The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1953
Page 11
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MONDAY, JUNE i, 1953 BT,YTHEVru,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE KIND Here's Glossary of Articles To Be Used in Coronation LONDON (AP) — A glossary for the regalia and other article to be used in the coronation ol Queen Elizabeth II tomorrow: Amice—A square piece of.linen which will be placed on the Queen's head after she is anointed with oil. Ampulla — Golden receptacle shaped like an eagle in which the oil for anointing the Queen will be held. Armill—Golden bracelets, "tokens of the Lord's protection," to be placed on the Queen's wrists. Canopy — A rich pall of silk , which will be held over the Queen ^iy four knights as she sits on the Coronation Chair, to be anointed. Coronation' Chair, of King Edward's Chair — Occupied by the Queen during her anointing and crowning. It was made during the reign of Edward I (1239-1307) to receive the Stone of Scone which the King captured from the Scots. Chair of .Estate—Occupied by the Queen before she takes her place on the Coronation Chair. Coach of State—Occupied by the Queen in the procession to and from Westminster Abbey. It was built for King George m. Coloblum Slndonis—The first of the garments the Queen dons after she has been anointed. This "muslin undergarment" resembles the white surplice worn by a choir boy. It is made of white cambric, bordered with, fine Flanders' lace. Coronet—A sort of crown worn by peers and peeresses, it is a circlet of silver gilt capped with crimson velvet. The rim varies in design according to the wearer's rank. Crowns — St. Edward's Crown bears the name of Edward th Confessor; it was made for th coronation of Charles II (1630-188? has been altered from time t time."The circlet of .gold is studde with diamonds, rubies, emeralds sapphires and pearls. At its i\pc> is an orb of gold surmounted b. a cross. The Queen is crowncc with this, but because of its weigh —almost five pounds—it is takei from her head before she leave the abbey and replaced by the Im penal State Crown made of silve for.Queen Victoria 100 years ago and worth more in hard cash than St. Edward's Crown. Its jewels in elude the third largest diamoni in existence. Orb—An emblem of sovereigi powsr placed in the Queen's hanc by the Archbishop of Canterbury It is a golden ball, six inches ii diameter, jewel encrusted, with cross of gold rising from an amethyst. Patina—A gold dish, used to hold the bread during the communion service. Ring — The sovereign's rini called the Wedding Ring of Eng- and, is placed on the fourth finger of the Queen's right hand during ler coronation. A symbol of union )etween sovereign and people, il contains a ruby set by Richard II diamonds added by Charles I, and a sapphire set by William IV. Scepter With Cross—An emblem of power and justice, it is a golden rod about three feet long with a richly jeweled handle. Scepter With Dove — Signifies TERRY'S NO TERROR; JEEP CREEPS—Designed to clip along at 12 miles per hour, three-year-old Terry Schley's Jeep has a governor that cuts the speed down to five. Hand-made by Terry's father the car has a 1V4 horsepower motor, an electric starter, headlights, taUllghts and leather upholstery. (The brakes I take hold when the driver lifts his foot from the accelerator. The ' car cost Schley, a Wickliffe, Ohio, manufacturer, $300 and three * years' work. 100 TIMES A "BRIDEGROOM"—Thomas H. Finigan, Kansas City, Kan., attorney, is one of the most "married" men in the country. This comes about because at the wedding pictured above he was a proxy bridegroom for the 100th time. He has arranged a total of 150 such ceremonies, v. r ith his wife standing in as a proxy bride in 32 o£ them. This time he was stand-in for Sgt. William A. McDaniel, now stationed in Tokyo. Here he places the ring on the finger of the bride, the former Sharon Fink, as Judge O. Q. Claflin III performs the ceremony. At left is the bride's father, William B. Fink, who was best man. Also in the group is Mrs. Paul Insloy. matron of honor. Defiant African Prince FO//S From Lofty Perch on Tower LOS ANGELES Ift—An African ribal prince fell off a radio tower jarly today after saying he would -emain perched there until assured >e wouldn't be deported. Mashood Olabisi AJala, 24, Nigerian student, dropped only about 6 feet. He cried out In pain when was carried into an immlgra- ion • service office for first aid reatment. He had been aloft near- y 13 hours. Immigration officials, who had illowed him to remain on the equity and mercy. Three feet, seven Inches long, It Is topped with an orb of gold. Above the orb is golden cross on which sits a white enameled dove with out- tretched wings. Spurs—Known as St. Oeorge'B purs, they are the symbol of knightly 'chivalry. Swords—Five are used In the cor- natfon service. The Sword of tate is 32 inches long with a gold ilt and crosspiece. The jeweled tate sword was made for the cor- nation of George IV. The hilt Is nset with diamonds, rubles and meralds. Also used are the Sword word Spiritual, Sword of Mery and Sword Temporal. tower after he had threatened to jump If they tried to get him, said he probably fell asleep and lost his hold. Ajala said he faced tribal execution If he is returned home. "My father will kill me if I am sent back," he shouted from his perch. 00 feet in the air. "This is the United States, not Russia." Last night cold winds from the harbor drove him down to the 16- foot level. A nearby building cut off some of the night breeze. He .sung African songs to keep up his | spirits. Majnrlnf in Psychology Admitted to this country for the purpose of studying, he was majoring in psychology at Santa Monica City College. Recently he was convicted of forgery. But a judge Fire Whistle Is Muzzled GLOVERSVILLE, N. M., (/PI — Glovei'sville residents like to know when there's a fire in the city— but they want to be informed in R less rnucus manner. Fire Chief Frank E. Ticdeman notified city officials that thy alarm siren at Main and Pulton has bccnn tont-d down. The "muffler" action granted him probation after he testified he had been duped. Witnesses corroborated his story. When granted probation. A Jain dropped to his knees in the courtroom nnd called upon Allah to bless the judge. The immigration service subsequently ordered him depot'tod for not keeping up with his studies. Ajula contended thai returning home before finishing his education would be regarded as betrayal of a tribal trust and that he would be killed by his wealthy father. District Director Herman Landon of the U. S, Immigration and Naturalization Service described Ajala's claim he would be executed as "a figment of his imagination. We've deported other people to Nigeria and I've never heard of them being executed." FOR SALE 5 Tons No. 15 D&PL and 2 Tons Stoneville 2-B Cotton Seed. H. C. KNAPPENBERGER Boot Capsizes, Five Drown BELLKVUE, Nob. </T) _ Five Omahnns drowned last iiiuht when n 16-foot hunting and fishing boat capslzod in the Missouri River, Two other persons were rescued, about 2'i miles southesat of here. The victims were tentnivcly iden- nbout 2'i miles southeast of here. Wesley Napravnik, and her daughter Hfied as Mrs. Ann Bocek, 33: Mrs. and Miss Catherine Polifkn, 23. Rescued were John Bocek, husband of Ann. nnd La Vonne Russell, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Russell of Omaha. Lost Cove Hunted TUCSON, Ariz. M>> — Dr. Bertram S. Kraus. head of the anthropology department at the University of was Instituted after pedestrians had complained that Ihe blast was too loud. WELCOME To n "WAY of LIFE" Closed Meetings (members only) Tuos 8:30 pm Open Meetings (Public invitfecl) Fn 8:30 pm AA CLUB ROOMS 111 EAST MAIN ST. Write for Free Booklet and other information. ALCOHOUCS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blytheville Arizona, Is spending week tnda searching for a cave In the ne»rbj Tucson Mountains discovered—*nd then lost— recently by two younf boys. Tile boys said they ran from the cove when they saw two humin skoitom in It. They discovered tht cave while cnntlng wild pigs. Edson Continued from Pace t lion. Instead, H would be confined to Democratic congressmen and state party loaders. A meeting to adopt a mid-term platform would give the Democrats a national .sounding board for their eleftion campaign to regain control of Congress. To Shop The Modern CATALOG WAY • We help find what you want • WB vrit» your order • We talo fiia measurement* • We mail your order • W» notify you when goods trrivt • You examine goodt • If 100% laliifacfory ... pay for H • Arrange Easy Paymanfi [f wanted • W» arrange delivery if wanted Ut us help you MIL 8131 Blytiieville, Ark. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Bells Kiity Drug Stores MR. & MRS. BLYTHEVILLE for the wonderful way you have received the amazing StaNu PROCESS that vital textile oik back into the fabric We knew for a tout time that the folks in this town needed i really superior finishing process. A process that would maki colon ami fabrics look fresh and new as the day they were bought. And when we introduced the exclusive new Sta*ltu PROCESS we knew it could create some excitement - tut wen we never realized that Sta*Nu would cause wen a tremeiKlous drycieinini sensation. Yes, Sta*Hu Kcomplishes what no otto process has ever done. Sfa*Nu makes clothes stay new-makei not-so-new clothes LOOK NEW AGAIN! If yn haven't tried Sta*Nu-you're misslnj i new wofW Of drycleaninj beauty! M Sta*Nu COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRAI Trjf SU*Nu TODAY! Real refrigerated air conditioning Installed In your home tomorrow! ONLY con Sit anrffari tht BOONE CLEANERS 119 So. 3rd Phone 8144 A WEEK WITH OUR EASY TERMS E f EDDERS gives you cool mountain-fresh air . T . wrings out excess moisture . . . filters out dust, dirt and pollen! Circulate^ and ventilates with never a draft! Fits right in your bedroom or living room window . . . no pipes or ducts! Plugs in like a. radio. Uses a few cents worth of electricity a day (Bargain price—act now! WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE A GREAT NAME IN COMFORT ] /3 ion model illustrated Don't SWELTER through another hot, sticky summer! Drop in for a demonstration today ! 314 W. Main Phone 3303 COUPON TODAY DEALER'S NAME AND ADDRESS Please send me your free 16-page booklet on Fed tiers Room Air Conditioner!. :J

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