Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1927
Page 6
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M : PA&E BIX 28,1927. FOR CAGERS Junior College! and Hi^h SdioolBaskfetball 1 Teams Plzy CLASHES~~TONIGHT As Seen Br C. A. CLIFT Alumni Crewsf Entertain In Encounters At High School Two .of the most games of Ihe-^'^sMLsqn interesting from the standpoint ofiloli basketball fans are to be plajj-ed- la double-lieader -. faEbion Itt thl;e senior high. aud4- torlum'etartiiig at 7:15 M>night when the high school and junior - college i^aslietball teams meet their respectiye alumni teams. Before last night's practice H appeared that the st^ol teams probably, had good maifKiu^ toward - victories. biH-'l{|^'tck«h brought together by Coach 'H.. L.' Koenlg. who is handling the i two alumni IVJtb fooUiali coacbes, offl- dais and a fev ofbont: m'lxlnf Into the rules Jiropositlon for football, it Is a wonder ttaat •rales CTM- are made wbldi plajrers maj comprebend. It hasn't been, so (very long ago that footl>airrule^ cx>ult>.t>e counted on- your fingei-s. Now tt pretty fair «ized book is required for the regulations and Intefpretattbns of them. ' . present than | any that cither of . {he> school teams have run up against this year. There are large I squads out (or botli the high . scbobiand coiieg^ alunnH squadfi so that, men may be substituted freely, thereby avoiding! any letdown In playing speed.' ' Both Coach!Smith oi the high school and Coath Stocirtbrand of , the Junior college put their teams through good practices yesterday ' and have piclce<l tttams that they •hope can conie out with victorias. Coach Smith Is using only the men ~ vrho reported for jthe practice {yesterday afternoon. ' Both school teams should look good tonight in the new uniforms which were purchased this year and which'will be seen' for the first time on a local court O H both alumni teams ;there are men who iiave played together in previous years so that a strong teamwork combination maybe developed. On the hjgh school alumni squad will be^foiind three of the regulars of two years ago when lola dropped only 6 games the en- tiro seaosn counting th» tournament games. New additions to the high school alumni are Stanley Kirk, Victor Kirk, and Merle Bollinger. On the college alumni squad Hunsaker and Norton, both exceptionally - good scorers have been added toi the list given yesterday. All fouri, teams" will have plenty of reserves ready to go in'if any man does not ^o the'bes^t possible. High - school: Donaldson, for-r IVetilern ronfervnre leaders seen-to bave tbe riirbt ideiu -They nrge less tinkering >»llb v tbe rntM and mure.sliapllfted' lan^uaire. Tbe latter, proposition iirobobly is! because they flgrore that anyone playing the game' Isut Intelligent enough to understand highly tecbnlral gridiron phrasenlogj-. i)i course that ran't'be true. _ a squads, probably liave more pow«*ifroin Birt Scott, The Kort Scott Several .weelTii ago I.*onard Vox ' of PoncB City,,Okla^. fought Johnny Wagner of Fort Scott. The fight was at Pittsburg and the Pittsburg paper said Fox piled i up a decisive victor}' on points. The Fort Scott paper sajd Johnny was shaded slightly. Now comes a pamphlet Boxer.: It calls Johnny; "Undefeated Local .Middleweight" Johnny bait been defeoted ' declslTQiy in a Kort Hrott ring, but It Is hard to c«>nTiiice some of his followers that IVagner bas bera trimmed by any box« er. Despite that, M^agner is a ffood boy. He trains faithful' ly and fights hard whlfe he Is In the ring. ! NEWS NOTES OF NEOSHO FALLS Christmas FesUvities Friday and Saturday Mghts at .Vettaodlst Church — Slany Family Christmas Dinners. ward;.Trombold. forward: O. Mc^l^'^""^ ^ • (.Sirs. W. P. Heath) NKOSHO FALL.S..KAN.. liic. 26. Cliristmas was celebrated Friday evening with a tree and' program at the M. E. Church.' and at the Congregational church Saturday evening witli--a-^ree and party. Santa Claus appeared and- gave gifts to" the children. Mr:^. Elizabeth Wolford has been ill for severar-flays. Dr. and Mrs. McCool entertained .at Christinas dinner the follow.- ing invited guests: .Mrs. Fanny Wolford. Mrs. Elizabeth Wolford. Mr. and Mrs.. Lloyd Herdman and Fewer Changes ahd More Simple Language in ^ Riiles Urged OTHER SUGGESTIONS Ziippke Proposes Meeting Every ThVee Years ' For Changes . Chicago, [ Oec. 28. (AP>—Less tinkering with the rules^ of football and simplified language in the latest revisions, are the suggestions of leading western conference football authorities to the ruhrs committee which gathers In Nlfw York tomorrow. 'The game could get along nicely with the rules conimittee^jnecling once In three years instead of annually, according to Coach Bob %ui>pko..ot Illinois.* the Big Tet^ cltampioiis. Necea«ary intcrpretai lions could be handled by a small commltte« in the meantime. Tbo lateral' pass, the fumbled punt ruleJ the retreating goal.poslii and the backfleld man in motion tiro among the important changes of last winter which need overhauling. Big Ten coaches said. "Tho lateral pass was not a suc- crssful play," said Dr. C. W. Sl)cars, coach at Minnesota, runner-up in tho Big Ten last fall. "Even it it were sjiccessful, there is no reason a team should.'l>e allowed to miss tho consequences of a fumble. } "The strongest' argument' for. moving the goal ^posta back was that more scoring, would'result. because the angle of tbe field goal kick was reduced by setting the cross bar tea yards farther away. X'obodi' tried^;^y_ field goals, so what was gaineS?" When the posts aro not there to. mark the goal line, it is hard on th^ spectators and hard on the punters." The rule on. a backfleld man in motion at the moment of snapping the ball is not clear, according to Fielding H. "Hurry Up" Yost, and needs modification. "Sections five and six, under rule . nine should be changed," Coach < Yost said, "so that there is no con- ' tro*'ersy about whether or not one ' irgsten of Greeley, Kkns.. spent [jJh'riatmas'day arthe H.iH. Benton "ome. • > Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Beeding and; r. and M)^. John Bceiiing spent hristmas -with relatives at Kin- Id. : = Ladles' Aid will me&. at the hurch Wednesday aftejnoon. The Misses Dorothy. [Hazel and Mildred Benton motored to Yates (tenter Mondiay and spejit the day ]i|isiting friends. I Mr. and Mrs. Odell ofiTopeka arrived Saturday night 3 to spend (jlhristmas with the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. CharBe PeresJ Mr. and Airs. Miller: Giffin of Topeka who &peni Christmas, at the home of the 'former's parents. Mr. and Mr<5. J. E. Giffin. l4ft .Monday for their home. ] Mr. and Mrs. C. .McjGrew ahd children spent Chris.tmas day jat the home of Mri and iMrs. Jim McGrew. . ; .Mr. B. Giffin and Mr.'Harry Giffin of Kansas City are spSending the holidays with their daughters and sisters, the Misses Dorpthy and Merle Giffin. GOACHESNOT ACTION SOON Suggestions- Will Pass On To The Comihittee Oh Rules OPEN CONFAB TODAY NO PRICE HALT INMONEYiHKE Stocks Mount on; Street As Call MoHey Goes Up ; •New York. Dec. 28. '(fAPi—Dis­ regarding stiffer call ihoney rates and widespread predictions of a "technical reaction," stock prices forged upw^ard today in] apparent anticipation of a heavy.' January reinvestment 'demand. Baying CCUT tered largely in specialties in which there Is a limiteil floating supply and in the. New Y'prk public utility issues. .1. P. Morgan's selection as the new chairman of the board of the.: United Stjite.s Steel corporation apparently had been discounted, as the stock inpvcd-er— ralticaily within a rather narrow range. LAHARPEAI^D ITS CITIZENS .Mr. and .llrs. Barney Limes and Son Visit Kelati»ej^Rebekahs Send Flowers to Shut-ins.. (Mrs. Opal .Mitcliell) LAHARPE, Dec. 27. —Mr. and •-Giiire. center; . Hubbard, guard:" JBreckenridge or Round, guard. High school alumni: Stanley Lee, forward': Fronk. forward; L. Mc- William Schtipp and mother and Dr. and Mrs. 4- E. Williams were entertained at Christmas dinner at the home of Or. Williams's parents Guire. center: Perham. guard; Bol-1"^^" ^"If"*; , . ,. , - linger'guard ' M ^J'-s- Heving and daughter, of : - Junior college: Burger, forward: i ^J^^- ^'"ri^J™"" "^1}^ Isaac or Kemp, forward; Lee, cen- a"d grandfather, Mr. ,ter; Hubbard or Woolery, guard; •Cloplne. guard. ., Junior college alumni: D. Heii- ' rterson. forward: Crick, fiofward: F. ^tann. .center; Ste<}le, guard; . Menzle, guard. . i \OTICK TO COMHArijOKS. ; —Grading anJl'GravelUng North j 'Oak Street, lola. Kansas. | 1 Sealed Proposals will be fecelved by the City Clerk ol the i City of lola. Kansas, until Noon 12-o'clock ..January 3. 1928. for grading andj surfacing with-gravel, that! portion* of North Oak Street lying between Lincoln and Carpenter Strecta In the Citj' of Ipla. Kansas. / . Quantities are as Tollowa: Earth Excavation, 283 Cubic Yds. Gravel, 436 Cubic Y'ards. The total length of the Improvement is 627 feet. Depth.of gravel. 9 inches. • . and Mrs. George Lynn enter- All bids must be acCottpanled (ained as Christmas guests, Mr. Wra. Burton.' Miss Marionn Farnam had as Christmas guests her sister, Mrs. Grundy'and family, of Topeka, and Mrs. Boughton and Metta. ' M. L. Wilson and family spent Christinas with L. F. Wilson and family at lola. . - Mrs.' McClurc and s6n:/Edwin. if Io|a, spent Christinas at tho Thrall home. "Ciias. Goilicr. student at K. U„ is spending his ChrlBtmas vac^ition at home. Rachel Heath. Dclbert Sullivan and Melvin Lee, students of lola junior college, are spentiing their vacations at home. . Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Dockery "of Winona, Okla.. were guests at the Sam Burton li'Ouie Christmas, r . Mr. and' Mriy Lockwood Laccy and son. fornTEi- residents, .were vsiting old friends here Christinas. "with 5: percent of the .total bid-In ." money, or a certified check on , some responsible bank. Plans ,.and- specifications' may be seen at the office of the City Engineer, lola, Kansas. i B. U McNIEU ^ [Seal] City Clerk. $5000 Each for Deadi Bandits Alex Lynn and family of Vernon, iklr. James Lynn, of Independence, Mr. Floyd Lynn and family of lola, Mr. Glen Lynn and wife of Texas, besides other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Heath and Rachel spent Christmas witfh Mrs. Heath's sister. Mrs. Cora Fife, at lola. Other guests were Mr.s. Celena Hutchinson and Mrs. Amanda Haxton. O. L. Jcines remains about tbe same. Hls° illness has continued through sj»vei-al months. ; Little Jiy Duttoii has been quite ill of pneumonia for several days. Election of officers forj the Siin- i day School was held at the' M. E. .Church Sunday. Mr. Harold John! son was elected superintendent, and Mrs. W. F. Pyke treasurer. We are hoping for increaserf attendance. . j . Friends here were saddened ; by the death of Mr. Holzapfel of Colony last wcok. He has been brakeman on tlic !santa Fe for so many years and his genial.face and his courteous manner will be sadly missed. Sympathy is extended to his family and loved ones. Happy New Yeal- -t«rjthe Register readers. - 1. -\r" .Z'.r'" Mrs. Barney Limes and small son may may be in molton at tlje time . ^ ^ of Oklahoma, are the ball ia snapped, directly or ^''"•""^ obliquely toward his own. end line on a shift or huddle play. This was the source of most of the controversy this year." '. ' Chicago lost a touchdo^h against j Ohio State on such a coi^troversy, the. referee ruling that the , man in motion did not take a step backward toward his own goal at the moment of snapping- the ball. Chicago Was one of the few midwest- em teams which used the deceptive man-in-motion play, ami also the Maroons were almost alo -e in using the lateral jyaas, as a SL -iicing play. Number 1 (Contlnned; from Page One) posed beforo detectives [and deputy shferlffs so they might become familiar with his appearance. He later was questioned again by the district attorney. Decision as to how Hickman would pltad at his arraignment tomorrow would not be decided, keyes said, until the arrival of Jerome K.-Walsh from Kansas aty who had been named to defend tbe prisoner. ."W. M. Massie, pTiesident ot tlta ~.Texai Bankers* AaBociatlon, Is offering" f50«0-«ach for bank ban- ,dit8—deadr Masshtr .« Tttrt '''Worth banker, js anthdrlzed bjr the 1000 members of ihe associa- tlen t'& draw on them for |5 «ach «v«ry time a-bank bandit is ktlied. There lajno reward.offered for the , -i capture of live bandits. The 01>Tnpic ski events wiirbe hcl(| at St. Moritz beginning Feb- ruapr 5. The rapid progress liiade by {American skiers the pa8t|feiw- years leads many to bolievo !that the,Unite<l States--and' Canada stariia good chanco of emerging from the competition well up l,n lead. The formidable opiposl- is expected, from the Finns 'the Norwegians who heretofore always be*n able to carry awa.y the lion's share of honors In these events.. the lion and hav^ se < 0$e of the outstanding, winter spoitts in Hollaittt Is; the women's skaung race held at Leeuyvaarden foi" the cbaihploi&hip of the prov- 'alre-of Fripsland. i CARLYLE (Edwin Wisi^er) Dec. 27.—The Christmas cnter- taiament and tree sponsored by the Sunday School under the leadership of Mesdames Wiggins, Hig- ginhotham and Brasswell vfas enjoyed by ever}' one present' Saturday night. \\ Sunday night the Christmas piigeant presented by the C. E. Society was greeted by a full house and everyone pronounced it one of the best little pageants ever witnessed. The entire force engaged in Its production Is to be highly complimented. John Hamilton of Columbus spent ChAstmus with his parents, Rev. and Mrk. C. G. Hamilton. Kev. and Mrs. C. G. Hamilton and Miss Lenore went to Columbus Tuesday to attend-the wedding of John Hamilton. Garlyle extends heartiest congratulations. The Loamis family t3ok Chrlst- majg dinner at Geneva with Mrs. Loomis's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bedenbender. The Grat ahd Edgar families were entertainied by Mr., and Mrs. Austin Mayfield and family. Mrs. Wilkinson's daughters. Mrs. Pliil Graham, of Richinond. Kan., and Mrs. Lora ArdoM of Springfield. Mo., surprised her by coming tji^ spcn(^ Christmas. Miss liartman went to Richmond to spend vacation. Misses Gladys Carter and Maud .Mayfield were callers at school Thursday. ; The Carvers and Bob Carters drove here from Colorado for a shjort visit with friends and relatives in Carlyle. '. -The Bob Carter and John Carter families had Christmas dinner, at Martin Hamilton's. ! Mr. Archer^addened the hearts of the school children Friday with n generous treat of oranges and candy. iThe Christmas tree left frqm the bazaar was redecoirated and put into 8er %-ice again Friday by the school children. Tie boys and girls of Carlyle had a skating party at Dunlap's Grove last Monday night. Herman and Norwood Roberts Visited { over night recentlv with the Warrens at LaHarpe. Wishng you a Happy New Year. vising the former's mother. Mrs. HrE. Limes and sister.; Miss-Lida Limes, und other relatives and old triend.s. The Kebekalts remembered their sick and shut-in members with flowers this Christmas time, and the recipients are very appreciative of their thoughtfulness The members and leaders of the LaHarpe 4-H clubs were entertained by Mr.'Geo. Williams, circu- lutlon managcir of the Register, with a line party at the Kelley theatre and liter a trip through the Register building Saturday afternoon. Mr. Williams's kindness is deeply appreciated by the members and their leader.s. Those present were': Miss Josephine Weith, Mildred Tredway. Edha Spradley. Olive Day. Florence Roe. Jaick .Mitchell. Dale iGarvey. Rex JoH'n- son. Dwight Livingston, William Livingston apd Mrs. Henderson Mitchell. . --Mr. and Mrs. George MeDonald entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gregory and little son of lola at Chrlstmab dinner Sunday. i Carl Zink of Parsons and-Max Sallee:.of Emporia came here Saturday to visit the latter's parents. Mr', and Mrs. George Salle'e. Mrs. Sallee and grandson. G. C. Zink. Max Sallee and Mr. Zink drove to Topeka to spend Christmas with Mrs. Zink who is at the S. B. A. hospital. Mr. and Mrs.- Ben Balcom entertained the formers brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Keysen of Burlin^t^ Saturday ni^t and Sunday the^^all went to spend Chri^thas day at the parental P. S. iBalcom home. ME and Mrs. C. T.,Harris had Chriahbas dinner with-the latter's mother,'Mrs.- femma' Owens, -and later drove to the 7ake Hoke home near Chanute. Jesse Stansbury, of Oklahoma, is here for a visit over the boll- days with llis parents , Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Stansbury. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sellman and baby daughter, and' Mr. and .Mrs. Lloyd McDonald of Kansas City were here to spend Christmas with relatives and. friends. They returned home.,today. Mr. and;Mrs. John Garvey and sons Dale and Jackie spent Christmas with relatives in Leroy. 'Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Mae Love. Joe Love and'Harold Grover were guests at the Charlie Rogers home at. Brodson for Christmas dinner. Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Lacey and sin spent Christmas-day at Garnett. Dr. and Mrs. Albaugh and children drove to Kansas City to spend Christmas with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wood and daughter Marcella spent Christmas day with the former's mother. Mrs. J. R. Wood, at Lawrence. Here's pitched first s' Horace Lisenbee, who four shutouts in his ason of'major league baseball. The young Washington pitcher led the American League hurlers In this department last y^'ar. {He is expected to be iiRe star of the Wasbinigton stafjr in 1928. (By the Associated Press.) Indianapolis—Roy Wallace. Indianapolis, won from Joe Packo, Toledo, Ohio, (10). BUly Ryan. Cincinnati, won by a technical knockout over Hershie Wilson, Gary; (6). St Petersburg, Fla.—Battling Finch. Savannah, Ga., and Mickey Fedore. Canton. 0.i, drew (10). Tucson^ Ariz.—^K. O. Brown; San- Many Christmas'Dinners and lie- unions with Out-of-Town Guests Attending^. as Mr.| ta ;Monica, Calif. Cb^kee George (5). knocked out tawaon, Omaha, The $10,000 opeb at ment to be held early in January 4viH be given an InternatioUal flavdr by the participation of Archie! " crack E^nglisb golfi I —if you want to tony or build, city or suburban property. The lola Building & Loan Association -will makie you a loan, low interest rat& no commission. See G. B. Pees Secretary; at old Register bulldins southwest- comer of aquare. —We pay 6% on Full Paid and Installment Stock. The best inveat- ment. the beat method to' save. Serartty Bid?, k lioan issochitlon, Ibhir Kansas. . |i . . Donett P^ace Co. IMS Basf street, lola Ptou 7M Cask for Poultry and Egg* ITe win come after poaltir. golf tourna- Los Angeles Oompton tlie ir. (Mrs. A. F, Holten) (|AS CITY. Dec. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Everett Snider of Arizona arrived Monday mornii^g for a visit with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrf Sam Snider. Mr. and Mrs. A. w. Holten had dinner guests Christmas day, and Mrs. EdwardiRusseil. Several from Gas 'iattended the Chiistmas programs at lola Christ- mai night. Mr and Mrs. E. E. Wright and daiighter [.Margaret aite Christmas din let I 'With Mr. and .Mrs. Clint HacketCttid daughter. .Miss Jes- sieJ Aftfer dinner they all motored to s'evada. Mo., where they visited Mits Dora Oiigan. >jlr. and Mr^. H. AV. Chancy were Ch! istmas diiincr guests at the home of the latter's (brother-and wife. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. r »terson of lola. :ir. and Mrs. John Boyer epter- taihed tlie following relatives at a Ch-istmas dinner: llr. and Mrs. O. i. Folk and children. Alma, Eva, Se ma, Glendoris,: I.,ee and Clar- eni e.. of Bronson, Mr. and "Mrs. Jim Folk and (baby of El Dorado. Mr and Mrq. George Folk and children, Eunice. Wanetta and Henr.v. of Cushihgj Okla.. Mr. jind Mrs. Fred leavers, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Folk, Lavern, Lee, Ulis and Erma of LaHarpe. yiv. Buge Folk and son Ora^ Bud Henderson from Wan. Okla., and Mr. Eldon Meeks of Bronson, and Mr. and Mrs. Leoford Fotk. ; Mrs. Lena Perkins and son Victor and daughter Edith left .Saturday morning for Ash Groye. Mo.; to spend Chrjstmas with relatives. Miss-Mildred Benton of Caney. Kans., arrived Saturday night to spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. H. H. Benton. Mr. Harold Bergsten of Greeley^ K AUS.> called Sunday afternoon on his grandmother. Mrs. Emma Holten. •Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hantla iinrt children and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and, children of Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Larson and children land IMr. Harold Wheat and Com I'p.^ jChicago. Dec. 28. (AP)—Wlieat aqd corn both advanced steadily today, despite-, rath'er -persistent wbeat selling on the part of houses w^th connectiobs northwest. One otrthe outstanding developments w.-is 4.192.000 bn.shels falling off the amount of;wheat on ocean passage.- Corn" was' infin- enced by scarcity of offerings, and hyj rain over tbe .greatej- part of thp corn belt. ' ; Annual Coaches Meeting Is Scheduled For ; Friday y .New York. Doc 28. (.\P)—Foot- ' ball officials, coache.?, graduaie managers and stars of the "past from all sections of tlie (ountry invaded today for the; annual discussion of gridiron regu- latidius in u convention to conliiaue until Friday. J _r While reports and rM-ommonda- tions will be heard at'this con- - clave, definite action will go over to the sossion of the football lules i-ommiitee. later in the winter. . Fewer and simpler rules ap )car to be universal,expressions from tho (!elegat(is a.s-s"pmbl«d here.' Tho lateral pass aiiil removal of the goal im&ts ti-u yards behind the goal line aro also due for an airing. Tlie timing rules and muffed«^ punt-are other subjects to be talk-W' e<l over. " Opening tho confab is the m !et- ing today oi the eastern asscjla- tion of inter<-ollegiate football officials at Hotel Astor. TomOriow, the; intercollegiate football rhles committee session and the 22ntl annual convention of the National Collegiate .Athletic As.sociation will be held. The footbafl coaches as- .sociation will havo . its annual meeting and dinner on Friday. I Kansas City Prodqce. ICansas City. Dec. 28. ;(AP). — Eggs: Firsts 36c: seconds candled current receipts .'."5c. Poultrj-: Turkeys 2:!Tj:!2c. Other proiluce unchiinRfni. • , - -..-i . : Kansas City Hay. Kansas City. Mo.. Dec-. iS. (AIM. Hay unchanged. Receipts'- 25 curs. Nuniper2 (Continnrd front Page One) ship returned to l|er hangar shortly after 1 o'clock [this morning. Commander Rosbndahl said many ships Were, sighted ered, indnding tl stroyers also enga tlie Dawn. The presse<l the opin Dawn had strucik tiie water night it -ivas wrecked and sunk. in the area dove two navy |de- ged in a hunt'for commander ex- ion that if the at 2f>c; 1 stockers and feedfl IS firm: several jload.s good weighty steers held laround $13.50^14.50: good choice Kansas, City (iruiii. Kansa.i Cit>% Det-. 28.; (AI'i-- Whe'Ut: Receipts 29 cars; '-jc higher; No. 2 dark,hard.-$l-:45(fi 1.52: .\o. .3. $1.4i%(fil.49: .\o.''2 hard $1.24(B-'1.47%: .Vo. 3. . $i:20(fn.44; No. 2 red. $1.38: .\o. .3. $1.3S«.i. Close: December .$1.21fSi: -^lav. ?1^'3%: July $1.20'^. i Corn: Receipts 74 cars:lVl' to 2c higher: .No. white.' 7,'i'iif/ 7(;c: No. .3. 72',4(f/74c: .\o.'2~v&IIow. 78 (f778>-;C: .\o. 3. •7('/4(f/7S'sc; -Vo. 2 mixed. 75i.i(f( 76?4c: -No. ':!. 72(fi "tVzP. .•' ' • Oats: Receipts 3 cars: niichung- ed; No-2 white. nominallvi.",;!(?< 5t;c: No. :i. 53#&3a4c.; . ' ' -Milo maize: ?1.30. Kafir: $1.24. Rye: !»7(f;9!>c. Barley: 79i&Slc.. ; iO. Li ;ht 25c and heavy lower: odd vealers SU.OOffill- Sheep S.OliO. weight iambs. !()({ lots slicep steady: otliei-s mostly $ll60«12.9C lb. clippers .^ll: hi-avy lamps slow —none sold early.; top lam -Mr. Sam i'arnt'r. a tiaVeli ig man who "makes" this territory was a caller in the Register office today! t)s $13; 83- Knnsus Clly liivestrfck. Kansas City^ Mo.. Dec. §8. (AP). (U. S. Dep. of Agriculturei: Hops: 5,000; very slow: few ea^Iy sales to shippers around steady -with the Tuesday" average: big packf-rs in-, active, talking lower: stock pigs steady. Top $8.55 on choice 210- 25Ci lb.«.: a few desirable" 13<»-2ti0 Ibsl $S.40 (as .50: 140-lSO lbs. $7.75 @S;.30: packing .sows $6.75@7.75: stock pigs $7.150®8.25. Cattle:' 7,000; calves 80(?. Beef steers very slo\v; most eal-iy bids around 25c lower: other i kiliint; classes comparatively scarre and stehdy. Bulls and vealers ;strong: theSpct Sink Your Teeth Into One of Our Luscious Steaks Then you'll "meat" real • Satisfaction. M. & M. MARKET Meat That You- Can E^t E L I T E Matinee, Pict ires Only I0c-2nc; Night, One;Show Only ' ; Pictures and Play 10c-40c i j ^ TODAY—ENDS FRIDAY—BIG DOUBLE ^PROGRAM THE REEDj-ELTGN PLAYERS 15—People—15 In j "THE GIRL HE COULD NOT BUY" A ! play yoil can't afford,to iniss. i Vaudevile Specialties 1 between' Acts^—5-Piece Orchestra Aho Last Tinted Jackie Coogan in "Button^" Thur^ayl and Friday Ben Burbridgje's •"THE GORILLA HUS^ : ' ,^ your eyes—Things you've The African j^ingle; brouight before e. (So Into darkest Afrl<» with Ben Bnrbridge Gorilla. This.Is no fake production but the act- never seen befo after the deadly ual fact. tens irlve an^.Friday, >'0TICE—Owl Iff to tlie Lengtii of the BfG DOl^BliE PRtlGRAM we iff* Allowing I le show only eacii night.: Comedy 7 ]>. oL; '^t- " starts 7:4« {and ^eed-EIton; ^layen on stage alt 8:9(9^ lliey a complete i hange. of i^rogmmiearh night. Pictore foir Thnrs- •THE^^ILLA HUNT." • j MATPTES lOe and 20c ELLEY NIGHT 10<- and 80c TODAV AND THURSDAY ^orothy iMackail anrf Jack Mulhall, they of "Subwa^ Sadie" and :'Just Another Blonde" in He wa.s the world'.'^ champion salesman. But when it (^ame to .selling himsejf to the girl he loved—that was a different story! It'.sJthe season's love-(:omedy sell-out vith two of yoivr screen favorites! Added—"Flashing Oars." It's another "Collegian." ! . ' Also D^ndy Novelty ReeJ. ^rlday—Mary Astor and .Lloyd Hnglie* In "No Place To ; G6," adapted from fAe story "I^Je.-of Jtomance^ .Saturday-^fThe^Smaii Bachelor.*' Coming—"Bean lOeste"

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