The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 11
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MONDAY, DECT5MBER 19, 19B8 (ARK.) COURIER NEWi PAGE Revival of Trading Stamps Mark of Keener Competition By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Merchants — particularly grocers — report a big revival in trading stamps across the nation. It's born of today's keener retail competition. The aim is to get a shopper into a particular store. And it seems to work, just as it did in an earlier day. Today's collectors of trading stamps ar« estimated to cash in around one billion dollars worth a year for various gadgets offered as premiums. The housewife treasures these bits of paper handed out according to how much she spends. To her It. means getting something for nothing— even if the statisticians contend It doesn't really work out that wny because It can only lead to higher prices. An Old Gimmick Two j*eneraUons ago there was a similar craze. Then boys filled books with stamps until they hiul enough to buy a magic lantern. Their granddaughters fill books with stamps today till they can turn them in for an automatic elec- Witness T>'!s Of Keaw Family Debts in U. S. LOS ANGELES (.-ft—Some 20 per cent of the nation's families are so deeply in debt that their credit is exhausted, says a witness before a st.itc legislative subcommittee. Morrie Rabinowitch, a debt counselor, gave this testimony Friday in urging state regulation of such counselors, also known as pro-raters. In California pro-raters are permitted to accept fees up to 15 per cent for assuming the responsibility of arranging with creditors for a program of payments on a client's debt. The client makes a monthly payment to the pro-rater and he in turn apportions it .among the creditors, according to a pre-arranged plan. The assembly subcommittee on fiscal agencies is studying this operation. Some Horses Just Have It SACRAMENTO, Calif. I/P) — "Horses in Fresno?" asked state finance director John M. Peirce at a meeting of the State Public Works Board. He noted J2.430 had been saved in building a horse barn at Fresno State College. "What do those horses do?" Pierce was told they serve as models for student* learning to Judge animals. "What a fine job for a horse,' observed Prank B. Durkee, director of the State Public Works Department. trie' percolator or maybe a space helmet ior the small fry. Sometimes stamp wars break out among stores in a city. One retailer will hand out two or more stamps instead of the usual one each 10 cents of purchases The stamps look Just like an extra yearend dividend does to a stockholder. And, of course, companies who run stamp plans thrive on it. Stamp companies—one of them now operating was in business 50 years ago—sell the trading stamps to the grocer for from a quarter to a third of ? cent a piece. Usually a stamp is handed out with each 10 cents of purchases. Mark-Ups Raised When a customer has finally purchased, say, $500 worth of gro cerles. she will consult a catalogue. pick out a $12 to S14 gadget and gel it with her stamp books at a premium center run by the stamp company. When all merchants are passing out stamps, the tendency is to make up for the cost of the stamps and the handling by raising markups. Critics of the plan contend that over the long run the customer may pay 4 per cent more for her groceries. If this is correct, means that on her $500 of purchases she has paid $20 more, higher markups, to get stamps to turn in for a 512 or $14 gadget. But all agree that customers seem to love it. And many merchants favor it as a sales booster and can show you sales figures to prove it. Appearance of Jazz Expert Minister At Mississippi U. Brings Oppositon JACKSON, MiSE. Iff) — Rep. Jimmy Morrow, Mid Friday he will uk the Legislature to prevent the Rev. Alvln Kershaw, the Jazz expert minister who has become the center of a Mississippi controversy, from speaking at the University of Mississippi. Morrow said he would Introduce' a resolution early in the Legislative session which begins Jan. 3. His statement came the day after the Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning adjourned without acting on the Controversial scheduled speech. The Rev. Mr. Kershaw, Oxford, Ohio, Episcopal minister, won $3'2,000 on a television program with his knowledge of Jazz music. He said he might give part of his winnings to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to light segregation. Morrow, nnamg mat the Kev. Mr. , Kershaw was scheduled to speak at the university, urged the university and the college board to withdraw the invitation. FIRST PIPE ORGAN Hungars church, Blrdsnest, Virginia, built In 1751, IB said to have had the first pipe organ in America. Us pipes were melted into sinkers for fishermen during the Revolution. , Apple Awards HOLLYWOOD UPl — Jane Russell and William Holden have been voted the Golden Apple awards as the most cooperative acress and actor for 1955 by the Hollywood Women's Press Club. THI GIFT OF Brighten the life of a hard-of- hearing friend or loved one for only $50! Visit or phone today for complete information. H*» •o eaav . . . to though tfufl AIRS. H. L. HARP 910 W. Walnut Plume 3-4448 CLEANER! FASTER! MORE ECONOMICAL! 1 Day Service on laundry picked up! 2 Hour Service on laundry brought in! (Includes wash shirts and pants finished when requested. e Also 1 day Dry Cleaning Service •'L^'7/^^' : ''? ; ••'£•""•-• ' ;<; -'JiL>l * V'''s\ •*•«.•"••.'.-'.:• lA' .'• f lifef^Sl *$*$• • ri c Lwrfe IM mm uiiuii y« Buu LUMBER a 0 Then You'll ow It's Dry and Well anufactured That's because the SPIB Grade-Mark con only be used on lumber that has been dried and seasoned according to official Grading Rules. 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