The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 9, 1958 · Page 7
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 7

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 7
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Education Is the Answer Bjr ANN LANDERS Dear Anti Landers: t have • child %ho is mentally retfltded and nevef can attend ichori with other children. . WH*n we shop in the grocery stott <tf just walk ort the street |other cWldr«n I stop and stare at I my little girl. Of | ten they whisper jj to one another and even point at I her. This makes I her unhappy be [cause she under [stands the's be ling set apart for Jsome reason. Of Ann Landers course it breaks my heart. If parents nre too Ignorant to rear their children with some understanding ' of handicapped peo- pie why isn't it taught in school ns part of daily education? Normal boys and girls should be aware that it's cruel to look upon mentally deficient or physically crippled people as if they were freaks or animals in a zoo. Please Ann Landers, print this letter. Millions of people read what you write every day. Perhaps some parents will see it and bring up the subject a*' the dinner table, Maybe school teachers will devote a few minutes to this topic in the classroom. You could do a world of good. God bless you.—GLADYS Dear Gladys: Thank you for your letter. This problem has nev er been mentioned in the column and I'm grateful for the opportun ity to discugs it. Often it isn't cruelty, but natural curiosity that causes people to stare at the handicapped. 0 course, these people are unforgive ably rude and Insensitive. Educa tion is the answer. People who nre crippled, disfigured, or retarded are aware of their affliction. The greatest kindness we can perform is to ignore it. And juw ft word about'parents of handicapped children. I have tnowit many. Invariably 1 am Struck by their deep compassion, sunny outlook and complete lack of bitterness. It's almost as if the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, knew exactly where to place His afflicted little ones, there are no medals for these people, but there should be. ay any attention to you, why flot pty some attention to him? Invite people in, make plans. Pump some fe into that anemic relationship. 'ou two married for some reason. Ify and remember whtt it was nstead of sitting aroxnuT telling ourself what ft "lousy husband" ou havt. Dear Ann: I'm only 17 but I enow my own mind. I've been dnt- ng since I was 13 and I am in love forever. The felldw is 22 anc} leaving the country on ft two year construction job in Alaska. When he told me, I almost had a heart attack. 1 want to get engaged but he says it wouldn't be fair to either of us. My parents think I'm crazy, jut I am a one-man woman and this is the man. I'd quit school and marry him tomorrow if he'd ;ake me along but he says absolutely no. What if he gets lonesome and someone else grabs him in a weak moment? Please help me. -WHATAMIGONNADO? Stopyermoanin' and be sensible If this is "if, you'll know it in two years and so will he. If someone else "grabs him" this wasn't "it" and you were saved from the biggest mistake of your life. Dear Ann: My husband is gone four nights out of seven. When he is at home, he doesn't pay any attention to me. We have three children and I'm so lonesome for adult companionship I'm ready to invite the mailman in. From reading your column daily I've picked up the comforting idea that there are plenty of lousy bus bands in this world, so I know I'm not alone. But I'm still miserable What shall I do?-M.U.M. If you read this column daily how come you'haven't noticed the advice? If your husband is home three nights a week and doesn' To leant the booby-traps of teen- ige drinking, write for ANN ANMSRS' new booklet, "Teen- ge Drinking," enclosing with your equest 20 vients in coin and a arge, self-addressed,, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers Will be glad to lelp you with your problems. Send hem to her in care of THE HERALD, enclosing a stamped, self- iddressed envelope.) Elmer Kling Elected Club President Elmer Kling was named president of the LeRoy Town and Country Club Saturday. Members met at the LeRoy Municipal Build- ng. Other officers are Elmer Russell, vice president; and Mrs. Kling, secretary - treasurer. Plans were made for a 7 o'clock dinner and Christmas party, Dec. 17. Prizes for cards were won by Mrs. Lewis Roe, Mrs. Ane Lomholt, Raymond Jordon and Roy Siger, Saratoga, Iowa. Travel prize was awarded Ralph Winkels. Refreshments were served by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hovda. Compliment-Winner PRINTED PATTERN AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD! Now is the time to buy a fur coat . . . style—workmanship and price are in your favor. Style trends are here for the new season. A completely new collection of coats, jackets, scarfs and stoles has been assembled for your pleasure. Make your choice now from among the many beautiful creations in furs that can be found in our shop. Mink Sides Coats from $400. Mink Paw Coats •• from $275. Persian Lamb Jackets ... from $200. Lovely Stoles from $100. AUSTIN FUR SHOPPE JOHN TREEFE, Furrier 112 I. Wat»r Ph. HE 3-2933 Austin, Minn. Commercials Are Making Women Fee! Insecure By ftOROTHIr R0U WftfJMfl'* ttfltof Is* ft creature Associated The modern harassed by propaganda and harried by TV* commercials. All day long, froth the minute she opens Her morning newspaper until she turns off^he late-late show at night, she Is beset by ominous command*, warning* and downright threats, such as these: "When you use a deodorant, are you SURE?" "Don't drive your husband away from home with detergent hands"! "When he kisses you, WHAT ABOUT YOUR BREATH? "If you want to hold your husband, better use the perfume that ATOMIC APPLE nevers falls, BLOSSOMS." "If you don't buy MAGNETIC LIPSTICK NOW - your husband will look for it on another girl." "Do you suffer from backache, tired glands and milkmaid's knee? You need our supercharged URANIUM TONIC." "Does your husband rush home at night? IF NOT, LOOK OUT!' "Give him our HAPPY PILLS and enjoy a new outlook on marriage." All these and more combine to give the average wife a feeling of desperate insecurity. She feels that if she doesn't look like Mar ilyn Monroe, dress like Mrs. Har rison Williams, entertain like Elsa Maxwell and smeli like a perfume shop, she's in danger of losing her happy home. Most of this is a lot of nonsense ,says Hugo A. Bourdeau, a Bal timorc marriage counselor, whoj writes in the current issue of Coronet magazine: "The modern American woman is being greatly oversold on the importance of sex in marriage." He believes that women all over the country are developing jitters, ulcers and nervous breakdowns ! trying to live up to the movie versions of sex appeal. Actually, says Bourdeau, sex is only a part of married life—an important part, of course, but not the whole show. It's important, too, to raise a healthy, happy family, to have a peaceful, well- ordered home and to make a superlative apple pie. Companionship and teamwork, Miss Lois Taylor and Richard Nagel Marry at Rdbbi rch Perns, candelabra and ho%J%i^|ti<I;Leon Taylor, brother of corated the altar of the Church in Robbinsdale Sn for the wedding of Miss Taylor and Richard Nagtt. fhe- bride is the daughter of the Rev* and Mrs, John D. Taylor, Minneapolis, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs, Elmer !lager t Austin Rt. 2. *' The Rev. Mr. Taylor officiated at the ceremony, assisted by tt«* Rev. William Parker. Soloists were Ralph Martin and the father, accompanied by Mrs. Lewis Feldick. A gown of tulle and Chantilly. lace over satin was worn by the bride, given in marriage by her father. The molded bodice of lace was designed with a sheer tulle yoke, Peter Pan collar, long sleeves and full skirt with an inserted peplum of lace cascading' to a majestic cathedral train. Her silk illusion veil was held with a Sweti- ish crown of seed pearls, rhinestones and sequins and she carried white. roses on a white Bible. isw . lei* were groomsmen. Usb ^••Weifi£iJerry Taylor, brother of "'"'r. Everett Hansen, David rj rfohn E. Taylor and Don-.-*$& Mr»..lfiylor wore a green crepe gown J|Jth a sequin hat and corral rosebuds. Mrs. Nagel ~1 in a gown of gray a matching hat and cor- Id'ge sage of'fed rosebuds. Two Hundred guests attended the .held in the church par- Goldbugs Meet for Holiday Party Grandmother goldbugs, past presidents of the Military Order of Ladybugs, held a Christmas party Monday./ Mrs. Claude Harris, 1102 Bauman, was hostess at a luncheon. Gifts were exchanged and bingo was played. Mrs. Emil Mansager was a guest. Film on Missions Shown Ladies Aid \ A film on Brazil missions was shown when the Six Mile Grove Lutheran Ladies Aid met Thursday at the Lyle Parish Center. Hostesses were Mrs. John Farlinger, Mrs. Andres Knudson, Mrs. Walter Leidall and Mrs. Melvin Haugland. Mrs. Arnold Enerson, program chairman, led in scripture reading and prayer after AUSTIN (Minn.) HlRAlD *J Tuesday, Dec. 9, 1958 I which a reading was given by Mf*. Melvin Hauftlnnd and Mrs. Victor skov led the worship offering prayer. Self-denial envelopes' witl be collected at the next meeting, Jan. 7. Chocolate, originally called "jo eolatte," first was developed In Central and South America. • Mrs. Irving Nagel was matr6n of honor wearing a floor-length gown of red taffeta with a matching velvet cummerbund. The bride ing velvet cummberbund. The bridesmaid, Miss Nila Taylor, sister of the bride, and the junior bridesmaid, Carolyn Nagal, sister of the groom, wore floor-length gowns of green taffeta with match- Ing velvet cummberbunds. Each attendant carried a white..velvet| muff with a red poinsettia .Bar- rounded by lily-of-the-valley.' »•• Irving Nagel attended his brother as bestman and Ronald-Bui- hoping and building together, .are ome of the most important in- redients of a happy marriage* ,nd if you can go through, hard' mes together and still be friends, ou're a success. Ujfs. Mrs. S. Roberts was hostess and Miss Lois Finke and Miss Louise Gtifetafson poured as refresh- merits were served by Mrs. David Sasser, Miss Marilyn Manz, Miss Rachel Conding, Mrs 1 . William Parker, Mrs. Ralph Martin, Miss Carol Osterhus and Miss Lois Osterhus., Mrs. Leon Taylor was at the guest book and the bridesmaids took charge of gifts. After a trip to St. Croix, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Nagel will be at home on a farm, near Rose Creek. For travel, the bride wore a royal blue wool dress with black acces- saries."' Mrs. Nagel is a graduate of Joliet High School and attended junior college and Moody Bible Institute. The groom was graduated from Austin High School. .Mrs. Allan Hansen Honored at Shower Mrs. Allan Hansen was honored jat a shower Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Wencl, &2 "N; "Fourth. Mrs. Michael Fink was assisting hostess. Games were played with prizes Won'by Mrs. Vincent Kk-m, Mrs. Roman Caron and U\s. Kenneth .Mudra. Mrs. Hansen was awarded .the door prize. The honored guest was assisted by Michelle Marie Klein in open- ;,. . -. . Fashion Top Portrait Children a Specialty '. ,'.' ''.',- i For The Finest in Christmas giving — Be Sure it's A JUDD PORTRAIT JUDD'S Portrait Studio Over Woolworth's on Mill St. • HE 3-5512 MARVIN'S doiitole 4610 SIZES 14U-241* . , . of holiday fun! 10 Z By ANNE ADAMS ! Cut a smart and Bllm figure this new year with this aew-easy fashion! You'll love the dash of the collar, i smooth fit of the bodice, easy skirt. Tomorrow's pattern: Child's dresi. Printed Pattern 4610: Half Sizes 14',i. lfl',4, laVa, 201,4, 221,4, 241/3. Size! 161,!! takes -Hi yards 35-Inch fabric. Printed directions on each patttern part. Eas'er. accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS In coins for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for 1st - class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of the Austin Dally Herald. Pattern Dept.. 243 West nth St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. CHRISTMAS SALE Craft and Christinas gifts. 301 W. Oakland, side entrance, Wednesday, 1 to 9 p.m. Adv. IT RUMMAGE Noveleo sportsmans razor, $3. Shoe roller skates size 6, $2. Underwood typewriter, $10. 2 large school desks, $3. Linens, drapes, dishes, clothing. 1507 Park Ave side door, Tuesday through Thursday. Adv. IT SKETCHED FROM STOCK Discover the Thrill of Creating Your Own Beautiful Music on the HAMMOND ORGAN LA' MRS. GERALD BRANDT Instruction the most widely used organ in the world! ED EVANS Sale* JOHN LEONI Sole* GIL MASON Manager Enroll now for private Hammond Organ lessons by Certified Hammond Organ Instructors. Contact Mrs. Gerald Brandt, Lyle 5-4562, for an appointment. If, at present, you do not have • Hammond Organ, call Mr. Leoni, ATlas 2*9834, Rochester, Minnesota or Mr. Mason, ATlas 9*8639 at Rochester or Mr. Ivans, KE 4*2396, Plainview, Minn, for full details •bout our LESSON-LOAN PLAN, whereby you can have the use of a Hammond Organ in your home, receive three lessons plus necessary music at absolutely no charge. Edstrom Hammond Organ Studios WINONA t ROCHESTER UCROSSE She'll have the warmest thoughts of \ you when she sees her bulky orlon turtle neck slipover engagingly topped with a brass buttoned orlon chemette that's doubly tnug. The slipover in white, red,' gray heather or black. The chemette in red, white or black, 5.98. Turtleneck, red, whits & royal. 8.98. Sizes 34 to 40. MARVIN'S' 1 OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 3 t>a,gs fu.ll of CHRISTMAS CHEER SKETCHED FROM STOCK sportswear — main floor lust say "charge it please" ~ • * OPEN TONITE 'Til 9 - USE YOUR AUSTIN-ALBERT LEA CREDIT PLATE Your cheeriest Christmas wishes are always on hand when you give her a handsome leather handbag to carry wherever she goes. Novelty treated or trim and tailored ... the most fashionable trimmings to be found under her tree, Stunning slim calf pouch bag with leather and gold chain handle. Gold disc clasp; handy inner zip pocket. Black or brown. 12.98* Handsome circular leather bag with a raised gold clock face. Leather handled with two inside pockets and a change purse. Black or teakwood calf. 18.98* Top handle leather bag with gold finished closing and trim. Plastic lined with inside zipper compartment. Black, briar or flax. 7.98* Piuu federal tax accessories — main jloor just soy "charge it please"

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