The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1894
Page 6
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r ' I s ' II Carroll J$cntind. DAlLt AND WEEKLY. By POWERS A COLOLO. SUBSCRIPTIONS* '*ngleqopr,anraddrc»s, per rear |100 It paid In advance 1 60 Tn simimu, ta s straight-out Democratic ewspaper working for the advancement ot the teteste of the csuse In Northwestern Iowa, ADVERTISING. Ttteetroulatlonof TBB SBtrriitBL exceeds that Of «n> paper on the c. & N. W. Rallwar nest of rfanhalltown. Our lists are open to any advertiser. We have good lists In every town on all branch roads, lists reaching the best farmers sod buslnesi men In every community. Rates on •U classes ot advertising reasonable. Schedule ot ratec f nrnlihed on application to the office. Correspondence desired on all topics of general Interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd have your letter reach us early as Wednesday evening. Address, TUB SENTINEL, Carroll, Iowa. Entere at the Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as se ond class matter. Published weekly. FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1894. [See preceding page tor late telegraphic news.] Democratic County Convention. The Democrats of Carroll county will meet in convention at tbe court house in Carroll, Thursday, July- 2(1, 1891. at 10 o'clock a. m., sharp, for the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the state, judicial and congressional conventions. Also to nominate the following county officers: One candidate for county auditor. One candidate for clerk of the district court. One candidate for county recorder. One candidate for county attorney. One candidate for supervisor. Tue ratio of representation will be one delegate from each ward or township and one additional delegate for each 20 votes and fraction over 10 cast for Horace Boles for governor at the general election of 1893. Based thereon townships and wards will be entitled to delegates as follows: Jasper 3 Sheridan 6 Knlest 9 Wheatland 10 ircadla y Carroll, outside . 6 1st ward. 2dward.. 3d ward.. 4th ward.. Grant B Glldden 5 Rlchland...: 3 Pleasant .Valley.... 5 Roselle 10 Washington 8 Warren 12 Eden 1 Newtoa 4 Union 6 Total 129 Necessary for choice 65 Unless otherwise designated by township or ward commltteemen caucuses to select delegates to the county convention will be held Saturday, July 21. at such places and time as the commltteemen may order. Carroll. Iowa, June 12,189i. J AS. THOMPSON, JoiiNT. JAY, Secretary. Chairman. itttieh every tool • mrtidoate aa to Uow yon voted, who may call on yon, tt ia anrely high treason to openly boaet.that yon opposed the will ot the convention, Joe, clear your own record before yon ask for a certificate of your neighbor. The National Tribune aays that the passage of Gen. Sickles' bill to prevent the extension of the trolly system through Gettysburg calls to mind some things about the prominent men who took part in this great battle. Four of the noted leaders in tbe fight were Pennsylvania Demooratics. Gen. Reynolds who opened the fitful ,Gen. Meade who conducted the battle on the Union side, Ool. Mo- Oarlass who stood the brunt of Piokett'e charge and Gen. Hancock who led tbe third day's fight. General Sickles is also • Democrat though he does not happen to be from Pennsylvania. A number of Republican editors in Iowa have railed considerably against the injustice and unpopularity of the income tax measure to be passed by the Democratic congress QB part of the tariff bill. The Republican convention will soon be held in this state and there is a great opportunity offered these editors to advocate a resolution condemning the income tax. Our looaljRepnblioan contemporary could earn tbe eternal gratitude of those poor people in this county JOHN M'BRIDE, THE MINERS' LEADER. John McBride, president of the United Mine Workers of America, has conducted tne .great coal strike for what he terms "living wages." Mr. McBride haa been present of the great organization controlling 200,000 miners for several yearn and I* prominent in Ohio politics. county. The feeling with the committee who will be outraged by this oppressive was that the question of who Innf t\«* ItnvtiMM 4,1. T>_. l_i* .___.•>* . . ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOB CODNTT ATTORNEY. I hersby announce myself an a candidate for the nomination for the offloe of county attorney, subjected to the pleasure of the Democratic count; convention. GEO. W. KOUTK. FOB SUPIHVISOB. J hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination to the office of county supervisor before the Democratic county convention. C. H. FLENKER. I bereb Democrai FOB 11ECORDER. . CB my announcement before the of Carroll county as a candidate for the nomination for county recorder subject to the plaesure of the Democratic county convention. C. W, BEDNKB. FOB COUNTY CLERK. I hereby announce my name as a candidate for the nomination ot county clerk before tke Democratic county convention. J. H. SOHBOEDEB. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of county cleik before the Democratic law by having tb« Republican county convention resolute against it. Republican conventions ao far this season have fought rather shy of this feature of lha Wikon bill and Carroll county Republicans should start the ball rolling. Attorney General Olney has commenced proceedings against the Leland Stanford estate for the recovery of $16,000,000 due the United States on account of the debt owed it by the Central Pacific railway. According to California laws the property of Mr. Sanford may become liable lor this debt and the attorney general proposes to see it it cannot be collected for the United States. Bat this scheme to make this estate pay back some of the money accumulated through the generosity of the government in the way of land grants and other subsidies does not meet with favor among the Republican members of the millionaires' club and Senator Hoar the other day introduced a resolution the effect of which would commenced The resolution was defeated, however, by the Democratic senators, every Republican senator present voting for it. Republicanism has become synonymous with plntocratiem. nominated was not so important as is elected. We believe that the date selected was who will be one that will satisfy the party and] is one that is evidently fair to all. Now that the campaign is upon us it behooves us all to lay aside our personal likes and dislikes and work for what we think is the interest of the party. If all the Democrats will do this Carroll county Democracy will be redeemed and we will again take our position as the banner inland Democratic county^in the state. So we are individually concerned or as THE SENTINEL is concerned, we have no ax to grind aud enter upon this campaign with free hands and only osk to be allowed to train in the 'ranks, ^willing] at all times be recognized among his friends. There ia probably no man in the county that would fill the offloe to which he aspires I with more credit to the people and honor to the party placing him in nomination than would Mr. Broaer, and he would make an excellent successor to Mr. Heirea, the present incumbent, who has made an ideal official. 80 long as the party has snob men ne Mr. Bruner from which to make ita selections for its standard baarere, it will be fortunate] indeed, for his character stands without blemish and hia ability is recognized by all. For Clerk. Wm. Langenfeld, one Carroll county* best and most worthy citizens, announce himself as a candidate for the office o oonn'iy olerk. Those who were in tin by the attorney general. to do that which is for the best interest „ „_„• ti 4 „ . • iv. i t.r L i i- t convention two years ago well remembe r»f nnrf.v Wa Vintril nn *%af. /tanrlirlfifn I . * O ™*»«» »*ji*j«jfcM«jo of the party. We have no pet candidate and every one who aspires to office shall receive fair treatment at our hands, Our party has been ruptured by internal strife and itspres ige injured by this,bu the time has come when we as partisan must look beyond selfish individual in terests and act for the good of the party The manjyho is jiot willing this year^t do^thijTis not entftied~toJ[consiSer^iMii county convention. WM. I LiNOKMFEI/U. Ooxey baa been released from jail where he waa confined for twenty days for trespassing pn tbe grass at the eapitol grounds. Candidates are now busily engaged •cultivating tbe acquaintance ot their constituency. Tbisia right, some of yon *ill be nominated and will have to make ~tbe fight for election and thia prelim- skirmiah will be of value to yon -then. •One hundred and twenty-nine delegates will constitute tbe Democratic •county convention. Last year we bad ten more. The low in delegates ia due to the failure of about two hundred Democrats to oast their votes at the last .general election. The ooal strike in this state was settled last Saturday at Oakalooea, where an agreement waa entered into between the strikers and the mine owners to restore the schedule ia effect April 1, 1893. Nearly til of the minera are at work again and the ooal aoare baa pasted bye. Joe Drees' organ committed a crime against the Democratic parly this week vilifying tbe good name ot our worthy chairman Jno. T. Jay. And then it baa the bypocraoy to call down Democrats for hurting the party. Jo* waa always a dieorganizar and if he had any influence be would have stranded tbe party years ago. Joe would swamp a navy. A man of tbe name of Korewinaki, a resident of Buffalo, N. Y., boa been ar- by tbe Ruatian government while ; in that country aud sent to tbe Siberian mines. Secretary " Qreabam should demand bis release and it tbe demandis not complied with steps should be token at once to teach the Russian bMr thai American citizen* must be respected. Tbe «utoorat ot all tbe Ruseias •bonld be compelled to draw theJine ut imprisoning citizens ot the United Blates Jtt the living tomb of Siberia. Joe Preea eays that Gploio is u traitor i did not furnish hie lon'.t-hip i ftifoduvit that he voted for K•/rn»- i years ago. Uow'about 3<^f |Ia lit* ppealy bpfteted tbutue elaugb'cr- '-14 Holiday 8 number ot yours ugu vln n bj»w*»a pnudiclttte ou (be Daujooimio itaket 4w auditor. It it i» frewwo nut.... Our esteemed contemporary on Main street attempted to oast a slur upon the Democratic party and also to bring die- credit upon tbe good names of Oboe. Stoolmon and P. J. Olbertz by connecting their nomea with Chris Stoolmiller. This waa an unmanly attack and was wholly unwarranted on the part ot tbe Herald, but as that paper has never done anything but abuse the Democratic party and the staunch defenders of ite faith, we presume that these gentlemen do not feel very badly over tbe insolent remarks of one who makes a business of thia kind of disreputable work. If tbe editor of tbe Herald'waa only one-half tbe man that either Stoolman or Olbertz, there would never be aueb low, abusive language in tbe columns of that paper. Messrs. Olbertz and Stoolman are two of the reliable, honest and eaooeastul farmers of this county whose word is as good as a bond, and tbe paper that attacks their character can only do so at the expense of justice. Democratic Convention. Last Tuesday the Democratic county central committee met at the omce of Superintendent MoMnb.on.and iixed the date for the county convention. It was determined to hold only one convention and the date that appeared to suit the majority of the coininitteemen was July 20. This is a 1 ittle earlier than usual, but as the state convention is culled for August 1, no later date could be selected and only hold: one convention, as the coinmittcoracn wore unanimously in favor of. Some complaints have been uiudo against the action of the committee In placing the call BO late, for they oluim thut it makes too long u time between the dutee of the Ropubli- licun judicial and congressional conventions, und our, but wo are inclined to think.that this is wrong to uhurgu this to the county central committee.for neither of,thoso conventions have been culled and no one knows what date will be net for them und it was not ia the power of the county central committee to regulate the time for culling thesp conventions. If thoro is any blame to bo attached to any one for the lateness of these conventions it dues jiut lie ut the door of our county central committee. The object in selecting July SiO was to (,'ivu all the time passible for aspirants to oflloo Uj canvass the voters before the Uato iixed for culling the primaries, thus eettiug at rent uuy charge thut uould bo uiudo aguiiiet uuy inuliuution on the part of the committou to injure the ohuiicoB of uuy one by not grunting tmflluieul time to thoroughly canvass the Children Ory for at the hands of the Democratic party. For Clerk. Today we announce,the name of J. B Sohroeder ot Arcadia as a candidate to tbe nomination for tbe offloe of county olerk before tbe Democratic county con vention. Two years ago Mr. Schroedei waa an aspirant for this offloe and made so strong a race- that bis friends have insisted on bis again allo *ing bis name to be used as a candidate for the same office. His candidacy is supported by :a large number otthej leading and ib- flnential politicians of the county. It was by tbe earnest solicitation of a number of township chairmen and the assurance of help from »large number ot tbe party leaders at tbe county seat, be si lowed bis name to be used. Mr. Sohroeder needs no introduction to tbe voters of the county for be hoe lived with them the greater portion of bis lite and is known to be thoroughly honest, competent, and- very successful in managing bis own attain, so that he might well be trusted with the oare ot public affairs. As to bis competency for tbe position, we would say that be is a graduate from one of Iowa's leading educational institutions and bos successfully completed a business coarse, which, with bis persons! experience in business,.make* him peculiarly fitted for tbe offloe be is seeking. Should tbe Damoorato-favor Mr, Bohroe- der with tbe nomination be is seeking tbe party will never have cause to repeo't of its action, for he is in every way worthy and well qualified for this important position. ____________ For County lieuorder. Today we announce tbe name ot 0, W. Bruner of Carroll, one of Carroll county's oldest citizens, as a candidate for the nomination for county recorder. For twenty-six years Mr. Bruner has been an honest, bard-working Democrat, tbe greater portion ot this time without any bope ot reward from tbe party with which be has been a tried and true supporter. Until within the past three years be was a resident of Oliddea where be was engaged in business, and his neighbors and customers speak highly of him in a eoolal and a business way. Mr. Bruner has many friends throughout tbe eastern part ot the county who would be pleased to see him secure the office be is seeking. Four years ago bie name was brought before tbe convention aud at that time be demonstrated the (act that be was u strong ui&u witb bis party. Biuoe than many who at that time were strangers to him buvo learned of his worth aud are today pleased to Pltohtr'fCattorl*. this pleasant gentlemen and the favora" ble impression he made upon the dele gates in hia candidacy against W. P Hombaoh, the present efficient county auditor. He demonstrated tbe fact tha he was one of the strongest men in bis party, having only announced bis inten lion of entering tbe canvass a few days before tbe convention, be developed snob stiengtb that it appeared for a time that he was sure to oome> out of tbe winner. Since Mr. Laogenfeld has bad charge of the railroad's interest at Halbur' per forming tbe duty of agent, baggageman, expressman and operator, aod so satisfactorily bos be performed these duties that the company baa steadily increased woe He is an honest, faithful man and would in tbe event ot hie nomination prove an exaeptionally strong man on tbe ticket and would be elected by a handsome majority. Mr. Langenfeld is well known te tbe voters of tbe western part of tbe county and those who know him beet are his strongest supporters. For Supervisor. fl. Fleaker of Washington township- announces himself as a candidate before tbe Democratic county convention for tbe nomination for taper viaor. Tbe aspirant for offloe is one of tbe enbetan- ial farmers of tm'9 county, having lived here for many years, and is thoroughly dentified with tbe wants of the people. He i* thoroughly qualified and in every sense competent to discharge tbe duties of tbe office and would prove a etrong man on tbe board should be be success- ul in being nominated, for his election would be only a matter of bow large a majprity be would command. <g t!3HH Mr. Flenker has for years been one of he wheel horses of tbe county aud has n all occasions stood by tbe nominees f bis party. It bos been largely bis efforts that tbe township be resides bos been placed tbe strongholds Q of the and it bos also been due o bis uatiriiig];dew>tion to the party bbst Democratic candidates bavs been leoted. Mr. Flenker is a man of whom be party has every relson to feel proud or bis sterling worth and honest Integ- ity has stamped him as a man among men. _ bone years before the death of Henry Ward Beecber be pointed out to his wife a corner in Brooklyn whereon he hoped one day to build an ideal bouse which ahould be bis and her home for the remainder of their lives. After hU death a bouse wan built ou the site be so much admired, and Mrs. Beeohor, loyal to his decision, has rented and lived therein ver since- Now, bowever, she ban decided that ahe must give it up, the rent >f $800 » year being quite beyond her iuuuoial resource*. Mrs. Ueeober is calmly frank in avowing tbe reason of tor decision to leave tbe locution her and liked and waken tbe statement without wyluiutf or complaint, where mong aounty Keeping- Sutumcf Boarders. fti a little book called "How to Take Carp of Summer Boarders" a brainy and practical New England girl gives valuable instructions to a large and constantly increasing class of her fellow citizens. She tells those Most concerned how to really l:eep Btiimner boarders and hot l«st them got away. She is especially severe and sarcastic on the farm people who want to take boarders and have unsightly grounds around the house. The city boarder is sensitive to filthy outhouses, pigpens and woodpilu yards about a dwelling. Everything of this sort must be relegated to the roar and to a place where it will not be seen. The best way is to have all 'these appurtenances perfectly clean and sweet smelling, Cleanliness is indeed the gospel of godliness preached throughout by this missionary to country people who take boarders. She does not flinch from the fact that many country people are frightful sinners in this respect. There are sights and smells about many farm- louses that would cause the dwellers iherein to be arrested and fined every day if they lived in a city. There must 3e an abundance of clean, snowy bleached muslin sheets and pillowcases. The •able linoti and napkins need not be es- jecially line, but they, too, must be in abundance and snowy white. There must be no stinting of milk,, cream, fresh eggs, vegetables and poul- ry by the persons who would keep summer boarders. The individual who will not provide berries in plenty in the berry eason deserves to have all his boarders eave in a body. He should fix a price hat will pay him and then give the city oik their money's worth. Skimping at be table or in laundry work will ruin 11. Get strong, comfortable rockers nd splint bottomed chairs and provide ammocks with soft cushions. Every house should have a porch shad- d with vines. As to that horror to hich so many country people still ling—the awful feather bed—this young woman gives it a deserved kick on the downward road to oblivion. She advises not to try to impose it on summer boarders from the city. Woven wire spring mattresses are not now so expensive. These, with a wool or hair one on top, give good rest to the city boarder. All this trouble to be paid for in cash weekly. j The Winter-When* Millers' awoKSfstti *eeided to ask congreTJs jio reduce the on 1 flour to tf ixico to til peCbft ttel< • An earthquake at Nfttettncnto, Spain', destroyed a number of buildings and killed ffeteral people. Congressman Hit* has bee* nominated for tho seventh time by Republicans of the Ninth Illinois district. Lewis J. Cramer, superintendent of pub> Ho aohools at Columbus, Neb,, died of pal-alysis while visiting at Tiffin, O. The conference of labor leaders at St. Louis has adjourned. Hereafter similar conferences ,tvlll ba held semiannually, the next one being called to meet ttt Washington, D. C., fell, 33 next. Forest'ttfes nre burning 15 miles out or West Superior, Wis., on the Northern Pacific railroad. It is feared large tracts of valuable pine w.i.U. be .destroyed. Shlloli's Cure, the great CoiiKhand Group Oun I tin great demand, Pocket size contains twenty-five doses only 25c. Children lovett. Sold by 0. H. Westbrook. For Having aceusHcl lilrn oC theft Willis Morgan of PitWficlil, His., kicked Henry ' Schlener to death. There is talk of lynching Gaptlnn Sweeney, U. 8. A., San Diego, Cal. SHJ>: "Shlloh's Cntatrh Remedy la the Drst medicine I have ever found that would do me anf good." Price BOc. Sold by C. H. Westbrook. Belle -Chamber lih, the ' conteaito, now on a vacation at hor homo at Grand Bap- ids, has been engaged to play leading in- genue part? in suppjjjjb of Inez Mecakser. Buoklen'e Armoa Salve Tne bent naive In the world for Cute, Bruise*, borne, Ulcers, BaitRhenm, Fever Soros, Totter, Chapped Hande, Chilblains, Corns and a)' SktB Eruptions, find positively cures Piles or BO pay required. It Is gaaranted to give perfect satisfaction or munev refunded. Pr!naW«n»t» pert-ox. For sale b ,i. W. Hatton. William F. HoeyTwTb. Mann and W. P. Brown sailed for Europe recently.^ Scalchi and Nordica wero passengers by the same steamer. Karl's Clover Root will purify your blood, clear your complexion, regulate your bowels and make- your head clear as a bell, 20c., 50c. and $1.00';. Sold by C.-H, Westbrook. Clarence W. ••Wells,« y'6ifng attorney of Sigouruey, la., formerly of Delaware, O. was drowned in Lake Erie between Kelly'*!' and Lakeside. Getting Bid of an Elephant. The authorities. of the menagerie in Central park, New York, have found out that, advanced in civilization as we are, we do not yet know how to kill an elephant. Tip, the huge beast at the park menagerie, who became so dangerous that he could no longer be permitted to live, seemed to have a premonition of the fate in store for him. Several attempts to poison him were unsuccessfully made before the final one. First a carrot was offered to him into which his quietus had been/ put. He simply refused the vegetable and turned and looked squarely at his keeper. The next attempt was attended with the same result. Finally a deadly powder, cyanide of potassium, was mixed in his food, and that deceived him. This was at 6 in the morning. It had no effect. At 8 o'clock In the afternoon two ounces more of the drug were administered. Soon afterward Tip went into convulsions and died a painful death an hour later. His last moments were a scene which those who saw it will not like to wake in the night and remember. Either not enough of the poison had been administered, or else some other way should have been chosen to get rid of Tip. Certainly it seems as if in all New York there ought to have been a marksman of sufficient nerve and accuracy to shoot Tip dead. Sir Samuel Baker, in his book, "Rifle and Hound In Ceylon," says always killed elephants by a single rifle shot in the middle of the forehead. Or, if no rifleman courageous enough for the task was found in the big city, it is a wonder that electricity was not tried. The electric light and street carcom- mnies do all "they can to prevent the current from being used for killing pur- toses, but for all that death would have some to Tip by electricity in a far more humane way than it did come, Cure for Headache. As a remedy for all forms of Headache Elec- - trie Ultters has proved to be tlie very beet. It effects a permanent cure and the most- dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its inlluenco. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, Hnd give this remedy a fair trial. In oases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures b; giving the needed tone to the boweli. and few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once. Largo bottles only fifty cents at J. W. Button's drug store. "A Gaiety Giff," the burlesque from the Prince of Wales' theater, London, will begin.ainengageinentatDaly's theater, New York, in September, Guaranteed Ouie. '•• Wt »nlhoriioonr advertised druga.Ut tu Mil Ur. Ring's Mew Discovery (or consumption, coughs and colds, upon this condition. If you are afflicted-with a cough, cold or any lung throat or'Cheat tranMe and will use thii icme- dy is directed giving It a fait trial, aud ex- ptiiei.ce no benefit, yon may return the bottle-' and have yourmoncy refunded. We coilii aot make this offer did we not know tin I lit. King s New Discovery conld be iclicd on. It never disappoints! Trial bottlis free at J. W. Hatton's drag stora. Large site BOc. and $1.00. 2 •» ; A one niglit stand manager applied for a date for Seabrpoke in "Tobasco" and expressed the hope -that the new pieor was "full-of ti-ppioal SOUKS." Whan Buoy was uick, we gave h*r OMCorte. When she was a Child, she orisd for Cwtoria, When she became Miss, she clung- to Cutorle. < she bad OhlUiM, she (ave turn Casterii. Elsie Adair will' tn"r" nexf souaon in "The American Girl." Maud Durbin will support Otis Skin- kin, on his Btutring to,ur. In an attack en the monthly crop bul etius issued by the national department of agriculture' a congressman declares hey are only issued in the interest of rain and other speculators, and that he information leaks out of the bureau, of statistics iu ml vuuce of publication so hat the speculators may get the benefit of it abeujl of other people. Secretary dorton denies that this U so. Hebtl- ieves, however, thut it ought to bo left to the secretary's discretion when theso crop bulletin!) should be issued and not fixed monthly by law. Then he could >ubli»h u bulletin when he got ready, Jut what advantage would that bo? Would it not be then us easy for specu- utors to bribe dishonest clerks us it it now—that is, if there were uuy dishon* •at clerks iu the agricultural department, which heaven forbid? What if at owe future tiuio it should bo our ua- iouttl misfortune to have at the head of >ur agricultural interests a man who, unlike Secretary Morton, was hiintwlf not above playing into the bunds of mil- ionuire grain speculators? Human ua- urn in weak. Buch misfortunes uro not unknown iu thu history of our country ivwlhu soiuo of tur Llghoat govwnwent ilrck'B, How thvu should wo bo bottw it? Hum wu uru now? Guuuiuo ropuutauoe ig by humility, ebuuvulty and •ilonc*. Born a3eniu5 •OM« Threaten* t* Cut •hort 9 Nobl> Car««r t Hood's ••r*ftp«riiui Oood Us May pentltfls an eccomilUned t«n4 natural born ipMkwof QD |v Ur " I luwUly Jolu with th» UOMJ thouawjdj Mm , , .. - ^^^ la Continued to Grow Wtm. rrtjr WBOU Ute blopd aud. I heowjtaL tb» ui. ol turoo bottle.

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