Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 5
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- >-^'i ' . rftR IOIJL DAILY REGISTER, t TURSD'AY'EVENT >TG, DECEMBER 29, 1927. I ' ^ '' • ^ The Sf'T Thu^ Far , The storv is laid in the Imlian tierrhory and] along the Kansas jborder in -tUvj -^O'S- when a fight' was being waged }>y the "Hooni- crs" for the openins of the ter' rltory "to scttlotnenl. Chief cliaractiTS are: TONY HARRISO.V. orphaned at 13 when his father w:ui murdered in a pokt-r same; PAWNKE BILL, advenmrer, Indian intrrprcter and- Showman: JOB CRAU;. who takes Tony to llie Har K ranch to live; . -_ TITUS MOOUt:. owner of the JIar K: KITA MOOllK. liis little toni- l)oy daiiphter. When Tpny is ir>. Kila an>l lur lliather depart for VirKinia and the T>oy learns for the first time hownidch he cares for the little rcd-huiri'd. jirroKanl miss. Titus Moore, rtwiier. of '> thoictii(;!iljr.'i| mare, is riialleni;<'(l to a liorse -ra.V In '•aM'vell iiy CLYDK .l(;N 'K.>. owner <if a ri!marka!de _ht!''Ii<Ml. Tony rides Kauiy. Mnon's iiiaie, and . wins, with her. It is ii::ri-,'(I ihal llii- aniirial- hi- l>ici| anil Tony ii'ic 'jve Ih.- lirsi coll. " 'Word is ret civfil lliat D.WII) I'.\Y.\H. I'adiv of th.' -(iooni- I ers-." aiiil <lil'-f aniiator for tii.' ; <ipi nine: of Oklalionia. j> d>'ail. -i'avviic<- i'.ill is mil- of !\i>;ni's n .symjialhizi-rs. and so is Tuny, ai- thotmh his lic!iel;i( lur. Titr.s Moove.''or .iwKcs tlit' ii |i ''iiin:.; with al! his- niigli;. I pr<Mnise before he turned iiiilaw. ll'sides whiih. it works; i«olh ways. If IJenron.-ers you first; heil "le riRlil huhv at, thi i)f :i six-snii or a| Tony Harrison 1 tliem au'lden-anded to I i It-y "^vi-re tal'iiin'.: afioul. ;ris;;rr lifl' iiad come nr 'on Know wh: t I heard vou say something aliout f.eiiton shootiiiK some! -loe. ju.-:t "hy \>ii my affections.. If a lythini; bap- )en •'! ti) him I'd " He left the enri'ii!!' nnflnish" 1 iai :1 ..irn-'d io IslUiro after Tony".s rijtreatinj; fig- re. 'M'-'s talk'.d to t:i • somewhat rboni coming willi r. e tli;- ' e-jt inie I so oat wi.b a iiow ' Paw- 'lee Hill informed Ir 'i i. "rni not !iniii:g to take him awity from >o.i. .lit tli(> «'Xiir>i ience w >uld i !o him f:Uo(i if h'-'s ant s<-MS • <.-nouvil to eav.- liiinor alone, ami it might re- V(> your niinil son-.evll'at io know h.-rt h" toil far '••nn'ii to ci.vo lijjn in' ! "l know wha.; y ;iirr" lask me." Craig interrupted. "I'm! ionl for him heeauso ho tried for ;ughtl'u;!y . • Th-r. •- adniitte,! oviding Ti ar'- yon w th a level •'Ni 1 reckon 1 hurdled two at tinn-." ••Will, tell! nu- liow niuili you .:;ot for your hlainid'(•ows. \UIA\ keep me micssiii:;." 'Jli'- Minut* liuiiKicr UUIUIUMI. lo them. mill'-d ilic other. •aii<l : them dii'd; *>:n I > j .Mi. than two ihousand." •'Vi>u .•1 aNi'"' •w of h.'ttcr at 111- horsisliow ! "I e.\pec!. yon'r^j ri'iidy to admit.! you .liiiiut' where llieii. that tin' co'.v hus'iliiss isn't so ^ I The 1>ov met his eye; I gaze. "The real rea.-on." he iier- isistec!. "is ihaf Beiito i killed mv father and you've taken U oa yourself to try ro e-.en the Kcore. Otherwise yoUijI hiiv»* forgotten all about the other. There's on- th'iii you don't appear to he con.slder- ing." •And what might tha'- be?" [asked Craig. Vl might want lo «-ven llie scoro myself." ;Th • smile faded from Craii;'s I fail'. He .squatted on his heels and , reached down a hand to p'uck a sleni ofi grass. "•.Son." he said. !"rve thonghi some of tha;. I <lon't want you to get inix'ed up. In any Irouble. You-just forget about it." He tlirned lo Pawnee Bill, who had L-een a silent listener. "What was that yon was sayin". Bill, aliout your father goin.^ down to Pawnee'.'" 'That's right. He got an appointment as baker at the govern- I nient school." He acknowledged jCraig'.s wink wirh a alight twitch- i ijig of his own eye. ' • The bojr, seeing • how n]atter.s .sti:od. fumed disgtistedly awa.v. "You're not going t-i tui.n m<s;e:'... .-nu. one thing live been fearing Bill' 1 canl picture a man stirring :;.i,„i„ ,i,at kid." Craig said to Paw- up a shmgish cinulatiou by -set-' i,,.,. Bill the momenl Tonv had tlinu a (luai'ter s.,-ction." ' • passed out of hearing, "is that bed "Oh. I'm no fanner. Ccaig. .My take it into his head .some day 'iii brother. .\1 woiibf like to gel a leave the ranch and go on a hunt claim; justj to lie in the run will'for penton and most ,like^y get be cnoii'-h I'or me. Look here. .loe." j killed. You heard what he just hi added seriously.- "!' miabt as ' said. That's tile first he ever ^I)oke Well li'i yon know where 1 stand:. iu'sinind on the subject, but I've My ; > Mipalliies an' on fhe side of, known from the first what kind he itlii'.fidks who' are trying lo open was." ibe tenitory." He stroked his; He sv.'ori- boftly. "The damned iiiiisiache with ibiini-b and finger,lillle cuss." and li.Mii liis uarrovyed gaze on', ."N'ot so little." Pawnee Bill cor- Ci'iiig." .rected. . "Theje's full' grown-men II- hair #'\pc<ted the announce-i "'prkiiigvon the Bar K smaller than Cniig rh t iig^isiior. n Ihal." 1^ favor it, i Whiiii Ihifirti!; Iiif "I 've got ami Biselow-^leople. w :iMt mo to ensa s( for I belli for lli'-ir in ue.M summer. Bnffal ";i:OE I .N' A WAY I'M, iU';.SOKUY TO HKiC IT CO. BL'T IT'S <;(>T TO. COMK: IT'S I.VKVITABM';." . ^ • - CIIAPTI-;'J NXVI i . Late in the fall Tilu.s :\l('».re left fur a pi 1.1 oii-.ieil vi.-'i iii \'irgiliiH. He liad yieldeil to b'-- wif"'.-* inini- CTous persuasive liiii'V.-. Iiut t liief- ly be wanleil to see Kila. "1 liayen't seen I HI UMW fur pnt- ty inar a ji-ar aiiti a li.i.lf. I'm :ifraid she'll be too civilizi-d to rei - thaking liis long liiani.' oti hair ognize her daddy if 1 don't liurrythe bree/.c. ' • "l*- • , • ' "I got-•?•!••; a round for '•.SeiKl lur niy love." ciMumauiled 'I'lu'y cost me six-," i • i j (-'raVjT did soitie arilluiieiii-. ".Suie,_ Yon Km. 'I'miv ." ' did righl w.-ll,' l!:l_l." Toliv llariisoii sniMeil. "Wliy | "Tliere '.vas' suai' e.\ji 'ii .not''" he- answered e:isily. "You might leil berUiat I've tnl a horse here Ihal wo;ilil kimrl; Ilie < yes mit I r those judges at III- liorsesliow! "f e.\pec( vou'ri.> ready io aumii.' "•• -A,., _ . , , ^ • .• sh.i wa.s telling vnii .liiniit^ \v!ier<> then, that th<< <ow Iiu.-iiiiiss isn't .so , nieiii wouW provoke the oilier -.xi; what be )s. ^ w-a.^'ii. nowr^ bad. Whv don't vou Slav in if.'" 'an angry ..u'liiirsl, but the cdder: yon re right. An.\iety • W'arrenlou. • ili- .iiloin-i ;n-j -(niiefly hccimse it doii'l kc.p my j niaii took it catmly and with a : "•••'""''Pd for a moment in -.Io- I'oriiieil li|iii 1 v.ill I'll 111! lur blood stirred up. My cirinlaliiin'.s : l'hil"-"Phical .shru;;.. you're iiol l]u- only niu' who Ihiuks sluggish soinewhal and' 1 rerpiire' "'|;i||.'' ]••• said. "Ihere was a loo." : coiisid<'rabje giillivantiiig around.' time wluii. J Kiiildn 't get along with Tiliis Moore'hajliioi lit-eii tone a Besides, the cattle liiisliiess in the folks wlm held different opinions wee).-;«hen Pawnie i,i,|e .inwii lerrilory doepp't look permanent from mine, hitt yoii'n> entitled to iiopgh lo me.'[ - i cast your sympathies wherever you ittTaig's eyes. "BIM. yon ilont know llinw rhucli of a hold that boy's got I 'Aaiif me; to g"t him soine. too. I'm ;liii">--( sure to be oiiij with -ioim- |l)ody next'r. Craig Fh'iok his heat) and .-^igbed. I gnesH I hi' fi'Ver s Iric'ii. You're :i i;cio<i < jio u;is;.>, St:ll. I'd K 'oii in ihe '^how. inisin at ill-; fr.r the ipenliig lory." H" sighed aR;( ly. "I 'll siiVe he relieved li(-it!ons e.\terniinated rro lit: CO.VTI Ttinj iiiid I 'liHiiee nild M+st s\ut\\ IIIM I iuret> Ji jjirl. In ihe| llT. •:• <• •:• •:• •;• •:• • •> <• <' ••• ••* 1 MID-WEEK WbRSHlP BY FflKDKUICK W. PAGE FIV^I • , ' lEDDO jboth well and TfavprablyJ kiiown I B , OMJU V7 ijj^j^ conimuiiitV ajid congratulaJ;' . I)«!c: 27.—Mr.s. Linelwck and pu- ' tions are e.xtende*. ' • • T i pils gave a program and Christ-! .jr. and Mrs. Arnold' Flottmai!;! nias tree at the school house Fri-:a,,rt son of Pittsburg. -Miss Emm4 j day afternoon. A large number of fidtm,;,,, of Chanute and .Mr. an*: visitors were present. M.-s, Srunders and Ivis spent thcj Everett Hess came, in from ' day rChristmas with Mr.' and .Mrs. | Richmond. Kaii.. Saturday to spend iH. .II. Clemens and faniily. i Sure Relief Christmaa with home folks. Maictin Klotzbacli of J.Manhattan and kathryn Klotzbach of Collins- | ville. Okla.. spent Christinas with home folks here. I A pantoiuh "is a poejn of qua.: train.= in vyhi<>li the second am; fourth line iii; any .sitaitza hicouH} the first and third of th;- next, the- - Quicker than (ianrUng Why suffer jiain. soreness or dis-? comfort while waiting for slow-,? acting gargles to give relief whefl. a physician'.s prescription called ... Thoxine is guaranteed to relieve It acts on a new a'.^ay foml Mr.s. Alwina jStrnbhart and Oli-: ^pc^n,! fourth of -'the fina? : in 1"> minutes.' It h Jhou=ht." I ver spent'Christmas with relatives i stanza being ihe first. and thiru' theory, il^idered the near Chanute. ! of the opening one. One swallow t;i with allot par shov.'.''; a Vftier fn sinie sense Mr.s. D.dia anil Blanche of; filially. 'I'd . lola spent the first of the week ny win;'-; to at the Henry Hess home, pianning on Miss Bertha Clemens and Mr. ; Verna Huss qnietly slipped away me Pawnee.s Howland One swallow taken internally - goes direct to the cause. Contains^ • - no chloroform, iron or other harm- .N'o other college has .a swimm;iiK I ful drugs. Safe and pleasant for record iipproajhing th;tt of Yale., ; the whole family. Always ask for whicis has won fifteen. chainiriouj | Thoxine—much better than gargleaj ships and, tied one siiiccl the'Inter- and patent medicines. 35r. 60c, antr " " , - g^j^j y„„5.r money-back. ni the llealy to Chanute Saturday morning and . Th'-y might were united in marriage. Rev.-.Mr. i coSlegiiite.' Swtmining .Associaiioi ' $l.n(i. " "' ' performing the cere-j came Into e.ti.'-fence twenty-one i guarantee of q-uick relief.—Soldjby (liiiue. show niony. . iPill inighL - .Mr. and -Mrs. Hnss ^ are years ago. ' the Kyans Store. uot you. all iW'hand "one ather have, •ss than agi-' of the terri- o. prbfound- wlieii fCCKDi Bill join .'I ll'Hnnt't' Hill nr\( ch:ii»- Pres. College of Emporia •:• •:• •:• • •:• • •:• •> •> •> •> •> (Dticember 28, i{osa-'I>. ScroggH. I.i'iher .Mien Scvoggs ga:i. lot 7. .block I. lo to l„la. $:;.".i). Itosa L. Scroggs, wi nl! her uud- ''S i:i'.;c bliji'k 1. dear's Addition to lola, $7---'. .' Kd P. Sutherland. W. .1. Kninhel, Oil ail and leasehoifl upon 2t-:!0. together with all.' be^ouhiiig to sjii LEWIS - •> • 1927) jgii.'irilii:in of lo li-Ji Morar's Atlditioii low. to same, [ lot 7. Rei'eiver. ,to I ('.as I(ease e XW'i ' fliiipment on • |l lease. $010. ' yeif location, lUH E. HalUson. Flriit Eii^t of IBrown'8 Pnig Store. Ju l :!e Bar K. The respi ,iisilillil ies of the (.ill)'- bll-lli"-- li.'lil heeji ' IffK'd' from hl^- -lliM|li!'-l> . lie rt-;iS •-;/ free a'neni "If You're wrfNiiir tu' l.iUe mi a gnili-liiu'r.'' he told I'lai.'. "I'd be inal glad to Willi! r lie] e " "liliid to have •,iiii." liie aellim of the Bar "Ho'.v - did , your ".Meaning. I Boomers are ri.:king'."' ••That's about, that thoMvaiii to. I it'll all the sain- ^oliig 10 gix-c UK aio ine. per'-oiially. I think any-' I liiiilv v. ho thinks it woiiyd improve i Ih" size of it." 'things do'.vn. here by on( lilug the' K iiiforiiied biiii. or llie iiexl.l'. laftle de.-il turn "H ml'.:lil b'^ fiv Will, well Avail till thai i omes." i pj,ies ami !eirli:g in :i flood ol rlfl-, r.iig nowled darkly.I "II won't' raff Is irazy. Bill I've slopped .lr-j le, this vcar, aiiyw.'iy. or I he liexl, ^ (;iil!ig with irazy, people." j 'I'll, liiug-halred m-'in laid a hand out'/ I remen!l)er-yoti j-ayiiig stjnie- ten." Pawii< e isili lold -hu". ihlngubont It being the flrsrt slcpjl'll come: and when U do. and 11 hiiehl be „„',i„, other's nbo .... . ..)„„ .I'll Ihe road to a: fortune. ]^nimble'.'" 1)1 ilder.' ".loe. ill a way III be .HHV^ to see it go s gaze swi'iitlhe nilghly sorr.v'i" II I you" got a sneaking iiolioii I 'm going to ,„||i„j. ..(iciVhes of high grass and , hi III It ANXIOUS DAYS FOR THEM ; liime! Ill a iiioineni on a uiiglrty herd of rallli ijiiielly grazljig iiij f!:e ,li~i.iiiie. "Btit it's got to come: jil's ii evilalde. .loe, it's civiiiza- lioii. and It cali'l be slopped" I I I'laig s!ial. "Ile;i:" he said, and rtii.ilil :ir:;ue no more. I'aw :iie.- Bill pitched in I 'ai-li <lay ;iiiil !::ivc the cowpnjichers a hand, i K. ine tiiiilding was gidng on now nil a grand scale-: a little had been eieeieii some years before but only | 111 spots. Titus .Moore having been '. ;. littl.' doubllul of Ihe wisdom cd" ; siePiling much inon.'y on a pioject that nii:;ht be iiprooled any day. But with 111.' le.'isiug of the laud ' ! from the Cherokees he felt a liltle more secure ill bis position, and Craig had set himself the task of . complelin:.; the fence before the , cidoiiers r.tuin from ihe <-a»t. j ; .Kroni time to time there drifted 'down to the Bar K reports of the activities of Tom Benton and bis 'gang: a bank here, a gambling hall they".—sometimes an express train hi'lduii. There was much rnnirug " off of'ca,tlle from rancheKJfn the Strip, and this, too, was treillted '. 1.1 the Beuion gang. "He gut his start as a rustler." ; Craig comineiiied. "and he most ^likely ^oti^ fiack to it when the •' I ickings gel slim in the hoidiip line. I can't understand why he's I laid off llie Bar K so Ipng. Tfiere ! isn't another outfit in tlie country i he^d like lo raid any belter. It; ;'niiii- be he's saving us for some,-j- TODAY—I Durolhv MackatI and Jack Sadie" and "Just AST TI.MES It's a Dandy Shifw—Ask Anyone: Mulhall.; they of VSul)way> \nolHer IJIonde" in He was the world'.s chantpion salfef^man. But when it came to selling himself to different story! It's the with two of your screei^ favorites! Added—"FlashinR Oars. Also Lvman H It's another "Collegian:' >we Hodge Pod.KC ,KRII»AV O.M.Y WHICH DO tliitm special." " ••Ill's probably srarid. .loe," Pawnee I'.ill su 'Jgested. "Jile's not | •o auxiiius Io meet up with you, , unless he 1 ould find vou asleep. ! llo.'s 111' know you've promised tiiij ^hoot liim '111 sight'.'" ' i "How loiild lie help knowing it'.', CasIi:oii iieard me say it and so did I Shaf'-r. Both of them have seen ! him since ihen. I'm satisified. How-j ever. I'm not the only lone that's, gunning lor him now. I ni.ade that . Three immediate relatives -d" .Mrs. Kntli S:; • ! ..• ' i :• .i i fude ' jiver Governor .\1 Smith's forthcoming action .. ;•.'..r •, r • ••!-!i.ula- 'plion of hor death sentence. They are her daughter..l..irr;;..u- • i.-j,i; her mother. -Mrs. .loseph Browi:. pictured with .Mrs. Snyder ai llie lower -right; and her brojher.'Anilrew Brown, of .\ew.York. Iinver l.'fi. .Mrs. "Snyder and .ludd Gray are under sentence to die in ihe eleciric chair at _ S\ufj Sing prison. .N'ew York, the week of Januarv: !t. t.^iiraiue been ir. the.i'irre of her grandmother. Mrs. Brown, ever since ihi- murder. ' RUB THEJAIN AWAY Stop drugpingi Rub soothiiig, penetrating St. Jacobs Oil right into jbur sore, stiff, aching joints; and relief comes instantly. St. Jacobs Oil is a harmless rheU' matism liniment •\vhich never disap^ points and cannot bum: the skin. Get a 35 cent bottle of St. Jacobs Oil at any drug store, and in a mo- inent you'll be free from pain, soreness and stiffness. Iii use for 65.years for rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, Iiun-. bago, backache, sprains. Caveman lover or parlor slu or'pelling in Broadway style'.' i .Mary Astor antj Lloyd Hushes in £/l!oydHU^Hb\: he girl hejoved—that was a sea.soii '.T IbVif-coniedy sell-out Vor PREFER? k? Koinan'ce on a South Sea Isle Don't decide until you' Hughes as a hounge I-i'/.i Hotiud—and Beautiful M zelle who tried to make seen .Handsome Illoyil rd. .\ight Club Owl and Oolf |jry .As or as ihe Oentle (!a- a Lovable l.ioii out of him: lis tlie season'.s brightest cmnedy drama: Barbtirii Kent. Jierlnidf AsloriiiKt Ned Sparks m THK S.MAI Adajited from P. G. Woodhi] laughing nitio-glycerine! .Mor I. lt\t|>IKI.OI{ use's Liberty .Magazine Siory. It's . funny twjsts than a corkscrew: STARTS MONDAY where savings ate greatest ** .SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Men, Now's the Time toIBuy that lOLA, KANSAS Here Are Outstanding Valued These Coats are styled on the lines of it thoi^ughbreth^ Fine tailoring and goQd-fabrics. In heavier coats we art: featuring the .'i-buttoh,-double: breasted box ctkit in both; light and dark shades of blues, blue giteys, lans anc^ browns of faiicy overi>Iaid and novelty weaves. L" In tlie lighter top coat^i we are showing single broa.^f. models in a gf)0(l variety of shadtis inj ovenijaids am; mixed tweeds. - BB B )9 SSI BH E9 Quality of fabrics, excellency of workmanship, sniarl-f ness of line—all must measure up to the high-standard.^ set by the .1. Penney Co. Kvery Overcoat right in every detail. f ". And At These Prices These Coats Are Outstanding Values must bt^

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