Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 3
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TJIE lOLA DAILY UEGlSTlL'tt. THUKSDAV EVENING. UEfcEMBER 29. 1927. Icihi Laundry, in hoidijig :i one i:enl f>'j]c. beginning todayj' She is of-J Vering a special prico on cleaning ilr-'sses, two being cleaned for .^je 'j :iiOP otr one. plun oiiecent. Tlie ([ifer is gffod until JaiMiary 7.'f —The. Queen Esthet of the Trin- itvj Metiio<list churchi is having a IJOS Kupper tomorrow evening at T^rio -ln the Trinity Methodist parr i^ojjage on South Kentuiky in ihi- "biisf-rnoni. ' • MrK, H. CJirt. of Chicago, is IP- tKl 'ing a ft'iv days here with her .sun and .wife. Mr! alid 'Mrs. Q. critt. Mjfdison avfniie. -. Slndelits can rciit typewriters, :.iiy make. at. rea.souahle rates, from William.- Typewriter Co.. 11:! West ~JI:i(lisou. Kila, Kiins. I'liyllis Lovot -a, of KanHa.<; City, is spending tlH> week here with li.'i' grandparents. .Mr. and Mrs. T.' .loy.e. and .Willi her <iunt. Mr.':. Hoy Hair and family. 'Her iiKuhcr. .Mrs. ,Madge liovoca. who was. licri'. tor Christmas, lias re- tinned home.' New Year's rnrlles • ; • * I)<iu-iid upon us ti> r>'fri'sli _* • vdiir Wearing aiiparvl. " • I'llO.NK 10.', • .IhloNon (leainTf ' The MiHsouri' Pacific i Railroad coippany has ^bout thlijiy teams and rw^nty. m^n grading between LaHarpe and Piqua. E. H. Quinn. of 31 .1 North Jetfcrsou avenue, is supervi.sing the work. Mr. and iMrs. M. C. iJacey and daughter, Rutfi, of S21 fijast .tack- spent son avenue, Moian wiUi .Mi. I-aceys Mrs. E. D. Ljicey. estlerday in mother. ' .Airs. P.. B. Murdockjwas » busi- ncs.s visitor iu I'hanutf this after- n'ooii. i I. .M. Hershkowjitz. of Tulsa.-Ok. vJho has been iu lola looking afte- propj-rty interests, retiiriie'd home on the noon^lay. —nr. A. B. Twadejl. Osteopath. .N'ew Globe Bids. Pboae 191. Mrs. H. W. Menefee, of Leavenworth. Kanfras. who has been visiting her mother-in-law. Mrs. M. A Menefee. of LaHarpe, returned home this a^ternoou. —For Real Estate Loang see the Serurtlr Bids, i I.«ian;AMfcacIatiou, Tola. Ks. Office in I^irst .Nati. Bank! HJCKMAN AFTEB CONFESSING MUttPKHv —Beautiful drtss hats. $2.m and ' -M's. R. B. Brewster, pf .Kansas ' here with her pgrents. Mr. and Mrs the week J3.50. Also silk hosiery. Edwards! Cit.v, who Is spending Millinery. - i C. C. McCarty^and family, and her Mr. and Mrs. Otho, Alexander, of niece, Lucille Stratton, were vislt- 409 South Washington; avenue j >? Chanute this afternoon, spent Christmas with ilie laiters i . — liaients. Dr. and .Mr.s. .1. C. Culp. at | — ^ana Bread, good as ever. Thayer. .Mo., and .Mr. and .Mrs' . — Fawn Wallis, of Stillwater. Okla. j J- H. Butler, of Omaha also were there, and acconip-!'^>f'- here for the holiday sea.son anied Mr. and Mrs. Alexander horn, j ^^"'h "' PP'*- •'^'"•S- R- B - Cook and for a .short visit. Mrs. Wallis. for-, fa""'?- K^st street. • nu-rly .Miss .loe Culp White, js a _ ^ J. ^T. daughter of Mrs. Alexan.ler. . ""j- ^^''^y J^^- P«l8«>n, Chiroprac- • .lor. .Northrtip BIdg. Phone 326. [ Mrs. T. .M. Slack, of TOS Fjtsi ,, „ — . Madison avenue, who has been ill! Mrs. Homer J.,aForge. of Em- of tlu. Is now able to ».<• up and J'.""".-,J);||° fiP'-nding around, the house. Ser»Ire. Oiir/sifl lo .vou with "bosl wislic rbr the new year. CnrUx Kiirnihire .siore. Lnllarpe. ^AGE THREE With a deflant laugh on his mouth, which was somewhat belied by the expression of his eyes, Edward Mjckman returned from Pendleton. Oi hristmas and part,of the holidays , Willi her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. J \. (loss and family, of 6«4 j,„,.,a„ p-.^k^,-. This photogiaiji Kvcaiuore street, relumed hom» ; , I. , ... . <. , •„ „ (Ills afternoon. She will go tc, Attorney Keyes Los Angeles. A |1 IO hopes to sen! hiin to the gallows for the crime. |\ansas City Ip the morning to at-j to I. OS .\ngtles with the confession that he had kidnaped and mui- . taken a.< his traiii reached Sun FranciscQ, shows him with District • • * t- .\llieri; anil Dorothy Colileniz • who arc' ill of, pneumonia, are re' ported better to<luy. They are chil- jdren of .Mr. aiid .Mrs. \V.-ilter Cob-• lent/., of TlTi Smith Washington | .liihii I'lses. jr.. lipcnl Christmas :>ird liait of flu- litdiduys in Kansas t'liv. ilii- gufsl of .Miss .Mary Kn- — Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, I/.la Lauiiiiry Uldp. I'l.nne 138. Oil"' of lue. l;:t »>.-i| liiioK's to lie :iilcli;,l to Ilie Librarv .<|u-lves is "-.Ui.rtdie llunti-rs." . Iiy I ';!Ul I>e "Kruif. i Jt is ilie true siory of the :'ilveiit'ures <it the piom -e! s -.l' liiu- t'-riiilogy iu vheir fisht ag ;iin>-t "luaiiVs worst en<'niy. discus.-. Tin- .•iiitlior coiiverlU hi-* heroes fj -om .(iild inipcr -iQiial sri«-utists into .'hi illiautiy real and hiiniau men. avenue. I 'Mr. .Hid . MIS. CM. .\. Fosur aii- I iiouiK <• till" aiilval of :i i -ine pniri'i' I tmy on Tuesday. December 27, fo whom they have given Mii- iiiiiif, , C.Ieii IScniaril. lend ihe tliial sessions of the \a- lional convention of the UuHiness and I'loff'sxional Women's Clubs. We know Bakery Product! are good. But Have You 'Tried Ours? VA.\ HOOZERS, Mrs. Harriet Plager. of Brock .N'ebr.. who speul Christmas with !her sister-in-law. .Mrs. R. W. Doo: little and family, at Ihe end ot : North Oak street, \yas taken serl jiiusly ill Tuesday morning and wao! Mherlffs sale. A liuick louriuK car. confiscated ' Miss Pauline Hicks, of Cherry- sivtral months aijo from W. W.: vale., arrived this after- lliiniinock of Su l:,iu!'. .Mo., after; noon to be the guest of Miss Jessie p'ollie found lifiiior In II. was sold I Hackeit. of 221 South Cotlonwo«id today to Tod Tobev |..r ?-'<!-". ai .i sin-ei. over the week-eml. | —Dr. J. T. [ .K-ray. Phone 3 I —It you want to buy or build, i I city or suburban property. The lola I .Mis.rioliii V. Iliiiler returned to • jju;,,ii„g 4 Loan Association will '"1 lioiu'- in Welila. Kansas, after | n ,jj].p j.„„ „ loan, low interest ra<e Held Surcerv and i''i >'''>^>'r- -M's. .Vaiy;„„ eomrai.ssion. See C E. Pees Itciu, surgery an" , ,,„|,|,„.,head an.l -amiiy, of < 12 secretarv," at old Register builditis • Soi lb Fir:-! .-tf-et. I .. . _ 1 removed to Christ's hospital in To-j 1 peka to ,undergo a major opera' tlou. NEWS NOTES FROMCOLOP Celebrute I hrLsfmas 'TVIti ('AatsU »t (-ommnnltr fbnreli With Thirlr-f wo Pfrsons In' ('a«it. COI>OXy. loec. 2.S.—.Mr.iahd 'Mr?. -Tohn Basnftt ami little'son were hero, from Kansas City to spend Cliristiiias wiUi her pfarents. Mr. I anil Mrs. M. M. Brown. I Miss Leta SmliU has been mak- i ing a holiday, visit with) her parents. Dr. and^MrSi -A. J.. Smith. Roy .McCalmon returned to Kan- ra.-* (Uty .MoiMlay after a short visit with Venis Ta>lpr. • 1 Berr Scott and Merle Smith ie- ( turned 'Monday u» (>ttawa. where; liiey have \vork. j Walter Hunkicker is spending; the week with friends at Jassper. | Mo. < ,Ias. Fivecoats and Harry Dentop .shpped cattle to Kansa.<| City the flTst of the week. .Miss Lovana Siierer. 'who had been at home on - account of ~ber father Theo. Sherer bcinfe injured! by a run away team, rehtrned to her work at .Melrern. , Mr. and .Mrs. A. V. Scott had all the members/ of their titmlly at homo; to enjoy-Christ ma? dinner, the following being preslent: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lineback 'jind chM- , dren from (Jameif. .Mr. and -Mrs. \ C;e.oigt- Scott from Pleasantoii. Mr. j and .\lrs. A. V. Sioit and: children | from lola. .Mis.-» Fern Stott; from; Wi<hiti«; Herman Sc-oit fipm; Inde-! peiidc'iiie. Bert; Scott front Ottawa, and .Mr. and .Mrs. J.-H. s>Ceiif »»"' (liildivn ot Colony. On-Monday, .Mr. and .Mrs. Kent. Mr. %atl Mr%. Scott and -Miss- Fern .Scott drove to Pleasantoii and stpent the-day with C.eorge Scott amt wife. A fine Chrisimus cantata. whi<b ' was given at the Community church. There wa^ a chorus of liilrty-two vofcca under the direc- lion of Mr*. R. S. Brooke and *ith Mrs. tii R..Duii!ey and .Mr.^. E. X. PhtlHps as. accomiMicists. Thu^<gi^- diiion of thfc cantata was excellent and a largo andlence wa.-* present: to mio^ the bflrinoniotts. occtiBion. .Mr. dnit MTA. .Milt Meicalf anil daughters were down from Kansas City to Kpend Christinas at. the, home of his parents. Dr. and Mrs. E. t. Metealt. IF SKIN BREAKS OU|t AND ITCHES AFPLY SULPHUR i t Miist the moment you upplr -Men- Tlio -.Sul{>hur to au itchitig. quming or broken ou^" skin, 'the itching stpps.. and healing bcgius. iayi'-j uotcii ''.kin sfwcialist. Tlii» Ciilpbur prcpnTiOioti, made into a pleatant eold creui ^l, givea such a f|uiok relief, even to litfry eczema, that notbiiig ha» ever beea fnund to take ita place. Because of .it» genn-deetrnying properties, i^ quicHy gnbdueitJi* Itching, cooU the irritation and beak the eczema right np, leaving a clear, smooth skin in place of tigly erup- tioiis, r«»h, pimples or roiighfless. You do not hare to vait foe jm? prorement. It. quickly shows. You can get a Kttle j»r of Rowlea Mwtfcb-. ^Iphur at any drug store. ! southwest <;orner of square. JgEm the cofumns .Miss Vivian Barker went to Kan- 'sas Ciiy on an early niornliig train Insi to save cariyiug ovtr on for a short visit with frienils. - i friends, ! our iiiveiilor\: Seven used-Type- — } ; iwrit <rs. all write perfectly. Some Mi^. and .Mrs. K. X. WiUett. of of Ihe standard keyboards incliid-• Ki le. Kansas, who have been visiting (wo Sit. •' Coronas., sill go .Sat- ing their daughter. .Mrs. C. I'. Cold- Vnlav. 'tlu re r-aniKiin ii. 111. M .>'nc «.un i.Mia avenue. reiJirneii loiiav to tlieii I IIIIJJ ! Kansas. Robi'il Clark and I'aul jmotoredlo For. Scot, today™;'' h -he auditing .•ommitt... of !,,;,„,„,., • ' I Uouieii s Keiief I'orps 111. I with the R "S ^«'"''''^J_-.^*"?. \isninB liairiiiiin. .Mrs. Frank _,, _ ,, _ ,, , .SoiMli Cottonwood sirci -\Ve pay on Full Paid and .,•.,,.,.„„„„ j,,,,,,,,.,, , Installment Stock. The best invest-• ,.„ar !t- ..r 'It• -•»<•—» ,1 . , ,„,>,. ... inient, the hcsi method to save., • t.lav. \our choi.e loi $G..... »<• siuiih and fumily. of 309 Kast Mad-• Spcnrltv Bid". & I.onn A-»HocIatlon,' • h. le Sauunlav a. ni. if yoi. want l.>ioaav*^nue.retnrned today to tlieii i i„i„] Knns-is —O. L. Cox. o!;,'. Williams Typewrilii' Co.. ll- lioiiu- in Erie. j * Wcsi Madisoil. ^ j •' °' our drive in battery andi,)j.|,,r returned home la>i night [A lelegrani ha .s bc.>i M n. lanilju .-,.)" Mr. and Mrs. J. I). Boycr. of La- I! Harpe. left today for their home in lie books f„r, Chicago. Illinois;. ! AVilfred Shailwick. who is atf ii<!- iug the Vniversity ar Shav.iieo. .Miss Gladys .Mariiiont and F. J ,, , , ^P^"^'"""'' Okla.. is spending the week with Kar. .\osc .ind Thi^oat. ^^.^ parents. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Shadwick.; of -•.lo South CottoP- rcreivei!, wood street. ONE ( K\T kXl.K I-ADIES- DRESSES Two dresses rleaned lor ' iliH price of one plus li-. •* Sale" closes Saturday. .Ian. 7, * lOLA I.AI NDKV t 0. ' Phone 102 — .Mildred Curtis. M. I). Ceiieral nicdiiiiie. (11 fice over Cook's Drug Sioie. Phone "i.';4 day or night. Iwilh relatives here -tor a few days 'if .\. .Milne of Wheeler lleishls. • I'clock. • « * « - .\notlierl new IKIOIL at the lola .: Vii 'ilic Library is ".Alfred K. Smith " liy llchry K. I 'ringk-. .\ fresh. • lietii anil pi 'iietraiing study of ihe aiosl talked about ..American of the " ii''"''" 'I"'"' ^'''or. wlio .se studies of Vpromiiieiil nieii in The .American >Iii(iiry and Harper's have attracl- ' pil wide allentioii, here tells .he ' -whole trulh about the tnan about ^vhoni ]ilile of the whole truth has , t..-:ii 'told. .And the result is a book jvhii -h is enormously enleriaiulng iiiid completely free from ^lias. The iinilior has proiluced a irilical ;-liidy of AI Smith which will have valiic and interest 110 matter what fuii'pens next ..Inly and the follow- dim .N'ovemlier." • VOTK'K TO f (IMHACTORS, • Crading and firavelling North ti;ili Street, lola, Kansas. Sialed Proposals will be received "^>y Ihe City Clerk of the City of •jola. Kansas, until Noon 12 o'clock :.l .i ;iiiary 3. 19'JS, for grading and surfacing wiih gravel, thai ;iorllon - of N'orlli Oak Street lying bettt'een Lincoln and Carpenter Streets in ill" Citv of lola, Kansas. joQuanti'ies are as follows: • Earth Excavation. 2.S3 Cubic Yds. . <;ravel, 4.i6 Cubic Yards. j_ Til'.' total length of the Improve- "jneiit is 627 feer' Depth of'gravel, S inches. • All bids must be ai -conipanied Avitli .ri percent of the total bid in jii'iiiey. or'^a certified check bn •(-iiijK- responsible bank. ~. -.r'.ans and specifications may Ije sr <n at the office of the City Engl- uicr. lola. Kansas. . B. L. .McNIEL. • rSeal] - i ' City Clerk. Mr. and Mrs. R. I.. Poiisler and son. Luther, of Friscto. Texas, and JMr. ami .Mrs. W'. E.^Carter. of U'uv- 'epworih. Kansas, who spent Christmas wi'tli .Mrs. L. L. Ponsler and .Miss iLouise Ponsler. of 902 .Voiih Jeffer.son avenue, left yesterday for. tlifii- lespeclive homes. - , F. I.. B. LE.iVELL, -M. I». • Special attention given Dis• jieases of Colon and Rectum. • ^ Electro-Physiothefjapy • Office lola State Bank BIdg. • Phones—147 and TO.i .Mr. and .Mrs. A. Douglas (lordon and childieil. .Mrs. Lucy Simpson Jamieson and her granddungliter .Miss Viola Waite. of Chanille. who iiiolored last Thursday iq St,. l/)uiH. Mo .10 spend Christmas with rela- lives, returned home, at eleven o'clock last night, lea^jing St. I /Oiiis' yesterday morning. ' j —Super B Power 4.">ivolt dry c/^1: B Balleries. »2.7r.. K. [.Malcom, 219 South strc't. Dr. and .Mrs. L. .A. Mi^ndis. of; .Alexandria. an ived hc/e today to visit several days with Dr. .Mun-. dis's sisler.s. Dr. Lucy Hull, .Mr.x. P H.'Schonaerts aii\l brother. .1. D. i .Mnndls and families. They have • been spending a day or two in To-, peka \ylth .Mr. and '.Mrs. Will .Mundi,s and family. J. D. .Mundis was in Kansas Cits Mo., yest(?rday where he was a rep- j resentative :of the Etiuitablei Lif< ) lu.suraucc (Company at a < istricinifeting: 'it! I The duly car 6f its kind \ iu the world. Entirety new • engineering principles. 1 Years, ahead of its time. - M On Display January Sth >1 ^ROPtJCT pF DODGE BKOTHERS Big 8 Day Pre-Inventory Sale AU Holiday Merchandise and Winter Ready-to-Wear at Great Price Reduction for Eight Days AT CUT PRICES— $10 to $12,50 Coats $5.95 $17.50 to $20 Cpats $12.75 All other ToaN ul a Krent cnt in iirire! A few reiil line riiiil> lert III ii real price cut. $20 to $22.50 Dresses $11.95 $29.75 to $35 Dresses $19.85 Thcve are wonderful «.tjle>i. exriuoho '•Classy J«in~ ni"il- I 'K. llio^besl mines ntt ha\e ever <>hitnii. All vlze-i Incluiiini; niaiif .itiiul sizes. ^Ccmipany DRYCOODS-WOMENIS WEAR-MULINER* •OLA - » KANSM lOLA'S POPULAR STORE Pre-Inventory Sale of , Coats $3.00 .pittpn S3..50 Novelty^ .S5.95 Part Wool $8.7.5 lo $10.75 BLAmET. BLANKET BLANKET Wool Blankets $2.50 $2.79 $4.49 1 OFF 3 III Fancy Fluid-, Lante Ijircc Sl/.e. Tli*sp Are Verj SI /0 TUSI. ii KI? Poiiblr The Finest All Wool Blank l>iinl)le Hlanket^ Prelty Patterns i'liiid KUiiiket. ' ets. In I'retly I 'lalds. New Spring Frocks )hii.ij of tlif Nnnirt new "CLissy Jean- and "Oe Faye"^ .•»|>rlnir Frock- JHsl recpliod $9,75 to $45 V"u wJJI saj IJicr are nonderfnll- .See llieni fomnrrow. \>w even/nj; frorks in'rhir stjie-. .Sep whiilon dlsjilay. •M IVr Cent IM.-roiiuf v" i('>l>es lliinve Itresses, Kn>nu mill .Silk f.iiiirerle. #6.;:. |i» TriPnrli Coals i (•naranteeil naterpronf $4,89 Compare Our Prices! if'S.OO Crrpe Satins, good nin^p of ruliirs to QO clioosp ironi, I« incbps wlile. lesf (|ualtt) V^^*'^^ Many olber womlprnil barirain.- In silks will bp I 'onnil at HIP l.cailpr. . 12c 39c 12c 5c 20c I»c, :>;.iiicli thithu: Flannel On Mile per yard. .-i^..-.. ».! tipurlipd Sheet iuy. «ood wpltclil Xo •larrli. Special per yard I.'.c rnbleacbed .MuNliit. bpst rinallty \(i .Stan -li. |iPr yard - . lOc III a i-.c ^arl l.liipn Clash '|-onpllii|r, (limit 10 yard- cnslooipr) Very Sppcliil ppr yard 11 .'lOc Kallinriilp <;ini;liani. <»ii: -julp per yard BIG DISCOU.N'T ON ALL / HOLIDAY »IEPCHANI)ISE >|9 «» • AV •* lOLA, KANSAS $1.19 I^IERCERIZED BLOOMERS 89c WE WILL BE OPEN ALLiDAY NEW YEAR'S DAY CLEARANCE OF ENTIRE STOCK OF LATE WINTER MILLINERY LOO-1.95 2.95-3.95 Our entire stoek of late winter Millinery is included in t&ese four groups. Regular values from l$6w75 to $12.50. 915.00 Dresses/sale price ... — .; .$9.75 $19.75 Dressesjsale price $14.75^ $29^75 Presses; 5afe price $19.75 $35.00 Dresses, sale price ..$23.75 $39.75 Dresses, sale price $26.75 COATS $19.75 Coats, sale price ... $14.75 $25.00 Coats, sale price . $17.75 $29.75 Codts, sale Prw^ $1^75 $35.00 Coats, sale price $23.75 $39.75 Coats, sale prke $26.75 $45.00 Cqjats, saje ^ice ... $29iJ5 $49^75 CoWts, sale price ........ .$35.0^ $59.75 Coats, sale price .^39.75 $69.75 Coats, sale price $49.7S $75.00 Coats, sale price .$5*00 $85.00 Coats, sale price :........ $89.75 Coats, sajc price $65.00 SEKEKm

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