Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 4, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1933
Page 3
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I0LA. KANSAS - THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 4. 19331 • Mi and Mrs. Carl Cory left last night for Frankfort, Ohio, called by the ,'serious illness of Mr. Cory's mother, Mrs. .Jennie Cory. Miss Inez McKibben will leave Monday for the eastern markets to purchase sjjring millinery forRam- say'si • . I —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office pver•: Browns Drug Store. X-ray , ^quipped. Phone 149. : Mr. . and Mrs. George A. Witte of Kansas City, were luncheon guests fYiday nooii of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. 'Olmstead. Mr. Witte is a representative/or the A. C. McClurg and -company of Chicago. Mii. and Mrs. Harold Stroup ar- rivc^ today, from Joplin. Mo.,, for a week-end visit withl^. Stroup'j; uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. R.. Stroup. Any Suit. Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed The South Side Bible class met Friday afternoon: In the hdme of Mrs|. Ila Watson with 14 members present. Mts. Watson Was in charge of the lesson. The meeting next Friday Mrs will be hield at the home of E. M. Arnold; •35c- ; ABLKSON CLBANERS Phone 105 One Day Service If Desired Kenneth McHtni-j'. who lives !iorlh of town, vi.sited Thursday •vitli; his yaandmother, Mrs. M. S. Miiss Mary Thayer has arrived from Albuquerque, IN. M.. for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Thayer, who reside northwest of town. Specials for Sunday's Menn iMrkey with GiWet Sauce and Cranberry Jelly • Pro3en Combination Salad Candied Yams Hot Biscuits Date Pudding with Whipped Cream —25c-35o— Meek's POIXy ANN CAFE Phone 790 Miss Wanda Wilson -who ijas been a guest of her sister Miss Otha Wilson the past two days, rettu-ned today to Chanutc. where she is employed at the Southwestern Bell telephone office. ^McHfnrj-. ibeen Mrs. aunt Raymond Ander.son,^'ho has :i guNt of hi.s'grandihother. J. P. gettersirom. Ills uncle and Mr. prid Mrs. C. A. Swiggett.'and his lirothfer. Edward Andqfson, and Mr.s. JAndeiTon. returned Friday to his Home in Burdick. Card of Thanks. —rWe wish to thank our many - frienjls for their help and I during the long illness of Earnest i E. Brown and for the floral offer- ' - ingsiat the time of his death.— Edward E. Brown. Mrs. M. fi. Pan- coast'i A. W. Brown. G. T. Brown, E. H.; Brown. R. C. Brown, Mrs, Logan Hunsaker. who .has been quite ill the past 12 weeks, is. slovnly improving. Mr. Hunsaker .said today. Ruth Clark, who undenv;ent, an' open^tion ten days ago at St. John's, hospfeal, returned Fiiday afternoon: to her home in Chanute. Mr. and Mi-s. S. A. Roggers and j their son of Humboldt, spent Wednesday with -Mr. Eoggers's sister, Mrs. Liliie Walter and his nephew Henry Walter. —Advance mortuary counsel gladly given. .Waugh Funeral Home. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Moraii and their son John will leave tonight for Hamilton, Mo., where they will be v,-cek-end guests of Mrs. Morau's mother Mrs. Anna Bauer. B. E. Lawrence will arrive tonight from City for • a week-end visit with his family. THE NEWFiU^GLES (Mom^n Fop) WEA.l.,THE»£: AINT-AhlV .JOBS- OPCM -m «T PAOmCUlACUV suit H^:,'5ftt^'GE0T. VVWEIPE AOC THOSE. CIGAPe ^ OF MI!*!IC? SPECIALS Card Tables ...: f>9c Fnd Tables G9c Bird Cages 99c Mfrrors 95c Table L.-itnps . SlKidow Lamps $3.75 W. il. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 Mr. and Mrs. R'. L. Oswald and their son Junior, went to Topeka this; morning fpr a wcek-^end lasit wltlr Mr. Oswald's parents, Mr. and Mrs.' M. J. Oswald. —i^'or good homemade Hominy, call/Mrs. Lee. 1287. We jdeliver. Mb. John H. Walters returned Tuesday to, her home In Galesburg aftOT a few days' visit with Mrs.^ A. J. Walters and herson Charles Walters. Miss Ersel Price arrived Tliursday evening from Kansas- City for a week-end visit with Mrs. W. H. Zimmerman and her son, John Ziiiimernuin. FAIR.MONT'S Pasteurized >Milk • " Every Bottle" Tlie flavDr is particularly delirious. Children prefer it. : Ask your groi'cr or phone 91 Mrs. George Hoffman and Mrs. George Hanson and her daughter, Betty Ruth, of Chanute. were guests ri -Uiay of Mi-s. Hoffman's sl.ster, yi'i-s. Fred Woodin and her fam- Regular Meeting. Monday night, 8:00 p. m. Important Business and Feed. EARL HXTNTER, P. C. , Elmer Lee returned this afternoon from EJxcelsior Springs. Mo., where he has been a patient at the United States veterans liospital the past six weeks. He is feeling much improved. Mrs. Edith Wiley returned Thursr day from Chillicothe. Mo.., where she has spent the past two weeks on business. —Electric Radios and Washing Machines. Standard makes. New and used. Terms. Curtis Piurnitiu-e, 10 North Washington. Chris Larson of Wichita, spent last night and this morning in lola on business. Mr. Larson formerly resided here. Mrs. Lewis Breckenridge. who has been ill the past week with pleurisy, was able to return to her work at Scott Stores this morning. • Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reynoldii were In Coffeyville yesterday on business. Sperial Sunday Dinner Goose with Cranberry Sauce Roast Beef witli Apple Sauce Roast Leg of Lamb with Emeredd Isle Salads Desserts Drinks 30c Plate lunch SSe KOZY KOVE U7JWest Street , J. Merle Bollinger will arrive tonight from Nevada, Mo., to join Mrs. Bollinger, who has been visiting since Wednesday- with Postmaster and Mrs.:C. O. Bollinger. Mrs. C. O. Bollinger is ill with an oar infection following all attack of the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Hendenson Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Cliapman went to Chanute last night to attend the installation of . the nev»- I A. O. U. W. officers. New York, Feb. 4. fAP)—A genUe sag again. • appeared in the stock market, today, in a dull Week-end .session. The closing tone was easy, with a number of-shares off fractions to more than a point, but the turnover appro.ximated only 4<}0,000 shares. Tlie selling was /a mere trickle, while sentiment, as indicated by i brokerage comment, was ri6t bearish on the whole, traders were ptill content to adhere to the watchful waiting policy of recent weeics. • The weekly freight car' loadings report, showing a rec^ion from, the previous week of 24,346 .cars,- .was about as expected, and failed to bring important selling into the carriers, inasmuch, as about two- thirds of the recession was in coal, which was affected by unseasonably farm weather. Allied Chemical and Case lost as much as two points, but those recessions were exceptional. The recent selling of tobaccos shifted to Reynolds B. which .lost a j^point. American Telephone was agam under pressure, down more than a point. Declines of a "POint or so also appeared in Union Pacific, Santa Fe. "Westinghouse, American Can, and U. S. Steel prefeiTed. ; Tlie "utilities were steadier than they have been'of late. PubUc Service of N. J.. rallied a fraction, and Consolidated Gas and North American sagged only slightly. General Motors and Dupont eased a little, as did U. S. Steel common. Week-end reports from the steel industrj- indicated some levelling off the upward tendency noted earlier in the week. A firmer texKleiicy in the scrap ma^-ket was regarded as a good sign.- tendnig to offset recent heaviness of finished steel prices. High Cities Serv 2% SO of Ind 20 '.4 Amn Can 57% Amn T&T 100 V& Amn Tob B 59 Anaconda 7 Atchison 43-'i Auburn 41-'<i Beth Steel 14 Can Pac 10"; Case J I 42 "i Chrj'sler IP, Con Gas 52'1 Con Oil 5M Drug Inc 34Ki DuPont 35% Gen Elec 14 ^HOiBIZONTAL I'Any simple. sugar. T Satirical • witticism, 13 Genus iof frogs. 14 Church belfry. 16, Fluid rock. 17 Redacts. 19 Sun. 20 Black bird. 21 To pay attention. 23 June flower. 24 Toward, 26 Related. 28 Hodgepodge. 29 Exclamation of Inqulryj 30 Twisted. 32 To exalt. 34 God of the sky. 50 Vestige. 35 Epochs. . 52 To make 36 Coral island. expiation. 37 Pitcher. 53 Fence rail. 38 Kindled. 55 Growing out. 39 Made obdurate. 57 Mathematical 41 Silkworm. term. 42 Minor note. 53 Part of iuuei iiara ;nir=iisi.i]ii0i.ig ^iiiffo • 11 Farewell. 12 Part' of China claimed by Japau, 15 Grief. ^ 18 Decayed tooth. 20 Slushing. 22 Expands. 23 To contemplate.' 25PertainiD£ t9 or^lee. 2"L«ved to excess. 28 U. S. secretary on a'sore. 46 Linguistic stock of Gold Coast Negroes. 47 Cuts lengthwise. 43 Told falsehoods. 14 Incrustation 1? Mongolia, China. 68 Melody. of treasury. 61 General aspect 29 Active, of a landscape. 31 Still, , 62 To assemble. 33 Eggs of fishes. XT. R.TIC4I. Reverence. \T.JITICAJ. sgj^cal position. lOld fortiUca- 40 To challenge. tion of China. 43 Flaxen fabric o Boy 45 Trite. 3 One! , -iS Solitary. 4Delicacie. SStreet (abbr.). -gOnaKer. 6 Aurora. , 53 Turkish title. 7 Snaky fish. 54 Fabulous bird. SPair (abbr.). 9 Mirror. 10 To rant. 56 T6 devour. 58 Junior (abbr.). ,50 Behold. JMr.s. C. E. Pees and her children ' —Our sen-ices may be had any ^athrjn and Gnrald. Mrs. Viola'i ho"'"- any pl^ce. Sleeper Mortuary. Chezem. and Lucy Lee Thomiison, ,,, .1 , , w4nt to Cofre^-%•il!e this morning on Libert Mar.sto!i of Khicaid btisines;;. They will return this eve- i ""derwent a major_ opera ion this rang. SIPER StRVICE FOR York CAR General Repair Oiling and Greasing , Car Washing ' Gwicral Tires and Repair j morning at St. Joiin's hospital. ; Fioyd N. Kelley returned last night : from a busines.s trip to Topeka. While ; there he- visited the Senate and the , of Rciire.sentatives. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Green. Colo- i rado Springs. Colo.. , were guests SHELLY MOTOR CO. ] Thursday night of Mt. Green's bro- 214 N. Jeff.—^Phone 80 ther. Maiion Green, and Mrs. Green. ' M-- iind MIS E D Shields will ""^ ^- ^- Anderson and h-uT • ns their Lest c nnd ^ ' <i^»f^^^^^ Lena Mae arri>-ed Will ^mve Sunday. iTnVur. :!:^\^. ^t^ZL^n^ • Mrs. W. H. Sclieff returned Wed-i^^^ ^*'"^^^'' r.esday ItOm a week's visit with Mr., _puiverized Sheep Manure. R. C. 'and MIS. O. I. L-owis in Joplln. Mo. L. L. Heryford and his son Merle Herj'ford. iind Henry Hubbard wei-e in Topeka'Tliursday on busine^. ' S2J50—I'jI^VNO TUNING—S2.30 For Limited Time Only. The lowest price for fine tuning in historj'- Phone your orders in now to T. O. Canalsey. 1099 ($3.00 outside iola.) Mr. and Mrs. Hender.son Mitchell . yisitcd Thursday with their cousin, liitrs. Rex Richards, who Is a patient at the Mercy hospital in Fprt Scott. : and report her hnprovlng! satisfac- torUy. . rpj ^p "Weekly Weather and Crop • BuUetin" issued by'the Weather ; Bureau reports that at Soda jl Snrings, California sgow is Ijing on :' the ground to a deplii of 129 inch: es.—ten feet nine inches on the lev- ; e! The next heaviest snow fall is : reixjrted from SnoquaJmle, Pass, ; Washington, 123 in^j^. Here in Sunny Sbiithem Kainsas there has been leas thim i! inches of .snow all winter. McKinney Feed Store. Opp. Postoffice. Phont 389. Roscoe Richardson left today for the eastern markets where he will; ;buy spring merchandise for the I Richardson store.' Gen Motors Int Harv ... Mont Ward . Packard ..... Penney J C . PhlUips Petr Radio Socony Vac . Std Brands . SO of NJ ... Union Pac .. Tex Corp ... U S Steel ... Westlngh E . 12'•^ 20'i 13 2='.; 25'-i • 4^i, as 15'; *26'-i 73 »i 26 ?i 27 Low 2Vi 20% 56% 99^ 56T4 6T« 42% 40 »i 14 10 'i 40 ''l 11 ••A 51 >,i 5'.H- 34';' 34 ->i 13^B 12 20 . I2',<1 2'.4 25 4 6Vi 14^ 25=s 12% 12% 26--SI 26% Close 2% 20U 57U 99% 57 6T; 43 «• 41U 14 10'L' 41'.i 11% 51 ^4 5'4 34^ S3 13',i 12% 20 12% 2« 25 4 6'i 15 25 -4 73 H 12% 26?i 28 ?s LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts 9c Eggs, seconds 7c Eggs, thirds 5c Eggs, ungraded 8c Hens. No. 1 Sc Kens. No. 2 6c No. 1 Sprmgs. I'l; lbs. up 6c No. 2 Sprhigs 4c Capons, over 9 lbs. lie. Capons, over 8 lbs. .., 9c Capons, over 7 lbs 7c Capons, under 7 lbs 6c Capons, under 6 lbs .' 6c SUps 5c Butterfiit. lb. 14c Stags, lb 4e Cocks 3c Geese, lb • • 3c Guineas, each 10c Wliitc Ducks, lb '. 4c Colored Ducks, lb. 3c Hides. i5cr lb. IC Mixed Corn, bu 13c Yellow Com. bu .14c Wheat, bu: ....27c Kafir Com 12c Kansas City Produce. Kansas City.. Feb. 4. iAP>— Produce unchanged; • The condition of J. C. Nix. man; Hger of Penney s. who has been con- 1 fhied to his bed by Ulness the past i week, remains about the ^same. Miss MaXine Roedel has returned from Lawrence, having completed her course at the University of Kansas. . .- Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, - Feb. 4. (APt—No hay. receipts too light. feeders slow steady; iSfeek 's tops; yearling steers $6.25; hfeavy steers $5.50; vealers $6.50; bulk fed steers $3.50-5.25; short fed heifers $3.504.50; stockers and feeders $3.50-5; best yearlings $5.50; stock steer calves $5.75. Sheep 2500; for the week: Lambs around 25 lower; sheep strong to 10 higher; lop fed lambs to shlp- Ijers $5.50, closing top to packers $5.25; week's bulk fed lambs $5.1040; yearlings $4.00-50; top ewes $2.75 mosti sales $1.75-2.75; feeding lambs of southwest origin around $5.00. ; PRAIRIE HALL •Feb. 2.—'Yes, • trhe groimdhog will see his shadow but don't say we will have six weeks more bad weather for that would be an insult to the very beautiful weather we have been having. MI-, and Mrs. Frank Myers spent one evening last week at-Mr. Earl Thompsons. Mr. Pete Olson and daughter Miss Alma, spent Sunday at Mr. Hegland's Moran.' Ed Olson ate dinner with Mr; and Mrs. Myers, Tuesday. Prairie Hall folks extend congratulations to Mr. and ftD-s. ieo "Ilhompson. Mrs. Thompson w:as Miss Arlle Duggan wlio was born in this neighborhood and spent a number of yeai'S here. John Nelson and sons sawed wood for Tony and Robert Stewart, Pete Olson and Prank Myers last .week. The Nelson's Jiave also pturohased a rock crusher and are crushing rock for other people as well as themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Broughton and family. Bronson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anderson and famUy. M!r, Jake Anderson and family, Mrs. Hastings and son Waj'ne, EMgar and Mary Zomes all of Elsmore, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Anderson. Prairie Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoggat, Bronson, spent Sunday with their cousin, Mrs. Arthur Boeken and Mr *J Boeken aiul boj-s. Mr. and Mis. Arthm- Boeken and bqyH| visited, the new boy Philip Gene, at Mr. Kirkpatrick's, Union- tawii.. Smiday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Myers. Prairie Hall, Mr. and. Mrs. Ernest Myers. Bayard, ate Sunday diimer with Grandma Myers. LaHarpe, and attended the funeral of Miss Sarah Green,'aft; erwards calling on Oranfima Skinner and son Ralph, north of La­ Harpe. HUMBOLDT, Feb. 3.—A surprise grub was given last night at, the home of Miss Anna Hess hi honor of Miss Dorothy Wlshart who will move soon to Nevada, Mo. The latter part of the evening was spent in playing bridge. Those present were Misses Jeanette Braucher, An-.' na Hesis, Lois Ann Meath, Arta W11-; bur, Margaret Nessel, Marj' Helen Strleby, Mabel Facklcr, and Dorothy Wlshart. • The junior high basketball team, coached by Carol Bridges, went to Fredonia this afternoon to play the Fredonia junior high. The regular meeting of the Leanna Ladies' Aid society was held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Hoyt Alford. The day was spent quilting and piecing quilt blocks. A devotional service was in charge of Mrs. N. J. Roberts. It was decided to have a food sale ui Chanute next Thursday. Covers were laid for Mrs. Leo Fegel. Mrs. Ralph. Roberts, Mrs. A. W. Roberts, Mrs. A. Thompson, Mi-s. S. L. Little, Mrs. Waltert Bicknell, Mrsi Verle Roberts, Mrs. Eben Claus, and dau^iter Vivian, Mrs. Goldle Baker,, Mrs. Elmer Akers, Mrs.. Cecil Fowler, Mrs. Thornton, Mi-s.^ Nancy Roberts, Mrs. Qeorge Alford, Mr. Harold Harding, Mr. Hoyt Alford. and Miss Margaret Akers. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. V. D. Richardson, February 15. Mrs. G. W. Horn who has been ill at her home for the past few- days is Improving nicely. Mrs. Haimah Woods, bookkeeper at the Grange supply house, returned to her work Monday after several days absence due to Illness. Elmer Redfield. son of Mr. and, Mrs. G. A. Redfield, has been ill at his home on West Mulberry for the past few days. . Miss Lorraine Barricklow spent last week-end with Feme Russell, of Humboldt. G. W. McCreary, head of the commercial department of the;hlgh school, has a fine record for his five yelu-s of teachlnlg here. Durhig that time 60 students who majored In the commercial course have graduated from Humboldt high school. Of that number 26 are now employed, eight are married,' 14 are In school, and 12 are engaged in other pursuits. A number of his students have won prizes in.typing contests. Emst Brown died at the home of his brother. Rdbert Brown. Iola, Sunday evening, January 29, at 7:30 o'clock. Fimeral services, conducted by the Rev. J. H. Sowerby, were held at the Sleeper chapel, • lola, Tuesday afternoon. Interment was in Highland cemetery. His wife before her marriage was Claia Hack of Humboldt who died about nine years ago. Relatives from Hmn- boldt attending the funeral were Mi-s. Hattie Jenkins. Mrs. Amos Hack, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd' Parkins, Mrs. Grace Chamberlain, Mrsi Ivan Hack. Mrs. Carrie Cushman, and Mrs. Lyle Hack. Mrs. P. D. Culver of Iola was in HirniboWt this afternoon and called on Mrs^ G. W. Horn and Miss Mary Chamberlain. The Social society of the Presbyterian church is sponsoring a three-act comedy entitled "Henry's Wedduig" to be given in the Wgh school auditorium February 27-28. DID WF,ACQUIRE THE ALA.SKA PRIOR TO RUSSIA '> ^^^^^^ • (Answers will be found on Page 4) Humboldt students took the teste: Helen Gailbrath, '33; Everett rMar- tiri, '32; Mabel Fackler, '31, and Lois Ann Meatl^. '31. Chicago — What's in a name? Plenty of trouble, if you ask Marc Mogl. Take the name bf Ruth for example: Mogi. appearing before Judge Feinberg on a bigamy charge testified he was fond of the name. Two .women in court were both Ruths. Ruth No. 1 said she would take Mogi back. , Ruth No. 2 said she was welcome. • Al'^lPO f'AiNTING and : ; \lOm REPAIRING Wc are completely equipped to give -you satisfactory service. See us about your,requirements. ; [(OS^ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRXifcEB -PLYMOUTH Saleslr-Service-'Parts LIVE STOCK CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion, I'.ic per word. For three or more insertions. Ic per word per insertion. • Minimum, 25c per order, ca .slT in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. ANNOUNCEMENTS Horses, Cattle, Vehicles TEAMS BAY MARES. 6 years old.; weigh 2600; team black horses, 6. years', old, weigh 2900; gray horse, 7 years old, weigh 1550; bay mare.: Oyedrsold, weigh 1200; team black; horses, 7 years old, weigh;. 2500; ;8 other mares and horses; 3 sets harness; 2 wagons; all kinds farming machinery; 2 bulls; 20 fresh;cows, giving 4 to 6 gallons per day; lO'-c'ows freshen from 2. days to-2'weeks. Will sell on time.: J. C. • Butctier. __. i.PouUry and Supplies BIABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. Custom Hatching, Vie per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jef- fei-son, Iola. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chiqk^ or hatching. Bunflo'HtJr Hatchery, Bronson. ^ ' MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale 2 iLARGE INCUBATORS and 1 coal' ibrooder, cheap. Curtis, 10 North {Washhigton. 4 [FARMERS small oil tanks. Hcn- [ninger\s JF\imilu • Auctions I 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Barn. Col.^ Smock, Auctioneer. Strayed, Lost, Found; AUCTION SALE—Public Auction! NO. IrPKAIRIE .HAY—30 ton.s. ^ Tuesday, Fcbruai-y 7, beginning a 'u I imile ;w(|stand •'. north LaHurpe. ,10 o'clock, on the farm '; mile | east and 2 miles north of Carlylc. 3 miles .south and -'i mile west of Colony, cattle, hogs, implements, feed, brooder, stand of bees, and' numerous other articles. Terms cash. ,0. W. Ramey. STOCK SALT, 50c a cwt.; white blocks. 3 for $1.00. Bring us your produce; R. C. McKinney Peed Store. Opposite Pastoffico. WOOD—Green or dry, $1.50 per rank, delivered. Brownie's. Phone 188. : 78 Household Goods STRAYED OR STOLEN—Black and white Lewellyn Setter bird dog. If stolen wi^l pay $50.00 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of guilty party or parties. Chas. Green, Yates Center, > Kas.. Route 1. ! BARGAINS—New and used fuiiil- ture, "stoves, radio.s. washing machines, etc. Curtis Furniture, 10 North Washington. AUTOMOTIVE FLOOR COVERING—As low as 35c jper-souarc yard. Beautiful spring patterns. W. H. V/ood Pine Furniture: 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. ' Automobiles For Sale Dodge SALES AND USED STOVES and inirnittu-e. Store : •pacjked. Henninger's Furn. Store. 3() i. Musical, Radio SERVICE Dependable ysed Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. SEVERAL good iised radios. Terms. rlymOUth ! _|Hegninger's Ftu-nlture Store. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers; i SEEDS—We have i received our new Phone 301 Cashr-Trade—Terms spring shipment of Blue Grass, Red Top, Orchard Grass. Lespe- deaa. and Clover Seeds, priced at 'now low prices. Allen County Imr Quite a number of the business men I -OR F-oRr.'roTTPt' f^,- coi^ VT^i^ : P'einent Co. and ntHpr r-iH^Brx: nf TTn,„»,^i^t ,„n, I -r^ FORD COUPE for sale or trade; --^ and other citizens of Humboldt will ' be in the cast. The county teachers exanimations were given Friday and Saturday. January 27 and 28. The foUowing good condition. Heiminger's. HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Serv-! = ice. Bud Wliite Motor Co., :W9 ' 34 South street. Phone 60. ROOMS FOR RENT Apartments and Flats OUT OUR WAY By Williams Kansas City Grain Kansas City. Mo.. Feb. 4 (API- Wheat-: 55 cars. Down '.c. No, 2 dark hard nom. 41',-50'c; No. 2 hard 41 '4 -43c; No. 2 red 42^4c. Close: May-40'4c: July 40;sc; Sept. 42c. Corn: 17 cars. Unchanged. No. 2' white nom. 2lM.-22c; No. 2 yeUow at 31' c; No. 2 mixed nom. 21Vi-21=4c. Close—May 22Tic: July 23%c. Oats: 1'car. Unchanged. No. 2 nc -Kx,^ w n Smock enter-• ^"Wte n 'bc: No. 3 nom. 16-17C. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Smock enter , ^^^^ Kaft 42c. talned Mr. and M#s. J.^E; Goodno of Bronson at diiher yesterday. Mr. Goodno is a brother of Mrs. Smock. FrancU Sanger, a student .at the Iola junior college, went to CoUlns- ville. Okla.. today to spend the week-end with his parents. nr. George S. Lambeth returned today ftom Kansas City where he went a Week ago for a mtaor sur- igieal operation, fllte operation was entirely suocessfiil and' as a. result It Is belle\Td that his general hoflUh will be greatly improved. Rye 34-35C. Barley 21-23^^c. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Pel>. 4. <AP)4(U.-S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs VOOi «50 direct: not enough on sale to maJce a market: quotable steady; few around 230 lb. butchers $3:00; odd lots sows $2.10-25; iew pigs $2.25., ^Cattle 400; calves 150; lor the week: Light weight fed steers 1^ higher; medium weight and heavy steers up 25-50; other ktiling classes of cattle weak to 25 lower; veal­ ers and calves steady; stockers and PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and SeiTice Guaranteed Used Cars i SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Hione 80 i FURNISHED APARTMENTS, board > and room; '5-roo'm mpderh cot- j itage. garage. Call at • 320 South ' iWalnut. , ' FOR RENT—5-room apartment or : office rooms. 108'4 W. Jackson. jCOyde Thompson, at Iola Abstract EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—MMe MANAGER for out townj cleaning shop with enclosed coach or sedan; $25.00 cash bond required. • Apply Sunday between 1 and 2 p. m. Cut Rate Cleaners. ' WANTED—Man to take care of an established business in the sale of McConnon products in' AJllen county. No investment necessary. Selling experience not required. Mc- CONNON & COMPANY, Special 329, Whiona,.Mhin. I 4 SALESMEN FOR KANSAS—ftave proposition that will skll. Cash commission. No Investment. Ad_dress Box 83, care Re^l^ter. 15 Situations Wanted—'Female WOMAN, 41, wants p(^on as housekeeper. Florence Oiurry, La­ Harpe R. 2, care Hargroi-e. Phone Iola 945F22. !. . FINANCIAL ^ompany^ Real Estate For Rent 37 • Honsea For Bent PQR. RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. SUBURBAN HOME—On Highway 54; 7-room' modern house,, city water and electricity; free gas and other considerations. Possession March 1. Iola phone 74. or La- Harpc phone 22.- N.-C. Kerr. Wonted—To Rent 7 OR 8 ROOM HOUSE—Modern, in _SoodJocatlon._Phgne 398. I Real Estate For Sale 1ft Farm^ and Land For gale FOR SALE OR TRADE—60 acres "unimproved; also 6-rbom house. .Taoth clear; also equities in a 2 , acre suburban with, new house; also 5 -room house in iand in vicinity of Iola to trade for larger "acreage. Address' Box 82 care of "The Register. 18 ' Money to Loan—Insiirance j20 ACRES—Well improved, 1 mile ;east, '.1 mile south Iola; city waiter, electricity. $300 TO $400—To loan on;good real estate. F. S. Bennett, 522 South Washuigton-i Iola. Phone 901. LI\^ STOCK 21 Bonies, Cattle, Vebkles FOR ^ALE—One 6-year-old mule, broke. J. L. Black. South Kentucky, street road 6'.i miles. 41 Houses For Sale MODERN SUBURBAN HOMES— ; With acreage.. Sell cheap. Cundy, ; Gas. SUBURBAN PLACE—4 acres, fenced • ;and cross fenced, 5-room modem. good barn, chicken hou^. 40 fruit ; trees.; Write Box 81, The Register, : for particulars. . \

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