Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 31, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 10
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- V TEN EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY,, OCTOBER 31, 1955 ..... 1 Dial PA-2-4600 for a , WANT AD Ttktr ' ***•., -,'•'' • - ' tiaworth 9 s Counsel iff/ Mail Nolt! Manltd man aiks . to rid htmiclf of tnlcrcit hp i *lth another's wife. cnl psychiatrist would tell thorn .— bearing in mind that they positive MARY UAWORTH: Two j y «. on '( consult any such' expcr themselves. Tniarricd people, not married to .'each other, are mutually attracted by a sort of romantic .magnetism. .They live in a small community . Vlicre they can't jet psychiatric help—nor would they seek it, for fear ot embarrassment. Moreover, they aren't entirely dissatisiicd with their present mates. They have decided definitely that they intend lo stay married— as children, finances and lack of legal grounds makes divorce impossible. But they must somehow get rid of the mutual attraction, for the sake of all affected. So will you please write an'ans- wer, explaining what any compel SIEGLER'S GAS AND OIL HEATERS : WARM MORNING COAL HEATERS FOR CASH THE CHWPfSf FOR CREDIT THC [ASICST PEOPLES '. FURNITURE STORE - • KttNHART'S i 17 BALTIMORE ST. ;TOPS In QUALITY Imperial ICE CREAM For your Information, there's no point recommending "hard work' as a means of forgetting. Both an hard working as is—though naturally they have some few spare moments, in which templatioi jrips them. What they most need [ am sure, is advice on "demagnc ;izi'ng", plus'advice on how to re sumc normal companionship will .heir respective spouses—for whon they have the greatest.regard. Problem Exists Mainly hi Mind May 1 also explain, there is no use advising these two to live paths apart from each other. They nor malty incet fairly frequently, ii routine support of socjal and civic obligations, in company of others And it is economically unfeasible for them to seek employment h other communities.' P.S. Not all their kin recognize the situation, hence the need for ulmost secrecy, in trying to find a solution. There lias been no. affair The problem exists mainly in the minds of the principals, and can' be- solved merely by actions — which might reveal the situation to others in the family and cause further rift and/or complications -G. Y. . Writer-Steeled Against Loving DEAR G. Y.: The narrowness of your life, and the unliklihood of a change in your, circumstances (al things considered), probably has much to do with your mental adventuring, as it were; in the field forbidden but imagined expcr. once. It. is problematic whether the party .of the second part feels as you do. But in any case, you recog- Anniversary Savings To show our oppreciation for your patronage, FOOTERS -offers you these low, low prices for a limited time only. PANTS SKIRTS^ SWEATERS Cleaned and Smartly Finished 34 Harry FOOTER & Co -CLEANERS- Thtu Sptclul Prtc«t •ffective at all our itoroi in Cumberland, LaVali, Froitbuig, Koyicr and Piedmont. Fair, dry cltcming lerviea on requeit ... No Exfra Charge) Dress Shirts Laundered 18c Hcnd Finiih«d and Individually Cellophani Wroppsd. Try ui , , . you will be ai pleased at your neighbors ar«. nize that the romantic magnetism so-called, isn't love. That Is why you have no intention of jumpiiu the (races to pursue temptation. You, the writer of this letter, arc sn exceptionally self-enclosed emotionally defensive, uncommuni calive character, I think—a pcrsoi svho is steeled against warmheart ed trustful self-giving or self revelation. Hence you have a rath er cheerless time of it, psycholog ically, in duty relationships. And consequently, you .are pe culiarly subject to romantic fan tnsies for consolation. In these reveries you experience perfec congeniality with, an ideal beloved (This kind of day dreaming comically treated, with searching insight, in James Thurbcr's classic "The Secret Life of Walter Mil And t gather that some matron in your vicinity has caught your lye to the extent that you've in- eluded her image in your "secret life" of fantasies.- As a result, you've become self-conscious anc sex-conscious in respect to her, or the social plane—and possibly she reflects uncomfortable awareness of your preoccupation w i 11 thoughts of her. Compulsively On Defensive But even so, as I said earlier, both of you rightly sense that the mutual awareness (such as it is) a disorder of sorts, not a life- changing affinity. The remedy for your type o: neurotic stalemate is'(l) freely to discuss your state of mind with a reliable confidante; and (2) to become constructively self-expressive in bonafide personal relationships It is interesting to observe how you, with compulsive rigor, declare .hat psychiatric help is positively out of the question. This back-to .he-wall attitude is to be expected, when a chronic neurotic, getting further mixed-up, finally signals 'or aid—and hopes to get it without ever dropping his problem-making armor. • . In the city through which you write, there ; is a mental hygiene clinic, affiliated with a leading hospital, that might give you gooc juiclancc in getting emotionally clarified and integrated.—M. H. Mary ifaworth counsels through her column, nol by mail or personal interview. Write lo her 'in care of The Evening Times. Copyrifiht, 1955, The Washington Post) Distributed by King Features Syndicate; Vo Trains So Deputy Sets 'Lighter' Duty JACKSONVILLE , BEACH, Fla. fi — City Council has repealed an ild low requiring the town marshal o meet each incoming train. This doesn't lighten the mar- hal's chores, however, as Jack- onville Beach hasn't been on a ailroad for 20 years. There arc 61 million registered motor vehicles in the United States nd 72 million licensed drivers. Reds Open Large Department Store TOKYO wi—Red China has open cd the largest stato^owned depart men! store in Pciping—with a lo of capitalist'trappings. 'A Pelpiiig radio .broadcast sai< u new six : story building was open ed with a special ceremony. The vice ' mayor cut a ribbon, anc 10,000 • customers massed outside rushed in the door. Goods .on sale, said Pciping "range from hairpins to pianos from teaspoons to children's bath tubs, from.popular knitwear lo fur coals, from daily household uten sils to handicrafts." There is fluorescent lighting snack bars and "a rest roon specially for mothers with chil dren." And the store stays opei later on Saturday and Sunday "for the convenience of afternoon shop' pcrs." .•-.'•• S-o-o Slimming! Point Count Guides Players By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Bidding throughout the countr las improved tremendously sine nosl experienced players ha\ adopted a point count to guic hem. However, still impor ant lo look at your distribution i addition lo counting your points t's something like watching yoi weight — you need to know ho' nueh you've got, but you also con sider where you've got it. In today's hand, North saw lha ic had only 12 points in high cards He opened the bidding, proper! enough, but got discouraged whe lis partner made the weak re sponse of one no-trump. North de cided to pass since game almost surely out of the question The pass was a poor idea eve .hough North's count was nc enough for game. North'had a' of his high cards and most c lis distribution In the black suits Joth red suits were wide open The hand would almost surely pla; few tricks better at a suit tha: at no-trump. Hence North shoul' iavc bid instead of passing, de ipite his low point count. It's.the PRINCESS line of this ovely new dress that slims inches 'rom the larger figure! Beautifully simple, easy to sew — adapts so veil to both casual and dressy abrics. And with graceful seal' ops (your favorite detail) —what could be more flattering! Pattern 4720: Women's Sizes 36, 8, 40, 42, 44. 46, 48, 50, 52. Size 36 akes 5 yards 39-inch. This pattern, easy to use, simple o sew is tested for fit. Has com- ilete illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five cents in coins or this pattern — add 5 cents for >ach. pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of 'he Evening Times, 42 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 1, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, \DDRESS with ZONE. SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. On Bridge NORTH (D) 31 4AKQ84 V64 • 96 + K1095 WEST EAST 473' A1095 . ¥AQJ73 VK102 «KJ72 . » AQ105 +62 + J7« SOUTH *J62 V98S * 843 + AQ83 North-South vul. •North E««l South ,W»t 1 * Pass 1N.T. Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* Q I North got a second chance ti :orrect the contract when "Eas doubled. By this time, however \'orth had made up his mind. He tood by the poor contract am' uffered a minor disaster. West opened the queen of hearts nd the defenders proceeded tc ake the first nine tricks in hearts nd diamonds. South was down hree, for a loss of 800 points. Jf North had bid two spades e would have played the hand iere, making this contract will n overtrick. Even if North hat id two clubs, he probably wouh \ lave become declarer at two or hrco spades or'two or three clubs. S'lne tricks wero there for the tak- ng at either spades or clubs. • The difference between making i part score and going down at me no-trump would have been iretty close to 1000 points, . Q—The bidding his been: North Eul Soitk - Weat 1 Diamond Pass 1 Sparje Pus 2Clubt Past ? You, South, hold: 4AQ1«»5 VKJI »7«t *J3 What do you do? A—BM two no-lnmo. You hive 11 point, utd » mmd hold- lat In the tnbM.MriU. Altbowh roar hud Unf quite itrou eaowh to Md tbt (toe jorotll. you h»v« ampto itrtatth with which (a succcct one. ' TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding has been: North EMI . South Weil 1 Heart Past 1 Spade Pass 1N.T. Pass ? You, South, hold: HA Jill 8 5 «m »9I«4 What do you do? : , Answer T< County Roads Closed At Site Of'Glass Plant The five county roads oh the nolle! from 'those torturing palni Allegariy County Board of Commis- Rbnmatism.Artliritii NEURITIS—SCIATICA Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company properly at North Branch were officially closed last week when the necessary deed and order of the friend" 45 South Mt." ye*rhon""AveI or no charge. An absolute proven remedy. Only ion«, trip ; '«qi Disabled persons may: tend ; « m ft. off Route 40, Unlontown, Pa. sioners was filed (n (he office of office hours: Dally 10-6. Sunday Joseph E. Boden, clerk of Circuit 10.4. Permanently '.located' — -'Ad- Court. .:••.•• vcrtiscment. The roads were formally opened August 2 so they could legally be closed. ' . A deed which conveyed title to [he land upon which the roads were located was prepared and 'filed, thereby making Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company owner of the land. tecruiters Attempt 'o Enlist Company ADA, 'Okla.—lfl—Navy recruiters ere got a tip on a hot prospect or Uncle Sam and they started ombarding James Prod of Goal- ate, Okla., with recruiting litera- ure. Several days and letters later, IP- Navy was informed it 'could uit working on James Prod. It •as an abbreviation for James reduce Co. For Dinner Tonite., ilelmignon $-| .45 First Show 7:00 La it complete show 8:37 "SUSAN SLEPT Last Time Tonite HALLOWEEN SPOOK — SHOW - 3 SPOOK CARTOONS "KEYS OF THE KINGDOM" «*/>«*• JttMIt/ tfc Hallowe'en Treat! SEAFOOD • DRAFT BEER • • LIQUORS • THE DOLPHIN BAR PLUS "Robot Monster of Mart" and "Spooky Wooky" PLUS TWO CARTOONS Free Cider & Ginger Bread ELLEN DREW • MARC CRAMER NOW! See COLOR TELEVISION 2 GREAT HITS! NOW SHOWING! For! Cumberland Hotel Cocktail Lounge ITAT . JOHN FAULCTTt MlllWfD • WATKH - GODDAKD *itli Rlckloid . Witl.t H»r J*n - Mutt" FUNERAL FLOWERS PLUS.: THRILLING ADVENTURE 19 N. tib.rty SI. Ph. PA-2-4330 5th ANNUAL SOROPTOMISTS BENEFIT DANCE Friday, Nov. 18th Borrow Sensibly penioi our tervtc* is prompt friindly and pr* ' Music by the Midnighters ALI GHAN SHRINE COUNTRY CLUB Loans up to $300 Wesfmghouse ELECTRIC Open Handle STEAM or Monday & Tuesday ntermitilon Floor Show front Sleckman Dance Studio TICKETS FROM ANY SOROPTOMIST INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. ORY IRON Si3.50 Value Rebel Without A Cause' WHEN THE U.S.MPCI USED A KIMONO GIRL TO SMASH TOKYO'S UNDERGOUND NETWORK OF TERROR! Monday & Tuesday 25c Anodized In TheB Buxo Beautif JUICE 8-Ounce Size - 8-Colors 57c Drene Shampoo - Plus Free 29c Size TECHNICOLOR STORES 74 BALTIMORE ST VAN HEFLXN TOMORROW!

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