The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1894 · Page 3
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1894
Page 3
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A tTOKNET Bhct COUNSELOR At LAW. ftsctlce in all state nnd l«denl co Commercial Law a Specialty. Office over Pint National Bnnk, Carroll, tows. W. R, LEE, A TTORNEY. Will practice In alt state arid f«d era! courts, Collections and all other business will receive prompt and careful attention. Office In first National bank block, Carroll, town. F. M. POWBRS, A TTORNEY. Practices In all the court* and make* collections promptly. Office on Fifth street, over Shoemaker's grocery store, Carroll la GEORGE W. BOWBN, A TTORNEY AT LAW. transacts other lei •W In Hrlfflth Block, Make* collection* and >n business promptly. Of- ifthSt., Carroll. A. U. QOTNT, 4TTOUNEY AT LAW, will practice In all tht * Courts. Collections In all part* of Carroll O'lunty will have closest attention. . Offloe with Noithwestern Building and Loon Association, south sldo Fifth street, Carrol., Iowa. A. KESBLER, A. M. M. D. OHTSICIAN AND SURGEON. Carroll, Iowa. r Ofllce In the Berger building, south side Main street. Wesldence corner Carroll and Sixth streets. * DB. W. HUMPHREY, D ENTAT, SURUEON.. Teeth extracted without pain . W of nitrous oxide gas. over First National Bank, corner room, Carroll, Iowa. IOWA-NEBRASKA NEWS. Suit Brought to Impeach Sioux City Officers. BRYAN AND OROUN8E TO SPEAK. G. L. SHERMAN, Baa administered. All work Is guaranteed. Office on Filth St., oter ipoitsfllce, Carroll, Iowa. WM. AKTS, JOHN NOOKilflLS, J. F. HESS, President Vice President Cashier DOES A QEVURAL BANKING BUSINESS. Loans Monej at Lowest Rates. Accords to its depositors every aocommoda- tioa consistent with sound banking. etgn, • Bui/: ExcJic Sells Home and For- 'lange. . L. CULBEKTSON PT6K. B. E. COBDBN, TRANSACTING A. GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS Land* Bought and Bold, Titles Examined and Abstract* Furnished. rim BTKBar, GABBOLL, IOWA. NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. OSTEN. Prop. An entire new and complete stock of 4>H«rneto, Saddles, Whip.,.* Robot, Fly Note And everything usually contained In a first olaii eitabllshmentof tnliklad. All work warranted to be first olats In every particular. Bep*lrla«r Neatly and Cheaply DOM. 01VK MB A TRIAL. — Opposite Burte's hotel. Carroll, low*. Wilt Deliver Fourth of July Orations at Nebraska City—Seymour Sent to , the Penitentiary For Life—Bitletn Ohntttan- qua Postponed—Fireman Killed Hear Decomh. Sioux CITY, June la.—Some time ago the citizens and taxpayers committee accused the members of the board of county supervisors of misappropriating and converting to their own use $258,000 of county funds and substantiated the allegations to such an extent that the court enjoined the board from bonding the illegal debt and placing it beyond repudiation. It was then intimated to the five members of the board that their resignation would be in order, but they refused to resign. The citizens' committee commenced impeachment proceedings against every member of the board, charging misappropriation and fraud. The cases will come up Aug. 38 in the district court. Auditor Misuses Various Funds. MUSCATINE, la., June 12.—Auditor Johnson, who left for parts unknown, misapplied about $5,000 of the school book fund, in addition to the |«,000 from the school fund proper. He also tooic about |3,500 of the News-Tribune's cash, of which paper he was president and general manager. Gambling and board of trade speculations led to his defalcations. large Ijtnd Deal. SiocxCrrr, June 12.—The largest deal in farm land in the history of western Iowa was consnmated here. Mulhall Bros, of Rock Rapids purchased of the Union Loan and Trust company 3,000 acres of Missouri river bottom lands sit- nated in this county at $34 an acre cash. Leas than 1,000 acres is improved. Bmned Squatter* 1 Home*. SIOTJI CITY, June 13.—News has reached here that Sheriff McCapes of Dixon county, Nebraska, has burned the homes of squatters on an island in the Missouri river opposite Vermillion, S. D., after first driving the settlers from their homes. _____^ Fireman Killed. CEDAR RAPIDS, la., June 13.—A passenger train on the Burlington. Cedar .Rapids and Northern jumped the track near Decorah. Fireman T. J.' Cronin was instantly killed. To the Penitentiary For Lire.. DBS MOINES, June 13.—Emtnett Seymour of Anamosa, accused of the murder of his father-in-law, George Fifield, was sentenced to the penitentiary at that place for life. Chautanqua Postponed. S*UCM, Neb., June 12.—In order, to secure the presence of Speaker Crisp and other attractions at the Salem chautau- qua the date has been postponed until August. Bryan and Grounse Will Speak. NEBRASKA CITY, June la.—Governo Crounse and Congressman Bryan hav accepted invitations to speak at th Fourth of July celebration in this city. Operator* Give In, DBS MOINES, June 13.—The coal oper atom held a meeting and will give th miners 00 cents, the summer seal which was demanded. SULTAN MULEY HA5SEN DEAD, .•ho Belief Prevails In Tangier that tie Wu* Foully (ttnrderedi TAfcaiER, June 12.—News received from the interior confirms the report of the death of Mtiley Hassan. The representatives of tho foreign governments are in consultation on the subject, tt is reported the sultan's son, Mulah Abdul Aziz, has been proclaimed sultan of of Morocco. There have been no disturbances and no disorder is appro- hended. The sultan died whiie traveling between the capital and Rabnl. The sultan was born in 1831 and succeeded to the sultanate Sept.,aS, 187M. The latest news received here is to the effect that the sultan died on June 7 and that his son \bdul Aziz was shortly afterwards proclaimed sultan by the army and by the ministers who accompanied the late sultan on his journey. The sultan suffered from fevfcr for four days previous to his death? ami he died while giving orders. Sometime before his death the sultan began vomiting and continued to suffer in this manner until he expired. It is added that the symptoms of his death disease points to poisoning. European Powers Will Act Together. MADRID, June 12.—The Spanish government has requested the European powers to act in concert in Morrocco to maintain the statu quo and avert a civil war. The powers, including France, have given notice of their acceptance bf this suggestion. The cruiser Conde Yen- ido has gone to Tangier to be at the disposal of the Spanish minister, in case of necessity, on the occasion of his formal recognition of the new sultan. Situation In Morrocco. LONDON, June 12.—A dispatch from Madrid says: All the Spanish officers and diplomats here who have recently been in Morrocco apprehend serious trouble if the fanatical party, headed by Muley Mahommed, the eldest son of the late sultan, should resist the proclamation of his brother as sultan. Four brothers of the late sultan are also likely to prove a source of trouble to Abdul Assiz. 8BBABTIAN WALK Boots and Shoes. I feM* • MM • fell «M M«pM* HM ¥ * LADIES' AND GENTS' SHOE! IV. Mate * Fo«Hk OARBOU* U OU> EBLIABL1 SECURED HIS PENSION MONEY. A» Old Veteran Drought Ilabeu Corpu FrooMdln*;* Against Oo». Smith. LKAVENWORTH, June la.— A membo of the National Soldiers' home name< William Williams brought habeas cor pus proceedings in the United State. court against Governor Smith for illeg ally confining him at the homo, refusinj to give him his discharge, retaining hi pension money and compelling him ti take (bo Keoly treatment and pay for th ine ander duress of imprisonment Governor Smith immediately gave Will tarns his freedom and pension money upon being served with notice of the legal proceedings. The retention of pen •ion money is looked upon as a serious matter and this case will probably sot t precedent against compulsory odminis trationof the Koely treatment in na Uonal military homes, and the dopriva tiou of veterans of pension money for that purpose. Ho** Martin SuUdcnl* uiin|i u «»rm VAU-AIUISO, Ind., June ia.-Tho disappearance of City Clerk Boss Martin hat created a sensation. Martin bus been secretary of a building ossoo'atioii for several years and resigned to ocoopfc the position of deputy postmaster qyer a mouth ago. He was to have tamed over the association books lost Saturday, but took a train tor Chicago and has not boon beard from since. It is ajloged that Martin is short in bit accounts several thousand dollar*. H«M BOSTON, June IS. of Nuw-Eiiglanders P10NBER" MliT MARKtl ff. fllfMit MwkH Pftf* P»»4 Cat JT. BBITBB, 9inn •VWif, OA»K9I4«. for Ueuwr, A largo delegation (oft this city for Dtnver to attend the annual meeting of the hoiumpathtstt. In Chicago the delegation will Join tbe New York, Wash iagton and Philadelphia delegations ana •U will proceed over the Union Pacific. DBTBOIT, Juno »«.-Tl»o Auiorloau jruulits Visitor And Leroy Brooks, which wt'i-u suiied by a Ounudiau revenue oat- t«r for violating tbe n»h Uws, were re- U<Hued under bond, and left for Ban- duaky. _ r»ui PITTSTON, Pa., Juuo is.— Policeman Kwu'uoy is dying of bioud ix4«ouiug as the n«ult of being bittou by u mauiuo whom be wua taking to tho Danville iusuuu asylmu. W«l Uuvt luNuw Vurk. June J8.-TUo 14th tilonuial of tho Uuiorwanl luw olotoil. Tliu uoxt wiU uiwt iu Nuw ' Must Mark Prison Mmdo Goods. LONDON, June 12. — In the house of lords the bill to amend the merchandise marks act aiming to prevent tbe importation and sale of goods of foreign origin having no marks to indicate their place of manufacture, especially to prevent the sale of prison made goods without being so designated, passed its second reading. Seventy Thousand Would Strike. EDINBURGH, June 13.— The Scotch Mine Owners' association was officially warned that 70,000 miners would strike m June 24 if the association carried out its intention of reducing wages by 1 shilling a day. ______ 'President Connie* Billed. PARIS, Jane 18.— A dispatch from Assumption, Paraguay, says: President John Gonzales has been exiled and has gone to Buenos Ayres. It is probable that Sonor Egnsgaize will be elected president. _ Admiral Krben Gave a Reception, GKAVESEND, June i2.— Rear Admiral Henry Erbon gave a reception on board the cruiser Chicago. A salute was fired upon the arrival on board of Ambassador Bayurd. About a(K» guests were present. _ Accepted • Compromise. LONDON, June 13.— As a result of the mediation of Mr. Asquitu. the delegates representing the striking cab drivers and the cab owners have accepted a compromise. _ ' IJeutvnaut Poncet Killed. BERLIN, Jnue Ja. — Lieutenant Von Poncet, of the Tenth hussars, while hunting was thrown from his horse and killed. Vacated the Receivership Order. CHICAGO, June 13.— Judge Tuthill vacated the order appointing John C. Wilson receiver of the Switchmen's Mutual association upon tbe application of tho counsel for that organization, It was agreed between all the parties to tho suit that the proceedings wonld take tho form of an inquiry into tbe merits of the claims of George Butter, the complainant. This effectually disposes of the receivership question, and the hearing of tho claims will be taken up at a later date. INVITED BY MR. BRICE. Senator Caffery Explain,!} He Met Havemeyer. Mow SENATE DOES SOME LIVELY WORK, Dispose* of frii I'ngfii of tho Tariff Bllt In Thirty Ml in ton—C<>ii<;vf>«*ini'n Not In » Working Hninnr— I'n^lilent Cleveland In lispmcd—(<i\v.i I'iM'.m ister Confirmed. News of tlin Nntlntml Cnpltnl. WASHINUTOH, Jttna 12.—San.itor Caffrey Went li-.-1'ore the sn^nr trust investigating committee Monday to amplify the stnteiti'.-iit heretofore made hy him concerning hia meeting with Mr, Havemeyer at Senator Brice's house. He was reported in his former testimony to have said he had been requested to see Mr. Havemeyer. "who happened to be in Senator Brice's house," but he had not stated the manner in which Mr; Have- jneyer happened to be there, which he wished to do. "Prior to seeing Mr. Havemeyer," Mr. Oaffrey said, "there was a discussion between those present and ex-fcnator White and myself as to the comparative merits of the ad valoiem and specific rates of duty on sugar. There was a great deal of difference of opinion on this point, anil Senator Brice stated there was a geutlen.«u in the city who knew more about the oporntion of any given duty on sugar than perhaps any other man in the United States, and that if it was agreeable he would send for him. That man was Mr. Havemeyer. Senator Brice asked me if I had any objection to meeting Mr. Havemeyer and having a discussion with him on this particular point. I told him I had hone. I simply desire to state Mr. Havemeyer came to the house in pursuance to the invitation of Mr. Brice." CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Benat-e Disposed of Ten Page* of the Tariff Bill In Thirty Minute*.' ' WASHINGTON, June 12.—The brakes were taken off in the senate Monday and more progress was made with the tariff bill than during any previous three weeks of the consideration of the measure. Three schedules, spirits and wines, cotton and flax, jute and hemp manufactures from paragraph 237 to 277, inclusive, comprising 19 pages of the bill, were disposed of. The entire cotton schedule, 10 pages of the bill, was finished iu .SO minutes. The Republicans made no opposition to the amendments proposed to this schedule maintaining that the rates, though reduced, were so changed as to make the cotton schedule the .most "scientific" ever prepared. The collar and cuff paragraph providing for a duty of 80 cents per dozen pieces and 80 per cent ad valorem while shirts and other articles composed wholly or in part of linen carry a duty of 60 per cent, provoked considerable discussion and more or lees amusement. THREATENED WITH A BOYCOTT. take Brio Ashptl t,,t Withdraw I»w Hates from Imlhimtpoll* to Denver. CHICAGO, June 12.—The Western Passenger association has practically decided to declare a boycott against the Lake Erie and Western road unless the line agrees to withdraw its rate of $34.75 for the round trip between Indianapolis and Denver for the meeting of the League Of Republican clubs, which will be held in Denver the latter part of this month. The Lake Erie and Western announced the rate in connection with the Alton and the Union Pacific, and these two lines, after the summer excursion agreement was made between the association, declared that they were unable to carry out that portion of that contract; notwithstanding this notice, the Lake Erie and Western has continued to announce that the rate is still in effect. The association lines have now informed it that unless it promptly issues notice that tho rate has been cancelled, no line of the Western association will honor any ticket of the Lake Erie and Western, no matter for what issued. Will ito T*,n«ht. CUIOAOO, Juno ia.—At a meeting of tho Domestic Suieuce association, or- rangemouts wore made for tho erection of an institution at which tbe domestic art will be taught. Tbe proposed building will oast 1800,000. Iiuimltjr Caw. CUIOACJO, June 18,— An agreement bos been reached by the. counsel on both sides that tbe bearing of tho Preudergast usanity case will go over to Nov. 8. KnglUli Au«reuU» !• New Yurk. NKW YORK, Juno 13,— W. B. Bay, tbe Suglish anarobist, is sold to-be in Now York. Ills preusence in England gave tbo Scotland Yard constant concern. Kwtber Defeated How. NEW YOKK. June 18.— Ernest Koeber, ho champion Or woo lloiuon wrestler of bo world, defeated Duupan C. Ross, isobar won tbroo straight bouts. Mouilajr'i U*Mli»U UBIUM, J'hllmlulphlu, r; IMIUburv, 4. Wuyhloif autl ruwi Klllon ttnU MftUfc. Uw|)lr«, Lynch, Wanliluylou, »; 6t. UouU, s. *I. U | »nil Mu- lulro; Cl|»rk»ou uud H«IU. Umpire, llur»l. Ixiulxvlllu, 8: Nt»w Yurk, s. Utiuiiulug »uil Orlif»iu; Kuttlu mul Kurrul, Uwi'lro, Kw»Uu. • U»ltiuiur«. 7i Olcvulmxl, V. MulUno. Urowu ,ml Kukliiioui Vuuiiu uiul iiliumor. Uuuilru, Uunlun, 16; OUlougy, 14. tjilvvtu Hud Unu- oil; Tvrry uiiU KlltroUtfo. Uiuiitrn, O'Huurktt, llrouklyu. IK; Oluuluuatl, U. Htulu, Klu- low uud littOlmiiw; Utvyur uuJ MuruUy. HtwurtwuuU. aAMK«. mi --,-u-i • V s !*""!"*.'' cltyi "• Oro *» »» d MHltiumlBulmub; UnuUit* uiul Uuimliuu. Uruiid Kiuildu, B; Hluiu City, 11. Kllvvu, Vitlult uiul Siiltiu; OuiiuluiiUttui uuU Twluolittm. Juiiilru, Kvrluit. Dulrult, 10; Slllwu*.kw, a Cluusuu and iurluy; WUtwk, Ifumiuus «ua LuUwsuT "uipiro, BhoriUnu. WKSTKIIN AMIUIIATION QAMKH. 1'norU, W; (juluoy, a. '" iU; Uwk IvlivuU, 11. In the House. WASHINGTON, June 12.— There was an air of languid listlessnes 1 ; apparent in the house Monday 'and it WHS evident tho members were not in a working humor. ' The day was claimed by Mr. Heard, chairman of the committee on the District of Columbia, but while several bills were considered, no action was reached on any of them on account of a lack of quorum. Senator BfoPhenion's Ailment. WASHINGTON, June 13— Tho clerk of the committee on naval affaire, of which Senator MoPherson is chairman, says that tho trouble with which the senator is suffering is an enlargement of the veins about the heart. Gold Reserve Getting Smaller. WASHINGTON, Juno 13.— The cash balance in tho treasury Monday was fllO,- M4.081, of which VJ8,375'5!iO is gold reserve. This amount will be farther reduced by $1,000,000 engaged at New York for shipment, leaving the true reserve §07,375,520. Twelve 1'lates Damaged. WASHINGTON, Juno 13,— Tho report of Navnl Constructor Hunscom on the injuries received by the Columbia on her trial trip ebowa that 13 plates were damaged and that 110,000 and ono mouth's time will be required to repair the ship. Fraaldent Cleveland IndUpoaed. WASHINGTON, Juno 19.— President Cleveland has been somewhat affected by the debilitating warm weather and was indisposed today, low* P<Mtuia*tejr Continued. WASHINGTON, Juno 13.— The senate confirmed the nomination of N. 8. Stanton, postmaster, Wont Liberty, la. SACRED GROUND IN DISPUTE. Two rm>tlo«» of the Mormon Church Can- Undine r»r » Piece of Mlteourl Land. KANSAS OITY, Jane 13,— The title to tho sacred piece of ground in Independence, known as temple. lot, for which two f action* of the Mormon church have been contending for yean, is to bo do- elded by the United State* court of appeals. Tho Church of Christ of toe Latter Day Saints, which held possession of tho lot for years, until recently, when the title was wrested from tt by a decision of Judge Phillips in favor of the followers of the Prophet Joseph Brnlth, lo- cutod at Lniuonl, la., perfected mi «p. peul to the (Jutted State* court of appeals. The Independence faction of the Mormon church U supported in it* appeal by the Mormon* of Salt Lake City •ml hops to outortaiMod that the higher court will reverse the decision of Judge Phillips. Fred Deall Murder Trial. Et, RENO, O. T., June la.—The case of the territory against Fred Beall, on the charge of murder, brought here on a change of venue from Guthrie, O. T., has begun before Judge McAtee. The charge against Beall arises from his killing Frank McKennou in the streets of Gnthrie a year ago. Tho case has aroused great interest on account of the wealth and the prominence and popularity of the defendant. The selection of 'the jury will likely consume several days. Beall, the defendant, was formerly of Mississippi, and with his father has a law office in Washington. Finally Killed the Unite. DALLAS, Tex., June 13.—A St. Bernard dog went mad and ran amuck. He bit seven people, probably fatally. A negro boy was literally torn to pieces. A lady named Mrs, Worden was attacked in her house and terribly mangled. Nick Powers, a workman at Lemp's iso factory, was seized by the thigh while attempting to escape up a ladder and frightfully lacerated. Jennings Moore, a salesman, had great shreds of flesh torn from his arm and side. Mrs. Mary Arthur, while lying on a cot at home, was attacked and so badly torn that she died. Policemen finally killed the brute. To Force Congrem to Take Action. PHILADELPHIA, June 13.—The Prnsa says that when Secretary Treasurer John W. flaines and General Worthy Foreman Bishop of the Knights of Labor left this city Saturday to attend, the big labor conference in St. Louis, they carried with them a typewritten copy of a resolution calling upon the members of all labor organizations to cease work until the miners' strike is settled or until congress takes action to settle it. The station agent and operator at Fort Gibson, I. T., wete held uri and the safe relieved of 1600. This is near the scene of Saturday's triple tragedy. There is a hitch about the price to "be paid for the site of the National pnrk on Sherman Heights, near Clmttanoogn. Memorial services will be held on Tippecanoe battle ground on June 24. Ex-President Harrison will make the address. A 5>xan at. Washington thinks Cubcr- son will be nominated for governor of the Lone Star state and Chilton will be senator. Tho royal labor commission of England decided that unions and musters' associations should be incorporated and differences settlpcl by law suits. A committee has been appointed by the Civil Service Reform Association of New York to secure a fund to erect n monument to the memory of George William Curtis. "Mow to Cure All Skin Diseases." Simply npplySwarne'so'ntment. Nomtcrnal medicine required. Cares tetter, eczema, itch, nil eruptions on the face, hands, nose, etc. Leaving theikln clear, white and healthy. Us grcnt healing and curntlvejowers are possessed by no oilier remedy. Alls rour druggist tor Swayne's ointment. s 1-95 — AT — WHILE OUR STOCK LASTS — WB WIMJ BELL — 6 ft. Ash Extended Table*. 83,80 8f* " » » 5.00 Hard wood Chamber Seta 12.5<* 4 Spindle wood Chairs, per set.... 2.50 |3F~We must reduce our stock and these prices surely ought to do it. Wm. LYNCH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE: ABSTRACT, LOAN *« V ••• LAND OFFICE I have a complete set of abstract* of Carroll -ountj. 'All builoeu will be attended to prompt- PUBLIBBXB OK " Dailv Report of Transfers." Office, three door* south of post office, upstairs WM. LYNCH. Carroll. Iowa, Aflorda excellent dicilltloa (or securing an education. ClAMleal. Scientific and «'lvll tn s li,errin e Courses compare favorably wUh leadtag CoUefiS. 1 repnratorjv formal ami Commercial Ctmrueu are rtrooa and well tauaht- r,JE±L BJl! ,? ln J"* ctl lu "I" »«*«°»" °' *•?>«. A" «><> Or.t«?y. Tklrty «.' perlenecd Frof<n«*ori4 and Teurhers ; naperlor fhellltlea In the way of ApMratM, .UuueiiBi. labrarleu nnJ L.ubut-utnrlr«. vwmrm^m, .,«h if 00 . 1 . 1 !!' m ^ r J' niut « nor « l influences admirable! «speMf>« u low as Is consistent with health, comfort nml broad thorough iBntrurtlon. Fall Term open* Beptembtr Winter Term opoiu January 3, U»5. For CaUloguct, etc., addran, President WM. F. KINO, U.O., MOUNT VERNON, IOWA. 1884. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains iw tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn all kinds of stock without injury. It is manufactured iu styles adopted to all kinds of fence for city and country I also handle the Lewis Combination Force Pump and Spraying outfit. The best is always the cheapest. For further particulars, call on or address C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. Office with Duncan & Sproul. K. A. Porlor, iillddon, la.; H. Lauipe. Arcadli, la,; Wftltersouold Bros., tuibur, la. Green Bay Lumber Company, Lumber and JOoal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATEIUL. New yards north of Carroll mills, Carroll, Iowa. DO YOU KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE V . BAN Fiuwcisco, Juuu Id.— The follow- lug telegram was aout to tho Populist senators at Washington: "Yo(o for a duty on wool uuU save our nooks from destvugslou." Biguod by Jacob Ku»vii- rg/proBjaeut of California Wool Urow era' Tbo newest staudoi'd for a farina co logae buttle hittf BjiikollUo forms rweu). bliug u beard of wliout, which, utUcUod om»ljko bu^u, Itohl tbo bottle. PAIN-KILLER ^^.- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^9 W ^MB^^^^^Ii^^^MiVVBBMRMMIMMMHI Will Cure Cramps, Colic, Cholera- Morbus and all Bowel Complaints.

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