Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1927
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'S Circular optn to public at any time. .1 -M'.• V •i I<< ilv- Rf^-^iid ami ally loU ReKisWir-The- Dally Index. =f= lOLA. KAN.. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 29.1927. TKis Year*^ .Volume Larger, jBdt Help. . Handles It WORK TERMED EASY tio-o^ratioh of Citizens . Is Ri^n,| Postmaster Bollinger Says Of more than; 20,0rt0 patkaKPi=| 'mailed- at the lola postoffice aifd j approxlmaieiy an eciual niimbprj delivei^ to patrons here. onIy ;twO| hoUliwer. postmaster. i J[IDJ[APED GIRL Cold Wave is On Its Way to Kmsas Today " Tiipi'ka. r )rf. |(AP>—A -roll! wavf Is oil ltd !way and will arrive In Kansas tonight." the Weather hun^au ipredicted ihiH morninB. Temperatures will dorp to alKJUt' zero in <il'e north and wi si and 10 above in the south and «;asu iiortions • of the state. j . . Slvi«!f were c.'ear ovfr the state this morninff and there is little chance for snow ai-com: pi'JQving th*. cold ware, .\o • moisture was rei'ort^d in the last 24 ^loijrs. j Tempvraiurts las;': nght were mod'irate. the liw mark.s) ransinp from IS at JRoodlanit to—4t(.ar Kin .-as Cfiy. Con- ctirdw- r ••><»ri-ll a low ni : DodKi- C'ty. Ti>|r^ka. ."Is. and W:)ih:!a. BATTLE OVER JOHNSTON IS INDEDTODAY ' Oklahoma Senators Have. Dismissed Charges for •sr cmqui/ATioK is m&iiM C&rnmoiiiiy a Newspt^pe^ \ Has] to SeU Its AdvtsrSfer^ \ 7^; rile Weekl.v Register. EsUbHsiurd 18ST. The loU Daily Register. Establlilhed 1897. EIGHT PAGES Indiana Garage K^epe^ Is Speeding^ Home Afie^ Dming WithanAdrtiil-al Boston, Dec. 29. (AP)—A garage keeper of fnd., \va.s .sueeding home today after an amazing round of adventure fnf the course 6f which in.spected Impeachment i SESSION IS ILLEGAL 'tions at tlio scene of theS-4 disaster at Pr ninceto ^Ti, V "as dined bv Rvar Admiral Frank H. Brumby, whi.sked Ma.s.sachu.<»ettes Bay in a destroyer and finally sent to tel here in an admiral's private car.. j j. _ th.Tries Shaaibai>Kh was ictro « ! SoOnerS Rule House Had : ,i„pjp newspaper men by a lap- long telegram fand it came direct k today, XeJlher -ef the i wn park-! / • ases bear addressesl iDcidehtally Mr. Boliiniser said : tiijlt of 54,92 .T letters nvailed h<-;n' | .;,6n the five days procedtnK fhriii-; ma.s.'all were' .sent out. exci -pt 2.!.. Approximately 55.000 leitiTs WITC •. ^ d^llwred here duriiie tin- siinie' period of lime, he saiil. ' •[ . * This year's Christmas liiitilnps,s. \ JMir. Bctltinnger saiS. by lar •xcveii-; " ed tbat ofjany previous year, iif- ' aplte; that fact, only the usupl -ntimber of- extra ^clerks were >>m- Hud Ka *r Time. "Despite the volume of t)u.xi. / nesB," .Mr. Bolliiigir r<'iiuirk"d. ' .. "this, Christmas wa-s; easier on, the - emplbyeti than anyl othtr fhrisi- .'mas'since I have i Jji'.-n posima.n- ler." "Thia wan dui'." he e.tpl^ln- ed. "to the Ia<-t thail tlie business didn 't xome in spufts. Th- liti- iens of tiola' are li-arninn to ilu . iheli; Christmatr maillni; early- Ode' of the packafres, niailcil in Io)a or some Htuall town in this .vicinity, has a hafldwurked pillow - slip and a small baudkercliier in It. The pillow 18 "to Aunt .Mara." I I No Legal Right to Convene tiklahoma City. Dec. 29. (.\Pi .N'ational guardsmen, called out December 12 to. prevent the .stave senate and house of rep- resentatK'e.s from holding a special ses.sion of the Vgisla- ture. were demobilized late lo- ilay ' by Governor Henry S. •lohnstoh: when he was inr •formed that the senators had' adjouriieil sine die. La salvage ayette, opera- dcross his ho- luin in full uniform at l. e f-\ from Provlncetown. ; It was sc town iiavv vard downright warm and: frtfjndly that Kep.Hte'rs" summoned to meet a' • Td be jeUome w^en I got ' ... ^„,„„i„a i there, | Shambaugh spent the IS LOCATED AS POtlCESEARCH ' ernor Henry S. Johnsrion and two , —-— ' !• i other state officials were dismissed r have to go down Paroled Convict; Sought'; loday by members of ih^ Oklahoma; they begin to wor ~ In Abduction of Evelyn Smith S.iii ilirnaTfljno, faUf.. Dec. 23. (AIM"-W!fhiir'ye :ir idd Kvclyn ejperf found ihemselres j ll**'*-.' ; rontiojti-d by a middle-agetf man I soberly dressed wlih wel; wo "n bui I 'oSlshed shoes, a le.i:her c-oat ia .sult of p'nin iiiiMii'r a pla /) I white shirt rnu a ..snber tie llr , clutched a gray cap in nervou: bands. j "Thia is flK' e.\pert. gentlemen." s:iid the ca|>tain. "He will tell you night on Weepei the flagship, the mine Bui'hnell after [paving eaten with ihe'admlral. I|e wa.<« accommodated In officers' ciuariers. The next dajf he inspected th< Rushnell, her Companion, ship.- thr Falcon, from which diving operations are conducted, and after that -the S -6. a submarine somewhat tike MADE! SPEED BoyllGived His Life f^r^ Dog in Kansas Guatemala Today Fetes Lone Eagle After HislFlight MOTHER GOES HOME! Mrs^ Lindbergh'Is Well On Way Back to j Dietroit St.^Louis. Mrs..: Evangeline Dec. 29. (.-iP) — Lindbergh, mother of Col. Chas. . A . Lindbergh, landed at Lambert St. Louis-field at 2:3a p. m. on her return flight from .Mexico City to Detroit. She had left Mu.s- kogee. Okla.. at 11:31 a. mi. Augasta. Kans.. Dec: 29. (APi^—Because he tried t^* rescue hi.s pet dog, "Queen,"i from a blazing home. Vlrgll ^owu. 11, only son-of Dr. and! Mrs. v.. D. Brown of U'ic-hiti'was burned to death at the ; residence of his aunt and ancle. Mr. and Mr.s. Ro.r Zbirnsn cin an oil lease near here:, last night.- r .After the fire was dlstover- etl about 11 o'clock,.fitej^fam- lly. Mr. and Mrs. Zbirran.^; then- two childrea and Virgtl lelft the house in fear for their flives. But Virgil, discovering; that Queen was not with themi'went back into the house. H& was never jseen alive again,*. His chaired body and that qf his pet were found among the ruin-5 when the fire hafi run lis course. , <>bservatlons and conclusions. ,' thg ,' "The navy is doing ever.vihing? He refrained, he admitted, from; Oklahoma City. nec. 29. (AP)— possible," Shambaugh began. "I suggesting improvement in opera-! Imii'eachment charge* against fiov-'waiching them all day ., to the admiral, but. then i and they are doing wonileifu. worri ' Hi^r,. ^-as liii :e improvement that i I Why. do you realize, those divers jteemed - needed. I luO f-et before; fnder questioning h* concedec'' . . >"ork. Gosh. I think be ias not an expert it all and sinaJe sitting as a conr: of im- doing pretty good if i Just kneW nothing about salvage work pea<Utnent ' got down 100 feet, with .-.II those i,ad,never seen a diver, u'ntil yester- _., • , '1, , ., i weights and heavy .<!;o-s. to any Jav and. ;:s a matter Of fact, it waF n hv> senators immedat^ly lett the , nothing of gwtii.g up again- A the second time he bad e»er been meeting, which was held m ui Shambaugh arilved at khe na.y aboard a boat. douniown hotel . • yard Tne.sday. • "WTiat did vou com^ east for?" ^ , , , „ , , , ,1 , a vote of 22 to 16. tlje senate, i, •.-„« nin lun- ic citih -i de- Smith of Oakland, th* vutiin of ^,1. „,,^,. ., >j ..nAf/ir r„v' »a> inii i^n i< i .iun .i lu aii.ipied a nio.ion fij Senator Ou> mrover «h ch h:i< ju-t steamfd out li<* was asked. "jl'ure idle curiosity. Yes sir vhen I got that telegram fioin .\d• miral Brumby I knew I w.-is going to bn treatj'd right. I cnii^dn't havi Washington,. Dec. 29. (.\P). Col. Lindbergh's desire to visit §outh as well as Central'Am­ erican countries on his present trip was expressed to officials , of tbe American legation at Guatemala City yesterday on his arrival there, but with the addeti stateinent that arrangements made for his trip to Havana during the Pan-.American Congress made it-impossible. iUTILE CHANCE OF FINDING ANY ED HICKMAi Boy Tells Authorities <rf Having Killed Drug Store Owner is HELPER " S NFESSES Young Kansas City B07 Is Involved With Parker Slayer i Los Angeles. Dec. 29. (AP)^ Confession to two murders in addition to! other crim««^, today fouira William Kdward Hickman ' Hnkej^ w^ith Welby Hunt.i'^Ihambra. Gail, .vi ?uth. in the slaying of a druggi^ ^ in a holditi? a year ago. ' Hickman. 19-year-old "Fox,' ^admitted kidnaping and killinjE Marian Parker, weakened before' Destroyers Continue Search for Dawn In East j relentless -'last ni.sbt killed Ivy I Hiint. implicatwl by Hickman In to questioning and Iat«^ confessed he shot and'.^ Thoni-s. Rosehi :i,' Cal.^ , the shooting of Thoms December I last, was arresLed and made a. con-'' ;essi '_«n which corroborated that blT .rl [iiickman. Hunt denied, howevNT. I CaHforiiia's s^cnnd .s«»n,iation i; kid-, I,. .Xudrt-ws of .McAtei--;er,'holdingj of haibi >r tli«- naval lug -Mo- naping %vithin the lattltwo week.-s.' t'lat^ the . house of represettUllves: have wa.< use.l. Iciime in the h.inds of i-ounty offi- ''""' authority toiconvene itself:• ••nid .hey know ym, at the navy , ; ' , and bring the charges. No adjourn-; vard"" be was a.sked. cers here today.; a-^uaqch was was Jaken. :i • -'Oh. no, I had a long telegram deT way in this di.-tnrt,'for her ar- j Kiirht .Says It 's Over.. from .Admiral Brumby. V«u see milie ea .sf. biit I'll tell you.! it way cused abiliK Tor. Ki nf .st - Arthur j H. Toni Kight, house leader, who; when I read about the wreck I sent j wuHh everv 'cent." .\ew York. Dec. 29. (ARl—Hun-: 'hat it was he who fireil the shpt . and? l.»«u used better if lUiikefeller. It cost (luatemala City. Guatemala. Dec. ' 29. (AP>~The capital of the "Land of the Eagle" today entertained its. , , i which til I MI Tfinm« a« rh» vnl,fi.» adopted son. the Lone Kagle, who^dreds of. little ^cove. . inlets,: ^'^^^^^^j'Vi n.bhl^ came here on a mission of good.along the coast of -Nova r5 <;otia and HunlN lather lile!« will. Colonel ('harles A. Lind-: .\>wfoundlan.l were believk today Dinging into the records of the' bergh complercl the first and ,„ „„„ „„„,^-... ' „,„„ family the police discovered his grandfather. A^ R. Dri^ ;r'i::-;i ^^^t ^r:^'::; hisAme?;! - ^-^ <^yj'"f'fy i^r „ »,nA 'c.-»n flleJit ..vpr :. ha/ar.lm.= mnnn. -"fs. trauccs \\ilson Orawou and "v.' me $100 tr^can flight over a hazardous mo^tn-! "Hobej •• :M J Clel 'i .iiM ; i a jiaroled ci.nvirr. j Tt.e diM -ovti-y of the ^^imill gir! a; tjie iionw of .Mr.s. Frinnia .1. ^Spenc-e at BeillaiKis Qear here, la-l nijjht revealed that sh<' bad been has fought for several nionthn to Admiral Btrumby a telpgram telling! "that ended the interview. Thf bring charees against t;ovenior hlih that I was interesteil and admiral's car was at'the door! and tainous country in less time than'her three male~'companioii.s in the"! he had expected The Spirit of St. Louis perform- Dawu still survive. Vive "destrweVs." which *esterdav • """"^ time ago :by jumping from the -J l -nc .Ues .tro >er«. which ?esterda> , pj,..^,,^„^ bridge—a high sfructnre * kell. a merchant at A.'haihbra, Call, .supiMJiieiily bad comiditted auidde ed magnificently on "tlie trip of''""fhed 4,.=;0i> .square miles.^soutb of fr„„, John.<!on. Chief Justice Branson of anted a conference wjih him." . Sbamhaiigh stepiied in. As it .sped .alKJUt 6T.=1 milfrom Mexico. City.: Sable I.«Iand, today separated to ,1^.^,,^ j^aps he sJafe supreme court and presi-' "iji,i he tell you to comeT" - - . . - . .. ,. . . ..^v-,.,. » ^ ^-.....t. dent Harry Ctordell of the state,; "Well. I'li lell you. 1 dont re- gate .snapped to attention and th« hoard of agriculture, said the sen- j member the words but It was a • "eicpert" was on his way home, ale vole meant efforts to convene - •- • • —-_- - 4 • —• many persons -have/ • I . .-iifiiiii>o>iv*ii .-,1-ir . • - - ...J. , iiiaiie Ileum jeaps." out of the na^T .vard. the! Lindbergh said. .Seven hours and cover a new ,'.rea to the -smith and. ^he newest confession not only revoajs ilukman as a double dyed . . , the legislature against the rulings > ^ there sin.;e Monday niiht through- :„f staie rodrts and the resistance! PClI k TC A TTIAttf —" - — of the governor, were^ an end. 'Of^J^/l | £^ Ali 1 lUll .Mr. Kight intimated that there would be no attempt to hold the house members in okl-alioipa Cliy. -KoDghl (or flight." "I fought for what I .was con- nie when search for !'i: kiduauor was most in- i oiit' the't her and l( tehsf V.-. ... ^ ., . , i ''"h^ girl's .story toldlof an auto- while the handkerchief bears - a' ^bile t^ip south fr^m Oakland tag .. wishing - "Merry Christmas,! beginning!- on the afternoon ot. iua Washburti." ^ Christmas day when 'McCleliand' ^'^^ right;" Klgftt said. Another package, which is be- obtained the consent of her par-' " lleved from Gpodland. Kan.: bears; eats for her to accompany him to a. Christmas - tag "fnmi -Allene." | Pasadena; where he said his Persons knowing, anything about "wealthy' mother would adopt her. tiie packages are asked to get in' Evelyn told the Hedjand police touch with Mr. Bollinger. ONTAX MEASURE MAYBEDEUYED BODIES IN S-4 MAY BE BROUGHT FROM WRECKAGE five ininuies after he left .Mexico to patrol . the north ^ide.; of City, he landed at • Aurora field . '-sland from .east to west.? here at l:4ii-p. ni. (central time*. Lindbf-rpb bad estimated that the flight might take nine hours and the crowds were still wending 1 their way toward the field when the plane appeared between the S "7 .""'^'"•^''t' r"*"';^, is an officer. peaks of the extinct volcanos Fue-j i^'fJ '^^^earlSunday night, signed-jja^^ ^ period . of. about; tf Of He wofrked at' tlie -[ I thac he iiart atte.-npted to a5sauU I ^'"^j* ' l«>-! her ' The vote on the Andrews motion aDi£''M;Si;;i I^i.e;Combination Subway J^lr:;iA"^^ "Ptfldtix^Association The i^len Gpunty Poultry Asso-' And Speedway Soon? -'directed'at'the motion, consisted I lnip.stly of argument on the ques- ciailon last night discussed South-I Chicapd. Dec. 29. (AP)—A; com-whether the purported im- east-Kansas Corn "and , Poultry ; bination (open air" subway and mo-: Pjf'^'^hmeni court should declare j Shbw.l at a meeting last night in tor car. speedwa.v. constructed on suspenuion of.Governor John-; 4he Chamber of Commerce rooms the [irinciple of the; double de<-k j ' at Memortal hall; The show will, street, has been outlfned for Chi-1 There i* no sore spot in inj' heart; over this action. I have:nothing! l,^ when^'i'^n' ^L'^.Z\^'^n^'^ MellouV Approval of the^ Salvage \\tprk J^ears End little. I will prepare a watement, i Delay NoW Is I As WatcrS Are Sought ! I Quiet - I':avinc.-:.)wn, Mass.. Dec. 29. VI'» - Hope for the early recovery : some iif ..he Iwlies of the vic- ; ilnuji of the S-4 -submarine di.-«ister W.iHhington. Dec. 29. iAP». Postponenieni of t;i.\ leduction legislation unlil after March la has been aBr.ed njRm by Secretary .M -Hon and Chairman Smoot. of tlie Senate finance committee, on the theory that a-better understanding then can he had of the condition of the government's finances'i raise.* today as the naval sal-!Central American tour tomorrow I morning- Several hours after his >ot fJovmtor's Jrlends. l>e held ii Memorial Hall. January cago by .Mayor Thompson. i Several of the senators who ,18. ig.BO and 21. • The plan icalls f6r "subway"! *j ;su «d against the legality of the C. ;L. Hosack. of Chanute. field tiack .-i cl6se lio the sidewalks of the charges. Including Senator An- ^^.^i... „f ^.ihnhu.r -.tion irwler« ... representative for a group of asso- Jx,.K;-r street level. The center of 'Irt'ws.-asserted they were not '•e^'ire of admin sr.ition l*--"!"" ciateil hatcheries, discussed poul-, the sub-street, open to the sky. trlends of the governor, butwerejthe «enate to delav th • fax bill try phowa at the nieetlug. Mem-jwould he used for high speed mo-i the situation from a pure-juntil after .March la. so that defi- *ers',of the association declared tor traffic. .On^the upper level '-^J^p' standpoint. ' information could he obialn- thcy would enter all poultry pos<si-, would be ^stores", sidewalks, and on meeting itself wa.'j in viola- . , . hie-and would push the show in either side of the opening abo.-e .of * iri.strlct couiit Injunrtion. l^f , . ^ I "„ « every. pt )ssib;e way. the speedway, lanes for slow niov- "hL^Jn*^, Tuesday by Govehior; dosed today by Chairman Smoot, age fleet .sought to take advant-ig^,^.^, r'eturnedt'o^he'flying "se a seaplane built to sur- ajge of continued good weather. |field, and Inspected the Spirit of roMgh seas if forced down. Favorable; cond.tions ye^erdaytSt. Louis.^ He found it to be !in' Washington. f»e( ga aiid .Agua (fire and water). Guatemala accepted him- as .._„- •. ^ „ J^.T ,. _ r»«™ friend and the city conferred upon .^ T ?.^son and her crew--0*ar Om- him the title "adopted son ol.^f^,jV^^°\J''^^,^^ r .natpmnt!! Citr" navigator, andi Fred Koebler, mo- uuatemam^ir^ expert—has not dissuaded Thea When Lindbergh arrived he re-| • German avlatrix jrom at- celved. a message of felicitation tempting a trans-Atlantit; flight from President C^lldge and others sprang. ... . f w from the president of Salvador and j -^"'^ that she had "^^'^S'^raSc fate^ of Mrs. \ the minister of war of Salvador. • tU—II-. . », V : kl said as he stepped from the plane. Wonderful, what a joy," he added. he was discharged after 1>eL-oini ag' involved in a forgery case. Hint** also is believed to have been e n-: ployed by the bank, and to still be on E^e pavroll of the institution Continued His Wark. . The record-ot HIckmaii.'i J,o Itr -| lawry shows that he obatfiii ^ work at the banic for alioai lix months after the.drug stor^ ki|U^ '] wanted to go with Mrs. Grayson, Hello Guatemala." IlidSh ! ^^^P'J^^ ""^hl^^M ^^l ^^nl ^fn i *ei,ig. catiiht in a I fotgiik r opportunity. She said she would,„„„„ ,^.0 #„i3i._ : undertake the flight herself. how- Lindbergh expects to resume his j e'«F- Perhaps with another woman las !co-pllot..but with men as navigator and mechanic. She said she! 'enabled divers to complete half of! Perfect condition for the continiia- j Katy Shop EmpIoyeS -. 29. lAt^. -• A iltie second itunn.1 under the hull!^^"."L'!^'^ 1^11^'..^/.'!'?/! ' . President -Is Dead 1 Honduras. He will land, there if f the ..ubmer^ed craft aui it was the athletic field is in .a-suitable i x;ec:ed liiat .the l»ore mighi'be condition, otherwise he expects to j -fx spec ••ing motor traffic. IJohn-ston. National guardsmen, lun- of the senate finance committee, J I ' •"•'•e ^s from the governor, yes- •«-ho asked Secretary .Mellon if Boy Scout Is Killed terday repulsed an effort ot ^ena-; action would Inconvenience : As xouth Shoots Gun :jEj^pox DOME TOiS-ci-pisr Ai^s.rsr.ii' , .,,, clared that the governor's lostruc- Mfanxl. Okla..- Dec. -9 (All-- /l /\y |i |jMM|JMf |l MAlIf , .jons to the guard were to prevent Ellis Leake. :H-ye.r-ul<l boy .;c..Ht |,|| V l< K NMK N I MIIW I „eeting.<i of senators an>-where. no ; effort was made lo Intertere with Parsons, Kan., Dec. 29. (AP)— under way by nightfall toda.v.:continue on to San Salvador. J ^^^^J- O'Ha'-a. ^alwnt 39, presld^^^ The >^ca .«d unnel probablv will;Should he land at Belize whichjis.ot the M-K-T Railroad shop em- ^, - , without a flying field, he intends .e tht lasi required to rar-e the Uy to San Salvador January! I, vreck. Then diviers will penetrate'remaining there two day-s. Welcome Is Great.' ~Cl >Ht V'hs tata.iv wounded early today in. a hunting accl<:eiii ai a-dub .house te_u" litiles nf hi-;e.-wlii-re jfiami .iicouts' -Acre oa an iiiililig. ; chWge fro:i> a sliol gun-ui-ei-, dhnt^ly fired by Many ilirsdi. IJ! : . ; .. ' A....: I the^treasury. ! Mr. Mellon has been represent-' , , ^ed as l6okin^ favorably upon the [ ^^^jj^^^. '»'™"«h proposal as a means of settling si.i ifJagie. .•^cr/ill. e.l ilnoiigh a paxtUion of tl;e club himse and . KtKUCk tS^^ioy in the rit;!ii juw. ile •died 45 miniiies i; • , United States ISavy Award^ Lease by Federal Judge ^:;^^rZ^UeZ,.r:^';:Z^.\^'^ dispute over the amoun. of tax I Isj last night and today. .'I At Least Eight Are Injured in Blast John>tton Doesn't Talk. I Governorf Johnston, when in'• formed of tlie sienate adjournment. declared he had nothing to say. Cheyenne. Wyo.. Dec. 29. (AP)—• In a hitter debate" wfflclrprecpd- The United States navy today re- ed the sehate action Senator Ang- gained pos.session of the Teapot jHn isald jtu per cent ot the people > the'hi/jiddy.s on the alien property Dome naval oil reserve In Wyo- of the state were agaiiwt the sus-! bill rather than the tax measure. income of the .year now closing, yptficen di^ectinir the salvage be- receipts which will be available dd - |done by ih< It approval of the admlnlBtra -l J',^*^'*"" lion is given the program. Senator.' Smoot wlllseek to have the senate; finance committee go ahead after he inside' of the;hull to seal com-' wel- kiartments iirelltninary. lo the un- I ^^"'^ Guatemalaiis ^ . . i .'. \, . .,, .corned him here. Bunting covered *atering oierati^iis which will pre t^eir automobiles and the Stars ind L-ede attachWnt of pontoons to the 'tfj ^.^^^ displayed along with chains which are to be looped I • .'^ ' . . •. ^ <. Barring Ivelopinent ployes association, with headquarters here, died today in Council Bluffs, Iowa, according to word received here. torms or unforseen de- thla work should be ming. when Judge T. Blake Ken- 1 pensibn otithe governor from,of- Valley. Okla. Den. 29. nedy in, federal court here ordered entered a formal decree transferring the lands leased by Albert B. Fall when Secretary of the In- Slnclalr, back to Paul^ (Alf .»-T -.At eight: persons were injured in a gas explosion that lerlor, to Harry rocRd. Pauls Valley shortly after the navy. nqon |today. The one-story brick The; decree was entered bfter fauiidl{hg '.occupied Ity the John the court h&d--ruled; . against a restaurant and the ; .M. G motion of counsel for -Mr. Sinclair :eait^ company wa-s tjeraol-to have included, in the decree a Plate glas--r windowi; two provision whereby the quit claims away were shattered.: !given the govei°nment by Mr. Sin-: ' • ! claIr at the time the lease was THER and ROADS "'^^^' ''^ returned to Mr -, i 1 Sinclair. 1 • iriv&tu__v«i- tntiiirhf «nH The signinp." Ot" the decree of VM.lf^^t^l^^^y^iLZ'^^'^''^^^'^ •'""K* Kennedy SI ^i .r «^^F?M«r. »«m«^ the government more -ffi^li .!r««r^ WlJ^^pl!^^ than two years ago. and during in in'he conr.«e of which the supreme -pew «»« to "'wnt 10 ahoTe in ^ourt of the United States . held .Moor Cox iabed bloci soitA-pOftioii, FOR lOLA TiriMTT "the lease and supplemental agree- -Temperature —Highest yesterday: ficei "They.don't "care anything about John .soii.' but don't let's kid our- selve .s. They don't care, much aboiit^us ei(her.' said Sena.tbr Ang- liii. . ! Senatoii At>drews took the position thad the .senate was sitting legally a-o a couTa of impeachment but that the i^cission of the house of irepresei^tativps was Illegal and that the aHrcIes of Impeachment were drawn and presented illegal.'l-v. • ! i Nebraska Governor Is Not Coming! to Kansas In his letter to .Mr. Mellon the chiirman explained that there was lioiiie disagreement as to the prospective revenue for the coming year with the treasury insisting upon holding the total reduction to {225.000,000 instead of the «290,- OOO.OUO approved by the house. He suggested that the iasne might be settled if congress waited until March 15 when first tax returns of next year are made- Delay until after March IS. would make it impossible for the corporation tax payers. |the big beneficiaries of the pending bill, tD~obtain relief when they make their first returns in the coming year. inldications some) cif tlie bodies of ers and men who went to theUaii^aths in the 17 fathoms ot water off Wopd End nearly two weeks ago [may the surface! The comblet^dl tunnel, wtiich of the bo^-. is feet wide man to sta^d in Kansas Fate Murder Charge Kas-. Lincoln.-Xebr.. Dec. 29. (AP)—! However, there are Governor Adam Mcilnllen said to- i that the treasury day he would be unable to accept'"'"*,."'* taxpayers an invitation to speak before the! Eureka, charge of ably will Ford. TetJervlIl lowing a death of hen be brought to halt ot the second about 4C feet aft 20 feet [deepi six [and high enoiigh for a it- Postmaster to irst degree murder prob- ; caiiton this morning and took over KtA -#Cli..l M«>«:na* r^lin If • ..... '. » be fil the national colors of thej country everywhere throughout th'e cltjj.- President Chacon went i to the flying field to receive the flyer- t . , The people acclaimed -tiiin as f the week- Naval: hg^ald of peace and progress," ""^ ' Pre-sident -said- At the city hall, .Mayor Anlgel Aturo Rivpra welcomed Lindbeijgh. giving hiiti a medal and telling him that be was the nation's guest of honor' When Lindbergh passed through the city on his way to the various functions iin his -honor., crowds lined the!streets to give him an ovation. POSTPONE TRIAL ^^*;Test Casglls Planned As He Misses, Second Hearing General Li Chai-Sum Arrives at Canton Canton. Dec. 29.:(AP) — Troops' if n ^ncr^l T i f^hai.Cllni -ii-i-iiratl In > case, was given probation for latter offense- He was IS year* old in December, 1926- .1 - i-'L; An alleged suicide note left- ^ Hunt's grandfather entered thiej aei^: angle of the case when police m-^j nounced it would ^e«iin«d in an effort to determine whethei it was real or forged. The elder Hmt'^)' had been rated as a man of M me | means and just before his deUlL was- said to have transferret large sum of money to thej'bi nfc,* j where his son was employed!. ; Hfrkman Contented! i Police declared Hickman's la est . confession was written by hini In' return for kindness bestowed upon li him by Jail official here-: | !| Throu.ghonttyesterday Hickman was treaie«l the same as any; other prisoner. He-"was given reading material and wa^ asked frequently concerning hl-s' welfare. ''• '• fTvery now and then one of the Jair btticials would ask Hickman: "Hickman, have you evier killed anyone else?" ] L JJuring the late honrs of. the brought an night the question answer. Hickman was standing with fate •rt-— I,- T\^i 90 fAD\ larms resting "against the bars, of lug Teapot Dome w£tnes.s. notifie-tfr "^^h" eye and with a faint amlle- the district attorne.vjs office tojlay ' ^"Lv„,.w T » ni." — tempt hearingi when it is called January 6. Blankmer refused io heed a summons to testify in the Fall-Sinclair trail and he was _cited to show cause why he AiduTd not forfeit $100,000 under rtxe law spons- Dec. 29. <AP)—A j of General Li Chai-Sum arrived in ! ored by Senator Walsh, ot Mond against John M- postmaster, foi- oroncjr's inquest into the owaid Squires. l.">-year- old boy ^ho was fatally wounded at Ford's gene al store and post- office Tuesday night. Clay C. Carp ;r. county attorney, iin annoaticing the state's intention make only the first quar kansM' "state Far^^Bur ^uTedTr- i settlement and that the rej Fito prosecnte far first degree mur- will propose' der said today | ah investigation on that datd.showed the boy was killed follow- ation meeting at Dodge City. Katis.i on January 4; Industrial School Over Apt ''\r^£^^^'^^^\Samuel Clarke Is Ousted From yesterday 14: excess simei Jijiuiarx Ist, 263 degrees: this date yeaiv-highest 43; lowest IS. i .pUation for the 24 hours; ending ai 7 a. m. today, -OO; total' ', foir tlila year to date. excess since January lat 16164 Inches. , I<elatire hnthldity ait . 12 noon 'yesterday.:66 per cent; 7 a. m. today 94 per cent; iiatximeter rr- dnced to ieea level, 29.73 Inches. Son rises 7:38 a- m.: sets 5:11 p. m- • ductions would t>e allowed in tha form of credit on the remaining three quarterly installmenU. Un ;der such a scheme the treasiir^ would-'pot be forced to make ac tuai refunds. Topeka. Dec. 29. '.AP)—Definite announcement that I.ouis D- White. The announcement ..followed a conference this morning between a--;sistant superintendent of the the hoard and State Senator Fred state reformatory at Hutchinson. .G; Apt. ot lola. who had Interced- would become acting superintend-Vd in behalf of Colonel Samuel G. ent .of the Boys':; Industrial school Clarke, superintendent, whose res- at 'Topeka. next Monday, was made ^ ignatlon. effective February 1. had today hy Dr- Charles S. Huffman.,been requested by the. board. . : vice; chairman of the board of ad-i Senator Apt proposed that Col. , ministration. He would become, Clarke be given another position. 'All clesb-. roads good, except j superintendent February Ist, Dr. j This the aboard refused to do at ij^< clear, roads muddy. iHuItmao said. (the present time. Ro«d CAtid!Uon<i.. Ross Arbuckle Flies Back With New Plaii^ shooting ifor." Vdung. Squires is survived tion.-^ Rural schools closed j last by his p< rents, Mr. and Mrs- J- O. '.week as did the citv schools. Squires jof Tletervllle and^ five brothers. One more plane has been adclel to Io '-«.'a selection with the arrlva 1 ot Ross Ai4rif £kle this aftemoo 1 with a Barney Air Mail Stralltr r which'he "purchased In Guymoi. Oikla. Fritz Womack vent to .Giij- mon with Arbuckle Tuesday. Ther flew to Wichita yestert^ay and -ri turned here today. The plane wl 1 be faangared at Barber's flyii g nold. Be Miami. was ing an argument, and that tbe control of the city from Geiieral Xil Fuk-Lam w^Ithout incident.' I The troop-s of General LI (?hal- Siiin who was in control of Canton' until a coup d'etat on Xovem- tana. prosecutor of jhe senate oil inquiry. • ^ 1 Meanwhile he has been summoned to testify-In the'new trial of Harry iP. Sinclair and Albert B. and added: "Hickman, you are going to die. Better let us know. Have you ever killed an.vone 'ilse'^" Hickman, according to the offl- cers, turned suddenly, and blurted out: "Sure- :' He asked for paper and' penciV] and'began "WFiting- When he Itirplicated Hunt, otll- cers were sent out to bring! the youth in. .| r-i ^ Hunt denied.any knowledge of ]| .u„ a u..». , FalK'set for January 16, audit heith^"^'"; r^?.r^H'".i!''r''wiet^o« ber 17. began patrolling the entire ( still refuses.; a.<, is; expected, he h^j" confes "Jd Hickman city. altogether uncalled | All Schools in AUen County Open Monday All schools in Allen' county will open Monday after a week's vaca- DeMol^ Ck>nvention' to at Baxter Springs OktoL, Dec. 29- (AP)— Baxter Sjprlngi, Kan., was chosen for the 1B28 C iristmas conclave of the I Foui Stati DeMolay Association, anc Harry Wheeler of that city was elected president, at the coticlndliig se slon of this year's conclave here last night. Appro: imate ly 400 DeMolay niimbera .repi esenting chapters in OUahom 1; Ki nsas. Missouri. and Arkansa^ wer^ gnests of the Miami cnspur. will be cited to sboW cause Why a second hundred tho^usand dollars • ^•'^:CO ^Ple*: -should not Be. seized.' His attor-' T '- ^i^ni'd by Hickman, it -will- ofHcers -.1 •be shoivn- to .Hunt, the cases, and attack the tonstitntion-... • . alitv of the Walsh Saw. : • „. •"•""'ed .Sherts, ; Blankmer. who w** chairman.of , "'ckman Srotelhe new, ^n-, the board of the midwest refining 'e^sion the officers had him inWalcompany: has been iu Europe since l*^'-'' sheei^at the top. the oil scandal developed- New Mexico Publisher Is Named As United States Senator^ Today Santa Fe. X. -M.. Dec. 29. (AP)^jman. baring given siipport to Con- Bronson Cutting, Republican, pub- l ^'essman Jol?n Mbrrt>w. Deihocrat, HKhi.r of thP Santa Pe N'ew Mexl-!^"'' other Democratic candidates Usher of the .Santa Fe ."Sew piexl p^viou^ campaign!..- He was can. today was appointed by| Gov. for the progressive party R. C. Dillon te_fill the unexpired' states central commiitee from 1912 term of the late.TJnited Stated Sen- to''1914. ; ator A. A. Jones. Democrat] who Senator Cutting jvas bom in died last week in Washington. ' . Oakdale. Long Island. June ' 2.1. Regarded as an independent Re- 1S88. and is a graduate of HaHrard publican.. Senator Cutting has n'oti: rnirerslty.He has: been a resi- hofferer, been strictly a |party:dent of New;Mezlcij since 1910. Newspaper files revealed^ that", iThoms/was shot when a policy ofv;^^ ficet>/j-. W, Oliver, entered the:"; store during the holdup. OUrer' opened fire and the holdup m^n^ answered -with their pistols. Thbm^i'. was shot in the chest t and :Ottir<^:$ in the right hand. Thoins died 010% day after Christmas- ' . :•'ii^ One ot the holdup men w-a»_ai»ii5 to stagger as the offTcer fired and* ^ was the waiting'aolbhi''^ mobile by the otheh; The;, last night declared' they had,! a scar on Hunt, which appsr had been caused *«y a ibnllet. insisted It was the resnlt of I The new confession wax maide^lit--:; the. presence of Under Sh« Eugene Riscaliuz. * latter" (Contlnoed on Page 2, Hb.-.tiy^l'^ji

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