The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1948
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1948 BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Plans for 'Dixie Downs' Not New Roct Track Proposal Wot Known to Star* Official! Early a* 1946 By Bo* Broun United fmt SUH CorrMpondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark, June U (UP)—The proposal to builrf t horM race track at West Memphis not In its inf.ncy, th« United Press learned today. Plans were known (o slate officials M early as November. )»*«. and have been presented to the en- lire nine-man racing commission at least twice, k. In addition, tht pirns on lile Pii-tth Racing Secretary Otho A. Cook bear the notation "Copyright 1*41 by P.. j. Harleau." Baiieau is the horse farm owner or near Hogcrs who was listed as agent when the track interest* filed their applications. Cook said today that he was aware " same Interests" were thinking of the track as early as November and December ot 19*6. ,,,„ .,„, la Barleau and Attorney Wils Davis '' ol Memphis, he said, inei twice will; Uie commission during Ihe Spring racing meet at Oaklnwn Park at Hot. Springs. The secretary said thai the meetings were in convince Ihe commission that the group proixjsmg UM plmit was financially responsible. "The commission did not commit itself in anv nay," Cook declared. It was shortly alter the end of Ihe SpnnB meeting, however, that, an application was lilert, requesting the commission secretary to call for bids on a franchise in Crittojidcj: County. Under Arkansas law. sealed bids must be filed with the. commission secretary and with, the governor "•Ikbefore Ihe commission meeting here Wednesday. To dale, no bids Ex-Lithuanian Premier Works Here for $30 a Week form with loU of medals and gold braid. That wa.s when he was premier of Lithuania. Today. Ccrnliu Newark, N. J., ahaplng mica for ra- County. The imdersiRHCrt stntrs Hint he Is rtllwn ot Arknnsns. of gom\ moral I'limni-lpr, that lip II M never been rnnvlclrri of a (elnny or oilier crime Involving moral turpitude; that no Ik' to sell beer by th« unclorslf.nrd has boi'n revokrd within live ; i-ars pasi; : u:il th» drrsiitiiPrl hiii novi'i 1 Ixvn mu- vii'terf n[ violating the laws [if this suto, or any otlu-r Male, relating to the sale of nlcnhollr liquors. WM. K TAYLOR ubscribed and swnvn to before me this 10 day 01 .niiu\ 19m. (RKAI.l My Commissi ilirth Mn.xon, Notiuv Public. Refined Woman Snlcs minded, 3."> l« SO, good I'liiinu'U'r rt'fi'i ciu't's, for per- Mi:iiu'iil work. Hours I'onven-, ii'nl for wiiiiK'ii sclccled. | Write. K'ivo plume In Suilo 22*. Kit Hi more lililK,, Mom- pltis-. Tenii. U.S. ArmsGaye\^ [ Smashes Cor Greeks Aid in Fighting Rebels WASHINGTON. June 19. HJPl — Presfdent Truman reported :o Con- yesterday that Amci'icnii arms have given the Orwk Army "creat superiority" over the Comnumist.- led (rilerrilla forces. Reportine on the $400,000,0()J Crcek-Tiii'kish aid program. .\fr. Truman .said the Greek armed forces struck "telling blows" againM the rebel between Dec. Jl. 1947 arid have been filed, and Davis was j i? . ,, »-• • quoted in Mcmphss as saying th»i ' Marclt 31—the period covered in his the bid "may or may not" be filed. f.anpy Lacks Authority Although the governor receives report. By ihe end of March, the pre.s:- dent reported that ihe United States copy of the bids «nd ha.s been tha ' had delivered S71.009.000 iji .. "id to Greece. This included substantial number" of planes. •>,. , 300 vehicles. 75.000 weapons of all ' target Jor most of the opposition to the track, he has no authority to pass upon the application. It is -™ . . _. ._ generally understood, however, that' types, 7,000 ions of ammunition and his recommendation wonlrt carry ' services of 256 American military weight with the commission. 1 ollicers. A check ol the racing law passed The president made it clear, hmv- in 193S and amended in 1M1 and reveals thai persons bidding ever, that any optimism regarding American successes in Greece musi lot a iTanchise must meet only two be confined to th« military picture. qualifications before it can be is- I The economic situation, he sai'.l, sued: They must prove they are fi- ["remains critical." He listed infli- iiancially and morally qualified. j tion, hoarded capita], .support of No part ol the law requires that : 611,000 refugees, and cencrally u:i- pJans for the racing plant be on I settled conditions a.s factors retard- file with the commission. l ing Greek economic recovery. (The. state's dog racing law dif -'fcrs from the horse track that applicants for a do? racin franchise must have a plant completed and ready for operation.) After looking at the blueprints, Cook expressed the opinion Dial they would commission were met w - ---------- ia« m I Rain Forces Postponement racin-- - - K«"tiiicjn Theff Ring; Four Youths Arrested MEMPHIS. Tenn, .luilf IP. clj Four i,-,f» were in police <-ii;.tor a/Jd -inotjifr n;)> v>u^h! i.Hiny ; \s Ihe FBI nimoimceri ['no .sm.ishii-.a of a youthful auto (hell rillR ivhich operated In at throe sinv.v D. F. noslolror. FBI aurut in charge liere. -siinj th.ti the nifii weie ni c-ustoilv in Si b'l'ii-. Oxford. Miss, and at Meni,>!il.s. AiTrsifii in si. Ijwii, iif-i W. Bone, 18. and H.uoly La>in:\n. 20. Charles Jones ,u-., ijperntor nf a paragr near Lake C'ornioiam. Miss., is in jail at Oxltud. mid Ecidie Ray Collins. 18. is hclil line Hostetter said ihal j-oinpl.iinl i luivc been lileil afiahiM all of thorn with the U,. S. CoiintiissiDiier in Clarksdalp. Miss., cllnrniilB Ihi'lii with takiliK stolen autos ar.'ass .slate lines. The Ffll said (hat :. warrant also has been is-siierl for (he anesv of Karl Blacks Jr., on ihe same charges. Hostetter said -JO can -,voie stolen, of which six have (jern ivrnv- ered. Cars slnleti here \veie Ir.ins- j ported to St. Louis for disposal and those tak-n in the MISIOTI city were hrouiiht to Moinphls or North Mississippi fn,-'tl. One ear has been rernveied nt Paciiii'ah Ky. Steel workers jDe/cry Strike kgainstALCOA NOW! I'lTTSBlfKCiH. June IS, (UP CIO Prudent Philip Mlirrny paM-|! . r^M JWIT A IWIC ! pnned for one week a seheclnlrd ! flt FOUNTAINS! smk<> nf 'io,oon .slechvorkiTs against 11 « i he Ahimiinim Company of Atnei-!! Kvorywlicre! Sec E. H. FORD Btfort You DIE! STEAM BATH MASSAGE for Reducing & Nerves Phone 2539 VI ipldi MOIKHII, Mnsseiii,. K. C. DuviK, AlHSNOtir BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 icn us federal medialois ulleniptcd t'Klr.y tn brine nl)ciiu a s<M(icmcnl. ' Murray |uivtpoil<>cl thr slilke ntl HIP lecniesi of Cyrus S. ChlnR. di- ri'Ctor of the Prdrrui Mrdutioii' Service. Tiie strike was schcchiled | lui Sunilay midnight. The new ; deadline is June 27. The iiiiiim liiid rejected R "finnl i olTcr" <if BU eight per cent hourly 1 \v:ii!e, with a minimum ol ! nine cents an hour nnri n ni.-ixlmiiin i ot 1:S Lients 'Die company made t the same offer to the AF1, nhnnl- I mini woikcrs. which reprewnl.s 6.5UO ALCOA cliu3lo> fs. : The CIO sleelworkeis i ejected (he : "(Tcr without subrnlttlni; It to a i meinlietslii]) vole. i at FOUNTAINS Kverywlicre! to « \ 110S. S«cond Pho»«\ Ckw«l Wednesday »fl. ]' \ \ Senate Passes Loan Biff m r- i /- .. senate fosses Loan Hi Or Contest tor Cycl.sts \ Fof UN Heac/cjuartcrs The safety parade for Blytheville bicyclists ivhich was scheduled be acceptable to thy | to have been helti ye.sterday was if other requirements postponed because ol weather conditions and will be held Tuesday at He. actrttd, however, that if asked I 2 p.m., according to he would recommend that a reput- ! brook, manager foz able architect be called in lo check • Ward & Company, the plans to protect tht commls- < "'e parade, sion. "I believe their chief intercut would be that the plsnl be a credit lo ihe state and of saJe construction," Cook declared. Labor and Management Sign Contract in Atomic Laboratory fay Dispute OAK RIDGE, Tenn., June lf)._ <UP>—The ink was dry loda.v on the much-disputed labor contract at Ihe atomic laboratory. The document was signed late yesterday by the AFC, Atomic Trades and Labor Council and the Carbide and Carbon Chemical cor- K. M. Lash- Montgomer.v ,—.. sponsors of , the parade. The parade was planned to pvo- : mote safer bicycline. The store vvjll 1 award prizes for the most original . bicycle decorations. The discs for ; wheels will be given each rider at ! the time of registration. Entry j blanks are available in the sport- ; ing goods department of the store. WASHINGTON. June HI <un — The Senate yfv.erday pawrl and sent lo (he Honsp a rr ; -o!nt)on au- thorizine a Sfi.VOtMl.Onn lonn rn the fjniteci iVntions for cnnstructinn nf its permanent headquarters in i;ud- town Nr'.v York Approval ramr by unaliimoiis consent ;mri if nitpeirerl prn>v"'h- the lotm-scmpht Ini'n \vnuld be made available before cone.ess adjourns Approval rnmr after DIP Frnatr Foreign Relations connnittee \v" n - crl that fsiilure to provide Mir I «-••! mlQhl result in UN rr-lnrntln? its headquarters in Kurope. i -52-hour conlinuou.s -session tin', — finally brought an agreement was Brewers and Churches I in progress. j The federal government used ' Taft-Hartlcy Injunction powers to slop a strike in the six-months lone dispute. Get Relief in Same Bill The average person in the United States in 1947 ate 30 pel- cent more chicken than before the war, 27 per cent more eggs, 23 per One week ago today the rent more beef nncl pork. Petite Political Pressure Group WASHINGTON, .lime IP. <UPi The Frnaie yrsirrtiny pa:-*iv| a bill !o give tn.v rrjict" to bonr brewnis and chmrlirs in a sinsio pfickn"*' As approved by ihr- Hoiis". (fio bill merely exempted fr-un in.M 1 . 1 ; lieer lost in bottline operations. : Sen. A. \VUIis Robot ts^in, D.. va.. i objected that he would not let j such a hill eel by the Senate so 1 lone as churches still had lo pay , exrise taxes on organs. i Hr iiinilly eot approval of an amendment to lift the exrisr- on church ortnns and the bill was ; passed. It Roes hnck lo the House because of the an^cncinu'iit l _ 175 Jet Fighter Planes Are Assigned *o furone WASHINGTON*. Junr ]n. iL~'- The Air Forro vrsrriri.iy nrrirrr-»i 75 .let ficliter planes lo en tn Ornn^ny i:i inid-.Aticust. Th:r. wi.'i dcirtle the U S. ilshter plane strength in Esuope. Tne 3B!h FieiUer wine will br t_rans!erred from the Panamn CHIIRI /^ur.p lo Gerni.ijiv. Tiie 36lh HRliter wins Is ihe first jot unit lo be assigned !o F;I- rnpe since the war. A sjKik<-sm,in c-nlVd it part of a routine rotation jiro^iatn. Annual Timber Carnival For Loqr/ers in July Al-nANY. Ore. , uPi — l.umber- Jai-ks from all over the United Plates are expeclod to br- on linnd •7'ily 2. S and 4. vvhen Albanv's : annual timber carnival is held this ! year. I In the rhampioiiship matthcs.' Al ] ; "irrliau. Lebanon, Ore . hicii climber, said he will defend lit? record climb sot last year, when he snikrd ]iis w [tv n ^ n loO-ftiot pole and down auain in sn seconds Uc ' helieves he can cut the lime to 4S srroiui. 1 ;. Championship matches mil Vjo ' held also for Iree felling, log bnck- i"P. I"H rolling or hiilinp, wood choppiTiE and flapjack [lipping. L Unsunq U.S. Composers to Hear Their Works in May MINNEAPOLIS ilJPi—Thi> coun- hy's imsu:}^ composers ;vill cet a chance to henr a TO-pierc orchestra nlav thfir works May ifl-'. 1 ^ The University of Minnesota "will s-poiiMir .1 lorum al which any comoKei uiny presrnl a splertioii lo hear how a large orchestra would piny it, i Ahencly, more (hnn SO semes have hern rerelved. Int-luding con- Ivlburmiis ;roni an FBI a«eiu, « hie keeper and stucicnts- NOTICE J Notice is hereby given that the i tir.drrsimicd will within Hie time fixed l:;. !»«!• flpnly to ihe Coninils- • sinner of Revenues of the Stnle of, Arkansas for a permit to soil beer at rclfiii al Fiy Inn, Blythcville. Air Hnse. Blytheville, Mississippi l FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE Mrs. DiiUon C. KmvlslHii, 1!.A. anil M.R.M. I);ildii\ C. {Miwlston, M.S.M. A Siieriitl 1'iice fin the 12-Wci-k Tcr in Is Offered I'oi- Int'onuiillon Call HI,YTHKY1U,K 2I STUDEB AKERS T , , D t Nt.d 50 TJ Jt K W» h.v, l IHO |,i|« fan* uwrt nn and Iruok*. Se« IK brfnrf jou sell. liM-tra! lair model rar< ami < r >i?k« . T f| D f'OMI'I.KTK SKKVICK DKI'ARTMKNT • 1'AKTS A NO ACCESSOR IKS ML Chamblin Sales Co. K Tj "Your Friendly Klnrioirnktr Denier" R. R. * Ash I'hone 21 »5 R S TU DEB AKE R8 SPECIAL Beer Per Cose K*ri Top Ale,...,.., S'J.Ofl (Irlf snllrck $3.15 I'.liM niur Rllihun !s:ns Rurtwrlsrr $3,1?, Rimed Marr Liquor Star* 1U Sn. 5ml SI. I'hone SII7 ! Good for Life i i All-Aluminum i jWindowScreensI : Builders j : Supply Inc. ! S. Highway Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 97S GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pf. Pt. 5th Seagram "7" .... 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calverr 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cigarettes (any amount) Ctn. . . 1.38 'And yn\i don't liiivc lo Iniy ji ATLACIDE Juvenile resident of the District of Columbia march on Ihe Capilol with determined step to protest levying of » sales tax en D. C. purchases. One solid cifizeti wrtose step was short on determination dropi out ot the lobbying party momentarily. The children were brought to the Capilol by grown-up lobbyists of. the Washington Committee for Consumer Protection. Parking Spiace for Rent On Lot North of Laundry 75-Cor Capacity .. $3.00 Per Mo. Moke Application to NICK SHIVELY, Adj. DUD CASON POST i Johnson Grass ! i i i i |E. C. Robinson: j Lumber Company J ! Slil \Vost Ash St. { SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales -Service 1 Parts Goodwill Used Cars FOR SALE del titir prices on Ivslcil 12 incli (o -IK inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Lets Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock (IiiHVHriUe<t liesl Trices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tiie Sewer Tile Slrrn t, ft xnd R Inch Culvert Tile Sim II, n, l\ II. 21, 2(, M nml .16 Inch A. H. WEBB Htt;. fil Phon» te l.ln« lIc Hi SMITH PONTIAC CO. I-Y' SOI TH I.ILI Y * PHONT BLYTHEVJLLE If you're hurrying—we can rebuild youv shoes in shortest lime possible by KK.U, workmanship. Of course, close prices, best material. HflLTCRS QOBLITY SHO€ SHOP \1\ W. M «'l IM ST. Local S: LOUR Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 918 Nigh! 2986 /** tut *t*cu*y xwct AHUM Still & Young Motor Co. Linco/n-Mercury Dealer "Kvcndmlly \Ve U'ill He KeoomniendeH (« You" Wnlmit al First I'hwie MM or iJ.i BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Does Your Car Need Washing? Greasing? Oil? Tires & Tubes? Tire Repairing? Acme Accessories? See CoMon Graham af Cotton Graham Service Station Cities Service Products 1'hone 4904 Arh-iMo Stale Line ('lift- N«i«' Open Radio Service at it* B«t! All New KM Test Kr|uiiimen( All Service Guaranteed Blytheville Salts Co. Felix Carney 13S K. Alain Phone ,1616 STOP LOOKING/ COME IN AND SEE THEM EAST END AUTO SALES S03 E. Main I'hone .1191 A XATURAIj AIII FOR EXCESS ACIDITY Mountain Valley Water, boltled and sealed at the springs, Is a natural aid in eliminating prisons from the systctu. Not a laxative, it works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this fnmou5 health water from Hot Springs, Ark, It has l>ec!i prescribed !or move than 75 years, CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M»ln and fMrlslom Blytheville, Ark.

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