The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 5, 1939 · Page 10
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 10

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 10
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TEN THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, OCT. 5, 1939. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed In the programs. Thr Networks: WEAF—WTAM, WTMJ. WOY. WLW. WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WL8, WTMJ, WMAQ, WXYZ. WLW. WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY tJKLW 840. KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 640. KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020, WBBM 770, WCPL 970, WBAL 1060, WCCO 810, WABC 860. WKAR 850. W13AF 610. WEAF 660. WBNR 870. WON 720, WQY 780, WHAM llSO, WHAS 820. WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, WSM 650. WJB 750, WJZ 760. WLS 870. WLW 700. WMBI 1080, WKZO S90, WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 4160, WSB 740, WTAM 1070, WTIC 1060. WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Eastern Standard Time) NEW YORK, Oct. 5.—All net- wofks have announced that they will be on the air around 8 a. m. Friday to relay Adolf Hitler's speech before the Reichstag. As usual there will be both English interpolations and summaries. TONIGHT: America's town meeting resumes— WJZ-NBC — 9:30—Sec. Harold L. Ickes and Gen. Hugh S. Johnson on "How Can We Defend Democracy in America Now? . . . neutrality de- bate—WABC-CBS — 10 — Col. Henry L. Stimson, also WABC- CBS—7:15—Sen. Prentiss Brown. European schedule — WEAF- NBC—11:15; WABC-CBS—8:55, 11; MBS—9. WEAF-NBC—7:15—I Love a Mystery; 8—One Man's Family, new time; 8:30—Those We Love, new serial; 9—Good News variety; 10—Bing Crosby. WABC-CBS— 7:30 —Vox Pop, moved from NBC; 8—Jim McWilliams quiz; 9—Major Bowes' amateurs; 10:30—Americans at work. WJZ-NBC— 8 —Don't Forget, new time; 8:30—Return of Joe Penner; 9—New Vicki Chase concert; 11:30—Dance music. MBS-Chjain— 9:30 —Wallenstein's Sinfoinetta; 10:30—Concert revue. FRIDAY: European schedule —WEAF-WJZ-NBC — 8 a. m.; WEAF-NBC—12:45 p. m.; WABC- CBS—8 a. m., 6:30 p. m.; WJZ- NBC—5:15. WEAF-NBC—1:15— Let's Talk It Over; 4:30—Vic and Sade; 6—New series, Torch of Progress. WABC-CBS— 3:35 — Buffalo theater; 5—Barry Wood's songs; 5:15—A. F. of L. convention, Matthew Woll; WJZ-NBC— 12:30—Farm and Home Hour; 2:30—Rhythm school; 5—Ed East quiz. Some Friday short waves: HAT4 Budapest—7—Liszy concert; TPA4 Paris variety; YV5RC Caracas — 9:30 — Amateurs; TGWA Guatemala City—11—On with the dance. HOW RUMANIAN BORDERS SPREAD AFTER WAR RUMANIA 1920 FROM RUSSIA 5WW HUNGARY • AlBA-tUUA (KAR15BURG) • BRA70V (KRON5TADT) 1919 FROM BULGARIA HEAVY SOUD LINE MARKS BOUNDARIES OF PRESENT DAY H6AVy DOTTED LINE MARKS BOUNDARIES PRIOR TO laid 1913 FROM BULGARIA All-Day Meeting Is Heldby Society CUSTER.—Mrs. Clinton Lehman was hostess Wednesday, Sept. 27, to members of the 'Brethren Ladies' Aid society 'when they met at her home for an all-day meeting. The ladies busied themselves quilting and other hand sewing. During the business meeting, plans were completed ifor the annual chicken dinner 'which was held at the church Wednesday evening, Oct. 3. A delicious co-operative dinner was enjoyed during the noon hour. Ladies' who spent the day together were the hostess. Mrs. Lehman, and Mesdames D. O. Flory, Monroe Williams, Q. Brower, E. Hissong, Alva Kirkman, Oscar Odean, Dallas Lehman, Edward Blocher, J. M. Cable and L. H. Prowant. The next meeting will be held in two weeks'at the home of Mrs. J. M. Cable in South Custcr. I Center Riverton plained, it will mean doing the l work over at a later date—at ' considerable greater cost. Faced with a seriously inadequate, out-dated hospital building at present. Mason county will never, at any time in the future, be in better position to get a new one at less cost. Sunday, Oct. 1. George Jensen of Denver, Colo., spent a few days recently visiting his brothers, Nels and Lars Jensen, and families, of Victory. Mr. Jensen had enjoyed a trip through the eastern i states and visited the World's! in New York City. He left nt a fast ball and Wcrber. attempting to Ft pa I on the piny, was doubled off .second Dickey to Crosctti on a fast peg Goodman went down swinging at a fast ball outside for a third strike thereby completing <lsht and two-thirds innings in a row including the latter half of Wednesday's game in which the Reds had failed to hit safely. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left FOURTH INNING. YANKEES: Werbcr made a nice play on Gordon's James Leo Murphy spent Sunday, Oct. 1. in Grand Rapids. Rev. and Mrs. Erne Taylor, Mr.s. Rcgina Taylor of Scottville J and daughter. Miss Lottie, werej«° Sunday dinner guests, Oct. 1, at;} the Or'in Whistler home. All at- ,| tended the Union Rally day ser- ", vices at St. Paul church in thej J afternoon when Rev. Taylor, ai«| returned missionary frjm China. I J wa.s guest .speaker. |«( Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Daily and ! 5 son, Maurice, of Freesoil and Mr. j«, and Mrs. Ralph Kendall and j J children of Pcrc Marquette township were Sunday luncheon Salmon KRISPY CRACKERS ROLLED OATS Del Monte Red No. 1 tall can 25' .. package 17c .5 Ib. sack 23c Baby Food Berber's 2 cans 1 T-f mc-QT-ic V.r>ii>airoT> + V,o(- +Vin l*»" "1 1NBW IOFK \^ll<y. X1C 1611/1. "•••«"--' m.iui- a incu play on L-orclon s , ' " f. —--••It means, however, that the (f ,. , Wednesday morn-i 5°"-"- dcr antl thrcw him OIIt in a closc • ancl evening guests, Oct. 1. of problem must be generally ac- l . „ . "?., e weanesaay morn (decision at first base, nahigrcn's lonn \i r -ind Mrs Ravin i 1 1 ° j __ J mS Via MllWailkeR. I flv S.lilprl nvi>r n^nmr-c „<„,.„ ,...,, !~.S ' •"'• <*" U 1VUO. IXa^UI Hospital 'Drive Program in Full Swing Next Week i (Continued from Page 1) the $30,000-goal, the following figures are indicated: From Epworth Heights summer residents, $5,000.- From Hamlin lake summer residents, $2,000 to date, with ' prospects of added contributions. From the county board of supervisors, $1,500 to date, with nrospects of added asssistance later, if needed. Other sources are likewise being asked for special amounts, narrowing appreciably the remaining sum that must be raised before the new building can be completed and put into operation. 'County Task?' "Many persons," Read said, "ask why the job isn't done by the county—why it is necessary to go to the people and ask volunteer contributions when, they say, 'the job should be done by the county, so all will have an equal part.' "The answer is that the community was literally handed $100,000 with which to build a suitable new hospital. It was given chiefly in one legal bequest to the existing Mason County Hospital association, a not-forrprofit corporation existing solely to operate a hospital in Mason county. iBy the terms of the will, it was impossible for the association to turn the sizeable sum over to any other group; the will stipulated specifically that it must be spent by the association to which it was left. So the association was faced with one of two alternatives- Either to take the $100,000—77 percent of the needed amount —and go to the public on a , volunteer basis for the balance, or to refuse the $100,000 and Wave the question of an ade- ""1w new hospital building to ,.. county or other group at |»ch time'as they got around * It, decision, of course, was _„.) the $100,000, start the building, then ask public •>rt for the balance. Total Outlay meant Mason county ^ hay« a fine new hospital, .Of which the community be really proud, for a outlay from all other of-about 130,000—IP the saw Jit to support the However, going to on a volunteer con- bufewwhich is al- hard ,way jo do the cepted and aroroved, so general co-operation will be forthcoming. "We know," the drive chair- j man commented, "that there | are probably side-issues—as i with any public question. But j we see only the one big issue I PearSOn IS Hero of an adequate new building, plus the fact that a better building can be had for far less money now than at any time in the future." fly sailed 0 verBer B er-s Blad into . nr thr> Phnrloil I lc Ieft ficld hoxcs lor a nom c run, the I at tne onarles, flrst of , hc SPries The hal , - Raymond Harmon family. Mr. and Mr. ; j. " Cream Nut PEANUT BUTTER 2£25c Shurfine COFFEE pound 25c Viking COFFEE pound 15c 3 Ibs. 39c French's BIRB SEED T , ,, , ,, V, . ' illa i "i t"e srnc.i. i ne nail Douncetl : A/lr on/-! Mr;- inivlpv StdVP- • Kolberg home were Mrs. E. An- into the boxes and then back onto th.- , , / , r - , ; ,X i , - !•' TP"PTn"Nrr«TT'G 'RT'D'n r«"D Af7"FT -mlrr* Q« dersen and family of Ludington i < lla - yin K tteid as Dahi B rcn trotted"Vouna - s;in '-l ancl B.uest-j, Violet Kind.schi.! s Jt K-huN UH S JBIKD UKA V JCjli P&S- " c onH VTr- av,ri Vfrc Wnr,™ TJn vlror ! thc l)ascs and ttlc fan * roared. Pear- i AlliTUSt NicLSOll aild VillCCllt;'. „ _ T _^. „ -^ ^. _ _ ^,,^^ w . _ _ . _ him Trooper Indicted in Girl's Death and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parker 1 50 n was called out on and family. i topped the ban about I of thc place and Lombard! threw 1 out at lirst by ;f good margin. One run. one hit. no errors, none left. , FIFTH INNING, BEDS: "With 4-0 V ICt.OrV McCormick fanned, swinging at nn W11/11 * V VlUbUl,/ ; i ns , dc pncn Hp was Pcarso °. s mth . | Ftnkcout victin\. third in a row. Lom- (Continucd Irom Page 1) bardi bounced to Pearson and wa- mask and pads for the Ameri- i th r° w » out by 15 feet, with the count pan Ipnrrno />>iamninn<! three and cwo. Craft went down HWlng- s MAUCH CHUNG, Pa., Oct. 5.— Franklin, 33, can league ciiamoions. After today's game, the two clubs shift to Cincinnati for the third, fourth and, if necessary, fifth games, beginning Saturday. is the play-by-play i ing lor the second time in the game. i No mns. no hits, no errors none left i FIFTH INNING. YANKS: i Frcy picked up Holfc'a roller and threw him out on a last play. Keller';, second straight hit was a lm,-> single to left. DiMaggio smashed a bounder to Walters corporal, was indicted on murder ' Werbcr worked the count to three! anri involnntarv manslanrrhtpr ' and two anci then sent a high pop out ana invomniary mansiaugncer , to OorUon on thc grass ln front .' 0 J HCC . | cnarges today 111 the! ond. Frey lifted a long lazy fly to right | Slayillg Of 14-year-Old Joan ' center and DlMagglo loped over to pull i bcundiU to I J . arson who threw him out. phnnl i u in - Goocman louled to Rolfe in ;<-'rosctti came runs one hit. no errors, none left. INMNO, RKDS: The ba,i hit B. r g er's bat as he tried to duck » W »V from a p;:ch and it up with Myers' fast hopper and u,,sed him out. Walters received a hand as ne came to the plate. Walters out. 1'earson to Dahlgren. No runs, no hits, no (rrors. none left. SIXTH INNING. YANKS: Goodman backed up against the low ..-.,.• — i front of the third base boxes, girl, June O. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. District Attorney Albert Heim-1 FIRST INNING, YANKS: hafh annoiinrvprl TTVanHin wrnnlH ' Tne naze nacl settled down over the Dacn announced Fl anKlin WOUld [ outficld considerably and it was dif- be placed On trial Tuesday. The i flcult to p-ad the Scoreboard from the trooper has been at liberty under stands back of the plate. hnfl Vinpo hi« oT-rocrl crf™ nVf« ! Crosetti let the count reach two and ' wa" m nont o! the right field iT 61 f; ce nls arrest SOOn alter ! 0 ne then dumped a single in short left to haul down Dickey's long fly. the killing. I center, the ball just sailing over Myers' Selkirk louled off four pitches and The eranri inrv hparrf rmlv outstretched glove. HD was nearly Lombard! walked half way to the mound thrpo wUrioV= Q w H i tS picked off first by Lombardi's fast ! ^ confer with Walters. Selkirk then inree Witnesses Wednesday. j throw but Just got back to the bag in j was called out on strikes as he watched The Stevens girl was killed'time. !» knee high inside pitch go by. H" near ravate^IMSard ^"^ \ V™*™ U tS C M dy eS e at h secon°d. YoS ' —" " ^ ^ "*-"* ™* "'"i"" August Niclson and Wis.. Edward and Mr. and Mr.s. .William Murphy were Sunday dinner and afternoon guests. Oct. 1, at thc Charles Gentcr-Harolci Hanks home. Mrs. Claude Hanks joined the group in thc afternoon. Mr. and Mrs Ducan He.-f.slin of Mani.stee visited Sunday afternoon. Oct. 1, at the Patrick Murphy home. Mr. and Mr.s. Abe Gamer!:->- felder of West Riverton and Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte were Sunday luncheon and evening quests, Oct. 1. of Mr. and Miv>. Elmer Harley. Mr. and Mr.s. Ralph Huffman and son. Guy. of Victory, were Sunday dinner guests, o'c.t. 1. of Mr. and Mrs. Marble Harley. Mr. and Mr.s. Eddie Lambert of Chicago and soil, Billy Graber, of Scottville. were last week-end guests at the Pete Ea.stman SHREDDED WHEAT 2 pkgs. 23c COCOMALT Ib. tin 43c LAKE SHORE HONEY 16 oz. jar 19c Upton's TEA Vi Ib. bulk 43c '• Ib. 10,, mixed A«/v First Call Cut Wax or G rccn BEANS 3 No. 2 cans Hormel SPAM 12 oz. can 2Jc SPRY 1 Ib. can, 21 c 3,' b 51c , tands j home. r., Swat] 1 Crosetti but Myers' peg to first was too questioned her in their police car late to cat ? n Koifc and he was safe on e f y el ^o r k S KeUe C r% hot grounder and contended he, stepped on second forcing Rolfe. Kel- fired in self-defense when the < ler was safe on flrst as tn ere was no Beans Reardon lor a few moments .i . the fans booi.d. Gordon funned, swing- Keller's hiirtl hit loft. Myers made a fast play 01 DtMtiKK'O's. hot grounder : ancl threw him out, i No runs, i,-j hits, no errors, none left. NINTH INNING. KEOS: Myers bouncrci n Pearson ancl was thrown out easily. Lee Gamble, a left- hand hitt^i and reserve outfielder, hat- ted for Gamble went down PANCAKE FLOUR, 5 Ib. baa: 20c CORNMEAL. 5 In.. OUR 17c MAPLE SYIUT. .. .. 1 qt., (J.'Jc; 1 pi. :j.>c KIDNEY BEANS, ... 3 IRC. cans 2. r >c RAP-IN-WAX PAPER, "The Quality Waxed Paper" 2 for 15c PARD DOG FOOD 3 cans 25c girl yanked a pistol from her i play there. | DiMaggio backed Berger almost to the ! and .. ,, -, ~»***«&6iu isav~AEU ui~i£vJ oiiiiuoo t,u L.11U purse ana threatened to blow , gate In front of the Yankee bullpen in our brains out." The pistol prov- j ' ' " ed to be a toy. U. S. Fleet Sent on left for hls long riy - NQ rung Qne hlt no errore one left SECOND INNING, REDS: DiMaggio trotted into left center to , take McCormlck'E loft. Lombard! fouled ioff five pitches then sent a long fly to T n --v, 4. I Selkirk deep in left center. Craft worked . O dUIlb :the count to two and two then fanned | third straight strikeout, victim. As ing at a nice brtaking curve. No runs, no hits, no errors, none lelt. DlMaPEio rac<d over to ci'-en richt ren- ' •'• wln S' n e at a fast ball to become Pear- ter ano^okln Werber^ high fly DahL i £!ft '.*{£' ?, l " kofJUt vlcllm - wprh " gren trotted in K> the inneld gra« in ! ^ Aor -' a l - lt llrst iront of first and took Prey's soaring pop up. DiMaggio raced 50 yards across center lor a line catch of Goodman's hit for the ball game. No runs, no hits, no errors, nont left. SEVKNTH INNING, YANKS: Dahlgren went down swinging at a low-breaking curve. He was Waiters' pitch through Kiiort , eft neld for a sln?lc alul thp S --^? bd , rh ', lt ^crnu 8 cro« ttf^ CrosftU Uj (swinging at a low breaking curve. i Pearson came to bat the fans applauded | No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. for a full minute. Myers raced onto the i SECOND INNING, YANKEES: outfield grass back of third ami took ! Dickey was called out on strikes on Pearson's pop up. Myers had to r.ic? i SHURFINE Root Beer 3 Qt - Bottles GINGER ALE, ORANGE, E TC., . .. .Plus Bottle Charge a long fly to Selkirk In SAN DIEGO, Oct. 5.— (JP) Twenty-nine ships of the United States fleet, carrying; 12 000 of- ' three P 1 ^" 68 fi/>Pr« anH mor, ,,,v,^vS fv, (corners beautifully. Selkirk dropped a Iicers and men whom the navy Texas league single In short center but described as a "security force " I was out at second trying to stretch it, leave today for service in Ha- ! { ?I?' tr ^° Jk ? yers - crait puiied down Gor- waii. The 20,000-ton Aircraft Carrier -Enterprise will carry four squadrons Of fighting, SCOUting, Myers was called out on strikes. Pear- torpedo and bombing planes B0n foolln e nim for the third strike on eauiDDed to full war «rr»no-tVi Tf ' a dr °P tna t broke across thc knees. f= fvio f?o^ v,) Wa ^,- en l th ; n , Rolfe t 00 ^ Walters' bounder near third IS tne IlagShip of Vice Admiral , and threw him out easily. Adolphus Andrews. Others making the crossing will be seven light and heavy cruisers, 18 destroyers and four destroyer tenders and minesweepers. worked the i back into short left center to pull Selkirk dropped a \ Crcsetti's loft. Berger shot left. runs, no hits, no errors, none left. EIGHTH INNING. KKI1S: Selkirk ran over to U:!t center and don's fly in center. " j took McCurmick's. high fly and the No runs, one hit, no errors, none left, j stands roared. THIRD INNING, REDS: I Lombard! smashed the first pitch on a ' line over second base for a single and thc first Cincinnati hit not only of UK- ball game but in 12 straight "inning.-. French;- Bordagaray was s.nt in to run for Lombard!. Craft w..-nt down swinging for his third straight strikeout of the game. Berger topped the ball along the first base line and Pearson raced in, took it, and thrcw him out. No runs, one hit. no errors, one left. EIGHTH INNING, YANKEES: Willard Hershberger. a right-hand batter and a former member of the Yankee farm system at Newark in the No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. THIRD INNING, YANKS: Dahlgrcn's liner bounced safely in left field and into th» left field boxes for I a ground rule two base hit. Pearson laid ! down a nice sacrifice bunt and was i i I . ELECT PRESIDENT thrown oat, Walters to McCormick, Dahlgren going to third. Myers momentarily fumbled Crosetti's grounder but recovered in time to throw him out at first, Dahlgren scoring with the first run of the game. Rolfe's fly fell safely in short right center between Craft and 30 vfr Mr. CHICAGO, Oct. 5.— 4fP)— The Federation of Mutual Fire Insurance companies Wednesday elected L. H. Baker of Lansing,' ficl( i r<i r a two-base hit, Roifc scoring" as president I I)iMa KB'« topped the ball down th» I third base line and beat it out safely «v , _ . , j for a hit, Keller going to third. Wal- Un3/lllDer HCnOOl l ters I )ickcd UP the ball but was unable -. _, . I to make a play at either base. Dickey Mrs. SelVa Beyer, teacher Of I bounced a single through Fr?y scoring Chamber school, and pupils ar- £ t '" er ^ n , d ^-' nd . in e DiMaggio to third. ranged a pretty white float rep- I blunder deep o'n^tnVmfieid dirt k 'and resenting "Health" and took ! thrcw him out part in the parade at the Scott- i c rT hree runs ' fivc hils ' no crrors> two ville Harvest Home festival Friday and Saturday, .Sept. 29 and International league, was sent in to catch for Cincinnati in placs of Lom- bardl. C'raft loped in to short center for Rolfe's high fly. Then Craft had to run far back in center only a short distance from thc flag pole to haul in TEMPERATURE *•TODAY AT 11:00^3 Weather Foreciurt l.nw.r Mirhignn: Partly cloudy ami cooler tonight, pret/ded by lUlil showers ulcmi: l,.tk" Huron i-arlv loni^ht. Friday fair and cooler. BOARDS WEAR OUT— Lumber in your home wears out, like everything- else it should be replaced —do it now during- nice weather—We will have the necessary boards. THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 FOR HOUSECLEANING Hifooitis vikiiiK> 4 s ^"' cach FOURTH INNING, REDS: After taking two strikes, walked as Pearson lost his control on n*..o XT i T , i four stral Bht pitches. He was the first Mrs. NelS Jensen and: of the Reds to reach first base in the , son. Victor, were entertained at ? ame - The Cincinnati cheering section dinner at the Lars Jensen home ! ftS?*, '^ Von ° '^ " i lNE | and | ANCE •—ORCHESTRA—• FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY NIGHTS Everyone Welcome! No Charge for Dancing! LIQUOR—BEER—WINE—MIXED DRINKS Wever's Inn-Wahalla TONIGHT 6:45 30c and lOc William HOLDEN COLUMBIA PICTURE SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY "BEAU GESTE" with Gary Cooper MOP STICKS, Straight Handle, each lOc WJNDEX 6 oz. bottle 15c DRANO large can 21c CLOTHES LINE 50 feet 23c CLOTHES PINS, Package of 30 2 for 17c Clean Quick 5 ib. box 29 LUX FLAKES medium zize, lOc; large 22c LUX or LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 cakes 19c SWEETHEART SOAP 3 cakes 18c RillSO Med. Size Large Size Cleanser MEATS FANCY BEEF BOAST, rolled and boned Ib. CORNED BEEF to boil, boneless Ib. I'OKK ROAST, lean butts Ib. PORK STEAK, sliced thin Ib. POTIK SAUSAGE, bulk Ib. PORK LIVER, O A Ibs. SI'ARERIBS, Ib. PICNICS, shankless Ib. SLAB BACON, in chunk Ib. 25c 22c 19c 20c 15c 25c 15c 17c 17c VEGETABLES BANANAS, ^ 25C APPLES, Fancy CRANBERRIES, ' . POTATOBS c . . ........ V Ibs. O i fig* ** bunches * v^x and BEETS, POTATOES, ONIONS 1 bunches . 15 Ib, peck bag ONIONS, larsre size. ... 50 lb. ba,g 90c i ! I l 1 i I i -AFFILIATED GROCERS- A, E. SCHROEDER & SON HOLLICK & CARL.SON Washington and Dowland — Phone »» 8. Washington Ave. — Phone Z0« _ FARMERS' EXCHANGE FARMERS' EXCHANGE DowUnd ft Jamwi — Hi*ne Ml E. Ludlnsrton Ave. — Phone 94 and 95 ,VAVVUV.*>-%w.w. r^^^ . •:'.

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