Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 6
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I'ACR SIX TIIF) lOf.A DAH;Y ltlO(JiSTFU. THUKSlUY K\n':NINfi. DKClCAIHElt 20. 1027. 1v but II HhouM l )K <riiKlK<a or. rolled PORTIA, 1927 MODEL DATE T.IKTK i! egg3 , 'a (flip sugar '4 Clip flour Pinch of salt- I teaspoon liaklnR powder .1 cup dalf-s rut'fine '-2 cup liuls rut fiiK- Beut pgfis well, a<!il sugar a!i;I fiifteil ^ijry ingredi»'ui>:, daio.< and nuts. Spread ill butlcrotl i-kiUn pan. and liaki' in mod «.*iMi4- ov<;n. Hri -ak Ilu' tarle" into liit-r.-j^ aii <r .-i-rve Willi «;and1e;l i-hfrries mni wliippcd (•i'i-ani.--«J\. ('. }[."• " " AI'I'l.KSAlt K t AKE I Illy liiilti'r 1 1 up .sugar 1 cup appU'.-;;iu<i> I(|l<ji)ii <Jovi;, , v.- tca .siiiiiiii iiiitiiii -g 1 uaspooii cinnamon 1 teaspoon soda . cups Hour , 'i- cup. raL-in-s cuji clu)iipi'il nuts ("r.-ani liiMt -r and sic '.ir. add ai /|ilcsaiiii- aiiil Hilliil ilry iiign-di- oBis Aiid iiiilM and floured rai.-iiis. It.ikf- in niodcialt uv.n o, :',it niiniiics K. (.' II. STIKKKIl U'l'I.K SAI.AI* I 'ari- iiiKl core lirni apples. i>im- iiiT gently in water !<r.which red ho! cainliet h;ivi. Iiceii aildeil lor ilavor ittui_ynj:i:lMt<;jK. • Coo:..!'!;!' e ou litlim: leaves. lUl ccllUrH witii I 'dltag > eli(e >e aiiii iiil.Is or cluip- ped Taiviiis ami liiit.^, add .>-a !ad <l|•es^il:- an.I s- I'Ve. K C. II.. RAIUMT i:\ ( ASSKIMH.t i I'!' i>ate and Joitii a raliliil and., li'dwii in p :eiiiy oi liuiter anil ar- , )aii :;e in a eas -er (i;e. .\lalie a ncll liilt lliiii • hrowii i-ance. seaHoiiipg; V. Ill' .• VI a > e l<al. ami ciiopp.'il celery, idcMiy ni parsle.v aiid liny wjitic onions, iiuur over • the i.ihldt aiiil hake in a inoilerale . oven niilil very lender K M. V\'. ^yillTK UMIT ( AKi: •'u I i!)> l )iH :er 'J e .lp.v uraliillati'ii : im .ir j : >'• i (m whiif s . 1 ciij/ milk iHjis pastry ildiir :l tfvispoons baking piuvder 1 teaviiiMii! vaniH.i exirai-; < iipi 111' Jilaliciieil .ind Ci 'l'jpped aliiiDiid-! cn;>. caiiiiied ( iierries , < iij). pineapiilf I U]. >< -dl '-.-s raisins ('.••eain ilie i)Uiier and add the isu^ar creaming I 'oih ti^gether. then '.•vlir iir the milk aiternately. wiili till flour and hakJng iiowiler sil't- lOi-'eihtM-. hear Well and uradiiaj- Prize Winner SPAMSn POTATOE .S I!., (hfu- butler m-lb.ip. flour 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon Halt r 1 ib>p. chopped onion ib.-p. gr^eo pepper Z' it»sp. pimentos 2 nips cooked cubrd potator-.s ••i leaspooii pepper ileli butter nud aiid flour mak- 1 in^' a smooth' paste. Add milk uud • ook uniil it ibicken...: add onions, pcpper.s. piincnio. salt and pepper. . CombiiK- will) iniiatocs, repeat and ; sf rvo— .1. L. S. i ItlitnUN SANi>WHiIES f'ut brrail very ihlu and remove cm?:. .S|in\id one slice with grat- d cliPeH<> which Willi a lilltc .salad a .-«', oud .sliro on top and press to- i ;i »lli<'r WCJ !. Spread rhls sHce with peaniil butler. I'lace ihird slice on loji and pres« ingpfher. Spread tdde of.each. large enough to permit of .filling with, a fig ftllinK.— J. u s; OKAXiE PIE 1 cup milk ^ 1 tablesipoon cornsiarch ?,4 Clip sugar 1 leaspooti vanlHa 2 eg ^r >"olks II. teasnoon 's MtL9S ;>'liiTor stead of using .<;ugar (reuiH—In­ to sweeteu ^JiTS'irLblo brviler. y^^xl ^I ^V ^^'l'/^'^r^'^ir^ril^'L!^ (•orn?tarch. sugar and salt and add '"^ syiup. hot ihhk slowly. Cook 10 to la minutes siirrinB Thi.s gives the cream deliiious flavor and is a ibange. consrantiv until ihickeiietl. Beat yolks •'•nd add j ^^^^^^ To Heat Plate.**:- To r.;ai dinner .\dd vanilla. Sli<o oranges into baked J ^ru.-t iind iKiiir: in lilling. Vse whites of egg.s. as ineringnc- .1. U S. has' been softene<l j j ^is ca ad nrc.^sing. I'la<;ei,.p„ j„ ( Ibis .^lice with shredded Iptiuce of, en becomes evident in mixed with salad dressiitg.: Place L,.p<:,I^, pUher by heal log aiioihrr slice on top and pwss all j pn,prgeBce of vivevll. All Weevil working in beans and ausf great losse.^ lo growers in til*' I'niied Stales. The loss i.t boih in destruction of crop-s already grown and in limliing tac irlautint: of desirable legnmes. particularly lowpeas. Weevil damage stored or by Infested' then dry at onie. The old niethotl of heating in the oven will evenin- ally bring crack.s and discoloration, toeethrr ami slice i« '-j Inch slices.. ,^^,1 j,pa„ j„„l junns thoroughly fumigated I disulphide. . - J. I.. S. Ileie is I'orlla for you. 1!>2" model. The girl i.^ Alice Siebolt. Iowa riiiver.-liy co-ed. one of the leadiMs in the iinimal year l>ook bciiuiy contest and a high grading'sliidcnl in Hie college of law. Clin KEX .SALAD 4 cu|/s' cold boiled chicken, cut into small pieee.<» 1' 'cups finely cut ceelry 1 teaspoon salt 'M teaspoon pepper :.' hard Imiled eggs :.' cup.t mayonnaise dtvssing G olives 1-:! cup French dressing .Ml.\ chicken with <'ejery, seasoning and one egg i-iit into; .>niall pieces; marinate with French , dressing, and lef stand In cold ' place about on*' iHiiir. Serve on leiiirt e leaves and spread mayoii- iiatse over toti. (•'Hrnish wdii olives ] and reinalnlnK egg cut inio; jtlices.- ' .'^I/rlnkle with chopped parsle.v aiiil paprika.—.1. I^ .S. KeiL<i(iii Why rmrreated Pans Are I'seil »"r .iiiirel K OIM I faket—Th-s in again a matter of friction. When thin sides of lUe cake rise' they will stick or cling to the iiugreased tin and tliiis help lo hold up the res; of the fake as it ris «kS. If the pan Were grea.'-ed' there wotilil be no sticking, no friciiOu to Interfere with the outside of till- cak«> sliding dow^n again and drawing with it the inside. " I'xe f .tr tdlieslve Tape T'se ad- liesiye taiK- to incild-that bad siiatt in your rug. It work.e fine. A gooi! sfTutcii ration for I-aVin? a poultry flock i.-' the developmeni j fowls is made up of two iiart.< by of winter layers. The'average farm j weight <.f eon: .ind '-;;< p..rr-•.!<:; hen not only (Miulil hi.e at least 1 U ' «.r wheal and oats. P 'ora ^ma-^Ii eggs in a year, but iiiosi .»f ibemi ration to be fed dry in hoppt'is and should be laid from . ;>i-Iober to I always avaiiali'.e. or as a Wi -i iiiasii .Marc'li. Till-, or even abetter rec- I iiioisreiied wiih wafer or shi witi nild bi- I carbon The ability of hens to lay eggs is iiilKTited. What is most needed in ord. should ineiil of Ilu -i I'ul , XENIA NEWS ' (CJeii v. Delavan) • lice. LTi. .Mrs. Kdna .\nder.soii of .M'apleion spent Saturday night and .Sunday visitins a sister. .Mrs. ,Chailie Williams and family. , cliMence .Silllib was i i Fr. Scoli W./d'resday ' l.i'lli. t'liinans delivt-red lic:;s ::• .\Iaplei i;i Tuesday. The Xejiiii. Literary Soci"ty the Xenia i luirch Saturday niuni. ;\ Kood program was >;iven. after which Santa appeared with pr.-s- enls for ii|l. * ' .Mr. and I Bayard vi .Mrs. Chas. Kobb of the .•itinity spent Saturday iiis;ht and Sunday with his parenta. .Mr. and .Miis. I.oiinie lUibb. S. S.«lrwin of Kiiicuid was in | this neiuliborhood on biisines-s last.! Wednesday. ' j Crcver West lieliir.i fliflonl .Vb-| licy lop katfir i-oni W.ihiesday. 1 Kir, ECi.Allt .S 1 cup of boiling w;:ter in a sauce pan. add <'up of buti>'r. bring-to a boll. ad<l 1 cup of .sifted pasiry flour *11 at onve ami a pinch of salt. Scl away until colli, then add -•( egg.s one at a tjn'ie. beating 4 minutes between thi>'additiou of ' eai'h egg. Orop on a well-<dled pau abnu: . 2 inches apart. . Bake SO minutes in a moderate oven. With a thin .knife"Tfliake an incision in ting Fiday night was post T ,osi -'i . 0"-v''le .Meek and .\n;os Boss Tom .,1: j.y'add llie Irail ciiopjied cuarsely aiil i!ii. vanilla, fold in the stiffly whili 'iied e ^g whiles, pour into a I uinni eak' 'inn has iieen hiit- .1 aii.l lli>ii:'e(i. anl bake in .i nioi.- i.ite <iv. 11 fnim niie and .i half t.,, IV. 11 hoins. DVeii decrees. •] TIIEMMITn P IIAHIT •'.'III- wiJinan W I KI gets into the habit of .serving a friiii iiip I 'ach da .v. is very wis<';"This is not niei -e' :u \y>- fruit i.- lusty, lull with III ion t |f one or two. suclr its craiibirries and pluin.s. all fiiliti have ;i liecided alkaline reaction whi -ii lakeii iii ;o the stomach i.iul Ihiis lend I<i relieve the acid- jry that most of us know so well, l.i.iiiges have a iiarticiilarly strong ' alluiline ria<'lion. and foriuiialely lit iiiio iiio ^l fruit Clips. I'ine- iipple .s, lia'nana-. grapifriiil. cher- liiw ami apples ''are all alkaline also- and ilese too are fruit ciip Vrulis. lit ally this course should 111- ealleii 'ilealih Cup" r .ithei- Ihiiu by its pieKeiii name. , . , ,11 , .. n-..! 1 ,,. I'-ave been hauling coin to l.ined onr «eek until ,nex. Fn.lay : iii.izht. .\i that time the play. "The : y_.,,j.jj Dreadful Twins." will '"' 'f-'ivcu.' .Mis. r'l ;.jlie~ I 'lMi .i -M sua and .Mrs. .Mariali Uaynes spent Sal-idauithter Bit l ha <)f the north Brnn- iiiday and t^iiiida.v" visiting at ihe:son iieJL -bborhoo.d .spent ChrisHnas home of h.i -isi.-r. .\irs. Tbeodoi. day wiili lor iiiOiber. .Mrs. .Anna Cial r and family. .\lir, .-Mice I'arnu'an ai; I daiign- ler I'lisy spent Suiiil.iy ali>'rnoon AMI': .Mrs. .Mitinii' K^.-s. . To .'i FislirT". Waller ..•^niiih af d I llle e.M Jiu:o. , .Mr. and .Mrs. Charlie Teale spent •.lie Wec -k-end visiting her sister, .Mrs, Clarence Siuiili and ."dr. SnHllhr Mr. and Mrs. Waller Buell spent CicN Delavan helped Frnest I''':-'y n,„. ,.,„| visiiiiiK friends'ami ioi> :<;Mtir e-. rn Wedne-d.i;'. 'relatives lore. , M,- .111'! :.';.-•. WilT Be l;oi,l an;!: \!, AI . Clarence Brougblon of 111- (ii.i.'dnn. .\ir and .Mrs, .-\iiliiy-Mic.k Si .|,ib Bronson iielL-hbnrbiMiil vis- of I .'iiaiio. Kan., aie visilln;i iied Friday night with her parents, ..I.-, ar.; .V'.; Charlie .M . I. at ibls'.Mr. .ind .Mrs. Will Amierson. loie ' J ' .Mr. and .Mrs. .Mark Alkin.soii of .Mr.- <;r :,vcs <if Brons m spept IR! riorado, Kan. and .Mrs. l.illian ( brisi) >.a-.s day visiting t davight^r.' si< v< iison .ire visiting with .Mr. .Mrs. Sadit Siniih and .vir. Smith, .and .Mis. .lesse Itobb and other .Xiiiia -i-liool gtive a Chrb'tinps • relatives here at presr-nt. prourain at the school bouse Krl- day eveiiiiii;. which was gr-.-ally The .\-ray was accidentally ilis- ' enjoyed. Sclio.ii' wa-< dl.iniissed eiivered by Itoeiitgi-n while In- was it^nilay loi week, so the pupils i experiment lug with the Cooper " 'Hewitt iiieieiiry vapor lamp, iben FKIIT (IP I I cup oraiiije sections ; I cup white grapes | 1 1 up liiiU'apple ilice ; ! I ii|/ orange jnice ; ' . cup pilie.iiiple >iyi up Few .grains salt 'a.cup sugar ' Remove iiieuibi'ane from orange .sections ami skins and seeds from • grtipes . .Mix fruit, orange juice and piili'apple syrup; ailjl salt ami- sugar. I'ack in ii-o and salt until; thoroughly idiilled. Serve garnish-'ed wih inai ast hiiio cherries. ( ALIFOKMA SPKdAI, To the juii-e frojii a can of white '• cherr'rs add-enough water to make a pint. Heat to boiling point and,^ dissolve a pac-kage of lemon flav-, ored gelatin ^in it. When It be-; gins, to thicken adjl.a cup of cliop-' ped white cherrit^ half a cup of niiiiiuats. half a Jcup , <if celer/; Serve with mayonnafse. ; i.i'l.i enj.'y Cbrlstmtr; vacation. • •lareii-e -Jiiiiih threshed kafir new <oni for '!• Ill Fisher, lO -'UesI I'er- , .| ry. Waller Smi,lii. Vr-1\ S'-wnri,.! iilM Walker .iml Dalpb Brillbarl 'hi-: Week. Tecre uv, a Ciirtsfn-a-' tree at M.&M. MARKET Pure Pork Sdusji.ije lb. 15<? Fresh Huni.s. trimmed, half or whole, Ih. lac Whole Shoulders. Small. Trimmed, lb. Me, Hamborfter, Pirt-e Meal,' No Cereal, lb. IT'/jc Kaby lleef Roast.s. lb. 20f Fancv l-ard. lb. 17c 10 lb.s. ,i.(;r» Compound, lb. 17c 10 lbs. iiSn Oyslers, Poultry, launch .Meats and Pickles "Meat Thai You Can Eal"— < <»>MllNAtM>V KKI'IT ,SAI,.\n Cover a salad plate witii leaf'let­ tuce. .Make a sqiiare of banana T 'ii-es. (Uttin.r bananas in halves leng Fill hwisc and tlisif i:i (iiiarters. with graneiruit and orange K -lices and (ubfs of or (banned pineapple. Carirish with wal- i ^luts_ and grapes. Serve with French fruit ilressiug or .cream Miayoiinaise. IM-.iHrit)"R of apiiie tr.ees in the mil''- be i --irrie(I on dtirititr the 'winter. In..colder climates pruning usually is done In the spring }•' Off i;^ro\V*1i wl;. r l»'-"n-r ing is a matter of knowlertfre and good judgment. ln»>xperienced pruners will do well to get avail- abli- literatun- for study ifiid then' Jit pns.'sible. to profit by watching > wort of a iraiiicd horliiiiltiir- list. 1- Nickel Is tif immeiist'Tinixirtance , In the ..«jAicl-. tradi'. wheri? the meat ; •prohlt'tii is -the {irodu<:ii)n of a lion-(-oi-widiiig. sle)'. The iiiw - o;i . wl'ifh .111" .expert.'; are s 'Ivliig 'h' = l pniblerii are In ilie (•volution of j li-<e..l eonltijnijig liii'kel anii ehron ! iuin. . • ! l-'owl.s ar<' plucked In ta "seconds | hv a iir»c|i |i|.. reeciitly pi 'f'(•!"(! .' The plucking Is doiio etilireh- bv .•Bin lion, the' feathers beinir drawn. Into the machine by' a £.-i;|.^-and then' gripped, pulled out. ami i caught ia a collecting bag.. Some Good Prices for Last of Week Car Karly, Ohio Pettitoes 2-Bushel Sack Car $2.10 Zephyr Flour. 48- Ib. .sack $2.00 I. Cream Fl 48-Ib. .sack $1.85 Car Winesap Api)les ba.sket : $.1.65 Gokfyii Wedding Coffee 50c -No. 10 Dark Syrup, jiail 50c Xo. 10 Size can Peaches 45c 2-U). llox Crackers 25c .'5 Pkg.s. Jelio 25c \i Ib.s. .N'avy' Hoans $1.00 Cood Coffoe. II). 25c PORTER'S W«- Deliver—The Slore Where Y«ur»$$ Co Far- Ihcsl. A TIME OF JOY To all of our patrons and their friends we the utnicst in health, wealth, and hai)pine,s.s ff)r the New ^'ear. 4 lb.s. Rluo Rose Rice 25c 1 lb. Good Rio Coffee :iOc 1, lb. Fo.ster's EHendale Coffee . 40c 1 lb. Fo.sters Favorite Coffct; 50c 2 lbs. ?.0-lO Prunes ... 25c ?. lbs. 80-90 Prunes _ -—25c No. 2 tTorn. can _ lOg No. 2 Poas. 2 cans ..---25^ 2 Cans beechnut Siiaghetti -.-2 DC 7 ]b.s. Idaho Beans > 50c 1 Gallon Sliced Peache.s' 50c r Gallon Goo.seberries J ... 65c 1 Gallon Canned Prunes SOt^^^ 10 lbs. Pecans . $1.45 2 Big Fat -Mac^terel ..--25c 4 Lake White Fislv -_. 1 --25c 1 lb. Salted Peanuts 1. 15c Head Leituce. firm, cri.sp, per head ^ 10c Celery, big white bleached 15c lbs. Hulless Popcorn .. -25c 12-07.. Package Our Advertiser Tobacco 35c 1 lb. Whale Tobacco 35c 2 Pkgs. Geo. Wai^hington Tobacco -___-15c 2 Stud Tobacco i 5c We have Tiirkey.s, Geese. Duck.s, Hens and Fries, kinds nf fresh fruits and vegetables. All Fosters Grocery WE DELIVER Phene Llfi-ll? 1119 E .1S1 SI reef bi> the aim flock! In manatre- milk, corn mix ">i parts by weiRhl meal and lo parts eaili skim of of STEAKS—ROASTS—BOILS treat—haVe~ .some .irenuine reindeer Give yourself a meal this week. Specials for Friday and Saturday Pork Steak or lb. Sausage, per lb. . i Side, per lb. I-I. Yet Flour, 24-lb. sack -L Yet Flour. 48-Ib. .sack White 'Sunshine, 24-lb. sack White Sunshine, 48-lb. .sack Sorghum, per gallon Pifre-St rained Honey, per lb. (Bring Your Pail.) Siinlito .Jelly Powder, ;'. Pkgs. Rainbow Corn Flakes, 4 Pkgs. .Mixt'd Nut.s. choice. p<'r lb. _ Pure .Jam. Qt. Ma.son 'Jai'.-- 4- Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ifsmgo Pi^pper.'^, ('auliflowei-. Reels. Turnips. Hubbard Siiuash, Pstrsley, Green Beans, Carivjt:s, Fiesh Tonuitnes; Head. Lettuce, etc. PHONES 401—402—40:i . --I7c .__15c -l-loc .-§1.15 -S2.20 -98c _,$1.92 _!?1.00 .--l.^c' —22c 25c .-:20c . - 55c WE DELIVER GREENERS CASH LOOK TIJESE PRICES OVER To Pay Le.«« is Risky—To Pay More is Wasteful. Cane Sugar, 25rlb. sack — 48-Ib. sack Red Ball Flour , Lee Brand .Macaroni or Spaghetti, >1 Pkgs. : Oleo. 2 Ib.s. for' ----i ---Prunes, 3 lbs. fOr i- Raisins, Seedless. 3 lb.s. -.-.^ Libby^s Applcbulter. No. 2Vz cans, 2 for Pineapple. 2 large cans . — - — Corn, No. 2 can, good ouality Pork & ikans. Monarch Brand. 3 cpns Van Camp Tomato Soup, 3 cans -i-_. — . Blackbeb-ics, No. 2 can -.-i^ P.ancake Flour, Aunt Jemima, Rob Ro.'ss or Golden Wedding, 2 1.5c PjTckages -Syrupy Ko. 10 pail -.• .Salted Peanuts, per lb. Red .Onions, .7_lbs. J. - - - - Sweet.Potatoes, S Ib.s. -_ ' --------- _-51.B5 -.-.SI.8.5 .--.2.5c -.37c --2gc -25c --45c --4i5c --10c ..25c —2.5c _-15c » --2.5c --.5tc --1.5c _-2.5c -2.5c Good Bulk CoflFee, per lb. .25c Peaberry Coffee, 3-lbs. .. ....:$i.oo Phone 417 We Deliver -SLOO Grocery Orders IN THE MEAT DEPARTMENT LEWMAN .VND VOLLRATH .MEAT MARKET 2 lbs ----- Vci RoaHt.per lb... Pork Steak, per lb. IKc, Pork Chops, per lb. . . — Side Pork, pef lb. . — Smoked Ham. half or whole, per lb. - -Picnic HaMS. per lb. I^rd, (Bring yoiir pails)( 10 lbs. --'.^- -12c, 15c, 17c -35c - .20c ..17c _ - ..i20c - .---18c ?1,50 lar. ami tinat • for )• beep,-hogs and all young anl- ' • - . -f- . i mais. Il should not be the oiily This yeaiis I (•:-<« d barley ticrop liralli in the-ratloi! for young . B |8 S. niay Ir-ad to use ^ij 'part ofi the lit is s-'lightly richer than cor crain as a fi>ed .siiJwiitate for j -orn. i oigejfiblc proi-in. bnl it t<lioii(t] After a testJof batlex-acainst;Porii.! snpjileKfentcd Wi'At sn.ue j »ra the ileparltijcn' of<aRrl< ultiiro: con- j concentrate of '.egnni;- nnig.iage. . cindt s Uie formeii has from '^i> to ' Tse as a iced should bciicTermined, JT, ptr c-eiil! as hijeh feed val^c^as-;by i-oniparat;j/rici-s and awiil- corn. It is. suitable for ail IfoVk. abiiiiy. Of Absolute For ihff New Year ai Your A & P Store iHAPI^NEWYEARg 48-Lb. Bag $1.89 24- Lb. Bag 9Se Shr^dde4 Wheat pkg. lie P«iriian Malt 3 lb. can 62e -Ciioiiolate ^?±L; 'io. P^st Todities 3 pkgs. P^it^ske JFlour a lb. bag 27c Peaches l^atieake hum \>IIow . Clingi Craudmochei's FietUy Baked •>. Virginia Sweet So«p FUkei Sm^il Pkg. lOc No. Z>/i ^•y. Can » 20Oz,"' W Loaves Pkg, L'ge. Pkg. 2le 25c Xlc , Quaker pj^^ Quijk OI Regular Carapbeir* Oven Baked ESfABUSHEO 185» TEA CO. I cA^n Madison CASH More'aircl More Ure Using Our Battle Creek Health Fpods. Won't You Try Sanilaritiai |('<j(il>ed Itiun \ia^ tlie lirsi <>tlible luble bnin iiluced iiu the imirkeC anil h mo!.^ eftrotite In eombathiK rbiistiimtloii • i»r Ihf <;ii)loit)ii:; ie:i»iin:> .Saiilfiirluin ( ooked Bran i-oiisItiN , oi oiih Jhe lar .;est. eoaispst imrticlc* oi biaii onl> ^11 per. ctnt «ti tJ»e "li'ilivbraii is S'ra|ilojf «lf-''<> i>»r cent rppreNenUiii; tine biaii^ ijiiiCdliiiirH and t^uur, is eHiiiliiatrd liecaiise it i" not eiYeelnefiii ^-nuiriaitimr :<-uiisti |ia (i <iii. Saiiilariaui. ( noked liiaii lauT beUerted t 'tMiultiie. piirkaKt- \>ith treaiii and -nintr ci.mbiueihnitii other i-eiealo. ur from it maj Ui made the «ii«>l| . delii -ioiiv. mnil6n> and bieifd jiMi eier tasted. S1.95: .$1.55 FLOUR-^S-lb. baj Blue Ribbon- guaranteed . .. .| POTATOES—RussBtt Burbanks, bag nEROLEFM—5-lbrbag (similar to ' Whcjtena) . .33c lU'CKjVHEAT FUOUR—Pure 5-lb. bag 45c RAISII^S—3 lbs. lipmpson Seedless .. TOMAtrOtSOUI^ cans Snider's or Cam(»be|rs ... MACARONI or SPAGHETTI—4 larger boxes for > 25c! COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE! M & MiQu^lity Cu^,' best,'per lb .M & M! PeVfect Blend, pleases, lb MUSpecial Peaberry, real value, lb.. CRAciiER.S—2 lb. box.iNaf'l Prems. Marshiballo^^'s-Campfire, per lb Cocoa^l 6). can Hershey's 2.5c .47c!: .45c 35c ^ .28c .25c .30c .4.5c syrup 22c 2.40. .iOc • Hominy—Xo. 3 caos good quality . lOc C'elcrv-r-LargC' frtfsh and crisp, ^talk 15C| Sweet Potatoes—8ilbs. Nacy Halls 25cj Drang<ls,idi>zen .. ... .30c, 40t;'50c, GOc, 75c [)nion.s|-8 )bs. Iowa Red Globes PineaiH)le -f -Two 2Vz cans sliced.. Peaches—No. 2 '/2 ^an, heavy sugar sy 12 cjjns ^or Corn-^?vo.i2 cans good quality .25c U)ui^ (•tislomers He Safi.sfied.

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