Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 3, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA. KANSAS 'TEE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 8.1933. Nfew York, Feb. 3. (AP)— Ralls crept^ up in the late trading to give a Utile better appearance to a ragged ^nd irresolute stock market today.'Some of the utilities and specialties were heavy< however, and the list was irregular at the linlshi' The |tumover was only about 900,000 sharps. The list showed some signs of steedyingi after its recent setback, although \ there were several soft spot^} The list backed and filled rather errat cally most of the day. Corporate news included maintenance of the regular 25-ceht quarterly-dividend by Standard Oil of Indilc^a.' one of the major imlts in the industry, Aii^erlcan Telephone recovered afte^'-sagging a point. Public Service of New Jersey lost a couple of points, and Consolidated Gas was agaii sold in considerable volume! loslnk about a point, as did North Ameficah. Gopdyefar and Seaboard Oil allso sagged! a point. Borden and ] Continental Can rose about a poinf in thf} late dealings, and in the rails, Unioii Pacific more than recovered an cjitrly decline of a pblnt,' wlille Delegare & Hudson gained more ihari a point, and New York Central,! -Pennsylvania and Santa Pe were^' ,up fractionally. Steel stocks were: tjteady to firm, with U. S. pre- lerrqdJnp about a point. Some further activity appeared In the'; Koldi taining i.^sues, where Home- • staiip advanced I'j. and Mclntyre Porcaipine and Dome gained fractionally. High pitlq.-; Scrv 2-Is SO oj Ind • 20H Amri 'Can 58''; Amrii^&T 100 "s Amri Tob B 58'i Anafconda 7U' Atcjiison 44 Aubpi-n ;... 42 Beth:Steel : 14 Casd'J I 43!s Chrysler 12 Con bas 53 Conj Oil 5Vi Dnip Inc 34>4 DuPqnt 35 Geh Elec 14 Gen ^Motors 12 N Int Harv 21 Monf Ward .... 13'/, Pnckard : 2%. Pennev J C 25>-J Phillips.Petr .... 5',i Radio 4'i THE NEWFANGLES <Moiii»n Pop) NINE LIVES NEEDED! CEBT AND urrui: CAS^IET ACE. <;TILU wrrw THE NEWFANGLES AND THEY APE STILL IN BED. THAT 1<5, ALl- ^ EXCEPT CASSlE PAGE FITE By Cowan ROYAL COUSINS TO WED IN DENMARK Socony Vac Ptd JBrands SO of .NJ .. Union -Pac . Tex Cotp .. TI S Steel .. Wcstingh E 6% 14 »1 25% 74-ii; 12'.i 27 27'S. Low 2Vi 20 56^1 99 ?s 56% •6T« 42% 40ii 13% 42 ll^i 51 5'A 34% 34% 13% 12 U 20"; • 12% 2Vi 25 5Ji 4 6'i UVH 24% 72-M- 12% 26',4 26 »i Close 2^; 20',« 58 lOO's 58', 7'<< 43% 41 .Vi 14 42-; 11% ' 51% 5»4 34>-i 35'. 13% 12 20% •12-;, 2'i 25', 5 '-J 4'', 6'-i 14% 25 S 74>; 12',i 26% 27'.', T.OCAL PRODUCE . Egg.s, nrsts 8c Eenp, .seconds 7c Eggs, thirds 5c E '.rt'^; ungraded ...8c Hrns. No. 1 i -.-Sc Kcrif!, No. 2 6c Mo. i Springs, Vi lbs. up 60 NO.]2 Springs 4c Capons, over 9 lbs ., He. Canons, oVer 8 lbs. 9<> Capons, over 7 lbs.i, 7c Cnp6ns.^ under 7 lbs ec Capons,'imder 6 lbs , .5c Slips .: 5c Butterfat, lb. 14c Stags, lb it Cocfc^ ..: • 3c Geese, lb , 3c Guffleas.j each ...' 10c White Ducks,, lb 4c Colpred Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per lb. Ic Mixed Com. bu. ...: 13c Yellpw Cofti, bu 14c Wheat, bu. 27c KafJr Corn 12c NEWS OF MORAN No Injuries Result When RandaU Day AutompbUeCoUldes with. Another on U. S. 54. , Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Feb. 3. (AP)—Hens 5-8.- Otlj^er produce unchanged. Kansas City:Hay. Kiansas City. Mq.. Feb. 3 (AP)— No; hay, receipts too light. Kansas City Grain. Kansas ' City, Feb. 3. (AP)^ Wlieat: 63 cars: down '.i to No. 2. Mark bard, 44%-47: No. 3. 43'/l- 45f3; No. 2. hard 41%-44'i; Ko. 3. 42f'i-45'-j; No. 2. rod. nom., 41,'-471';: No. 3, 41'--41%. Close: Mav 40=:;: July 41; Sept. 42.; :Coru: 14 cars;' unciianged to '. lo\^er. No. 2, white, nom.. 21'1.-22; No. 3, 20% ; No. 2, j'ellow, nom., 21':.-22:No. 3. nom.. 20^1-21';; No. 2.! mixod. 21';: No. 3. 21. May 22',; July 23-,. Ont.s: Nom.': unchanged. No. 2. v.l!itf> nom., 17-18; No. 3, nom., IG- .17 i . Milo Mnizo. nom.. 47-50. Kntir. 42^;. :Hyc, nom., 34-33. ' Barley, nom,, 21 '.i -24.. Newest couple in the royal matrimonial limelight are 20-year-old Princess Caroline Mathilde, above, and Prince Knud, 32. below, both of Denmark, whose engagement, has been announced. He's the second son of the king and queen. She's the second daughter of the king's brother. Prince Harald. and bulk fed lambs $5.25. I^mbs, good and choice 90 lbs. down $4.85 ^5.35. Ewes $1.50@2.75. Kansas City Livestock Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 3 (AP)— (U. S. Dept. Agri.)—Hogs: 4,000 ; 700 direct. Fairly active. 5-lOc lower than Thursday average, or fully ' steady with cl6se. Top. $3.05 on the lGO-220 lbs.. Good and choice 140- IQO lbs. S2.85'fi'3.05; 160-250 lbs. $2.80 f(i;'3.05; 250-290 lbs. $2.801/'3.00. Packing sows 275-550 lbs. $1.00(5~2.40. Stock pi(r.s eood and choice 70-130 lljs. $2.25®2.50. •Cattle 600, calves 200. Fed steers steady to weak. Other classes quot- sttile steady. Good 1130 lb. steers at ^.00. Steers gbod and choice 550900 lbs. S5.00®6.75; 900-1100 lbs. at, $4.50ff6.75; 1100-1300 lbs. $4.00?? 6:35: 1300-1500 lbs. $3.75@550. Common and medium 550 lbs. up $3.00@ 4:75. Heifers, good and choice 550- m lbs. $3.76??)5;75. Cows, good $2.15 m.50. Cutters $1.2&fi> 1.85. Vealers S3.00(f?6.,'>0. Stocker and feeder steers ^.00@5.75. -t Sheep: 4,000. Lambs and odd lots sheep steady. Yearlings strong. Top THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. -C. O. COGHILL, Manager i POULTRY AND EGGS \ ^ Egg Cases and Supplies . .Old and Reliable—EstaUlshed 1911 Corner Monroe and Elm jKJuil Wcit of Uie Water Tower) ENTERPRISE Feb. 1—Those helping Elmer. Peck with butchering Wednesday and Thursday were: Mr. and Mrs. May- nafd Peck, Mrs. Fred Bills, Mrs. M. F. Preston, Lloyd Rotish. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Veteto, Mrs. Lizzie Blxler. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Preston, Fi-ances, Mae and Lee were dinner guests at the M. P. Preston home, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kelsej- ot.Iola visited Sunday afternoon, at the.E. L. Barnhart home. Mr. Stirwell and Ray of Chanute and Lawrence Wolf of lola visited Sunday afternoon at the S. T. Baxley home. Mrs. Elsie Marshall, of Glendale, CaUi'.. visited from Wednesday to Friday at Baxley'S. Visitors Sunday afternoon at the Nora Ling home were Mr. and Mni. Alto Ling nnd Kenneth. Leslie and Fr.inces Butterflold. Ronald Beatty. The G. E. C. met with Mr.s. Henry Sicka with the following members present: Mesdames Barnhart, Smith. Hicman. Baxley, Algiers. Fisk and the hostess. Mrs. Sicka. Visitors vcrp: Mrs. Joe Link and Helena, Mrs. Joe Bruggeman, Mrs. Frank Massoth and children, Mrs. I^w- rence Ki-ess and children and Mrs. Lawrence Sicka and son. Dinner guests were Lawrence Sicka, Lawrence Kress. Work for the day was quilting and'piecing quilt blocks. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Smith the 8th of February. Little MaynardTomson was taken sick Sunday but his condition was not considered serious until Monday, when a physician was called and found the little fellow had pneumonia . He grew rapidly worse and passed away Wednesday night. His parents have the sympathy of the community. Duane Beatty was a supper guest Sunday evening of Kenneth Ling. Helen Ling spent Monday at the Alto Ling home north of i^qua. (Mrs. G. H. Ford.) , MORAN, Feb. 1.—The .regular meeting of the Triple Link club was held Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frahk Rees.with the following members present: Mesdames Charles Harrin; Will. Stitzel, J. A, Cook, Charles Hughes, Clay Weast, George Welch, Pred Wood, Maggie Wbeele'f a;hd .E. H. BMtlett and the hostess, Mb. Rees. "rhe afternoon was spent in making a ^lullt.' ' Mrs. George McCormack, Els- mpre, was a guest of her parents here Tuesday^ said with her mother, Mrs. Walter Wood spent the afternoon In lola. : I What might liave been a very serious motoi- accident resulted in two badly dainaged cars at the turn of highway 5* just- north of town early this morning. Randall Day driving a I^rd coupe met in a head- on collision a sedan being driven by a Humboldt man whose name was not learned. Mi". Day was just leaving town. Neither ca:r was being driven at high speed which accounts for the (Dccupants escaping any serious Injury. - ' Mrs. K. C. Kyger and Mrs. Roy Cox motored to Elk City today where Mrs. Kyger w"!!! visit in the home of her brother-in-law. Dr. Harry Kyger and family, and this pventag will attend the Elk City seni6r high school play In whicli her niece takes part. |Mrs. Cox will visit a sister, Wrs. Flossie Moore. The ladles expect to i return home Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Schnelly ware Sunday afternoon guests at.the Ed Davis hon>e. Miss M. Lucilia Harris with a group of the high schc^l girls drove to Chanute Saturday afternoon where they purchased dresses for the Moran high schc>ol girls glee club. I Mr. and J^rs. Elmer JOhphant and mHfi" Shenandoah was DE- S^STROYED BY A, STORM over Ohio in 1986. THIRfy MEN have served as preBidopt before P r a ft k 1 i a Rooisevrtt. CONNECTICUT and RHOD|l ISt.AND never ratiaed thfielfil^. Mr. Dan Oliphant, San Antonio, Tex., came Tuesday afternoon for a visit of several daj-s with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess OUphant and other relatives hpre and with their/ brother, Walter OUphant and wife,'lola. The Moran unit, of farm bureau women will hold their regular meetr Ing this week at the home of Mrs. FVank Harris, the president, on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cox visited relatives and attended to business Interests at Elsmore Tuesaay." Mrs.. .Ida Merrill. is spending a few days in the home of her daughter^ Mrs. Alma. Queen and other relatives. The fourth quarterly conference of the Methodist Episcopal church will he held here Sunday &Jternoon as announced by Rev. J. R. Williams the pastor. Rev^ R. E. Gordon the district superintendent vill be present and have charge of the morning pulpit service and preside ovev the conference immediately following the basket dinner to be en- Joyed by the church family at the noon hour. Rev. Gprdon will go from here to the LaHarpe church for. special services ithere in the evening.. Mr. G.'A. Cliamblin who has been ill for many months and, now quite helpless remains aboiit the ' same from day to day. | The Beular Reltz Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church held their. regular monthly meeting Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Sarali: E. Perkins, soiith of town. Wrs. Chuck Broull- lard had charge of_the |devotlonals and Mrs. Earl Green :condUcted the lesson study. One of the very Interesting- features of : the programi vtras a letter i*ead from Miss Beulah Reltz the missionary in ATxica .whom this society helps to support, and for whom the isociety was named. Other members present beside: those conducting the program include^: Mesdames Sarah Umphrey, John Day, J. R. Williams, Cal Ha^, Ralph Martin, L. D. Miiohell, E. H. Burrell, Clarence Kester, and invited guests were, Mrs. Lee. Churchill, Mrs. Ed Wood. Mrs. Ernest Wilson and Mrs. M. C. Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Smith went to Kansas City Sunday on a business trip of a day or two. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. LyOn, Greeley, Kas., were here Sunday, guests of their.daughter, Mrs. P. P. Scott and family. Mr. and Mi«, C. W. Holeman. Brpnson. were Sunday guests of Mr. Hbleman's mother, Mrs. E^T. BMe- man and his sister, Mrs. K. C. Kyger and Dr. Kyger. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bartlett visitr ed Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Mc"Vey near LaHaipe. Mn and:M:rB. J. D. Land and Mr. and Mrs. J^oyd Bowers, Kans<« Cit^-, visited here Sunday with Mijs. Land and Mrs. Bowers's mother, Mre. A. C. Best, who accompanied them home Hiat evening. Mrs. Best had not been in her usual health and it was thought a change would be beneficial. ' Mr. and Mrs. CSiarles Agner visited Saturday with their daughter, Mrs. Warren Laymon and her fan>Uy at Neosho Falls. Mr. and Mrs. (%car. Jcdueon and L. D., LaHarpe, were .Suijday afternoon callers at the.E. E. Ttioma; home,,and,,Ui tbe eyeolpg liiey had KElyLgY !mSA3^ SATORI^AY ONLY Rex BellL starring in the Monogram western draiiia, "The Man From Arizona," has risen swiftly to the top ranks of western aces, who not only rates as a real American cowboy, but as a youth with remarkable histrionic abiUty. as gfuests, Mr. and Mrs. FrEnzl Gll- moj^. and little daughter, Nedra Jean. Billy and Shlriey Kester visited from Pridiy until Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Root, lola, who brought them home and visited through the day with their daughter, Mrs. Clarence Kester and Mr. Kester. Mrs. Kester's sister, Mrs. E. W. Haglund and family, lola, were Sunday guests, also. Friends are sorry ,to know that Mrs. Sarah Moles has been quite poorly; the past few days, but is reported Improving slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Armstrong and Mrs. P. H. McCoy visited the two ladies slster.Mrs. W. R. Daugherty and Mr. Dau^rty In LaHarpe, Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Albert Manning and daughters. Misses Ruth and Betty, had as their guests Sunday, Mrs. Prank Smith and daughter Mabsl, and son Claude,' of Gamett, and Mr. Emmet Anderson, Kansas City. Paul Baker who is attending junior 'c611ege in Pt. Scott, spent the week-end here with relatives and friends. , •Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Harris spent Monday In Pt. ScolL on business. The community feels gratified in the report from Moran In the recent sale of seals and buttons as comp.ired with other communities making this drive. Mrs. Dumont Slckley and her group of girl helpers are deserving of much credit for the very successful ouicome. Mrs. Mary Lacey who has been suffering quite severely from carbuncles on her neck is today verj- comfortable and her physician thiiiks she'will scxin be rapidly recovering which is Indeed good news to her. many friends. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cline were business visitors in Ft. Scott Monday. : Misses Emily Wells, Evelj-n Wliit- low, Eula Strong, :Ruth Annstrpng. Vesta ;Lacey and Paye Weast who attend; junior college in lola, spent the week-end here with their parents and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Massmger of Parsons, were Sunday afternoon and evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Weast. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Smith spent the week-end in. Chaniile, guests of their daughter, Mrs. Dee Mitchell and family. GUNMEN "CRASH" NUPTIAL PARTY many Boy Scouts and Parents At- iend Meeting Held in School Bnilding on: Monday. : A small ad m the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. . A pre-wedding party for Miss Lily Busch Magnus, above, was being prepared at the home of' George S. Tiffany, Chesterfield, Mo., when a dozen bandits, some armed with machine guns, took possession of the house. They ten'orized the' home for three hours, but were frightened away before the wedding guests arrived. Miss Magnus is the' great-granddaughter of the late Adolph Busch, founder of the brewery bearing his name. Summsrhill, Pa.—Old Dobbin, after waiting years, finally got his "big chance." A motorist, making a left turn, ran square into dobbin as the aged horse paced along, head erect, proudly drawing a buggy. Dobbin carefully maneuvered about and started kicking—kicked the car to the extent of $150 in damages, then continued on his w.iy. State police are looking for Dobbin, also the man in the buggy. LAHARPE, Kas.,:Peb. 2.—Mr. and Mrs; T. O. Williams, near Humboldt, were in towii shopping and calling on friends Wednesday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Heath returned Wednesday from Bnpona, where they have been visiting tneir son, Thomas, who is an employee of the Phillips Petroleum company, there. Miss Paye Shelljy, lola, was an all night guest Tuesday of; Miss Julia Livingston. | John Jordan, Port Scott, was a business visitor Tuesday evening in LaHarpe and spent the night In lola. The following attended a tea and quilt show at. the home of Mrs. Flora Ricketts near lola Tuesday afternoon:' Mesdames Elsie Kerr, Wllma Knepp, Anna Hartley, Minnie Stevenson, Leona Morrison, Mabel McDonald? Ethel McDonald, Minnie Ohlfest, J. W. Hijfrerton, Edith Johnson, Ed iJanforth, Gladys Lacy, Emily Remsberg, and Misses Fannie and Mainmle Wara. Rev. Dell Morris, Bronson, preached the morning services at the Baptist church Simday raonung. Dinner was served at noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gregory to the following: Rev. Morris, Bronson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Limes and Charlene, Mr. and Mrs. Miller and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Larson, near Savonburg, Miss tiorna Pulkerson, Miss Leona Stone, MlBS lone MfcVey and Miss June Lambert. In the afternoon ordaining services were conducted. Edna Gish sang a vocal solo, and a quartet composed at Oscar W«ght, Lawrence Mioore, Harry Gnyer, and WUI Williamson, all of Bronson gave several selections. Miss Berdlna Parker, southwest of lola. Is visiting' a few days during her vacation at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wright In the northwest part of town. The fbllowhig • Boy Scouts and parents attended a meeting in the school house Monday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Harve Ltanes, Mr. and Mrs. L E. Hoke, Mr. and MrsjOtto Barker, Mr. and ms. Ed' Danforth, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Pred Hcathman, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Bauriiunk, Mr. and Mrs. Art • Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Teague, Mr. and Mrs. Drake, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roe, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.; Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop, Shryl Nicholas. George Danforth, Clare Johnson, Lavon I Kerr, Billy Limes, Wallace Hoke, LoweH Baumuhk, Eugene Heathman, Glen Heathman, Leslie Sprague, Dwight Livingston, Emery Barker, Carl Nelson, Leo Bh-kes, Barney Limes, Allan Teague, Bobby Drake, Billy Roe, Orville Turner Lewis Delaplane, Elmer Delaplane, Earl Barker, Max Dlckerson, Henry Maley, Elvln Bryan, Jimmy Bryan, Scoutmaster Merle Lathrop, and Mrs. Lathrop, assistant scoutmasters Keimeth Pettlt and Fred Dryden, Donald Lathrop and Supt. J. H. Cul- berfcson. Merle Lathrop made a short speech accepting the office of scbutriiaster again. •Willis Kerr on behalf of the parents gave a talk on appreciation.for what Mr. Lathrop has done for the boys. Refreshments were served to all present. Mrs. Pred Wood and Mrs. B. C. Gifford attended the quiltshow at the home of MTs. Ricketts "Tuesday and then went to lola on business. LAHARPE, Feb. 3.—"The ga^ from the wells on the Grumrine and Roedel farms has been turned Into the LaHarpe system. Mr. and Mrs. Walton with Dr. OUT OUR WAY , VOU .' SEE. •TrtE.'>/Vv_ -THtMV^ X BEtM W\-r vjrrv\ A AoTo BkR -T>AC?ONMe.D OUT ©'-/ GAKlG&Tt«S AK^' -THe.<W'V.\_ erroP TO \N »MCsrr\GATe AM' I.AIO OOviJM -To Rtsr HEPIE^ FROM WAVJMriM' SO FAF? A^4• -r »4t .w'\.v. G \ve ME._A Piloe. IWTO TOVJM. "'STfeAUJva;" vWVAEFie OOVOOCVT'AT SToFF 'EM A u-rTuE.* IS Au\.: 7w^ By Waiiams tF '-/OO' WAtsj -n IF X Get A GvvjEKJ To ME., KioT ^^t>^-EM, GSPEO AS VOO CAv.\.-«T. TV4E. FA'pVAiOMED GOW WCU.S.W>T oirr&»»«, »i*tci..ic£.»«: and Mrs. Ransfjm returned Thursday from Tope^M to spend the day with Mr. and M^s. Heber Ransom and Richard. iMr. and Mrs.:Walton/ Ransom returned in the evening to their home in Alma. Dr. Ransom's condition remains about the same. —Wright's Smoke Salt Sugar Cure. —Waters & Dajnforth, Drugs and Jewelry. The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church met Thiirsday for an all day meeting. Plank were made for a Washington tetj and program to be given at the home of Mrs. Willis Kerr in the aft}ernoon and evening, February 16. , Jess Booth I and Okey Booth, northeast of Moran were in La­ Harpe on busii^ess Thursday alter- n (X )n. Mrs. Charity jBarker remains quite ill at her home' Clyde Owens ing a few day^ mother, Mrs. other relatives. HumlKildt, is visit- with his grand- Emma! Owens, and .The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Barnes, is seriously ill with pneumonia. Carl Fowler, student at Kansas university, Lawrence; is spending the mid-semester- vacation with friends in LaHarpe. i P. J. Horton, lolai was in to \\Ti looking after busihess Interests Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Green have returned to their home in Colorado after spending several days here visiting relatives and friends and attending the funeral services of Mr. Green's sister. Miss ! Sarah Green. Mrs. Walter Pettlt will remain here with relatives for a Ibngcr visit. Ab Walton accompanied Mr. and Mrs. KoUenbome to \ lola Tl^iirsday where Mrs. Kollenborne received medical treatment: Mrs. C. W. Kelley: and daughter, Mrs. Paye Ott, Colony, visited Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Mae Love. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BRONZE GOBBLERS —Reference bookis for Incubators. James Browririgg, lola R.:2. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions AUCTION SALE—Public Auction Tuesday, Pebruary 7, beginning at ,10 o'clock, on the^ farm % mile east and 2 miles north of Carlyle, 3 mlle;s south and % mile west of Colony, cattle, hogs, Implements, feedi brooder, stand of bees, and numerous Cther articles. Terms ' cash. O. WJ Ramey. AUTO PAINTING and , BODY REPAIRING We arts completely equipped to give yipu satisfactory service. See, us ^bout your requirements. ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts FINANCIAL ; 18 Money to Loan—Insurance $300 TO $400—To loan on gocjd real estate. 'F. S. Bennett, 522 South Washington, lola. Phone 00^. LI\^ STOCK 21 Hdrses, Cattle, Vehicles •FOR SALE—One 6-year-old' mule. I broke. J. L. Black. South Kentucky street road 6Vi. miles^ 2 TEAMS BAY MARES. 6 years old, • weigh 2600; team black hot-ses, 6 years old, weigh 2900; gray horse, 7 years .old. weigh 1550; bay mare. 6 years old. weigh 1200; team black horses, 7 years old, weigh 2500; Brother mares and horses; 3 : sets harness; 2 wagons; all kinds farming -machinery; 2 bulls; 20 : fresh cows, giving 4 to 6 gallons per day; 10 cows freshen from 2 days to 2 weeks. Will sell oil time. J. C. Butcher. ^ ^ 22 ^•onllry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. Custom Hatching, It-ic per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 Sou^h Jefferson, .lola. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly; See us before you get •chicks: or hatching. SunflovrST Hatchery, Bronson. MERCHANDISE 21 Articles For Sale • NEW HARNESS PRICES—Reflects the low price of hides. 'Try us. Shannon Hardware. Ph(5n(l 29. 2 LARGE INCUBATORS and 1 coal brooder, cheap. Curtis, 10, North Washington. |4 FARMERS small oil tank:*. Hcn- nlnger's Furniture Store. . 27 JTeed, Fuel, Fertilizers HAY FOR SALE, or trade; at 307 East Irwin, lola, Kansas.- . NO. 1 PRAIRIE HAY—30 tons. 1 mile west and -Ti north LSHarpe. STOCK ; SALT, 50c a cwt.; white blocks^ 3 for $1.00. Bring lis your produ(^. R. C. McKinne'y Feed Store,; Opposite Po.stoffice.. WOOD—Green or dry, $i;^50 per rank, delivered. Brownie's! Phone 88. ' 28 Household Gnodii Strayed, Lost^ Found STRAYED—Spotted Guernsey, de- homed, about 800 lbs. H. Greathouse. I , ; AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES -Dodg^ SER??CE PJy^O^th Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—^Terms •26 FORD COUPE for sale or trade; good condition. Henninger's. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeffprson Phone 80 THE CHEVilOLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED "CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 ',i ton! Cliev. Truck 1929 Cliev. Panel Delivery 1927 Chrysler Sedin 1927 bhrysler Roadster 1929 Dodgei Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1930 Pord Sedan I 1931 Ford Tnick, long wheelbase 1930 Ford Coupe ; I 1929 Pbrd Truck i inas Hup 8 Coupe j 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargalni BUD WHTTB MOTOR CO. BUSINESS SERVICE 9 Business Service Offered HARNESS OHiED— 75c per set. Helgele's Hai-ness and Auto Shop, 201 South street, lola. 12 Wanted—Business Service ALL MAKES of radios repaired; satisfaction guaranteed. W. H. Wood Fine Pumlture, 202 S. Jeff. EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Watated-^emale LOCAL '\ AND TRAVELING representatives, salary and expenseis Mrs. Ross King, care Register. ' 14 Help Wanted—Male 4 SALESMEN FOR KANSAS—Have proposition that will sell. Cash commission. No investment. Address' Boxv83, care'Register. 15 Situations Wanted—Female WOMAN, 41, wants position as housekeeper. Plorebce Curry, La, Harpe R. 2. care Hargrove. Phone lola 945P22, ^ . i BARGAINS—New and used furniture, stoves, radios," wa.sliing machines, • etc. Curtis Furniture, 10 North Wa.shington. ^ CHILD'S BED—Wardrobe, ^nd oak dresser. Address P. O. Box 207, lola, Kansas. FLOOR COVERING—As low as 35c per square yard. Beautiful spring patterns. W. H. Wood Pimi Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. FURNITURE—Consisting of dressers, beds, tables, chairs, sewing machine, wood or coal 6-hole cook stove, heating stave, reznprs, 9x12 rugs, congolcum rugs, kitchen cabinet, and lots of other.articles, Dodge touring. 315 S. Chftstnut. USED STOVES and Furniture. Store packed. Henninger's Furri. Store. 30 Musical. Radio ' SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. Henninger's Purniture Stpre. 31 ; Seeds, Plants, Flowers SEEDSr-We have received bur new .spring shipment of Blue Grass, Red Top, Orchard Grass; Lespedeza, and Clover Seeds, priced at new low prices. Allen County Im-» _pl«nent Co. • ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats FURNISHED APARTMENTS, board and^ room; 5-rbom modem cottage, garage. Call at 320 South Walnut. FOR .RENT—5-room apartment or office rooms, lOB'': W. ^Jackson. Clyde Thompson, at lola Abstract Company. i : Real Estate For Rent 37 Houses For Bent COTTAGE—Five rodmSi fiimished, modem, -garage; refer^ce. required; adults. Inquire 222 South Jefferson. POR REfTT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. SUBURBAN HOME-On ilig^way 54;; 7-room modem house, city water and electricity; free gas and other considerations. Possession March 1. lola phone 74i or La- Harpe phone 22. N. C. Kerr. 38 Wanted—To Rent 7 OR B ROOM HOUSE—Modem, in gocki location. Phone_398. I^al Estate For Sale 40 Farms and Land For;Sale FOR; SALE OR IBADE—50 acres unimproved; also 6-room house, both clear; also equities in a 2 acre suburban with new house; also 5 -room house in and In vlpin- ity of lola to trade for larger acreage. Address Box 82 care of The Register. _J 41 Houses For gale MODERN SUBURBAN HGMES— With acreage. Sell cheap, Cundj', Gas. . • . SUBURBAN PLACE—4 acreS, fenced and cross fenced, 5-room "modem, good bam, chicken house,- 40 fruit trees. Write Box Ul, The'-ft.-'glsler, for; particulars..

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