Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 25, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1933
Page 9
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"BUY BETTER IN AHEt" AMIS DAILY TRIBUNE TIME*. AXES. IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1933. f AOB SBTBN Oliver Leaves Vast Estate to Family SOUTH BEND, Ind., <UJ»)—Joseph D. Oliver, late chairman of the Oliver Farm Equipment Co. left big entire vast esU.te to bit widow and four children, according to bis will which wag admitted to probate here. The bulk ol the estate, valued In uneitlmated millions, was placed in trust In the United States Trust and Savings company. New York, half of the Income going to the You've never bad such a DELICIOUS LUNCH for such a small cost. 20C buys £oup, sandwich, dessert and drink PARADISE CANDY CO. Comer Main £ E«IIo0 GILIMORES FOOD MARKET Member NBA Fri. and Sat, Aug. 25-26 Coffee, Red Bag, lb ».19c Hominy, No. 3 can, 2 19c Powd. Sugar, 2 Ibs...l9c Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 15c Crackers, 2 lb box ...19c Macaroni or Spaghetti 7 oz. box, 4 for 22c Oat«, large box 16c Mason Jar Caps, doz. 21c Jar Rubbers, best 6 dz 19c Suerar, 10 Ibs 50c Milk, Ige can, 4 for..26c Milk, small can, 8 for 25c Ft. Toarties, Ige box, 2 19c Primes, 2 Ibs -.. 19c Potatoes, fey Ohio, pk 30c TRY OUR MEATS Store Hours 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.. Sat to 10 p. m. Groceries, .Meat, Vegetables "Convenient Parking" 113 5th St. Phone 63» HOW TO RECAPTURE BEAUTY Good looks are often a matter of .good health. Sparkling eyes and a smooth complexion are outward signs of an abundant vitality. To be charming, conserve youi health. Guard against constipation. •It so often brings wrinkles, sallow skins, dull eyes, pimples. Try the pleasant "cereal way" to protect yourself from constipation. Science has proved that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides "bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to tone the intestinal tract. ALL- BRAN also furnishes iron, which helps build up the blood. ' The "hulk" in this delicious cereal is much like that of lettuce. How much safer than abusing your system with pills and drugs — so often habit-forming. Two tablespoonfuls daily will correct most types of constipation. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Get the red-and- green package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Bat- fle Creek. HELPS KEEP YOU FIT AUJHIXE KING widow, Mrs, Anna G. oUrer. and half to the four children, Jam««, 11, Joseph D. Jr., Susan Catherine and Mr«. C. Frederick Cunningham. Autoist Hunts Truck Driver After Crash Miss KAthryn Peel, 1003 Lincoln way, reported u, police Wednesday evening that a truck bearing license No. 40-340 had struck her automobile on N;.uh street, between Kellogg and Burnett avenues, about 5:30 p. m. and that the driver had left without giving his name. Miss Peel said the truck- man was pulling out from the curb, and after making a remark that he didn't think Mlsa Peel's car was damaged, drove away. Miss Peel said the running board on her machine was smashed. LINDBERGHS MAY FLY TO ENGLAND LONDON <UJB—Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, now at Treraa in the Faroe islands far north of Scotland, have received permission from the air ministry to fly on to the Shetlands and thence to Scotland and England if they desire, it was learned Thursday. THOBSHAVN, Faroe Islands <UI!)—Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh studied weather charts Thursday, planning to make Tveraa, where they landed Wednesday, a base for further surveys of a possible northern Atlantic air route. Lindbergh met 'issolve a spoonful of White Kil »g Granulated S °ap in a cup of hot water...then *dd sufficient cool water to make lukewarm suds. Squee2e suds through the hosiery ...rinse thoroughly. Do not wring or twist but roll in soft towel to absorb moisture. Hosiery washed the White King Way gives double the service. Thtra i» no mbrtihitB lor WHITE KING Granulated Soap I Pasteurized Milk for Children M OTHERS who wish their children'to be healthy and strong—and what mother does not — will insist on Moore Bros. pasteurized milk — not only because it is pasteurized but because it .is highest in food value. Place your order for daily delivery—now; TRY OUR 3 LAYER SPECIAL BRICK Pecan Krunch Orange Sherbet Vanilla Moore Bros. Dairy 114 Kellogg—Phone 369 Eaton & Wright CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials 127 Main St. Free Delivery Phone No. 53 BUTTER, fey creamery, lb ... COOKIES fancy, 1 lb P-NUT BUTTER 2 Ibs for SWT. PICKLES qt. jar .... . DILL PICKLES qt. jar FLOUR 5 Ibs MACARONI 2 Ibs SPAGHETTI 2 Ibs BROWN SUGAR 3 Ibs ...'. COFFEE good grade, lb .. TOMATO JUICE, can PORK & BEANS 3 for CORN 4 for SPINACH No. 2 can PEACHES No. 2y 2 ,2for ... GRAPE FRUIT No. 2 can, 2 for PINEAPPLE No. ZYz can ..... PINEPPLE cm., No. 10 can POST TOASTIES 2 for 21 1 15c 20c 17c 19c 19c 18c 17c 25c 13c 17c 19c RAISINS bulk, 2 Ibs JELL-SERT • same as jello, 4 ., CHEESE, L,S. C. Longhorn, lb BREAD, brown* or white ....... HONEY 1 cake KARO SYRUP qt MARSHMALLOWS, 2 Ibs WTE. NAPTHA 10 bars TOILET TISSUE 3 for TAR RUBBERS 3 doz JAR TOPS ftlason, doz APPLES cooking, 10 Ibs .. PEACHES per doz ORANGES good size, 2 doz BANANAS 3 Ibs LETTUCE Ige. size head .. CELERY bunch POTATOES No. 1, pk WATERMELON large, each CANTALOUPE 6 for 14c 18c 15c 22c 14c 10c 22c 12c 19c 5c 15c The Meat Shop Phone 53 H. C. Hostetter, Prop. Phone 53 -FREE DELIVERY— Smoked Ham, pcs 5-8 lb avg, lb J4c SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED BACON lb 25c HORMEL'S SLICED BACON, Austin brand .. lb 21c BACON, sugar cured, lean, sliced lb 19c BEEF ROASTS, from fancy corn fed beef lb 15c PORK LOIN ROASTS lb 12V 2 c-15c Pork Cutlets, lb J7c—• Pk Patties 2gC LARD, country style, pure 3 Ibs 25c SPRING CHICKENS, 2V 2 - 3U> lb ave lb 20c PISH Fillet of Haddock and Halibut HAM LOAF lb 15c BOLOGNA, Pella style lb 17c of Spring Lamb . . . . lb 2lC COTTAGE CHEESE, ROQUEFORT, SWISS, NEW YORK, BRICK, RELISH AND SANDWICH CHEESE and raia ov«r the Faroe mountains on his way from Es- kifjord. COP'S urn DEATH SENTENCE CHICAGO OLD—Morris Cohen was sentenced to death late Wednesday on charges of murdering a policeman as federal, state, county and city police continued their drive against criminals. The drive, which started several weeks ago after the killing of the eleventh policeman here this year and as the kidnaping series reached its height, also has been joined in by judges, many of whom are working overtime so dockets can be kept clear to insure speedy trials for defendants. Cohen was found guilty of killing Polkeman John Hastings in a holdup on navy pier nine days ago. His trial was brief. A jury was selected within an First District to Send 10 Delegates BURLINGTON «LB — Iowa's first congressional district will re represented at the Young Demo cratic clubs of America convention by 10 iiersons, it wa agreed at a meeting of the district committee Thursday. Named delegates are Willard Smith of Washington, Ray Baxter and John I'ryor of Burlington, ert Lowden of Fairfleld, B. E. Me- Swiggin of Williamsburg, Hi'ls Phillips of West Liberty, Richard BoyJe and Cora Unas of Iowa City, Henry Albee of . Muacatine and Kenneth McCune of Marengo. hour. Arguments -were completed before noon. Testimony was finished by 4:30 p. m. and 65 minutes later the death sentence was delivered. The trial and sentencing of Cohen to death within nine days after the killing made the case one of the swiftest in recent Chicago history. RUSHING FOOD MARKET Phone 329 We Deliver FALL CANNING SALE It's values like these that bring the whole family down to I. G. A. Stores — day after day. It IS fun, with a basket on arm, discovering value after value — finding jew treats — convenient shelves with everything plainly priced. FRUIT JARS Round Mason Quart, Jar Caps, zinc ..... * . doz Spices, I. G. A ...... 3 cans (Stock up now for Summer Canning) Jar Rings, I. G. A. . . . • j pkgs 10C (Seal your preserves safely) Pen- Tel . . . ..... 2 pkg s BUTTER, Ar- O 4 A tnours Cloverb'm £• rw FREE! Pkg Kre-Mel with MAZOLA, pint can 23c—Quart COCOA, I. G. A. C A J 'T 1 I. G. A. plain or lodoized Table Salt. . I lb pkg 2 2-lb pkgs .10 lb bag 19c OLD DUTCH CLEANSER cans 21c COFFEE, 'A' Blend .... lb l$c L G. A. CREPE TISSUE, 3 rolls Peanut Butter, 18-K . . 1 lb jar (If you want quality) , Spinach, good quality . No. 1 can 10C SUGAR, fine granulated, 10 pound cloth basr BREAD, white, rye, graham Raisins, I. G. A. . . . 2 lb pkg (Thompson Seedless) Cracker Jack ...... J for IOC (Prize Package) Peaches, slic. or halves, No. 10 can 4$C (The economical size can) Peas : IGA early June, 2 No. 2 cans 2?C Beans, cut green . . . No. 2 can 10C VINEGAR <f Q A pure pickling .. I w v Bring your jug. VANILLA,- Imitation 8 ounce bottle Soap, Camay .5 bars 24C Beans L GKidA n e > Red 3 No. 2 cans 28C P. & G., Jumbo 3 for 12C BANANAS, yel. fruit. 3 Ibs ORANGES, Sun- O<1 kist med size 2 dz O I Grn Beans, Ken. Pole, lb 6c Hd Lettuce, Ige, 2 for 25c Celery, long bleached .lOc Tomatoes 3 Ibs lOc Cucumbers, long slicers 5c Red, Grn. Peppers, 3 for 5c Cabbage, green solid, lb 4c Potatoes, sml. No. 2, pk 25c Cantaloupe, large, 8 for 25c Watermelons, large Watsons 25c Pears, bask. 19c—Bu. $1.99 Peaches, box 95c Peaches, slicing 20c Lemons doz 25c Sweet Potatoes .. 5 Ibs 25c IN THE MARKET Pure Lard 21bs, 15c Sirloin Steak Round Steak Lorghorn Cheese ,.. lb 17c Sliced Bacon, 1 lb pkg 15c Homemade Ham Salad, 19c Beef Steak 12 J / 2 c Pork Chops 12V 8 c Weiners : Ibl2'l.c Peanut Butter, blk lb 12 l / 2 c Choice Beef Est. 10c-12i/,c Pork Steak l3c Hamburger Pork Sausage Cottage Cheese, bulk pt lOc Pork Liver 7y 2 c Boiling Beef ^ 8c GRAPEFRUIT v^ero, broken aegmenta No. 2 can for MC LOWEST AVERAGE PMC! ORIGINATOE1 1ICX FLAKES Heine IOC SHRIMP Warsaw fancy Wet Mo. 1 can 2 for JAR CAPS Regular Mason Dot iqc BIRD SEED French'! SARDINES Del Monte Mustard or Tomato Sauce. Oral Tin for OYSTERS Warsaw Fey Cove No. 1 can L 25c BAKING PDR Calumet l-I* t - r Can AjV SPECIAL SALE Del Monte PEACHES .Vo. 2% can—2 for., . Del Monte PEARS ^o. 2% can—2 for. . . Del Monte APRICOTS Sfo. 2% can—2 for.. . 39c R. A., No. 2% can... 3OR5, Del Monte Fey Golden Bantam, cream style, N'o. 2 can, 2 for Dozen — .. $1.29 VINEGAR Pure 40- Grain Cider Per 11U» Gal *PV EGGS Strictly Fresh 2 Dozen 25C Bean Sprouts Shanghai No. 2 Can 2 for Z5c Chow Meln Noodles Shanghai No. 2 Can L35C 3hop Sney Vegetables Shanghai Vo. 2 Z3C 3hop Suey Shanghai 3-oz Btl GINGER ALE Silver King 3t size bottle L 27« TOMATOES Cool Spring Fancy Noi 2 can L Zlc SUGAR Pure Fine Granulated 1 49c Butter krust BREAD White or Whl Wheat Per r* Loaf §C MACARONI, Spaghetti American Beauty PkSstjC KSSSSKCXXXXXXXtt^^ Peaches Placer County Elbertas Excellent quality. Beware if lesser priced fruit. Don't Can Now. All sizes bx.$1.14 Red Malaga Grapes, lb ..15c Celery, crisp 5c to lOc Plums, large eating, doz 15c Grapefruit, seedless, 4'for 25c Carrots, bunch 6c Lemons, Sunkist, 4 for . .10c Tomatoes, select, 3 Ibs... lOc Fresh Green Peas, lb ....lOc Green or Wax Beans, lb T Cucumbers, slicers, 2 for 5c Turnips, fresh, bunch . .7y Cauliflower, head —25c-30c Acorn Squashes, large ...5c Red Onions, new crop, lb . .5e Cantaloupes ",% g f or 25C | Watermelons ' Vi g IjC-IOC SWEET POTATOES Rn .7 SSf flSS. 6 Ibs Peaches 20C~30C | Green Peppers *%T 2 for JC Thin Skin, Juicy, Good Size Oranges doz. 15c Large No. 1 Northern Potatoes p°*37c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^^ Peats Hillsdale Bartlett No. 2% can L 29c TEA Biscuits White or Graham Doz 14* CAKES ^H ^^ ^V for *U»» SOAP P & G •Vhite Nap. 10 *- p bars Z.}C Green Kraft's BeanS tfiracle Wbip • Mew '33 pack J-oz jar 9c No. 2 can p^ j^ !8 C L 2lC * J« 28c Peas Country Kist Early June 3 Cans 29c r Butter Fable Brand k 22C College Brand L 23c Pecan BUNS Caramel Pineapple IBrtTT JJ AUJLuLiD Do Z 18C KARO SYRUP Red Label 5-Lb Pail 29c 31ue Label 5-Lb Pail 27c in. tpivp^i ^5^Rii!i™ ^^^ JJ^UJJ^P DEL MONTE VACUUM PACK COFFEE 1-lb can 27C DATES Arab Boy J-Lb Cello. '"* «c CHEESE Mild Sweet Long Horn * «c CATSUP Beech Nut » e ^ c Btl Jl ic JAR Rubbers Two-Lip Doz IOC « WALNUT MEATS 3al. Halves and Pieces C Blackberries Solid Pack 5- 39C Pose's Market Quality Meati at Low Cost--229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET PURE LARD, 2 POUNDS WAXED CARTON 15c SLICED BACON, QUALITY GOOD 2 Ibs. 35c COTTAGE BUTTS, BONELESS ALL LEAN . 19c PORK ROAST, LEAN BUTTS OR LOIN ENDS lb. lOc RING BOLOGNA, FRESH MADE each lOc VEAL LOAF, FRESH GROUND VEAL & PORK 2 Ibs. 25c POT ROAST, TENDER YOUNG BEEF lb. FRANKFURTS, LARGE JUICY 2 Ibs. 25c ROLLED RIB ROAST, CORN FED . 20c SPARE RIBS Fresh Sliced Liver Fresh

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