Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
Page 2
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7 iiOME. A; white road winding a green l^nd ithrough— / Hiere a soeot o'primrose, tlierc a [• st^etcb o' bltte; Argold gorsc burning: on , 'T 'hlllcrest: .13bes« iriU i be seeking wbcb I •! ' turn jne West. -A^gray mist Jifting at a pale dawn's brealt, • A:low "^vA crooning round a rccd- K : *. rwiaed lake. , - A'sea gull crying o'er the ocean's ^: T-:="--'.breast: v;.--^- Tbe^ win I be finding wlicn ' I ;tiim.ine West., _Aibrbwn thrush singing on a wild i rose spraF. ; A'daft stream dancing down a r , wind-swept brae, Aj blackbird c'alling through an ' • autumn gtoani: ' Tdese ulrlll I be hearing, when I T . ; turn me'honie. J —L. P. Clancy, in the Spectator, London. Kanw Slgina« Hold 4nBiul Baaqnet • Thlrtytive members of the SojitfaeBst Kansas Kap|>a $ignia Aliimnl . A880ciati6n ; held their Jannnal, holiday season banquet in tba 8xill room of tbe ;Kellcy Hotel i6'36 last night. Members -were IV^jBat' from'; Indepeiidence, Nep- .de^^' Altoonia, Fredppia^ ^Iian'ute, J Fiiitf^ott ^nd Ipla. • ; '. " A -£S :^SiMfe-pr*9lded jas toast- ptJ!»,ir ;« .program t of enter- ox^ ^'reports'i active «ni. and :aft «r dinner '^peectacs irbic^,, 2^|tfjijatil. idght o '.clo'ck. Tiie£)n €iting "was ' then turittd .-^o^ffto'the j)»«aident "ol the' A »8&- idaafe«;"akfoid^Kelley. ttfr^ a brVef btett«B«-ittjectlttr to- elect • DfTltwrs loCt!he cbmliig year. Claire Ocn- nji if Ittdependence (formerly of ^J^a )L vraq elected president anil 'iChaK Callahan ot Independence l.'wasMre -elected secretary -treasurer - Fjiilo wing-the busineos meeting, iidioumment was made lo the mai.; -dinlsle: room up stairs where sixteen ip.lrls. members of ;he 192"? '^ass of the; Ibia High School, •werp^ aise holding a holnay sea- soiiJ iianqiiet. The two piirtipH ^joined togetheisand danced until -.^Ji^ o 'clock to _excolleni riiis!- fnniiRhed'.by a four .piec^ .irclios- tratrom, Fort Scott. . ^. <. . ...» *^* •*..**.« ^. ^ * » ^Mlt-haels-Brjjuit The marriage of Miss Iniogenc Michaels and >Ir.; Harold Bryant, of lola, took place at 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, December 28. the home of the bride's fath- a taljcr. Mr. John Michaels, of Wichita, -"^^^ ViUT th'ti-pastor of the United flrothren church of that city officiating. ^ Tl^e bride made her home in loiji with; her grandparents, Mr. and .Mrs;] O. E. France, and atXende(Jt Junior college one year. She was" a meniber of the First Christian church and active in its young people's societies. * <• <* i'liHsduas IHiiuer Guests .Hlr. and Mrs. P. H. Schonaerts and sog'werc Ctiristmas dinner jruests of Dr. And Mrs. W. P. Hull :;t S?20 North street. • • * CHy Fed*ra(loii MwUng II nd LnnnrheoB Monday The City Federation of Women's Clubs will hold its annual meeting Monday afternoon beginning with luncheon at 1 o'clock in the Hotel Kellcy. • A full attendance is desired, and members who have not made reservations will notify either their: club president or Mrs. P. S. :Mitch- cll. Icon Neire In ^ Slaying: by: Hickman Los 4nK<^eB. Deci 29. (AP)—The iron n^rve of AVilliam Edward Hidcmab was shown in bis newest confasslon—that of the killing of Ivy Thirims, Rosetiill, Cal., druggist, in a di*ug store bloldup battle a yiear ago. Tiie latest confession was maile pi^lc' by the voUce '..his momini^ after they had arrested We^by Hunt, Alhambra, Cat., youth who. later admiUed ih^s part ia the robbery!. The qonfessloir r^ in part: ."We, ;(Hunt and Hickman) needed money and that afternoon ^ej saw thiii place; (the drug store) as We drove by and we said we waald come 'back and get it that night. It looked ought to be an easy place. And |wbcn ve came back that night wc had masks and we_ entered the store and told the lhan and the iwoman that were in there to bold Up,their hands and go to- Therc were two in the store and • Tout A <^e|iUon, ileHse} * :* \ . \ -• Just' to let'j-rtu • *; - "jfeare cleaning two tiresKOH "•' 1* for the price of one plii.s * EffetrtU'e nfcc ^.Jan; 7. i IQIiA^-liAnXDRY CO. Phone 102 jCkrlKtmiis Meeting of Bridge Clnlt The ^Wednesday Evening Bridge club Christmas mectiiig at which the- 1 mcmljers entertained their |l-liaisbands was held Tuesday night at the. Hotel Kelley grill where iSinn^r was served and bridge was . iplaytid.' the group atterwanls going to the home of Mr. and Mr.-i. I... N. Olsh. - - jendaatesllIoM Annnal Party •": ' A "group of girls of the 192.S . V-lBBs of the lola high school heii their annnal holiday party last ilgfat witti a 6 :30 o'clock dinner at the Hotel Kelley. afterwards ..iJOlning tUe members of the South-1 vr'anrfWro'T OOM^ O.^J.:T"°"~"J ^^,a«^ bannuet in. > ^rU. Sa ^lfi:^ ^ SirSSui: . LEANNA (Mrs. Reed.) Dec. 27.—The Christmas tree at the church was well attended. The Ladies' .'Vid will me«t at tlio churcli hext Wednesday for sn all-day meeting.." The following Aid officers were elected for the coming year: Mrs. . Geo. Alfdrd. president; Mrs. '.Martiii Roberts, vicp-presidcnt; Mrs. Roy Boggs, secretary and treasurer. "Mr. and Jlrs. B. C. Breincr and children .spent Christmas day with the former's parents.' . -Mr. and .Mrs. I>. R. Snodgrass and sons of Isabel, Kans.. returned home TuciMlay iifter coming here to spenihClrristmas with reJa- tivos. Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Richarilsoii and iV. a-jr.. ale Christmas din- nt>r with IMr. and Mrs. R. C. Oreer. ..Mr. and .Mrs. Willie Holraan and c'liildreii, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hol- niiin of Cljanutr. .Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holraan. i^estei' and VcrnHol- ini^n spent Satuf(i<^y evening with Mr. and "Mrs. Of M.' Uolman. .Mr. and Mrs; Fred Alford arc i ilrlying a new I'ontlac sedan.' : he; wclj on tli*. Rtnehart fariti |>r<)vrri tft b?'a good W,cfi'. The iig lias bccii movwl lo the' Overliy place. • .Ml-. Si^m .M:Uin and daughters, VcrAa .a«a Alice Channie vLslt- (jd .ttic'iwjiool iMonidiy. Si'hool wa.s di.<)niiM8cd Thursday of last wpc|{,on account of the deJlfh of .Mr.; -MaHaffcy's grandl- mother. . ' The Craft sale was very well aitendoil. Mr. anil Mrs!"Craft do not know, yet wlwre they will locate. .Mr. andWrs. Homer .McCoIlough; Mrs.. W. H. McCoBough, Mrs. Henrjr Aliord ate dinner Monday with Mri and .Mrs. Geo. Alfofd. .Mr; and Mrs. L. R. Snodgrass ai;id sons. Mr. and .Mrs. . Harold Snodgrass. J. W. Lefener and daughter, Clara, ate Christmas dinner -with Mr. and Mrs. P. Y. Snod- •Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Brelner spent the day Monday with •the latt.ef's uncle and aunt./ Mr. and ^Irs. B. Wheatly of near lola. .Mr. arid Mrs. P. V. Snodgrass, >i»ihi:'at the same time, for an in- fwinsl dance. in>e graduates present were: Iffss tMargaret Roberts, Miss .Maryelle^^Clark,. Hiss Helen Hubbard. I^m Isabier Ashford. iViLs.'; Flor- «nc« Funk, Miss Mildrml McKinney. Miss Bernico .McN'icl. Mi<;s {-Beatii^ce McMurray. .Miss Poarl Courtney of Kansas City: Mr. and Mrs; Earl Reed and Robert spent Christmas evening with Mr. and .Mrs. Harold Soodgras.1. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pheobus and Adeline and .Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Plicobus and Jackie ^nt Christ' mas with Mr. ami Mrs. Roy Pheo;i)Ui. MfeKarnin. Miss Sydney Brown. | Quite a number of the patrons of Misk Mary Shannon. Miss Riiliyj,),^ district attended tlio program PMnlngton. Miss Rachel tJard. | tj,g school Friday afternoon. Miss iMar^arct Kelley anil Miss • ; Lyndith Geery. ; Tlie esti^bllshment of an air mall '\- <• • * I service between Newfoundland and * « • I Xi^tei^n at Bridge ' Mr.';and Mrs. Fred Denton enter-, teined. with a' bridge party last \ nighfin iheir home at 71ii Kast Btre^; Jllgh score, fa.vorK wen-" received by Mr: Hurry Denton and Mrs; Harfy; Denton. Miss' Patti Heiitdn andJJJr. W^illlam Bmnlss receiving the cpnHol.aflons. After card.s a lunch" whs served.. , ..The: g tests inciiided: Mr. Denton's: imothcr, Mt-s. rhiiii Denton: Mr._ aJidj Mrs. Harry Dentoni Mr,; andi Mrs.] Frank Denton. Mr. Jack Denton ^d Miss Patti I>enton. of ^ Coloniy. ^nd Mr. and Mrs. John | BrPourt ^rri^ht. of Kanfias City, brothers and,listers of the host: hfs niece, .NTrsl William Brooks and Mr, Brooks, of Denver: Mrs. Geo. TalbeH, mother of the ho.stess: Mr. Harnf White, of Garden City, Kansas, &d Mrs. Paul Reed. :':...;••-••-. HoirtviiB at Pariy . MiSis Frankie IJee Griggs was : liostess at a party Wednesda.v night in her home. 223 South C^iest- natJtreet Gantes occupiM the tim\and the hoBtess 8|9rved refreshmeiitsi •^0-guests included: ?iliss Viv- litti.:_Sarrron, Miss Virginia Smith. /Miss ;yinit'ar..Smith. Miss, Rntb Green^iMlss Hasel Troutwine. Mr. Stinif iBiaghall. Mr. Clarence! Bar- IJcrrMr. Clyde'Barber. Dr. HaroM '•liOTltt ,lMir. Zelby TayJor. MK Vir- Jigil-HoSetand Mr. Luther Barnard. the rnited Statet is said to be among the I'osslbllitles of the near ftitnre. wards the fjack. or three customers ,we made all these ^people go back 'towards the back. :'rbere were two doois in^the back of the store, one on each feide, and my partner went through Hhe door to the right. Wcl4).v Hunt backed the druggist and hi's wife ahead of him and I went through the door to the )eft with ,thc customers, forcing them inside the little room in the back of the store. i Saw Officer. •When we got in the back we saw the officer of the law standing in the rear and I called WeH}y to take his gun as 1 had my,gun on him, but {before he attempted this the officer wheeled about in a position just opposite me. He started firing his gun at me and just at the same time I started firing at him—and "Welby started firing. I *ks firiiig directly at the policeman as far as I knew, and 1 judged that Welby was firing at the policeman, although I did not have time to watch him. When ^several shots had been fired and only a few seconds elapsed we both started to run from tliC; store. I left first. As Welby. left the store he was limping. . When wfr got in the car he acted like he had been shot and said ho had been^ shot. I drove the car and |we hurried Jjack to the room in. the Alto hotel. "We cable in the hack way and entered our apartment and I took off Welbyis overcoat and his other coal and oiiened his shirt to sec just how 'he was shot. It seemed lhat two liullets just cut the flesh on.his riglit shoulder. There were two cuts bti his ri^jl^Jiboulder. ^aw they -|\-ere no^ serious and took a wot cloth anjl luithed the wounds. Tlien I notlccrl on hla left shou.'iier a-rhole wherQ I> thDuj;ht ,a bullet had {entered.' .It.seemed as if tlie bullet had gone in and struck th^ left shoulder hlade and caibe out. .Slilged Oilier LootlnRR. After the Roseliill robbery and shooting, . Hickman said, he and Hunt weni to San Francisco, where they staged three rol >berie8. They stole four or fl»'e automobiles, later to abandon them and on January 1,'. returned by boat to Los .Angeles. ) They made their home with Mrs. Carrie .M.: Brickell, of Alhambra. Hunt's grandmother. Hickman said that although she did not at]first know of their criminal activities she. learned of them later. j "that was after my mother came to California." Hickman said. "IVe had our revolvers in a suitcase but they were not discovered' uptil sometime after my mother case out here. We decided to take the gnns apart and throw theih away and to destroy everything we had ^ connection with ^e work." The automobile us^ in the Rosehill holdup, Hldtman said, was a Chrysler aedan, which he and Hunt had stolen in Kansas City and which they drove-to the coast. ^ The car was stolen, be said,'on .Un- wood! boulevard just off Main streel. The car was -unoccupied and unlocked and Hunt drove it away while. Hickman followed in a reaped car. i Hnt Is Sixteen. Huht. who told, offlqers he would be 1 ITi years old in February, «aid belcdnld not remember l»ow many holdups he had been ihvolvied in but recalled robberieti la Fort Klat K in Xd26. was a graduate K^mbeast taigli tRrhooI here in 1926L and was a companion of jHickmanl Hunt went to California will Hickman • last December. Hunt' > notlmr. tilrs. W. H. ;Wehring o: Kansas Cky, said ti^ay. She said her 'sdn iahd Hickm&n lived at th^ home of her stepimother, Mrs. M. Cj. Driskell." in Alhambra. until Hickman's fainily went to California lifter he t>iecame involved in forgery! Mrs. Wehring said she was dij vorced from Huiit's father, George Hunt, in 1921 and she believed he was-iiow living in Oklahoma. { BeltiE >Te8 SOB Innocent. - iMrB. Hflnt expressed belief that her son wias imiocent. and said she believed .Hickman had implicated tliim Jn retaliation for Information Hunt gave' police when they veerc searching for the slayer of Mariaii Parker. B. M. Stigall. principal at North can high school. iii,I926. said lu had only, a fainr'recollection -pf Hpnt. SO; far as-he remembered] he' said, the youth's scholarship i-^cord wa6 satisfactory, but be hadj done nothing to distinguish hini-: %m: •\ • I Mrs. Wehring said her son visited Her ttera last September nnd! then wentito Oklahoma to visit his; fathe ciftc It was a Merry Christinas that CoK C mother had in Mexico City, after oatii h otticlal good will a'mh.-issadoi's. This pU American cinbas.s.v, .shows .Mrs. I.,indbei wife of the L\iiioric!in -Xniba.ssailor, and liarles .A. till travc-ledj tture. taktMii on il'ie-steps ot the gh. left, M;r.s. Dwlght Mori'ow, .Ind.v. Iimeni. of this II "VS'orth and Dallas. Texas, and in was San Diego. He said he and Hick-| lain ed alter than were in San Er.ancisco about W illc poMce two weeks iinil while theie Hick-|teni; iting lo cl man had stolen five automobiles. of t le two yoi) Hickman and Hunt came to I>o.s artin tted ciinie .\nge;es together from KanKa .s City thton.sih City, Html said, and lived with men Hunt's step fenindniothor. :Mrs. Car- niig rie M. liriskell of Alhambra. Both ocleick later obtaliii'd einploymciit in the'charj bank where Perry M. Parker, fa- < r. thcr ot .Marian Parker, is an .-)ffi- Jndpj cial. " , gnai .Mrs. Dilskcll was lielil by offi- .-rper eers for (luestloTilng .ifter the .ir- .li rest of Hunt. She denied a st:ne- City at|torncy. nient by Hickman that she was mon intt to defj aware <ir the criminal activities of the hoys. • .\dmits i\U I'arl. H.iiiit I 'onfcssi 'd his part in tin- Rosehlll rnbhery land slaving .'iltcr he had been iilenjlfied by the slain Kaii'-':|s City.{ druggist's wife. I .She wns in tlw Wellnv 1 store at the time; of tlie shuotini;. Kdw; ^-ftTT identifying llnnt. "^Irs. Tlioiiif ..indbergh r 1)ef6re. returning to the Pa-i coast. ' She said Hunt had mad^ jio tnentioti of seein.g Hick-! man' since he was involved in the ' forgery in; Los Angeles. | "When he returned to Lo.s .Ang- 1 eles. "Mrs. Wehring said, her son! taken to Isee Hickman. She ying. ••That;s him." detectives were -nt- eck th» statements ths whose trail of winds Irom Kansas ^aliforniai arvanpe- s were cofiiplefed for the ar- Ilickman httemoon bf murilk-rlng .Alarian Park- was u\ C'arliKs 1 ipto a fo rs won e Wa!.-! at( ton Huntjis Fr6ni Kaiisiis City School MM PAZO OINTMENT Begin'the New Year's business right with a new set of lK>oks. • ' Every Householder,. Farmer and Business Man should keep a complete record of their affairs, i As for the forty years we have a big stock of— BLANK BOOKS •' LOOSE LEAF BOOKS : LEIKiEBETTE OlTTf-ttS ME.VORA>Dr)IS . ! j , LETTEB HLES [ CAMIEK PAWfTASD STANDS BURIES r INK S V A;NI»S TYPEWSITeR BIBBONS TTPEMTUTEE PAPER Office Sn|>|>lie<< 9f All Kinds Always on Hand. YOl'RS FOR A.PROSPEROUS .NEW YEAR ^ The Evans Store All Christmas Noveltiljs % Price For the Next 8 Days E^^eryth&ig in the Store Will Be a Real Live Value. Bargains Will Be All Over the En-' tire Store. Note the Following: Prices: Dresses 50 New Ones -Hf)rin^' MCKICS W O f t h S]5).75, Choice $14.95 Ouiiiig tJimus Choice !».-.c n|i ill each. •JO per Cent Disrounl tin all PoeketlMiiil;>. . ^Vhite Hoover Aprons Sjiecia! S9e earh. All Fancy l'anisol> One-lliilf Price. 1« Per Cent IMsnuint iin Jill Blankets. Suede IJloves S!l< jHiIr. there bv air as un-P*^'' unable to regain his po- tnere u> air as un 1^,^.^^ .^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ be->n employed with Hickman, and of which ^>Iarian Paiker's fatlier was an officei^i She said Hunt wrote he was working, and hoped to get back to the bank soon. oh two the Hickman- In Another Crime? be •broiiglit 'tieforc ijlardy under heavy irtroom from which 1 be 'excluded. Ii. yonng Kansas arrived here this nd Hickman. Dec. iinl. iiniilicated l)y /.API — Williani rd llickm.ibi in the slaying of Ivy Tlionis. -Rosehill. Ca'if.. drug- Milwaukee. De;-. 29. (.\P)~Tlie possibility that WiKiam Hickman, confessed slayer of Marian Parker In Los Angeles, may have been involved in the somewhat similar slaying nea'r here, last October 11, of IT-year-old. Lillian 'Graef, was receiving ; police consideration today. The Graef girl was strangled to death- aftei- she had accepted a "blind date" with a man known/.o her only as "Jack." Police have a.sked Los Angeles authorities ;to.check with Hickman his movements on .that date, which was about ..the time he was living in Chicago." s Hats Dresses Evening Gowns And Lingerie At Tiremendous Retttictions Our Entire Fall jand Winter Stock Included MILLINERY- LADIES ^FURNISHINGS (I Japanese; golf players -in Angeles Itaye their own club. Los L. E. HORTILLE, President K. O. BENSON, CasWti A. >T. BECK, Vicc-Pre.Kltient E, I). LASD, Asst. Cashle^ HABBY SIIIVELT, Cashier lOLA STATE.BANK WE^PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS Capital stock $50,000.00 Surplus .$43^000.00 4 Have You k House fo^ Rent? Or for Sale? anytbinjr? Use the.Classified Columns! Want to bo RICHARHSON'S PRE-INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE! $1.25 All Silk 12-M.Pon. ; gee, Special \ 59c yard Millinery Dept 19 Latiics Hats. I^eft, lioicc -15.1nfarts' Velvet Hootis, lioice ' • $1.00 Rain Coats Ladies Coats, Sr $7,50 ial . Trench $14.98 Children s .$5.75 Cbats, Spedal $3.69 Trencli I Silk Department Our Silk Dcimrtinettt Is overtoatled. We uirsl reduce Ikls stock Bt once. Extra: TnluesJiUfTcry yard. ff».':>, 40.inrh Satin Back CrciteL iiJtd ynri. ! $100. M^iacta i-1«t Crepes, Special $S.19 jard. $14)8, 40-inrli Washable tVrpe At Chines iiJJW yitrd. 4&M. S6 -!nrh Panry Brocades, ijlpecial yard. $3.55, >0.j'ucli Georgelte-s Special^LI? yard. $!*.7ti,'IO.|iM>b: Printed ,Cre |KS! #lJ69 yard. fiiWA Slip Satins S9r yard. iSiOO Persian <'repe $1.48 yard. *1J)0 ABC Silks 68c yard, die SiHc Ra; eii 4;c yard. «]JOO Fancy SHk Rayons 63<- yard. tStltched eaclk 3 .Pound White C«tt«» Batts 87c i»lM RulOed t'urtainy .>9e piiir. iStOO RuAled Voile Cnr.. tains,! Special .$1.48 each. EXTRA SPECIALS IN THE ;STAPLE DEPARTMENT -Ot-Salines 39c yard. •niif Percales lit- yard. j 29? Comtort Challies Ific yard. S-V Fast Prints 23c yard. Yard WWe tinting, 19c yard. 2«U'er Cent Rednciton on all Cnrtalii t>»u<is. ; . 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