Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 20, 1965 · Page 24
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 24

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1965
Page 24
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i:L'\C 'luLoUAV, JllLi' I 965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Wednesday, July 21 "The wise man controls his destiny. . ..Astrology points thej way." i ARIES -Mar. J1 --Apr. 19>;j Cycle continues high. Money; affaiv can be amiably settled.: Fine time for selling ideas, pro-j ducts. Be swift and direct. Uti-; iize innatf sense of independ-| once, originality. ! TAURUS (Apr. 20 -- May! "Ui: You can i:i>\v begin to; inakp headway with personal oti'orts. See peoole - br seen. ; Ur.)5i2e sense of hoauty. Enter-' indicated Adci to ward-] robe, if necessary GEMINI 'May 21 - June 20)' Whatever you do — do it with enthusiasm. Don't worry about past. Look to future. Plan, outline aspira'ions. P r e pare campaign. Good time t o deal with groups, organizations. CANCER (June 21 —July 221: Good for making top-level d e - cisions, carrying through o n promises. Pay and collect debts. BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 20 V Q 10 8 5 2 * Q 1094 3 + AJ WEST EAST A 5 3 A 6 4 2 V K .7 7 V A 9 6 4AJ75 « K82 4 10752 *Q963 SOUTH (D) * AKQJ 1087 ¥43 * 6 *K84 East and West vulnerable South West North East 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — * 2 to thin'/ awhile before playi n g from dummy. He would have seen that he had nothing to gain oy a successful club finesse, vhen he would have gone up with dummy's ace. led a club to his king, ruffed his last club and claimed his seven spade tricks. Instead, he hurried at the first trick and then spent seve r a 1 hopelesr minutes in an unsuccessful attempt to recover from his initial error. Quick Quiz | By JACOBY & SON 1 North's tone of voice was | philosophical, taut with a sligh Q—Is there a noticeable tide j in the Great Lakes? ; A—No, it is barely perceptible. 1 It is called a seiche and is part! ly due to atmospheric conditions. i Q—What fort was George Washington once forced to surrender? A—In the French and Indian War, at the Battle of Great Meadows, Washington had to surrender Fort Necessity. Q—How widely is the metric touch of bitterness he asked his system of measurement used? with congenial persons. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 221: Time to finish what you start. Expand influence, interests. Gain indicated through dec u THE TOASTER LADY!—Add a charming touch to the kitchen with this cute doll whose softly smocked skirt covers up the toaster! Made from gay gingham in your favorite color! Pattern No. 2929-H has pattern i partner. "I suppose you took that club fjnesse just to see if: the finesses were going to work for! metric you today Or were you taking • States pity on your opponents?" "It looked like a free finesse," replied South, "and I didn't see that fie play could cost me a trick Anyway, it might have ! worked " A—More than 90 per cent of world now operates on the system. The United! and Britain use a dif-1 ferent system. j Merriweather Personals „..,., ,,,.., r Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lor ens South had played the jack of' returned to Cnicago after two LJO11 I liJUl^ClttU li.ll.UUgJ> ^t^-V*V4 i -_-- -- -- - _.-..__-_-, AV-fcLiillV-W Lw V»I*^t»^V/ t»AV*-i L»»w ments. writing, publishing. Keep! Pieces for doll; graph for smock- clubs from dummy just about weeks - vacation at their cabin - ~- - l! — c -" -"—*•••— as soon as dummy had appeared . nere on the table East's queen had \ u '. and Mrs wmiam Church ^ C ?ll°^^ in !,L S °^ ha ^ and family. Kingsford, recently ing; full directions To order, send 35c in coins:— Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago. 111., 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. communication linns clear. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Individual who wishes to make point could PTOVOKP argument Be alert. Don't t.amper prestige by engaging in verbal fireworks Stress tact and diplo-! macy | LIBRA (Sept. 23 —Oct. 22):] Use your intuition. Put together! various pieces of puzzle. S e e k j jatterti .then base actions on nner feelings. Delve deep Jndeiotand your own motives. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 — Nov. Hi: Combine humor with ser-i '• ous feitorts. Good for dealing; PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mar. 20): vith questions concerning finan- Money pressure due to be relieved. You have more oppor- for Send 50c now for your new '65 Fall and Winter Album! Regular features:: custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! t u n ' t > for s e 1 f-expression A time to investigate, experiment. Fine for putting thoughts on paper, outlining major project. a tt <t IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. .you have great sense of humor —are attractive t o i :es. Find reasons for recent actions, reactions. May be wise o consult legal expert. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21):: You could be called upon to answer for recent e x - travagances. Be prepared with facts, figures. Sincere approach gets best results. Be realistic and cooperative. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 —Jan. 19): Relief of some restrictions and greater freedom indicated. Especially good for romant i c aursuits, vacation activity. Stress creativity, change, t r a - vel. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — F e b . 18) : Stick with the familiar — try to remain close to h o m e oase. No time for speculation. ! ;aking unnecessary chances. Be' Oldest unchanged border A-ith jne of proven loyalty. Then the European continent is mind is at ease. Spanish-Portuguese frontier. rest of the hand but all to no avail. He had to lose a club in addition to his three red cards and was down one trick. If West had opened a trump, South would have had no play' for his contract, but the club lead had delivered it to South j on a silver platter. | All South had to do would be' members of opposite sex and would make fine sales executive. A * 4 GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for TAURUS. GEMINI. Special word to SAGITTARIUS: If member of family has valuable suggestion, listen and learn. Q—The bidding has been: East South West North 1 * Dble. 2 • Pass Pass ? You, South, hold: AAQ76 VKJ86 •3*K942 What do you do? A—Doable again. Your partner should have a fen- high cards and a four-card suit somewhere. TODAY'S QUESTION You double again. West bids three diamonds and it is passed around to you. -What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow recently visited at the W. Pikka home in Thomaston. Betty and Clifford Cook are visiting in Aurora, Minn., at the Joseph Sailer home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellsworth recently visited with Mrs. Rose Ellsworth at a rest home in Ontonagon. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ellsworth and Mrs. Rodney Ellsw o r t h were recent business callers in Ewen. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pequet visited in Waukegan with their daughter, Dixie, for a week. Mrs. Stanley Ray, Topaz, Mrs. A d e 1 e Applekamp, Bergland, and Mr. Jack Ellsworth were callers recently in Wakefield. Walter Savinski, Marquette, spent a weekend with his mother Mrs. Madeline Haskins. Mrs. Orin LaVoy and {daughter, Debbie, are visiting 1 relatives in lower Michigan. Mrs. Balch and- grandso n s , Milwaukee, are vacationing a t their cabin on Lake Gogebic. on the BUGS BUNNY COME INI HERE, CICERO! YA KNOW TH' PUNISHMENT PER BUSTIN' A /] WINDOW! ' UPSTAIRS T' BED AN'NO SUPPER! •J-20 CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner ' "Yes Indeed I do know what makes a motor tick . . . and for your information, I won't have any more until payday!" SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox -f I Hi br NEA, lot TM. Ktg. U.S Pat. Off. 7-i.o "Hey, I've got a better, idea! Let's tell our dads we want a fab clubhouse!" pre- Hodgepodge Answer to Previous PuzzU ACROSS 1 I<copard. for example 4 Baking chamber 8 "Black Earth" community 12 American humorist 13 Spacious 14 Sambar genus, for one 15 Oriental coin 16 Trunked beasts 18 Suffers 20 Inflow 21 Certain means of transportation 22 Warble 24 Classify 26 Beach material 27 Baseball club 30 Mulct 32 Bridge holding 34 Second vending 35 Expunged 36 Painter's forte 37 Biblical name 39 "Good Queen 40 Potter 41 Masculine nickname 42 Inflate 45 Official proof (law) 49 Pardon 51 Stripling 52 Above 53 Gaelic 54 of lamb 551s victorious 56 Obnoxious plant 57 Crafty MOWN 1 Container 2 Arabian gulf a Soflpst 4 Indebted ones 5 Befouled 6 Ancient jiame of Urfa 7 Fiber clusters 8 Malaysian tribal division 9 Operates 10 Italian city " 11 Shoemaker's gadget 17 Obstruct 19 Excessively i prefix) 23 Bury 24 Feminine appellation 25 Sheaf 26 Appears 27 "Diamond" gadgets 28 High cards 29 Scatters, as hay 42 Forehead 31 Strikes (coll.) 43 Jacob's son. 33 Mogul governor (Bib.) 38 Seek to attain 44 Augur 40 County — (pi.) 41 Having a skeleton 46 Flower 47 Chinese weight 48 Snappish 50 Stitch NEWSPAPER ENTKKI'KISE ASSN. VOU NEVER GAVE ME A CHAMCE TO EXPLAIN. WHEN ITOLP X5U THAT ANOTHER. TWO YEARS OF LIFE WAS MeXPKreO, I MEANT 1 EXPeCreO TO PIE ON THE 'OPERATING TABLE! PONT mi ME VOU'RE RUNNING OUT ON YOUR PATIENT, PR. CLARK'S BEEN CALLING FOR you. BEN! VOL) CAN'T HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT I'M AN UM GRATEFUL OLD MONSTER «)T9iS br NtA. Inc. T.M. It]. liS? fa). OH.p By Merrill Blosser FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I WONDER. IF THAT THING KEEPS TiME I AT NISHT.POP/ r-RISClLLA'S POP By AI Venneer ONLY I DON'T THINK ABOUT AND IT'S JUST AS HOT FOR ME AS IT IS FORTbU! nnn a oaoa pane aaat ana n n nno naa ODD By Dick Cavalll HATE NOTIFYING MORTY MEEKLE n,\PTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner OF ALL TH& ATROCITIES COMMITTED IN THE NAME OF ART. THIS IS THE — r APPALLIMS BUT LOOK AT THOSE NAME51 VOU SURE THEY'RE SLTTFAKES, KOONTZ? INCREDIBLE I EACH OWE WORSE THAN THE OJHER 1 . NO SANE MAN WOULP PAY FOR THE LOT! I AMI HOW Y SO THAT EXPLAINS \ YOU'LL itCljO TRY { YOUR HURRY TO UNIOAP ] REarer DIS TO FORGET V THEM ON ME'. 6EFOR& I INSULT TO THEMiBEFOREV MY SIGHT IMPKOVEPl/OUR HONOR, THEYUPSerMV]—-~. ,,—-—-T WHEK) DBV ' 5 STOMACH'. J \ \ SNAPPED THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansarn ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hunlia THEN HOW AM I / WHATCHA GONNA GET A. V WANT REPORT ON \ THAT- MARINER FOUR'S V FDRr PROBE OF MARS? BECAUSE THE MARS I JUST ...MDU \ LEFT WAS 4O,OOO,OOO /" ...THEY WANT TO JUST CAME 'N YEARS YOUNGER THAN / KNOW WHAT THEIR BACK FROM I THE MARS THE MARINER / PLANET'LL BE LIKE THERE.' jt RXJRCHECKEPON... _^\ •HO,OOO,OOO YEARS IN THE FUTURE/ OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams j. STOP.'THAT'S W DON'T STRUT-MY MOBLE h> MY BROTHER BROTHER.' THE /-( GOT SIX MORE MEN PROVIDE \\ THAM YOURS' THIRTY-NINE SUMFISH, TWO ROCK BASS AN' ONE BLUEG1LL- HE GOT SIX, MORE'M ME.' AND THE WOMEN I- PREPARE-FORTY-TWO TO SCALE, MO BIGGER THAN BUG5. HAH-HAWP- OOH / I.W.M. BORN FIFTY VEAKS TOOSOOH OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major , A BOATTWP/We BOY6 TALKED WfA EVEM IP 6VSTEM HliSrtLY'UN- PICKEn ,, ,., T/ PA/v BY -fUROWlM' / (NiTO m "' **-'' -wIK IN /UNDAMO^ RACING MA30R IENCE LOS!N<

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