Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 20, 1965 · Page 19
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 19

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1965
Page 19
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TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SEVEN 111 Take Nurse Aide Training Mrs. Lorraine D. Vivian, R.N., professional nurse instructor of the Nurse Aide Training Program at St. Joseph's Hospital, Hancock, announced that during the past year 111 men and women received training as nurse aides. The .training program und e r the sponsorship of the Area Redevelopment Act and under the direction of the Michigan Employment Security Cornmissi o n was begun in 1!)63. According to the Michig a n Employment Security Commis sion, the objective of the program is gainful employment. The Michigan Department of Health and the training centers hope to improve care for the aged and infirm people in Michig a n. Through a close and act i v e working relationship betw e en health service anci employment service personnel both objectives sre being reached. In addition. Sister Jean Frances, C.SJ., Administrator of St. Joseph's Hospital, has point e d out that such pre-employm e n t training Increases the trainee's ability to adjust to any nursing service unit In the hospital. Of the total number completing the course in 1964-65, 98 are now employed in hospitals, nursing homes, or similar Institutions. These trainees were recruited from the counties of Keweenaw, Houghton, Baraga, Ontonagon, Iron, Gogebic, Dickinson, and Marquettc. The program for the coming year, 1965-66, will provide 10 consecutive four-week courses for 12 trainees each beginning August 30, 19G5. Interested applicants, men or women between the ages of 18 and 55, may contact the manager of the Michigan Employment Security Commission in their home area. Sidnaw Personals Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price and daughter, Wanda, Reading Pa., visited her parents, M r . and Mrs. Carl Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson and family of Trout Creek visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Davis, recently. Mrs. Alma Barrow? and Mrs. Beulah Grooms were L'A n s e visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cum-! PARIS FLAVOR—Dresses this fall are both softly pretty and wearable. The two-piece dress (left) is in royal blue wool jersey. Semi-fitted pullover top has bat sleeves, no collar. Skirt is dirndl. Tree-bark crepe In wood rose is used for the late day dress (center). Two back panels are knotted at the neckline and trimmed at the base in self-fabric leaves. Two-piece dress (right) is of dove gray French pebble weave and features a camisole overblouse with satin piping. The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Tad is like millions of parents, teachers and even some clergymen wno are leading immortal souls astray by their own bad habits. So learn how to rev o 11 against bad habits. Free yourself f r o 'n such slavery, both for your own health's sake and especially your influence on youngsters. iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson. Bernard Stebbins, M a r - garet and Dennis Kytola were Iron River callers. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Barrows and daughter. Arl e n e Detroit, visited his mother, Mrs. Alma Barrows, and his brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. William Barrows. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Griffin and family, Detroit, are visiting is a grood way t o a nuisance habit?' Mrs. Ernest Gumming Sr. Mrs. Niles Ellertsen and family of Kenton visited relat i v es here recently. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Jr. and daughter. Debbie, were Iron River callers Carol and Marian Walls o f Trout Creek visited nt the Marvin Stebbins Sr. home recently. Mrs. Beulah Grooms visited her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Skovera, and family of Ironwood William Bennett of Willoughby, Ohio, is visiting relatives here. Mrs. Howard Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Jr. and children and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hardes were re cent Iron River callers. Mrs. Gladys Findley, son Charles, and daughter, Mrs Beatrice Wakeford, were recent Chassell callers. Mrs. Nellie Osterman, Baraga was a recent caller here. Mrs. George Estes, Marquette recently visited friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Dellin Flinchum Chicago, are visiting his mother Mrs. Mary Flinchum and son Warren here. Sam Bastonelli, Iron Riv e r , was a caller here Wednesday. CASE W-450: Tad S., aged 32, is a dynamic sales manager. 'Dr. Crane," he began, "I plead guilty to one of your charges. For I am a chain smoker. Yet I have two sons now 11 and 12 who tend to Imitate me. "So my wife urges me to quit .obacco, mainly for the sake of the boys. And I want to do so. But I have tried several times to no avail. "For, under the pressure o f sales work, I am tense and almost unconsciously I reach for a cigaret. So what break such SUBSTITUTE OUTLETS Substitute some other, and less objectionable, outlet fo'r getting rid of tension via the same muscular action! The usual male smoker adopts the tabacco habit In the teens, hoping to make himself look older and more sophisticated. Advertisers know that t e e n- agers are uncertain of themselves and eager to appear grown-up. So they present nuisance habits like the tabacoo and liquor fads, as if these suggest you are a college man when you are still in high srhool Our American Medical A s - soclation Journal recently c a r - ried an editorial on this point in which it was estimated that 4,500 new teenagers become cigaret addicts every day! Regardless of how the habit begins, it continues in adult- The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. All of the methods described Many new treatments for the are based on sound physiological mce fatal respiratory dist r e s s ( principles. Time will tell whether syndrome have been tried with j O ne of them is preferable to the outstanding success. Two more | others. are worthy of special mention. On the theory that estrogens make the membranes of body cells less porous, these female ! lormones have been used in the j treatment of this syndrome. The :ells lining the lungs, when mod- fled by the hormonal treatment, do not pour out the secretions that drown the baby and thus allow him to breathe more effectively. The respiratory distress syndrome has also been prevented by injecting acetylcholine into the vein of the umbilical cord of premature babies. This drug acts by dilating the blood vessels thereby improving tion in the lungs. the circula- Lady Bird Lauds Flower Project Commendation for the beautification project carried out here to make Ironwood the "Flower Box City of the North" has been received from Mrs. Lyndon Flavor of Paris In Fall Fashions By HELEN HENNESST . , „. T Mirw vrvRK- rNFAi This man of tne Ironwood Busi ness NEW YORK — (NEA) —This p rnf p ss « n nal woman's ninh's B. Johnson, wife of the President. Mrs. Marion W. Vaughn, chair- fall's New York fashion collections are especially reward! n g. Evertyhing shown is beauttf u 1, feminine and wearable. The flavor of Paris is apparent in the smocked tops and shirred backs of'many of the Mrs. Robert Ober-? were L'Ansei Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Naber and; i looc j for these reasons: callers recently. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Long and baby and Mrs Cecil Long Sr. and daughter. Cathy, Plainwell, are visiting Mrs Long's I family, Chicago, visited relatives i (1) It is a somewhat here recently. Mr. and Mrs. August Olson, Chicago, spent a . few days here. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Towns- son in law and daughter, M r and Mrs. Howard Thomps o n , and family. Thomas Thompson, Albert Cummings, Mrs. Clfiford Wil-' family, Ishpeming. visited Hams, Mr. and Mrs. Her b e r t j uncle and aunt, Mr. and dresses (a la St. Laurent). And the chemises, still with us in the guise of the smock dress, takes on the narrower shape and long sleeves seen in the spring Paris showings. Skirts stay at or above the tnee, but have lots of motion in flares and bias cuts. The princess line is strong and, once again, the shirt dress is important. One new silhouette, the more-midriff" look, drops the waistline and flares the skirt. Another, the medieval monk dress, has long, flared sleev e s and easy shaping. This can be worn with or without a belt. Watch for kimono sleeves; they will be important this fall. ' AS in coats and suits, dress •waistlines sometimes wander. But in the main, the waist stays where nature put it.. Wool, crepe, silk bark and jersey are fabric favorites. -Colors are so vibrant you can almost feel them — persimmon, Bristol blue, flame red and magenta, to mention a few. Midnight blue and gray take a firm stand, too. Black and brown is once more a popular combination and paisleys are-str o n g again in sheer wools. and Professional Women's Club' Flower Box Committee received the following letter from Mrs Johnson, who signed her name Lady Bird Johnson: "Thank you so much for youi letter telling of the beautification program of your community. I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to learn of the dedication and skills that are already a work enhancing cities and coun tryside throughout America. "All of us must be concerned to see that as America grows our cities and towns become more beautiful and the face of Q—My 4-year-old daugh t e r has granuloma annulare. What' causes it? What is the treatment. for it? Is it in any way related i to cancer? A—The cause of granule m a annulare is unknown. It is not a form of cancer. In this disease, which is seen chiefly in children, a nodule forms, usually on a finger, hand, ankle or foot when a group of close 1 y grouped nodules appear. They are not painful and do not itch. Some authorities have found that Fowler's solution helps some victims and others prefer treatment with X ray. In some the esions are stubborn but in oth- :rs they may clear up without treatment. Q_My granddaughter, 2'/2, is frail and has a blue look around her mouth. Is this due to a heart! ailment or undernourishment? A—The most common cause of this is discoloration (cyanosis) is some form of congenital heart disease in which the venous blood is able to bypass the lungs. It may be seen in some children in an acute asthamatic attack or 1 dress in women's sizes, with >, ' " FLATTERY FOR WOMEN — For all around good groorninfc an attractive slenderizing following exposure to extr e m e cold. In children with R a y - naud's disease the cyanosis is more noticeable in the fing e r s than about the face. Malnutrition would not be a cause. Q—My muscular dystrop h i c child must live in a wheel chair. How can he be helped to use his muscles? j A—Early diagnosis, physi c a 1 therapy and the use of braces when needed go far toward helping the child with this disease. Research on steroid hormones indicate that they may be of some benefit to these victi m s but this work is still experimental. Your best bet is to contact the Muscular Dystrophy Association of America, 1790 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 10019. crisp contrasting collar. No. 8243 with PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. Bust 36 to 50. Size 36, 38 bust, short sleeves, 3V4 yards of i5- inch; y t yard contrast. To order, send 50c )n coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For ist-class mailing add lOe for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style N6. and size. Send 50c today for the Tall and Winter '65 edition ol our pattern magazine Basic Fashion. Some good cooks like to rub half a lemon over the inside of a chicken that is to be roasted. the land remains attractive and unscarred. "The President's national program for beauty can only be J realized if people like you dedi-i cate their time and talent in! their local communities. As I start work on Washington's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, it is helpful for me to know of the work you have done. I do appreciate your taking the time to tell it.' me about soothing regression to the nursing stage of infancy The act of sucking on a nipple, pipe stem or cigaret thus vaguely resurrects the relaxed end and family, Iron River,! mood of the bab> with his bot- ! were callers here. Mrs. Raymond Ogia and her Mrs. Case, daughter. Barbara. Mrs. otis Bloomhuff, for a few days. tie. (2) Under tension adults, as well as school schildren, feel a definite urge to expend surplus energy by skeletal muscles. Joseph Beauprey, Mrs. Ida Pro- 1 Mrs. Otis Bloomhuff, son, Ran-j Skeletal muscles are those vost, Mrs. Robert Oberg, Ange-, ay, Mrs. Raymond Ogia and! fastened to bones. They are also line Cronkright, Mrs. Marguerite Beck and Mrs. Beatrice Wakeford were recent L'Anse callers. Mrs. Cecil Long and daughter, and Mrs. Ecl- taabv returned Kathy, and Mr. ward Lond anci home to Plainsville recently, and were accompanied on their return by Mrs. Howard Thompson and family, who are visiting there. Mrs. Stella Kemnes, Detroit, is vacationing here at her home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price and daughter Wanda',' recently returned to Pennsylvania after vis- children, Dennis Lambert and Tommy Stebbins, Mrs. William Lintz, daughter, Bever 1 y, Mrs. Stella Deane, Thomas Thompson, Albert Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anders o n, daughter, Mrs. Harold C h a rapine, her daughter, Sally, and Mrs. Perry Thompson were recent L'Anse callers. Mrs. Emily Rolloff, Elkhart, Wis., visited relatives and friends here for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schaeffer, under your conscious control. Skeletal muscles contrast with circular muscles, as around the stomach, intestines, blood vessels, etc., and which are not under your voluntary control. If you can drain off your surplus mental tension via skeletal muscles, then you are no t as likely your tnner organs. You are thus protecting yourself from peptic ulcer, spastic i colitis, high blood pressure, etc. The act of reaching for a ci- TAKE A LETTER—This, according to Hollywood, is a secre-. tary's working costume. It's modeled by Jol Lansing, who plays Dean Martin's secretary in "Marriage on the Rocks." are vacaU<mtarhereiB aret thus ^sembles the school aie vacationing nere ...., _ rnv1ri _ fnr -hAwine- eum 'I just couldn't' stand that Beatle haiCcut any longer." An individualist is ••• little Steven Laurin, 9-month-old son "of Mr. and Mrs; Edwin Laurin, Ramsay. PHOTO, QF COURSE, BY BABY'S FAVORITE PHOTOG ... KEN AHO AT KENNY'S STUDIO 127 E. Aurora Phone 832-3620 Where Every Wednesday If Special for Mom and Bafay at their home. Reuben Collins has return e d home from the Baraga Coun t y Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Townsend and family and her mother, Mrs. Evelyn Longrie, were Houghton and Hancock callers recently. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oberg are the parents of a son born July 9 at the Baraga County Memorial Hospital in L'Anse. David Maki, Kenosha, ylsited at the Laurice Chapman home for the weekend. Mrs. Bernic Whittaker, Detroit, visited her mother, Mrs. Anna Rolloff, and friends here recently. James Wyman, Plym o u t h, spent some time here cabin. at his child's craving for chewing gum when he feels tense and jittery. But chewing gum does not shorten your life by 5 to 7 years nor promote cancer of the lips, throat and lungs! So the smoker should break this dangerous tabacco habit that doctors routinely indict. And to do so, make a firm, public declaration. Then remove temptation a s far as possible. Finally, substitute some other habit that will involve the same muscles used in smoking. For example, carry candy coated gum. Shake out a piece as you formerly did a cigaret. Chew for a while. Then repeat. Send for my booklet on "How to Break the Tobacco and Liquor Habits," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, pi u s 20 cents. • Judge Frees New Father PITSBURGH (AP) — James Campbell, 41, was arrested when he refused to stop blocking traffic and then gave police trouble before being removed. Campbell told a police magistrate Monday he had over-im- Cloverland Garage Is 'First Half Winner ONTONAGON -- The first half of play championship o f the Ladies Twilight League went to Cloverland Garage captained by Alice Hegg, when that team defeated Hoern e r boxes. The two teams were tied at the end of regulation first half play. League standings after the first week of play for the second half are: Gitche Gumee and Cloverland Garage both 4's, Citizen State Bank 3, White Pine Copper 2Va. Hoerner Boxes and First National Bank 2. Low scores for the evening were carded by Flossie Strong 42, Doris Cane and Mary Pidgeon 47, Alice Hegg and Doris Peterson 48 and Evelyn Mi n - neart 49. Keep that empty copper-tone (anodized aluminum) mold out of direct sunlight or its color may fade And never put such a mold in a dishwasher. ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! Hotpoint Bottom Mount 15 ten needs 'fcffMln "•• Frnl reftigeilM h* sMt- wt sWm, Nin t* out « <*ris 289 CIA IUF VTTTH-HAM Lake Superior District Power Co. bibed while birth of his celebrating first child the daughter — in 19 years of marriage. The charges were dismissed. f^f^f •»•»*»*» *%^w j»*>/-w\^« » y%^^ v •ITALIAN FOOD AT ITS BEST- BITE INTO A TASTY SURPRISE... Little squares stuffed with real meaty taste treats—Plus our very own Italian Sauce. Thursday Is Pasty Day at; TASTY RAVIOLI Phone Sol-4713 Silver St. Hurley, Wisconslr^ Indiana State Police Plan Has Backfired COLUMBUS, Ind. (AP) — An unoccupied, old model state police patrol car parked along U.S. 31 to fool motorists into slowing down has backfired. Vandals stripped the car of its $200-siren, license plate and official markings. Ontonagon Briefs No regular meeting of t h e Masons will be held tonight, officers of that organization have announced. The Ontonagon County Nurses Organization will hold a picnic Wednesday, July Legion Cabin in 21, at the Ontona g o n Chairmen of the event are Mrs. Katherine McDonald. Mrs. D e - lores Hilden and Mrs. Marion Davison. Fisherman Drowns DOWAGIAC (AP)—Stanley E Makielski, 66, of South Bend, Ind., drowned Monday night while fishing in Big Crooked Lake about 10 miles northwest of here. Police said Makielsk was fishing from a boat and wa: alone. Now Is the Time to FERTILIZE LAWNS & GARDENS Ironwood •^•Vigoro ^fBone Meal •jkVertagreen ^fcSheep Manure ^•Triple Tonic (lawn feed) •^-Double Duty Lawn Treatment (W**d killer.fertlliwr) LUTEY'S Greenhouses Something NEW in Luggage... So Feminine You'll Love If! So Rugged It's GUARANTEED FIVE YEARS * Free Replacement or Repair If It Rips, Tears or Punctures Within FIVE YEARS! 30 Airlines say: Hooray for SKYWAY" ..... \\ So Many New Features You Won't Believe It! Our most exciting and newest concept in weightiest luggage. Pre-formed, durable aircraft aluminum frame, snap-in pockets, puncture proof material. Approved by all the leading airlines. With color hormpny matched linings and all of Skyway's exclusive new features. In Grey Tweed, Red and Danube Blue See It Tomorrow... The Finest for Vacation or Travel Time -^jeamen

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