Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 1, 1965 · Page 2
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1965
Page 2
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNE 1,1965. 'Common Sense' Topic of Senior Class Service BESSEMER — Speaking o n the importance of "C o m m on Sense" in determining the course of living, the Rev. Leslie Borman, speaker at the 1965 baccaulaureate services S u n day, based his message in the words of St. Paul. "Whatever you do or say; whether you work, eat or play, do all for the honor and glory of God." Reviewing the lives of the graduates from infancy to t h e present. Father Borman pictured the impatience w i th which each phase was lived and the eagerness with which th e next milestone was awaited, until, finally, they have reached the decisive milestone "graduation," and the question, "What Will I Do With My Life?" Noting that the graduates, born in the post war period, have escaped the experiences of the great depression and World War 11, endured by their parents. They have lived in a period of rapid advancement, new inventions and d i s c o v e ries which are changing all phases of living, engendering unrest, tensions and upheavals. Living has become a push-button procedure, which eliminates almost all of the strenuous duties which build strong bodies and develop character, he said. To keep up wi t h the rapidly c h a n ging world, the system of education has changed. Students of this generation have had far more attention than their parents had, he said, noting the army o f psychologists, sociologists, e du- cators, dietiticans and counselors occupied with analyzing and aiding youth of today. To find one's place in t h e world society today, one must have a goal, a beacon to guide one. By now, he said, all that has been done for you'by parents, school and church is the foundation on which you build. You will be going out into the world to make something o f yourselves, he said. It is im- HEADQUARTERS for INSERT BEARINGS PISTON RINGS any size, make or model M CDK ofoxtra rlAEfc charge FUSTIC GAUGE BIG DISCOUNTS AUTOMOTIVE co± Cor. Ayer It Mansfield portant that you use "common sense" in choosing what you will do with your life. It is Important that you consider well in the choice of your vocation, your marriage, your associates, your pleasures and in all you do; it is important that you choose that course of action which will fulfill your destiny, the salvation of your soul, h e said. Father Borman pointed out various temptations and p i t falls in life into which one can unwittingly fall through wrong associates and greed for wordly possessions. Urging graduates to use common sense in charting their course in life, he said "A man with common sense always reflects before acting and tries to see the consequences; common sense operates in the realm of the practical. It helps us get where we are going; none of us needs common sense to know that God is good and Just, but we do need it to make a decision to follow His will rather than our own. "It is only common sense to say, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?" "Basing your judgements i n common sense," he concluded, "will lead to the fulfilment of your motive for living, as expressed by St. Paul, 'Whatever you do or say, whether you work, eat,-or play do all for the glory of God.' This is Christian Maturity-this is C o m mon Sense." Baccalaureate services for 123 A. D. Johnston graduates were held Sunday evening i n the high school gymnasium in the presence of parents and re- Jatives and friends of graduates Services opened with the processional of graduates to "Holy, Holy, Holy" played on the organ by Miss Ruth Paynter. Father Borman prayed the i n vocation; "Onward Christian Soldiers" was sung by the audience directed by Mrs. Willow Tallio, accompanied by Miss Paynter. Choral selections, "One God and "My Friend" by Drake- Shirl, were sung by the sophomore-junior girls' ensemble di rectt-d by Mrs. Tallio. Following the sermon,"Come Thou Almighty King" was sung by the audience; the benediction was pronounced by Father Borman and "God of Our Fathers" was played for the recessional. Bessemer Briefs The Martha Circle of the First Presbyterian Church will meet Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. O. R. Hansen, with Mrs. Reino Erickson, assisting and Rachael Circle will meet this evening in the church recreation rooms at 7:30. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS OPEN FOR BREAKFAST, DINNER AND SUPPER Try our Italian Plat* Lunches . . . Economical and Dtlicioui. Our menu is alto replete with American Food specialties. • RAVIOLI •SPAGHETTI •GNOCCHI «PIZZA -Cafe Phone 561-4713 Silver St. Hurley, Wisconsin THE COOL APPROACH... by Henry Lee So poiied, 10 pretty, •o perfect for any and every "look lowly" occasion! Imported SwiM Cotton Voile, the bodice delicately •biped with lien of tuckt, a fabulous fullneti of •kiit with the couturier touch of an eight-inch hemline! fully lined, of course. Black, Pink, Cornelia, Sizes 10 thru 20 25.95 Youthful Feminine Apparel The Shop of Personalized Service tearing Project Offered Again BESSEMER — The summ e r reading program will be offered again this year under the sponsorship of the public library and acuity of the Washington and St. Sebastian Schools, according o an announcement by the >ublic librarians, Mrs. Anne Stevens and Mrs. Reuben Johnson. The program will open June 7 and extend through Aug. 30. All students of both schools are members of the Summer Read- ng Club. The purpose of the program is o help children discover that .he library is more than a study ool. To help them use it as a >lace of enjoyment and discovery. Once a child knows h e may browse in a library to search for pleasure and adven- ure, he will return there again and again, not only during childhood but through his adult ife. Rules of the program: All students of both schools •will receive book report blanks with their final report cards. Additional blanks will be available at the Bessemer Public Liry. Students are encouraged to read as many books as they can, with the understanding that quality of reading, not quantity, Is important. Those who took part in the 1984 program, are encouraged to read as many or more books than they did last year. Book reports do not necessarily have to be from books In the Bessemer library. Students will turn in book reports they have written during the summer, to their home room teachers, in the fall, Aug. 31- Sept 3. These reports will be evaluated by the home room teacher and a special committee. Achievement awards will be presented to all students participating. Each award will state the number of books reported by the student, who passed the requirements to indicate that the student has read the book. A*wards will be presented during National Book Week in November. Wakeficld Briefs Mr. and Mrs. David Maki and son, Scott, who have resided in Seattle, Wash., for several years, have moved t o Houghton, where Mr. Maki has a position in the mechanical engineering department in Michigan Technological University. They will make their home at 1303 College Ave., Houghton. Maki is son of Mr. and Mrs. Olva Maki, Wakefleld, and Mrs. Maki. Is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Modjewski, Bessemer. A Men's Retreat for Lutheran men will be held at Pine Lake, Waupaca, June 4-6. The retreat will center around "The Learning Man, the Ecumenical Man, the Neighborly Man, the Worshiping Man." The fifty-fourth annual commencement exercises will b e held tonight at 8 in the Wakefield Theater. The speaker will be Dr. R. P. Bailey, president of Northland College, Ashland Mrs. Olga Wiita ttbs arrived from Milwaukee where she visited relatives for several months, and is visiting at the home of her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E i n o Haukkala. Mrs. Peter Pezzetti left by plane for California to visit her son in law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Richard Cook, and son Mrs. Cook is the former Jean Pezzetti. Mr. and Mrs. Lilburn Smith have returned from Cheboygan where they visited their son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith. Ronald is music director in the Cheboygan schools. Sidney Olson, who is e m - ployed in Kenosha, spent the weekend holiday with his mother, Mrs. Dorie Olson. Mrs. Dorie Olson, Wakefield and Mrs. Selma Vittone, Iron wood, have returned from a two DELICIOUS PASTIES ON SPECIAL EVERY WEDNESDAY to eat here or take out EDY'S TIP TOP 219 Sophie St. Bessemer Phone 663*4101 COMPUTERIZED MEDICINE—Time-wasting paper work is avoided at Philadelphia's Jefferson Medical College Hospital where medical bookkeeping has entered the computer era. Nurse Elizabeth Ossman feeds treatment data into one of 36 transmitting devices located at key points throughout the hospital. A central computer notes the information. A detailed bill is ready in seconds upon a patient's discharge. week vacation trip to the East. In Washington, D. C., they visited the capital, and other nationally known vacation areas. They visited the late John Kennedy's grave at Arlington They also spent several days at the World's Fair in New York. Miss Judy Ringsmuth, instructor in the C1 o q u e t, M i n n., schools, spent the weekend with ier parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Ringsmuth. Mrs. Gertrude Thompson and son, Chicago, are visiting Mrs. Thompson, parents, M r . and Mrs. Albert Anderson. Mrs. Anderson is receiving medical treatment at the Divine Infant Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maki and family, Marquette, spent the weekend holidays with relatives and friends here. They were accompanied by Mr. Maki's father, Gust Maki, of Wakefield, who spent a week visiting i n Marquette. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novak and family, Stevens Point, Wis., spent the weekend with Mr. Novak's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Novak, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Renaldo Negri and family, Marquette, former Wakefield residents, spent the weekend holiday with Mrs. Negri's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Novak, and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Waynard Thiel Palatine, 111., and grandson of Waukegan, 111., spent the weekend visiting Mrs. Thiel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nurmi, and other relatives and friends. They are former Wakefield residents. The Wakefield Chamber o f Commerce will hold a dinner meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Lakeview Supper Club. A good attendance is asked. Mr. Hin Fights For Pride, Pay In S.Viet Nam By HAL BOYLE DA NANG, South Viet Nam (AP) — Mr. Hin fights for two things: pride and pay. He is a Nung, one of the tribespeople who for centuries have fought as mercenaries in the wars of Indochina and China. They are rated in the same class as the famed Ghurkas of India. Mr. Hin is the big chief of 600 Nungs who serve as bodyguards and strike troops in northwest South Viet Nam for the U.S. Army's Special Forces. Their prowess is legendary among the Americans along the battlefront out here, who like them because they never panic in battle. Most Nungs range from 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 3 inches in height and from 90 to 120 pounds in weight. They are paid an average of 2,500 piasters a month —about $34. Mr. Hin is a giant Nung. He stands about 6 feet, very erect and keen eyed. As sergeant major—the highest rating a Nung is allowed to reach—he gets 6,000 piasters a month, or about $82. : "I don't know how the other Nungs picked Mr. Hin, but he seems to serve also as their spiritual leader," said Maj. Richard I. Allen Jr., Miami, Fla., a Special Forces officer now on his second year of voluntary duty here. Area Art League Plans Exhibits WAKEFIELD — Members of the Wakefield Area Art League will be featured in special 1, 2 and 3 man shows of paintings at the Bessemer Public Library!" "He, admits "to being 38. He is during the month of June. Shows will be changed every Tuesday of the month. The open- ng exhibit from 1 through 8 will be a works of Bessemer. Pink and Blue Shower Honors Mrs Geroux WAKEFIELD — Mrs. John Geroui was the honor guest at a pink and blue shower held Friday night in the Immanuel Lutheran church parlor, which was decorated with sprinkling cans filled with lilacs. The event began with a trio, Arlere Potter, Jerry and Jill Geroux, in a cappela, singing "In the Evening by the Moonlight." This was followed by several hilarious nursery rhymes and other games, being played under the direction of Mrs. V. Eugene Hanson. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Louis DelFavero. Arlene Potter and Mrs. Geroux. Group singing of o 1 A favorite songs was enjoyed with piano accompaniment by Jerry Geroux. Mrs. Geroux was presented with numerous beautiful gifts. The gift table was centered with a lovely floral sprinkler. Lunch was served to 30 guests from tables centered with three dimensional nursery rhymes, foral arrangments of tulips and apple blossoms, and miniature baby buggies. The napkins were folded like diapers. Appointments were in matching sprinkler can motifs. Hostesses for the event, Mrs Ernest Oberst of Ramsay, Mrs Albert Hanson and Mrs. Marie Schiltz, were assisted by members of the Deborah Guild o f which Mrs. Geroux is a member. A pearl's nacreous coating must be clear as well as thick to produce good luster. Annual Meeting Notice of the Northern Finnish Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Morongo, Wisconsin Meeting will be held Saturday, June 5,1965 at the OUIO SCHOOL, IRON RIVER, WIS. to start at 10:00 A.M. \ .Priies, Free Noon lunch, Everyone Welcome * "When a Nung is too old or display of the various S j ck t o continue, he'll usually Mrs. Ellen Seeke of I tell you so himself," said Maj. Allen. "Pride won't let him do a A three man show of t h e workc of Mrs. Stanley Gem bolis. Mrs. Carl Nelson and Wallace Johnson, all of Wakefield, will be hung from June 8-15. Mrs. Robert Kellett and Mrs. LaFon Lyons, Bessemer, will lang two man shows June 15 through June 22. The last exhibit will feature the paintings of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Johnson and Mrs. Julie Brokenshire from June 22 through June 29. The annual league show of all the artists will be hung for the Dublic in Wakefield during the July 4 holidays. At a recent meeting of t h e league, D. E. Ferguson of Ironwood, presented an outstanding display of slides depicting Michigan's history as told i n paintings. The next meeting of the group will be held June 10 in the city council chambers in the city hall in Wakefield. Dinner Honors Lynn Bartlett WAKEFIELD — A tesimonial dinner honoring Lynn M,, Bartlett, and a reception will be held in the main auditorium of the Civic Center in Lansing Thursday, June 3, accordng to word received by A. J. Tiber! of Wakefield. Bartlett has an appointment in Washington, D. C., as deputy assistant secretary of defense (manpower) for education in the Department of Defense. He leaves Michigan after more than 30 years devoted to Michigan education and to Michigan youth and adults. For the past eight years he has served as state superintendent of public instruction. Throughout his tenure of o f - fice he has demonstrated a sincere and productive dedication to educational excellence for the people of Michigan. His a p - pointment, not only honors him, but also the state of Michigan. It is fitting recognition of a distinguished career of public service. For the first time since he assumed public office in 1957, his many friends in the state are asked to pay tribute to him and his administration by a t tending this reception and dinner. The ticket fund will provide for a commemorative gift. OLO ADVERTISEMENTS 'Written advertisements 3,000 years old have been discovered by archeologists delving into the ruins of Thebes. Invention of movable type ushered in the modern area of advertising. PACKING , CURS USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS Auto Parking Curbs Ideal for garage stops, parking lots, home garages, motels, schools, etc. The cost is small, the benefits great! Globe Ready-Mix Concrete Co. Concrete Anywhere DIAL 932-3540 or 932-3141 Penokee Mine Site Are You PREPARED TO TAKE ' l 'AT SUMMER VACATION? Are there valuable papers laying around ... if so, prepare to keep them valuable and secure with a Fire-Resistant SECURITY BOX Offers greater protection for your valuables S. Protective lip under hinee. 1 NOTE TNESE FEATURES Sturdy lock with two key*. 2. (UceiMe 1 haneHe. 3. Two complete ateel weHi, 4. Six* auiteble for ell standard buiineai papeu. Fjti in bureau or oVeiter etrawet, « 4. Quarter inch treated Mbette* insulation. No metal contact between outside and inside wall*. "It's a Household Necessity" Nice Selection of Father's Day Ideals and Greetings Remember us when planning your wedding—Prompt, efficient service NEWS RECORD PRINTING & SUPPLY Ironwood Mrs. Ll'oyd H. Wesleen. Piop. Dial 932-5511 a good manager, very proud, I and has absolute command of! his men." \ SPANGLED EYES — Davey Davison does a wild watusi dance in "Marriage on the Rocks," but her bizarre make-up is the show-stopper. Her eyelashes are spangled with sequins which, she says,, "make my eyelids so heavy, they keep closing." Development Group Meets At Escanaba ESCANABA — T w e n t y-one members of the Northern Great, Lakes Resource Development Council will meet here Thursday and Friday to review existing and proposed legislation that could affect economic development in the northern portions of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Both Senator Philip Hart and Congressman Raymond Clevenger of Michigan are expected to attend to interpret latest legislative d e v elopments i n Washington The council, an outgrowth of the 1963 Land and People Conference in E u 1 u t h, inc 1 u des seven delegates from each of the three states. Delegates from Michigan expected to attend the. meeting are Harold Dettman of St. Ignace, Walter Wightman of Fennville, Ed Gould of West Branch, Roy Jensen of Escanaba, Clark Most of Alanson, Palmer Beebe of Dowagiac and Carl Staser of East Lansing. Development of the recreation industry will receive major emphasis at the meeting, with Michigan State University tourist specialists Dr. Louis Twardzik and Dr. Uel Blank presenting proposals that could affect the travel industry in all three states Harold Green of the Ann Arbor office of the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation will discuss implications of the new Land and Water Conservation P r o gram. A three-state Technical 'Action Panel, made up of professional resource people, will also meet here the same days. Thomas Pattison, chairman of the panel and administrator of Wisconsin's Farm and Home Administration, will represent. the panel in recommending reorganization steps to the citizens groups. bad job. He is then mustered out with a month's bonus pay and a letter giving his service record." The Nungs represent a cross- section of the situation here in terms of both religion and experience. A few are Buddhists, a few Catholics, but most are Con- fucionists. "We and the Australians train them in handling weapons," said Allen. "They are traditional soldiers. They are absolutely loyal to leadership. They will do what they are told to do in the most pressing circumstances, and they will tear into anybody and anything. "It isn't true that they cut off heads or collect ears. They just kill the enefy. They aren't sadistic. But I suppose if they were told to bring back enemy ears, they'd;;.- bring them/ back. They obey orders." Ramsay Briefs The members of the Bessemer Township fire department will meet tonight at 7:15 in the firemen's quarters in the Ramsay Town Hall. After the meeting lunch and refreshments will be served. Howard (Buddy) Jacobso n , the nation's leading thoroughbred trainer in numer of winners in 1964, led'the N^ew York trainers with 103,winners. NOTICE NEW GREYHOUND- ZEPHYR BUS STATION is located at.corner of Lowell & Ayer Sts. Formerly Lahti Chevrolet Garage BOB CLEMENS, agent Phone 932-4221 mmi ATTMCnON OF ALtflME tfSPECUL POPULAR PRICES! COLOR oy DE Luxe LAST TIMES TONIGHT! ONCE ONLY 7:30 RONWOO THfATRE Starts WEDNESDAY! 50* Century-Pot preaenU An AMoeiMea tnd Aldrich Company Production • JOSEPH amn "HUSHLHUSH, SW£ET „ CHARLOTTE AGNES MOOREHEAO ^CECIL KELIAWAY WILLIAM CAMPKLL-VICTORBUONO MARY ASTO'R ssssv.:" 1 ROBERT AujRiCH-HENwFARM^ui^HEiLER-HEiYFARREii IRONWOOD Open 8:00 • Starts 9:00 ENDS TONIGHT! "Robin and The Seven Hoods'" PLUS "The New Interns" Starts WEDNESDAY! ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S TIPPIHFDRFN SfANCUNNlRY TBCHNICOLOftt I Suspenseful Sex Mystery l-MARNllf DWOAKER. MARTIN (MEL PLUS ... EXCITING SECOND FEATURE MFOfiO mm nounoR f; I

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