Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1927
Page 5
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: miB^rr^Ww^ie'JM Indian territory and along ;tM 'Kansas /border in the 'SO's, wben-a fight was being waged by the."B6om- e >8" Y«ir'th6''openfiig of the territory'^ seiti^ment. Chief char'acferi are: • TONrrUXIlftlBON'; orphaned at 13 when his father was murdered in a polcer giaune; , J'AVTNIJ.R IJILL. idventiirer, Indian iuternreti>r and abow- mah:' • ' ' ;^PB C|l4lp, Who to^es TonjK] to the Bar K rawrh to live; TITUS >rodRE. ownpj- of the -Mar K; RITA MOORK.'hiH little lora- hoy daughter. When Tony Is in. Rita aod( her mother rtepiirl for Virginia and . the %oV ioai^ns for the first- Ime how rmich he cari-s for/th* itttle ^ed•hntr^d, arrogant: miss. .Titds Mpdre, owner of a tboroiiiglihrAd Dtare, Is rhallchged to a }i6rSf race in OaWwell by CI<YDH JONI39, owner, of a remarkable ' stallion. ' . Tony rlijes Fanry,. Moore's mare; and wins with Jier. Uni|er fbp terliis of "the bet. Jones loses $5,000 I and his Tirtrse, btit Moore refuses to accept the horse. CHAPTER XXV. Titus Moote shrugged in a manner that; IndJurated Clyde'Jones was -free'to give his horse to whom he obose., , But iTony, wlieu he was informed of ,h6w matter.'; rested, shot a quick,! understanding look at his employer and refused. Iiito bis eyes had leaped at first a gleam Of . snr4>rised gladness: to be the own- «r of that magnificent beast. Blade Diamond, would In- wonderful be- ytinA all imagination. 'l>ooking (it Colonel Moore, though, he felt Fomohow that he would be foMjinjr t>ii> n\pn or a mnsnanimous ges-* ture! • ••I couldn 't think of It," lie told the owner; of the beaten stallion. . and ' Clyde Jones. • half "angrily, timpte hl.s fist against his open 'iwlm. "Wliy. this is rldiculotis," lie ar- Bued. •'It was a gentleman 's bet. iind |0 j go • with Buffalo ' Bill next sprJng.'j ' He'diU not appear at tne Bar K ratich aU winter, i Early in the spring; of 1884 he wr<>te that th^ Iik(^Ubood of spendiiig that ieasoii on tonr was smalli "TTilngs-ilon'iJ look just right atad I've got an in- vestpienti fti these cattle of mine, that.needs 'watching.' Tiiat spring saw a renewal of the activity of ' David' Payne and his Bdo'mers. The murmur against the cattlemen bad been growing louder: in the border toWas of Kaniiaa' i^iere were many who lifted their voices In puibllc protest against thq Interests that were keeping the ter^* rltory Closed to homeseekers. In .May -Pnvne took a party of fifty colonists ouij tried \p estnb- llsh u seltli-meiit ni Oklahoma just south of the Cimnlrron river. They were run ouljiy (Uiiicd'.States cavalrymen. \Vhy?" many of the Boomers asked. '• "Why are we (being run out?" ''Orders." they wore toM brletjy, ''Orders," ttrtkcd Paviic, "to niii all white people out of the territory? What do you do when yOu pass a cattle ranch—close your eyes?" There was noj answer. Again in ' June Payne tried It, this lime with increased numbers. South ol Munnewell they were nleti again by cavalry men and escorted once more acro.ts lite border. •Report's of these activDies drifted ito the Bar K ra^ch and almost Invariably put Titiis Moore Jn it bad humor. For htm there wai only bhe side to the argument; he; was-paying His money to the Cherokee Katloh for fhe use of grazing; land, and wb'idt right did Payne havej in thinking the cattlemen Ji-erisl Wrong? Because ihe Inrtla'ns were willing to lease their lands did that me,an that every while man Who coulil race In and grab one van entitled i« a quarter section for r.otbins? ••The Strip will be the to b- opened, if It comes at all," Jof Craig ventured. 'Puync's aiming first at thai part they're calling Oklahonm,. down in the center, oC the territory. There isn't an In•I'm tip'ing to pay it. like'a gen-jdian in It." He gazed off int^.th•i lan, and you won't let me." J distance and pursed his lips in .a "Bo>', I'll sure liei sorr.v when she goes." ^•It won't,"' TItuB Moore snappipd. 'What do you supjMse we've got rliat lobby for down in Washing- tleman ••It ain'i. any iise trying (o^rgue |squndlel's whistle, with-the colonel." Craig told him ' with a grin. '•1 reckon I ought to know: iS-e worked for hini long <'nougli,'^ 'I'iilis^Moore no<lded. "He's right: loii?" ' Tin sort of stubborn when I mak<; ' .Vs I iiaderstund it,^' Tony Harf- up my mind. Listen here. iMr. rlsoii put in. "Payhe says the Strip .loncs. ilon'tjyoii think it would lis j Isn't owned by the Cherokees at nice to present Toriy here with u all. lie <onteuds they only own cdjt? It !<e<<ins to me your horse tlie right to hunt nu it and pass end tninc both have qualities that over It." ouglit trj lie; passed on to another ""^'es, ibut they were prnniised generation.": ' -tiiat riplii just as long as the rain '•Tlii!.v iiu^iht to be" ;bred; that's should full and the flowers grow, rerljilu." Jones agreed, "in fact. jThai's what it says in the treaty, ihiit's what ;l bad in mind when I vou should ask me. I'd say It was oifercd to i)uy your mare. Since a pretty long time,; alKbouKh dur- ynti'rc so Inhisteul on u'vlng Black | lug that dry siiell w^ bad last suni- Oiaiiiond 'bail: to n:c, fll^iigrec on mer I thought I could see the "riil iltc ('indiiioii tbiit their first, born In sighf." tltu^ .Moore laughed, gov's to Ton;y,l". and he thrust for- Then they got word of a tragedy, ward his haiid Jo seal tlie bargain. .Not long after Payne's att<empt to The colonel generously suggest- settle south of Huuncwell, he died, ed that. Craig and the other hamls Some said he died, others thought nin off and amuse thoinseln-s. differently, lie expired i suddenly ••Yon'Vc got-a Jot of money-in your ; In tVclfingtoii while at hreakfaiit. rockets and it's burning holes. It :.Many of his friends believed he had won't do ine any pood to tell you I been poisoned *y those who op­ to cache It in a bunk: I'd be wast-lposed the opening of Oklahoma, litg my *jreath. Before nififitfall' I'gly rumors flew and the Okla- ii'll all ibei gone, iipuvceu li(itiof]homa Boomers weVe filled wItJi re- and Toulfette. Tony, did .voir bet sentment. William Conch. Payne's any'tliing. on; the race?" j first lieutenant, took up. the torch Tony adtnltttd he had. ^feOIaS^^g\^^Tgg,VEDJ ESDAY EVEOTNGJ DEC^MBgR ggj 1927 Frogranw ID Central glaiMBirtI ipne. Ml time 1> P. Il.-i/|Miir«Utr «rlM ta. UcatwL Wav* lengthl^ft wrot eail MCt«ra kUocyelM oo r ^c ^t. ^' J tral*—W ^a Atlantts City—1lt» l:0«—gtudlo Progniii. ,8:M—Cancert OrcHMtra io:3o-T >«aM lluate :' 2M.»-^BAL ''paltlm«r«— 1060 *:IO-:-Ornn <H«citai 7:00—String Quartft l :OO ^UazweH n6ur •M,^WKir Besten— MO 0 :30—Coward Coinrort Hoof 7:30—Hoover 8 «nllnela OiOO— Smith Brdibtri 4 <1.|—WNAC aoften-MO 7:00—Uualnii Program 7:30—ThMt«r Bibdio Program (:1E— Orchestra* • . : M2 .»-wpfr -Buf{ralo -MO 7:00—Dodi* Preiantatlon ' ' 8 :oa—Clicquot'UkimM »:00—Smith BroOiera B45.1-rWillAk 8u9ale-M9 • 7:60—Mixed Quartet 9:00— Band Hour 1U:0S—Dance Orchestra . M$4—WTIC Hartferd-MO <:00-)Xldweefc Reltglotis ipng- 6:30—C6ward -Comfort Hour 9:00—Dodge Preientatllm • :00-OrcKeatra 422.3—WOR Newark—710 6:00— Bnsenltile 6:30—Dinner Dance . 7:35—N.'-y. Philharmonic Oreheitm 9:30—Organ XDlitnrne ' 10:03—Dance Muilc' V «l .i—WEAF New YoriC-610 7,: 00— Presentation 7:30-H5*ntln4}a 8:00--^klnioe 9:00—4mith" Brother* 9:30—DaAce Orchestra^ . ~ 46f.>-WfJ? nnw Vork-IW. 6 :00— U. 8. Army Band e>30— UlAd QuBTtet. f I «0— Maacwcll -aour , !06—Chicago Opera d: 00—Slumber Mualc 40S.2—Wfi:^WLlT Phli*d*lphl«-r7« 7:00—BresenCation . ' 7:in—SentJneJa t:go—BskimoB S4a .»-w6p phUad*lphla -MO 4:45—Organi Triimpet* C :3tF -Dlooer aiualo- S1S.6:i-KDKA Pittaburgh—«30 S:00—^I.ltUe Sy .QC !£taony Orcbcatra 7:i)0 -4Coneert 9 iOU— Chicago Opera ' 483.^^WJAR Pr6videnc*->-«20 6 :30—boward Comfort Hour . :00—DoBfe Freachtatlon C:00-Eikimoa Z77.*-WHAiyi RochMttr—1000 lOQ—Mixed Quartet • S:l)0—Maxwell ><our. »:0O—Balfcite Hour , 379.&—W6Y itehfneetady—790 7:30—Hoover Sentlriela 8:t(U—Cllrquot 'Ealclmoa 9 -uo—Tarborfindum Band 10;00--Dance Erogram 333.1—WBZ Springfield— fOO , 6 :3v—Badlo Oodro «:Sn—Mualrate 8:00—MaxweU Hour 9;00—Balklte Hour 396.9—CKCL Toronto— «40 3|:S0—Eniemble ' . 4a .67-WRC WathInoten-f40 I 7;00—Preaentatlon ' 7:3U—Scntinela 9:0U—Smith Brother* S16.9—WTAQ Woreeittr p60 ' 6:30—Coward Comfort iibur 7:00—Dodge Preaenlotlbn 6:00—Clicquot RaktmoB ttbo—sinmT Bratbcra • :30—Cblcagcr Open 4iM^wAN .w.t:tB auM«»-7ao 7:3t -^Pr «fatMa from KiU'to'lt 9:00—^CM? Opera ll:«0—Hbo«uma S44 .»-^Wr .f ChV««»-H>70 6:fl0—«uppcFbcn PregAOti ' • :3«—BMitireiab: Orc|icfetra 7;30r-8up«rtono Hoar * 447.»-^V /MA(B-WOJ ChicaB»-*70 1:00—Cbleaga Opat^ lo:uo—HamirtdplaPB 11:0O-St*vei<a Orchestra (I hr«.) 43t,»—WLW Cincinnati—700 S:00-i-Uaxwcn Hour »:00->Cniea«b Opera . 10:00—Ditiea Alualc 36l,t -^0Al Cincinnati-^ 7 :00—pretentfilon 7:30—Sentloeib 9:00—Smith Brothers »:>0—Da/Mt-miatc - mf»T**fTtM Clavaland-7ig . 7:00—Pr4e<tttatk>n • :00—fjgte-opera SttJ— WAIU Columbus—1060 f :06-TOrcbeatraa ' 4M.1 -WPAA OalUa-«60 • :10-^q» Hour: Caatlllan Sextet T:fn ^-n ^|||Utt from New York 974.»^WOC Dav*nport-«M : 7:00^Oodt* Fresentatloo T:4<?-Hoov.r^^^Mnel. f»a D«s Mafn*i-«60 I Presentation g-^Sarflnela > Opeiii .'WJB D*trolt-«|6 7*0-^ni^e><l4y Maatera ' r^MSo^'BMttcT Oilcago Opera ~3S^—V /\^J Oatrolt— ISO ' ' 7:00—t>bdge Pfuenfation 7:80—Hoover Sta'tlnela 8:00—Clicquot Eaklmos »:00-Smltb Brbthera • ^',7 ^WBAP -rort Worth -W fiM>^taxweU'Hour 10.00—Odncert i »:a0^rxan. i , Mi*^0% Jctterton City-«30 T:0a—^§tudIo Program • :Jir dred dollar.s. Colonel." ••.\ hun- '•^ell, I suppoFe 1 ought to tell you "thaf^yotiif loo yoiins to gamble, hut 1 •pbn"! 1 Vvani you to wallrVviir to ilie hanir with me dropped by the fallen leader and [endeavored to hold It high. Public attention suddenly was focused on the opening of the terrloory, and many felt that Payne's d^ath would hasten it by several years. now. I'm pufiii'.e one thousand of Border pewsp.aper.s,.reminded their the five I won in trust for you, rreadefs in editorials that ftloses led S0UTH8BN -1P10 It'l! be yours, with intere.«t, when you're ^l.*" .<nd to the l)ny'[- protestations he ito possess it. the Israelites to the edge of Canaan and died just before they went in . ralseiil a silcni-ing hand. "Don't. .Trgiie. Tonyl; you earned It." In a letter night to IVfrs. MnOre he vi rote, among other things: "And Tony was the perfect gentleman. He could have had the stallion, in I by nodding his head, bul he w.-is too pood a sport. ThI'fe'.s good Odoud in lilm, Kath- rrlne, and you're ?oinK to have to let me have tny nbnut him." . Back at tin- i.-iiich once' more, Tony found; the wciiks slipping'by without rvrni. Sunittier passefl ahS Hiia. bad not come,; and he found himself sayiing It was ibetter that she had not! To see her oiice more would only revive the thing he was trying tb kill: he would be unable to conceal from "her the truth and he would be laughed to scorh, _Uiti! in Octobef he beard agdlii trom Pawnee Bill. The Cody-Carver show ,hiid closed lts ^JlUcce88ful season, and at Omaha Buffal6 Dill und Or. Carver had divided the material. Carver taking his half .•^nuth f^r a I winter tour. ••And I'm going with him," Pawnee Hill wrote. •Taking.lhe Indians :rlnn« witTi me. If wp have a good Winter' ni be right back In the slinw buuinesH in l.Ttic spring." ••And 111 Ibe with him." Tony told Ulmselt. ' . But the Carver show \va* doom- •e.l. .It played to diajiiuiuus business thi^ougliout the bbiilh. and at' -Now Orleaiis PawncerBll)' md his' Iiidi.'ins left it anuT retuviicd to Pinvnee..Tony Harrl.son hea: I from him again shortly atterirai '. this time j from Wellington.; 1 e ex- Eiessed himscif as sothewhut disappointed: with Bis experience, but tfot a.\ all pessimistic, • *• pay. right.I At present I've got any cattle oil my mind again. 'Tbpy're wiuteHhg right' now' "at Medicine Lodge, and I'll most likely spend "So Payne died, with just a glimpse of the PromisedXaiid, after leading , his followers through a wlldei ;neBS of struggle " AVIten word of Pa^-nels death reached the ranch Titus .Moore shook his head. "I'm downright sorry. . I had nothing against the man: I Just felt he .was ml.sgulded in bis enthusiasm. He was a good man." ' ."i "Do you think," Tony asked Cral^, "that the Boomers will disorganize?'" "W'hyTi Because Payee's dead? Boy. from the cattlemen's standpoint that's the worst thing that could have happened. This tblk abour being poisoned by some enemies Is 'foolishness. Payne's a— --'•A martyr," Titus Moore supplied. ••Tliatls what I'm trying to say — a martyr. The Boomers'U be nion* active than ever." Tony had counted strongly on traveling that summer with Pawnee Bill in 0 show, but his disappointment was abati'd with tlio ai"- rlval of Fancy's cinlt. - It was an awkward,. ganKling, long-legged thing, black 8a>''e for a white Bluze on bis head: but Titus MoQre, -who knew horses, was enf- phatic- In his .pronouncement that Faicy had foaled a colt fully worthy of Its niollief niid sire. • ' '•Of course.": M explained, '•there's no way of telling with absolute ceriainty yet; we'll have to be patient and waich bow he develops. But I'm pretty certain thai we have herp oiie of those fortunate^ accidents' in breeding that ,ever.v horse'fancier hopes to stum- it's houild to pay. if it's run hie across before h^ dies." 396.9—WWNC Alhevlll* 6:00 -r-DinnerTliu*lc 7 :15— Studio Proirram 1 :16— Community Club 478.9—WSB Atlanta—630 7 :ao -^Preaentatldh 7:30—Sentinels 6:00—Muslcar Hour 364.4—KTH8 -Hot Sprint W 6:00—Concert . ! 8:30—Concert Pianist ' 9:00—Dance Frolic S36.9—WJAX JaekaenWIle—890 7 : OOi-^Presentstlon ' 6:00—Uualcal Hour 822.f-WHA8 1. OUISV[II*-TU 0 7:00^Podge Brdthera Preae'iitiiiloo 7:80—Hoover Senthiela • 9:00-7-Baad Hour. 6{6.9—VVMC Metnphla—S60 7:00—Preaentatlon 7:30—^Sentinels i 8:00-iMtl*ical Hour |:30-|Dim<>aMualc • »6.9—WSM Na*hville-«9p 7:00-^podge ft-eae'ntiTtloh ' . 7 :30— Hoover Sentlnela 8:00—Maxwell ]:our .<22{4—WSMB New Orieana-930 >:30 -^rche8trajt:' Vocal biA Inairu- \ mental Music (2 bra I' 254.1—WRVA Rlch'mand-^1180 7:80^'WBVATtJo' | 8:60-araz#eli Hour I l:«»-4lrtiia« Quartet ji'-' CENTRAL B26-KVW Chicago—^0 6:0O-rU&weU Hour -9:00-^hlcaKO Opera lOcOO-^oogresa Carnival IS—SMucatloii fiour S70J2^WJ»AP Kiipaaa Clty-«10 7:30-^8oover Sentiiiela :i.-00-4btMnr*ll Hoilr^ «UIO -firaith Brofhws C 'SO -r-Baikite'PntBram . ^:i -^MJ^ Miiwauk*»-1020 7:0<>^I>o!te* PrewntotloD isOO -rH«n»*»-Koyi: 9:plH014 Favorites .«)BjMtfCCt> Mlni;sapolla-tt. Paul-r74l '7;W->Hbov»v'fienilnsla •«:IO^^a Crajurow 9 :40— jBmttb Srothara Mk 'aPWO.W pmahi—590 T:6e -Tnip «iiaaUe ,*onr 7:tO--8iaover'Sentinels .8:90—Vaxwell'Hour ' - 9:30—Balklte •H<»ur;;Chtoago Opera 499.7->WOAl San Anteole—600 9:<iD—Ketvlnator Hour .S4B.1-rKkD 8t. LoHla-MO 7HKIr^r***i>t'>tlan 7:M^*BtlDel« ii:00—Musical Hour sM :i-:KVob Tulta-«40 7:30-^oov*r Sentlaela *:00—Mas well Hour 9:00— Iforltona ; iW»*-WCllD «l«e»-«» I:v0-Mtjccd Q'ii*ftet:-CelMtt»l Btlta: Wiedman Slaters; Comat Q«»»- tei-(2 hr*;) • ; WKSTERN 't2S,9-KOA 0*nv*r-9M (:00—Uouaawivea MatlB** • 46k.ft—KPI Loa An'aalsa—040 lo-.ou—Drama Program ] 0:80— Tenor 11-00—Popular C^oneert i::0»—Modern Claaaieal Hiute' 416.4-^KHJ Lea Angela»^7M 9:00— Popular Concert 10:00— Clasale Hour 11 836.9— KNK 'Lea An|al* 10 30— Feature Frogran l:UOa—Cocoanut OrP»J| .Qr^f«tt» 11:00— l ;^a litathM'Tr^i^ " "~aOi >riKLX ^IaD#-«lt 8 i3a— pinner tao&ti _ - oO^OKric* Progra* <l bra) 49l ,^Kaw Portlan*-«1l liioo—Dodge PreacnUtloB ll:3«—Concert 4S4J—KFRC San Frmeliaa—MO > m iiO— .Mueicat Aour' " Jl ';00—Oanc -e Ori:hcktra J -.UOa—liallroom Oftabestra 422 :3— )<P0' San Fr«n'cl°»ce—710 1ft fill-XBC'Program (4 bra.) i: uu— Borl*a and Alljn 447.S-^KPOA Baattia—<70 li.on—UodRc Phigrtnih' J1 a>-pi»pul*r nrogifim IS 00— singing Ttreroao 3M.6-KJR Baattla-HO 8 :i>i-rblnner CohcSrt '' j 0 2u -yireaide praBtkm ' ju 20— AUC Chain ProfTaro 370>-KKa Spokane—•!« 11 no—Presentation i;;00—Dante Muatc iANN01JKCEa»El!JT$. Stmyed, Lost, FoaBd 10 RBD HEIFER CALF — Strayed froin H. C. Manson farm. 2. miles jiorth Cotiiitryj:julr. Pho._952-22. AUCTIONS Avetloiu PUBLIC AUCTION—Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's Sales Pavilion. the B ^mnie^ with them ant) sell in •he talli ipirovi'dlng I'm not tempteil i • • i 7??^-- • • • Cornier East Monroe'and Elm Sts. We Want Itaar Poa1tiT> E KSS iolB 'i jpndm HoBH Siaee mi. CL 0. {COCffllLL. HBBBter. They had natned him Cherokee. 'In two years." the colonel predicted, "you'll be sitting on the fastest thing on four legs, or 1 miss my guess." " It was,a new aiid lasting joy to Tony HarrlsoiiJ-T^lmost he ,w-:- able to forget his misery of ilie Slimmer before. Rita was hut a j meinpry, altho^igh it hurt him •UHLIC-AlTCtlO.\--l will sell at Bishop's Sales Pavilion, Saturday, Dec. :il. at 1 p. m., 7 head of horses, milk cows, calves, hogs, chickens, farm machinery, wagons. bttgf;Ics, harness, autbmobjles, some' new merchandise, and all kinds of up- to-date household furnltdre. C. 8. Bishop, Aucjioj^er. AUTQMpryyp AatopiobUe Afrendef A USE:D;CAR—Is as dependable as the dealer who sells- it. tlodg^ Sales aii'd Service. The best place to buy good, dependable used cars. .\t present; w;e have a complete line of both open and closed models,' priced to sell. E3Ils Motor Co., 214 North Washington. ABtuBobUos for B B I O II sometimes even now to think of her. - But he found'it rjufle easy libt to. . ; (TO BE CONTINUED) The Bamn of Ton Bentoa MBm; tirmirri anil Tony ITar. rison pBfs hlBiBcU on reeord. In tlie aext eMpfer. O. K. USED CARS—1925 Chevrolet touring; 192< Chevrolet tdnrIng: -1924; Ford roadster; 1924 Ford touiding: 1926 Ford toiiring; J923 Studebaker 4 -paa8. coupe; 1922 Ford coupe; 1923 Ford conpe: 1927 -Chevrolet ton triick'wHfi -cabi Peerlesii "8" todrtnk: Dodge roadster; .1924 Chevrolet ton truck with grain ito^y; Vitl Overlqiid touring; nearly bew In- .ternaaonat gntin b «Mr fot'tVuct. Shelly lUotor Co., 118 "Weat Jackson. Phone 60. 'r'LpAiWNG'-'EM"eN: Pj. bo IT MNfeetlF -Ftesrt SQHbFleOP^'pLpcbtLEQE ~^ Mvscuf iH SOLID'LIKE ^ A.PlECe OF PAdE COMPAMV NMlTH* _ _ _ AM'MA^iE TH' ^FOL VS 6JF.UEVE I'M^TH'-reWDEMARK OF •pBOSPJEWTy-AM' PID.I. KNOW POP "tiOMlCD 'fee. OiRlOliS Alii' V<AfJiTA W NPW X GOT Jkj! WONEV? SORE., TH^T L MhDfe A CUEAM OP ON TIPS »=PO«ki A CJTOCK 8f lOKER - rtE FBLL FOR TKAT^* LIKE A BAN \NA SKIN AN' WftNTS M£ DO S OME i^><£sriNG I?C>R HIM- S OY.' • T KROU &K F LEECING "This i-^ ;i& POCKETS'LL 8E AS AFTER rW UU LAMS Pt EMPTy.A? TH^-MIDOLEOF A D006H NOj I. Anfomoblles For Sale II OAKIAND — Dealers —PO.NTIAC '::<'> )akland coupe; '26 Pontiac coact: '25 ^uick light six toiiring, fine shape; '26 FprtI coupe; '27 Fort coupe; '2,'> Ford tudor, Fronienn: bead, counter balanced crabi shaft, all extras; '26 Ford road iter; '25" Chevrolet touring; '2 -1 Dodge totrring. Several other cheaper used cars. Cash, terms or t'ade. ilobart Motor Co. 1926 STUDEBAKER SED.\.V- - Chrj gler "60" "coupe; Cjhrysler "80" coach: 192,") Fonl tudor sedan; 1926 Overlaid six coach: 192*>'Oo4ge coupe. All are- in gooii shape. AVe trade. *Ross .'Nrbickle's OaraKe. ("lirvHler dealers. Phone SC. ' i Antomobneo For Sale II BUD WHITE .-HOTOR CO. HUDSON ESSEX IJ^LBRS— BUICK. 1923; FOUR TOURINO. BUICK. 192< Six Touring. CHRYSLER. 1926 ROADSTER. DODOp. 1922 ROADSTER. DOOpE. 1922 ro»nmercInl Trudk. DODGE, 192J Touring, winter enclosure. rODOE; 1926 COUPE. , ESSEX. 1927 CO.\CH. .ESSEX, n 1926 COACHIiS. . i 'ORD. 2 192t TOURI.N'OS. FORD. 1923 ROADSTER. FORD. 192.-I ROADSTER. FORD., 1921 ROADSTER. FORD. 1923 COUPE. FORD. 1926 TOURlXr.. HUDSO.V, 1927 Statjdard Sedan. iiUD-So .N. 1S27 ro.\rii. IH'PSO.V. 132C; CO.ACll. ^EWETT. 1924 Touring. OVERLA.VD, 192:-. COACH. - ' OVERLA-yD. 1924 TOURI.vl^ pash, "Terms or. Trade. 21» 8. WA3a. PHONE 180 FORI tors. Auto Accesiiorles. TIre»._l5'r|<L .A* OILlNti SVJjfiCll.S—Railiii- tall lights, :'.ni:5',2 tires.. lo!a ^\uld_Wreckinp C«.Phone 782. llnnnri'eriiig S4 UVE STOCK .49 PBnllrjr iind SnppHes rAPONS^S.-ic lb. C. F. Oeer. two blocks south, one east Country! Club corner. Urantedr-LIve Slock 60 PEW .ubifE G.ATTiE-'Wanted to winter; .sweeJ cloi^er hay for sale. J. J. Keefe. North /Kentucky' road, half mile. coon USI-:D TIt.4CTOR—For sale or trade for mules. See Ollie Sutherland at Shannon's. MEBCtHANDISE Articles For Sale' .SEWIKC- And embroidery Wanted. Neat teed. Ches and ciii-efiil work. Kuar:iii- Mrs. Ronslc-k. 204 .\orth nut. MoThty. Trnrking, Stohige CALLj WEAN TRA.VSFBit — Phono S^.l. JsiUmove you by hour or i-on- iract with exnerienced meii. 51 NATIVE JLU.MBER—Mostly oak^ any .diniensioo.><. See Paul .Atkins at Owl cireekiStnck Farm, .•> miles west Hiiniboldt or call Bud 'White .Moftir Co.. |)lioiic LSO. lola. Kans. WE ARE^U.VtiOADl.VC—A car of wire und a iar of farm Implements. Specjal prices for early buyers. .Allen County linplemeut Company. 1 ., » 2r .n -EG0— Cylhers Incirbator. lis new. Phbne 971-11. good Barter aiid Exchange MIA SEDAN—.Almost new. to trade for property. Address "Sedan," care ReRister. - ' ^ WUK^t iUU MpVB^-Or store yoar! Koods call Co.rr '8 Transfer. "Ofn.';e ' jSuslness and Office, EanlpmeBt M TYPEWRITERS—For sali. rent or trade. Williams Typewriter Co, REAL ESTATE FOR %k\X. LEGALS L<Hral .\utlces (First Published iii The lola Daily;2 Register December 21, 1927.)- " i NOTICE. ^ Russell Elani. • seiitenced .5-23-21,| from -A'.lcn County for Forgery 2nd-| Oegroe. jvill present his api>l >C8tio !i'| for a parole to th» Board'<Jf''A.d-I ministratliJn. at their next regnlarj' meeting held at Lansing. Kansas,' Kehniary 7. 192S. ; ' H Petitioner: . \ KUSSJ5LL EliAM. ; (12) 21-'i.S (1) 4-11-18. ^ . ; .Notice of Apiiolntment I, AI>.>|l.M,STKA'FJfR. State of Kansas, Allen ('ounty, ss. In the inulter of the'ate of' Grace A. Decker, decease.I, Inib of -Allen County, Kansns. Xuijce of-'Appohitnient . >fl .N'o^ce i.4 h'ei;|.>l>y given, that-owl the 17th day of December.. A. p.,j P 1927, the undersigued was by tlie' Pnd)aii' Court of Allen Cbiinty, Kansan, duly apitolnted umi 'fjtinll-ij lied as Administrator of th'e-Estate'^ of Ctace X Dei-ker, l:ile of'Allen County, ilcceased. All pJirlies interested ill said estate will take n6tic« and govern theni.s« Ives accordingly. ; 1. DI-X;KER, .Adtuinistrator. (12) 21-2S (1) 4: (First Published ii\ The lola:Daily. Ll Rogi.ster December 14, 19270 SHERIFF'S SALK OF fioXFIS- i CATED Al'trt-MOBILE. I State of Kansas. Allen Cotinty,- ss. ! State of Kanasa, Plalntiff/J vs. N.I. 15.71Bi I W. W. Haiiimock. Defen^nt. i By viriiie of an order., in ithep above entitled case, to i;ie directed \ and detivereil. Issued out of the; District Court of the :!7lh- Jii'dlciar District of- the State ot Kaii'sas, silting ih and for Allen Couiity, in' paid State. I will on December 29. 1927. at the hour of 2:30 P.M. of said day at the North door of the K Court House at lola. in the County j- and State aforessld. offer at puiilic sale and .sell to the highest bidder,] for-'ca-sh in hand, ail the. right, I- WELL IMPROVED SO \ A^RES—I title and interest of ihej. above! .And well established filling sta- j namert defendant. W. AV. Hatniiibck. p tion on main trail north ami .south. I and any and all persons ^Talijjing-: Farms and Land For'Sale 83 Price tiS.COO for both. M. A. ^chlick. ,^5 A(:RE fRA?T—New- iioproxe- ments half way between lola ami i Humboldt on cement roud. Lt^e Clark, lola. Kans.. R. 4. - 81 Houses For Sate BUlhpi.VU—For sale, suitable for garage-/" outside toilet; soine 2.\-4 and 2xS; lutiihei^: also some; sheeting and lath 40!i Enst .street. Ray Bell. Phone 14:{j;. »_ EtJClT'V'—in ."> i-doni pai-tly modern h""*""' c.xccUent I(ic:ition. 120C.I or call 210 S^;Elm._ '~- "LEGALS nr~~ Legal Notices 91 \OTH K OF FINAL SETTLK.HK.\T The Slate of Kans:i>C Alletj County, s.s.-- In the I'lobatc Court in tind for j xoHn«iiip i'tirKauKe\'^21.' 'iVi any interest in .tnd to the fdllowing t described property, to-wit': 'jOne r liuick Touring Car, Motol- No.: 11S234!): said property to be £foId|'| on order of t^ourt. 1 nwiGHT S.MOCK. shiriff.; t' By Ed .1. Dunfee. rnrtersheitiff. Sheriffs Office, lola, 'Kansas,; December 9. 1927. (12) .14-21-28. tl' I'uhlislicd in The lola' Diilyj; Register Di'ceniber gl. 1927J Ten-Buy Antice to the Pnbll^- oij i Hearing on a Petition. -All petitjOHcrs sii»| others jnter-j; ested in the petition for tb' im- ; provemiMit of the .Savon-burg Road, Ifx-uted :iH follows: • On the ('ouiity Line beisveenl^ Alien anil Honrhon Cnuntles it tlie SiJutheaHt corner ol', Sfftirih 27, Ifelff Wapted—Female W HOU£ KKEpPER—Wanted, one who wants a home in suburbs of lola. "'J. Xk." care Register. ' . WOMAN WANTED—For housework. Call at .Wi) .North Washington Aventie. mllU 81 Ihqti realrtence KO'. 113 :AVI»st Madison. 1 ;FneL Feed, Fertilizers^ EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male SS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITA'-^ fciperate a large fur ranch in Istionsin specializing in mnsk- We have an opening In Our orgataizatioti fpr : men who acquaintei] with, numerous To sucli men. we offer in a field that sbonid lin commissions ten to twenty thou sand dollars per yeae. Ad«, Hudson Seal Fur Co.. St W. Ran^olph^ St., Chicago, III. A We W rats. 8ale<| are persons, employment net, thot dresl B0y4-Wanted to do chores and [tag. Phone 979F4^ nations lyanled—Female 86 HOUi iteKEEPFNG—in *acheloi; or widt wer's home, wpnld like ; full rtifft j|c.' Inquire 22i»B. 'WalnuL •WpMAN— ^yants work of tiny kind. lire -1(^9. South Tennessee. FiyANCIAL FARM LOANS—qufck service and retlsinable rates. A. :D. Haw- thorie, l'>'/^ W^st Madlsqti. FAR.M AND CITY LO.ANS—Base rate on farms, h'.'., city erf. Long or 8 lort time, R. M. Cunningham. FAlfll AND CITY LO.ANg-^At current rates. Liberal ferm.s'. Prompt service. Your business appreciated. Call on The Allen County Investment Co.. Kelley Hotel BIdg., lola.: Kansas. ' DOrJCSnP.^llTS— Tires 'aiid'"batter^ lea. partt ^111 kinds, lola Auto Wijecklni Co. | Phone 782. MO ^'Ey TO LOAN--On farms or city bt-operty. Lowest rate.- Stewart A Fjibk. .MONEY TO LOA.N'—On real estete. repayable .in small monthly payments. The.$e loans never come due -^be^ter because cheaper and-more convenient. Security Building iz .Assn.: 1st Natl. Bank_gldg. LIVES50CK_ Horses. P|itUe.|y<Blilclefi 48 HOG—Hambshire. eligible pister. C. J. |HIU. mile west aty Laktf. .' JVILL IBUY—Ahy goat in our 17 I head to select from, bought; sold or exchanged. Bey pweep.. Phones; store, residence^ 395. ' FoHltnr an# .SappUes 49 Farms aad Land/For S^e 88 DAIRY FARM—For Irent, wHl handle .ten cqwa. Inquire j613, South Buckeye Saturday miomlns; . BABt CHICKS—Place your orders; now for January bhicks. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 2?0 West street, jolal Kansas. CLEA.V. PRAIRIE HAY—2(;c -a bale. $S a ion delivered. .1. .A'. Steimel. Phone 943F12. ^ TEN TON haled dairy alfalfa for immediate sale. See H. R. Liv- ing^iton. 2i{. imiles northe.nst of Colon3f. phone 70-6. Good Things to JEat APPLES—•$1.73 per basket, i.Alleu County Creain Co. Phone S.S. 69 HoBMhold noiMls COOK S'TOVES—20 tised cook stoves, guaranteed to give good service. RciJ bargains. Curtis Puruiture Store. 'Lallarpe. FUR.VITURE —New and second hand., lis East .laekson. Phone 33. .Mel W. Fnller. GAS RA-N'GES—New ones, low •prices, guaranteed stoves. Ilen- ninger's Furniture Store. IIS West Madison. STOVES-1 want to close out my stock of jieating stoves and rez-j nors and will miike q^-ost price to 'turn them. Only a few left. Bryson Furniture Store. N. .lefferson. 'Wanted—lo Boy M AVANTED TO BUY—All kinds of cattle and hogs. J. C. Butcher. _ REAL .ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats 74] FUR.NISHI-JP—.'• room home, con-! venicnt. innderu. in. Pho. o.i-f PITRNISHK ern hora|e. Broadway Ho DAPARTME.\TS-JIod- Inqulre 111 West MODpRN APART.ME.VT— 2 room furnished, with hath, on first floor. 4JIS. iChhstniit. Phone 105.".. bses For Bent 77i .«ai(l county. in the matter of the estate of Mary D. Robinson, deceased. Creditors and all other -persons Interested In the afore.saiil estate are hereby notified that ;i shall apply to the I 'robate Court^ in and for said county, sitting at ti)e court house in lola. County aV: Allen, Stale of, on the on! day of .lunuary. A. D.. I!t2s for a full and final .settleiiient of said estate, and for an order finding and atEjudging wlio are the heir.^. dovi.sef.>i and leg.itees of .suid (lei-i';|. * . MORTON R0I5INS{)N. .Adminisli^iHor of the I'Jrate of Mary D. Roliiuson. de<-ea.seil. December 2. A. I).. I!t27.; (12)-7-14-21-2.S. Allepil Cpunty, Kan.ias, theui-e ri nnlngj West on tilt- Section line ten miles| to ihe .southwest rornerof S»ctlon|: • lO. Township 26. H;iiige L'O. ih said; County, thenr-e .North on the. Slection' Line i-onnectiuK with tin- Mntnbolil^i • Klsinorc Road at the Northwest! corner of Section IS. Tnwnsliip 26,: Range 20. in said County. .Also be-l ginning at the .Vortheast corner of! _ Section Thirty-One (31). Township. Twenly-.six (2C). Range Tweitty. (20». thence .soiifh one mile to the 1 County Line between .Allen and j .Veosho Counties; a total mileage:' I of fourteen miles-:, are liereb.y not!-; lied that said petltiott has been filed with th> Board of | County f'omniissioners cf .Allf n \ CouUt.v,^ .Registetf December 14. >927.) XOTIf'E OF FI\AL Sf:TTi;EMEXT State of Kansas, Alleii Coanfy. ss. i , I Kansas, and .said Board has set the (First Published iin The lo^a llally \ following time and jilace i for the " ' • [hearing aud consideration: ot said petition, to-wit: At the hour ot One o'clock P. M.. In the Probate (ou'-t tn [and for on January 9. 192S, at the office of said Coiiiity. in the matter oMhe ;the County Clerk of Allen Couiity. Eslat.- of .1.. Webster .lobnsoii. «le- Kaii-as. in the ci.iirthonse at lola. ceased. • ' Cr.Mlitors and all olhiT - )iorsons . Dated this Sth day of December, Interested in the aforesaid Estate 1 19^7. are hereby' notified that 1 shall apply to the- Probate Court in and for .said County, Kitting ; al the Criurt House in lola, Ciiunty ot Allen. State of Kansas, ot: the 6th day of January, A. I). 19.2S. for a full and final settlement' of »uid | Estate, and for an oi-der finding \ and adjudging who are tiie heirs. [ devisees and Ie.!;atee.s of said-de-! ceased. ' TRAVIS .miRSE. Executor of the Estate of \. Webster Johnson, deceased. December 13. A. D. 1927. = (12) 11-21-28 il> \. . Board of County Commissioners. - W1LLIA.\1 A. IIESS.- Chairman. .Attest: W. D Clark. County Clerk. rll!) 21-2.S. (First PiiblLshed in The lola Dally Register DecMulier 2i; 1927.) .\OTI( E OF APPOIXTJfE.NT -Executrix. State of Kansas., Allen fToiint.v. ss. In the matter of the .fCstate of Chas. E. .Marsh, late of AJlen County. Kansas. SHERIFF'S SALK. - (First I'nblished in the Ipla Daily Register. Dec^irher J2S, 1927. The State of Kansas. Allea^County. ss. i •• In tht< DiKtrict Court, Thlrty- Sevenll| Judicial Distrli-t. .sfttiug'in and : for Allen County, State of Kansas. Metropolitan Hank of Kansa.s City, a corporation, plaintiff. ; , vs. • ;.. I Alan Edwin Pitzslmmons. et al., I defendant.s. iiy virtue ot an Order of SaW i.s.sued by the clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court,, in and for Allen County. State of Kan.'as. IIL tiio above, entitled NOTICE OF APPOI.N'T.ME.NT. Notice is hereby givei^. That on j ^0,,^^, i„nM<. me directed and de- Ihe 2fltb .lay of Decemhei-. A. D. I ijvered. 1 will on the 30th day of 1927. the undersigned was My the, January. A. D.. 1928. at 10 o'clock,a. m. of said day, at (he south door fof the' in the City of lola. Allen'County. State of Kanj- -sas. oWer for sale and -sell to the COMFORTABLE HOUSE — Five room modWrii. double garage, rent reasonable. 51.5 North street. Key door sout h. HOUSE —Seven rooms, modern. close in. Phone; 70. 4 ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights and'wate- In house.' I can furnish yon »-orir at least enough to take care of I the rent. Ray Bell. Phone 1432. , ' - Sulinrhaa For Rent 80 SUBURBAN— 5 room house.- on concrete slab, city water and gas. Inquire' Henderson Realty Cg: ^ REAL ESTATE FOR SAILE Probate Court of Alleii County. Kansas, duly appointed and quaIi-> fled as Executrix of the Estate of Chas. v.. .Marsii. late of Alien _ _ County. deeca.sed. . .All parties In-i j;7gi ,-e ;V ^bidiier ."VorTaliirVn "hai^^^ terested in said estate will take no- [ following described real estate, tice and govern tbeiiiselves .Y'""'-• ,^„.,^j, • '"S'y- i Beginning at the Northeast corner of Section Twenty-five (25), KATIIERYN K. MARSH. (12) 21-2S-(i) 4. Execntrix. tFir-st Pifblished in -the lola , Daily Register Decemfber 21. 1927.) AOTIIE OF FIXAI SETTLEJIENT State of Kansas. Allen 'County, ss. lit the Probate Court in and for, ."laid County.. In the matter of the' Estate of 3". F. Elam. deceased. ' Creditors andi, all other persons interested in the afoi-eyiaid iSstatc arc hereby notified that- Tshall a^j- ply to the Probate Couri in and for said County, sitting at tlie Court Hoiise in lola. Countv of Allen. State of Kansas, on the 14th day of .lanuary. A.'p. 1928. for a full and final settlement of said Estate, and for an (irder finding ami adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees' of said deceased. X4A. HdLDB.MAN. Administrator of the Estate of J- F. Elam. deceased. ; , December 16. A. D., |927. i (12) 21-28 (1) 4-lL ; Town-ship Twenty-three (23). Range Seventeen (17). Sotith Ninety (90) tods. West Eighty (SO) rods. South to North linfr of Madi.>--on Avenue in the town of Geije-va, Weift to Jefferson-Avenue in-saict town. North to North line of A. T. & S. F. railroad 'right-of-way thence Southwest along Nortli line of said Tigbt-of-way. to East line of North- wi^st-quarter (NAV. 14) of the ! quarter (.VW. i %J. of 1 said Section" Twenty-fivej (25), -•• thence North to Sectidn! line; thence East to place of l^glnning. containing 120 acres mora or less. Said lamls and tenement^ iiKill bp sold withoiot appraismentito satisfy sai<l Orc\er of Sale., H. D. SMOCK. Sheriff of Alien County^ Kansabj By Ed Dunfee. Cndershlfrifr Sheriff's office. lola, Kansas. December 23.-1927. ' ^- ' . (i2)-28—(l)-4-ll-18-25

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