Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1927
Page 4
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.4= TUB lOLA DAILY REGISTFJl, W CriAfc F. 8COTT . ; tfctered at tJrt ,taUi PortoMoi M Swond OaM Hatter. Department*). By Canaer lirlrta, <Xai« aty..Lii *tarpo . n arid Bankflt. ,SSe rear ......7 .M i \ Outalda Allen County „ . One tear ; "'•••!5-5?l ax Month.* .JfM < : In Allen County . .j ; One-Tear^.. UM MopCha «.22i ».Month* ............... »U86i Month ....Mc iemlMr, or— V i • . Nattonat^iiaitortal Aaaoelatloii. Kanaaa. Pmsv-Aaaoclafloii; The Kaiiaaa pally tjBMUe. Audik 8iii«M ol^^lreiiJatlen: Preia Caiiiireaa oft tha World. Inland Oal& Prna AaaoetaUon. MEMBER ASSOC!ATEb PRfeSC . The Begister carries the Associated . B'f-ss . report .by ^pn^lal leased wire; The- AMOciated vPn »9 ls;exclii.stvely en- tStif^ to thii DM for 'reputdicatlon of. all iicwj) dispatchea cmllted to It or not otherwise cradJt^ Ju this paper, ahd also, the local dewsjHtbllahed hetebi: 'All Tighta.or repu'iUcatloa ot spe- ' elpl dispatches heri^ln are also re- aerved. • . Bible Tliom/ht for Toddy. Behold, the fear of ihe Lord. - that is wisdom; • .uiid to depart ' froin *vn is inidfrstandiuK. — Job 2»:2S.- TIIK I DK>rO( K.iTir Dli.KM.MA. j.l'orsonal leiitT.s from frieiMlH in thp KOUlhr -rn Slaft-.s. j'nclo.siiiB • rli-itpinKB frbiii sumo of the more outspokfii Dpmocrailc ufwspaperH j)f. tliai sin-iioii, liflp oiifillo vi'a\- Jze lioxcBcniiine :i dilonimu con: fronts tlip n<»mn (;ratie parly an' ll opprrtac'lips iJu- linio when il miiHt . ohooHi' -:i CaiMliilalP for, I'residoni, TliPHo IcttorH am! i-lippin'KH point niii ilic> fad lliat ilic' .so-callod Solid Soiiili lios )ji'i>n iinfallinf; In lis loyalty to tho DcmorTutif par­ ly. . whi«'li of ""ourHp «'veryl»ody known.; No Doinorratii! <'an<II(!aio for I 'rHjildvnt since llii' war tias •'vor lii 'cn j^lecit'd or lias had tlio <-bnnrp of nleriioif cxnept liy reason of th«' support of thi' ROUth<»rn States. ' The assured .)*n|>p6rl of tliese Stales Is-the only .t:onsi(lerafio>i which would make the nominatjQn of a Iiemocn ^lir presidential tiekef in 192.S siny^ lliinR more than'a Ri-.stiire.' 'Juhn J. Kacb dfi wIticuDilin, who has b€Hen. nomfnat^ by iPrestdeiit Coolidxe .for^ aiiolier terjn as In- terMMe Cotninerc^ 'CominiBstbDer, is regarded SH one pf t^ie 'ablest iembem of %htt body. PreVious o his first Hp^^lntment to the omntiasion by President Hardinlr, 1^1, Mr. Each had' had ^ Ihe leflt dr. a lonir career in Con- Xress. For twenty-two years he ijat In the House an representative qt tbi Serenih. Wisc ^sin district. ^eWrng most^ of tliat time on the Cdminittee on Interstate and For- Commerce. ke was ranHinK minority of the cbfitmtttee | while the Bemocrats were to"power and became itf», chairman In 1898. Mr. Bsch was ; bom In WIscOTsln and after gradliatrng from the State university at Madison be entered upon the ipractice of law Iifi Lacrosse. . HI B congressional career began in 1899. WHERE MEN ARE MEN—AND NECKS.AyE yOTmNG. AVhile the pain_ of paytnK taxes still Is sufficiently acute to be remembered It may be of somewhat. s)iecial interest to take note of the fact that o^t of every 100 pimts we paI4 only 8 cents went tO; ;Rupport the Stale government and all the State Instltulion.s. Two and one-half cents.'-'in each dollar iyent to lake care of tfie bonds we all vot.>d an a bonus to the soldiers. All the rest of the dollar. 89»i cents, went to pay our'local hills—40 eeiits for our schoola, Iflni cents for our county governments. I4?i cents Kovern nients, 7% cents to meet special levies and 7'4 cents 'to pay township .expenses. It:will he a good thing to remember next .fall when soin.- candidate for Governor goes around telling the dear voters how much inoney he will save; them If ihey but elect him. that W Governor I can save them anything, broadly siieaklng, The ^nly peo« pie who can save ns anything al-e the people. AVh^ever the peo))le gel ready to do. without schools and roads and bridges and things like that then we shall begin to .see some cut in our tax rate. Brother Mickey, of -the Leavenworth Times, elbows his way into a little argument which has! been MID-WEEK WORSHIP « BY * FREt)BRICK W, LEWIS * Prei,° College of Emporia <f And. y.'l the Demooralic party has never even held its national "'I'^-^y and .peat^eably eonvenlion in the South since ,he ' "1'' Civil ;War. No southern man'^"'- S<"tt Tribune long enough to ever been Siren serions consider-J •'^«>- "'"^ '^"""'^ nothing Ip the pnift. .IS a candidate for Presidient i"'*' '^""•>' '^*""»»'' Jefferson norhas Ihe^entiment o. the South !.'"^ f'^P'"" on any political .question been giv- ni more than fia.ising consideration in framing tho Democratic ! on the day of his inauguration as I'rcsident. dismounted, hitched the horse'to a ruck and went in and The I'nsiieakable iiltt. God HO lore* the world that He gave His 'only begot ion son."—> John .T:1B. • » * i » Aid me. my God, to sing Thy praise, I i Thine ageless love. Thy matchless grace. Ill Christ our lJpit\ appearing. When such a gift God gave for thee, .When such a brother true is He. Why still, my soul, be fearing? Choose Him. know Him. greatest, dearest. FoRtrM Iowa Folks .Ipproved. To The Editor: Within the last month th*" front pages of- the newspapers all over the United State.-j havt- been tilled with articles concerning the latest in fashions—compaiiionat)' mar- riage.s. .-Vboul Thanksgiving time portions of an editorial written liy Charles K, Scott of the lola Oaily Register appeared in the De.« .MoineS Tribune and 1 have heard several Comments on tlie view )vhich you took. ."V prominent busi- ' less man in a neighboring town liaid to me: He certainly was tirm and to e picinre cli'ar for us. Tfle older ncratloh I .H placed here to shelier aJid guidf the young of the species i4l marriage lis best which pro- ijil^s best for hf real mission of ijians In this life. HVe are not here to live oiii ntcs." [Written by a Citizen of .Mnlnes. LON J E ELM (.Mrs. nessie Helms) )ec. 20. —E. Bahcock. of Welda, ra fed ob his (hiughter and family, .M IS. A. U Wilson, Sunday after- no )n. liss Beulah Byfield. of (Jeneva, lei urned to her home Sunday aff- eri obn, after spending the latter paft of the week whh her; sister platform. Through all the-years!»•'">' "k* any justice ofj voters : the peace. On the contrary, de- j Best and dearest to Irefriend thee i the point in his convictions. 1 agree j^, •Gainst all foes who nmy offend ' '«'"'" " '""'•'•|"Bc is' ,l,pp .. ? nothing but legalized roncubmagc -Philip .Micolai. L-iOIl : Kvcry newspaper in th.- country anil family. Mrs. Ernie Oenney. Van iiester had The misljortune to oS^ a valuable work horse on«' EHioTt-FMsheT%"sani«i I Standard Oil Co.. same since ISOO the Demoeratir in the South have been treated like a bound lioy at a Iniskin' not-, w;.hstanding th. fad that vvthout l"'"'^"''''" ^ """''"•y .support n..5,o.:raric success'" P«>"P°"« Thos. n<.v,.r .ould have been brought '-'f ff^'so" s horse goes to join Geo. within the range of possibility. « o • « 1 should take his viewpoint on this yirs. B. W. O'Uarra was at the [Shannon Hd\\'. Co.. same • .p.'i ' Baj-ard Grain Co.. sand T... ri0.5,Tl X. I. Crow»-ll. .<anie . - I King home In Lone, Elm Sunday | Tri-City Herald, same 12.75 . w. p. Archer, pauper nui.*e. ^ .xSr. ; Wiiliam. Bertvnl)en(ler. .same me 'l.4i> ; W. C. Jone.s. sanit- I aftarnoon Mi^ 'dares Mr. Mickey, he wal&ed to the eapltol. hut In doing'80 was '••f 'brightest and grandest thing that everj happiMied was the birth of Jesus Christ. He has iranstonn- 1 , ,1 disgrace which is jeopardiiling one ' Oh Heavenly Father we ar.- real-i„, '^^^ institutions "»« ll would s^em as if it were almut linuv for~a turn. Ill this long lane. - hut the Soutliern nDemocrats see liiile chance of it. It looks lo ihi'iii as. if lli<>'' .Northern Pcnio- ciats. who for sixty years ihavci^ calmly .'issumod to he the Demo-" cr .-Jlii- party, are preparing Ibis ye :ir Ki iidniiuisler the Idlterest dohe of all. by the nomination of 'a raiid.lilali' who stands for every- ihing ill which the Soulli does not believi'. Tlie South \H dry and Proii'HtanI and nntl-Taniniany.— •JftMll ^ii, will be jiskcil to support-n who Is wci and Cathojic It Is as If the noiiliern Kemoi-rats were saying: '•\Ve have the dry South no niallor wli .ii we (Jo, so we shnih nominate n eanilidale who Will ^ lhake the sirongest .•(f)pi-al in the big states where I lie Wet vote is heavy." AniP ihese southern Democrats, as'tetter.ijind clippings Indl- -cate, find them.selves confront'^d Washington's cherry tree, and'aft­ er awhile there will be nothing left for us to believe but the truth, and we will not know what that was or is. -. I —the home." .\noiher "man, a minister in tliejing com for V. J. Hester city of Des .Moines, also commented [ weejk. that ihe criiiiisni of Chas. P. Scott King home Di?cember 22. j H. Huff, same II E. Helms and-sons are husk-:-^'V^'' * Sons Printing *Co.. tl.'i'I r.r^." -as .very good and he'added that bathed the heart with peace and flooded it with sunshine. He has made life's aim ministry rather than mastery. . He . lias opened fountains in social deserts. He has made the wilderness to blossom as a rose. He has shown us what Thou are like. He is the inaplrer of the Christian home, the Cliris- .<iuch a type of luarriage bOAnd by love rather than by (Joil was "inod- ernisin gone to seed." I wish tio compliment the editoi It is reported that a director; of one of the largest aircraft companies in America offered LInil-, bergh a job a. any s.^lary he wIsh -g '-;,„Pnd ^un ^.h^^^^^ i\t\. The reply was: I don't want any more money icle which was so widely quoted } Suhfi ;V."'*tbQs77re8em wereT 'M^.j w H ^Rifsame"" tian .sabbath. Christian music, UN !'^1'"^ J '^.H"' than I am worth. I won't take any job just to caphallzc my name. If I shoulil decide to work for you I assurance to our guilty souls that we are forgiven and that we are accepted by'Thee because of. Ilil^ cross anil: our faith. Blessing and honor and glory be to Thee for the caiidtclali- and ' T.'iinniaiiy. want lo be paid what I can artiiat- 1 unspeakable gift which humanlly ly earn. I'm not worth much,' ox- j received "when Jesus was boin." cetit my name, and t won't 'sell j—Amen, that." What a boy! I low welt he must have been hroiigli} Up! Wliat In- niite dlgnliy,' what d fine sense of tiroprlely he has! "I nm not|Worth much, except my liamc — and won't sell that!" world loves him! I No wonder the Newspaper and magazine adver- ^tlfling has been the greatest single by the direst tfilomma they have.factor In making the United'States perliaps ever known. It is all biFt; the most prosperoH8.-natIon In the imiiossihlo for them to wrench^ world the last twelve years, H. D. themselves loose from'.T political'crlppen of New V-oVk said at the connection which-ha^ liecome with ~them almost "a religion, in which' annual convention of the American Grocery Specialty Manufacturers lis Ijouml up. as they see^it, their •.•Vssociation In Atlantic City re- loyalty to; their State, their .section>ently. "L,iberty Loan bonds floatr anij to the "Cause" for which their jed during'the war brought into f-ithers died. And, yet they feel jcircuilation billions of America's the affront to their dignity andjlatenj wealth and It has beeii advertising that has kept it In use," said Mr. Crippen. self-respect that is 'Implied' by a procedure on the part of their party associates in the North which takes it for granted that they will "vote the straight ticket" no' mutter how little it represents their political convlclioris or their personal views. -And so, torn betw^een tradition' and conscience, what are they to do?. Nobody can answer that ques- . tion DOW with any certainty, ' but It is entirely clear that, all over the South men are asking theiii- Tlie term "yacht" \n derived fnmi the Danish word "Jachf," meaniiig a chas«:. henco yax-htittg Is tlie chi^ttc of one ves."**! after another, and, accordingly, yachting and yacht racing are synonymous expressions. say "Maybe It's simple minded of iif but we admit that when the sunset years approach our life more ly we'll much prefer to cradle n grand' baby in our arms than- be free to tell Ihe world about how well we've succeeded in living oiii own lives. "We have a feeling right ilown In our lieart that ilie good Lord knew exactly jwliat he was doing wlien ht created nii-n ami women. : There roav lie from time to liuie. just .lot of talk, just a lot of arguineni about being free to live our own lives. "Sophisticated, Worldly, blase as we may become, all nature palntr own Des CLAIMS klLOWtil) By the Boaritbf OouDty CommSa- sioners at the DfeceJrtber, 1927, mating: • X*e Noftzger, salary and expeiise — ..$290.00 DollW V. Adams, same ..J- 171 .06 F. A. WIW HI. same 235 .05 John R. Percy, same ...i.— 106.15 Ed J. Danfee. same _^ 111 .20 Gladys F.' Marmont, same.. 138:55 Kenneth H. Fousl, same — 16B.40 H. D. Smock. Sam* 189.17 W. S. Lytle. satiie -_l-J— 42.16 C. B. Stephens,, same 101.65 D. Ctork. same 186.98 d. A. Stewart, same 73.00 2ella '>!. Freeman, same 148.58 B. Sinfth. same d43.96 Estfellfr H. Funston, same— 111.80 D. C. Shiiltlce. same — 35L90 Ralph Motslnger, same 12T.00 L. Daggett, salary and Jail 1 . board -i : 301}46 J. Q. Roberts, salary and mileage i 114.73 E. L. Barnhart, isame^ 120.37, Wm. Ai He*3, same — 121 .52 Marverte Clark, .salary 100.00 Esther Kratz. same .">5.25 arary Webster, same 1 50 .00 Dortitha M. Freeman, same^ 75.00 Chas. H, Asbford. same 12 .x00 Paul Mclniyre. same 115 .00 Id!» G. Smith, clerical work. 50 .00 Ltttle l\dams, same 4L66 Geo. Seymour, same 75 .00 r*x LbrHoirdi lahpr 2(1.00 Tessle Hdwe)^. same .'..00 Rioy Othlck. same 4(t.0u Rose-M. Joy^ same 30.00 W.. J. Strong, same 100.00 S. P. Helms, same 7.80 Elm Township, same 25 .00 D. C. Hau.ter same —. 162.73 J. B. I^mbeth, same, .i 70.«0 Clint Ellis. «ime 17.50 Percy Ellis, same 1I6.OO Kenneth Shan;, same — Ralph Ensmfnger, same LMcUiiniQC oat tite-kaii'k t&ftiDf Mr by. tiHfhtly ibtminiliaktSVi>ol- hry howte faTtli* eaiay •»a>ltlt> and Mriy evealag dWiBK vM ifMtlwl-. •ccomunjir to Oe Mlor V *llir UT InxUtate; is ^MBsgio &«09- Bion. practice 6a:.MptM-A^rvu Ktong the Ailaatfc Hfhtimmfiim t|te EiMtltute. after iBTftsUiatHlK aoetlibd ittiat -haBd iilVttijiHi K^t^wi *i the method M iiv «r «|f fiiu^|«!|« hi the lUMiMilipi Valley. ' ; r The iBtrti^te fl<rilB it tliisw itast a Uttlel (ivn* oae extiKie^ 'igm Hur- hig cold #eiitber to (t«%er 'tW »«xtra MMt of lictitliw the routes J^aaek la an ezpenmeht at CM M HI atlctcid tairal college 1 B j^tir Tt^l Mm the difference in fator <^ ardlMai UIo- alnation over "noriMl diayUc ^it" unoiuted. to cooaiderabjy over $1.00 more proiit per. hen and iMl^ per fe<r.- Tiie .IdB«er lioiim aUowad greater food coBsumptioa pai^ fowl I2 .5O 1 beaiuae they cotUd wee tQeatl ^MMr. ^55 tiDfckened the niatiirity of iHUieta r Voftzeer nav roFr ""l 148 41 »«* Mpei hens throiyh the nwilt Lee .Noftzger. same 421.58 S ?SjSSR,?lffi ^"*!^.!S Lee Noftzger. saihe . 961.24 f^J^S^^^^^l^'^^Z^ Lee -Noaager, same 101.21, tSTl^ air the yWir around. tfe N S": ZZ :::::::: ll I'^l \ »«S1 <*^tion ^ u> A.,L. Cook, esllmale No. 8—1,10^.'. ---( -• '- . pcxttally adhpted berwlf to Mr iii«»e »t eaviroDment—cold cliiBBiJM: il^ aatual food, vloee con «ne —eBt akiil iiicreaiied egg prodiictioo, |1^ l>refeni tt> follow the line pf laagt re- aMteOLtr doriBK the loDft -cbjUt hiaur aietats of fall and wi&ter,. stbpa layiBif. tucks ber Iwadt ^-Vii^;; and wait ».for sptUg^^ come. She caqnot migrate Ukr'ao«ia of her bird relattves dt*. WMte^a, i |p» change her eluUies tu coiifgim >ti>. weajther needs. So she hibftff tfp, more 6r leto. ini malces tbe'iiciit! fii imuitll spring. When tl>e peiilny bouse is lUominated in early micMm-:; iug, late afterboou and early Jfft-f nJIW. the IS^bonr niglu is ri^w^; two to three hours. These extr^' snow greater fVsud cunsnmptloo -j^i cause* ben. aalfte a cow grarihgB aiffat in the siinmer. cannot ^t'^ iam (jbe can see to eat. -'' 'Ufkis in the poakry booae to Ip- cteaae the hen's eatlBg -wbrkfalC'iltty,. ptenty of clean grain. K-oaaUintiitif^tm to a good, [balanced egg^aiakfac ailUi at groBud grain, a constant M |iAy, erakhn milk for drink and a sbad MOitery pooltry honae wiU prttlWa as laaay egga In winter la ttaa I •ipiil Valley aa these same ( wlU In aUnoat any part of the 1 atttca, Mya the Inatltate. No. ::. .......;^l.\:i .33i; .M. R. Amm«(rman, estimate Sc. 5 :!o.lS Ha'ttle E. Clark, conducting exams 2 Ruby C. Schii.ster. same :t Allen County Farm Jlureau Nov. appropriation' Burroughs Ad<ling .Mch. Co. maintenance ; 1 Kansas Highway Cbramis- slon, blue prints :. City of lola, gasi, water an<> electricity . 12l|. Austin .\I. Snnderson. wolf scalps —; C. L. Warfonl, same Ernest Larson, sante Tom Miller, same i Brigbam- Hdw. Co.. sttpplies R.,H. Cdblentz. sanie L. n. Wlshard, same fola Daily Register, .same... 246 McCarthy -Motor Co;, same^. 12 1 Alf Love, damages ... .^34.20 •'"1.1. L. Walton.-same VIO.OO •. ;W. H. Boot, same ^OO.OO I Lee Noftzger Emergency^ , Kunil, office exp - ' '."01 O'^t Joseph Chehasike; mileage— », 14.30 .001 Prank Thompson, rock,..-. ) 4.80 R Baird. same V^M.aO ^'•'•'H. A. .N'ystrom, gravel 5' 9.60 i.loliii Gregg.'same ? W. L. Thorniann, supplies & repairs \ 52 12 iLoo' C. F. ilartli same - — \V. W. Schwartz, .same Wm. Gwillim;- same Carl Uanlelsou. same " Lloyd J. B;axley: .-tame ----- Cha.s. A. kohler. >ame A. T. Ballard, .same .M. K. ThornhiH. same W. W. -McGie. same . '— 3,60 ' C. <;. & H. L. Spencer, same C. It. Holman. same Ja.s. L. ShigjeV. same L. BaruU'art. same _ Henry Kamping. same W. W. Gray, same H.IO last week. KUU Motor Co.. repair.-? .30 B. P. Heigele. game - ; 4:90 Bollinger Service Station. -. same - — --- .501 A. K. Gilniore. .same C (• McCartv & Son. same. ^ .4.00 ] (;eorge W. Bruner. .same 00 t Anton Weste'rberg. same..- " :!.00 } A. H. 4i Geo. Willie, .same OOi.Vorthnip Lbr.Co.. muterial ;61.77 ; Marniaton Township, .sanie.^ 00'The Road Suirjilv * Metal . i Evans Mynatt. .same 10 1 (•„ culverts 2.fe7.S0 i W. W. Hastin.c. same 7.^.'A. li. Davis I-nec. Co.. re- }, i W. W. Baker, same -—S? j pairs - iJi.s .OO i Chas. Cloyd. same 95 'c C^McCarlvli Son.'sumc- ;„ T .OO ! O. F. Krokstrom. .'ame . SO McCarthv Motoir Cf>.. same _ ^ 1.00 Fred A. Bowen. s:iine 3 .ii0 i Kan.-us rtilities Co.. lights > iJ. B. -Velson. same 16.jf)2. oil Neosho River bridge. ; S.OO ; K. I.. S:umbo, same . <. *». »». %# U «is«a V*ID 1 x,-.., .y ua.^uill «riailL I %>., Sail home In Lone, Elm Sunday [Tri-City Herald, same ..... 12.7;'. . w. P. Archer, pauper lOon, getting acqniinted with iBei k Furn. Co., same 3.2.1' .siiaiinon Hilw. ^o., sai Doris-Mae, who arrived at' Evans Store, .same 2.0O i i6la .Milling Cof; same K^iame -,.1 ......... , B. .M. Contant. same ^ K.' C. ElBC. ft Plnmbinfe Co.. same _j Crane & Co.. .xame .Milling Co'; same ... ^ 1.00 ; B. F. Foster, same .i 2.25;. I. G. .Mittelbach. .same... i. ' .1. O. Layman, s.-inie I Cox-Lam Grain Co^. same.^. ,46.»(i Clen Cleaver, sanie 2.62 , W. Anderson. <ame <."i2.72 ^-;.Iohn Fnr.-niaii. .^ame 4.60 j.C. P. Overgard. same . vlO-Oi* i-L R. Cliiie. same Sir. and Mrs. T. F. Peiiland and Ireile and Lawrence spent Christ- iroKl!ll £;^e''- ^^"'""'•'^iTbrDa 'Tl .v News': ^me ..... T }f^^^^ XX W^"^" * Skfnner, same... yir and .Mrs. B. IL Denney en-. Kessinger Tire Shop, same. , L , - ,, , . .teiihlned with h Christmas dln -:riine Afotor Co «imn of the Register for his timely art-i„pr|at theh- home east of Colony^ ""^ ''"""^ '''""'^ 17.T.> 57.i0 U<J i.i'i ',?"J °5* '^T; 'o"" Gregg, .sarhe : News" inlv"v ^'""'^^^!^'',2"'' 'f:^'...^' The .Monarch Cement Co., iNews, inixor hcdit, Mr. and Mrs. Joe;GIIII- sa^e • lam and tomlly. of Colony, Mr. w." L. Th^^i ^mnZwme",;:" and Mrs. Herman McDown wind j Stephenson Oil Co., .same... Arclile Wood, same I .\ H Clinkinbeavd same . ^16.00 =H. C. Fredrickson. same... l.=;.«3 j Dell Adam.s. same .. - - 1.00 ' I-Mward .Mernll. same ..... 6.6.3JC. H. Smith, .same ^^-H" ' gm.I Sea.'rted; same XL Malonev. same ^S..W K. C. Hawley. same "E E . Wright,'same ^2.00 I!. T. Barber, .same r \ Fryer same M.Ol; L. W. Tracewell. same C T.' Harris.-same ..L iiS.oO Cniteil Clay Products Corp. K. .1. Wriglit, same 49.fi7 same H." ia.OO Wm. Kriieger same ^7.50 .t. I. Con.ger. siim-» , !^ 4.00 .A. Peterson, same L »ft .4S chll Iren of Chamitc and Mr. and Mrs E. II. Dennoy and family. ,Mr. and Mrs.''Van Hester and chil Irei) ate riiri.stmas dinner at Crane * Co., same .. I the parental Strlckler home. •. • O.'^boin LW. Co., s.iiiie Hurley Oil ^Co.. same Archie Wo<(d, same .Mh and .Mrs. Ernest Helms and boyi, spent Sunday In .Mornn at thi' .'ViorrlHon home. S I hool children are enjoying vactjtion this week. ( ishiig tottches on Penland's nevi honi' this week. With good luck and no accidents they will be moving Into (heir ;new home by the secoid week In January. rpenters are putting the «„. Scarboroughs Drug Bollinger Service Station. same Derby Oil Co.. same Humboldt AtKo Supply Co.. same .... Co., ACioiM* -r'se -E. A CROCODILE ? tF , ^E -r WAe ME.,, 10 -T AKE -TV\* fiMEsr LOpWiW Mb -oS OM ' OufFiT- DAir jee »^ etiCH A FAW-uRG. vAJiFF OE G AJ L S. V^HiCK OAT I HAtsiOSO>AE MAM fi^A Rib»4*^«a6T 'In the present state of the Senatorial mind Senators-elect A'are. of Pennsylvania, and Smith, of Illinois, will be denied'sea^s iix the Senate. The Register makes this guess as to the shbseqiient procedTlre: Both men will rcislgn in order that there may be no doubt that a vacancy exists, then lioth wlll^ be candidates for re-election, (ben both will be re-elected by selves more seriously than they {whelming, majorities. Then ever did before whether they shall "vote I be ticket" or holt It; — I After mauy^yt'nrs, Henry Ford ijj'es the truth In a statement orlg- liriatinK in -the 'ferlild brain of E. S. Trusselli, a cnuutv>' publisher •if nh excellent, county weekly In t^nio for nuiny years, and new ledl- "liir of the Canby ~(,Mlnnr} News. It is I I I I H: "If you want, a good biiHliieSs', uilvertise and get jit. If you have a good business, lidver- tiBe and keep It,".- •tTihe over- what? week between Christmas and New Year's Is a sort of emotional vacuum, n variety of Intellectual doldroms'. Nothing i6 wony about, for Christmas is over ami politics hasn't sttrt 'ed yet. No occasion to buy anything, and aa 'yl^t no bills to pny. As a matter of fact. Ihe whole world ought to take li vacation -throughout :thlH entire •week. Nobody on e^ijth ought 'to have anything to dik ror have to do anyt ]itBv< Rami' Wagner .Mch. .Shop. same.. BrighamiHdw. Co.. .same ... McCarthy i:kfotnr Co., .«ame.'. Snath Street Auto Part.'* Co., same . Standard Oil Co., .same ... lola Planing .Mill, same ... The Monarch* Cement Co.. • same . Shannon .Hdw. Co., saihe ... F. G. Lawyer, same Hbdt. Auto Snp. Co., same Archie Wood, same 1 L. B. Hayhes, same Peeriess^Oil & ReFg. Co.. : same ... i^ianhon Hd^. Co., ^ame .. Archie W'ood, same ... Bi-own^ Dmg Store, supplies .Co. Fiinh. 1.1S:J. B . Knepp. same 24.47'Willey Croi-., same . 30.00 1 J. E. Remington, same ... ' F. E..-Smith. saiiie Sn.OOiL. Dieholt. same 20.63 '(r. IC. Marsh, sime ... j .S.OOi.M. H. .Schmidt, ^ame . 11.^0'j. C. Penney Co.. same ... 13.60 ! Chas. Ofger. same ... 26..^4 ; Ralston Store, same 21.08'.M. C. .McKinney. same ... 3S.t6 ! .M. & -M. f;rocery. same . H.(j5 ! Auerbach'.'» <;rocery. same S9.S5 Bolion Groc,. same . ! G. .M. Reynolds, same 38.60 • Schultz Groc, same 4.64. J. C. Porter, same [ C. E. Sinclair, same 15.9^; Wll.xon & Soh, same i R L., Cook, same " «! Ramsay-B. same 2|7.1S \- U- Heath, same ^— 2.40 - t. . . •• * .T Thosniartin * Son, f J.6.lf sam»» . - - ._.._.|16.80 12 00 T. L. Tlioirniariiii "& .Son. i fO.Ort same 100,80 Alien Comity, same 27.00 .".9.45 —., ' . yi.OO, Total ....... ».->4.iK)3;35 It. J. Kelley. same L iO.fin .'-'red 11. fliild.s. same T.V.iMI (5eo. L. Joiin.son. same ••.S.OO ! Raymond .Mowery, .same i Wm; V<zie. sapie . . V >-i.S.Oil .1. J. Liidliim. .'^iitme . — *7.riO Clark Works, .same -."..OS (.'. R. Squire, same 4ft.0t> Lelli'gh Portland Cement ->j.!i3 . Co.. same ._ iO.Ofk' .Arthur E. Nicholas, same ._ , ;i.47 lola Laundry Co., same ; 30.84 >'4.0i>;M. R. Ammerman, same... .24.2 2.24 1.00 8.80 . 2.10 LOO .78 1.20 S.7ft 1.00 16.32 2.26 •3.74 .'i.20 4.80 13.46 4.00 6 .2s M. C. Skinner, Itauling pau ie.nt) per coal ' 1.41 City of lola, pauper gas I [Lizzie Allaire, blind care .. 1.6f. BeH .Memorial Hospital. ;t.6p) pauper care 3.05 i.T. P. Wade, same j Dr. O. C. Payne, pauper 54.0 1. practice l.."ii>[R. H. Stewart, pauper shoe 26.6(i ! repair --i 15.76 ; ha.v. Bell, pauper rem 3.9..3!'jMary ROss. same 1.00 • Chas. R. Braden. same . Kenneth H. Foust. i-ame .. 27.1') • Mary Lasater. siame ^- 3.4(1 2 .45 2 .45 2 .45 2 .45 Mack Perry, same ... loli 'Milling Co., .«ame- J. .M. Lahier, J. P. State vs. W. S. kannabarger .....J. E. Linciuist, witness State vs. W. ^S. Rannabarger ... A. G. Bush same • Rex Ayers, same O. C. dhase, same . J. M. Lamer. J. P. State vs. •Roy lAnferman .... 3.30 !'C. C. McPberson, State vs. ^ . Roy Lanfemian 1-76 J. M. Lanier.. J. P. State vs. Orval Buchanan 5.20 C. C. McPherson, State vs. "Orval finchanan 3.45 Kenneth H. FouSt, Slate vs. Orval Biichanan . 25.00 J. .M. .Lainer, J. P. State vs. Ralph -Davis ..; 4.4i C. C .McPher.son, State vs. Ba^ih Davis 75 Harlan Taylor, same ....... .75 Keiweth H.^ Folnst, State vs. HarleyiKeUerman 25.00 r .,ee Duntee, same -.. 3.«o Mary Lather, same 3.80 C. E. Voung. same 1.50 .Mrs. Patricia Campbell. poats i -. 7.50 McCarthy; -Motor Co., supplies &; repairs .10.98 Road /Materials 'Featlag Lab. tests .j„.-.^ 149.30 Road Materials Testing I»b. ._ 1240 < ! State ot Kansas. Coiinly rif Al- kr..00 gj, j • • . _ ; I. W. D. Clark. County Clelrk,j in and for said county do hereh^jr oer-f tify the above aiid foregoing.,to j be jn.OO ,rue and) correct statement of All •5.1)0 elaims allowed in the amouuta|^ •M.OO I fjjr the purposes as above ^/ief^Jmi *7.00 |,y Board of County- CpnnSsr 2 .1O ^tamsay Bros., same 272.6:> gf^nat ti,e December, > IK^ ~ 43.00 • meeting. } ' WitBiess my hand and seal this 2.00 I 21st day of December, 1927. I*-0«' (SEAL* •i.20 Fre* Cook, same ...i.. 121.4r Will En^minger. .-^ame 1^... 1S.56 ; h. E. Foster same . i W. C Adams,' .M. V. Fuel tax 1.4(4! refund . ^2.00, 10.4(1 jB. H. Bnrtch, same 7 «.5( iJ. W. Hamm, sapie . Roscoe Tice. same ... Frank Bliss, same Doyle< H. Caddell, same C. W -Mead, same — -----.1. .\. .-Vdani-s, same (Jeorge Alurabaugh. same Gus Wolf, same Ray Dugan. same ----11. C. Timmons. same 1. A. Smith, same — vj „ W. D. CrL.\RKl a'oo -- ^^^'^^ County, sas. Tiew LoeaUoa] IAS £. Xadisoa. .., „ Door East kf i BrewH's Dnuc Store. Plia^ m. Kan- J. W. Ixjwer. same — I H. V. Adams, same Edith Shannon, same .. Clyde Thompson, samw -A— E. S. Bacon, same 4. -M. Baptist, same . Wm. Howertbn, same Millard Hi>w(frton, same Somroers & Miller, same -L (.'. B. Gaunt, -sam** ' Humbolilt Brick * Tile Co.. same —...— • Chas. Ensmihger, »am» Frank Ostrahiler. same ... Henry J. Hess, sanie W. H. .McCai^ty,. same F. H. Kunkei, same . — L. .M. Uel»enknlgbi, siime... Chas. Wray, Isame Herbert l^aude, same .. J. W. Thomas, same. ConrpHiteted . Cent. Corp."; sanie Carl Oberg, same" — C. E. Jamer, »ame — ;J.80 ^;o« l.z» .3.00 a .oo 3.00 t3.40 ^.00 5.20 3.90 5.09 l'4.20 2J .46 5 .0ft1 J .40 LOO ?.24 3.00 3.00 i.oo ioo l?.2o! .4,10

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