Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE.EOIIR tHE iOLA DAILY REGISTER. Tnl^lkY EVENING, DEC 29« 1927. IOLA DAILY REGISTER • CHAS. F. SCOTT _• Entered nt the . lola Postofflo* u Si >cond (3as9 {Uatler. Telephone '. k.. 14 — <Private Branch KxchnnKe Connectlnc AJl Departments). SUBSCRIPTION RATES i By Carrlir In lola. Gas Clly, LftHarpie X-! ^ nnd BfiMett .V One •U>i»k IB CenU .-One Month 70 CenU .One Year .•...17.80 / ' BY MAIL. : - Outride Allen County •; .-One IVn r ; $5.00 • Rlz Months $2.60 Thi -eo.M'Jjilhs " $1.60 In Allen County - One r ^.ir- H.OO • Six Months 12.00 Thrti: Months $1.Z& — Oni Month BOcJ ^ , Member of— .- National. Editorial Atwelatlon. _ ^Kansas Press Association. The -Kansas Dally League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press .Congress of the World. Inland Dally .Press Association. Official Papeii City of lola. Officlar Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper Allen County. MEIVIBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The l:>'«ister carries the Associated •~Tr<ss ri-iiort by siM ^lal lea.sed 'wire. Thf Associ.iti-d Press is exclusively'en- tllled to thi? use for.repuliUcation of - B U IK'WS .dispatches credlteil to It or - not oilu-rwise!' crttllted in this paper, - arid also th.- news published here, In; All rishts or republication of sp^- ciili ili.><patcne3 herein' are also re- -^erveil. Bible Thought for Today. Tlii.s is lovi.'.' that wo walk after liis cfiniiiianclmentK,^ —H John 6. M'PKOVK iKOAD IDE.V. Frol)al)!y , the most thorough , jilndeiit of good roads in this-sec- tinn of I he country is Mi-. .T. Frank r Sinilli, iu'cliarge of the Good Koiiils I'.iiroaii of the Kansas City .loiirnai. TIic Register is pleased, -ihercforo. to have his endorsement of th>;' sii«i;o.stlon j-ecenlly made hy I lie iilitor of Uiis paper that a, I'omiiiifeioii lio appointtMl hy the I'jDViTl^r out a road pro- i;r:iiii ;:tn ('l H consistent road law . for K:ins:is. In a recent letter to 111.' iditoi-iif tlio Keglsler: Mr. -.Sliiiiri Mi/h . •. •' _. ••'I'd'- enclosed clipiilliK from tlio .loiirnal of l)i-i-euilier 17 will show lliirt offli-.' iK'ileves your HUg- K'-sllori ''is a Kood one. "1 liopi- tin; Covernor will put your MiKKisilon-liilo effect at once, as 111.-. Conimisslon will have a very iiniiorlaiil joh to carr.y out the plan iiiadi- in your HUKKcstlon, hut It Is ilp-.kiiisililc way to gel out of the TllU(i.l|.-. ' 1. '"L l>'-ll<-ve H K; road tilltialion Is cti-ailui: more interi-st and dlscus- xioii tliaii il ever dlil before, and whUe il is a live topic, it is a good U.iiie \i{ v;,\ action if poSBlhle. • "1 have jti-i received a letter -from .lolin I r-.ll of Plcasanton, KansaA. askii for a copy'i^f the •• Iowa ConstII i. to see vfhether it differs gie. from the Kansas • ' Coiistiiution. .: r"ason for siig- pe.sliiic the Tow i'lan In Kansas • wa.>5 tliat til • Attorney General ^slated, that in liiii opinion, th^ - "state cpulii spend all the money -'"it wished, ,in building road.i. by -•usin.:; ihe county commissioners'as • arejiis. Tliis of coure would have >lo he investicated thoroughly, to •-^lef .rmine )v.>i'etlicr the thing could lie dune in Kansas or not, and your .^^ commission Avoiild be the proper *• Iiody to make the investigation." . - The edil(5rial in tlie Kansas City FORCED |FARH 6ALES. What Gov. Bailey <»!Is the "paid 'mourners" for the farmers, meaning by that the salaried officials of tarm organizations -who miist ssake a show of doing soi^etblnlg in order to Iceep thblr ^jobs, and the aspiring politicians «-ho also must make a show of doing something In order to get votes^ hare had ro much to say these paxt few years about the dcpressc'd condition of agriculture as to give the Impression that farm mortgages are being "foreclosed by wholesale nd farm owners ripldly becoming ^arm tenants of i )wn workers. Ir. view of thisi-'Iolorot!* tales it is iea:>8urlng ant \ eticouraging to learn through a circular issued lately by the Department of Agriculture upon "The Farm Reajes- tate Jsltuatlon" that throughout^thc ent'ie countr>' during the twelve months ended March 15, 1927, only 2.28 p6r cent of the farms changed ownership through forced sale. Certainly that is not a very heavy percentage of failures; It Is doubtful if any other Indiistry could make a better showing. Certainly •if comparison were made with retail merchandising it. would be found that the percentage of failures among merchants; has been far higher. But even low as Is the percentage of foreclosures the country over, right here in this particular section the record is very much better. The Federal iLand Bank of Wichita has just Issued a report showing that of the 30,000 farms mortgaged to that bank only .54 per cent—about one* farm out of every 200.—has been taken over ly fo.-eclosMrc.; Of course so low ai rate of foreclosure : is accounl- aJile for In part hy the special care '.liVil - Is, taken , In - placing the loan, nut with all possible allowance on INFOR A BLbw. NEOSHO VALLEY (C. L. Arnold) IJec. 2.S.—Sun Jay School at Sa- ihls-score the record is one that i'""'«•"""•<;•'. '">_ «""'"»>'. January , , , 1. 1J28. Christian Kntleavor at , could not have been. Inader If the! p „, preaching by the pasloi-. farm lousiness had b^en <is unl foimly unpnifltalde as r- presented to he some years ago at their lionie in Harvey county, since wliidi lime ( .Mrs. .N'elterBall has kept liers" If drain and tree as everybody antici- endearcd to old friends Isiie hy fi'ei|iieiil vl.sils. All wlio knew li'i in earlii-r life. a.s wel 1 as otjiei , Willi liave been joined in frieml- sliip liy her visits or some spiii:il liirn of ctrciimslaiices. fe«-l >;iea',> ; the Uev. N. U. Vezle, :it 8 p. ni. We it Iiiis been I iindcrHtanil there will be extra .mu.^iral IS In con-inli. li ,,,.1,.^.,,,, ,,y r,.a.s,m of her d.alh. uilh ii;ls sTNl.r. »virh . iillvcliing :j,,,,, ,,„. ,,„,.,.„„. ,„ ,.„,,. ~ feature.-- .lllill^' oilier lilies. Traver ' llie.-ijii>,' <iii \\'eiliiesil;.y evening, ifecular luiiiiMily \V. .M...\. nieei-! Dr. I.iiclwlK guldde, ,who .shares- i„j, „„ Thnr.-day. ,Mli. I\ Tin: IIAV.S Ill I lie. .\oliel Teaee I'rl is a I'lil- Tile pioKram at .SaJ in Ciiaiiel ily and friends. I.loyd Hook all- ('liri.-liiias di.-i-' ;ner Willi Ills iiarenl.s. Mr. and .Mi-, Clk-irles Hook, ill lown. h -itli appri>cdated help from some liii -rs, gav&a good Christmas pro- VI r.-;il.v of .Miinli'li pr<ifessor wlio'Jasi Hiiiiiiay evi-iiiii>; hroir.;hi out W:!w „Mee i.htiai i/.i-d h-y- Ills lOilli- »"'e lielKlilMirliiiod people In 111- e.\- iryi.ien for his ailack On III - " The Clirlsliiias "iiliriaiiiiiu ii' uiven by .Miss l-:ida Haliiiiier and her .school at Neosho Valli y i>ii Thursday eveiiliiK of last wei I:, was a carefiill.v selected pvouijitn. Weill aw.iv ilisaiipoliileil wiili tin |y, of the, Kaiser. As . deleiiate lo i ,.„„.,,.,|„„„.,„ M -,,, . ,„...i,„e tiiati: .„,.,, ,„ ..r,.,,,,.,,,!,- ii .-,n Ibe twentieth .'nivi-rsal Peace .'i.n- some of the ail. o - the IMo .ram , ;-;;'\-'|,;^ ;;,.:->;.'-:;;'l^^^ fei-rnce at The Hami • in l!U:i. he w.-n- umiMiaily st i- km^: . and very The fact that t he .-.-..-reives , moved before the conference a pro- aiipropriately hioui;li 1 were given almost whullv l>v tlie posal for gradual disarmament, ati"\"""^ ''...^„ UV\MW\ ilself. mak,-s the lav...-.,l,le • ' I .Mrs. .Miranda (.(.ainejl Ilarr ar- i,„,,r,.ss more distlmi and wvrihy:' ated it wmild be. Mrs. Schuster ll~ :in unfirin'K teacher, and usual- V puis anything she undertakes ver in Kooil, sluipe. .Mrs It. y. Hale remained with er sisier. .Mrs. Mary N'chergall. iirlii!.' ilie last week or more of er illness, and .Mr. and Mrs. Guy |tale. .Mrs. Man'Hunter and chlld- 11. (j.-irence l.iitz, .M,r. and Mrs. iValter Kiish. .Mr.s. HI lid ottiers went out i\i Hcston to tti-iiii the funeral. Mrs. I'aiisy .lohnsiin lii -ndcd llie funeral Irs. Iiiiuan's baby in :iy. .Miss Calherlno. Ill ii> the .lolinson hoi^e to remain everal days. Charles Williams w >nt to Cha- liiite and siicnt Chrlstiias with hi8 THE the llie :!an-ie time sev-iely blaming ,.j^.„,, ,.,.,„„ j.,.,.,,^ ^„.,. , ^^^^ ^ ^. j.^^.^,,^. Germany for the iiier. ase in arma-,|;,si week for a visit with her par-jjias Ciiy Friday of last week to re-• mints in Kiirope. Hiirinp the war cuts.'.Mr. and .Mrs. C. U'.. Carner.: over Christmas with iier son.! lie' snliject It criticism by mlllt-ary aulhorijiles. lie is best remembered, howdrer, for h's p\iblication of a book' by w-.'iJch he hoped to show the dangers in 'he accession to the throne of William II. He lost many friends arid gained many enemies I.-y it. as he must: have foreseen. and that it still rankles in some .loiinial to which Mr. Smith refers circles is shown by the storm n uch adverse -^''"^ <'".^' i'n''jf'. K Jacoby and famil.v. i family aiid olliurs of thi.s placf. ; jjr. and .Mr.s. .1. >:. Ilutchin.sim -.Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson and i motored to Kaii-^as City at tiKi daughter. Jliss Pearl, were Clirist- 1 week end to'sp-nd Christmas with mas dinner guests at the home of! friends, hut riliirned home Suii- J. W. Jotin.son and family, and iniday night, as .Mr. Hmcliinsoii liad the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. .l<e to take care of the- mail lonlf. j Xeedliam. of 0.\ford. Kan.. , and j while Mr. l-ee .Moore and wifi- Mr. I'at Smith and son Edward. I were away on a Christmas visii •Mr. and .Mrs. .1. E. Hutchinson, | in St. Joe. Mo., witli Mrs. .Moore's camo in and were there for slip-j folks. j per. After supper Mr. and M!rs. I Mr. and .Mrs. <;. A. .Merrymaii; Xuedham, accompanied by Miissjand Miss .\(ma .Merrymaii •.•iiid K is as follows: "Tlie" j Kansas press generally . seems impressed with the wisdom 'of llie ijecent siigpe.stions. made by I'Cliarles i F. Scott in his lola Reg- ;rist(|r as to the Kansas road situa- • •'."tioii. Mr. Kcott lias renewed and = amitiified his suggestions. His lat_ est editorial on the question will lie found oil this page of The' • Journal. with which the German Nationalists have received his nomination for the Nobel Award. ' Trustees of Kansas Colleges who find difficulty in making ends meet and arc constantly torn between the weariness of appealing I Icr funds and the embarrassment .. ".vir. Scoit seems to have got to'„f f^^..-^ .,„„„a, deficits,'may per- Ibe heaii of Ihe subject. Such .a, , " , . , , , .. ^commission as lie suggests should "'•''P-'' comfort in the last -be able to -consider iill.phages of! annual report of the President of the tTouhloiis problei ^i, legal and |Coliimbia University. This report Florence Johnijon, left'^on tlieir return home. • Iciiristmas. service and dinner ^t | .Mr. and iMrs. J. E. Hutchinson their, cliiin-li. at Gas. and Mr. Henry .Miller and his folks Jack Tav.ney and family and attended the McKinncy funeral j Mr.'and .Mrs. C.asche spent Christ- near Diamond Monday. and Pauline of Mr. land town Saiur- >ugan came on Karl and family, ti ay tliey brought hiin emained during the \\ vining Mi-.:!C)lin Burt :h and fani- ly. of lola.- land Mr. md Mrs. F. Shiiltz. w-ere at trie Wllllams- iicks home for a few liours visit. Mrs. s. W.J Whitlow; of Wichita, ceoiiipnnii-il Mier sistei. .Mrs. Barr, ver from • W'ichita la.-t week. S. K. Ro .ts. who sp?nt several iionihK; in Colorado, cjime over on he woH side to- see hjis.son Chas. ivho is sick. Chas. Udss and wife ,-ive been at the J. I. tj'onger home ir a ifew week.s. J. y. Slack's ;folks received a urge box of Chrlstnias fruit-from nd on Mon; home and •ay. In the P. Williams and family attended .-iiplorida. ,Mr. and Mrrf. Georgj lid son of Erie. Kan., [Mrs. j.eon Cleaver of riiayer Cleaver.' of otherwise. . Such -i^ commission • oiiglit (o know just iiow any law woiifd he received b>i tlie various -,Itutuiols of road o|iinion in Kan^ •.«'is ,l, If it got no farther than the iire'iiaration of u code of tlie con: fliclinu road statutes for publication, the educational' value would be worth tlie effort, "liut the lominisslon can dO far inure. Il can. with a desire to • remedymailers, try to get logeth- . 'er -on a workable liiw, without a eonstitulio'tiai amendment. If It -r .cannot, the people, as Mr, Scott; , points out, will tlien know that the .const It lit inn must be amended In .order tliali kiiiiHas may have a road sysiehi which ail citizens profess .70 favor, differing as much as they .dp on Ih' it siiall be l(ind of system and how -Imlit" Tlie ten men and two women .'who SI i-'ved :is jurors in ilie Remus ^^<ase'. .the (-ase of the Cincinnati .bootlec.cer,Ivho murdered his wife; ;liave done aliont' as much to bring the jury system into discredit as <-onld w-ell he conceived. In the •-fii'.st pliiie' iliey acquitted Remus . on the score of insanity. Then "•vvhen one of the witnes .ies for Re- :Jiius was indicted for perjury the jury jiclitiijlied Ihe judge to be lenient w-ith him on the .score that ir was his lestihiony. which they believed to he true, uiwrn w-hich ihey ba|^ed Dielr verdici. And then -tlu-y Clipped the climax of their ~ lassinliiiiy l>y jsending a petition to ~ jUie^^ Probate-Judge asking him to finiTthat Uemiis is not now crazy wlien the question of his sanity trnives before the court, jlt such ^cndiict • doe. lot place the mem- ry In contempt of y cannot fall to shows I fiat the deficit of that institution last year was something like $140,0110, that It Is carr>-ing ai loan of $,1,000,000 contracted in^ 1909 and another loain of $4,750,000 contracted in 192,=;, iind that according to the view! of^ its I'resi- dcnt. Nicholas Murray Butler, It Is underfinanced to tht amount of $60,000,000, and that notwithstanding that Its annual Income Is; more than $8,000,000. In this report Dr. Butler rises to the 0 .caslon by appealing to everybody' In ;thc Nation w have come.' 0 w:iH shou'd of Now York rnd p<:ilicularly in New York to remember Columbia in his will. "The time ishoiild no lie writes.; "w-hen n l>c drawn in the city without containing s^me provision. 1-jrge or sniall. to sjlrcngthen Columbia." It seems to bo a case of nt rve attempting tq measure up «o need Word was received here Sunday last-that Mrs. .Mai;y Nebergall had passed away at noon of that day at home in He.ston. Later her relatives and friends of this place, went thither to attend the funeral, held Tuesday afternoon. .Mrs. Mary iCPiirdoml .Nebergall came into this neighborhood and with her parents. Mr. arid Mrs. R. M. Purdom and her sisters, settled on the old Purtlom place, now occupied hy the Johnsons, as yie recall, in 1.ST8. .\fter getting an education, she taught her first t 'cmi of Bchoolaf Onion Creek, and' in tlio- rourse of tlni,e she was wedded to Mr. James Nebergall. who "was also living in these parts.. As is well known. Mr. Neliergnll tiled mas at tlie home of Roliin Butler j and family. .Mr. and .Mrs. Everett Havis and , their two cliildren. of Kredonia. w-ere at the Ba.xley ^lome .Monday, andilater in the dav .Mr. and Mrs. • J. V. Slack and Ileloh Slack.! of lola. and Miss Bcrnice Suave-i ly w-ere there. We understand that S. T. and I.. J. Baxley have rented the Slack farm for another year. ;uid C. M. Eppeson has i-ented the farm that has be<-n our i-onstaiif dwellint; place for more tbaB thiriy-iwo anil a lialf .vears. Gaston Fontaine and wife visited his parents over Christmas and several days following at Ileiiry- etta, Okla. - Tlie I'nion school and fea.hrr. b McCuiston 'and Mr. and periver. Col., Manhattan, Frank Davaine spent liome of Mr. !r, where' a Kan., and Mr. and Mrs nport and , son Lor 'Isrisltnas day at the ind Airs. Albert Cloav [rood dinner \yas served, the bonds if fanflly love strengthened, and ellowsliip of friends mingled in oyous appreciation. .•\Ir. and Mrs. E. H Crook and larold. .Mr. and J r.s. Millard 'rook. Mrs.. Audrey tCrook)jTal- ey and daughter Ela ne, at6 dinner Christmas dayiat the home of Mr. and iMrs- Hard|ng at Humboldt iinl on Monday Mr, a id Mrs. Bert r'lark ajid daiightcr- Inez, Miss Agnes 'Ihonipson, Ms. Harding iiid daughter and Ml. Pat Kelly, f UumVoldt and Mn. Tl R. Ahl--| er.s. of Wichita Falls. Tex., viilted nt the K. H. Crook h imc. i .iK -rs (if Hie ;<;ourr it cv 'bring them ; ^he court. the contempt of ..Tlie severe test of friend- ijiliir- is '>-.-h-:!i-.i- it wi'l s-a:iil a Since the close of the war. according to Everybody's Monthly. Great Britain and 'Ireland have spent more than ten billipri dollars on into.xicating liquor.s.- And yet British statesmen Insist that most of their financial trnubies are due to I'ncic Sam's hard-hearted insistence that the th^ee billion dollars Britain owes him should be paid in the course of the nest sixty vears: : - The Santa Fo hasi played Santa Cl-ius to 'a Kow\ many thousand brtisans with an order recently placed of l.OIJO box jcars, 500 gondolas. 500 refrigerator, cars, 300 tiac cars, 500 automobile cars, 250 D. .stock cars, 50 |s. D. stock carsi 100 ballast cars, 100 steel cabooses, and 100 air dump cars,— :rS50 carij In all. Evidently the S-m(« F- evpii-;-- j ; 1 -.r::-v in Don't Raise Kirer Ituad. To the Editor: I see by, your paper that county commissioners are undecided, whether to raise the west road out of lola up above high wi tcr mark, or sitnply repair it at Its present level. It would seem tlmt any. I< vel headed man I would see that if it were built tip above high water mark, that it I would be a huge (iam that would r|ilBe the w^ater higher than ever before and also greatly retard the flpw-otL the flood i water mark at ^ila extends ft-orii the Santa Fc grade tajthc cross roads two miles west-. The only way (he road could be raiged above high water mark ali Ihe way, would be to buUd it on trestles, if the road is not'to be a huge dam. Even a few' trestles would be of no avail. Either all trestlework or not raise the road should, be the plkn. If the road is raised above high water mark, there will be more farms and other things drowned out than ever before. If the rbad is thus raised and the men responsible escape lynching, they are Iticky. :•• Anyone knows that if even | a! barn door is set up in the flood; it restricts the vater flow ind backs up the water. What of{ a huge dam, two miles long? Other counties are striving \ to hasten the rtjf»-off of the flood watersi and why should we seek to hold it back. What has bien is always liable to occur againl. From May 7 to the May 20. 1^44 there were nine days of rain, iind daily from 23rd to. 29th inclusive; when June came In everything was all set for,a flood. In June, 1884 there was 8.53 Inches rainfall on the Neosho watershed;. Jiily 12 inches; August 8.08; totaling 28.61 inches in 90 days or abOut one-third of an inch for every day In the,90 days. An Indian legend says that 'stranded logs were left where the court house now stands. lloweVcr. this must be a mistake as It is 22.38 feet .fall fiom Ihe west court house door to the west side of the Santa Fe grade at the point of high water mark, west of town. To be exact, the elevation at l^he west court door Is 9G7 .0S inches, and It Is Interesting to now note that at the public'square in Humboldt it is 983.55, or 1*!.47 Inches higher at Humboldt than in lola. Thus it will be seen how- Important It Is to hasten the runoff instead of retarding it. Just west of the Santa Fe grade at flood water mark, the elevation Is 944.7 feet. Then it drops to 941.5 and on each'side of the river at the bridge it raises to 946.0| or about two fec{ above the flood elevation at the Santa Fe depot. Just;why the river.bed should ^ave cut through the highest land is not iquite plain, but it shows; us the gr^at danger of an overflow to the mile on each side. The-elevation in the mile wiest of the river continues to fall, first reading 945.7. "then . 943.5. then 941.5, then 940.7, then just east of the cross-roads 940.3 or 4.4 be^o^v| flood water mark. This point is no doubt tiic orip-! inal bed of the river and if it ' should cut across there again and make a channel, it would greatly hasten the run-off of the flood waters, and prevent lots of liigli ; water that we now get. I have, seen four inches of rain fall in:20 minutes, and should this happen all over the Neosho watershed, good-bye lola, even to the court house. - . J. C. NORTO.N. Moran, Kans. Thelirik's a Thespian Bete 's ThelmaTodd of the hiovies. and If she isn't a thesplan, who is? She •wears.whatever it is very nicely. .•\le.\an(ier Alexliiuc. ' thi* new <-hes^ champion of the win-W. possesses a most exU-aordiiiai-y;mem-i hoa.-=; of hiniug established a Probably no other performe: • in' any hranih of sport Ls able ory. On one occa.-iou lie rilayed 2 .S games simultaiieoiisl.v a^naiiisl 2S of- the host players in prance, sitting with his back lo: lijs op- p.oiieiits. He won 'Si Kahi'-.s and last ::. liie others hein^ lirinvii.- i -u new .-\iiiericaii and world's to jtoz- fec- ords (iiiriiig the year now drawing to a dose. This is the 1927 j accomplishment (if- Johnny Weiiss- miiiler. tlif< swimming ace of the IHiuois Athletic Club. IS THERE NO RELIEF FROM SKIN TORTURE? Muist*! Continue to Suffer the Unbearable itcbinff.? ;Are you ode of those unfortunates who are jjoinj; throuuh iit'e BOffering with a skin itfst'ase, making, you uncomfortaMe .r inak-. ing you less efficient, intcri'ering with your working hours, raining your sleep? YOumay have^tried many things without relief. Why not try S.S.S.? I-'or inore-^ than 100 years it has been givinjj relief in many forms of skiri disease. Thousands of lefleis of gratitude prove its worth. "I feel so happy i^r v. hat S.S.S. has done for. nie rthat I |\vant others to know about it. 1 suffered twenty lone years ;from eczema. At times the itching was unbearable. 'Durin.g that tiine. I used all kinds of salves without receiving any real benefit. After taking six bottles of S.S.S., I was cured of this dreadful disease. I recommend S.S.S. to anyone suffering from eczema, because I cannot praise it enough for what it has for me." Cleophas Forfc, Soldiers and Sailors Home, Quincy, 111. . . |- S.S.S. is purely vegetable. It is extracted from the fresh root i of medicinal plants and herbs an'i gives to Nature what she needs in building you up so that yopr system throws off the cause. ,: S.S.S. is sold at all good drisr stores in two sizes. The larger is more economical. The; National Football League, the leading organization of professionals, reports that the sea.son Just ended was the most successful in ;i.ta history. ATHREDAYS' SYOUR S Gil :P«n]itent,c«ibgha and colds lead to leriotts tronUe.] You can stop them now with CreomiUawD, an emulaified creosote tliat is pleasant to uke. Creomul- sioD isja new medical discovenr yritb two-fold action; if Soothes andf heals the inflamed membranes and-inbibiu genn growth. | Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by hi^ medical authorities as one of .the greatest healing agencies'for persistint coughs and colds and other forins of throat troubles. Creomulsion contains, in ac ^dition to creosote, other hMling elemjenls wliich soothe and heal the infected jAembranes and stop > the irritation and [inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat ot the trouble and checks the growth of the gemis, 1 . CreomidsioD is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, lironcbhis and otiier forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the 8 )-stem after colds or i flu. Money, refunded if any cough or cold is not reliered. after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) Centrally Ipcated—rearing itself sixteen stories in the very heart of the downtowrrdistrict—embracingeyery appointment—offering eyery convenience and service— The Aladdin Hotel is the favorite of bc^h travelers and shoppers. 256 nx>ms and 256 baths—complete dinijig service and idunge rooms. 5 R A T E <>' SnglrRooiiM . . . S2.SOtJ.J4.00 Double Roomi. . . $3.50$6.00 V ; rtTCpnal—Modem /, WYANDOTTE South 0/ TWELFTH Stops Coughs In Wive Minutes ' I 'ti£^ 6nt •poonfal brines relief. BnnkM up Cheat Coldi. ralievM.Hasracnew. Uackiox ud Sore TbiMta. Creo-Lyptlis Palatable t -mbination of Craoiote and Eocalrptus.: ncomended for children and adnlts by pbTKiana eretyw^ieiBi rarSatoSr ^ .=:r.\!i.^onni-f:ir nnn.s, i L I T E Matinee, .lectures Only 1()c-20c; Night, One Show Only ' Pictures afid Play 10c-40c Bijc' Double Program Tonight and Tomorrovv 1 . . Presenting „ TtlB REED-ELTON PLAYERS ' 15 —People—1.5 in • V "THE FLAPPER" CJifl ^i. AcoiiUi you marry a man who had lots of money, that j-ou tlid not love? S ^e thi.s play and then form your an.swer. -; - fVaudeville Spewalties Between Acts liia ChaiSeston Contest i ' THF : GOklLLA HUNT" - - . ' I'.eii Iliirliriilg'-spiiliir.- oi' 'lie fcrt-.-it .-Vfrican jungle. Mighty iiiiin-liki: iito'isti-rs ol tlie jiiii^lu hrouglu right into the camera's 'eye; Thri;liug fight.s .with eSepiiants.. lions, pythons, crocodiles. A ihrill-pitL- pirtin'e it" tiieru yviM- wijs one. This is the KEAti thing.' ^ ^ ? • . i : Comedy—f'Buli Fighter'

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