handling tumdowns tint dofttlt." ' P Moo*)y Monthly Mofailn* 75 HOURS) Monday «hroufh*««urii*y 10-SlJOPM

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