Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 1, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1965
Page 6
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The World of Women Polly's Pointers six TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1965. council 7:30. i.w. Club Activities Bethel 19, International Order of Job's Daughters vill have a meeting tonight at 7 at the Masonic Temple. Parents o. ; the members o f the Blue Knights Junior Drum and Bugle Corps are asked to attend an important meeting tonight at. 7:45 in the American Legion club rooms. The Hurley Eagles Auxiliary will meet tonight at 8 at the Eagles Hall. Mrs. Medo Forte will install officers for the en- j suing year. Hostesses are Mrs. John Traczyk, Mrs. A n s elm Hendrickson and Mrs. Frank Drazkowski. The Past Noble Grands o f ; the Rebekah Lodge have post- ! poned their June meeting and will have the next meeting i n SCHOLARSHIP — Lucille September, the date to be an-' Flink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. nounced later. : Carl H Fllnkj Lltt]e Gil . rs Point) has been awarded the Michigan j ice will be held ,.. i Wednesday. 1 By POLLY CRAMER Dear Polly: My canned goods ' storage shelves are deeper than j ithey should be for real conven-' i ience. The back part of the' shelves became a conglomerate j St. Luke's Lutheran. The;mixture of different foods ini trustees will meet tonight at i different sizes because I nev e rj 7:30. reached into the dark recesses.j Zion Lutheran - The church There was such a hodgepodge! Church Events will meet tonight School at Pu hi ir IU nlor College »t t. 1 i /~i i r'uouc junioi L-outge Assembly Ol CrOC/ ship from the University of, Trout Creek — Assembly Vacation Bible School wil begin Monday, June 7, with ses sions from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at 'Wright High School and has at-; night at 7:30. the Assembly of God Church, i tended the Gogeblc Community : st Pau , Lutheran " a 't.that I longed more than ever: for pull-out, shelves so I could see what I had and keep things Seventh-clay Adventist. Prayer; organized be held Wednesday z creatcd my own pmi-out! shelves from strong cardbo a r d| First Church of Christ. Scien- grocery cartons the same size I list. A testimonial meeting will as the width of the shelves. I| be held Wednesday night at 8.! cut them down so that all that The reading room will be open j was left was the bottom andj from 2 to 4 p.m. from two to four inches around I Church of the Nazarcne Pray-i tne si ? es - Tphi , s( little , edg ? hke ^ s j er meeting will be held at 7 cans from falUng when the box Wednesday night. ls P ulled out - Each box contains specific items—vegeta b 1 e s .! First Baptist. Bible study, soupSi milt> etc.. and each box! and prayer meeting will be held i f r 0 n t is labeled accordln g 1 yJ at 7:30 Wednesday night and, Wnen l reacn for a can of tuna the Senior Choir will rehearse T know I am going to get tuna. at 8:3 °- I merely pull out the sliding box I Assembly of God. Prayer serv- : to see my entire stock of a par-' at 7:30 p.m.: ticular item, am able to use older ones from the rear, rotate contents effortlessly a nd of gave mvself tlme anc , unneces .l l Michigan. Ann Arbor. Miss Flink ; God. Prayer meeting and Bible j sa ry frustration _ MRS . v . C . W s- is a graduate of the Luther L. j study will be held Wednesday! Dear Pol]v _ We had thre The Pol]v _ We had three small rugs made to match our MOII-J new living room rug and placed *••"- »«M«-».-.IW-^T •»-•• —- — »- — • • -• i - till "-J** •.«***! M-t\M t II V. * U II t i I IV ATJV/11 1 | i t, V» 1 J V 1 I I g i \J\Jl U i II g C\ 4 J U JJ*t*V-^-V.» There are four departments for: College from wnicn sue wi'i jlreal Martha Circle will meet : them over places that receive children ages 4 through junior graduate with an associate in • ton ight at 7:30 at tlie nome of : the most wear. The corners soon teen-age. arts degree Wednesday. June 2.i Mrs _ Emi) Lehtinen and Mrs.'began to curl up, so we came "Making Time Count" is the Her objective at the university is. Donald Walnio Montreal. up with what we feel is the per- theme of the Blb.e S c h o o , a ache or of Arts degrje inj, ^^ ^ »>««J"- ^ ™{ a strip of snecial work lor in English and a minor in tion Bible School teachers will I Plastic: bottleabout one inch folfowinir the'Wstory and science. The Mich-! meet tonight at 6:15: the Jun-| by elght Inches one foi each following the .^ Public Juniorcollegescho . |ior choir will rehearse^ 6^ coine,. ™f* ™^g£ h el Wednesday the about o" e and a half inches big- upon satisfactory completion of! Sunshine Guild visitation will|B er > n each direction than the I the initial year. i be at 1:30 p.m. with Mrs. L.|P lastic str >P s ; Pla f ic nas , a ... ...._ lErickson and Mrs. S. Sunle as! slight natural curl and should hostesses, and the confirmands' • toe P laced to curve down toward Personal ItemS examination service will be helct; tlie "°°F- More or le , s s curl can Mr and Mrs Joseoh Bueni at 7 - Tne entire congregation is! * e obtained by heating an iron MI. ana Mrs. josepn mis,ni » * i (over the patch, of course) and Hurley, have returned from mvitea. nrnippf parh onv fnliowinir thp •'uowiy auu o^icn^i,. j.nv. ivm^i-, t...-^v .~... e ..., ...* w.»^, „ slnainB time and lesson ceriod ^ au Public Junior College Sch °-' ior choir wlu rehearse S>P?vnS NWP]S£ 'larship is a tuition scholarship | and the Senior Choir w ^ veiyone s . . I renewable for a second year, hearse at 7:30. Wednes Ann Landers ... Answers Your Problems Dear Ann Landers: Our seven-j Two weeks ago he drove over year-old daughter has a recur- j i n a new car. He had on a new ing bacterial infection of the si- -, SLIit amj new sn oes. He had nuses which causes her to cough: beautiful pin with a great deal. She is under a doc-, ° ..... tor's care. real diamonds in it. MV husband is hieh-strune and! J don't like the fellows he un^asorfabTeHe has Tec?d?d hangs out with and I'm afraid nSthing is wrong with the child,! they are up Jo no good. When I that ehP pmtirhs lust to eet on;asked Willard where he got the hifnXves 0 w5en 3 he yellfat he! I money for the ^^a h?.' to stop coughing she becom e s' f nci my gift, he said "I hit t nervous and coughs more. i lucky streak at the track. T a «: t ntffht the eirl had a M y folks sav * should report coighing "pel 5 tlfeI dlSner ta , Mm to the police but I cant bring ble and her father said, "I'll bet myself to do it. I am worried you never cough during the day. sick Please advise me. You save all your coughing un- BL - Ui - &**•«> til I get home." The child began 1 Dear Blue Eyes; Return the to cry and her father ordered !pln and tell W illard you can't her to leave the table. i accep t a gift from a fellow who Please suggest something I is not employed. can say so my husband will un- TeU nim you think ne Is in- derstand what he is doing to the; volved i n something shady and child.- MEMPHIS MOTHER | that you don > t want t0 see him Dear Mother: It is dfificu 11!again until he Proves he is Jn(if not impossible) to reas o n terested in continuing his edu- (Kenny-. Studio Photo) MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR DU FRESNE Eland. Wis., where they Bethany Covenant. Midweek; i bending the plastic with fingers. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DuFresne Observe Fiftieth Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Du-iThelma Richards, Mrs. Esther Ul IJL/t lIUL»UOOi(JlC / tV A^aiJ »-/ 11 ,. .., ._ j_. *_U with someone who. according to cation, or getting a steady Job. your own description, is "high- « he doesn't straighten around, strung and unreasonable." Your I a dvise you to stop iseeing him best bet is to enlist the help of ™ YOU might gettato trouble. y °AL P fhf phTsician to telephone. pear Ann Lander*: I have a or drop your husband a note ex-; riend who, is attractive, dresses Dldinins! the child's problem 8nd' i^ iic laouc aiiu ^cto m « n y urge him to be patient and gen-1 compliments. Why is it that she fj e is unable to accept a compll- A cough can become a nervous 1 ™™' gracefully? She always re- habit that lingers long after the P lle , s Wlt ^. s° m .?. st "P ld r . eemf ^ infection is gole. If your husband; ^ch as Oh this dress is four nirkinEr at the hlng on tended the graduation exercises i Bible study will be held Wed- ! near Pollv—When the lees on guests of their granddaughter, Bar-jnesday night at 7:30. ' 6> ' bara Bugni, an honor student, ! from Wittenberg High School, Wittenberg, Wis. Miss Bug n i was awarded a scholarship from j your chairs and tables become Salvation Army. Midwe e ki loose, add a small amount of meeting will be held Wednesday sawdust to the glue and it will night at 7. hold better and longer. — ROSE Wisconsin State University,! White Pine — Faith Lutheran. I Whitewater, and will enter the' The Junior Choir will rehearse university in September. ; at 3:50 p.m. Wednesday: the Confirmation Class will meet Dear Polly—Writing time often limited but a note off to a house is Fresne, 800 Sunset Road, were of honor at an open reception held at the Ironwood Township Community Building Sunday, May 23, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. years Old"— or— "Do you REAL- iLY Uje^scarf? I took it off » A * Yesterday when I admired her Dear Ann Landers: My boy ! liat Sh4e said. "It's not one of my friend is 20. (I will call him favorites. I wore it because my Willard.) He dropped out of hair looks so terrible " It made high school during his sen lor™; .«>rry I had said anything. year because he was offered $90 »*«* * ff * ^ek 1S she like that?- BAF- Amo and Mrs. Ruth Matts o n. i all of Sunset Road. 'gone from one thing to another c "an"hanlie a'comp'liment."Praise The occasion was also marked [ever since. Willard hasn't h a d makes t hem uncomfortable be- any kind of job for the past two' cause tney are i nseC ure and not months and this is what worries • sure they deserve it. so I write on a 5-by-8-inch index Stephen Zivic. formerly a res-i---"V^"" -« B counc wil I flle carci ' ' write "^ messa ^- «nf nf ft-nnmnnrt unrlafiiionf ' dl * • • 3U ' lfle CI1UICI1 IUUIII.U Will , , . . .. -„„-, ,„ v,-,, „_.-, mfo _ lm "Wowl Wat.rm.lon*" Summer's here officially says little Joncne Kasieta, 6- month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John /Kasieta, Hemlock St., Ironwood. PHOTO, OF COURSE. BY BABY'S FAVORITE PHOTOC . .. KEN AHO AT KENNY'S STUDIO 12? C. Aurora Phon* 932-3620 Where Every Wednesday Is Special for Mom and Baby .ident of Ironwood, underwent Z^*^ " .,n "^"^r 1 ^" ,7U! fold the card In half and brain surgery May 26 at the ! University of Michigan Medical \ Center, University Hospital, Ann ! Arbor. Since the death of Mrs. Zivic in December 1964, he has been residing with a son at Ad- wil be held Wednesday night at GIRLS — Cafol'sCMiint was rian. meet at 6:30 and the Far meet 6 "? 8° hUrCh W ° men *"" the card folded and stapled I, have more privacy for the mes-j Ontonagon—Assembly of God. i sa ge. Also, this will go fori Bible study and prayer service I four cents postage.— CAROL I need to get; Guests included friends and or friends i relatives who signed the guest book and were served lunch prepared by .Mrs. Freida Blom- ily, Mrs. Mary Maki, Mrs. Llla Hillborn, Mrs. Belle Ziem, Mrs. jheld at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Will Sp Dance on Saturday The Blue Knights J u n i or Corps is sponsoring a dance Saturday, June 5, at the Ironwood National Guard Armory' from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. Therej TJ ..,,,.„ will be live music. The nextitagzes Unit Will dance sponsored by the Blue! fJ r , V( ^ Knights will be held June 19. |"uvc Installation 7:45. 'written as she described and ! Ontonagon — Baptist. Prayer j came through to me in g o o d i service and Bible study will be I shape. However, my postmaster advised me that the folded card should not exceed the size of a Holy Trinity Catholic T he | standard government post card Altar Society will meet Wed- lif a four .* ent stamp £ used ._ nesday night at 7:30 in t by the fact that all sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. DuFresne and their respective families attended. These include Mr. and Mrs. Earle DuFresne and son, Jon of Hlllsboro, Ore., Mr. and Mrs. Donald DuFresne and sons, Michael and Monte of Milwaukee, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bolen, son, David, and daughter, Patty of Babbitt,! Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Leslie! Guyette, Laurel, Suzan and Cherie of Morristown, T e n n., and Mr. and Mrs. Roy DuFresne, recently of Frankfurt, Germany, and now en route to me. Copyright. 1B65. t ield Enterprises, Inc. church hall. Auxiliary Meeting The Ladies Auxiliary to General Pershing Lake S u p e r ior Barracks, Veterans of W o r Id War I, met Thursday night at Washington, D. C. the Bessemer American Legion i About 100 guests extended con- club rooms. Mrs. John Durkee, | granulations to Mr. j»nd Mrs president, introduced and welcomed a new member, Mrs. S. i Share your favorite homemak- I ing ideas . . . send them to Pol| ly in care of Ironwood D a i 1 y j ing I Globe. You'll receive a dollar if to tne Banfield. An invitation to attend the district convention at Ishpem- 5 was read. Delegates convention are Mrs. DuFresne between 2 and p.m. Missionary to Be At Salem Meeting The Rev. Melvin Lofgren. of officers will!Polly uses your Idea in Polly's Durkee ' Mrs - Herbert Matthews missionary to Tanzania. Africa, or oniceis v,1iii y uw» yum mca eouy s, M c slrnmondSt and since 1949, will be the speaker take place at the meeting of the'• romi ' ers> ' alternates are Mrs. Harry Peterson, Mrs. Harry Ellis and Mrs. Ironwood .Eagles Auxiliary) . Thursday night at 8 in the Vet-j f Ormer Residents crans of Foreign Wars c 1 u b| fletum TlOHl EllTOpe stalling president w i nj Mr and Mrg> Kennetn Kil-i Marie July 8, 9 and be Mrs. Leonard Bergman and ponen, East Brunswick, N. J., I a iso read and tabled, installing conductress will be have recently returned from aj Mrs. Jacobson. Elmer Jacobson. An invitation to attend the state convention at Sault Ste. 10 w a s legisla Mrs. Leno Zadra. I three week European trip. Mr. i tlve chairman, wrote a letter to at the meeting of the Salem Lutheran Church Women! Thursday night at 7:30. Pastor! Lofgren served at Salem in the; summer of 1946. Hostesses for the evening are Mrs. Carl V. Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Anderson, Mrs. Emil Baron and Mrs. George Oberlander. International Favorites! All day comfort in Answer Originals by C Mrs. John Wyzlic. the auxili-i Kilponen is the son of Mr. and ' President Johnson in regards to] All women of the church are ary president, appointed Mrs. (Mrs. Carl T. Kilponen, 601 W.! the closing of Veterans Admin-' invited to this meeting. Lydia Moisio, Mrs. R o b e r t| Cloverland Dr., and Mrs. Kil- istration installations. W. J. Dri-j Palmquist and Mrs. Philip C. | ponen is the daughter of Mr. j ver, administrator of veterans Nelson on the June visiting com- and Mrs. Matthew Justinak, 328 i affairs, replied and specified mittee. ' W. Ayer St., who were in New the President Johnson approved Lunch at Thursday's meeting Jersey caring for the Kilponen a special commission to study will be potluck. i children. j y ie proposed closing of some Mr. and Mrs. Kilponen, who 32 Veterans Administration i n- USB DAILV GLOBE W AWT-ADS j were on a combined business and pleasure trip visited Germany, France, England and Spain. Mr. Kilponen is with Humble Oil and Refining Co. and head of the chemical operations at the Bayonne plant in Bayonne, N. J. In London they were guests at the home of Capt. and Mrs. In Appreciation We wish to thank our friends, neighbors and relatives for their kindness and sympathy in our bereavement, the death of our dear brother, Nicholas A. Polvi. Sisters and Brothers Welsey Kilponen. Kenneth and Wesley are cousins. A Wakefield reunion was enjoyed when the Kilponens and Mr. and Mrs. John Street met. Mrs. Street is the daughter of Mrs. Mary Kumpala of Wakefield. stallations, proclaimed in the closing order Jan. 13. Now it is reliably reported that the President's Commission has mended that five of the hospitals scheduled for open and that of the four homes to be closed should remain open. The June meeting will be held at Mercer. A potluck supper will be served. Membership is open wives, veterans of World War 1. , Mrs. Patrick Sullivan was luncheon chairman. SPECIAL Answer-deb long-lag pantia ... 19" of waist-to-thigh control. Inntr V-shaped band* flatten lummy, back panel trims derriere. Nylon and Lycra® Spandex power net with acetate, cotton and' lycra® Spandex satin panel. White or black, -S-M-L $12.95 XL $13.9S i I Aiso in. nylon, rubber and rayon power net $10.95 & $12.50 Cotton Answer-bra has 5-section cupi for graceful, lasting uplift. White, A 32-36, B and C 32-40 $2.50 /. taffeta rustle-bait $4.00 A crisp III' rustle of a petti-slip... slit to reveal a discreetly bared leg and bordered with scalloped embroidery. Of Tofredda*taffeta to whisk v/ash and wear White and black. Small, medium, large. Just ask for "PeNi-Cha Cha" by Barbizonf *(SO% nylon, 50ft dacron-polyester) •Kcluiiv* of dtcoration w <**%-/ The Shop of Personalized Service Youthful Feminine Apparel JUNE is the MERRY, MERRY MONTH OF MOTHS NOW IS THE TIME TO STORE YOUR FUR! COMPLETE PROTECTION AGAINST HEAT, FIRE, THEFT! Complete Fur Clinic REMODELING • REPAIRING • RESTYLING LOW SUMMER RATES Wrt 225 E. Aurora Dial 932-1500 whipped potatoes etable. roll, b u Special Watch for Weekly Special KRESGE'S To All Area Graduates: College, High School and Grade School we extend our heartiest congratulations on reach- ing this important milestone in your life. We wish you well in all yfur future endeavors. KANGE JEWELERS On* Flit* Up Over Old Location Three Graduate Corsetiers to Give You an Expert Personalized Fitting

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