Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 1, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, June 1, 1965
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY OLOBE, IRONWOOD. MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNE 1,1965. Some Prices Trimmed Early This Afternoon Obituaries Mrs. John E. Sahlin Mrs. John E. Sahlin, 73, o f >7.1C nf Kiwanis Club Buys Milk for Children The Ironwood Kiwanis Club reported today that during the past school year it has purchased 6,919 bottles of milk which were distributed to the school children in the orthopedic Firemen to Mark Homes Of Invalids Highway Deaths Set New Record The Ironwood fire department, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' . , . , , _,„ ro°m and the children in the through the efforts of Local 550 Traffic deaths for a three-day home of her son. Clarence, since NEW YORK (AP) — Some last October. She had been in : classes for the mentally retard-! 1S beginning a ed. without cost to the pupils, i ma - v sometime mean the differ- This was one of the Kiwa n i s' ence and death for ! Memorial Day have Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Ad mitt Monday: George DeLongchamp, Hurley, Mrs. Robert Kleimo 1 a,: 692-A Sunset Rd., medical; Larry; A. Peterson, Upson, James W. Olson, 717 Sutherland St., sur-| gery. Discharged Monday: John ects. prices were trimmed early this ill health for many years. club's community "serviceI "01-01" i invalids in a burning building. afternoon in a mixed stock mar- The former Clara A. Ander- J v J — - - - ket Trading was moderate. son was bom here Dec 26, 189! A small gain on average was and had lived here all her life, maintained through early morn-.She was married to John E. ing but this faded after the Sahlin Dec. 29, 1914. He died first hour. Aug. 22, I960. The three-day Memorial Day Mis. Sahlin was a life long weekend brought nothing in the member of Salem Lutheran way of news disturbing to the Church. She was a former mem- market. In fact, the settlement her of the Salem Circle and pre- of most of the labor disputes in sently was a member of Pris- Court to Review Case Dismissals nf of Salem Luth- WASHINGTON (AP) - The The Local has announced a system for marking the homes of permanent invalids. On request the men of Local 550 will place the invalid markers on the homes Graduation at Watersmeet Thursday Night WATERSMEET— Commencement exercises will be h e 1 d ., Thursday night, June 3, at 8 in Brottlund. Ironwood; Peter Mat- r ' . '"' „ „_ * fate deD utv .,._ r, tn cn^ho^t, A,,rfitnri n m thp= saitrnanr I re-elected here as state aepuiy -'Officers Elected At K-C Meeting MACKINAC ISLAND — John St. lenace, was In case of fire, the mark e r s p y j e council president. would warn the fireman on the | Second yea"r in Trow al* & Dr^Miltpn, Byr* of North e:; n National Safety Council said the blame rests "largely on incompetent and irresponsible driving." "More and more must be done to improve the nation's driving skills," said Howard Michigan University, Marquette, | will give the commencement address. The program is as follows: Processional, class of 1965; invocation, the Rev. Albert DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. j ** «* »'^^KnSf o" r Tosenh Won Jurisdiction of the Knights of ' J0sepn Won> i C o 1 u m b u s during the closing session of their 65th annual 'state meeting. Re-elected state secretary Chicago, accident. Discharged Monday: Mrs. Richard Bailey and son,, Bergland; Mrs. David Fisher and daughter scene that an invalid probably i needs help in escaping. The markers will be placed on the the aluminum industry was reassuring. Nevertheless, the market Surviving, besides the s p n'- , t six seemed to be working lower on'Clarence, are three grandchild- a ^™ nsit j an irregular pattern after small re " .p,.,,;,^ w tn h p held Lemuel A. Penn,"a Negro edu- stall them free of charge by a number of blue _T." n . e . ial jewices willj^ held ^^ Qf ^ DJstrlct Ql * Colum _ _,,_,-,,,„*,,,„,„ ™,, «t Supreme Court agreed today to! Jron ^ d ° 01 ' and on the windows review dismissal of indictments j and doors of the sickroom. Local 550 will bear the ex- cusecl in the shotgun slaying offense for the decals and will in- for chips "' " ""*" "' """" Saturday at 2 p.m. at Sale in The tone was to the downside Lutheran Church with the Rev. among motors, steels, mail or- Kenneth L. Nevenz officiating bia. The federal indictments - . .rn. drugs.' interment .-III te at Riverside cl, =B consp.racy were C * 5 Press a,e,, B e wood on request. Homeowners wishing firem e n to install the decals should call that only Pyle said reports on highway traffic accidents throughout the weekend showed that mistakes in driving judgment posed the major problem. He said the record bears out the findings in a recent nationwide drivers test in which a very high percentage of the par- 1 ticipants failed to qualify as , safe drivers. I Several multiple-death accident* helped swell the national total to 474 for the period from 6 p.m. local time Friday to Monday midnight. Stover, pastor of Waters meet Pe ; e Baptist Church; salutation, Nan- ' =_ vnn cee Madson; valedictory, David mann> aaxon ' Kelly; selection.-"Navy Hymn." J. B. Dykes, Watersmeet High School Band. Introduction of speaker, Supt. Faltinowski; commence m e n t address, Dr. Byrd; select i o n, R. of "Climb Every Mountain," Rogers, band; presentation class, Supt. Faltinowski; presentation of diplomas, James Caron,; rs Ravmond was Kenneth M. Chapin of ~~ John Hart 'troit; state treasurer, Leo F. , jonn Hart- Everest of Muske gan H e i ghts; state advocate Frank W. Lawrence of Flint; state warden, William A. Crotty of Ferndale. Elected as delegates to the August Supreme Convention in Baltimore, Maryland were: John F. Lahaie, John A. Fi&her of Detroit, immediate past State Deputy, Howard LaCombe o f church to he in state until time pieme couit, tne aepaitmenr * ^ca^ hpar thp ipttpr "T" i smas >hups in tne area or wee,_,___ cairi "tPrvni-ism intimiHnHnn 1 lr ^~ aCCaiS Oear tne JClier I rilec T.nnn Pinp anrl San .TOSP.. said "terrorism, intimidation! __ ( remains will be taken to t h e off .6 and utilities up .7. The Dow Jones industrial av- of services, erage at noon was off 2.32 at 91 Al 7 umimum Ltd was firm and MrS ' William Siren Alrna rnsr- anri Rpvnniri* MP! MASS — Mrs. William Siren. alf rose neariv * S 64, died early Monday morning tional action." Buying was!Visk rn Spiegel. * Ontonagra Memorial^ Hospi- The Supreme Court will hear the Chicago mail order house, for invalid and reflect in the dies. Lone Pine and San Jose r land reprisal directed at citi-; I01 »™anu ana reneci in UK \\calif ., snuffed out 16 lives, zens because they are members! dark - Large four inch decals win ! A i^ari-nn r.nllisinn on a of the Negro race are national be on the front door and A head-on collision on a desert & m n^v. *m. ,.«v.v...v.». . , . ... highway near Needles, Saturday properly invoking na-: fj]l a J^L tw .? l ™* d fji a jl_ on the killed six and left an 11-year-old " " ™ i girl the only survivor. almot identical smas hup Sophomores of College to Have Banquet Gogebic Community C o liege 'Bay City< 414, Patrick J. Me- trustee of the Watersmeet Board! £'"£!?June JTtteTXmS ence J. Wagner of ? Adrian 1665, l^Sf reC6SSi0nal grad - ^^^5:30"^ ^m Ja ?S «-2 ^ a «, B r^J2i Members of the class are Ste-| phen Andrewson, Charlo 11 e | Bouillion, Albert Britton, James Brown, Sharon Brownell, Joseph Oorshe, Arthur Hagen, David Kelly, Robert Kolinsky, Ronald Liberty, Nancee Madson. Gloria May, Geraldine Moeller, Maryi Ann Neumann, Dennis Radzwil-; , , .. _„_* „« iviv,i».cv»i.u u^ uv,i.c»»i «. *.— owicz and John Vantwoud. I f h /~ a ',l e Jf aCt SL" * P3rt ° f: archy of Michigan's five Cath- James Tassava, who will also r "^SadSirTSphS Sl-raJHSS.^ of Petos- of the collie Toast-l k£ y 923 ' Bronislaus Drewniak of or tne college, i o a s i TTQly Cross . De t r oit 2739. John The host prelato, Most Rev. ?n.n"-s?s. = ssz ttz^-££**% the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Nolan B. McKevitt on behalf of the Hier- pl .. Albert will The class motto is "We Darej to Do What We Dare to' Dream;" the class colors are! blue and white; the class f lower ; The GCC Student Council, in olic dioceses, complimented the which is planning a merger t ient with Beneficial Finance. Spiegel their respective Bishop's pro- windows of the sickroom. Thus firemen will know w n he°" g she "ad'been TpT- argume^YnVe^caV^/Tts '^dintely t more than five weeks. She new term that begins next Oct.; ^ an invalid J ho ™BJ 'iday hear Lone Pine took five class advisor is Parnell Basa-j^™ £™™™ -JJ| \*.™ 3 J. na their 1964-65 cooperation _w U h been hospitalized several* ! e ad \^ openedlaYe-on a Mo^of MKOW times since March Penn ™» ^ ^ ^»> t f tag the meme shares risintr v>i latpr trim The former Ida Myllymaki was July 11, I9b4 neai Athens, Ga. i f mine lo S to a coimle of born Oct. 26, 1900 at Greenland. He was a director of adult and' Jiang to gain 10 d coupie 01 . nna in thp D s, . „...,„. * rtniiirvitpr nf thp latp Mr and vocational education in the Dis-; ^ ponts or so Beneficial Finance J^ggr "J*™. ^ "^.trlcl of Columbia school system \\Pmf\t Pritees advanced in moderate young child she moved with her; and was a lieutenant colonel m USIIIUJ tradine on the Ameriran stnrk parents to a farm at Rousseau, ine Aimy neseive. ExchaLe Amencan Sto ck £ ^ ^ attended scnool _ He was shot in an automobile Coroorate bonds were mostlv'She was married to William:^ which he and two other Ne- -corpoiaie ponas were mostly Mnrr-h 10 1021 at Han- °& ro reserve officers were re- U - angT ™ li ^nte r ^\™**^ S: turning to Washington after two Treasury bonds edged i^ ^ & f&rm Jn ^ WasM , weeks of duty at Ft. Benmng lower. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP)-Following Is a selected list of stock transactions on the New York Stock area, except for a few years' Ga Shotgun blasts were fired m at the car from a passing auto- when they operated a store Mass. Mr. Siren died July 29,! 1955. ! Mrs. Siren was a member and! mobile. The conspiracy were based on an indictments 1870 statue Circle i and the ,1964 Civil Rights Act of the Wainola Lutheran Church i But Bwrtle said Congress did ami wa<5 aKn a mpinhpr and not lntend the 1870 law to ap- treasuier of the EverSeen St-i ply t0 SUCh a CaSG and he fOUnd ~""""' ------ "" ............... fi ?™ n ,,?H Evei B reen Ex ! t he 1964 Civil Rights Act in no! tee stated, is an "economically T pr> nf wav aidecl tne prosecution. ; depressed area" due to the clos- one son. i^eo 01 ^^ nf , n ,,, hn ,,«^ ,, — !.,^ f « t «j "- firemen directly to the as survlvor> Three men and two women died Saturday in a collision on a ! freeway north of San Jose. ! For comparative purposes. The Associated Press made a survey of highway fatalities for the three-day non-holiday weekend period from 6 p.m. Friday, May 14, to midnight Monday. New Hospital School Session In Final Week The Gogebic ing opposed to "added financial burdens of building a new hospital," and stated that it is In favor of making the necessary required improvements to Grand View Hospital. Gogebic County, the commit- The final week of the 1964-65! assosiate de S rees May 17. The death toll during! sc hool year is under way at the' County Demo-j the period was 387. j Luther L. Wright High S c h ool lowest postwar traffic this week. A schedule of final examina- cratic Committee, at a rec e n 1 1 TJ U . meeting, went on record as be- 1 death toll for any three-day ob- tension Club. Surviving are Exchange at midday with net Mass; "fouT daughtersVMrs. Ma- change from previous close. I bel Martin and Mrs . Flor e nee W , efi1 Allirw-I r<Vi M\'.. T-V M. \ AU~ „» -Mrnor. T>»,.r, Alvnn r»r>io»iin U1U Those who had been indicted were Cecil Myers, Joseph How- Alliecl __ Am Can Am Mot Am Te) & Tel Armoui Beth Steel Brigg? Mf Caluir H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford. Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Geiber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Stl Inter Chem Interlak Ir Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. !V'a D 46% U 11% 70V2 U 43 37>/4 4% U 23'/ 8 U 68% D 49%: U V\ j Aho of Mass, Mrs. Alma Bojanic j 3 /a ' of Detroit and Mrs. Doris Yak- Willis Phil- Uyvich of San dementi, Calif.; j L ackev % 12 grandchildren; two brothers, John and Willard of Mass, and ' six sisters, Mrs. Hilma M i i 1 u, VslMrs.' Hilja Taro, Mrs. Eleanor VsiKiminki and Mrs. Beatrice Mii- VA lu of Mass, Mrs. Sylvia Sorvari of Greenland and Mrs. Jenn i e lips, George Hampton Turner, Herbert Guest and James j n g O f t ne m i n es which has "increased the tax burden on local property owners." servence of Memorial Day was 204 in 1948. The record high for any three-day holiday period was 609 during the 1955 Christmas season. During this year's Memorial Day holiday period. 35 persons lost their lives in boating accidents and 87 drowned. tions is going on today and will continue until Wednesday noon and then the classes will officially be dismissed until Thursday when a short 20-minute per class schedule set up for final details' Murra table decorations; Carol —' M Tchigan Cathie Confer: Lampart, programs; Sharon;, state-wide drive against Kleimola. invitations; C o n me lndecent literature, of which Tassava program i movementi Jonn Lanais is Pres . After the banquet, the gradu- ; ldent of tne M . c . c . lay men's ation exercises are scheduled to sec (;j on begin at 8 at the L. L. Wright M ' McKevitt also com- High School gymnasium. This mended the Knights, on behalf year a record 69 sophomores of Micnigan - 5 Hierarchy .for the are graduating and will receive ; $2 ,000,000 donated by the members, and through their efforts, by friends, during the past 17 years for the maintenance o f Boysville of Michigan, a boarding school for teen-age lads with a problem not of their own fault. President Faces / Busy Schedule T , Johnson retUined 77 5 /s U Vs ; Getzen of Lansing. 59'/4-U 52 5 /a D 37 7314 D 6/8 Vi Man Is Believed lo Have Drowned Local citizens have voted an S. i increase in taxes for a new college and the county has other financial obligations, such as the new jail and the addition to the Gogebic Hospital that must the committee Driscoll Funeral Home, Ontonagon, will be open for visitation- tonight at 7. The remains will be' . "-•Jnf""""' nn 7 n 'ff"fnr"thp"h£i'v renovations to the Wainola Lutheran a e st i u s e aic J ln K ^r the bod. y. , o» 11 Q m woi-inocriav OI a ^-yeai oio Miles, in., man, who is believed to have drowned in the Mercer area somet i m e be paid for," stated. "Funds," the committee said, i "are available to community i facilities administrators as j ings of the Lake Superior Coun- grants or loans, and the H i 11- cil, Boy Scouts of America, to Scout Meeting Set at Ashland ASHLAND — Edwin Anderson, district chairman, I r o n wood, and Gene Hagstrom, district commissioner, A s h 1 an d, announce the district committee, .. and commissioners staff meet- m ° n ? Wl " Dr. John H. Griffin, of New Haven, Connecticut, Deputy Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and the conven- as turning in books, and; ^^"HO"™toda^'from "Tex" ti0n>s llonored guest and b a n ' s report cards wll take; wnue Hous e toaay irom a lex quet speake ,. f brought congratu- place, beginning at 8:30 and) JJ^JJg^JJ £. 'g " ^ running until the noon hour. j;,").",,,:.,, ',,'", JS-h-ToSSSS K3?£$«?«& «SSH»- Wednesday afternoon at Black! 17Jonn , s °" River Harbor and will t h e nl ;.'' ana ? s _ .„_ , 0 „„. ,,. climax their high school careers! National Cathedral School for with the commencement excer- !Girls in the morning, witness cises that will be held on Fridau night beginning at 8, in the high school gym. Guest speaker for the cere- Church at 11 a.m. Wednesday, 2481/2 U 80V<! D % 57 7 / 8 D Vs i Wednesday at 1:30 p.rn County sheriff's officers Burton , Act Permits monies for *, ., remoc ieiing the Hospital." with U 83 103 49i/8 361/4 D 84V'2 U 53% D the Rev. A A. Lepisto said Ted ^ U %!mg. Burial will be in the fam- _ enpaa ' sai e iii« int ot M^niP r.rr,«P rpmptorv Smuda told a fishing companion i ily lot at Grove Cemeterv 43 36% U 40 U 476 D 2 91 U 59% D 62% D 52V'a 56Ms 80V 8 43'/ 2 36Vi D 55 D 73% 42% D 55% D 42Va U W Funerals 8 Engineers Take Course _ HOUGHTON — Eight area Horse~Lak7, ori'county TrurTk men were among 131 partici- •.-.•m «.«•-__•__ Monte tirVirt i»or»oMf lu nrttnwlof orl tllat he was S° in S fisni »S about 4;30 Sunday aft ernoon at Dead FF, near Mercer. pants, who recently completed , After Smuda did not return his j an e i g h t-week engineer r e companion went looking for him ! fresher course conducted b y I and found the boat which he had Michigan Tech's Division of Con- I been fishing from swamped with firming Education in Houghton •/.'« M « , /--, m v, , ,* water - UP 011 further inspection anA Iron Mountain. (J Pretti, 63, of Gile, will be held by tne Iron County sheriff's de-, Tne practicing engineers from '" Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the St. partment on Monday a cap cig-;this area who completed the Mary Catholic Church at Hur- ; arettes and minnow'pail cover i course were: ley with the Rt. Rev. Msgr., were discovered. Robert A, Bergman, Rudolph 14 Y B \ LOUIS PRETTI Funeral services for Lou: Vs be neld in Ashland Thursday, at the Northern Bank board room at 7:30 p.m. The main topic of discussion at this combination of meetings will be the council calendar for the up-coming program year of 1965-66 and district portion of this 18-m o n t h calendar of Bailey, president of Northland College at Ashland. The theme of Dr. Baile "You and Institutions". the swearing in of nine federal lations from the parent order's administration, for Michigan 's full-scale cooperation in the nation-wide Knights of Columbus drive against salacious literature and other forms of smut. The 1966 Michigan State Meeting will be held at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island said Kenneth off i c l al ,l durin ,? the noon hour ' ; M. Chapin, state secretary and and hold an afternoon news con ference. The formal session with news-1 men, Johnson's first since April 27, was scheduled for the White convention general chairman Record Crowd Attends Fair Pravda Founder Dies MOSCOW (AP)—Boris I. Iva- addre J ss"'w l iir'be! Housc East Room and wil1 b e 'nov, one of the founders of the open to live television and radio; Soviet Communist party news- coveiage. i paper Pravda, died Monday. He Johnson, who flew to Texas i was 78. The cause of death was last Thursday night, didn't not announced. leave his native state until after j _ dark Monday night. In late aft-j events All institutional ernoou, the sun was shining | brightly, after a weekend ofj NEW YORK (AP)—The New cloudy skies, so the President, ! York World's Fair, beset by j decided to enjoy - it to the last I representa-; falling attendance since its sec-i possible minute. THE WEATHER ***** »»*-*-*****-*i tives are asked to make a spe- 1 ond season started last month. cial eflort to attend, to consider i Sunday had a crowd of 265,568— the calendar and to help I the largest for any day in its plan any special projects for the! history. district and voting on the whole, The turnout was unofficially i program. The neighborh o o d! attributed to a combination oi : commissioners are asked to be' fine weather Sunday and Satur-1 MIT Johnson, who will be leaving for a holiday in the Virgin Islands Wednesday, re- i turned with him. TEMPIiRATl'lllCS IN IKON WOOD Tuesday, June I, luii.'i. For 24 hr. period ending at 12 noon. 2 p.m. U5,10 p.m. S4 6 a.m !i5 4 p.m. CjjMidnight 54 8 a.m. . r >fi « p.m. 56 ! 2 a.m. 54 10 a.m. SB 8 p.m. 54, 4 a.m. 33'12 noon 60 Relative humidity 95 per ccnl. Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.80; 12 noon 28.81 prepared with unit reports. i day's rain, which caused many Items for unit promotion this j persons to postpone their visit month are Council 7 Arrested in Park Brawls Michael A. Prock officiating.' "Thp"l"akp'^"7-enm-tprtiv ahnnt H - Butske, Eugene R. Maki.l June 11, 12 and 13; the District Burial will be at the St. Mary 84 Vppt dppn anditr^ sheriff's:dP- William R. Reynard, Leo W. Camporee. June 4, 5 and 6: and 84 feet deep and the sheriff's de ,, * *„ ™ partment stated that skin divers s y, ecland ., Ro ^ er t Talvensaan, Friends may call at the Eng- win be asked to aid in tne searcn all of White Pine: Thomas P Cemetery at Hurley. s j strom Funeral Home in H u r , ! ley after 2 p.m. today. today. Albany, clear Showando, I for a day. f~ Iff IV UflfWIO Albuquerque, clear l The attendance was 1,016 over j TJTICA (AP)— Seven youths -Atlanta, cloudy ... ; the old record of 264,552, setonj faced justice court arraignment; Bismarck, rain ... THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. .71 44 .01 84 48 82 60 76 56 Scout Day with the Minnesota • Sunday, Oct. 11, 1964. i today afteVbeinE" arrested""by i Boise, cloudy 68 47 Twins, July 10, at the Metropoli-j The previous high during thej stat e p 0 ij ce during a free-for-i Bostoii, clear 72 52 .06 tan Stadium in Minneapolis. 44vi, •*? WILLIAM J. KALLIO /8 j Funeral services for William i Kallio, 71. of Weber Lake, Town [ 2 jof Anderson, will be held Wed„} \ nesday afternoon at 2 at the 2 D /s | Engstrorn Funeral Home i n 77% D 4214 D Summer Plans Being Arranged Briefly Told Dooley, Watersmeet; and Robert T. McKie, Marenisco. The course was devoted to a| review of subject matter related to the professional engineer examinations conducted by the The Board of Directors of the 5,633,871 at the same time Michigan State Board of Regis- j Ironwood American Legion last year, tration for Architects Pro- Post 5 will meet Wednesday at ] current final season was 177,260 | all at Dodge Brotne rs State! Buffalo, cloudy 68 49 on Saturday, May 15 ; Park in Sterling Township Sun- chi c^go, cloudy - Total attendance during the> day nignt Cincinnati, cloudy -* ^ n days of this season is 3,-j officers from the Utica Post Cleveland, cloudy behind broke up tne series of Drawls ; Denver, clear ° as several hundred picnickers; De s Moines, rain stood by. The park was closed Detroit, cloudy The summer program of C u b fessional Engineers and Land Hurley with the Rev. Nathan L. Scouting, a year-round program, Surveyors. 1317s D %iTjaynard officiating. Burial will being arranged. It is one that 43% D [ be at the Iron Belt Cemetery, is interesting; will held hold the, | ronwoo( J Driver Hits ! Friends may call at the fu- boy membership and provide an ',,",. " a Ineral home after' 2 this after- opportunity for continued scout-; Pole, IS Not Injured 7:30 p.m. in the Legion c 1 u b-; kj ftrwe _- _ C, a ;-Ui.-_ rooms. All members are asked Norwegian freighter to attend. Is on Its Way Home four hours early after the ruck-1 Fairbanks, cloudy us. F ort Worth, cloudy The seven, all from Rosevillej Helena, rain ' or M o u n t Clemens, were Honoiulu, clear DETROIT (AP) — The Nor- charged with disorderly CHICAGO PRODUCE j noon. CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago!-^ -^ .. Mercantile Exchange — Butterj | Of ff*f Klllinfl steady; wholesale buying prices i ^*vwl I l\uiiiiy unchanged; 93 score AA SBVa! p 92 A 58V&; 90 B 56%; 89 C 56'/4; | f" (JV OfS cars 90 B 57%; 89 C 5714. | Eggs steady; wholesale buy-! WASHINGTON (AP) — ing prices unchanged to 1 high- • Supreme Court decided **^ _•_ ... _. .__„! —. ._' Wit* ll^n^nvol "Ortiijov f^civ ing fellowship and instruction. David Berlin, 20, of Ironwood Town Garage. Painting of the limestone The Cub Scout summer pro-; escaped serious injury Monday tables for the park project will • "straits of gram is a varied plan of activi- about 2 a.m. when the car which begin at 6:30. All interested per- ties that is based on help i n g he was driving left the road and! sons are asked to attend. ! people to do the things they en- sheered off a utility pole, a; ' „ n fni M«V nn ?hP w Justices 71 55 82 59 72 56 79 47 85 61 71 58 48 39 85 70 70 50 82 73 con- Indianapolis, cloudy 82 63 Jacksonville, clear 89 68 Juneau, cloudy 52 42 Kansas City, rain 90 64 Los Angeles, rain 63 57 Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy .08 .01 .09 T .02 .52 .59 T traffic officer The Blue Knights bugle line joy. The three summer time Wisconsin state themes provide an opportunity reports. for informal fun and fellowship The accident occurred on Gile j Legion club rooms. that will help boys develop per- Hill about two and one half will meet tonight at 6:30 in the; Continued from Pii^e One Ten"cedarvnTe" J crewmen died was submitted to Justice John Miami, clear in the straits collision and 25 M " Harlan ^ ast week ' Harlan - in Milwaukee, cloudy 84 87 81 63 68 72 64 49 .08 i were rescued The Toodalsfiord's turn ' submitted the request to Mpls.-St.P., rain 74 61 'how WWP* ™ t,l° P r a0 H S S,f the full court. The tribunal, in! New Orleans, clear 89 62 The Ironwood volunteer fire nffPi-Pri SUKeiea The Norwegian vessel loaded court's action. ... 0 r „— —„.. today sona i ntness and bring Cubs miles west of Hurley on Higher; 70 per cent or better Grade i the Federal Power Commission and tneir paren t s together for way 77 in Montreal. The ac- department will hold a prac- A Whites 271/2; mixed 27Va; me--has jurisdiction over a natural some old-fashioned family fun. cident caused a power failure in'tice session tonight at 7. Mem- , . . ., diurns 24; standards 25; dirties gas producer's leasing ofu nder- Eacn pack participating in the neighborhood for about twoibers are asked to bring their a car &° , of automobiles, refriger- unquoted; checks 21%. j ground gas in bulk to interstate the prog ram is eligible for a Na- hours, stated the officer ! helmets, boots and rainco a t s . f t01 ' moftor ^ and tobacco in De! pipeline companies. tional Summer time Pack A,vard The officer also stated that the; The annual meeting will be held bauiraay. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ; Justice John M. Harlan de- and certificate.To achieve this, auto was totally demolished. June 8 when officers will be CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)— Uvered the 8-1 decision. Justice p ac k s mus t conduct three out- Berlin was charged with fail- elected, delegates to the Upper 4 Destroyers LeOVC Hogs 6,500; butchers mostly 25 William O Douglas dissented. door activities, one each for ure to have his car under con- Peninsula Tournament will be r D c . .• to 50 higher; 1-2 190-220 Ib 22.25- Millions of dollars in gas June Ju i y and August. Dens trol and a $56.95 bail bond he named and other important busi-! ""Or KeCOVCry stations 22.50; 41 head 205 Ibs at 22.75; P rices and ' indirectly, millions avera ging at least 50 per cent posted was forfeited in Iron ness will be transacted. | YOKOSUKA, Japan (AP) — which justify it." an unsigned order today, said i Ne\v York, cloudy the request was denied but thatiokla. City, clear Harlar. disagreed with the Omaha, rain 74 57 79 71 85 61 ] Philadelphia, cloudy 76 52 mixed 1-3 190-230 Ibs 21.50-22[25; : of S as consumers are affected attendance at each of these out- County Court at Hurley this 2-3 230-260 Ibs 20.75-21.59; 250 - by the ruling. ings will rf . ce jve a den-partici- morning by Judge Arne H. All committee sof the picnic- today for mid-Pacific "recovery Irnnwnori Mnrorict •_. .. .... .. H-hn rtor.,c,r,n was onvpn nrl O ._.., ... _, ,., : -,.,...._, -«-,»aai. t« ho cnnnenv «ri I,., M,- „,„.!'.„. ,-.. t ,.- ^ :_.• '. __.'l ! I ' OnWOOO /VIOlOriST Four 7th Fleet destroyers left 280 Ibs 20.50-21.00; 1-3 350-400 Ib. Tne decision was given on a pat i on ribbon. Record of sum- Wicklund. 280 Ibs 20.50-21.00; 1-3 350400 Ib commission appeal from a nil- mertime activities should be kept sows 18.50-18.00; 400 500 Ibs. i ln ^ by U.S. Circuit Court in in tne pack record b ook or in Deer Runs Into Car 17.6018.50; 2-3 50-650 Ibs 16.75-'New Orleans that such leasing the surr 7 mer pr oram quarterly. ; JJ eer KU " S _ '".! 0 Car ' 17.75; boars 13.5-14.50, a few is a Pf rt °* & s production and App ii ca tion for this award COUSCS $250 Damage gathering. The Natural Gas Act must be SUDrn itted to the coun- A deer caused an estim a t e d ti, Harlan wrote a four-page dis- j Phoenix, clear sentiv.g opinion which said, in ' Pitisiburgh, cloudy part: "I am wholly at a loss toiPtlnc', Me., clear understand the (Supreme) JFtlnd, Ore., cloudy Court's casual way of disposing j Rapid City, cloudy of tris matter and I can find no; Richmond, clear considerations of any kind;St. Louis, cloudy : Salt Lk. City, clear San Diego, cloudy San Fran., clear | Seattle, cloudy i Tampa, clear 15.00. Cattle 9,500; calves none; bazaar to be sponsored by the stations for the Gemini 4 space i _ _ ,. _. .Hurley Knights of Columbus flight Thursday. Pays Speeding Fine i Council will meet this evening Although the spacecraft car-: Donald F. Ihlenfeldt, 207 S Cur- Washington, cloudy j in the clubrooms on Cary Rd., it, rying astronauts James A. Me- ry Street, paid a $10 fine and Winnipeg, cloudy is announced by Eugene Calvet- DivUt and Edward H. White II $4.20 costs in Ironwood Municipal, (T—Trace) general chairman of t h e i is scheduled to land in the At- Court today, when arraigned be- 96 56 77 54 69 47 63 47 73 53 78 61 89 70 78 43 65 58 54 51 62 46 92 74 79 60 60 48 .17 T .01 .02 slaughter steers, 25 to 50 high', er; 14 loads prime 1,150-1,350 Ib 30,75-31.00; highest since De-; A - i»«»ii1atinn f-hfl **•»•"-"• w *- «««-.«.v^»-« «^ v..— VVH .. ^» v«w^* ^MMU^V* v**« x.^vm* u v x- V4 . »•» o *-.«^*v.« ^•*M*AA«jM«i \jt. i/ li i, i Ak9 ov/u^uuicu tu laiiu in wic /\i- v/uuit buua y , wiici* aiiaiBticu uc- exempts irom reguiauon ine cil " Carnp i ng an( j Activit i e s" $250 worth of damage to a car event, which is to take place onilantic, Pacific recovery units fore Judge Charles C. Keeton facilities that are used m pro- committee by Sept. 15. Summer driven by Robert Scheibe of'Sunday, June 27. -'" '- -- " • '- • --- " ' Auction and gathering. ! outdoor activities should be sim- Woodstock. 111., Monday evening , pie and varied with adult mem- Scheibe was traveling south on| The Hurley Volunteer Fire RANGE SKIES will remain on station through- Jr. on a charge of speeding on 1 Sunset today 8:46. Sunrise to- out the flight in case recovery in Aurora Street. The incident oc- morrow 5:11. The Moon, at Peri- thelr area is necessary. 'curred Sunday, according to gee tonight, rides high and sets Ironwood city police, who issued at 11:15 First Quarter June ' cember 1962; high choice and! heifers 28.25-28.50; several loads bers of the Pack being given a < highway US-51 between Mercer: Department will have a regular prime 1,125-1,400 Ibs 29.75-30.50; average to high choice with an chance to participate. and Manitowish when a deer meeting tonight at 7 at the Hur-. When Kelso won the Wash- the ticket. ' choice 1,000-1,350 Ibs 27.25-29.50; end of prime 900-1,100 Ibs 27.75- smashed into the left side of his ley fire hall. j ington D. C. International at . mixed good and choice 1,000-1,- 28.00; choice 800-1,100 Ibs 26.00- Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tantjan-' car. Despite extensive damage to I laurel, Md., last fall he gainer Tobacco seeds are so small 1 —Venus, well below fhe Moon 825 Ibs 28.25-27.25; high choice 27.75; mixed good and choice yika, is the highest mountain in'the auto, nobody In the car was Heat lightning is not accompa- j $90,000 and boosted his world that one pod may contain as! Mars, high in southwest 9'45 -- i "^-•—-- 0501,125 Ib slaughter, 725-1,100 Ibs 25.25-26.25. ^Africa. i injured. jned by thunder. jrecord earnings to $1,893,362. j many as 40,000. | p.m. Saturn, rises 2:27 a m ' 6. Prominent Stars—The Twins above the Moon. Visible Planets

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