Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 1, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1965
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 1,1963. Graduation Set For Marenisco MARENISCO — Commencement excercises will be held here Wednesday for the M a r - enlsco High School graduating class of 1965. The ceremony will be held beginning at 8 p.m. in the school auditorium. The main address will be given by Dr. R i c h a r d Bailey, president of Northland College, Ashland and the diplomas will be presented by Ralph Knaack, president of the Board of Education. The order of the ceremony will be as follows: "Pomp and Circumstance," played by the Marenisco High School band under the direction Df Donald Stand. Invocation, given by the Rev. Samuel Bottoni of the St. Catherine's Catholic Church of Marenisco. Address by David Grudnoski, valedictorian of the senior class. Presentation of the guest speaker by Kenneth Funnell. Main address by Dr. Bailey. Presentation of the class b y Hugh Webster, superintendent. Presentation of diplomas by Ralph Knaack. Senior class song sung by the lenior class, Judy McKenzie accompanist. Benediction by the Rev. Samuel Bottoni. Recessional accompanied b y the high school band. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRCNWOOD, MICHIGAN The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEOROf W. CRANE Miriam is like millions of other divorced mates. For divorce is no panacea. And if you sue as a means of trying to get even or humiliate your mate, you will soon rue your rash action. Send for the booklet below and learn how to PREVENT divorce, for it usually starts in the bedroom! and hadn't acted so swiftly broken up their homes " Wives, beware! Miriam offers a common confession o f divorced wives, especially i f they have young children to care for. Almost all unhappy marriages i can be salvaged if both parties j are willing to play the game ac- I cording to the rules. I If you have young children, CASE W-408: Mirian B., agedi then you both owe it to them to 35, has two boys in Junior High, make a valiant effort to salvage "Dr. Crane," she began, "I your marriage, wish I had read your column! Remember, if you don't your five years ago. i children will suffer, despite your "For that's when I got my! ^ intentions, divorce. I learned that my hus-L 5S ndy f nB >" oun & sters back » nd band was running around with' fort ? between hostile parents on a girl at his office. i week-ends or for summer vaca- "In my hurt pride and jealous' tlons - ls not Productive of their anger, I made a scene and fin-' maxlm uni happiness or emotion- SfVIN ally insisted on a divorce. j al security. But I am not happy under' ' do you divorced mates' the present arrangement. M y 1 b f" efit verv mucn - * or vou 8 r ° w sons need their father's guid-1 either sourecl or become drunk- ance and companionship. "And I find that it is lonely to be unescorted, even to church affairs or neighbor- ards or enter into clandestine) er , affairs or weep in hopeless re-! y gret. | face up to reality. ! gret. So hood parties. ' Wh f n vou went through t h e "Besides, if I had only known ^ d n £ °Jp r e m o n y, you then what I now understand, I| had lofty ldea «sm and never could have prevented the break-! „„ ..„ „ . ... up of our home. caustic or hostile. What changed you? 8249 Smoll-M.dium-Lorgi „-„ ,„„„,,, „„ ... , A WELCOME AIDE — For you would be critical, your cnores indoors and QUt Muskegon to Dedicate New Recreation Area MUSKEGON (AP>— A new $125,000 city playground to be known as John C. Beukema Rec- teaction Area will be dedicated here June 26. Beukema, known as "Mr. Seaway" for his work toward development of the St. Lawrence Seaway and past chairmanship of the Seaway Commission, is secretary of the Muskegon Progress and Development Fund which has financed most of the city's nine playgrounds. "But the newspaper in our i city didn't carry your column so . _ . „ . . „ I didn't consciously realize the ha P pines .? ff V egi f „ , , marked difference between the tt D ° * lltt ] e r }* ld self-analysis. sexes In erotic appetite, as you R .? ad this fra " k , column and . b ^ ca n lt * , all means send for the various Easy to sew apron that requires a minimum of fabric, and fin- "It is my guess that half of the divorced wives wish they CAR SPRINGS All car*. New. from Floor Shift Convtrsion Kits AUTOMOTIVE ON-THE-CORNER Mansfield and Ayer Sis. Dial 932-0900 Bergland Personals Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mills, Napoleon, spent a weekend fishing on Lake Gogebic. Louis Paulman and son, David, have returned from Wakefield where they were surgical patients at Divine Infant Hospi tal- i even know what a wifely sin of Mrs. Herman Fanslau and 1 omission is! Mrs. Harry Monfils visited at| so you offend your husband Divine Infant Hospital, W a k e-, and actually drive him into the i sebokets and R atin 8 Scales. $ ^ neutral bystander and thus help ! you dissect yourself with less; emotional bias. ! Most divorces start in the bed- , room! And you wives are at i least 50 per cent at fault even though you generally swear you are 100 per cent innocent of any wrongdoing. But most of you err by sins of omission, rather than by sins ,., , ! ••«•**••»«*•• vk mu± i\j) cinv rift m y o u r j i shed with a nuge pocket< No. 8249 with PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes small (10-12); medium (14-16); large (18-20). Medium, 1% yards of 35, 39 or 45- of commission! And you rarely field, with Herman Fanslau. Mrs. Arthur DeMolen spent a weekend at Superior with ' her daughter, Janet, who is a student at Wisconsin State University. The American Legion Auxiliary held a party in the Legion Club rooms May 10. "Prizes in cards were won by Al Fraelig, first and Edith Carr, second, in pinochle; and to Mrs. Orville Lind, first, and Mrs. Leon a r d Erickson, second, in 500. The brocket of Central South America problaby is and the inch. To order, send 50c In coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60007 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. i Exciting, Inspiring, informa-! live—the Spring & Summer '65! issue of our pattern book Basic i Fashion. Just 50c. The Mature Parent By MURIEL LAWRENCE Dear Mrs. Lawrence: Our son is in some deep trouble over a girl. When he first met her, he wanted the family to meet her but now he won't discuss her with any of us. I know she doesn't care for him because of his nervousness. This past month he has been calling up on Fridays to say he's coming home for the weekend; but when he gets here, he's restless and impatient. Then he'll put in a long- distance call to this girl and leave without staying the night. She is leading him on. . . ANSWER: She couldn't do it if he didn't want to keep the ring in his nose. We are mistaken, I think, to allow sympathy for a painf u 1 ly infatuated child to blind us to the fact that vindlctiveness has become the mainspring of his continuing attachment to his tormentor. At this point of painful infatuation the secret feeling is: "I'll bring you to heel if it kills me." Though our dear child appears to be the victim of his tormentor—that bad girl who "leads" him on—the truth is that he is the victim of his own insistence on compelling her to acknowledge his irrestible charm. That is why. when he comes home for a weekend's relief from battle, he can't stay, there. The drive to break the tormentor into surrender to his charm takes him over again. The problem of course, is that our infatuated child glorifies his demands for vengence on the person who has hurt and humiliated him. He calls It "love" —one of those special, world- The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Q—I can't reconcile myself to the idea of older persons being subjected to the rigors of gastrointestinal series of X rays including a barium enema. Do you think it is necessary, especially in cases where surg e r y would not be needed such as spastic colon, constipation or abdominal pain? A—Although, as you suggest, a complete G. I series is no picnic, as your age advances it shaking passions which chan g e maps. It is only by seeing himself as the hero of epic romance that the poor lamb can account for his willingness to put up with its heroine's caprices, betrayals, lies and cruelties. How much of this stuff he's willing to take before he is ready to know that, instead of loving his costar in epic romance, he hates her, is always the question. However, as your boy has begun to reach out to the relief of home at weekends, it's just possible that he's begun to know that he needs it. Anger at the girl is a waste of our time, he's really not to blame because our child refuses to know when he's licked. He, not she, is our business. We may be able to point out to him, "It's actually a little cruel to try to! force love from people who \ haven't got it to give." And it! is, you know. : becomes more and more Important as a means of discovering cancer—often an unsuspect e d cancer. I would certainly not recommend that it be done routinely on every patient with the complaints you mentioned but, when you have a doctor in whom you have complete confid e n c e, you should leave it up to his judgment whether these tests are necessary. Better a few minutes, or even hours of discomfort than to miss an early diagnosis of cancer. Q—Would it be advisable for a woman in her late 70s to have cataracts removed from both eyes? A—With modern methods of surgery age is no barrier to a good result from this operation In fact most persons with cataracts are in this age group. Q—In a recent column you stated that there is no known way to prevent cataracts. A friend started getting them so she began eating lemon peel and the cataracts stopped growing. Is this common? A—It is common for some cataracts to grow very slow 1 y or to remain stationary for a long time. I doubt that the lemon peel influenced the course of your friend's cataract*. Q—is there any treatment for cataract besides surgery, such as injections Into the eye to dissolve the matter covering the lens? A—The opacity or cataract occurs In the lens Itself and not on its surface. There Is no way to dissolve a cataract once it has formed or to prevent it from forming. Q—Is Hetrazan an effect i 7 e treatment for filarlasis? How Is it given? Are there any bid side effects? A—Although the parasitic disease, filarlasis, Is most common in Africa, India and Central and South America it Is also seen in the United States, especially in persons who have been In the topics. Diethylcarbamazlne (He- trazan; is the treatment of choice because it attacks the larval form of the parasite. It is given by mouth either In tablet or syrup form. Thlacetarsa- mido which kills the adult worms is given when the victim fails to respond to Hetrazan. In the prescribed dosage there are no serious side effects. Please send your question* and comments to Wayne O. Brandstadt, M. D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. Designer of the U.S. "Mer-i cury" dime was A. A. Weinman. I His design first appeared in 1916 and lasted until 1945. i arms of a paramour by indifference, inertia and your tendency to rebuff his ardor lest you become pregnant. i So send for the booklet "Sex! Problems in Marriage," en-I closing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents and correct you "sins of omission." Good Manners Make Friends (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) records and books. swap "Studio of Award Winning Porirailurt" Keep all the gay, heart-stopping moments of your wedding day. of getting ready, the to- lemnity of the service, and the last goodbyes in a professionally made series of candid photographs . . . made by a skilled photographer who will never get in the way. Modern Portrait Studio Ironwood Phone 932-3800 Stir Up Fun, Flavors and MILK for Summer Vitality Take good milk — Brookvole Dairy's Grade "A" Milk, then mix it with chocolate, strawberry and other easy-mix flavorings and discover a whole new world of cool, energizing drinks. Try it today! "Quality Controlled from Dairy Farm to You" Brookvale's Grade "A" Milk AT YOUR DOOR - AT YOUR STORE Brookvale Dairy A Quality Line of Pasteurized Products OOO 1 £AA Pleasing Our Customer's Taste 7OI-IOUU for Good Milk for Over 40 Yean world's smallest deer, stand! n g j (Copyright by The Hopkins less than 20 inches at the withers, i Syndicate, Inc.) TRIER'S has the most wanted Give the GIRLS Colognes Choose from oil these famous names at Trier's, where you have the biggest selection • Jean Nate' • Fleurs de Rocaille • Bellodgia • NuitdeNoel • Arpega • My Sin • Pretext • Crescendo • Replique • Plasir • Chanel No. 5 • Chanel No. 11 • Chanel No. 22 • Pour Monsieur • Stradavari • Added Attraction • Wind Song • Balmain • Carat de Bat • Detchema • Vent • Fire and Ice • Intimate • Aqua Mqrine • L'Aimant • Paris • Emeraude • L'Origan • Intoxication • Tourjois Mois • Fame • Trapeze • Bon Voyage • Tabu • Platine • Emir • Ambush • Canoe • Chantilly • Quel Que Fleurs • Flaterie • Beloved • Prophecy • Tweed • Shanghai • Red Roses • Adam's Rib • Lavender • April Violets • Red Roses • Bond Street • Black Label • Heavenscent • Apple Blossom • Moonlight Mist • Visa Visa • Command GILLETTE Adjustable RAZORS WRIST WATCHES BY TIMES Golden Capri PAPERMATE PENS, rag. 5.00 value For the YOUNG MAN 1,50 6.75„ 22.50 3.50 MEN'S COLOGNES • KING'S MEN •LENTHERIC • SHULTON •FABERGE • YARDLEY •CHANEL • LANVIN Items for Both YOUNG MEN and LADIES Billfolds Q :i 1.00 , 22.50 Manicure Sets 1 00 „ 12 50 Travel Kits ^ 1.98*15.00 Pen & Pencil Sets by Parker and Sheafer Travel Clocks Cameras - Kodaks Complete Line of. Celebrity Travel Items 69c to 2.50 Boxed Chocolatts by RUSSELL STOVERS Plus Whitman's GRADUATION CARDS FOR ALL GRADUATES TRIER'S In Downtown Ironwood Something NEW for Home Decorators! Ready-Made, Ready-To-Hang Tailored Drapes with Pleated Tops in REGULAR and EXTRA SIZES! Exquisite Decorator Colors Heavy-ln-The-Hand, with Super Drapeability 48" wide by IT length . . 9 41" wide, 45" length . 72" wide, 63" l.nglh .. 96" wide, 72" length . 120" wide, 84" length 144" wide, 90" length , 192'" wide, 95" length 99; • 6.99,,. 15*99 P , 21.99 P , 31.99 p,. 39.99 P ,. 59.99 p,. Dramatically beautiful. Our new Antique Satin Draperies will enhance every room setting, lend an air of elegance to the simplest decor. This luxurious fabric is yarn-dyed 10 you know it will hold its colorful beauty. Each pair is tailored, with generous hems and deep pinch pleats. SEE THEM TOMORROW! Other Sizes Correspondingly Priced Ten Days to Two Weeks Delivery *Solids *Prints *Sheers *Textured Weaves *Fibreglas *Polished Cottons in Kitchen and Children's Patterns

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