Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 25, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1933
Page 10
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'BUY B1TW1 IK AJIII" AKlf DAILY Tj^Btflfi-tJIIftl, AMIS, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUOW 25, 1983. Baas-Baas---—; S. O. S. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IIMIMlll 1—Announcement* smoke ana waier Damage Sale Friday and Saturday Aug. 2Jf and 26 Chris tensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. 9 —Penonala 2 More Days! Buy your Maytag Washer at the old price $59.50 Used copper tub with electric washer $1230 Christensen Hdwe. 19—PalBtlni, Decomtinc 100 Gallons Paint Labels Water Soaked $1.65 per Gal. Christensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. 23—Help Wanted, Female WANTED: WOMAN FORT PR AC- tlcal nursing and house work. Apply in person Monday 10 a. m. 920 Clark. 27—Work Wanted, Female Phone 12 125 Main 8t Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work with our super sen-ice vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Ave. Phone 1091 WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all kinds. Good, clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward, 2£c per hour. Call 2034. MIDDLE AGED LADY WANTS any kind work. Mrs. Smith. 242 L. J. 5—Auction Sale* HOUSEWORK WA1ITED BY EX- perienced woman. 411-J. 81—Farm Machinery for Sale AUCTION SALE SATURDAY, Aug. 26tb. 2 p. ro. *t 409 Lincoln way ; A large bill of consigned goods j consisting of coal range, beds, springs, mattresses, ice box, nice kitchen cabinet, 8 piecj dining set, odd chairs, breakfast set, rockers, oil stove, and lots of other goods too numerous to list Don't miss this sale. Snyder & Allen, Auct FOR SALE: GOOD MOLINE CORN binder. J. E. Wheelock, Route l, Ames. 0—Automobiles, Truck* {or Sale} NOW —is a good.time to trade your old car on a New Chevrolet Our used car stock is low and we can give you a good deal. Be sure 10 see us before buying. Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th and Dougla* 37—Miscellaneou for Sale " Used " Circulating Heater $14.75 Christensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. Oil Stove Wicks For all makes stoves 19cEach Christensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. 60—Building Materials 100 Kegs of Nails Slightly water soaked $3.50 per 100 Christensen Hdwe. ! Phone 12 125 Main St. '29 CHEV. 2-DOOR New Tires "30 Ford Truck 2S Hudson, looks new Coupe 29 Durant, mechanically perfect, | A ' RM STRONG MELONS. CALL A BOY FROM PARADISE JUMCTJOM, WASSEWTUP TO THE LAKE WITH A MESSAGE FDR FRECKLES, WHICH HAD HURRY UP, ) SOMEftOOY TELEPHONED SQM-eCT { OS TELEGRAPHED, I DOMT ;-V KNOW WHICH-I GUESS THEY wrm.' ^ rT DOMT MAKE ANY DIFF- AT THE SIGNAL TOWER PAGE iron By Blocser I DOMT KNOW, 6UT «T CAME FROM SHADV&ID£~NEVER HEARD OF TH' PLACE-ANYHOW, THEY SAID SOMEBODY WAS SICKER HURT, OR. IM AM ACCIDENT, OR SOMETHING, AMD TO GET WORD TO YOU -* I 6UE5& THATS Alt! DIDMT THEY SAY WHO WAS CALUM6? SURELY THEY CAVE SOME NAME/5 IF THEY DID, I DOMT KMOW-5UT TH % TOWER MAN WOULD KNOW-WELL I GOTTA 6ET BACK AND 6ET MY DIME. FOR WALKIKJ' WAY up HERE! I'M OOIM6 HOME, rr VOM*N POP Mrs. Gimmie Gets Hers! By CowanJ WPS.GIMMIES CUSIOSITY FIH1AULV GETS THE BEST OF VCP— '• PEMEMBEP- IT WAS MRS.TYTE: AND - I'M SIMPUY DVING TO KNOW IF THOSE TWO MEN WHO CALLED ON GLADYS WO?E. TVC POUCE—LtT ME TWNK- WHO WOOTE THAT UETTEP TO THE COPS CVAICK. HAS BEEM HAWING A. UTTLE TROUBLE-THANKS TO SOME TELL-TALE: _ I'LL. GET THE EGG FOR XOO MELLO 1 CAME TO BORROW AH EGG-HOW HAVE ALLEY OOP NOTH\NG. REALLY'. IT MIGHT HAVE CAUSED NO ENTJ OF TROOftLE. A COUPLE OF OUR BUSY-BODY VCK5H80PS WBOTE A LETTER TO THE POLICE ABOUT CHCK WNDTWATGOWPY WOMAW MERE'S THE EGG AND A LETTER! YOU CAN RETURN THE WHY- WHY- WHAT HAPPENED MB. u. s. MT. orr O 1933 BT MCA santce. me 61—Garden Produce Coach 36F22. Melons delivered to your MAX DTJITCH AUTO EXCH. jhome. Delivery huuii 10 a. m. - 3 Pnone 1000 323 5th j p. m. We ice melons for any occa- 1933 FORD V-8 COACH Low mileage $425 This is the season's best bargain. Don't Miss It. W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth . Dodge - Oldsmobile Prices Again Slashed! Nash Sedan -$ 98.00 Dodge Sedan $150,00 '«! Ford De Luxe Coupe __$265.00 Mathison Motor Co. ' sion. DELUXE SPORT FORD ROADster: 22,000 miles; good condition. Phone 967. 1 —Auto Repair* WE FIX THEM OR They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage FOR SALE: .FIRST CLASS watermelons and muskmelons; . MAYBE TM AN Of SOFTY, BUT I JUST CAN'T SOCKVV— NOT AFTER THAT PITIFUL WAIL- WONDER WHAT IT WOULD DO IF I'D IT A LITTLE AN' TALK REAL FRIENDLY? Alley Takes a Lickin'! By Hamlia ,9 1933 6Y IIEA SERVICE. INC.' 1 19 —Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs 16c per Ib. Young fat hens ...13c " " No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. THREE MONTH OLD WHITE rock pullets. mile east and also small pott-toes, 50c bushel. % south of Ontario. Dena Neeman. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. TOMATOES: BEST CANNING, 50c bu. delivered. Special price at field. H. T. Farrar. SWEET CORN FOR CANNING, Ic Ib. Phone 34F23. 62— Fruit. SS—'Rooms Without Board MODERN SLEEPING ROOM, ALSO board. Phone 920. 84—Housekeeping Rooms HIGHEST QUALITY WEALTHY apples. Sprayf d, hand picked, $1.50 bushel. Cider to order. 63F3. One fourth mile .south Ontario. GRAPES. 63F3. Ontario. MILE SOUTH «3— Plants, Fiowen, Shrubs FOR SALE: CUT FLOWERS. Mrs. Vickery. 403-W- 6-1—Household Goods 323 Linctlnway Gced Used Overstuffed Living Room Suite 4 good used sewing machines. Phone 910 gooa usea sewing macmnes. 5 good used Edisons and Victrola All specially priced. Well It's This Way! | w , A " T™* % [e: "I thought I had plenty of gas. \ Walsh * «™« & He: "I thought I had plenty of gas. I always fill up every 100 miles by the speedometer and I forgot the darn thing wasn't working." She: "Oh iszat so? Well, if we ever get back to town the first place we'll go is Cliff Roberson's Garage 12—Beauty Service FREDERIC CROQUIGNOLE OR combination permanents. — Allene's Beauty Shop. Phone 427. -118—Business Service Offered UPHOLSTERING Refinishing , Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work ' Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231% Main WHITE GRAN1TI Phone. 143 3-J. GAS RANGE. 76—Wasted, Miscellaneous Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES^ Gen. furnace repair work, Furnae«« ! or Pay small amount. Lutheran vacuum cleaned. Eve trough wort *"" -------- "•-••- T._.V..», Phone 685 46 Genuine Eclipse Lawn Mowers Water soaked, $14.50 Value $7.50 Christensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. 76—For Sale, Miscellaneous New City Gas Range $50.00 value $29.50 Christensen Hdwe. Phone 12 125 Main St. FOR SALE: CHILD'S MOVING picture machine. 6 films. Child's swimming pool. Phone 173S. FOR SALE: FOUR WHEEL trailer. Price $12.00. Inquire 2912 Wood street. WANTED: GOOD HOME FOR boys, age 11 «t"u 13, during school year. Work for board-room F. A. Gould phone 527-J 312 Main St C.E.SUCHER Paints and Papers Contracting Phono 14e2>> 726 Carroll AMES GARBAGfc CO. LEW C0]',a phone 2061. 18—Business Service Offered \OIIK CAR WASHED, THEN Duoo polished, $1,00. Call 1S17-W. home preferred. Write Tribune 2672. WILL PAY 6c PER POUND FOR clean, soft wiping rags. Bring to Ames Theatre office over Twin Star. WANTED: SOME CLEAN RAGS. Deal Oil Co. '»—Poultry for HOCK FRIBS - MILK FED . ,i ft fi , R " 17c - dollverod. Phone .171.,], SPRING < Droned, dellvereO. Phone 39.0. 2 FURNISHED LIGHT HOUSE- keeping rooms. 520 Crawford. 85 — Apartment*, CALL486-J Apartments and houses, close to college, clean, neat, convenient, priced right Chas. Miller, 132 Haywood Ave, FOR RENT: EXCEPTIONAL-COM- pletely equipped modern, conveniently located apartment, just been redecorated. Heat, lights and water included in rent Perfect for small family or group of friends. One seeing is worth 50 tellings. Phone 101 or 416. SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished J! and 3 room apts. Newly decorated. Light and water furnished. 1 blocL from campus. Phone 1457-W. NICELY FFURNISHED 3 ROOM first floor apt. ana two rooms on second floor. Heat, light, water, washing privileges. S15 Burnett. 1266-W. FOR> T ICE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campus, reasonably priced, see M. A, Countryman, 2728 Lincoln way. THREE OR FOUR ROOM APART- ment. furnished or unfurnished. 321 Ash avenue. 950-J. FURNISHED HOUSE AND APTS. close to college. Phone 196. Little Brothers. 322 Main. FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. TWO ROOM APARTMENT. 1ST floor. Private entrance. 302 Lincoln way. DOWNSTAIRS, FURNISHED APT. Sleeping room. 517 Main. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. 716 Fifth. rWO FURNISHED APARTMENTS with garages. 939-W. REFURNISHED APARTMENTS. 317 East Sixth street. CHICAGO OLE)—Livestock HOGS: 32,000, including 10,000 directs. Approximately 15,000 pigs and 500 piggy sows. Steady to lOc higher. ISO to 220 Ibs., ?4.50@ $4.60, top $4.60. 230 -to 300 Ibs., ?3.60@?4.50. Light lights, ?4.00@ ?4.50. Packing sows S2.70@?3.S5. Light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $3.75@?4.50; light wt, 160 to 200 Ibs.,- good and choice, ?4.25@?4.60; medium weight, 200 to .250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.25 @?4.60; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., good and choice, $3.30@$4.35: packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and good, §2.50@?3.40; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, $$2.50@?S.75. CATTLE: 1,000, calves 1,000. Fed steers and yearlings very dull at Thursday's 25 to 50c downturn on better grades. Bulk offerings stale, having been carried over from Thursday. Few loads ?4.50@ $5.75. Prospective top strictly good and choice medium weight steers around $6.50. Common kinds down to $3.50 and below. (Jther killing classes slow, steady but no life in market and killers well supplied with live cattle for early next week. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$7.00; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, |5.50@$7.25; 1100 to 1300 Ibs.. good and choice, $5.50@$7.25; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$7.25; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, $3.00@$5.50. Heifers, 550 to 775 Ibs., good and choice, $4.75@S6.25; common and medium $2.50@$4.73. Cows, good, $3.50@?4.50; common and medium $2.35@?3.50; low cutter and cutter, $1.25@$2.35. Bulls -yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.25@?4.00; cutter, common and medium, $2.25@?3.35. Vealers, good and choice, $6.50@$S.OO; medium $6.00@$6.50; cull and common $4.00 @$6.00. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers. 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and 94—Houses tor Rent 70S NORTHWESTERN AVE. 5- room modern home partly furnished or unfurnished. Garage. Phone 719-W. SIX ROOM MOSTLY MODERN house. Garage. One mile west of college. Sept. 15 to May 15. Write 2670 Tribune. choice, $4.50@$5.25; common and medium $2.75@$4.25. SHEEP: 15,000. Undertone weak to 25c or more lower. Few choice native lambs to city butchers $7.40 @$7.50. Most packers bidding $7.00 downward. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice, 1 $6.25@$7.50; common and medium $3.75@$6.50. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice, $1.50 @?S.OO; all wts., common and medium, $1.00 @ $2.00. Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, $5.85 @$6.35. CHICAGO <ILR)—Grain range: Open High Low >Clos WHEAT: May Sept Dec. CORN: 96 87% 92% 97 Mav Sept. Dec. OATS: May Sept. Dec. RYE: May Sept Dec. 62 51% 57 "44% 3S% So 74 79% .93% 62% 52 57% 44% 38% 41% 85 74 BARLEY: 63 52 94% 87% 90% 61 49% 55% 43% 38% 40% 81% 71 75% 96% 88% 92'' 62 V* 51% 56% 43% 38% 40% May Sept 64 % 53 % 52 72% 78 64% 53% New York Stocks NEW YORK O> — Following ire Friday's closing bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can 93^4 American Locomotive American T. and T 129^4 American Tobacco B 92% Anaconda 18% Atchison, T. & S. F 6S Bethlehem Steel 42^ 1 & N. W. Com ..12% torysler ! orn Products 00^4 DpPont 83 '_ 3eneral Blpctric 26% General Motors 34% "nternational Harvester ...". .42% Montgomery Ward 27% " - - ' ' - 517 £ 38 York Central Pennsylvania R. R. Sears-Roebuck .... Oil of N. J. FOR RENT: MODERN 5-ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Near college. Redecorated., Phone 1539-J. FIVE ROOM MODERN COTTAGE; one block from campus. Phone 26-J. 'OUR ROOM APARTMENT. PH. 662. 36—Wanted, Booms or Board RESPONSIBLE • COUPLE WANT, Oct. 1, three or four room un- urnished apt. Write 2671 Tribune. »0—Business Flares for Sale H)R SALK OR RENT: NEW building, 10 x 20. Fine location for andwlches, vegetables and groc- >rlPS. Also building 24 x fiO for rent. Call 2338. WO CHAIR BARBER SHOP. 4iii ward 131 Campus. FURNISHED HOMES. ALSO LOW- er apartments at college. 2057-W. NEWLY FURNISHED HOUSE, furnished apartment. 1564-W. FOR RENT: HOUSE. FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 4S6-J. FURNISHED HOME: DAY TELE- phone 309. FOR RENT: Call 273. 7 ROOM HOUSE. I'M—Swap Ad» EQUTY IN SIX HOOM MODERN lumnci for good car. Telephone 1G12-LJ. U. S. Rubber 2 U. S. Steel Westinghouse Electric. 45 Standard Oil of Ind 30V- Cities Service Today's Markets Prices bid by local dealers 28c ...$3.90 ...22 Vie No. 2 corn Ear corn .... , Oats Hogs Cream, sweet Cream, sour Eggs, No. 1 i3c Eggs, No. 2 7c Heavy hens, 4M- 1' 1S - nn ^ U P --7c Heavy hens under 4% Ibs. and leghorns 60 Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over 9c Heavy br«ed springs, under 4 Ibs IP Leghorn springs Oc Leghorn cox .... 3c All roosters 4c All number two:, two ';«nt» less. Iowa to Receive Large Share of Bonus for Hogs Iowa hog producers will receive a large share of the 40 million dollar increased income which the emergency program for adjusting hog production promises to place in the hands of hog farmers during the next several weeks, R. K. Bliss, director of the extension service at Iowa State college, said Thursday. Iowa last year marketed 27 per cent of the hogs slaughtered under federal inspection. Under the emergency hog production control program, the United States department of agriculture proposes to buy during the next few weeks ahout 4,000,000 pigs and light weight hogs weighing from 25 to 100 pounds at prices well above the present market. These prices will range about $6 per hundred for hogs weighing close to 100 pounds to $9.50 per hundred for pigs weighing 25 pounds. One million sows due to farrow within three weeks, weighing 275 pounds or more, will he bought at the market price plus a bonus of $4 per head. Since these sows will not be subject to the usual dockage for packer sows, the actual premium per sow will be | about ?5 per head above market price. According to a statement issued by Dr. A. G. Black, head of the agricultural economics department at Iowa State college and now acting chief of the corn-hog section of the Agricultural Adjustment administration, a number of terminal markets will be designated as buying centers where men from the bureau of animal husbandry will make all necessary inspection of pigs and sows bought under the emergency program. The edible portions of these FARM NEWS Farm Comment By MRS E- 0. ROBINSON Mr" and Mrs. Russel Bentley and family, southeast of Ames spent last week visiting Mrs. Ben tley's relatives in southern Iowa As Mr. Bentley has been sufferin; from rheumatism in one of his knees, and as he had that knee bumped by a horse, recently, he was unable to enjoy the visit as much'as he otherwise would have done. Mrs. Marsh, west of the college says some of her White Rock anc White Wyandotte pullets surpris ed her by beginning to lay when they were between four and five months old. Pullets which were hatched February 22, began laying July 15. Mrs. Marsh says they have had a very busy summer, en teriaining relatives, dressing chic kens for market, canning vege tables and fruit and the usual work around the place. Still she thinks they should be (and are) thank ful to be able to do these things and really enjoy doing them. will be used by the federal relief administration and will not conip into direct competition with pork in the regular trade channels. By buying these pigs and sows. Dr. Black explained, the tonnage of live boss marketed during 1SKS3- -34 may be reduced by as much as 1 " pounds or about 12 to 16 per cent. Such a reduction, if markets behave as they have in the past, should result in an increased hog market price of about 25 to SO per cent. Dr. Black said. _PRODUCE _ I CHICAGO 'L'.P>— Produce: EGGS: Market steady, prices unchanged to higher; receipts 9,236 casfi,; txtra firsts 15@16; firsts 14%drl5V2: current receipts 12@13Vi; dirties 1T,4. « BUTTER: Market steady, prices unchanged to H'' higher; receipts 14,914 tubs; specials 22&<g-23; ex- ras 22; ex;.ra firsts 2l@>21%; firsts seconds 17@1S; standards 21'4. POULTRY: Market steady; receipts 40 trucks; fowls 10(g>ll%: prlngers 10; leghorns S; ducks 7 ©9; costers 7; 2*. CHEKSE: Longhornn 1 POTATOES: On track 143; ar- vfOs 63; shipments 358; market U'ltdy. $<SS>; turkeys 10@ll: leghorn broilers 9® Twins, U%<a>l!i; Much cabbage was burst by rains. It may be made into kraut in open jars and then placed in glass ones when thru the ferment. Or it may be made in the glass jars. Some folks advocate making kraut in the open jar and then sealing it carefully with paraffine when ready. I have never tried it. Now is surely the time to "Sulphur" the apples. Wealthys are ex cellent for that purpose and are ripe enough now. prepare as for pies, place in paper lined recep tacle, put three or fou: tablespoons sulphur on coals in the middle, or under apples, and cover very closely with heavy rug or blanket. Leave three or four hours and put in a stone or glass jar with plate and weight on them. Here is the requested recipe for grape jelly in which grape crystals will not form. Use ripe grapes, pick off and wash. Cook without adding water. Do not scorch. Mash grapes and strain juice. Heat boiling hot and fill cup half full of juice. Fill up with su- j gar and stir until dissolved and cup is full. Be very sure that the juice is boiling hot. This makes fine jelly. It is Mrs. T. Links recipe. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rains and Mr. George Rains and son Franklin, who have spent the past week with relatives at Humansville. Mo.. their former home, returned home Sunday. They report crops poorer in Missouri'} than they are in central Iowa. Drouth has been very severe down there mos: of the summer. Corn is quite poor; it is never as good for oats, fruit is flcnrce. All-in-all they are glad to get back to Iowa again. Pepper Pellsh: One dozen rac-h large red and groen mango p«p- pern, six large onions. Chop or grind fine. Cover with boiling water and l«t, it. stand ten minutes Drain. Cover again with boiling water. M come to a boll asrt stand ion rn'.nuto*. Drain v<>ll. Add Jtouj tablespoons sak, tour cups I. S. C. Botanist Develops a New Cucumber Plant A tour of duty in China as an instructor in Nanking university by an Iowa State college hotanist may be the salvation of the pickle in-' dustry of the United States during the next few years. ; ; The man in the case is Dr. R. H.' Porter, associate professor of bot-' any at Iowa State. Seven years ago when Dr. Porter was in China; he discovered by chance a variety^ of Chinese cucumber that was re*, aistant to mosaic, a dread disease of the cucumber that causes heavy: Josses among pickle growers In the United States each year. '-, Mosaic -is a virus disease and ; causes serious losses with domestic varieties of cucumbers, it is- recognized by a mottling of the' leaves, during the early stages,stunting of the vines and warty- growths of the fruit. The true nature of the disease is not known. The disease also occurs on canta-? loupe, milkweed, catnip, ground r cherry, pokeweed and wild cucumber. Dr. Porter carefully tested the ; Chinese variety which he had found (o be resistant and then- crossed it with several American' varieties. Severn! hybrids wers; produced which are proving highv ly resistant to mosaic. Seed is being increased at Iowa- State this year and a small quani-f, ty will be ready for introduction' into the pickle industry next yeari' Growers in Long Island, at Arlington farm. Va., and in various parts' of Iowa are growing the hybrids this year and will report to Dr. Porter at the end of the season.- sugar and three pints, .vinegar,: cook fifteen minutes and seal in, small jars. This is fine. Many children like it as a sandwich spread, alone or with meat. Mrs. Raymond, of Knapp street, save me this recipe quite late last year, so a number of women did not use it. who want it now. It is called "Uncooked Tomato Relish." If does not require seal- "ng. and those who tried it. say hat it is excellent. One peck of ripe tomatoes washed and chon- ied fine without peeling. Put in flour sack to drain thoroly. Then mix with two or three green swept peppers and two cups celery, both chopped fine. Add half cup salt 'scant). Two cups brown sugar. wo ounces white mustard s**d, from three fourths to one quart of vinegar. No\v who was if wanfpd ih« ru- cumber relish recipp? Here !t is. If you have not the smaller cucumbers the largo ones may be UH< d '.))• peeling thf-m and removing the seeds. Two quarts chopped cucumbers. six rm-dinm chopped onions, onp rup brown sujfar, on« tfnspoonfu! turmeric, season in with cinnamon, allspic' 1 or colrry sff>d, as HUM. Cover wirli stronv vlnr-Kar, brinf? to boil And 1 bHli"v* ono nhoiilrt »Mr this •*?]} «nd brine to boil tilo«,1y to ivrmlt jirnxonfrifftt to p*at-fr;»i<» nil thru the maa« of ciiopptl tables.

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