The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1894
Page 8
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y I OtTY QOVEHNMEKT. CAHBott, IOWA, JUNK 4, 1894. C >a ncllmetin regular session at th office ot E. M. Parsons. Present, E. Af Parsons, mayor; J. A. McNeill, Trowbridge, E. N. Merchant, bum Tod W. Llevpt, W. O. Uich, Maurice Bowlei Oi H. Hoeft, council. Minutes of the previous meeting wet teadand approved. Mr. Lbtts.representing the Y. M. C. A appeared before the council asking it t allow the association the privilege ustntz the city Water fot their bath room free of charge for one year. Motion mad and carried, allowing the same ns aske for. H. H. Nolen appeared before the comic asking permission to coyer his new latin dry building with bodine. It was resol edbythe city council of Cairoll, Iowa that permission be given H. H. Kolen t cover the roof of liis- new laundrj build ing with bodine Instead of metal. Motion made and seconded that resok tlon as rend be' allowed. Carried. Motion that the ordinance to vacate th highway running through block three i Michael Miller's second addition to tn town of Onrroll, Carroll county, Iowa, am locating a street running along west liu of said block three was oh motion laic over until next regular meeting. Petition) asking that vo eran firemen' certificate be granted to A. C. Mannemun L. L. Thomas and B. F. Foley, was read nnd 'on motion the same was allowed granting them exemption from poll tax. A notice f rom C. O. Brooks was reac asking damage for injuries received from a fall resulting from stepping In a hole or upon a broken board or stick. On mo tion the same was placed on file A communication in regard to putting in electric fire alarm was read and deferred to some future. meeting, jj Bids for laying sewer pipe from Keckevoet corner west were opened and read The same was «n motion awarded to Wm Stokes. The said sewer to be completed by the fifteenth day of July. Mr. Stokes agrees to put in five catch basins without extra charge. The following •bills were then allowed M. Gllllspee, four days' work with team at •cemetery ......... .......... .. ......... 12 00 Jesse Bell, 5 days 5 hoars at cemetery. . . . 8 25 B. Bolster, 10 'days 5 hours " " '... 1675 0. D. on road and hauling coal 25 75 Arts ft Munneman, coal ..... ..• ........... . 18 45 J. M. Bolster, IVjdavs- ...... . ...... '. ...... 2 25 Earl Parsons, hauling hose cart No. 1 .... 6C Martin & Clovls, bill of hardwe ro ..... ..... 9 00 Wm. Tartsch, 9^ days labor at cemetery. 14 25 J. M. Bolster, 6 •' " •• .... 760 O. M.MbJiler, fencing for cemetery. ...... 61 35 Frank Youiiker, 11 days at " ....... u 60 W.C.,G. G'raj.'Hi) days' labor at " ____ 675 Jesee Bell, ,4V-; days labor at cemetery. ... 6 75 Sheffield & Patterson, bill of gooUs ...... . 800 Standard Oil Go., oil ............... 1900 Jess discount of ............... 1 60 17 60 P. Joyce, lumber. ... ....................... 238 (K D.Jojee, lumber for cemetery ............ is 8ft G. W. Bowen,8 months' salary ..... 25 00 G . W. liowen, 3 months' rent ...... 9 00 84100 Carroll Electric Light and Power Co.,Jlght . from May 1 to June 1,1894.... ...... 105 00 B. B. Cobiirn one 2^ x 24 play pipe from E."B,PreBtori4Co.'...... ........ .... 600 The following resolutions were then acted upon: Beit resolved by tbe honorable city council of Carroll, Iowa, that the owners Of lots 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 of blocks in Carroll, Iowa, be allowed to construct a permanent sidewalk along the east side of said lots, and along the west side of Adams street as follows: Elevation at north line of Seventh street iOB.Bsl Elevation at 83 feet farther north 107 .82. Elevation at BO feet farther north 109.72, Elevation at 60 feet farther north 111.57. Elevation at 55 feet farther north 118.68, and elevation 10 feet farther north 118.83, at south line of lot 2, block 6, and elevation 35 feet farther north 1U.10, and elevation 6 feet farther north, •t south line of Eighth street , U8.90. Said grade to be rounded off so as to leave walk, on the north 56 feet of lot 2 aod all of lot 1 block 5, as It is at present. Motion made and seconded that the ' above resolution be adopted! Carried. Motion made that the matter of establishing a system of grades on our streets be deferred until next Monday evening. Motion carried. The following ordinance was read and acted upoiw An ordinance amending section U of the ordinance No.(2 ofitbe city of Carroll, Carroll county, Iowa. See. 1. Be it ordained by the city of Carroll, Iowa, that any person who shall be proven guilty of gambling by betting either directly or Indirectly, either money or other property, on any game or .other result, where money or other property •nail be lost or won within the city of Carroll, Carroll county, Iowa, shall be liable to a floe of not less than 95 nor more than 1100, or any person who shall permit tbe same in bis or her property shall be liable to a like one. See. 2. All ordinance! or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance IB hereby repealed. < See. 8. This ordinance being deemed of importance shall take effect from and •fter U» publication In the CABUOIX BKNTINKL. aud the Carroll Herald, two weekly newspapers published in the city of Carroll, 0«rroll 0onply,low«. , J«UN SoiuouTNK9, E. City Clerk. l!«fjoii that ordinance Bujefidlng tlon 14 (»f t,Ue^rdln»wce >fo, li be pag«ed OH it« 4r»t rattling. ; Motion carried. Motion (bat (lie rules be suspended and ordinance 'aiqeudlug section U ot tbe ordinance No.2 be placed upon Its passage to a necoiid reading. Motion carried, Ordinance read. Motion thkt rule« be suspended »nd Wdlnftnco nmeuatug section H of the ordluwice No. 8 be placed upon Its paii- •jie to the third reading. Motion carried . Ordluauce read. Hfotion made that tue ordinance amending section 14 of tlie ordinance No, 2 be on H» (bird reading. Modon An oidlnanoe to tax tho traillo of iutoxl- OKtlPl liquors in Carroll, low*, aud (o reguhrte»nd control the BBUIO, aud to rej|uJ»t»*eJUng»nd keeping with lutent (0 *»W CM'Oll, of Intoxicating jPhlldftnOryfor liquors uuder ptovislon of chapter—of the acts ot thetwenty-fifth'fienetalassetnblyof Iowa, entitled "An act to tax the traffic ot intoxicating liquors and to leRtilate and control the satoe," was rend. Motion made and seconded to amend striking the word one hundred ns it appears in said ordinance and inserting tour hundred, yens and nays called for* Yeas, J. A. McNeil), E. N. Merchant; Najs, irm. Trcwbrldi?e, Snm Todd, W Liever, IF. O. lllch, C. H. Hoett, ilfaurice Howler. Amendment lost, Motion made to insert the word two hundred instead of one hundred as it ap< pears in tlie ordinance. Motion not seconded. .Motion made that we insert tliu three hundred instead of one hundred as it appears in the ordinance. Yuus uud nays called for. Yeas, J. A. AfcNeill.B. N. Merchant; Nays, Wm. Trowbridge, Sam Todd, W.O. Kiel), IP. Liever, Maurice Bowler; C. H. lloeft not voting. Amendment lost. Motion made that we Insert the word two hundred instead of one hundred as it appears in said ordinance. Nays, J. A. McNeill, E. N. Merchant, Sam Todd, W. Liever.Mnurice Bowler,W. O. Rich; Yeas, Wm. Trowbridge, C. H. Uoeft. Amendment lost. Motion made that we pass the ordinance as it rend ou its first reading. Kays, J. A. McNeill, Wm. Trowbridge E. N. Merchant, 0. U. Hoeft; Yeas, W. O. Rich, W. Liiever, Maurice Bowler; Mayor Parsons voting nay to break the tie. Motion lost. Motion made to amend by inserting tbe the word two hundred instead of one hun-' (Ired as it appears in the Ordinance. Yeas, Wm. Trowbridge, C. H. Uoeft, Maurice Bowler; Nays, J. A. McNeill,E. N. Merchant, Sam Todd, W. O.Ricb, W. Liever. Motion made and seconded that we ad- ourn as a regular meeting until next Monday evening. Motion lost. Motion made that we insert 825 per month payable in advance instead of one inndred as it appears in said ordinance. Motion to above amendment made end seconded to insert $20 per month • payable n advance instead of $25. Yeas and hays called. Nays, E. N. Merchant, J. A. McNelll, W. Liever,W. 0. Rich; Yeas, C. H. Boeft, Sam Todd, Wm. Trowbrldgo, Maurice Bowler. The vote being a tie E. H. Parsons cast his vote for the negative Amendment to amendment lost. Motion that we Insert the words in the ordinance, as amended. Nays, E. N. Merchant, J. A. McNelll, W. Llcwer, W. 0, Blchj yeas, C.H. Hoeft, Sam Todd, Wm. Trowbridge, M. Bowler. . II. Parsons, nay. Lost Motion made and seconded that we Insert the words two hundred Instead of one hundred as It ppears In said ordinance payable In advance. (Jays, E. N. Merchant, J. A. McNelll, W.llew- r, W. O, Rich; yeas, C. B. Boeft, Sam Todd, Wm Trowbridge, Maurice Bowler. E.. M, Farsonp >reaklng the tie, voted nay. Amendment lost Motion made to Insert $180, payable monthly n advance, instead of one hundred as It appears n the ordinance. Nays: Merchant, McNelll, Hoeft,Hewer,, Bowler; yeas, Rich, Todd, Trow ridge. Amendment loit, Motion made and seconded that we Insert $20 ier month, payable In advance, Instead ot one lundred as It appears In the ordinance. Nays: Merchant,McNslll, Llewor, Bleb; yeas, Trow- rldge, Bowler, Boeft, Todd. Mayor Parsons roke the tie and voted nay. Amendment lost. 'Motion to adjourn the regular meeting until ext Monday evening. Carrledl ' ' JoHNSoHicHTtran, E. M. PABIOHS, City Clerk. Mayor. CAIUIOIA, IOWA, June 11,1891. Council reconvened as an adjourned regular 1 neetlng, at the office of B, M. Parsons. ' Present . M. Parsons, mayor, and all members of ,onncll an on previous meeting. Motion made and seconded that we amend by nsertlng>20 per month payable In advance, In- tead of one hundred as It appears In the rdlnance, .. '• Motion made to amend the ameodment by nserUng SIS per. month payable In advance nsteaa of f20. Yeas and nays called. ' • C. H. Hoeft, M. Bowler, Wm. Trowbridge, Sam. odd, W. o. Rich and W. Liever voted yea; I. A. McNeill nnd E, N, Merchant voted nay. Carried. The original) amendment as amended at |15 er month payable In advance was now voted on nd resulted as follows: Nays, J. A. MoMelll and . N. Merchant. Yeas, Wm. Trowbridge, fiam odd, W. 0. Rich, W. Ltevei-, C. B. Boeft and laurlce Bowler, Aiueudment as amended carried. Ordinance was now read as amended. Motion made that section 7, subdivision 1, be trlckenout. Motion not seconded, Motion made and seconded to strike out tbe ! ords "legal< holiday*" when It occurs In snb- Ivlslon 6 of section 7, after the word Sunday at appears therein. Carried. Motion made and seconded that we pass ordl- ance No, 41 as amended on Iti first reading. m. Trowbridge, Bam Todd, VT. O. Bleb; 'W. .lever, M.' Bowler and' 0, B. Hoeft yea. K, N. «rcbant, J. A. MoNelll nay. KotlMi curled i three-fourth* vote. - , Motion I hat rules be puepended and ordloante o. 41 pass on 'Its second reading. K. N. Merch- nt and 3. A.' MoNelll toted nay. Bam Todd, m.Trowbridge,W. O. >Bieb,'W, Llever.'H. lowler and 0, H, Boefjt»«. . Motion cantedj . : Motion madetb»t ordluane* No. 41 be pasted n 1U woond reading, Yeat, Bam Todd, Wm. rowbrtdge. W.0, Blcl), W. Merer,'M. Bowler ndOiB, Hoett. NiVe. e. N. Merchant and J. .MoNelll. Motionuairled. ' i Motion made that the rule* be *u*pend*d and rdlaanve No. 41 be pa*led'oo IU third reading. A. McNeil) and B. N, MerabanVnay. "Wm, rewbrldge, Bam Todd, W. O. Bleb, 'W,' Uever, . Bowler and 0. H. Hoeft yea. Carried. Motion made that ordinance Wo. M be p*»»ed n IU third reading and adopted' «,*. K«fli»v ntttudJ. A. McNelll hay. Wm. TrowbH4««. San Todd, W. 0. Blob, W, W«ver,'0. HI Hoett odM. Bowler yea. Motion carried. .' •' The major 1 * veto, vetoing the etHwaordlMaoe. o. 4.1 wa* read and (Oated oa file. n Motion made (bat tbe ordinance known u rdiimuoe No. 41 relating to the ««|* of fown- atlng liquor* be pateed'over tbe inaior'i'y*!*- 1 .H. Merchant and a, A, McNelll uw. W«. rowbriage, e*u ir«dd, V, 0. Bleb, W. W»ver, . Itowler aad 0, H. Uoett ye». OrdlflWjpe MO, paiied over mayor 1 * veto b| tows-fourth* »«»».' A petition wa* read front Hoie ootnpliir H^ 9' iktug for» donation 10 tbattueyeould 'attend >enrenien'*touruaBeutM low* Oil*, tfuittO-, on a donation ol Wty dollat* 1 WM grenM. .. Petition read wikUur (ho prd»rl|i« of » 6 loo) aewulk on north and eu»t »lde ot court »<ware. he following ro*olutlou wa* PHHUJI Be It rwgived uy tue eliy oouuollol Oariolj, IWB, tu»t we older tUe oouuly board of »up«»^ bon to lay a o foot sidewalk V tuoUe* thick on vrtU uud wu( *ido of court bou»e*(ju«re. A proportion from If. 8. BeffeUagor for pl«0 og a clock outlte court boiue mat read aou ou otiou the mtyorrequeiUid to oouftr rrlth tlie puuty bourd ot »upervl»on» with power ty *ot i favor of tb« be»t luteievt* of tut city. TUe oviawUtee appointed to *«ettUou( Ing the south end of Court street lying betweei lots 6 and 7 In block 7i, and lots 7 and 8 In block 1-1 reported ID part,and it was considered 'no bust tu vacate said highway. .notion made and seconded that Sam Todd bi ni>puiiued tu oversee the lajlng of the sewe pipe li "i" Keckevoet corner west. Carried. Motlo i to adjourn, curried. J. 8CUAOHTNKU. E. M. P ARSONS, city cierk. Ordinance Wo. 41. An orJIttHtce to tax the trnflluot Intoxicating liquors tu Carroll, Iowa, ana tu regulate uiiu «oi. trul tbe einne. to regulate selling and keep lug with intent to sell in said curroll, of Intoxl eating liquors under provisions ol chapter—oi tliS'iicts of .the twenty-tutu general assembly o Iowa, entitled "An'nct to tax the trallle ot liuoxl eating liquor and to regulate and control the same." Seetlim 1. Be It ordained by the. city council oL Carroll. IOKII, that ou aud after tbe first tiny oi July, 1S91, every person, partnership or corpora tlon (inner than pharmacists Holding permits) engaged In selling or keeping, with Intent to sell nuy Intoxicating liquor within tne corporate lim Its ot eald Carroll, vball pay to the said city of Carroll a tax ou said business of $180.UO fler year payable at the ulllce oC the mayor ot Carroll Iowa, on the Itratday of eacli month In advance, and the tax herein provided for shall be additional to the tax provided for by said act ot tbe said twenty-fifth general assembly ot tbe state of Iowa. • . ; . Sec. 2. All real property within, or whereon Intoxicating liquors ate sold, or kept with Intent to sell, subject to the provisions of tne ordinance, shall be subject to the provisions of this ordinance shall be subject to, and held tor payment of the additional tax herein provided for and aucb tax when delinquent shall become a Hen on such real estate and such lieu shall be enforced In the manner herein provided for. Sec. 8. All persons and propertv listed and assessed within the corporate limits of Carroll, Iowa, under the provisions ot eald act ot tbe general assembly of the slate of Iowa, either by assessor oi Carroll, Iowa, or by the citizens of Carroll county, Iowa, under section three (3) hereof snail be liable to additional tax herein provided for, and shall be held to pay the same under the provision of this ordinance until such assessment has been setaslde or annulled In tlie manner provided by said act. Sec. 4. A failure to so list or assess any person, partnership or corporation actually engaged In selling, or keeping with intent to sell, any in toxlcatlng liquors, or any property liable to the payment of tbe additional tax herein provided for, shall not release or discharge such person, partnership or corporation from payment of such tax under the provisions ot this ordinance nor from liability thereof, nor shall such. (allure release or discharge any such property from liability or the Hen herein provided for. Sea. 5. On tbe last Monday of each of the months ot July, October, January and April ot each year the city clerk of Carroll, Iowa, shall certify to the county auditor of Carroll county, Iowa, all taxes delinquent or unpaid under this ordinance according to the list of per so. sand property liable to said tax as shown by tbe records In the office of said county auditor, ana said tax when so certified shall be a lien In each case upon the real property within or whereon the Intoxicating liquors were told, or kept with Intent to sell, by tlio person, partnership or corporation liable to such tax, and such taxes so certified to said county auditor shall be by him certllled to the county treasurer' of Carroll, county, Iowa, for collection, In the same manner and with the taxes provided for In said act of said general assembly c>r certified to said county treasurer Sec. 6. Any person except registered pharmacists holding permits who shall within tbe corporate limits of Carroll, Iowa, sell or keep with intent to sell, any intoxicating liquors without first having paid In advance the t«x. herein provided for, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined the sum not exceeding $50 nor less than $10 and the cost of the prosecution of each day Intoxicating liquors were sold or kept for sale without such tax uavlbg first been paid, and 8ba)l : be imprisoned until such costs and Ones are so paid. Sec. 7. Every person, partnership or corporation engaged In selling, or keeping with Intent to sell in Carroll, Iowa, any Intoxicating liquors and-being subject to tbe payment ot tbe tax herein provided for shall observe the following regulations: • Sub-Division 1. Said selling or keeping for sale of Intoxicating liquor* shall be cartiea on In a'single room having but one entrance or exit, and that opening upon.a public street. The bar where such liquors are furnished (hall be in plain view from the street, unobstauoted by: screens, blinds, painted window* or any' other device. There shall be no chairs, benches oT any other : furniture In front of the bar, and only such behind the bar as li necessary for the attendants. A list of all persons engaged about tbe place shall be illed with the county auditor, aud no person shall be/permitted behind the bar except those whose names are listed with the county auditor, as provided by said act of tbe said general assembly. Sub-Division 2. Tbe pi ace shall be conducted In a quiet and orderly manner. v Sub-Divisions. There shall be no Rambling or gaming with cards, dice, billiards or any other device, nor music, dancing or any other form of amusement or entertainment either In the room where Mid bmlnewi i« carried on or any adjoining room or'bulldlug controlled by the persons partnership or'corporation carrying on e»ld business. .> • sub-Dlv)itlonI4. There shall be no obscene or impure decorations, Inscriptions, placards or any such tolnt in tbe place, i Sub-Division f, 6. • .There -'Shall be no female! persons employed In tbe plaae. : Sub-Division 6. The place ihall not be open nor any sale be made In tne place earlier tuan five o'clock In tbe forenoon nor later thin ten o'clock In the evening ol any day. • It abal! not be open at all nor any sale be on toe first day <tf tbe week commonly called Sunday. • • -• •<-.• Bub-Dlvlslon 7. No minor, drunkard, or Intoxicated person shall be allowed In room, and no sale of Intoxicating liquor shall i be tuade to any minor, drunkard or Intoxicated person nor to any person who has takeaiin; of tbe recognized "oures for drunkenness." Sub-Division. 8, No sal* of Intotlcatlnj liquors shall be-made to any purson whose wife, husband, parent, child, bi other, sister guardian, ward over 14 years of age, or employer, shall by written notice died wall the mayor of varroll forbid siicb sales; Sec. 8. To giveaway or to furnish any Intoxl- outing Honors to any person upon any pretext !>!.!•'! to tne Intent of this ordinance be deemed ^ iule. ' ' ' *! See. 0, Any person coming within tbe provisions of tnl* ordinance and falling to comply therewith, or violating any of the provisions therewith, shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and |or,every, suub offense snail bo fined In the sum not to exceed fifty dollar* ($60.00) nor less tb«Q UmMollars (110. tt) and cost* of pro«e- uutlou, aqd st)»U be Imprisoned until such nnqs or coin are paid,' 8*e. 10j A" ordinances or psrts ot ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. This ordinance I* M take effect and to be In I hereby certify that the above ordinance was returned by the mayor without •Ignatore «n<< WM y«|o«d w follow* i . • .... MAYOR'S VJtTO. CiBBOLL, IOWA, June u, 1894. To tne council ot city of Carroll. Iowa. I hereby return ordlPinoe known as No. 41, re- litln* trf ule of liquor* In loe city of Carroll wltboui reaton city an saleforleM my stanai tbatraooi considertip "people "of tbjs .. •T.ififrWMrtwbls one And lhat after the above veto wa»tw«lved by tbe oouncll. motion was made that (be «»I4 ordinance be passed and adopted over the laid by notion carried and ordinance adopted. BQBAO»T<rit», J«., City Clerk. MM UFI i lueii froaUneiita fair UL •'Favorite fmodn. tonio and t aootWuc wad ^nitfc anil |i»f-"~~' 1 "**"" " it — ti* iTi ( onlT reinaAr 10 vum M tflMrantM. If it dowu'l wt, SILVER Was LEFT OUT Wot Noticed In Nebraska Repub lican League Platform, KANSAS .POPULfSTS IN SESSION Kx-S|>eaher Uunsmore Mftde IVrmnnen Olialrm»n — Committee on Resolution Ban ri-epnred n Plntform Reartlly In dorslng towelling's Administration Mepart PsVorlng Womitn SntTrnge. LINCOLN, June 18,—The state conven tlon of the Republican League clubs o Nebraska met at the-Lansing theater a 11 o'clock Tuesday forenoon with ove 1 ( 600 delegates present. The convention was called to order by President Lansing who, after a prayer by Rev. Beales o this city, delivered a brief address o welcome. In closing his address President Lansing stated that he hoped the cohventiol would not undertake to frame a platform for the regular nomination conven tion, which is to meet in Omaha next AtigUBt. He thought the delegates tc the present convention should conten therhselves with renewing their allegiancs to the principles of the Republican party and with the selection of delegates to the national convention of Republican clubs, which is to meet in Denver. This allusion to the determination ol some delegates to bring in the silver issue was pointed and brought forth cheers from many of the delegates. Thurston Accepted the Challenge, John M. Thurston of Omaha responded and accepted the challenge thrown down by President Laming, He declared that he was not afraid to express his sentiments on the silver question at the present time, and he desired that the convention should have the courage to express its sentiments now. , The cheers which greeted his spaech when he alluded to the question proved unmistakably that many delegates were with him. The convention at noon adjourned until 8 o'clock in order to permit the representatives of the several congressional districts to select their delegates to the national convention. A committee of seven, one from each congressional district, with John M. Thurston as chairman, was appointed to receive all resolutions that might be offered without debate. ISS15 After recess the convention, assembled and without any preliminaries chose 80 delegates to-Denver. There was no contest over silver, the champions of fret coinage having seen the hopelessness of their position. The platform adopted contains no notice of free coinage. B. I. Roblson of Omaha'was chosen president. Congressman Qrosvenor of Ohio ipoke in the evening, Lively TexM Convention. FOET WORTH, Tex., June 13.—The convention of the Texas league of Republican clubs opened here with a very arge attendance. The session will probably be a hot one, owing to the effort ;hat will be made by the white element o cut down the colored representation iccording to the census plan. It wil! ikely be defeated by the effective work of N. W. Cnney, the leader of the colored element. KANSAS POPULIST CONVENTION. '. M. Ounsmore Oha*en u Obalrmaa and Ben Rice M Secretary. TOPEKA, June 13.—When the Populist state convention met here Tuesday forenoon there were 610 delegates in attendance, Ben O. Henderson' of "Winfleld •watt chosen as temporary chairman and JharlesS. Davia of Junction City M temporary secretary. An adjournment was taken until >2 p.m. Tbe afternoon session was taken up with the selection of tbe various commit- #es and addresses by Miss Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. Chapman Catt In behalf.oi a woman suffrage plank in the state. Jatfonu. At the conclus'on ,of Mint Anthony's address a delegate demanded to know whether .she would take tbe •tump and urge all friends of woman suffrage to vote the Populist ticket. Miss Anthony's response was in tbe affirmative and was greeted with prolonged ap. douse, The committee on permanent >rganlzatton reported amid great ap- ilause the name of J. M. Dunsmore AS is permanent chairman and Ben rtlch M secretary. •••••"-—-•"-^ • Dunsmpre 'was.speaker and Biqh clerk of the Populist house; declared to"be Uegal by tbe supreme court, at the time of the l^Ulatlve trottbl* in 0* winter t>f 12-W, The report of the committee was adopted. There was considerable sparring be- ween tbe woman suffrage and , antiinf- t rage forces over a motion to refer all •evolutions to the committee on'resolu- tions. Ex-Speaker Elder ww the Uader Jotter of' tn*' auffragiiits.'"' There was much enthusiasm whenever the Question >f extending tbe frwooWMlQWAlHttivas ook a recess until 7:80 p, m,' Tbe night session was ' devoted to rating money for the camptig«, and tb« ransacWon of routine business o'clock, when tbe convention without reaoWng any nomln«< Tb« committee on resolutions igreed on a rlatfora lomweuds U. i prewnt «i«t« offloialsfoi ibeir wise and economical' admtnistrsj- ton of state ajfairti dtmands the fras Kjinagf ojf #11 ver at UM Wtio of W lo onej Iem«u4a a service pension graduated •» (bat tbe man who carried the musket ho entitled tp, th» ; |auie connldtra- ion p tbe man who wore tbe epaulet, tnd ««id law to be s? framed that it wUl 4aoe it for»ver beyond the power of aoy lAoisjl who ii unfriendly' toward the Jnioa «oldi«w and sallow tooliangtt, insnend or in any way deprive tlia oldier of bit ju«t dues; fuvors a stute ir> id« and water suppVioi and euopiuojie uore evteic'ttd irrigatiQui dwoitudj A freight rate '*w bwil ou the line of thu uxtiiiuuiu freight r«Mw bill pawfaU by (be Populist senate and house and after Ward defeated by the Republican house The minority report signed by eigh members of the committee, Is as follows We, the undersigned, committee on resolutions, respectfully submit; the fol low'-ia minority report to be added to th mnjorlty report and recommend Its adop tl'.m hj- the convention. \Vhttcas, The l'«ople's party onma Int exlsi.jnse and \voti its glot-lous Victories ol tlie fundamental principles of equa rights to all and speclnl privileges to none therefore 1m It Resolved. That we favor the pending constitutional amendment. ProlilbltlmiUU Nnm Innlu Plukerlhg. fiWTOBtA. Kan., Jin-.- 10.—When th Prohibilion state cnhvuntion u---s?mblec ex-Governor St. John wn3 v.! t "jted a temporary chairman, In UK- p -niianen organization Hon. tJ. Q, \Vr.arton ol Ottawa was named for chiiitinan ant W, C. Fogle for secretary. K. O. Pick ering, the Prohibition standard bearer ol two years ago, was nominated for governor. ; MANY EXPOSED TO SMALLPOX. A Doorkeeper of Chicago Board of Trade Works After He Is lirolun Out. CHICAGO, June 1H.—Theodore Nevins one of the doorkeepers of the board o! trade, was taken off in the smallpox ambulance Tuesday. He was attending to his duties as usual, unaware that the reddish eruption on his n«ok and facehac any connection with the dread disease. He must have spoken to and been in contact with dozens of members before th« true nature of the eruption was discovered. Those who had been compelled to rub against him in passing in or on! are feeling rather uncomfortable. Borne wild talk of the board of trade having been quarantined was premature, no action of that sort having been taken. The gallery, at the time that Nevins' condition became known 'contained about 50 visitors'who fled thoroughly alarmed. It is said that Nevins has been ill with the disease three weeks and all the time on duty. Vice President Stevemon Rexponded, CHARLOTTESVILLB, Va., June 18.—The jommencenient at the University oi Virginia was concluded with the joint celebration of the Jefferson and Washington Literary societies. Hon. Chauncey M. Depevv was the orator of the occasion. At the close of Mr. Depew'i oration, the shouts for Vice President Stevenson were deafening. The vie* president responded, paying a high tribute to Mr. pepew and to the University of Virginia and calling .upon the college men to go west, especially to his state, where they were assured* rich harvest! awaited them and especially if they strived to maintain the principles of Jet- 'erson and their alma mater. Stole a Gulf Train. DENVER, June 18.—A freight train on ihe Gulf road was captured at La Salli )y 400of the Coxeyites who left Denvei ast week for Washington. An engineei rom the ranks took charge of tbe engine md ran to Sterling, where it was side- Tacked. Fur .Beating » Girl. DOROHESTBH. Neb., June 18.—J. W- Martin and wife were each fined |35 and costs for cruelly beating a 22-year-old daughter 1 of '• the former by a forinei wife. They refused to pay the fine and will be sent to the county jail at Wilber, Chicago FbllaotbropUt Dead. CHICAGO, June 18.—Mrs. Carolini Mandel, one of the oldest residents ol Ihicago, died at the residence of her sou, Leon Mandel. She was 90 years of age. She was a philanthropist and did much tpod, among, the poor, of tha nit-.v. ' Ot "t lerde'i Pellets" *e wlsll to reheatte The wonderfnl virtues, In pross and In vetse. DyspeMlcs-blent.ej'ed.souf-vlsHge and ctaoky May be cared by a pill, the device of a Yankee. Dr. Plefce's Pleasant Pfilieta cost only 25 cents nnd are a guaranteed cure for tljspepsln, constl- pntlon, blillonsness and all derangements of tne liver, stomach and bowel*. E. C. Beemen, formerly a conductor on the Monon, was killed and thrown from a 'train neat- Lafayette, Ind., by unknown persons. Ambassador and Mrs. Bayard and American naval officers were guests at a ball given at Buckinhain palace. A Good Feature Of Hood's Satsaptullla Is that while it purlflel the blood and sends It coursing through tbe- veins full of richness and also Imparts new UTo and vigor to ever; function of the body. Hence the expression so often heard: "Hood's Sarsaparllla made a hew person ot mo." It overcomes that tired feeling so common now. Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, always reliable and beneficial, In a collision between street cars In Atlanta, Ga., one motorman was killed, another fatally hurt, and eight passenger* injured. Why Do You Live. "I live for thosn who love me. For those who know mo true, For the heavens that bend about tne, And tlie good that I can do." But u, that fate would give me, And hundreds BUI-BO too. Some safe and potent agency That would my health renew. Of course, because then yon would be more useful to your fellowmen. Well, that wished for agency Is Dr. Pleroe's Golden Medical Dlueovery. Thtre Is nothing that can compare with the 'Dl*covery" as a curative agent for sour stomach, constipation, Impure Ijlood, bllllousheig, Iver and 1 kldnoy troubles. Fierce guarantees a cure. . • •• ' The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, In session in St. Paul, adopted resolutions condemning Senator Walsh's bill to prevent interference with mail trains. i TOURIST EXOtlRSIOk TICKETS At reduced rates to the principal summer resorts of the United States are now on lale via The North-Western Line. For mrticulars apply to agents Chicago & North-JPestern R'y. THE VALE! OPMINNEKAHTA 8 the title of a beautifully illustrated looklet recently Issued, descriptive of the Hot Springs, South Dakotn, and the effi- jacy of their waters for the «nre of rheumatism, neuralgia and kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphlet will be mailed free y W. A. Thrall, General Passenger Agent.Chicago & North-Western railway, hicngo, in., upon receipt of request, en- losing two-cent stamp. . The New York World never waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp ompetltion, but keeps so far in the lead hat competition is an impossibility. The • eputation of The Weekly World as the [reatestDemocratic paper .published is ful- ? established it iaDemouratic in principle Democratic in policy. Democratic In its ympatbies. It is not blindly or dlshonest- y partisan. It will not suport bad men or ad measures. ITS WORK 18 FOR THE •EOPLiE, THE WUOLK PKOPLE, and qt for any class or faction, It will be ound at all times flghtiug for the great ardinal principles of the Democratic • arty, but never for the Selfish ends of any ln« or individual, its miscellaneous rtieles are' fresh, well"selected and Interesting. Its pages devoted to Home, fashion and Agriculture are replete with rtieles of valuable and interesting ln- ormatlon to all. The "Tariff Mule'"artl- |es now running in The Weekly World ave become celebrated on account of the lain, practical way In which the tariff uestton Is presented. Itisa|argel2-paae, (-column paper for only 31.00 a year. We ave succeeded in making special arrangements by which we can furnish THK VKEKLY SENTINKL and The Weekly forM one year both for only 82.00. Address THE SENTINEL, Carrol 1, lowa. Whatis Cwtorl» U Dr. fliwMiel P|U*er»f praMriptloa f or Infk^U •nd Oblldnn. It contains n«ltber Opiuni, Morphine nor , other Narcotic ralMtsnoe. It i« * JuurmleM MUtttot* f or PAretorlOt Drop^ Soothlac BjnmiM. Mid OMtof OIL IttoPleMMit. It. rn^rantoe I* thirty y eM.VuM> by miltoM of Kotben. CMtbrUxtMtrojw Wornui undnlliifi feverUbneH. Oaitorl* prevent* vomiting Boor Curd* core* DUnhoMk and Wind Oollo. OMtorla reUevea teetbloff tronble^ enrei oonjf Ipfttion , and fl>riilenor. OMtoria MHlnllatef the food, refute* fbe •od bowel*, «ivl»f bealtby *ad nfttiuwl »l«ep. toria U tne'ObUdreu'B Pana«i«> ntbo Mot»«j»» Friend. Caatoria. •MtroyiBC tbMr w»«d OOM, by ronimo VMIIMfl uiwiu ot OsMoria b*» won M to leak «Mk "HE THAT WORKS EA8II.Y, WORKS 8UCCEe8FUULY." CLEAN HOUSE WITH

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