The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 5, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 5
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[THURSDAY, OCT. 5, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE SCOTTVILLE News Prom Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Home, 126-F-14.) The Jolly Eight club met with Mrs. Ellen Marrison Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 3, to help her celebrate her birthday anniversary. A very pleasant afternoon was spent with sewing and visiting and at the close of the afternoon a delicious lunch was served by j the hostess. A collective gift was presented Mrs. Marrison by the group. Those present were Mcsdames Anna Johnson, Hattie Hogcnson, Helen Hogenson, Alta Morell, Francos Morell, Clara Appleton, D. Schultz and the hostess. Mrs. Marri.son. The November party will be held with Mrs. Clara Applcton. New Light Placed in Front of School A new light is being phtced in front of the scnoolhouse at the street walk. This light is replacing one farther down, near Social Meeting Is Planned by Lodge Felix Lodge, I.O.O.F., will hold a social meeting Friday evening, following its regular business meeting. This event i.s for the Odd Fellows and their wives and for the Rebckahs. The social part of the evening will begin about 9 o'clock, directly after the short business session. Scottville Locals Mr. and Mrs. John Biegalle and Dr. and Mrs. Ivan L. Hunt returned Tuesday from a delightful trip into the northern part of Michigan and into Canada. The trip was a most lovely one with the weather ideal and Lydic, William Weaver, E. M. Stephens and the Maynard. hostess, Mrs. The society will meet Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 18, with Mrs., Jay Sanford and Mrs. Floyd Eddy and Mrs. Frank Hunt will be assistant hostesses. Members of the society will meet at the church dining room Friday afternoon, Oct. 6, to prepare the rooms for the chicken supper and do decorating. The Mason-Manistee Health Unit * Says: is and .shrubs just taking on olorings. They drove about 80 miles north of the Canadian Soo. Mrs. Roy Nelson has been quite ill for .several days and is confined to her bed. On Sunday her brother, C. Rynearson, and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Raymond Faul, and children, all of Muskegon, visited her. (By E. J. FRIAR) The state legislature in its recent session enacted a new law (Act No. 273) with reference to the construction and maintenance of outhouses. This law and its accompanying regulations will be a most effective tool in bringing about a general improvement in the sanitation of our rural, resort, school and suburban areas. The law applies to any in- sanitary privy, whether new or old. One of the purposes of the new law is to eliminate the necessity of proving in court that a poorly construct- items conclude the list. A carpenter and one helper* can .isually construct this building in a day and a half. Two Are Honored at Birthday Dinner OUSTER.— Mrs. Charles Allison entertained Sunday, Oct. 1, at her home in Scottville honoring the birthdays of John Allison of South Custer and Walter Allison of Evart which fell on Oct. 3 and 4. A happy part of the day was the presence of the brother, Edward Allison, who has 'been confined to his home for several months and is permitted to get out but very little. Guests other than Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allison, were the honor guests, Walter of Evart and John of South Custer, and their wives; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weaver, Mrs. Mabel DeBeck and Qtho Allison. A delicious 'birthday dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howard, accompanied by their sisters, Mrs. Margaret Farrell and Mrs. Mary Wing, motored to Saginaw Sunday, Oct. 1, where they spent the day with relatives. On their way they called on < Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McMullan at their new home in Midland and attended Mass while there. The little daughter born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roche of Flint has been named Rosemary. Calvin Schoffner of Ohio was MUSKegon. yisiiea ner. ed or insanitar y pr iw is a pub- Mrs. Cora Pickett leave today lic nuisance before anything pmcuiK one rartner ciown, near °" a " * X L cnd ? d trip u? T,?S can be done abou t It, as Act the entrance to the school drive ! City, Utah where .she wil1 visit No 2 ?3 recognizes the insan- and will serve not only to light j h( l r - slstc \'- Mrs. Lenora Stratum, Uary outhouse as a source of tho woii- „« in ihn s,.vmnihnii.«P whom she has not seen lor a disease. The law sner.ifir.nllv a guest of J. Wednesday, S. Brandenburg Sept. 27, at the the walk up to the, but will light the entire length of walk in front of the schoolhouse, which in stormy weather is usu- allv slippery and .snow covered. The .street light near the crossing will be moved to the opposite side of the -street and a larger light placed there to give better illumination at the corner. number of years. A granddaughter of Mrs. Stratton and her husband came last week to disease. The law specifically states that it is a misdemeanor to have such a privy and those violating the law are liable to Detroit and they also visited j a fine of not more than $200 other places in the state. They i or 60 days imprisonment, persuaded Mrs. Pickett to re- The new law also directs the turn with them to spend some time with the sister in the far west. THE OPEN FORUM Readers arr Invllcd to n»o Oils column to express their Ideas upon pttnllr nuestior.i and topics of RCiicral interest. Loiters printed ''"do'' Ihls hrndlnR will he understood to represent the opinion of the Individual writer rather than that "f The News. Letters Involving raciaJ or rcliBiou? controversies or personal iittnrks will not he accepted. All communication- SHOULD NOT KXTKKU 200 WOUKS and m»st be signed by the nam'. an< address of tho writer. ... •«< state commissioner of health to make rules in regard RECOVERY PLAN EDITOR, THE NEWS: , The depression has i lions which they would ; compelled to surrender • younger workers. thereto, and in addition injunction proceedings to restrain the further maintenance or use of any outhouse not constructed or maintained as required by this act. As mentioned before Act No. 273 is jonly a rural sanitation measure ! but it applies equally well to urbanf areas. There are, of course, many areas located outside village or city limits where no sewers exist where serious health problems now exist due to improper sewage disposal facilities. Nothing in the state health be 'department regulations cur- to tail the right of any local government agency to make and been f The Townsend plan is what ! enforce immediate sewer con- with us 10 years, with business it ne country needs, and if you Inactions regulations. There disrupted, want and despair | are no t aware of how simple iare a few exemptions in the in ••many homes, with -doubt , anc i workable this great hu- jfciw and I -am quoting Section and uncertainty in the minds imanitarian and Christian plan 1 4. "Nothing herein contained of our youth, decreasing op- j. Si i w ill bo glad to send you j shall apply to any outhouse, port unities for securing gainful j the complete outline of this [located outside the corporate employment, with numerous [recovery plan so that you may 'limits of any city or village, home of his son, Dewey Brandenburg. The Misses Olga Trucks and Dorothy Zeejllo were guests at the B. T. Hackmuth home Saturday evening, Sept. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bresley of Muskegon spent last week-end with Mrs. Bresley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olsen. Miss Gladys Olsen was a Sunday guest, Oct. 1, at her home. Chamber School Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richards and family and Mrs. Arthur Mackey of Ludington spent Sunday afternoon, Oct. 1, at the B. Peterson home. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Jensen entertained at supper Monday evening, Oct. 2, for George Jensen of Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Lars Jensen and sons, Ivan and Rhinehard, and Mrs. Hans Jensen, all of South Victory and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sadosty and little son of Ludington. Mrs. August Dennis spent Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 3, with Mrs. Selma Kolberg. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ray of Chicago and Jack Beale of Davenport, la., are visiting at the George Beale home. union disputes, strikes and • study same at your leisure. general unrest prevailing. All i G. II. YOUNG. these conditions have been ; walhalla. brought about fob one, and j only one, reason, and that > reason is the .scarcity of money ' in the hands of the masses of i our middle class citizens. This j scarcity of money has reduced i the purchasing power of a j large majority of our people .A. Hostess to Society FREESOIL.—A pleasant aftcr- and"co'mpeiie<l thenVto subsist j "oon was spent Tuesday, Oct. 3, for the past several years far below a decent American .standard of living as defined by the Methodist Ladies' Aid .society when it met, at the home of Mrs. Arthur Maynard with Mrs. by our president arid other of- j Harvey Lydic and Mrs. Ira Gran- ficials holding high office. Iger, assistant hostesses. This curtailing of ability to I With Mrs. John Brunke presid- spend has affected all lines: 'i"B- the meeting opened with * _ . _'. . _ . I _; 1 iiT»rl-_» -r~f. . • _ ._ I \X7n food, clothing and housing, so ! singing, "What a Friend that the majority of American j Have in Jesus," Mrs. Frank families have passed up lux- 'leading. Mrs. George Rayle read Hunt urics entirely and are glad to get along on the bare necessities. Friends, neighbors and countrymen, regardless of political a Bible lesson from Ephesians and offered prayer. A timely and interesting lesson discussion on "Keeping Religion Free from Commercialism" was affiliation, please look into the led by Mrs. Floyd Eddy. ___• t • ,» . .._ __..._ _1 .' H*.... T-.l ._»_ YT. . ._ 1 ._ prescription that was prepared by Dr. Francis E. Townsend five years ago at the time we were struggling with the conditions that still exist and are growing more prescription is chronic. This better known as the Townsend Recovery plan, and it will promptly correct and speedily cure the nation's ills when this prescription is made into law. It will put this nation on its feet again and will keep It on its feet permanently. This prescription of Dr. Townsend's is simple and r .... workable. A universal tran-'j soliciting committee held a meet- sactions tax is the means of i ing to complete arrangements for Mrs. Frank Hunt was appointed lesson leader for the next meeting. Plans were made for preparation for the annual chicken supper to be served in the church dining room Thursday evening, Oct. 12, from 5:30 to 8 p. m. Mrs. Myrtle Frost and Mrs. Fred Coon were appointed to provide recreation For the next meeting. The social hour was occupied by a pleasing recreational feature which is more than 200 yards from a residence other than the residence the outhouse serves, or more than 200 yards of any store, restaurant or other place where food, milk or drink is served, stored or prepared for human consump- _ . ..„„. „ _ tion, or more than 200 yards I stands with my tccih of any building used for pub- chattering. Now, I'm 'I STOPPED WEARING A TRACK SUIT , FOR FOOTBALL ' WEATHER" I used to sit in the lie lodging or drinking water place where is offered to all set for comfort in H/VNES middlcivcight WINTKR SETS. HANKS WINTER SETS give you outdoor warmth with indoor comfort. You feel right, too . . . with the gentle, athletic gup- portof thdlANKSKNIT , due to the fact that such "a i Crotch-Guard. Sccj course is not practical or pos- i your HANKS Dealer sible the so called approved I today. P. II. Hanca the traveling public,, or more than 200 yards of a public gathering place." Health authorities would, of course, prefer to entirely eliminate the outside privy by substituting with sewers or with septic tank installations, but arranged by Mrs. Laurence Hill and by visiting. The chicken supper menu and financing same. it will draft Into the nation's service between 8 and 10 million citizens, both men and women, who have passed the age of'60, and will place in their hands all the supper. A delightful luncheon was served by the hostesses and was enjoyed by Mesdames Gertrude Brown, Dorothy Fox and Swanson, all of Manistee; Clifford privy will meet the requirements of the new law. Before starting to construct this building, be sure to contact the county health department for printed plans and diagrams which are free. The department also has a wooden form which can be used when making the concrete floor and for the seat riser which is also made of concrete. If new lumbers is used exclusively, the cost of same will be around $25. In addition, three sacks of cement and a yard and a half of sand and gravel plus a few inexpensive hardware Knitting Company, Winsloii-Salcm, N. C. HANES WINTER SETS 5O e to 69 e THE GARMENT Wear a mifldln- wriRht tindornhirt. Tlinn choose a pair (if Crotch-Guard Wind-Shields (figure ahovo), or Crotch- CJ Hard SliortB. Conihnd yarn ... or 10% wool. HANKS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS 81. Others 79c to $2. Crotch-Guild Shout Hetvywilghl Champiji STAR SCOTTVILLE fc^ ^^ * "* J&^& TONIGHT ONLY monies derived from the two I Tubbs, Ira Granger, Orville percent transaction tax, with the instructions that it must be spent within 30 days. This spending is for the purpose of speeding up business in lines. A large number these citizens who would drafted into this service „._ now holding gainful occupa- all of be are Bailey and son, Maurice; Myrtle Frost, L. L. Stanley, Frances Smith, Wjilliam Brunke, Frank Tiobey, John Hunt, Joseph Mulinix, Nora Black, Fred Coon, William Hagstrom, Floyd Eddy, George Rayle and son, Richard; Laurence Hill and daughter, Lorraine; Cecil Lydic, Harvey ,.,.._. ,, ._., ._.,,, ,, . . , , ._^_ H ^^ H ^^ HWM ^ Saturday Special DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM MEN'S Plaid Twill Flannel, Coat Style, Button down Flap .Pockets, . LADIES' Fall Styles. Values to $2, Felt HATS Benow's Department Store , SCOTTVILLE *. ROARING 4, "STORM OF i THRILLS *,f ROM •K COLUMBIA! *^ Randolph ''' France! Ralph * SCOTT • DEE • BELLAMY * Wolr.r CONNOLLY —Added— Cartoon-"Sheeps in the Meadow" .Shows 6:45-9:15 Admission 25c-10c IRENE WARE LAWREN CHIC CHANDLER GEORGE MEEKER —Added- "OVERLAND WITH KIT CARSON" A COIUMIIA CHAPtlH HAT TOMORROW & SATURDAY—Double Feature Program Jane Withers 4« MChicken Wagon Family" Fred Stone-Rochelle Hudson in "(Kongo—The Wild Stallion" —Also— Chapter No. 3 Overland With Kit Carson and,OUR GANG Comedy Shows 6:45-9:15. Admission'25c-10c MATINEE SATURDAY 2-.00 p. m. i Children 5c-Adults 15c FORD CARS FOR 22 important improvements, added to fundamental Ford features, represent the most advanced engineering in the low-price field WH 'HAT do the Ford cars for 1940 offer to match their brilliant new beauty? New comfort, convenience, quiet, safety — and the roomiest, richest interiors ever designed for a Ford car. / They have many interesting new features. Finger-Tip Gearshift on the steering post. An improved transmission, unusually easy to shift. New Controlled Ventilation. Improved shock absorbers. Softer springs, improved spring suspension and a. new ride-stabilizer.* A combination of new features makes the new cars quieter in operation. They have big, powerful hydraulic brakes. They have new Sealed-Beam Headlamps that are safer, stronger and stay bright longer. They have the famous Ford V-8 engine (85 hp in the De Luxe Ford. Choice of 85 or 60 hp in the Ford) — which blends 8-cylinder smoothness with economy. You've never seen cars with so much performance, Style and comfort at such a low price. Get acquainted. You'll enjoy the experience! 22 IMPORTANT FORD IMPROVEMENTS FOR COMFORT — More room inside. New Controlled Ventilation. New torsion bar ride-stabilizer.* Improved spring suspension.*,, Self-sealing shock absorbers.. Twp-w.ay .adjqst- able driver's seat. New-type resilient front seat backs. New "Floating-Edge" Seat Cushions. FO'R CONVENIENCE - New Finger-Tip Gearshift. Engine more accessible. Two-spoke steering wheel. FOR S/LENCE—Improved soundproofing. "Easy-shift" transmission. Curved disc wheels. Improved drums for big Ford hydraulic brakes. FOR SAFETY - Sealed-Beam Headlamps. Dual windshield wipers at base of windshield. Larger battery and generator. Battery Condition Indicator on all models. FOR STYLE — New exterior beauty. New interior luxury. New instrument panel. *85-hp models only MORE THAN EVER "THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD" ON DISPLAY TOMORROW AT ALL FORD DEALERS You Are Cordially Invited To Visit Our Showrooms FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th And View The New 1940 FORD V-8 CARS T D ^ 1 • \J • K- Scottville, COMPANY Michigan.

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