The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 9, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 9
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;A BARGAIN — Attorney Rudolph Vas- alle (left) looks a 16th century painting he purchased for $170 on the advice of sculptor Alexander Zlatoff • mirsky (right) at sale in Chicago. The painting, Raphael's "Massacre of the Innocents." is said to be worth $300,000. Telephone) Telegraphers Protest Plans G/ Railway for Consolidation '"MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Federal ."ud'iJ Gunnar H. Nordbye today 1 .ui under advisement an appeal l.'Oin a State Railroad and Ware- Ever try delicious Branana Bread? Look for the recipe on packages of ALL-BRAN house Commission order which would consolidate operations of some 100 Chicago & North Western Railway stations. The appeal was brought by the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, which argued that the order should be set aside because the commission exceeded its authority in issuing it. The order would permit the railroad to have one .station agent serve two communities. It was issued Nov. 14 after lengthy hearings by the commission. Affected would be several stations in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa, which are along the borders and would be served from Minnesota stations under the merger plan. The telegraphers' attorneys cit- BLUES SINGER DIES j KANSAS CITY, Mo. UPi — Sing, er Julia Lee, a widely known Negro recording and night club star, died Monday. The blues singer had been identified with Kansas City jazz life for more than 30 years. ed a recent Minnesota District Court ruling in which a judge up. held the argument that the commission had gone beyond its authority in approving a similar con. solidation for certain stations on the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway. Actress Janet Lake to Seek Divorce LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actress Janet Lake has made up her mind to divorce actor Robert Dlx, 23 son of the late screen star Richard Dix. Miss Lake and Dix have had numerous separations and reconciliations since their marriage May 31, 1956. She filed for divorce Monday. RADIO PRODUCER DIES CHICAGO UPi — Charles P. Hugh es, 55, a former radio producer died Monday of a heart attack Hughes was best known as "Mr First Nighter" in the radio program Little Theater Off Times Square in the 1930s. AT WALLACE'S Vj i Anti-Labor Icha Is Abandoned bv Goldwater WASHINGTON (AP) - One of the staunches! Republican advocates of legislation to curb political activity by labor unions ha* evidently abandoned the idea. Instead, Sen. Sarry M. Goldwater (R-Arlz) says business and labor leaders should get together agree voluntarily to limit their political efforts. Goldwater, who will be senior GOP member of the Senate Labor Committee, in one of the few conservative Republicans re-elected in November. He disclosed his change in attitude after a series of conferences with Secretary of Labor James- P. Mitchell. Major Spokesman Mitchell has been President Eisenhower's major spokesman- on labor policy in the past. Goldwa- er, because of his committee ost, is expected to handle admin- stration labor bills in the Senate. Goldwater said he and Mitchell ave decided there probably isn't much Congress can do about re- tricting union political activities without running counter to the constitutional freedoms of speech and association. Mitchell confirmed that, saying he and Goldwater had come to the conclusion "it was impractical to recommend legislation to resolve this issue." < How Far to Go Goldwater told a news conference he now is proposing that key abor and management leaders meet and try to agree on how far they can go with propriety in political campaigning. If labor and business leaders agree to such a meeting, Goldwater said, the heads of the Republican and Democratic committees could also be invited. He said lie has sounded out President Ralph Cordiner of General Electric Co., and Arthur Goldberg, special counsel to the AFL-CIO. He did not describe their attitude. Peoples Pulpit EDITOR'S NOTE: Herald readers writing for People's Pulpit must confine their articles to 300 words. Letters containing more than that number wll be rejected. OIL STATION'S SIDE Editor, THE HERALD: As the saying goes — there are A wonderful array off Hew BLOUSES I Ship 'n Shore and MaeShore ft AT RIGHT | PERFECTIONIST SHIRT Sjt in textured stripes * Casual in manner, but so particular in tailor^ ing! It's our new Ship 'n Shore with beauti- * fully mitred kerchief-back collar. You'll love & the roll-up sleeves. Beautiful colors an j|. whites in striped broadcloth. Washable. CARDINAL SAYS COODIYE — Archbishop Amleto G. Cic&gnani, Apostolic Delegate to the United States (right), newly desighated cardinal, makes a farewell call on President Eisenhower before leaving for Rome. (NEA Telephoto) • -, . a at east two sides to every story —and I would like to present our side in regards to the snow removal ordinance recently passed As you know, snow now cannot be shoveled from service station driveways into the street for removal by city crews. I would ask that the people of Can't Lose to Russia, Says S^ace Leader a MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The Jnited States simply cannot af- brd to lose to Russia in the race toward conquest of outer space, says the nation's leader of re- earch in that field. "To the nation achieving the major breakthroughs, to the nation jecomlng the space pathfinder will belong the respect of all humanity," said Roy W. Johnson, director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Johnson talked at a Nobel Memorial banquet, sponsored here Monday night by Gustavus Adolphus. The college, with the Folke Bernadotte Foundation, is planning a Nobel Hall of Science in honor of the inventor of dynamite. Johnson said the race toward conquest of space will not be won by any singft program. "Victory will go to the nation which recognizes that space is, in a real and practical sense, a new environment with which every component of man's activity ulti mately will become involved," he said. And he renewed the warninp ;hat it is Russia's prime aim to best the United States. "It is Communism's avowed pur pose," he said, "to overwhelm us, if not militarily then economically, if not economically then politi Tuovlrry, Dp.'. 9, 19/5fJ Ai)"n ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY ('Minn.) MfPAID Winter Navigation Excites Port Cities DEMOCRATIC LEADERS MEET — Former president Harry S. Truman ( left) greets former presidential aspirant Adlai E. Stevenson (right) at meeting of the Democratic advisory Council in Washington, D. C. Democratic National Chairman Paul Butler (center) said the Democrats have •orepared 'a rivil rights stand which is the "Most SpecfWc'^vef taken. (NEA Telephoto) -7 .*••...:?• TEMPERATURES Alexandria Bemidji Intl Falls Redwood Falls Rochester St. Cloud ' Duluth La Crosse Madison Mason City Minot Fargo Rapid City Calgary Edmonton Regina Winnipeg The Pas Albany, snow Albuquerque, cloudy H L Pet -1 -15 T ,-5 -24 T -9 -31 .01 1 -15 T 3 -17 3 -14 -9 -2 6 12 5 0 -3 8 15 13 4 -12 -11 -19 -7 •6 -5 0 -3 -10 -12 23 ,02 Austin and our city council C on-! An . choraee .' snow sider these points: 1. When we heve a large snowfall, no other small businessman has so much to do early in the Atlanta, clear Bismarck, clear Boston, snow Buffalo, cloudy snow Des Moines, clear Detroit, clear Fort Worth, clear Sizes 30 to 38 3 THE PRICELESS LOOK Greeting the season with most any of your skirts or skinny pants . . . MACSHORES lace edged beauty in NO-IRON dacron and cotton. Quaint little kerchief collar buttons down in back, ties loosely in front. White, blue, green, beige, pink, maize, grey. Sizes 30 to 38. $398 Free Gift Wrapping You'll Like The Friendly Service at Wallace's" "THI CHRISTMAS STORE" •as- -as- -a* -a* -a* -at -a& .& •afc.,-a&,.-afc..a* m-*6-. -as- -a* -a* -a* -as- -at- -as- morning as the service station I chicag0 ' clear man; what with stalled cars, dead Cleveland, sno batteries, tire chains, snow tires, Denver . c l ear etc., and everyone is in a rush to Des Moines « cl get to work and needs service im- Detroit - clear mediately; therefore the service station man has no time or means to haul away his snow — he barely has time to shovel off his driveway before snow becomes packed down by cars. 2. Most service stations lack room to pile snow on their own premises, and, in many cases, have ;no room on the boulevard. i 3. Cost of snow removal is paid | by our tax dollars and in many cases, more than paid by other small businesses per dollar of gross sales. 4. Service stations bring much out-of-town money info the com- '5 munity as they deal with many "! tourists. | 5. Who, actually, has been affected in the past by service £j station personnel shoveling snow from their driveways to the curb? Ninety-five per cent of the stations are not located in downtown parking areas — nor in Sterling Shopping Center area — which has its own parking lota. The only time a problem of snow removal occurred was last year when the city, employes were on strike. Was it our fault that they had much work to catch up when they returned to their jobs? Why service station operators now are being penalized I cannot understand. If all service stations in town were to close during a huge snowstorm, few wheels would turn, and there would be more chaos than could be caused by a strike of some other groups. I hope the people and our city (council will reconsider all the prob- j'sms of this snow removal ordi- | nance. When a law is passed it jdoes not always mean justice is I achieved. ! Donald A. Majerus Bride-to-Be Dies After Cor Crashes WEST UNION, Iowa tfi - A 21- year-old Iowa bride-to-be, Edna I1 Schrandt of Donnan in Fayette County, died in a hospital here this morning of auto accident injuries. Miss Schrandt was on her way to work when her car skidded on the slippery roadway and slid broadside into an oncoming truck. She was pinned in her car. Miss Schrandt was to have been 1 married in February to Howard' of West Union. i 26 20 64 '46 J' 5 -5 T 57 34 0 -9 37 23 , .10 20 14 2.10 16 -1 .11 20 13 .12 51 18 16 -10 ; 19 8 Helena, cloudy 5 1 Indianapolis, clear 25 -4 Kansas City, cloudy 30 10 Los Angeles, cloudy 63 55 Louisville, clear 36 12 Memphis, cloudy 47 28 Miami, cloudy 80 68 Milwaukee, clear -3 -7 Mpls.-St, Paul clear 2 -12 New Orleans, cloudy 65 54 New York, snow 32 25 Oklahoma. City, cloudy 45 M Omaha ."doudy 6 -3 Philadelphia, cloudy 31 25 Phoenix, cloudy 72 49 Pittsburgh, clear 2 M Portland, Me., cloudy 25 8 Portland, Ore., cloudy 44 35 Rapid City, clear 8 -5 Sjlt^Lake City, cloudy 48 38 San Diego, clear' 64 55 San Francisco, cloudy 68 M Seattle, cloudy 47 M :y, and if not scientifically." politically then .07 .65 .30 M M Adams to Pen Book on Ike Administration BOSTON, Mass. (AP)-The Boston Globe said today Sherman Adams, former assistant to President Eisenhower, will get $100,000 for a book on the Eisenhower administration. The Globe article said of Adams: "He will sign in the next !ew'days a contract with Harper Brothers and Life magazine at a figure of around $100,000, acccrrl ing to New York publishing circles,-" Adams declined comment. The newspaper said Adams has been working on his book almost constantly since he quit his White House job after charges of using influence for his friend, Bernarc Goldfine, gift-giving Boston industrialist. Adams denied any at tempt to influence federal agen 3ies with which Goldfine had dealings. MONTREAL, Que. (AP)-Deepwater ports flanking the St. Lawrence River are excited about the prospects of year - round navigation. The St. Lawrence Seaway will allow bulk cargo vessels of the Great Lakes to sail for the first ime up the St. Lawrence River. Supplementing this, there is grow- ng pressure from normally icebound river ports for, all-winter shipping channels between the At- antic and Quebec City. Capt. R. G. Edwards of Canadian International Paper Co. flew 2,000 miles from Montreal to New- oundland on an aerial ice survey ast winter. He reported: "Winter shipping into the gulf and into the St. Lawrence River itself presents no problem providing adequate equipment is made available." Icebreakers Key More icebreakers, a continuing aerial ice survey and an ice forecasting service are considered keys to this year-round naviga tion. Winter navigation as far up stream as Montreal is unlikely Lake St. Peter below Montreal is easily jammed with ice by eas winds. Last winter the schooner D'Vora sailed the St. Lawrence north shore to Baie Comeau, Que. Ships called all winter at Dalhousie N. B., to load newsprint. Benefit 2 Commodities The seaway, will benefit two major bulk commodities — grain moving eastward to ports and Iron ore moving ward to Great Lakes steel -Hills. Shippers suggest that the lakeri may pick up Western wheat, sail hrough the seven locks and tout canals of the seaway to Montreal or other St. 'Lawrence ports to unload. Then they would pick up a return cargo of iron ore at Que- >ec production points and carry it to Cleveland and other Great Lake steel mill centers. Coctrecoeur, a village on the St. Larence within sight of Montreal, faces a promising future. Transshipment docks will move iron ore to lake bound ships or freight cars heading to the United States. The area between Montreal and Contrecoeur hopes to see new indus- tires established as the seaway prods progress. Phone Plans Made an Case of Attack INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Frederick R. Kappel, president of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. says arrangements had been completed to bypass the 50 critical target areas so the nation's telephone network could still work in case of^an enemy attack. Kappel told a businessmen's luncheon Monday that "under our present arrangement we can dial from New York to San Francisco without going through a single major city." .23 6 31 .02 M M Tampa, clear 77 58 M—Missing; T—Trace SAVE MORE WITH THESE DRY CLEANING SPECIALS NO NEED TO BUY COUPON BOOKS You Can Depend On Our Quality! MEN'S SUITS 89c PLAIN 1-PC. DRESSES $1,39 STORM COATS (MeB ,, u*,, $1.59 Eoeh GOATS Men's, Ladies' (no Jackets) $li09 Each SHIRTS LAUNDERED ZZC EACH When Sent With Dry Cleaning Order ,| FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 1207 W. 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